busy week so far. My Jenna is sick and that always makes life MORE interesting and automatically puts me in scramble mode.

I’m working on so many FUN things it once, my head is spinning. Got to see product samples for my first-ever Kit Of The Month — and maybe it’s cause I’m such a newbie at this whole thing — but I Oh My WOW. I LOVE this kit. I can’t wait for you to learn more — very soon. Kit on sale in June.

Also working on another fun little booklet that I will begin giving out in my lecture classes — totally colorful and playful and full of great quotes and room for taking notes and basically, Kayce rocks.

and … outlined the coolest everyday album yet, that will be a major part of my Have More FUN class (4Experts series) All the info on my quarter will be up in the next week or so — and registration open too.

Speaking of 4Experts … I’m am NOT a photo critic (by any stretch of the imagination) but look what’s happening inside Allison’s gallery in The Art That Happens to be Your Life  class. I love popping in from time to time, to browse. I picked out a few to share today …


posted by Cyndy in BC Canada
Captures for me the imagination that books inspire


posted by Candance in CA
I do NOT need to see that princess defiance has her hands on her hips, her face tells me so!


posted by Deb in Wisconsin
I have a husband who spends time on his computer too — would love to do this. The framed photo is his hero, Einstein — cool.


and, last but not least … my friend, Kerry’s daughter, Kate with a touch of afternoon sun.
I’m so enjoying talking with Kerry as she takes this course — hearing what she is learning and watching her study and practice and practice and practice —

Kudos to everyone who jumped at the chance to learn from a true master — seriously, I know everyone couldn’t take this class now, or afford this class now — I for one, don’t qualify for this class (not there yet) but what an amazing opportunity and how cool is the Internet that brings together passionate people to learn from one another — makes me absolutely giddy. For those of you, like me that are NOT "there yet" but are ready for a really GREAT introduction of digital photography using your SLR camera, Barbara Carroll will be back this summer — registration opens on May 10th.

Ok, on that note … back to work. I have much to learn, before I can share a little National Scrapbook Day surprise!


  1. Beth Madland says:

    Hi Stacy:
    While I was sad to hear that you were stepping down from your duties at Simple Scrapbooks ..I’m happy for you as you embark on other possibilities. I truly have enjoyed working with you on “Scrapbook Memories” on PBS. I answer the email questions from our website and we are getting some great feedback to your segments. Series 1200 is airing right now — hopefully you are getting feedback as well. I happen to visit your blog — would you like any pictures from the show? Take good care!
    Beth Madland

  2. Barbara Carroll is an amazing photographer and anyone taking her class will really enjoy her!

  3. I love surprises! And I’m so excited to hear that you’re doing a KOTM; I know it’ll be great!

  4. LOL I thought that I had recognized those photos!!!! Been staring at them in the gallery for the last week and thinking how much fun it would be to capture something similar but put my “own” spin on it. LOVING this class but could not have been here without Barbara’s Photography 101–excellent class BTW! KOTM—Can’t wait!! Are you “lecturing” at CKC-Seattle??? If you do, I’ll be one of the first to sign up. Chat later!!! Ann

  5. I just wanted to let you know I recently purchased your Photo Freedom book and I absolutely LOVE IT! My dad is living his last months and I have applied your system to my photos (quite quickly I might add) and to my mom’s photos (not so quickly) so we can have quick access to all the photos of my dad when the time comes for his funeral. They will be there ready to help us celebrate his life.

  6. I can’t wait to hear more Stacy… even amidst all the packing and moving stuff getting ready for our move in early June, I am still racing with ideas for my LOM systems.. I swear… altho I have not been as active on the boards due to so much stuff to do around here.. know this, you are always on my mind.. I can’t wait to hear what’s coming up next in Bps… HUGS

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