one of my favorite things about leaving …

is coming home!

Thanks to all in Calgary. Leslie and Megan and their whole team. I enjoyed a visit to one of the best scrapbook stores I’ve ever seen, appropriately called Scrappers’ Paradise (This weekend, they opened a digital lab inside the store with 10 or so computers and demos and classes — way cool!) I managed to spend some money and I really enjoyed meeting everyone (especially a handful of LOM friends!)

I had to get up at 3:45 this morning to make my 6:30 flight and get home for church — but I’m so glad I did. I actually got to read Life Artist a bit over the weekend and in the airport. I lent it to a friend right after I got it and just got it back. I slept on the flight from Calgary to Seattle, read more and on the flight to Spokane had a major brainstorm, unearthing a whole bunch of great ideas (wrote as fast as I could) — love it when that happens — thanks Ali for the inspiration!!

It is absolutely gorgeous in Spokane. Geof was a little late picking me up so I walked around outside, soaking up the warmth and taking pictures of signs (weird I know, but fun)

When I got here, I found this note on my bed …

can you decipher it?

Before I left I read Taft a children’s book about Thomas Edison — it was pretty long and was about him as a child growing up — so basically, Taft was inspired to invent me a bag made from a diaper. He explained that if I spilled something inside, it would just soak it right up. Inside my new stylin purse were several other small inventions — my favorite was a small peppermint candy, wrapped in a Starburst wrapper and all taped up (little boys love Scotch tape) which we decided we might start making and selling as "surprise candy" — kids would buy it thinking it is one thing and then be surprised to find something else inside.

so clever.


Clark is taller than me. When Clark made this claim this morning, I didn’t believe him, but it has now been settled. I explained that we absolutely had to take a photo, because the day your firstborn exceeds you in size is a milestone moment — one of those "I gave birth to you and now look what’s happened?" 


so exciting.

it’s really good to be home.


  1. Oh my! So unbelievable isn’t it?? My 13 yo daughter is equal to me at the moment, but her size 8.5 foot is longer than my size 7 so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Glad youo’re back safe and sound in Spokane! ~april

  2. The looks on your faces are perfect. My son proudly passed me up last year. I swear he grew from boy to man in an instant. Welcome back.

  3. Kassie Welch says:

    I have recently been passed by boy #2 and boy #3 is rapidly gaining on me as well. You just look at them and wonder how in the world that sweet tiny baby you gave birth to grew into that?

  4. Clark looks so proud of himself!! And I love Taft’s note and invention. So thoughtful!!

  5. Lucky for me, my firstborn is my daughter, and the odds of her actually surpassing my height are very slim…we come from a long line of “shorties” and since her dad’s not tall either, she most certainly didn’t inherit THOSE genes…she was only 18 inches at birth!

  6. Congratulations Clark! Sorry Stacy…

  7. i love how Taft was so resourceful with his invention!
    look at the gleam in Clark’s eyes at his accomplishment of being taller than you! my oldest was standing on a stepstool when i gave him his hug goodnight–i didn’t even come up to his shoulder! i know that’s not too far down the road. especially since his foot is just 1/2″ smaller than mine.

  8. Jeanne Ann says:

    don’t feel bad about the height thing. My oldest daughter is 6’2″ so she has been taller than me since she was in the 5th grade! My middle girl is 5’10″ and only 16. I don’t think I even stand a chance against the 11 yr old girl not exceeding me in height, probably by the end of the summer. I thought 5’5″ was doing okay, guess I was wrong!

  9. You have inspired me to take a photo of me and my daughter.. she is only 5 years old and she is well over half my height. good reference point on my baby’s growth..
    loved Taft’s note too.. easy to read.. good little inventive speller there..
    Thanks for the ideas..

  10. Stacy, I suspect with all those boys that you better just get used to it!! My son started 7th grade shorter than me and I swear grew 9 inches that year. New shoes every 6 months!!!
    Best of luck.

  11. I’m almost in tears looking at that picture. My baby is turning 3 in a few weeks and I got a flash of my future.
    love your fun socks!

  12. I remember when Clark was born! Same here with growing boys (Jim and Trevor), but you’re taller than me by a ways! We LOVE catching your family moments now and then…my sister Heather keeps me posted.

  13. Oh what’s better than gifts from our babies? The taller thing cracked me up because in the past year and a half both of my boys’ feets have gotten bigger than mine. It’s very odd slipping on their shoes to take the trash out! Is it bad that my almost 12-year old is almost taller than me?

  14. Ann Grounds says:

    Welcome home Stacy!! I hope that your warm weather lasted longer than ours did today. My 11 yr old has already passed up BOTH grandmas and with a blink of an eye, will soon pass me up before he starts the 6th grade! How do they grow SO FAST? I keep looking at my 8 yr old daughter’s feet and keep thinking that she and I will be wearing the same size shoe pretty soon–eek, well maybe not-I might get to wear some hip shoes on occassion ;o) Gotta love those boys and scotch tape and inventions!! I have taken all kinds of picture of “inventions”-Thanks for the idea for a personality page on the almost taller than me boy!

  15. Jeannette Pierce says:

    Oh I just love it when the sweet babes make things and write special notes. The notes thing is actually one of my favorite parts of my daughter being in Kindergarten. Sometimes I have a rough time deciphering them but she doesn’t mind helping me read them.
    I too am waiting for the day that my children pass me up in height. Being only 5’2″ shouldn’t take them too much longer haha they are almost 6, almost 4 and 16 months. LOL
    Glad you had a fabulous trip and were able to get home to your family safely.
    And isn’t it grand to be ‘inspired’? I like that feeling.

