Stacy, the shoe enabler has returned

I absolutely LOVE these super-comfortable shoes. I first saw them on the adorable feet of Amy Williams, a long-time SS friend of mine and she told me where to get some. I’ve probably had more compliments on these shoes than on anything else I have ever worn. From — in LOTS of great colors. These are btw, the shoes that are pictured on the bridge next to me in my book (I’ve seriously had a dozen emails!)

Next up, the NEW Mary Jane Trekker from Lands End.
I’m still in the justification process on these, but don’t you think the pink ones would in fact round out my spring wardrobe in a very nice way? As if btw, there were any intentionality around a spring wardrobe (bah!)

I got my Merrills in the mail on Friday. Did a little happy dance in my studio and then tested them out with Addie on the trampoline. The sun was shining and it was one of those perfect little moments.

In other news, Lain did a rather LONG interview with me, but it was fun and in a way, I really appreciated her letting me talk. Sometimes those things are so "directed" by the interviewer that you don’t really get to be yourself (again, not that that is the goal) Unlikely that you have an uninterrupted hour in your day, so download it and listen while your driving or something. I am just so proud of Lain and what she is doing in general — stop by her blog and tell her (she’s getting a scooter too — so at least go see that!)

and, on a final note, I need you to find a sweater you LOVE (you don’t have to buy a new one) for a little blog party I’m throwing in a week or so (more info soon)

I’ve been doing a little virtual shopping (because I am going to buy a
new one!) and have narrowed down my choices — tell me which one you
like best …

1. Lightweight cashmere (yummy) from LLBean.
    Con: A bit pricey ($99.00)
    Pro: Hello, the color — and I LOVE the zipper and extra long sleeves!


2. Floral print in melon from LandsEnd.
    Con: not as versatile
    Pro: dang cute and new for spring and priced at $29.50 (so I could the shoes too!)

I know they are totally different — just tell me which one you like best!

happy monday.


  1. Stacy, definitely go for the blue cashmere sweater…you’ll look lovely in it and it will feel soooo good and soft!

  2. Michelle says:

    Definetely, the blue one. LOVE that color for spring. :-)

  3. Debra Barker says:

    I love the floral print in melon..soooo cute, and I agree, Lain is a great podcaster and interviewer, loved your interview!

  4. tammy perkins says:

    Like them both but love the blue. The really long sleeves would be a big hit with me. I see it as a definite Stacy Julian sweater.

  5. Love the blue cashmere. Also FYI the Pink lands end shoes are on Backorder, I ordered mine last night.

  6. Colleen Barron says:

    Oh the blue one – definitely. It looks like you!

  7. I love cashmere so I vote for the blue cardigan. :)

  8. The melon! SO much more lively and interesting :)

  9. I like the floral print. It’s bright and cheerful.

  10. Marta Valdes says:

    Hi Stacy:
    Love the Blue Cashmere. You can wear it with everything. P.S. Love the pink shoes from Lands End. Have a great day. :)

  11. definitely the blue. gorg!

  12. i just ordered the pink mary janes this morning from lands end! LOVE them.

  13. Go for the floral, so “springy”

  14. Michelle says:

    Land’s End should send you a free pair!! I just clicked on the link to order some for my birthday and all the pink Trekkers are on backorder, unless you wear size 11!

  15. I think the blue is more you.

  16. While cashmere is one of the yummiest fabrics in the world, the melon floral is too cute! I would go with the very springy melon floral!

  17. I noticed those shoes right away fr the picture in your book.. thks for posting this, they look sooooo cute and comfy.. god, if they were cheaper, I’d buy a pair in at least 4 colors!

  18. Lynn Herrick says:

    The Cashmere is a long time investment – you will still be wearing it in three years and loving it.

  19. Love the cashmere!!

  20. Marilyn Johnson says:

    I love the blue. The zipper and long sleeves are great. I bet it is more comfortable too.

  21. Definately the blue one!

  22. Just ordered the pink shoes from Land’s End…they are toooooo cute! You should get a commission from them—they are on backorder already! :0)

  23. Defintely the blue! It’s more expensive, but it’s timeless and you’ll wear it for years. I love a sweater with a zipper! And I can picture so many great colors under that gorgeous aqua blue.
    Loved your interview with Lain!

  24. Hi Stacy! I love the blue cashmere one. It’s such a great color!

  25. melon-y floral is my vote!
    why? because sometimes versatility is overrated. Sometimes you just need something that makes you happy when you look at it! *(won’t cashmere be a bit warm for spring/summer?)

  26. I would definitely go with the blue….yes more expensive but you could wear it with so much and the color is yummy….the style could be around a lot longer than the other one too.

  27. I would definitely go with the blue….yes more expensive but you could wear it with so much and the color is yummy….the style could be around a lot longer than the other one too.

