I’ll fell off the blog wagon …

so, let’s play catch up!

which of the following statements are not true:

1. The sun is finally shining at my house today.
2. I just finished a 34 page 6×6 album in two evenings (hint: finish line scrapbooking)
3. I received the May/June issue of Simple and it ROCKS.
4. see my growing collection (mentioned in the issue) of color combinations at kuler. All you have to do is search for "stacy julian"
5. I ate Bi Bim Bap for dinner last night and I liked it — ask me about Tuesday date nights!
6. I am headed to Calgary in the morning — can’t wait!
7. I’m getting my first root canal done in about an hour.
8. I can’t believe all the incredibly NICE emails and sentiments that have been directed at me over the last two weeks — THANK YOU!!
9. I have two of Donna’s brand new, beyond incredible books to give away (stay tuned!)
10. I love perusing the SS reader gallery (see pages below)
11. Wendy is now in the 40 and fabulous club!

the BIGGEST news today is that I got word from Amber at Memory Works that they are changing what would have been a consultant-only convention to a open-to-the-public retreat. I will tell you much more tomorrow. I am altogether too happy about this and hoping that if you are anywhere near Layton Utah in June (or could be) that you will consider coming. It is going to be a WHOLE LOT of fun.

and … see if you can guess (before tomorrow) which magazine I just subscribed to. Naturally there will be a prize involved.

great pages from the SS reader gallery:

Rock Star


Eat Me Like A Coconut

I Love Candy (by Nicole, who btw .. inspired my editor’s note layout in the May/June issue — thanks Nicole!)

more soon …


  1. I’m going to guess “Cookie” – that new kids magazine. :)

  2. OK-no to Calgary and Wendy is NOT 40!! Also…magazine-Body & Soul?? ;)

  3. I’m guessing Real Simple?

  4. I am going to guess #7 is false. You wouldn’t really leave for Calgary right after having a root canal, would you? If so, I am going to have to turn my Wonder Woman cape over to you.
    I LOVE that Kuler site!

  5. young c-m says:

    For #4, do you mean bibim bap? The Korean “mix everything together” dish? It’s one of my favorites! For magazine subscription, I’m going to say “Body + Soul” – seems up your alley. I hope the root canal one isn’t true…

  6. shannon says:

    I’m going to say Real Simple. I just love that mag, and it fits with the SIMPLE theme.

  7. Vicki Holdwick says:

    So nice to read you again. I am going to guess that you are subscribing to Simple Scrapbooks – or is that too obvious??

  8. magazine – domino….if not or you don’t already, you should…

  9. Awesome gallery picks, Stacy!
    And I’m guessing the sun is NOT shining at your house today.

  10. Hi Stacy
    I am thinking Yoga, Yoga Journal, or Spirituality and Health. OR maybe it is Simple Scrapbooks since your role has changed???
    I love to read your blog! I am a Mom with 5 wonderful children as well! Thank you for sharing glimpses of your life through your blog. I am continually inspired by your creativity, and your ability to prioritize stuff in your life…you seem to get so much done in the course of a week!
    Robin Robbins

  11. I just want to take a stab at which magazine you just subscribe to – would it be Martha Stewart Living magazine? Their special deal email was in my email box this afternoon. You’ll get 12 issues for only $15.00 & a free tote bag.
    Now if I was going to subscribe to a magazine today, it would be Real Simple, this magazine has been catching my attention lately.

  12. Ok, so this is totally a wild guess–Town and Country? Oh, wait. Could it be More magazine? (You know the over 40 gang). Yes, I know, both these magazines seem so unlike you, but one never knows–do they…

  13. Sherrie says:

    Wondertime? Or Family Fun Magazine?

  14. Gioconda says:

    Stab in the dark here but what about National Geographic. If you don’t, you should. Most amazing articles and the photos are breathtaking.

  15. Susanne says:

    I’m going to have to guess domino. I just got the latest issue and love it!

  16. Cyndi S says:

    I am guessing Domino. Or possibly “O” Magazine (isn’t that Oprah’s? – you are sort of the “Oprah” of the scrapbooking world)

  17. Rebecca B says:

    Hmm, I’m guessing the sun is not shining at your house today. It’s snowing and sunny here in Utah, though! Yes, snow and sun at the same time…
    Tell us about Tuesday date nights–sounds like fun!

  18. Crystal says:

    Hi Stacy, I’m going to say that #6 and #7 are false. And for the magazine I will say Real Simple.

  19. scrapbookjen says:

    I’m guessing Organize. It’s a newer magazine – but very cool. It improves every issue – love the cool ideas I can implement immediately to become a more organized person!!! Love Real Simple too – as others do!

