how green is this red?

I know there a ton of reusable shopping bags available these days, but I have to give Target a shout out for this one. Hello, it zips up (tiny) so I can put it in my glove compartment — in fact I can put all three that I purchased in my glove compartment and then know that I have them with me (in the all-too-often chance I might make a sudden detour to Target!)

love these.

Today is earth day and I love our earth and thought it might be nice to personally thank some green leaders in our industry, for their efforts in this direction.


WorldWin papers (a division of The Paper Mill Store) now manufactures its flagship lines, ColorMates, DoubleMates, Cascata, Ruche and Petallics using 100% wind power to help protect the environment. All papers are shipped Carbon Neutral by offsetting all carbon emissions produced by our outbound shipments.
way cool. These guys really truly are making environmentally sound choices — click here and see what I mean! They gave away a bunch of cardstock when I was hosting the Studio Blog at SS and I never properly thanked them for their generosity then (so, thanks to Brian,Yvonne and the whole green team)


Paper Trunk Check out this company. They’ve been around, only a year and all their paper is printed on recycled paper. Read their newsletter here. Today is National Jelly Bean day and Earth Day — so be sure to check out some of their papers in the NEW Jelly Bean line …



Let’s support efforts like this, by asking our local retailers to bring green lines in — love the ScrapGreen logo!


Piggy Tales is yet another company taking a responsible stand by manufacturing on recycled paper with  organic ink, which you could get your hands on, by supporting their Earth Day photo contest (read all about it, on their blog)

I had the occasion a while ago to chat on the phone with some of the folks at The Abundant Forests Alliance and I’m just really impressed with their efforts to encourage reusing and recycling among scrapbookers — the bottom line is we use paper, but we can use it responsibly and we can support efforts to reforest and replenish this great earth of ours. Read more here. You can also join in the campaign to Plant it Forward.


As Kermit says … it’s not easy being green, but we can all do a little better. Join me in an Earth Day challenge to take on a GREENER attitude toward scrapbooking. Start by playing this Jack Johnson song today Download 09_the_3_rs.mp3
, while you set up a recycling bin in your scrapbook space!


[edited post] I’m almost totally forgot my mostest favorite cleaning supplies — while you’re setting up recycling, get this "squeaky green" book from Method (and perhaps another great smelling product to wipe down your space) and read Sharon’s comment below … what if we all made eARTth day layouts as a personal comittment to do and be more consciencious as of right NOW.

eARTth day — I’m so doing this.


  1. Sharon F. says:

    Thanks for sharing Stacy. Love the idea of being socially responsibly and telling our stories. Definitely something to add to our stories as future generations will probably get a kick out of how we all worked so hard to do something that will come naturally to them.
    Also saw this on a bumper sticker and thought I would share since it brings both the love of creating and our Earth together. eARTh – highlighting the word art inside of the Earth.
    have a great EARTH day!
    Sharon F.
    Oakland, CA

  2. Hi Stacy,
    I’m Brian Cowie C.E.O. of CTI Paper Group. WorldWin and The Paper Mill Store our divisions of our company. I wanted to thank you for your nice comments about our ongoing environmental efforts. If you’re interested here is some more information on other initiatives we’ve taken,

  3. Angela H says:

    Thank you Stacy for sharing this information. I’ve passed this on to all my scrapbooking friends. It makes me so happy to see so many companies that are using Earth friendly practices for their products for this hobby that so many of us love, what a great thing to share with our children.

  4. I love all the eco info but I have one burning question……… you only need 3 Target bags????? LOL
    I have some too but may or may not remember to bring them! Oh well we are trying hard around here to be greener, not that hard and kind of fun and so many beneifits to us all!

  5. Great post! There are certainly so many little things that we can do that will make a big difference. Thanks for passing along some other companies that are thinking green!

  6. Wow! Can’t believe this. I was in Target on Saturday BOUGHT THE SAME BAGS!!! Thought they’d be great to carry around in case I decide to do a little shopping at lunchtime. They’re great (and CHEAP).