  28. I like the blue better if I was just choosing, however, I’d personally buy the floral because price wins with me EVERY time.
    Plus, the shoes are a must so if by choosing blue you can’t do the shoes then forget it.

  29. I like the flowery one from Lands End better. I think it looks fun, like you… and getting shoes too totally makes it my choice!

  30. Stacy! i bought the lands end BEACH TREKKER-in pink!SOOOOOOO cute! I am not a HUGE pink girl (although i am trying to wear more color!)but love how cute they are. I like the blue sweater- and CASHMERE! HELLO!!! lol i am a cardigan person- and i love these from LE so i have tons. GOOD choice!! I liked the blue b/c of the color-aqua is fav!! and plus, you can wear either a solid or a print underneath, as where the other you can’t do print…. So, Happy Shopping!!

  31. I would have to say both :) However, I LOVE the blue (it would look so nice with my eyes haha) but could so use the multi colored…good luck!!

  32. Tracy B (inAlberta) says:

    I would go with the floral AND the shoes. Just because you could get 2 things versus one expensive sweater.

  33. I think the blue would be wonderful. Macy’s had a nice clearance rack full of cashmere sweaters (in pastel colors) for around $30 each–oh, the temptation.

  34. Christa P. says:

    I have the Lands End MJ shoes in green and they are phenomenal!! So comfy-I highly recommend them!

  35. Hands down..LL Bean one. Classic, great color and lifetime guarantee. Any more questions?? LOL!!!

  36. Ohhh the blue is so classic and hey cashmere! Just no way to go wrong there. The El Naturalista Iggdrasil shoes are way cute but I about choked on my coffee when I saw the price on them. I thought it was bad when I spent $80 plus bucks on my sneakers. So as a girl on a budget I guess I will just drool over them on your blog:)

  37. I love the blue sweater, as I love any shade of blue (maybe has something to do with my blue eyes)…just wish it were in my budget! And all of those shoes are absolutely adorable, but again, so not in my budget. I’ll just continue to live vicariously through your blog. :)

  38. I like the blue, but sometimes you just gotta step out of the comfort zone. So, get the floral one!

  39. life is short.
    Buy both.
    I am certain that I missed the shoe-gene, but I must admit, those pink ones are darn cute.

  40. I love the blue one best!

  41. Floral melon one, for sure! Why be subtle????

  42. Your book just arrived! I have flipped through it and am now on the way to my chair to read and mark and learn! Thanks Stacy!

  43. Kristen B. says:

    love the blue, for sure.

  44. Oh wow. Just adore those shoes. Too cute.
    As for the jumpers. BOTH! LOL. They are so different, surely you need them both?! LOL! Have fun choosing!

  45. Hi Stacy. The blue looks like you. You can buy the shoes another time. Have to check out that website for the shoes. Just too cute.

  46. I’d go with the Lands End sweater. Not only because then you could get the adorable shoes too, but…well, in my house, with my two little cherubs, cashmere would have a short lifespan and die a sad, painful death. ;) And I’d cry. And that wouldn’t be good. LOL!

  47. Carol Van Bork says:

    Blue- think Mister Rogers!!

  48. Carol VB says:

    Blue- think Mister Rogers!!

  49. Carol VB says:

    Blue- think Mister Rogers!!

  50. The blue one – for sure! I have the El Naturalista shoes in boring brown but they are oh so comfortable and cute!

  51. go for the blue AND the shoes! both would round out your spring wardrobe!! :-)

  52. I have to go with the floral one and the shoes. Two things for less than the price of one??? I love a good deal! Although if you’re feeling particularly wild and crazy–i’d say go for all three! (you’ve sold enough books–enjoy yourself!)

  53. I’d go with the floral sweater and the shoes–because I like getting 2 things for the price that 1 thing would cost. But if you’re feeling really wild and crazy, just get all 3 (you’ve sold enough books–you deserve it!!!)

  54. sorry about my double post–the first one got “lost”

  55. The blue one. I now have another item to add to my want-it-and-it-was-recommended-by-Stacy list!! :)

  56. Oh dear. What a dilemma (OMG I totally had to look up how to spell that…one of those brain burp moments…anyway, I digress!)
    I like the blue sweater more, it looks cozy and I’d love to own a cashmere sweater…alas, the price tag is prohibitive for me. You on the other hand have just published a new book…I’m sure you could celebrate with a new sweater! LOL! And then get the shoes too, just because!

  57. Love the melon floral one!

  58. Hmm I like the blue sweater but not the price so much! Its more versatile so think you could get more wear out of it. Only thing which would stop me is how do you have to wash it? If its by hand then I would not go for it – personally I hate hand washing!
    Then save up for the shoes in another month or so time :)
    The other sweater is nice but not being a floral kind of person it scares me! LOL

  59. Jenn Guymon says:

    I like the blue one!

