happy birthday to me …

can you believe I’m 43.

I’m printed this picture this morning and I’m going to record, throughout my day, 43 things to be happy about. First of which is a little girl to wear pig tails with. There are many, many more than 43, but 43 will be frozen in time today and that is just such a cool thing — that I’m a 43 year old scrapbooking fool, having the time of her life and able to capture and celebrate all the good that is around me.

To further celebrate I’m giving away presents. I have FIVE copies of Lisa Bearnson’s new book …

and I might add, it is a very worth gift. It is filled with pages by Lisa and others, pages that make you nod your head in agreement or have the sudden urge to jump up and get sticky notes and a pencil. This book will make you want to sit down with your scrapbooks and evaluate the topics/events you have recorded and help you realize what moments/stories you still need to celebrate with pictures and your perspective. All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me about a moment or topic that would make your personal list of 50 Scrapbook Pages That Matter Most. Seriously, if you were the list maker, or editor — what would your table of contents look like?

and check this out …

This is what Stephanie created with the Helen Keller quote
from yesterday. Stephanie is vowing to move onwards and upwards following what is a disappointing decision and reality regarding a project she put her entire HEART into. I’m so proud of her for it!

Come back tonight to see who wins and to see my birthday page!


  1. Without a doubt, my #1 would be seeing my children come to faith in Jesus Christ…..now that’s a precious moment that needs to be documented….Happy birthday!

  2. I think a scrapbook page about both of my grandma’s that have passed away would be in my top 50. So my three children would be able to know things that were special about them.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!
    I would LOVE a copy of the 50 moments book.
    And a moment that would be on my top 50… watching the sunset over water or from the top of a mountain. MMmmmm… perferably with a loved one or even a furry companion!

  4. Heather says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!
    I will be 43 soon too!
    Something that would make my personal list is the pride and priviledge I feel in raising two daughters. They are both teenagers now and have blossomed into wonderful and caring young women!
    Thanks for the inspiration you give us daily!

  5. Happy Birthday! I really want this book!!!! One of the things that would make my top 50 is seeing the sunrise/sunset. Nature is God’s gift to us and it is breathtaking.

  6. Love your energy.
    Helen Keller quotes are the best!!!
    And winning one of Lisa’s books would be fab too.

  7. What a wonderful giveaway. I love your blog – love to come her and see happiness. While I don’t have a little girl to wear pigtails with I borrow some on a regular basis for my quota of girl.
    Happy Birthday! Enjoy.

  8. I would have to scrap as one of the moments that matter most one of the few moments when all four of my kids were in one place at any given time (an extremely rare occurence)– I think there is pictorial evidence of four such events… my wedding, my daughter’s wedding, and two “candids” when the kids were younger…

  9. I think one layout that would be in my top 50 would be a letter to either my teenage self. The focus would be on showing my growth and resiliency. It would also be a way of showing my own children how to navigate those difficult adolescent years.

  10. I enjoy scrapbooking moments I call “answered prayers”. For example, one of my biggest answered prayers is becoming a family through the miracle of adoption. I scrapbook our yearly celebration on August 15th we call “Signing Day” (aka Gotcha Day, etc…)

  11. Leigh Ann says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!
    And, I am pretty good about documenting my kids, but really need a page about how much I STILL love my husband.

  12. Candice says:

    A moment on my top 50 list would be to document my oldest daughter’s struggles through her teenage years, include my perspective of what happened, and finish with a photo of her being sealed in the Washington DC Temple to ‘the one’ – which should be done by the end of this year :)
    candice watson

  13. Jessica says:

    Happy Birthday! Definitely on my top 50 would be the feelings and emotions on the day my daughter was born!

  14. Happy Birthday!
    One of my top 50 would be a letter from my 45 year old self to my teenage self. The focus on growth and resiliency and what is most important in life. I would hope it would be relevant to my children as well as they navigate through adolescence and early adulthood.

  15. Angie F says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! I can’t wait to see your birthday page!
    I would have to include:
    my wedding
    birth of daughters
    different places I have lived
    Ok, you get the idea…I could make my own list of 50 and get busy!

  16. Happy Birthday Stacy!
    So, other than totally lifting your idea of 43 things…
    I’ve found myself wanting to document -for myself only- some of the struggles of parenting and marriage. I think this project would be more a mini-book or journal. I also think it would be a cathartic and affirming process for me- especially when I look back on what I’ve been through and what ‘seemed’ to be the problems at that age or stage.
    But, geez, writing it out just now, it sounds like kind of a downer!
    Well, in honor of your b-day and back to celebrating, I am going to go write MY 35 things to be happy about! Right now! Before I forget!
    Thanks Stacy!

  17. Happy Happy Birthday. I would have to say that my 50 Scrapbook Pages That Matter Most would have to be my grandparents with my children, their grandchildren. We don’t get a lot of time here on earth, so we need to take pictures, and journal it all down on a nice scrap page. I love seeing generations together. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  18. I would love to get my hands on that book! It was in stock at my LSS, but there was no getting over there this past weekend, boo hiss! I just finished reading “The Last Lecture” and it had so many amazing thoughts in it- but most of all would be that I would love to communicate with my children what my “little girl dreams” were all about…and how they either came to be, or changed during my life. I think there’s insight in that, and helping them to record their dream, their voices in general for them, before they are able to!

  19. Happy Birthday! Fifty pages that matter most to me? One would certainly be all of the family members (including the pets) without cropping out the furniture and what the house looked like at a moment in time. I also love getting other’s handwriting on the pages (husband, kids, other relatives). I think seeing that gives you a glimpse into their soul.
    I have you beat by about a month and a half (I also turned 43 this year). So far my forties are the BEST ever! Happy Birthday.

