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have so much more post (hopefully tomorrow) — here are some quick updates and answers …


The cute dishes and the colorful chair with bunnies were in this amazing little store in Wellington, New Zealand, called Small Acorns (I love any store that carries Designer Guild stuff, which I’m guessing is the source of the cool dishes!) So sorry I failed to mention this. Here’s the link

On the Banana Brownies — amount of chocolate chips is up to you, but (and I can’t believe I’m going to say this) don’t overdo it — the bars are pretty moist as it is, so you can get too much chocolate, which may prevent them from firming up. I’m going to say I put about a cup, or half of a regular size bag (note: I do not buy regular sized bags, only ginormous bags from Costco, so I’m guessing here)

The shoes I’m wearing in my "tall Clark" photo are from Merrill (link to previous blog post)

The tights are from Little Missmatched and
Sunday was the first time I have worn them. I loved it and I’m so
getting another pair.  You can’t tell in the photo, but each leg is the
reverse of the other. I was cracking up inside because there was a man
in the airport who was very "politely" staring at my legs, meaning he
would steal a look, then look away and then look back. I wanted to just
say "you’re right, they don’t match" but I didn’t.

and finally, look at these adorable tags I found on Etsy.com



Just had to share.


  1. Thanks for the banana brownie recipe, Stacy. One more question about it though. What size pan do you bake it in? (That sometimes affects the baking time.) Can’t wait to try them.

  2. I love how those little tags are stitched! So cute! And thanks for answering all of those questions… BTW there is a store here in Key West that sells Little Miss Matched socks and things!!! I feel so lucky!

  3. Tracy B (inAlberta) says:

    “very “politely” staring at my legs” LOL
    You should have told him they don’t match, he probably thought he was going crazy, or bling or something LOL!

  4. aww thanks stacy!! i think i’m going to get some business because of you! :) i would love to see what you do with the tags! thanks again for the shout out!!

  5. LOVE the tags, the tights & the banana treats. Thanks Stacy.
    - Jill

  6. Stacy
    Thanks for sharing! I went directly and ordered some awesome journaling tags! Maybe this will get me started again! Angie

  7. Stacy—I LOVE the banana brownies! I made them the night I read the recipe, and they turned out just perfect. The kids just love them.
    Thank you! –Donna

  8. Stacey,
    You are such a trendsetter. “If Stacey says it’s good it must be great!” Have you ever read The Tipping Point by Malcomlm Gladwell? You are one of the people he describes in the book. The labels you linked to are sold out! This very day. Amazing! P.S. I hope Little MissMatched gives you commission. We’ve thought about caring their products in our store. :)

  9. I love those tights. Everytime you mention little miss matched, I want to run out and get some. Must make laundry sock hunting so much easier…

  10. Yay. I love Lisa’s tags. She is one super crafty 23 yr old.

  11. hey stacy!
    thanks for commenting on my blog! thank YOU for the hug and great weekend. did you get the treat i left in your bag?
    lisa slocombe

  12. we’ve got a store on corey avenue in st. pete beach that sells the socks too :) and next door they sell the sticks stuff – come for a visit and we’ll go shopping!

  13. Just one more comment for today and then I’m done. Check out this book shelf (Lime-ish green) and wooden tiles at http://redorchard.com/furniture.html. (The tiles come from another web site for woodentiles.com and have every color imaginable- some day I decide which I like best – they are just too wonderful) These are so your colors it might be your style too!

  14. ok i’ve got some more listed hehe i was gone for 3 hours and had confusion about whether i would relist more tags! lol! i’m going to be busssssy! just let me know if you would like a different amount and i can whip you up a custom listing! i’m so happy you found me! i feel like we are kindred spirits! lol! i’ll die if somehow i end up working in the “industry” instead of being a nurse! would be funny. anyhoo, hope you are having a fabulous day!! :)))

  15. OK, I was VERY apprehensive about these Banana Brownies, but I made them today for my kids and their friends (aka Guinea Pigs) and they LOVED them. They were great. Definitely will make them again. Thanks for sharing the recipes and most of all yourself!!!

  16. I was one of the lucky ones to hear you speak in Calgary and I couldn’t possibly express the positive impact I received from you. Your lecture is well worth the travel and expense. Good on ya to be letting people know where to see you…if you are ever in my neighborhood again (ie within say a 5 hour drive) I would be there with bells on! Now that I know about the Big Picture I will be spreading the word too.

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