looking on the bright side

stomach flu here.
three down, four to go.


the bright side is: all bedding and towels in the house freshly laundered in a 48 hour period.
the other bright side: once you feel better, you really do feel better!


and, if you have time, check out this fun site, that my friend Elizabeth sent me. In case the link doesn’t work, the URL is


it should bring up a black, blank screen. Click anywhere on the screen and be delighted. Even better click and drag your mouse all over and enjoy the idea that it is "virtually" spring!


  1. Oh, I am so with you on this one! Three out of my four children were sick, along with myself. My sickest was my sweet 4 year old girl with a fever 103.9! My healthiest: My 7 year old boy who happens to be the most oppositional boy…unless he is doing exactly what he wants to be doing! The first day I woke up feeling well I was sooo giddy! My kids were still feeling the ick, but I couldn’t contain my joy at NOT feeling like I was run over with a steam roller! May the rest of you be graciously spared from the flu….Hey, wasn’t Donna Downey sick recently?

  2. so sorry, stacy…the flu STINKS big time!! it will all be behind you soon! i had such a fun time meeting you at donna’s class this past weekend. i have to admit i was a bit star-struck (my husband doesn’t get it, but he’s trying :-) ). if you’re willing and not too ill, would you email me that photo you took of donna and i with my son’s artwork? i just HAVE to scrap it!!! LOL thanks, thanks, and more thanks! hang in there and keep up the colorful, inspiring blog (and magazine, of course!!!)

  3. I hope your household is feeling better soon – I know we all are just getting over it as well. . .
    Oh my LORD – how FUN is that link!!! I will make flowers all day long :) That just makes me happy!!!

  4. THANKS so much for that flower site! my DD is home sick and that was just the thing to brighten her day! hope you all feel better soon!

  5. Hope you family feels better soon! We got hit here, but everyone is finally feeling better.
    Thanks for the cool link!! The kids are going to love it!
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Hope everyone is feeling better really soon….love the flower site so beautiful.

  7. Tracy B (inAlberta) says:

    Thanks for the flowers….I won’t be seeing any outside for a few months yet :(
    Feel better Julians.

  8. Judy in Carefree says:

    Flu..yucky! Flowers…beautiful! Thanks, Stacy!

  9. i hope the sickness passes quickly–mother’s shouldn’t ever have to throw up–especially not after going thru morning sickness.
    i saw one little crocus had popped up yesterday!

  10. Staci, you bring us the coolest, most uplifting things. Thanks for always being so colorful and positive and sunshiny even while having the flu!

  11. How fun… Makes me think of something I found looking for bedding ideas for my daughter’s upcoming ‘biggirl’ room. JCPenney has a children’s bedding line from ‘LittleMissMatched.’ I’m sure you already know about it- but just in case. Hope it cheers you, too!!

  12. young c-m says:

    Ooh, the link is fun! Hope y’all feel better soon!

  13. Anything for spring! Thanks Stacy and I hope the sickies go away soon.

  14. Sharon F. says:

    Isn’t it funny how when you dont feel good you appreciate feeling good so much more when you do.
    thanks for sharing and love the shoes…I will wear them vicariously through you…

  15. Stacy-
    I just got your new Photo Freedom book! I read the whole thing last night! I love the whole idea of the Library of Memories! It took me a little bit after I went through the whole book, but it makes a lot of sense and seems like it is really going to help me get more pages done and not feel so bound down by doing everything in chronological order. Thank you! I have one question, I was looking for the metal index-card cabinets that you use, but I can’t find them on Staples.com. Do you have any companies that you might know of that carry them? Thank you again!

  16. Allison Barnes says:

    Glad we missed the flu! Good timing for us… but I feel bad for you! I hate the stomach flu!!
    So fun to see you!! just not long enough!

  17. Prudence Vincent seems to have high-jacked you RSS feed. Under your blog there are articles on stars and their interactions with life. I was like, “That’s odd of her to be posting on that in the middle of her creative-mom blog”. Hmmmm. I just clicked in on the link. It’s coming from “thelondonpaper.typad.com”

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