  20. Happy Birthday Stacy! Mine would be all my mom’s photos that have been sitting in a drawer for the past 60+ years — all relatives, family…to make sure I document all the names while she still remembers them!

  21. Happy Birthday..! I wish I had something unique to say but I don’t. The most important thing for me to SCRAP is my Family and everything we do in this Life’s Journey together. To have my children and down the line look at what history we have made on this earth is a pretty neat thing to pass down..!

  22. One topic I would need to include are some of the everyday trials I’ve encountered because trials truly do make one stronger and when they are not recorded oftentimes we forget the message we have learned.

  23. More importantly though: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! :) Can’t believe I forgot that when I went off on the last comment! ;)

  24. Sheila h says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!!! I turn 40 this year & have been dreading it, but I think you have the right perspective. I think I’ll start listing my 40 things to be happy about & of course #1 will have to be celebrating another birthday! A few of my top pages would be celebrating each of my childrens’ births.

  25. I think I would scrapbook about staying married . . . about how staying married isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. I want our girls to know being married to my best friend is wonderful, but sometimes hard work!

  26. Lacie Bergeson says:

    Happy Happy Birthday! I just celebreated my 26th birthday a few weeks ago! I would definatly include a page of the simplicity which is my life right now. All of the mundane things that go on from day to day as a stay at home mom. I know that some day both myself and my kids will love to remember the things that we did, and I will cherish the memories of cuddling with my small and innocent children. Thanks for your inspiration online as well as in your publications! I am always so intrigued by your words of wisdom! Keep up the good work! P.S. I am an idea book junkie and would love a copy of this new book! :)

  27. Melinda W says:

    Wow!!! My birthday was yesterday and I am 4?????? – oh well, let’s say still in my mid-forties!!
    I would want to tell about the special closeness of a very good friend. I had one of my closest friends take me out today for lunch (and a special b’day present). We took the time to remember some of the good and bad times we shared over these past years. It’s just so special to have a close friend that you lean on just like your own sister, especially when your real sister is hundreds of miles away.
    Hope your birthday is a wonderful as mine was yesterday!!!

  28. And silly me . . .
    happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday to you!!!!

  29. Happy birthday!!!
    My Top 50 would definitely include the transition I’ve been making over the past year and how, at the age of 32, I’m FINALLY becoming comfortable in my own skin and am at peace with who I am and my life. I find that I’m learning to live in the moment instead of looking at the past with regret and longing for the future.

  30. Meghan E says:

    Happy happy birthday! I’d never have guessed you were 43. You go girl!

  31. Happy Birthday! I have a project that I want to work on that is titled 35 x 35. It is 35 things I want to accomplish by the time I’m 35. Some are as simple as giving blood to the difficult climb out of debt! Some are fun, some are not, but sooo worth the freedom!

  32. Kate Hydorn says:

    Happy birthday! What a carefree picture of you and your daughter. In answer to the question I would have to say is memories in my childhood home is definitely on that list. My mom died a few years ago, my dad remarried, and the home sold last Dec. I don’t want to forget anything.

  33. Happy Birthday!

  34. Happy Birthday Stacy! I would have to say the pages that show the personality connections between generations as one of my top 50 scrapable moments that matter.

  35. Lynne Moore says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I love celebrating birthdays for other people. Fun, fun, fun.
    I like my birthdays too (I became 43 also this year.), but I tend to want to savor it with close family. Weird.
    Top 50 stories/moments: good question… One would have to be the He said/She said story of how my husband and I met. Another would be how I found and fell in love with our current Dog, Cowboy Roy. Another might be watching my kids connect over something (like an iPod) after complaining about each other. Everyone has the big moments. It’s these little ones that intrigue me the most.

  36. Happy Birthday! One on my list would be the ‘right now’ moments. The things my son says at this age, the events we attend and journeys we take as a family today. Be in the moment!

  37. Nanette says:

    Happy Birthday! All I can say is that the 40′s rock. Enjoy!

  38. Rachel Nehmelman says:

    Mine would have to be the birth of our daughter and the joy that she has brought to me. happy birthday hope it is full of warmth and sunshine.

  39. Happy Birthday! The top on my list is a picture of my Dad playing the Organ. He used to play it on Christmas Eve and we would all dance or sing to songs. I love the memory of it.

  40. I would like to scrapbook more about the things I’ve learned in life. One of my top fifty would be about choosing to be happy—you’re such a great example of this! Happy birthday!

  41. Happy Birthday Stacy and many many more to you!
    On my top 50 just happened about 20 minutes ago. Got a phone call from my childrens’ school from the principal to discuss my oldest son Logan, who is 11. Trouble? Nope. Pride and joy.
    Today was bake sale day, of course I forgot..bad mommy! But, my son found 2 quarters in his pocket (each item is 25 cents) and then he borrowed a quarter from a friend. Headed to the bake sale and then asked permission to go to see his little brother (grade 1) and his little sister (kindergarten) to surprise them each with a cupcake he bought for them! Wasn’t that the sweetest thing? He could have kept it all for him, but chose to share with his siblings when Mom forgot to send money. The principal was so moved that he decided to call me and let me know. I’m a mushy mom and he knows it I guess LOL
    I wonder if he’ll tell me about it when he gets home from school?
    That son of mine is sweeter than any cupcake I tell you!

  42. Melissa K. says:

    Happy Birthday, Stacy!
    If I were the editor, I would have to include pages about those first bonding moments with my newborns. I did a layout last year with a photo taken moments after the birth of my daughter that shows the joy on my face upon discovering that she was, indeed, a girl! I love looking back and remembering that feeling.
    Her hair still isn’t long enough for pigtails, but I think mine may be now… I’m going to try wearing them today in your honor. ;)

  43. Love the photo, that’s so cute.Hope you have a great day.
    I want to focus more on our everyday moments. The little things that are so quickly forgotten: the funny things my kids say, the crazy things that happen in our day to day lives.