  60. Love the blue, the long sleeves got me. There is something very comfy about that!

  61. Jeannette says:

    I’d go with the melon floral one. Very cute & bright color, just right for spring & it just sings “I’m happy!” Which seems perfect for you. Plus the price is nice.

  62. I have those shoes in red….love your green one! :)

  63. Kim Pitcher says:

    I LOVE the Blue one. (Blue is my favourite colour!) It just looks so you too, like you’d be totally comfy in it.

  64. I love the cashmere sweater. It just looks so comfy and with your coloring, you’d look great in that color.

  65. ElizabethK says:

    Love the blue!

  66. i was listening to the podcast where you describe your ‘play’ bowl–and it struck me that as i was cleaning up my space that i designated a (well its an ‘in-box’)place for new fabrics i pick up and want to play with immediately. things that have struck my imagination or i’ve become excited about. like this yellow fabric with chickens on it–don’t know why–but i love them.

  67. The blue one is very nice, but also very predictable. I vote for the floral one–you’ll only wear it for a year or two (and who cares at that price?!), but it is memorable! And buy the shoes!!!

  68. Kathryn M. says:

    I love both of them, but I would pick the lovely floral just because of the price (and get the shoes also).

  69. Sandy M. says:

    I like the first one, the light blue! I think it would go with so much!
    Also I must say that you have wonderful taste in Shoes!!! OMGoodness! I want them all! LOVE THEM! Thanks for sharing! I think I will have to get a pair of the green ones!

  70. Blue, hands down. Very cute.

  71. Ann Grounds says:

    Okay–I say the blue one. It is a classic and will go with virtually everything and won’t out date itself. And besides that, I saw on Oprah the 10 items every woman needs in her closet and one of those items was a cashmere sweater! Oprah even thinks you need the blue one ;o)

  72. I would usually be afraid of a $99 price tag for any kind of clothing item, but i really do love a pretty sweater with a zipper, so i say the blue one :)

  73. Laurie Kearnes says:

    Blue. No question here. I like it – it’ll look good on you.

  74. Love both of them but the price on the blue one is prohibitive…. go with the frivolous floral and get the shoes too! :-)
    Beth B.

  75. These cute-as-ever shoes are the first thing I noticed on my new Photo Freedom book! Of course the book is great too, but these were an unexpected surprize!

  76. melon floral!!! perfect for you!

  77. Stacy, thank you for linking to our El Naturalista shoes! If anyone’s interested in purchasing them, use the coupon code club10 (no capitals or spaces) at checkout for 10% off. Have a great spring.

  78. Tracy Johnson says:

    Blue is the way to go.

  79. You can never go wrong with cashmere! The blue one of course!

  80. Janet Katz says:

    The blue one. Classic. Killer color. You will still adore it a year or 3 from now.

  81. It must be nice to drop $145 on a pair of shoes!!! I pray for that money so I can feed my family!

  82. Oh, I love Lain’s podcasts. She is so articulate, energetic and does a fantastic job with interviews. She really lets the interviewee shine and her questions are great prompts to let the listeners really get-to-know the subject. Really enjoyed your interview!

  83. Summer Mobley says:

    Buy them both!! You absolutely must have the blue one to snuggle into on those more chilly spring days, & cashmere is so comforting.
    But the floral? A neccesity for all your solid color clothes that need an energetic burst!!

  84. Accccck!! Love the green shoes (love ANYTHING that color green)…who cares about the sweaters??!! hehe
    Oh you are the shoe enabler aren’t you, S?
    Ok blue…I go with the blue.

  85. Too funny…I actually thought about e-mailing you on the shoes…LOVE them!

  86. Those shoes are ugly!!! Where are the stilettos?

  87. It has gtta be the blue one…without a doubt. I just love, love blue!! Plus in general it is just a cool sweater!

  88. OK Stacy, so now I have to buy me some shoes – how is it that you have the same taste in shoes as me!!!! The Pink ones are a must and I love the patterned cardy – it’s too cute!!!

  89. yeah, honestly, not lovin’ either-but if I had to pick, the print…
    LOVE your shoes choices though-except, next time, pick shoes in stock! (LOL!) Or maybe they were out of stock after you posted… :)

  90. Hey, I have these shoes. Okay, I actually have two pairs. One in green and one in a reddish/brown. LOVE them!

  91. Clearly, you must have both.
    Cashmere is always an investment, and it’s solid and will go with lots of things and last forever. The floral one is so happpy you MUST have it, and you probably won’t wear it as often because it’s so distinctive, but then again, it’s cheaper, so that’s OK. Seriously, anyone with the shoe problem that you clearly have (and me, too, to be honest) must see past this sweater dilemma and instead see a sweater *opportunity*!!!! :)
    Cheers and happy shopping!
    Jill :)
    PS: Have to have the green swirly shoes now. Darn you, Stacy Julian! My 35-weeks-pregnant feet won’t fit into anything and I have to wait until I have the baby to get them so I know what size to buy. Rats!!

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