In Michigan. At the Great Lakes Mega Meet.

I will be giving a keynote address at the Opening Ceremonies on Wednesday, May 7th and you can  participate for only $35.00 — this is a steal! This whole evening is built around an Olympic theme and your ticket will include a reception (with food),  very fun "Parade of Nations" display and contest, prize drawings and a 90 minute interactive lecture class and Q&A session. I will also be signing books after my presentation.

I will teach one hands-on class the next morning (which is sold out) and I will then get back on the airplane and come home. If you love to scrapbook (or even if you used to love to scrapbook) and it is humanly possible for you to be in Novi, Michigan on May 7th, YOU  DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!

This may seem like shameless self-promotion, but I really, truly and most sincerely do NOT see it this way and here’s why.

I get emails all the time asking where I will be and how you can take a
class from me. As you may know, I was in Calgary last weekend. When I
got home there were no less than three emails that went something like

I wish I had know you were going to be in Calgary. I’m so bummed I missed this event — when will you be back?

Here’s the deal. I won’t be back — at least not for a long time! While
I love attending live events, travel is hard on my family, so I only do
a few select trips a year. Out of necessity, I schedule these events
almost a year out — and I work really hard to prepare and deliver a
great experience. I need to do a better job promoting these few events,
so we won’t miss the chance to meet and learn from each other!!

Here’s the other thing you need to know. My forte is a lecture-style classes. Hands on classes are fun and you get to make something (I get that) but honestly, the inspiration you will feel in my lecture classes are worth WAY more than any amount of free product you could take home with you (you have enough product  by the way)

And, one more thing … many times the events I teach at have a $300+ dollar price tag (which obviously includes LOTS of other classes and cool stuff) but I often hear "I just can’t afford to spend that much and I really just want to meet and hear you" Well then, here is your chance. Come for the whole event if you want – The Mega Meet is one of the largest scrapbook conventions, attracting well over 9,000 people each year — or just come for Wednesday night.

Cancel bunko or bowling or whatever else it is that you have scheduled and COME SEE ME!


See, here I am with Nancy (Cloud 9) and Stephenie (Fiskars)
We had so much fun — we all bought T-shirts at the ROOTS store in Banff.
and know this … I do work for peace, yours — I want every scrapbooker to have creative peace of mind and I can give it to you!!



  1. WHY oh WHY does Michigan have to be so far away? I don’t care about the giveaways or product from classes. You are totally right I have enough stuff and I would think I probably know more techniques then I will ever use. But to hear you speak and just absorb would be awesome! Wish that I wasn’t all ready returning from a trip across the country just 3 days before the Great lakes mega meet.
    But I bet that you have a HUGE turn out anyway. Especially at that awesome price.

  2. I am giggling at “you have enough product by the way”. So true.

  3. Michelle says:

    I signed up for your class at the Megameet and I can’t wait! Will I be able to get my book autographed the day of the class because I won’t be able to attend the opening ceremonies? Can’t wait to meet you and take a class from you.

  4. I just put it on my calendar – I had no idea you were going to be there, I just may have to swing by (it’s practically in my backyard – if you have any questions as per michigan, give a shout! :) )

  5. Glee Scrap says:

    I got to watch you on our local Public TV Station today! “Scrapbook Memories” show #1210…I loved how you encouraged people that may not scrapbook because they don’t want lots of product…that just picking a handful of the best pictures from a year and writing something about each one IS Scapbooking, and you will love looking over it years later…and I loved your kids’ door “pages”, that you change when you make a new one, and put the last one in their album! BRILLIANT! I looked up the show schedule and noticed you appear a lot this season, so I will make sure I don’t miss any. I would love to hear you lecture in person, but these TV shows, your blog and your books will have to do for now!
    Thank you for taking the time to answer all your readers questions, and mine in particular about the amount of chips for the banana brownies….I would have quessed a 16 oz. bag (isn’t MORE always better?), so I’m glad I got the scoop before making them…another reader asked about the size of the pan…would an 8×8 pyrex do the trick?
    Bless you, Stacy, and enjoy your new turn towards traveling less. Thanks-you are the best! Erin : )

  6. If I wasn’t all the way in Miami I would definitelt be there!!! Oh well, maybe next time!!! Thanks for the inspiration :-)
    BTW, I love that green paint on your walls (kitchen pic and photo of you holding the SS poster). What color paint is that??? LOL!!!