  44. Happy 43rd birthday!! You’re just one ahead of me. You look fabulous darling!! I can’t wait to see your birthday LO.
    As most will answer, being mother to two wonderful boys would be in the top of the list but I would also add to the list Scrapbooking. I don’t think my life would be the same without this wonderful creative outlet and the amazing friends I made along the way.

  45. Lacie Bergeson says:

    Happy Birthday! I personally think life gets sweeter with age! On of my top 50 pages would definatly include the simplicity of my life right now. I am a stay at home mom and I am always wondering what we did to fill the days when I was a child.(My mom is not a scrapper.) I think I will love to remember along with my children the things we do! I would have to say one of the best ways to spend my day is to cuddle with them. I too am a huge idea book junkie and would love to add this to my collection. Thank you for all of your continuing inspiration. I love all of your work and am currently working my way to “Photo Freedom” with your help! Thanks!

  46. Tammy Thomas says:

    wishing you such a happy birthday! and what a super fun photo with Addie, you are both adorable!
    my list would include
    singing and rocking my kids when they were little and the different songs each of them liked.
    the story of how DH helped DS when about 3 create the awesome mommy song and dance and cool mommy song and dance. (which I have on tape btw)
    story of my iris’s : mom got from grandma, I got from mom.
    have a great day,

  47. Happy Birthday – we are almost Birthday buddies -as mine was on May 4th! My scrapbook subject that would go on my “matters most” would include my struggles to stay pregnant and my first son being born…I keep meaning to scrapbook a page that says “How does it feel to be a WISH come true?”

  48. Happy Birthday, Stacy! I will achieve the big 4-0 next year and am looking forward to it….really! On my list would be the little things that define my 2 boys and their personalities. My oldest is very cerebral and is such a deep thinker, even at 6. I need to document that thoroughly. My little one is such a breath of fresh air, funny, quirky, a contrast to his big bro. That needs to be preserved as well. So…….love your blog…..hope I win. Thanks for always helping me think “outside the box.”

  49. fran heupel says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!
    Love the picture of you and Addie.
    I would definitely go with the everyday doings and what goes on in my life with my family. Life goes by way to fast to not document it. Have a wonderful week.
    Fran Heupel

  50. Nancy Lee says:

    Wow! When I signed on, there were already 43 comments before me! Happy 43 birthday! I have many albums and pages I plan to make but one of them will be dedicated to my scrapbook/craft room. As I look around at the pictures I have painted on the wall and all the little memoribilia that remind me of my life and my family, I am content and happy in this room. Happy Birthday.

  51. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’ll have to tell everyone to sing at your keynote tomorrow – don’t let me forget

  52. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!!!
    What an adorable picture.
    My personal list would be…..
    My 3 Sons!!!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  53. Jenny Campbell says:

    I think one of my layouts would be of the day I found out that after 15 years of infertility I was pregnant! I had all but given up hope, but by a miracle I gave birth to a very healthy baby girl. I had two boys one that I had, and one that we had adopted. So I was thrilled to be able to have one more. I so feel the same way you do about the pigtales. I have so enjoyed everything about this little girl. (She is now 3 years old.) I love every moment with her.
    Jenny C

  54. May your day be filled with more than 100 celebrations! My list of pages that matter most would be the happiest days of my life, my boy’s births! I would also include the saddest to this point, the passing of my father whom I still miss, but know is still with me. Every day with family is a cherished, scrappable moment.

  55. On my list of “50″ are the moments that I spent as a little girl sitting on my grandmother’s lap looking at her scrapbooks and listening to her tell me the stories of her life. Every time I sit down to my scrapbooks and tell my own story, I think of her and feel grateful for the time she spent with me.
    Happy Birthday Stacy! I can’t wait to meet you tomorrow in Michigan! :)

  56. On my list would be a picture with each of my three boys wearing the same cute winter hat, at different times in their lives. The hat is almost 13 years old and now fits my 3 year old daughter.

  57. Happy Birthday!!
    I feel the most important things to record are the everyday things that are over in a flash and easy to forget: heartmelting comments from my 5 yo son, power struggles, little personality traits, similarities shared with relatives, etc.
    I also need to sit down and record some of my childhood memories, good and bad. There are things I want to share because they don’t come up in everyday chatter.
    I try to keep this in mind: there’s more to recording this journey than major holidays and birthdays!

  58. Jenny K says:

    Happy Birthday! I would like to keep up with everyday moments more. For example what my kids are “into” — they’ve discovered Tom & Jerry and my husband & I crack up with them b/c we remember watching the same ‘toons growing up. I am good with the milestones but wish I was more aware of the right now. What a great concept.

  59. young c-m says:

    Happy Birthday! Way to celebrate! My scrapbook would include a page on all the people who continually touch my life, whether big or small. Life wouldn’t be much without relationships!

  60. Danette says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! I have a few years on you,just a few, but I have enjoyed reading your blog and I have been learning so much from your entries. My top 50 list would include births and proms and grad nights and weddings, all the important milestones, but I would also include normal days, days that you don’t usually grab the camera for, but are really the moments that life is made up of. I can’t put a name to it, but here is an idea in my head, it includes the lyrics from Trace Adkins new song and a picture I got of my daughter, laughing hysterically when we were trying get a picture of something else! I had the sense to snap it and it is those moments that I will miss the most (she is graduating from HS), so it is those moments I want to capture.

  61. Happy Birthday! Enjoy all 43 things to be happy about- you deserve them!
    As for one of the moments I want to do- I would like to make a page for each person in my life whom I have lost and document something special that they gave to me (for example my great-grandmother instilling in me the love of cooking.)

  62. Happy Birthday and many, many more! You two look so cute together in your pigtails..I’m jealous, I need a girl! Enjoy the rest of your day!