  16. i love coming home after being gone for the same reasons–it’s like they appreciate you all over again and that we do make a difference in their lives. So the real question is–was Clark shorter than you before you left and grew that much in less than a week? They do grow and change so quickly that if we don’t stop we fail to recognize those moments. Way cute picture of the two of you.

  17. Oh I want to squidge Taft, what a thoughtful present for his Mom!

  18. Taft is clearly a genius. I LOVE the bag. What were his other inventions? Can you tell us, or are you getting them patented first? :-)

  19. The look on Clark’s face is almost identical to when my ds passed me a year or so ago. DD is rapidly gaining and checking against me on a regular basis. I just point out now they are bigger than me surely it is their turn to look after me??? :lol:
    Taft’s invention makes perfect sense, and what a frugal use of any diapers where the baby grows part way through the pack!

  20. Stacy, it sounds like your Calgary trip was a lot of fun. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit. What a lovely homecoming and I love your inventive son! Congrats on your first born’s new height.

  21. That’s a great picture…I must do that soon. My 11 1/2 year old is equal in height to me, but his foot is already bigger. How old is Clark? (Love that name by the way….my mom’s maiden name is Clark.) I just have to ask this….what is the paint color in your kitchen? I just love it, and we are getting ready to take down this tacky ivy wallpaper and paint! Do share! :) Thanks.

  22. Yes…’s a happy boy when he exceeds his mother’s height..LOL! And I had to giggle about the tape…..It’s my 7yo answer to everything….”You lost the back of your earring…just tape it on!” or “Ohhhh! The wing on my Transformer won’t go back on! Can’t we tape it?” The Scotch barnd people are marketting to the WRONG demographic. They need to focus on 5-8yo boys!
    Love your skirt, BTW!

  23. Yes, my firstborn surpassed me in size the summer after 5th grade. He is in 7th grade and is 6 feet tall. UNBELIEVABLE. We, too, took a picture way back two years ago. Darn! I hate it that they grow up so fast!

  24. LOVE the photo! What’s even more weird is when you’re correcting him and shaking your finger in his face [yes - I've done that ]and – having to do this while LOOKING UP TO HIM – so funny – I need to scrap that!!
    ALso – posted on my blog a little tribute to you and your history of loving the silhouette – so fun! Thanks being part of my inspiration!

  25. I agree I always say the best part of any trip is coming home & I too just got home from Inspired – so much fun & I met all your Simple Gals – they are the best! p.s. you should go next year!

  26. LOVE the photo! What’s even more weird is when you’re correcting him and shaking your finger in his face [yes - I've done that ]and – having to do this while LOOKING UP TO HIM – so funny – I need to scrap that!!
    ALso – posted on my blog a little tribute to you and your history of loving the silhouette – so fun! Thanks being part of my inspiration!

  27. Tracy B (in Alberta) says:

    Love the expressions on both of your faces.

  28. My firstborn is now taller than me, also, so I can definitely relate. I did a little tag about it for my March tag book (inspired by CZ, thanks!), but it just has a photo of my daughter. I’ll have to do one with both of us! Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. Dear Stacy,
    The love and pride you have for your boys brings tears to my eyes!

  30. I love that photo of you and Clark, he looks so chuffed! My son overtook me a long time ago, my elder daughter isn’t likely to overtake me (she stopped growing about 4 years ago) and my youngest, who’s 11, is fast catching up on me. She’s overtaken her older sister and has another couple of cms before she’s my height. I feel old (lol!!)

  31. Dawn-Rene says:

    He is taller than you . . . and you have tall shoes on. But then almost all of the 8th graders I teach are taller than me(5’3)

  32. What a coincedence! I had the same thing happen with my daughter this weekend! She insisted she was finally taller than me and I didn’t believe her. We finally asked hubby to make determination and he just laughed at me. I grabbed a ruler, put us back to back with each other and put the ruler on our heads. The turkey is a good 1″ taller! ::::sigh::::

  33. Stacy,
    Great photo.. However what I love most about the photo is the Gallon of milk on the side without a top and a kitchen cupboard door still open in my house…It could totally be my house (except Luke is just 3 :)

  34. I love the note and inventions, Great picture of the 2 of you, my son is also taller than me but almost anyone is hehe I’m 5′ tall my son is already 6′ tall,welcome back!

  35. LOve that photo of you and your kiddo. Wow…yep…my firstborn is 6 and is growing like a weed. It is going to happen…I bet by the time he is 12.
    Time flies…and it is a milestone moment. A sweet one. Love WHOLE picture…the milk on the counter..the open cupboard..the routiness of the photo..pausing for the

  36. Love the photo of your and your son.
    You are right about the milestone…huge one.
    Love the routiness of the photo…the milk on the counter, the open cupboard…pausing for a photo…love it.
    Gotta pause for the moments that really matter.
    Holly T.

  37. Love the photo of you and your son! My daughter is almost 16 and has been taller than me for a couple years now. She now towers above me at 5’8″, I am only 5’3″ lol.
    The 12yr old is fast approaching…just took him to the dr. last week and he is 5′ even!

  38. Oh yea, I’m way late – just now reading your post about Clark being taller than you. And the post where you talk of coming home. And gorgeous notes from kids. Being 5’3, my 9 yr old is nearly taller than me. And I love coming home to cute notes too. It’s all reason to quickly post hi and I soooooo relate. LOL

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