  7. I was able to attend one of your lectures when we lived in Seattle. I was inspired & we were all in tears. Your lectures are great! I like knowing where you’ll be.

  8. Stacy – LOVE how you just ‘put it out there’ – and I’m a little in awe of your confidence – but having met you – I know what you say is true!!! The inspiration from your class was so wonderful – really got me back on track in this scrapbook world where we’re sometimes made to feel that *more* is better [on the page and in your scrap space...] when I know deep inside that less is truly more. [And gives me the calm I need to be my most creative.]
    Met you at Scrap Bowl in VA in Feb. In fact, you’re THE reason I traveled the miles to be there. Loved the reception! Loved the Keynote! and Loved Finish Line! -J

  9. I hope you are able to get to the Bay Area some day – would love to see you live.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  10. Hey Stacy, I’ve got a SOLUTION for you: For the live events you cannot travel to, why not do a REMOTE LIVE VIDEO thing. I know that you personally probably would not know how to do this but I betcha your people would know how to do this. So you could still deliver a speech to a group of scrapbookers and answer their questions, and they’d feel like they got a chance to talk to you personally (even if it was remote), and you’d get to stay home with your family. :) Katie

  11. Looks like you’ve gotten a hair cut since I saw you at Scrapbowl!
    (No more pigtails?)
    Sue in MtVernon

  12. What brand our your shirts that you have on in the picture? I was trying to find them online?
    Sara M

  13. Tracy B (inAlberta) says:

    “This may seem like shameless self-promotion, but I really, truly and most sincerely do NOT see it this way and here’s why.”
    Isn’t this what a personal blog is for?

  14. Tracy B (inAlberta) says:

    Sara M ~ since they got the shirts at a Roots in Banff, try looking at Roots Canada. But the online might not have the full selection that the stores do.

  15. I used to live in michigan and went to this event. Wish I still lived there…

  16. Stacy,
    When I was in high school a Miss Idaho came & spoke to us and was so upbeat & inspirational that I’ve never forgotten her & have always wished I was more like her. She made everyone feel so positive and good about themselves. I am a current LOM member, and your presentations and your messages to us remind me always of that time and person. Without having even seen or been to one of you lectures, and can agree 100% that your lectures are WAY better than to hands on classes!!!! Wish I could be there! Debbie P

  17. Hey Stacy….I saw you in Houston a few years back and LOVED your lectures/classes. You definitely have a gift when it comes to inspiring others!! BTW, those banana brownies ROCK!!!

  18. I can’t WAIT to see you in Michigan! You truly are one of the BEST speakers I have EVER heard!!! (I’ve seen you speak at least 5 times!) So if ANYONE is having second doubts about driving the distance or paying the (oh so small) fee…..FORGET ABOUT IT!! You will NOT be sorry you did. And I’m coming from AZ!

  19. Jeannette P says:

    Oh man, had it been just a few weeks earlier, I would have been able to be there since I was just down that way. But I’m heading to a scrapbooking retreat next weekend & need to take care of my family instead of more traveling even though I would LOVE to meet you & hear you speak. Thanks for the plug so we know where you’ll be.

  20. Helena Machado says:

    I love your way of thinking. You think outside of the box. Seeing you with the roots shirt made me proud. I just want to say lots of people love how you changed the way we scrapbook and I love everyminute of it.!! If you ever Come to Vancouver BC I will so come out to see you!!!

  21. Those banana brownies DO rock! Thanks for the recipe. As for you self-promoting your events I want to thank you. I will not be able to come to this event because of my work schedule but if you keep promoting your lectures, I might be able to at some point (summer is best for me). Thanks and there are some lovely people in Michigan!

  22. Hi Stacy! I’m so excited that you’ll be in Michigan! I am from California, but I will be working at the Pazzles booth. Please stop by so I can take pics with you to post on my blog!!! =)

  23. I WILL get to see you in Michigan because I’m going to be in your class! I’m so excited!

  24. Stacy-
    I am from AZ but will be at the GLMM in Novi next week working! Luckily the boss gave my mom & I Wednesday night off so we can come to opening ceremonies! Can’t wait to meet you…you rock!

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