  63. Happy Birthday! Enjoy all 43 things to be happy about- you deserve them!
    As for one of the moments I want to do- I would like to make a page for each person in my life whom I have lost and document something special that they gave to me (for example my great-grandmother instilling in me the love of cooking.)

  64. Christine Dallimore says:

    WOW!! Happy 43rd Birthday! I have a four year old daughter that constantly asks the question, “WHY”! I have to admit that by the end of some days my mind is just frazzled!! I always try to remember, however, Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, “I think, at child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that would be curiosity.” That is one layout in my top 50 topics, my children’s (and my) curiosities in life. Afterall, our questions and “why’s” do alter as we get older!!

  65. Hi,
    Happy Birthday- mine is the 14th… I love the quote, I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday.

  66. Happy Birthday! Enjoy all 43 things to be happy about- you deserve them!
    As for one of the moments I want to do- I would like to make a page for each person in my life whom I have lost and document something special that they gave to me (for example my great-grandmother instilling in me the love of cooking.)

  67. A very Happy Birthday to you!

  68. Wow! Happy Birthday! Wish I was the 43rd comment! :) On my list would be the days I brought my adopted children home, and the day we lost our biological child. Along with things like my wedding day, etc, it is easy to say things like my husband, family, things like that, but I have to add that it would be how my husband looks when he first wakes up. How my children look while they sleep. How blessed I am to have them, and the things they say and do that make me laugh, cry, smile, and even get me angry.
    Have an AWESOME, FANTASTIC birthday!

  69. Happy Birthday, Stacy! I will celebrate #44 next week — with my 4-year old daughter, as well. There’s something about raising little ones in our late 30s and early 40s that keeps us young. . .I hope!

  70. Heather Diane says:

    A topic I would include in my top 50 things that matter most is “FINDING JOY.” There are so many life lessons learned about discovering joy that I would share: attitude, spiritual journeys, choosing joy, serving others, etc.

  71. Happy Birthday! Enjoy all 43 things to be happy about- you deserve them!
    As for one of the moments I want to do- I would like to make a page for each person in my life whom I have lost and document something special that they gave to me (for example my great-grandmother instilling in me the love of cooking.)

  72. I would like to make a page for the important people in my life and tell them what they mean to me.

  73. Happy Birthday Stacy!! I love your idea to scrap 43 things to be happy about. That would be one of my 50 moments to scrapbook. I’ll be turning 39, so I’ll do a page of ‘what to do before 40!’. And I have to include anything related to my children. I also need to get in the pictures myself. I don’t have too many of that…

  74. Happy Birthday, mine is tomorrow, yeah May birthdays!!!!! I would scrapbook slang phrases that my kids are using now. My daughter is in middle school and just starting to use more and more of these phrases. My husband and I laugh all the time about the phrases we used to use and wish we could remember more of them, also, it’s great to compare the regional differences because we grew up in different places. These pages would be so fun to share when my daughter is an adult. I think my idea is “tight”….see how uncool I seem when i write it :)

  75. Happy Birthday! I would make a page about the moment I first realized I was really and truly a mother. There were two moments, actually. I have a special needs child who needed medication that was not FDA approved. We had to take our baby to Canada to meet with a neurologist there and to get the medicine. Now, I get lost driving down my own street. So the prospect of driving TO CANADA was overwhelming. I remember thinking that my mother would have to take care of this and then I realized, I AM THE MOTHER. And this baby needs ME to take care of everything. We made it to Canada without incident and the baby responded well to the meds. My second “mom” moment was reaching into my pocket for my car keys and pulling out a binky (aka pacifier). I think I had those in every pocket and in every purse.

  76. Happy Birthday to you from a 45 year old!
    My topic? It would have to be “The Hands that I hold” When my daughter was 1.5 I was pregnant and our baby angel died…during the sonogram my 1.5 year old held my hand. During that very painful, sad labor…my Dad and husband held my hand.
    I hold my son and daughters hands…my husband’s…and now in the last two months I have been holding my Dad’s hand as he goes through Chemo treatments…
    I need to take pictures of these hands I hold!
    Have a sweet and happy birthday!

  77. A very happy birthday to you!
    For me, it would of course be the first time I saw my daughter – and learned she wasn’t the boy I had expected her to be!

  78. Stacey Gardner says:

    Bedtime, driving in the car with a screaming child, (yes, a moment that I hope to forget long enough to want to remember haha), I can think of many moments with my fast growing son… I need more variety in my moments! hope I win! THANKS FOR A GREAT BLOG STACY! (PS, good name)

  79. I am doing Jessica Sprague’s photo a day in May. I can’t wait to do a page of everyday events like eating lunch, playing with the kids, going to the store, etc.

  80. Happy Happy Birthday! Hmmm…moments that show just how special my loved ones are – like the other day when my youngest son got all teary eyed watching the animal shelter commercial on TV – because is shows just how sweet and sensitive he truly is.

  81. Happy 43rd Birthday! Love that photo of you and your little girl. So fun!!
    One of the items on my list would be favorite time of the day.

  82. Whitney says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to you!
    It is really really hard to narrow down my 50 most important moments, but I would say that one of them that happened most recently is my son turning 1! I just can’t believe how fast his first year has flown by and how lucky I am to have him! This last year has changed me and my goals more than I ever would have thought…just by having him! Here I am getting emotional, but I guess that is why that would HAVE to be in my scrapbook and would be an important thing to me!

  83. Hey Stacy,
    Welcome to the 43 year old club. :)
    My top scrapbook “matter most” page would be from last night. Showing my 13 year old son how to jump start our riding lawn mower. Some day a stranded young lady will be so thankful for his knowledge. :)

  84. carrieuoregon says:

    Happy B-day,
    My page that I would choose is a page with a photo looking from above at my then-20 month son. The journalling was about how difficult it is for my husband and I to remember that he is ‘not even too’. Basically, it’s about realizing and trying to rectify a parenting mistake. I love that page, it’s so real.