  20. Sherry DeRose says:

    Maybe with some extra time on your hands, you’ve subscribed to Bon`Appetite or Cooks….and you don’t ever mention your B-Day on your blogs….I just know you’ll be 43 in 08 ….how I’d love Donna’s 2 new books, I missed the give aways that she & Cathy Z had on their websites…bummer!!! I see you’ll be in Calgary on the 11th & 12th.
    I remember that you had some dental work done last year…
    I just also want to say what a wonderful person you are & how much of a special inspiration you have been to me since I’ve started reading your blog Oct of 2005…You are truly an amazing lady!!!

  21. I will guess you just subscribed to Body & Soul.

  22. I am going to guess Cook’s Country or Cook’s Illustrated since my other guesses where chosen. If you like cooking magazines at all- you should sub to those, great recipes, fun stuff to read too. Cook’s Country has really pretty pictures too.

  23. lauriek says:

    Well, I happen to know that the sun is shining off and on today here. But it also snowed as I was downtown this afternoon about 4:00. So I am officially bummed and yet, tomorrow holds great possibilities for nicer weather. Not to mention the weekend…
    Hey, I really need one of your new books…LOM is almost half over and I need the textbook!!! Have fun in Canada. One of my favorite magazines is Real Simple, but I’m figuring you already get that one, if not, go for it! lauriek

  24. Jeannette Pierce says:

    I’m going to guess Digital Scrapbooking magazine. I just picked up a copy to check it out & its pretty neat so far.
    Hope you didn’t have to get a root canal today. YUCK Never had one but they sound awful.

  25. halloweenheather says:

    Stacy, I’m thinking 7 and 11 are false and my magazine guess is Blueprint. I’ve really liked it the few times I’ve picked up from the news stand and I think you’d really like it.

  26. Andrea F. says:

    Real Simple?? Just a complete stab in the dark! :0)

  27. Sharon F. says:

    I am guessing Organize magazine.
    I subscribe to Real Simple and I can tell you its worth it.
    I dont think its sunny.
    great list…and layouts.
    I am so wanting to get a hold of your new Photo fReedom book. I won the Big Picture one at a CKU Masters a year or so ago and love love love it.
    Sharon f
    oakland, ca

  28. what a great list, Stacy!! I’m guessing no trip to calgary. (is that a spa place?)
    And magazine…hmmmmmm Real Simple maybe? I love that one too!!
    What great pages you’ve chosen from the gallery to show here! Love those! I am inspired to scrap now!

  29. Tammy Barkey says:

    False statements – #7. So is Tuesday date night new (since departing from SS)? Magazine, probably a silly answer, but would it be Simple Scrapbooks since you are not working there any longer and you will surely want to keep up on what is going on there. Hmm, probably a wrong answer, but just a guess.

  30. Kelly Butler says:

    My guess is Real Simple and boo to root canals. I would not be altogether too happy about having another one of those (although the gas helps!).

  31. Helena Machado says:

    I think it’s all true. I am totally guessing memory makers is your next subscription? But I really have no clue… Unless You got Creating Keepsakes. I guess that is two guesses isn’t it. ops. :)

  32. Maybe #1, #5, or #7??? NOT #6, because I really hope I run into you while you are in Calgary!!!! (yeah, right, like that would happen! I wish!!!) Magazine? Style at Home? Real Simple? SS? O Magazine? That’s a tough one, just hope you are in Calgary tomorrow, and I do run into you! Have a great day tomorrow, whatever it is you are doing! I guess my one guess turned out to be a few too many!

  33. ratqueen says:

    I’m guessing that you’ve subscribed either to Simple Scrapbooks, Domino, or Blueprint. :)
    Although I think you should subscribe to Canadian Living because it’s a very fresh perspective when it comes to living the life you want with your family. Pick up an issue or two while you’re in Calgary ;)

  34. I’ll pick Sunset mag. It’s a great one with a little of everything…

  35. My guess would be Martha Stewart, but someone already guessed that, so i’ll say cooking light mag. and i’m guessing it’s not sunny in your neck of the NW. Just ordered your Photo Freedom and can’t wait to see it on my door step.

  36. hmmm, i’m thinkin’ #1 is not true. hasn’t the weather been awful?
    and surely it’s SS!

  37. Kathryn Methot says:

    Since you are a “simple” gal I will guess “Real Simple” magazine or “Simple Scrapbooks.” Do you have to pay for the mag now that you are moving on, as they say?
    Glad you’re back on the wagon!

