this is making me very, very happy …


it’s the Daydream oops, Detours line by October Afternoon!

used this on my last project for an upcoming special issue. Here’s a sneak peek …

seriously so FUN to work with!

happy saturday.


  1. Such cute papers. :) And love the project you did with them. Well, what I can see of it! ;)
    Can’t wait till your next Special Issue comes out so I can see the whole project!! LOL!!

  2. Rebecca B says:

    ditto what Nanette said! :)
    I’m going to go look for that paper–that’s very HAPPY!!!

  3. I cannot wait to get some of this!

  4. Rebecca B says:

    I might be wrong, but I think it’s actually the “Detours” line, at least that’s what I can tell from their online catalog. They do have a Daydreams line, but it’s a little more pastel… LOVE it no matter what it’s called though! :)

  5. I am SO SO SO SO in love with that October Afternoon kit. About once a day I go to their site and look at the PDF catalog and drool.

  6. have been in love with this company since it’s release at summer CHA… talked my lss into ordering the new goodies.. they actually handed me the catalog and asked me to mark what i thought would sell the besT! can’t WAIT to play with it!!!

  7. Those are some of the happiest colors I’ve ever seen!!! I’ll have to look for them at my LSS.

  8. Cute cute cute! I would love to get some of that line. I will have to be watching for it. Thanks for the “teaser”.

  9. Love love love those papers! I have some sitting right here. Can’t wait to see your project. :)

  10. LOVE IT TOO!! My problem, none of my LSSs (three of them) will be carrying any October Afternoon. I was so bummed. I’ll have to go online to order. I love the bright, HAPPY colors! ~april

  11. right on – even though so many companies have a flower or a stripe or a check… october afternoon just seems to lift me a little higher than the others! great shades, fun stuff. i look forward to seeing what you made for the summer issue.

  12. cute

  13. Wow – I love all of those colors.
    When does the special issue come out?

  14. I love their paper!!! I used their samples from CHA to create a little layout… I definitely have to find full sheets of this somewhere.

  15. sign it’s stunning
    i can’t wait to get more of it
    those apples – that stripe.
    fun stuff!

  16. Gee, the colors give me hope that spring will arrive in the midwest. Love them and love that little book you made.

  17. I’m in love with this collection!! Well… all collections from October Afternoon are great! I’m sad because I will wait so long to have all these cute papers (because I live in Brazil!), but I can’t wait to see the whole project!!

  18. this line is gorgeous!!!

  19. cannot wait to get some of this! s.

  20. i cannot wait to get some of this paper

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