  85. Lana Wells says:

    Best Wishes on your birthday! Even though it was a horrible time I wish I had recorded my son’s journey with childhood leukemia. He’s 31 now and the experience molded him into the wonderful man and father he is today! It brought our family together and made us appreciate all the little things so much more.

  86. Kathryn says:

    Happy B-day Stacy! from a fellow 43 yr old.
    My topic I want to complete is for my 9 year old “blankie boy” He still likes to hang on to his blankies at night and occasionaly twirl the “fringees” in his ear. Something I want to remember about him forever!

  87. Happy Birthday Stacy! On my list of must scrapbook pages would be a picture of my little eight YO boys hand signing I love you through the blinds in the window as I leave to go somewhere. Everytime I leave I hear a knock on the window and see this and it is something that makes my heart so happy so I always want to remember this, I also would have a page of my mother’s hands and list the things that she has taught me to do with those hands. Wow, you have me thinking now, it is time to start writing this sutff down and do it!
    I hope you have a wonderful bday. I too am so thrilled to have a little girl to were pigtails with-great idea! I have four boys and adopted from Taiwan a year and a half ago, so I know how you feel about your girl!

  88. Happy Birthday my friend! I’ll be joining you in the 40 club next week!! Much love today and always!! Lisa

  89. Marta Valdes says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! My moment would be NOW. I have been trying to become a mother. I have had plenty of complication (health issue) but everything is looking brighter these days. So my moment will be the journal to motherhood for me.
    I hope you have a wonderful day today :)

  90. Happy Happy Birthday! What a wonderful picture and way to celebrate! I love this idea!
    I’d make sure to document heart break, trying times, the situations that make you scratch your head and the lightbulb that follows. The spilled milk, the fights, the make ups and the break ups. It’s all part of who we are, and the better we document it, the more future generations will know about us and life in general.
    I hope you have a glorious birthday, and you find 143 things to be happy about! :)

  91. I have begun a list in my tablet of things I want my family to know.
    One of those was that I went camping for them!! It is so much work for me. However, I realize that the memories that are made when we are away from the world and all of it’s distractions are priceless.
    I am keeping a running list, of ideas as I think of them!
    Happy Happy Birthday to you!

  92. Happy, happy birthday Stacy!
    I’m actually turning 30 in a couple weeks, and having a hard time with it. :( Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for what I DO have (and not what I don’t!) I want to make sure and I capture all the little things (and people!)in my life who bring me joy each day.

  93. HeatherC says:

    Happy Birthday!! I don’t care what age you are — I think birthdays are so much fun! Cool idea to make a list of 43 things — I will do that next year!
    One of the things that would make my top 50 would be “The Simple Things” — playing in the yard, endless chalk drawings on our driveway, walks to the creek, spreading a blanket under the tree for story time. My kiddos are so cute and wonderful doing these everyday things — I just want to freeze the moments!

  94. Happy 43rd birthday Stacy! Have a wonderful day.
    Some pages I would love to do would be documenting the relationship between my daughter and her grandparents. They’re older and in ill health so I want to get more photos of the three of them now.

  95. Andrea F. says:

    Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you are having a fun day!
    A few moments I would pick are my wedding day, and the birth days of my two kiddos!

  96. kristen says:

    happy birthday! and I so understand the need for someone to wear pigtails with (coming from a mom of three boys!)…one of my top pages would be to document how much my boys truly love each other right now. it is so cute to see them reach over to hug or kiss each other…love it!

  97. Have an absolutly wonderful birthday Stacey!

  98. Kathy C. says:

    Happy Bee-Day Stacy!! Top 50 Reasons #1 for me (birth of daughter is right behind @#2)…a page on how my hubby & I met thru e-Harmony….the day that changed both our lives forever and most definately matters most!
    Thanks to you I’m also starting to work on my top 40 things to do before I turn 40 early next year!
    ~ Kathy C. (Hillsboro, OR)

    Even if I’m not chosen I will be buying this book the first chance I get!!
    The page that I want to do is one I was actually thinking about this morning. Last night my husband said to me “I think you would have been happier if you had divorced me”.
    He said this because during the first couple of years we were married we fought quite a bit and often wondered if it was worth it. Now every so often when we argue he wonders if I made the right decision. I want to make a page to talk about how difficult the first couple of years are during a marriage and how happy I am that we had those years together and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. We have grown together and I love him more than I ever thought I could…bottom line…marriage is tough, but worth every minute of it!!
    Geez…way more of an explanation than you wanted, but that’s my moment to remember and cherish!!
    See you tomorrow!!!

  100. Happy Birthday, Stacy!! (times 43) :o) Hope this year is the best one EVER!
    I maintain that the everyday moments and thoughts are the most important ones to include in our scrapbooks…alongside the big events.
    Have a happy day!! :o)

  101. Happy Birthday! In April I celebrated my 37th…again! All last year I thought I was 37 until my birthday came around and I redid the numbers to find out I was really 36. So what if I missed 36, I get to celebrate 37 all over with a redo! Yes, I’m a goof in real life and this proves it! I finished a layout about it and added it to my blog today. Have a wonderful day!

  102. Happy Birthday!!
    This book is on my list ‘to buy’ as well! It looks wonderful!!

  103. And since I obviously missed the part about posting a moment you’d HAVE to document…
    I’d have to say my mom’s battle with leukemia and her passing last year. Both the not-so-good and the wonderful things that happened during that time!

  104. Happy Birthday, Stacy!
    Moments I would love to capture – daily life – cuz it goes by in a blur each day! Unique things about my kids and the tons of reasons I love my husband!