  38. I’m going to guess Sunset since I mentioned in my Big Picture-GOBI class evaluation that I get lots of LO ideas from Sunset. And the weather is so fickle in Spokane this time of year that it could have been sunny for a few minutes today but may have snowed a few minutes later??

  39. Margaret C says:

    I’m guessing Kuler – cos they got cooler since they added you ( did you see what i did there?!!! Of course I could be wildly wrong as I have no idea how to pronounce esp as we don’t get mags like that over here in the UK) Other than that… The Lady, Biker World, Model Railways… I have NO idea !!!

  40. Jan Hillegass says:

    Since Wendy turned 40 – I will guess MORE. I got that as a gift when I turned 40, so maybe you gave a subscription to her and got one yourself? Thanks for the fun little game. It was fun to read everyone’s guesses.

  41. I have two guesses: “Real Simple: & “Body & Soul”. :)

  42. I’ll go with Organize as well -
    You’re truly an inspiration to me [LOVED meeting you at Scrap Bowl in Feb!] So I have to share – I got my grubby little hands on a copy of Core Composition! And of course I got [25] Simple Scrapbooks too! [Already have Photo Freedom -- and have all my prints organized according to the plan - am now working on sorting the digital ones this way as well -- and The Big Picture]. Since I’m a long-term scrapper myself [archivally since the late 90's] I really -really LOVE that your early pages look JUST LIKE MINE! We’ve come a long way with products available! Love your ideas and the ease with which you present things! Keep up the EXCELLENT work and I look forward to seeing what you have planned for the future!! ~ Judy

  43. I am going to say 1 and 11 are false. As for a magazine, Real Simple was what popped in my mind first, but my joke guess is Root Canal Digest! Glad to have you back, and if you are really getting a root canal, I think they are way better than regular filling because the dentists use smaller, less vibrating, less noisy tools… at least mine did.

  44. My guess is Real Simple or Simple Scrapbooking since you are done?!
    Love the list!! I wish the sun was shining here!!

  45. I’m guessing the weather isn’t true?? I hope for your sake it’s the root canal though! Hmm… a magazine you just subscribed to… I’m going to agree with Real Simple. Probably too cliche’. Probably a good decor or organzing mag. I love those! Have a great day!

  46. I am going to say that #1 is false. I wish I could send some of my Caribbean sunshine over to your way. For magazines, I am going to guess Real Simple or Organize mag. Both rock also!

  47. Hi Stacy, I received your Photo Freedom book that you sent me yesterday. I was one of the winners from the Mr.Rogers contest. Thanks you so much, I stayed up late reading it. WOW! You inspire on such a deep level. You make such simple sense. I can’t wait to pick it up again today. I am excited to see what new things are in store for you. When you say no to one thing you are really saying yes to something else. Thanks again. http://www.lukabella.typepad.com

  48. I’m going to guess National Geographic? Probably not it, but I don’t think anyone has mentined it yet!

  49. I think that the root canal is not true. Also, I think that you subscribed to Organized magazine.
    Can’t wait to hear the answer!

  50. #1 is false…everything else is great.
    Tell us more about date night! We have falled off that wagon.. and want to get back on!

  51. what the heck–I think the sunshine is your false statement-i am sending some of my over abundance of sunshine in this e-mail to you. And i want to say that you subscribed to williams sonoma–or pottery barn. Can i guess twice? Well i guess i just did. Have a lovely day at the dentist.
    LEigh Ann

  52. I am going to guess the magazine “Domino”
    Vicki A

  53. I am going to say Real Simple and the false statement is number 7

  54. ok, i’m totally guessing…root canal is false(if you are traveling tomorrow after that? you are my hero LOL)…and for the sub…Natrual Health or Real Simple? I tried to find a hint. lol Have a safe trip! :)

  55. ElizabethK. says:

    I’ll say #1… (Everything on your list sounds so honest and true!)
    And Better Homes & Gardens? I have NO idea…

  56. Lynne Moore says:

    I am so excited to meet you at the MW retreat. I’ve been signed up since day 1. I will be sharing a picture we took way back when (I think 2001) at CKU-Anaheim. CathyZ is in the photo too. When you both were “brand new.”

  57. I think you aren’t really going to Calgary.

  58. Karen C. says:

    i am gonna guess Simple Scrapbooks. It is a far out there kind of guess. LOL!

  59. I am certainly guessing you just subscribed to Simple Scrapbooks… heheheh

  60. i guess Home Companion.

