Target has dinosaurs!

Go soon, and spend $5 or $10 bucks in the dollar section — I put together a fun dinosaur scavenger hunt this morning for Trey and Taft (and even Clark and Chase enjoyed the spoils when they got up)

Clue #1
(joke) what was T-rex’s favorite number?

The answer is 8 (as in ATE other dinosaurs) Hide the first dino prize and next clue, 8 dinosaur steps inside the front door — somewhere.

Clue #2
Dinosaurs laid these (just like chickens do)

Put some of the foam dinosaur capsules and a clue in the egg carton in your fridge.

Clue #3
What were goals called when dinosaurs played soccer?

The answer is DINO-SCORE! Hide some new plastic dinosaurs (and the next clue) in the ball box or wherever you keep soccer and other balls (ours are in the garage)

Clue #4
What does a Triceratops sit on?

Answer is his Tricera-bottom! Go look in the bottom of the _________ (I put pantry. You could do linen or hall closet or toy box) to find yet another fun dinosaur clue and prize.

Clue #5
A note from mom that says "Life with you is FUN and GAMES" go to the playroom (or game closet or wherever) to find a new Dinosaur game or activity.

There are several things to choose from at Target — stickers, matching game, slime, etc…


Taft with Dino-slime!

End with a clue to find a Dinosaur sized treat in the kitchen — seriously, this whole thing took me 20 minutes to do and it created such a fun buzz for our Saturday morning. I stopped at Great Harvest and got huge no-bake oatmeal cookies, that frankly resemble dinosaur droppings!!

happy saturday.


  1. Totally cute idea! I wonder if I could find something creative like that having to do with princesses. We are very girly in this house.

  2. I love “cool mom” things like this! Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOL, that slime pix is hilarious! Enjoy your weekend Stacy!!

  4. thanks for the heads up! i’m off to Target. My boys will love this!!

  5. Margaret C says:

    How much fun is it in your house?!!! (Can I move in?…!)

  6. Tracy B (inAlberta) says:

    My mom did an Easter Egg scavenger hunt for my 2 DD’s and niece — they LOVED it.

  7. Jeannette P says:

    oh what another fun idea. I like scavenger hunts but I’m not very good at putting clues together. my hubby is though & set an extravagent one up for my friends & I a few years back. We had to take cars & drive around touwn to get the ansewrs & bring them back & see if they were all correct. It was a blast.
    Thanks for the idea.

  8. I know my boys would love this…as part of our advent calandar countdown at Christmas, 2 or 3 days are devoted to scavenger hunts with clues and cryptic messages which result in that day’s small treat (so much more fun than just opening a box, and really doesn’t take that much time).
    And let’s be honest, is there a boy alive who could say no to slime LOL

  9. Angi Smith says:

    I would have LOVED to have had you as a mom!

  10. LOVE that slime pic!! Still chuckling at “tricera-bottom”. hee hee

  11. How much fun!! Guess you missed your family while you were away. You just CELEBRATE LIFE EVERYDAY don’t you! Might have to follow in your footsteps and do something like that just for FUN! Santa and the Easter Bunny have been known to have scavenger hunts at our house–but not “Mom”. I’m sure the kids will love it.

  12. Allison Barnes says:

    You are such a good mom!! What lucky boys!
    Love ya,

  13. How cool!

  14. I just bought several of these items from Target for my Primary class’s birthday box. Too fun! You do have a way of celebrating the everyday. Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Nancy Lee says:

    Your dinosaur hunt brought back memories of the scavenger hunts with clues I would make up for my son. He loved them. Can’t wait to do it for the grandchildren.

  16. That is so much fun! Will definitely remember that and write it down for one of those “need a pick me up in our house” kinda days!

  17. I bought the same dinosaurs for my 3 year old daughter. Instead of a scavenger hunt, the “Diaper Fairy” comes every night and leaves a dinosaur (bribe) and a little note about how wonderful it would be if she would learn to use the potty (or something to that effect). So far it hasn’t worked, she just recites every detail and fact about the dinosaur. Ugh!!! Any suggestions anyone?!

  18. Tracy B (in Alberta) says:

    Went to my niece’s 3rd birthday yesterday and my sister’s inlaw’s said they always did a scavenger hunt for their birthday presents. Since she is to young to read, we just hid the presents and gave a clue like “where do you keep your jacket?”
    It was so fun and it take more time than just rip, rip, ripping the presents open.
    My almost 5 year old turned to be right away and said “maybe we can do this for my birhday” Looks like we have a new tradition.

  19. kat-in-texas says:

    High-Five, Stacy! I thought I was the only one doing dinosaur stuff on Saturday. We have a new attraction near DFW in Glen Rose, TX called “Dinosaur World”. They boast over 100 life-sized dinos in a natural setting. Some of the scenes were pretty cool–huge heard of Brachiosauruses or were they Brontosauruses? Ha. Kids thought it was fun. Little pricey for a family of 4. Around $50. Not to mention the gift shop beating….Ha. Worth checking out at least once.

  20. That is such a great idea! I know my son would love doing something like that! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Isn’t it fun to do treasure hunts for your kids? I used to have a treasure box with cereal toys, McDonald’s toys and other small items I would collect here and there. On a rainy or snowy day, I would come up with some clues for them to follow and it would lead to the hidden treasure box and a prize of their choice at the end. Cool dinosaurs and slime!

  22. Oh I am SO doing this!
    Thank you for making it so easy for me to appear like an “effortless cool mom”!
    Off to Target I go….

  23. Stacy Julian. I do not know you personally, but you are a riot. A real treat. Anyone would be glad to have you as a mom, a friend, a sister, a boss. This is the first day I’ve read your blog and you are truly a ray of sunshine, thank you for that! Thank you for just being you!!

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