  105. For my top 50, I would have several pages about what we’ve learned from being in the military. Not just the, Oh, it’s so rewarding and I feel so great about what I’m doing for others, but things that most people don’t know or understand. I want our future kids to know what we went through, how hard it is, what you can learn about yourself and the relationships that arise (or don’t). I want to make sure that all aspects and emotions are recorded, not just the smiley happy times.
    Best wishes for a happy birthday!

  106. Happy, happy, HAPPY birthday, Stacy! And thanks for sharing it with us! I’d scrapbook (and still need to…yikes!) the births of my girls (ages 1 and 8). Those are events that needs documented.

  107. Happy Birthday to you!!
    I love your matching pigtails!
    Moments I want to capture/remember…
    the precious things my little ones say at each stage of ‘growing up’ & the crazy things they do. (Eg. wrapping up in a red towel and proclaiming, “I’m a hot dog!”)
    It’s the everyday life moments I treasure!
    I’d love to check out Lisa’s book!
    Have a happy, color filled day!

  108. Happy Birthday Stacy!
    One of my favorite pages to create are daily things that happen…that is what I want to remember most!

  109. Happy Birthday Stacy! I am giggling to myself because I have a birthday in a few days and have a new daughter to wear little pigtails with too. You just gave me such a cheery way to celebrate… now to capture fun shots about all that is FABULOUS (or maybe FABULOUS-in-process) in my life. A huge thank you for the inspiration!
    Enjoy your day!

  110. Happy Birthday, Stacy!
    I don’t know what #1 would be, but somewhere in there would be telling my mom what a great mom she has always been to me and how much I have always admired her and hope that my son will love and admire her as much as I do. Oh, and one on gratitude and how important it is and include a list of the top things I am grateful for. And how important faith is throughout our lives. And I better stop here ‘cuz I could go for a while.

  111. I pray you have a very blessed birthday. Enjoy every minute of it.
    One of my 50 layouts would be the moment I realized just how much my mom had done for me (and my sisters and brother) as a parent. It was mother’s day 3 years ago and as I was writing out her card I thought about how hard it must have been to have 2 girls 18 months apart, her husband a high school basketball coach with practice not allowing him to get home until 5 or 6 O’clock and then the nights with games twice a week. And then there was girl #3 and son #4 with all their school things.
    I just thought of how hard it was for me that my husband would be gone all day and then many nights with church meetings (he’s a Lutheran Pastor).
    but until that Mother’s day moment, I had never put myself into my mother’s shoes.
    I still want to do a layout of that moment.
    Thanks for triggering that memory–and happy early Mother’s day!

  112. Heather says:

    Happy Birthday!
    My big moments are the everyday things: the sweet things my kids say, the sweet things my hubby says. I love getting pictures of the “smallness” of my kids. It seems like each stage has new wonders to uncover!

  113. Mary S. says:

    Happy 43rd Birthday!!!
    One of the topics that would make my top 50 moments that I have yet to scrapbook is my sons daily life. He just turned two and has 4 different therapists-PT, OT, DT, and ST. He doesn’t eat solid foods, doesn’t speak and has several other issues to deal with. Although life is a daily struggles for him and stressful for our family, I want him to see the progress and changes he has made. I also want him to know that we love him, no matter what!

  114. Kristen says:

    Happy, happy birthday Stacy dear! Right now one moment I’d definitely add to the list would be about becoming a mom. That it’s much harder than you think it’s going to be but you have the time of your life! Seriously – such a ride. :) Alright, there’s a topic I better go scrapbook.

  115. Have a fabulous birthday!
    My list . . . well, what isn’t there to be happy about? I’m a lucky girl and I would scrap how I need to remember that every day.
    Shelter, food, health, husband, love, kids, pets. I need for nothing and have everything I could want. It’s not perfect but nothing is!

  116. Well HAPPY birthday Stacy!! I hope I am as peppy at 43 as you are! I wish you the most happy, happy day!

  117. Happy Birthday Stacy.
    I’d make a layout about the little three year old who comes in and pulls the covers off of me in the morning demanding “bwekfast”.
    i really liked the idea someone else mentioned of the moment she realized how much her mom does for her. I remember the moment I thought “i love this little baby.” then the lightbulb “This must be how much my mom loves me!” that was a big moment.

  118. Happy Birthday Stacy! For one of my top 50 pages I would have to include more and more pages of everyday life with our large family (we have 12 children~ yes, they’re all ours!). In addition, I want to do more pages celebrating the positive character qualities that I see in my children as they grow in their walk with the Lord.

  119. Have a fabulous birthday!
    My list . . . well, what isn’t there to be happy about? I’m a lucky girl and I would scrap how I need to remember that every day.
    Shelter, food, health, husband, love, kids, pets. I need for nothing and have everything I could want. It’s not perfect but nothing is!

  120. Happy Birthday – we are the same age (although I’m not quiet 43.. yet).
    One of the things I would like to scrap is things I remember about being a kid – toys, vacations, etc. So much that is old is new again it makes me remember those things.

  121. I would divide it into; Momments you want to live again, Momments that live you breathless, momments that make you sad, Momments that make you grateful and momments you must make happen. 5 chapters easy peasy!
    Happy Birthday your little girl is adorable!!!