  61. Only because I just got this soliciation yesterday…Ladies Home Journal?

  62. First of all, I think #1 is false, also – don’t think you’re getting any more sun than we are here in Philadelphia!!! As for the magazine subscription – I think it’s Somerset Studio (I just picked up a copy and LOVE it – will need to subscribe myself!). Also, finished reading Photo Freedom and am CRAZY for it – have already gotten the Pioneer Albums – am working on the rest.

  63. Is it Organize magazine??? If you haven’t yet, you should! It’s great!

  64. hmm… my guess is that traveling to calgary right after a root canal is a tough one. So, are you not traveling until later? Or maybe one of those is false. My subscription guess… I second the idea that you had to subscribe to SS, other than that, maybe good housekeeping? Just an out there random grab!

  65. My guess is this isn’t your ‘first’ root canal? They are not fun.
    The mag? Real Simple? I love that mag! or maybe it’s Cooking Light? Love that one too.
    OK – just checked out your color combos on Kuler. My very favorite is Snoqualmie Pass. As a native Western WA girl trapped in Eastern WA, that color combo reminds me of the ‘Mountains to Sound Greenway’ on a cool crisp fall day. Thanks!

  66. I hope the thing that isn’t true is the root canal! I fear that it’s the sunshine, though. That’s our weather today and it’s a bummer!
    As for the mag you subscribed to my guesses were Real Simple and Simple Scrapbooks! I couldn’t decide which one, but maybe it’s SS because of this new step in your life. :-)

  67. It has to be SimpleScrapbooks. Just love that magazine!

  68. I am going to say Simple Scrapbooks too — but surely you have a lifetime free subscription to it!!!
    And I hope the one that’s not true is the root canal. (But if it was true, I hope it went well!)

  69. Hummm… I’ll say Simple Scrapbooks. However, some of the other ladies picks of Better Homes & Real simple are great mags too! Melissa

  70. MIssy Gener says:

    I’m going to guess that the weather one is false, and for magazine subscriptions I am going to go way out on a limb and guess popular science. Don’t ask me why I picked that one, but you never know!

  71. I will say Real Simple

  72. I will guess the sun is NOT shining where you live.
    I am going to guess the O Magazine.
    Have a great day.

  73. Natural Health o maybe
    Living Naturally
    i hope you’re feeling better,hugs,Rosa.

  74. i am guessing you are not heading to calgary- you are really headed to north carolina to donna downey’s ‘inspired’. and i am guessing your new mag is everyday food. (maybe b/c its my new mag) :)

  75. My first thought was Simple Scrapbooks because of your recent news, but do YOU, of all people, really have to subscribe now?!?! I don’t know. I also feel horrible for you if #7 is true. I’ve had one…no fun.
    Take care.

  76. Karen de Castro says:

    Real simple

  77. Going to have to say no sun and the ME Home Companion because the colors are fantastic and inspiring!

  78. Heather C says:

    I am going to guess the root canal thing is not true? You seem way too happy for someone who is going to have one of those — or are you just trying to distract yourself???? New magazine — my that could be anything!! How about Real Simple? I see others have guessed that too, but that seems to be your style. If you don’t already have it I could see you getting it. Or maybe Family Fun??? Since stepping down from SS, ideas for family time?
    So wish I could go to one of your workshops — I am in Ohio and nothing is close to me!! :(

  79. Root canal is my guess. Magazine might be Rachel Ray.

  80. AmandaV. says:

    I’m guessing #1 is not true, the spring weather hasn’t been “all that” lately.
    magazine guess, maybe Domino, or Real Simple or Wondertime?

  81. margie rowles says:

    Is it Organize?
    margie rowles

  82. margie rowles says:

    I’m guessing the root canal thing and Organize magazine.
    margie rowles

  83. Ann Grounds says:

    The root canal thing isn’t true…hmmm magazine subscription??? I might have to say your “sister” mag, Creating Keepsakes? Organize? Real Simple? Hey, they are just guesses.

  84. I’m guessing that you might not be telling the truth about the weather. I know it’s been snarky in a lot of places.
    Great list!

  85. My guess is Simple Scrapbooks also. And today must be hurt your mouth on purpose day…this morning, our 15 yo dd had her frenulum cut [it's that thing under your tongue and hers has always been attached so she was "tongue tied] and now can’t speak and is using Word to talk to me today! Hope your mouth recovers fast!

  86. Susan Hanna says:

    Sun shiny day isn’t true… and maybe the magazine subscription is “Prevention” (one of my faves). Having major sympathy pains on the root canal… I have TWO scheduled at the end of the month (but I will be IV sedated!!)

  87. I highly recommend this children’s book, Bee-bim Bop, by Linda Sue Park. It is adorable!

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