  7. Thanks for the shoutout to TPMS!

  8. Jeannette P says:

    Great to see you putting great info about recycling & EARTH day. I live in a small community that doesn’t always have the same things available as larger cities does so I was happy to see that Walmart has just added the green cleaning supplies to their shelves. I haven’t purchased any yet since they just got them this month & I have plenty of cleaners for now but I will the next time I need to purchase something.
    We had a new tree planted in our front yard yesterday. And we will be caring for it so it can grow big & strong. My kids are eager to see it grow though I tell them that it will take awhile. I am planning on taking some pics of our new tree to post on our blog & what good is just a tree pic without the kids to go with it to see the size of it & them right?
    Last week was recycling day & our 40 Gal bin was overflowing (to my delight) with only 2 bags of regular trash for the week. Yeah us for recycling. My kids are really into it & we’ve been reading a story called “Why Should I Recycle?” My kids, 5 and 3, check the bottom of their plastic containers to see if they can put them in the recycle bin. Makes me so happy & proud to see them learn this at a young age so they can help out Earth.
    I am heading to a scrapbooking retreat this weekend and I plan to recycle any scraps I have & ask that others do so as well. I’ll even be the one to take them to the recycling center if they will all pitch in. May be a small contribution but it is a start.
    Thanks again Stacy.

  9. Laura Prenkert says:

    YOu should check out this website – I can see you doing this with your family!
    It’s kinda a shameless plug for the company I work for, but nonetheless, it’s a really cool idea!

  10. HeatherC says:

    Cute bags — thanks for sharing — I have not picked up any ecofriendly shopping bags yet — I planned it as an Earth day activity for my kids. Maybe we will go get the Target ones instead of the Kroger ones!
    Side note — are you going to continue to do the spots on Scrapbook Memories (TV show). I so enjoy hearing your inspiring words — yes reading your blog and books are good too, but hearing you and seeing you has really motivated me to move my scrapbooking in a different direction — or should I say, broaden my outlook on scrapping. Anyway, just wondered if you were going to continue to contribute to the show. Thanks -

  11. Rebecca B says:

    Great entry, Stacy! I was one of the lucky winners of Worldwin cardstock and finally received mine today–it is very nice and I’m glad to have it and to know that it’s made as environmentally friendly as possible.

  12. Those are cute bags. I bought one today at my local grocery store so now I have 4 and that should be enough for the groceries I buy these days.
    I also want to thank WorldWin papers and YOU! I received my paper packs yesterday and they are beautiful colors and textures AND green products. Thank you.

  13. Thanks for all the green ideas Stacy! We planted a tree today in the front yard! Your blog always makes me happy…your joy is contagious!

  14. Love the bags i got to get me a couple!!
    i use Method at home,i use the lavander love the smell and they actually work!
    Thanks Brian for the information!

  15. Laura King says:

    Hi Stacy! Thanks so much for the info on all these companies. I had no idea Worldwin paper uses windpower! My husband works in the windpower industry, so this is something that really speaks to me.

  16. Thanks for the shout out, Stacy! I’m excited to see other scrapbooking companies bringing a greener alternative to the scrapping world! :0)

  17. This has nothing to do with your post. I just wanted to tell you that every time I see Addie with a big flower on her head (current issue of SS), it brings a big smile to my face. It never occurred to me to put such adorable things on my girls and now they are too old to start. So I must live vicariously through your sweet photos.

  18. colleen reilly says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I work for method and just wanted to let you know that we really appreciate your positive comments about our products. If people want to know more about our new Squeaky Green book and get some easy tips, they can visit our blog:

  19. Erika Hayes says:

    Hi Stacy!
    I just wanted to encourage you to visit your local Hi Health or GNC and see if they carry Mrs. Myers cleaning supplies… I only use green cleaners.. this is by far the best cleaner I have ever used that is all green.. oh they smell great too! I love the lavander.. Thanks for thinking about the environment… if only everyone did just one adjustment… totes not plastic, energy bulbs not traditional ones… so many small things can make such a difference! Happy Earth Day… Save the Earth, its the only planet with Scrapbook stores!

  20. I have this tote from Target too and I’d suggest putting one in your purse, if it will fit. For several months I had another tote in my car that was more like a grocery bag, but I could never remember to bring it into the store. I now am nearly never without my red bag.

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