  122. nicjen says:

    Happy Birthday to YOU! You are such a life-hero to me with your wonderfully creative ideas!
    You swirled up all sorts of ideas by posing this question so a few for me…
    Blessings in disguise (describing times in my life that I thought things should have gone differently but that I am now SO blessed that they went another direction). For example, going through a divorce (not by my choice) but a few years later… meeting the man of my dreams and the most amazing father of my children.
    I don’t want to forget these fleeting, precious times with my young children either. The days are already slipping away so fast now that my four children are in school. I love our family times and want to be sure to document the days and nights we are together, having fun.
    I could go on and on.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  123. Happy Birthday! What a positive way to reflect on your birthday. My list would include moments (not necessarily events, i.e. halloween, easter, etc) that are milestones in my children’s lives. Those moments that make me think I never want to forget this. Like when my son turned four the other day, I want to scrapbook about how the first thing he said in the morning was “I am four today. Look how tall I am. I’m a big boy now, when I grow up I want to be a daddy just like my daddy”, not about the cake and the party and the gifts. The moments that will make me glad I scrapbooked about it ten, twenty, or more years from now. I want my scrapbook pages tp take me back to a particular moment so that I can experience the feelings of the moment over and over again.

  124. Avital says:

    Great giveaway, thanks.
    My grandmother had overcome an acute physical condition this year. As she is entering her 90 year on earth, the doctors had already advised my mom and her brother to say their goodbyes. Nevertheless, my grandma had fought and was stronger than anyone had thought.
    Seeing her for the first time after her great survival is a moment I want to treasure, though I couldn’t take a picture of that moment. It was too difficult for me to commemorate the way she looks now. I want to remember her as an eternal beauty and knowing her, I think she wants that as well.

  125. Avital says:

    And of-course, last but not least >>

  126. Happy Birthday!
    I think that I think that painting deserves it’s own scrapbook page!
    I would love to scrapbook at least one special moment of each day. There is always something to smile about and I would love to capture all of the little moments.

  127. Happy Birthday, Stacy!! I hope you have a fabulous day!!

  128. Sheila M says:

    I’d do a page about 10 things my Mom was right about even though I was sure she was wrong when I was a child.
    In fact, I think I’m going to do that page this week.
    Thanks Stacy and Happy Birthday!

  129. Happy birthday. That painting deserves a page!
    I would love to be able to scrapbook at least on special moment each day. (ex. my son 1 1/2 year old son and I sharing a drink with two straws today) I think that these little moments are the most precious.

  130. Happy birthday. That painting deserves a page!
    I would love to be able to scrapbook at least one small moment from each day. (ex. My 1 1/2 year old son and I shared my drink today. We each had our own straw. It was so cute.)These are the special moments that make life awesome.

  131. Gioconda says:

    Happy Birthday to you!!
    I like to scrapbook about important relationships. Right now I am working on a mini book about my girlfriends and why each one is important to me. It makes me feel grateful and reminds me what a blessed life I have.

  132. Deborah says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I would include pictures of my kids being kind to each other. We are at the stage in life where they are mostly arguing and fighting. I need the happy moments to remind myself that they can be happy together.

  133. Michelle says:

    Bon Anniversaire Stacy! I believe that one of the most important things to capture in my layouts is the everyday, rituals of the relationships in our home. For example, everyday when my husband gets home from work, we all drop what were doing and come and welcome him home. This process and the first hugs and kisses are precious and something we’ll always remember and cherish, especially when the kids are grown. Hopefully they too will pass this on to their children.

  134. Erin Noll says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!
    I would love to have a scrapbook of lessons I have learned. It truly feel we are here to learn from our experiences and how cool would it be to look back and see how that has happened.

  135. Leslie says:

    Happy Birthday! I would do a page about conversations with my mom. The important and not so important ones. Because once she is gone, what I think is important will totally change!

  136. Happy Happy! Have a great day.
    One of the tops on my list would be something I am working on in my head: every day after school, I ask my 3 kids the same two questions. Every day since the oldest started kindergarten 10 years ago. I will be staging a photo for the page, of the 3 of them in the car, taken via the rear view mirror. And I’ll journal about the questions (and I ask them in this order, because I feel that’s important too): 1-how was your day? 2-what is your homework? they might not seem important to others, but it’s our tradition. I want them to share their day with me, and we plan out the evening.

  137. The many random ways my husband spoils me and makes me feel so loved…

  138. Happy Birthday!!!
    One of the significant things that I need to remember to scrapbook is lessons for my children … not just the don’t do this or that ones that I say all the live-long day, but the heart ones that I don’t think of until they are in bed and I’m too tired to take out a pen and write down. That’s what I need to do… :)

  139. Beverly R. says:

    Happy Birthday
    As I was watching my son in a track meet the other day, I began to wonder when we lose the desire to move and run freely. I would do a page on the joy of movement.

  140. In my former profession I went to a workshop where we were asked if we were a question mark or an exclamation point. I was pregnant with our first son and I thought I had it all figured out — I’m a planner and I had a plan. I was an exclamation point. Almost 11 years to the day of that workshop I can tell you I’m most definately a question mark. I think a section of my book would be “those defining moments” the times in your life when you had it all figured out only to have the “unplanned” redefine the map.

  141. Krystn says:

    somewhere in my list would be a “shoulda woulda coulda”. I would want to show that I am real to my kids and even though there should be no regrets — there might be some ad-ons…

  142. I think I would love to remember family dinners. We do it so rarely anymore. But, I have tried to make an effort to do it more with the boys and me. We always ask this question at Family Dinner, What was your best and what was your worst part of the day? So, recording some of the answers would be fun to do too.

  143. Happy Day!
    One defining moment that I need to scrapbook is my grandma and the inspiration she gives me from the life she has lived. I love history, especially about my own family and the lessons that I can learn from their lives. My grandma is amazing, and I need to get all those moments of amazement on a page.

  144. ElRae Carino says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I think I need to scrapbook chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. My daughter wanted shaped pancakes, but I am not a very good shape maker so I decided to throw a few milk chocolate chips into each one instead. That was about 2 years ago and now shapes are forgotten, but chocolate chips live on forever!! Now both my girls love it when we do pancakes a couple times a week. It has even made the transition to whole grain pancakes go smoothly. : ) Just one of those little moments that may someday be forgotten if not recorded.

  145. Christy Pair says:

    I have a one year old who loves to be read to. As a former teacher, I want to celebrate the beginning of her lifetime of learning!

  146. I don’t think my first comment went through. I would scrapbook our family dinners. It seems rare these days. But, I try and get the boys and me to sit together. I always ask one question each time, What was your best and what was your worst part of the day? These are priceless times. Jenny M.

  147. Kerry G. says:

    There are so many moments that I want to capture: the day my brother’s adoption was official, the first time I heard my friend’s song on the radio, where I was when I heard about the Challenger exploding or about 9/11.

  148. the WAY to go, not where. that’s what I am realizing is my big goal for parenting, especially now as we head into ‘teen’dom. the scripture that says “train your children up in the way that they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it” has been on my heart lately. we are not to train them where to go but the WAY to get there. I’m thinking there will be many “in life this is important…” pages coming soon.

  149. i think one of the pages i need to make is simply a gratitude page. It would really tell a lot about where i’m at right now.

  150. Have a Sweet Happy B-day!
    I would love to celebrate my Grandma’s life, she means so much to me and owed her what I am. Secondly, but not least, my boys and family moments.

  151. Happy Birthday! That picture is just wonderful … enjoy the celebration. Life is so worth celebrating even when there is not a particular occasion.

  152. Kathryn Benfiet says:

    Happy 43rd birthday. Doing LOM, I’ve been making tons of lists of pages to do, things I want to scrapbook about. Two of them would be eating around the same family dinner table that my grandma and great grandma did – it’s been in our family for over 150 years and passed from daughter to daughter and now it’s in my home. The other is my chemo journey and how thankful I am to have gone through it as it made me look at my life and priorities. Thanks for sharing your life…you encourage, inspire and inform me. Enjoy every moment of your day. Kathryn

  153. If you have a child, I think it is important to document those funny, hilarious moments that we think we will always remember….but tend to easily forget.

  154. Tomorrow I want to remember to come back and read all the comments because as I quickly scrolled through to comment myself I saw some really good ideas. I’m an avid list maker so the second I saw the title of that book I jotted it down and am starting on a list of 50 things. Should be pretty close by dinner time, but first I want to ponder a question someone asked me recently that I didn’t have a good answer to and I think Scrapbooking will help me come up with a good answer. They asked what we like to do together as a family. Hubby, me, our 6 year old and our freshly 1 year old. I didn’t really have an answer and found that sad. We have traditions and individual hobbies but really if tomorrow we had a day uninterrupted we’d be hard pressed to decide what to do.

  155. Happy Birthday! You 2 look so cute in pigtails :-D I would definitely have pages about the little things my parents did for me & my 8 siblings: going on dates with Dad; the year my sister and I were being overly dramatic about not having boyfriends on Valentine’s Day and we found chocolate on our pillows with love notes from Dad; the fact that Mom would make 10 different dinners so we’d all eat happily; the way Mom and I would take road trips for her favorite ice cream sundae… XX’s BethBG

  156. tammy perkins says:

    One would be photos of all the nature I enjoy in my backyard -always changing – always fascinating!

  157. Lori W. says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!
    I would include a page about how my kids have some of the same characteristics of relatives who they never met. Both of my kids have my father’s quick wit & he died years before they were born. I think it is a great way for me to remember him & also to tell them what he was like.

  158. Juliet says:

    Happy Birthday! It was my birthday a few days ago and I think I will record 31 things and put it with my birthday page. Thanks for the idea!

  159. Connie W says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! I would love to scrapbook a page about all the things I wished I had asked/talked about with my Mom before she died when I was 20.

  160. JaxCheryl says:

    Just a few of the many I’ve documented are my son’s expression as he burst through the delivery room doors for the very first time to announce he had a daughter to the waiting new grandparents, that same little girl and her brother seeing fireworks for the first time, my husband’s journey through life after being paralyzed in an accident 10 yrs. ago.

  161. I will be celebrating my 43rd BD this year as well. We are in the midst of moving next month so I am keeping lists galore to maintain my sanity. I will be making a list of pictures of our home here as this is my hometown and I will be saying farewell, most likely to never live here again. I would like to make an album about this place, me growing up here and for my children for the time that they have lived here as well.

  162. I will be celebrating my 43rd BD this year as well. We are in the midst of moving next month so I am keeping lists galore to maintain my sanity. I will be making a list of pictures of our home here as this is my hometown and I will be saying farewell, most likely to never live here again. I would like to make an album about this place, me growing up here and for my children for the time that they have lived here as well.

  163. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stacy!!
    I would make scrapbook pages about all of my loved ones, those that are living and those that have gone on before me. In thinking of that, I would especially write things I remember about my dad who passed away last November from unexpected complications from surgery. It has made me ever so reminded of the SIMPLE MOMEMTS in our daily lives. I made pictures of his collard patch in 2006, thinking that I would get better ones in 2007, and that didn’t happen. So with these thoughts in mind I will commit myself to make this SIMPLE MOMENTS list and scrapbook happen this year.
    Blessings to you all my friends!

  164. Courtney C says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! The topic that I need to scrapbook is all the things my children say every day that make me think and wonder: their loving comments, their silly comments, and their questions about the world. All of the wonderful things that I forget if I don’t write down. Thanks! Courtney

  165. Happy Birthday to you!
    Since I have actually scrapbooked so little there are so many moments I want to record. I think the most important thing is our family traditions, the big and the little, the yearly and the everyday.

  166. Happy Birthday!!
    I would put a page together as to why I’ve finally made the leap to being a stay at home mom to my 2 1/2 year old (and one on the way!). And REALLY pour my heart into the journaling – no short cuts this time!!!

  167. Karen C says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!
    I am not that creative when it comes to defining the perfect scrapbook moment. I get ideas from blogs, magazines, and books. My favorite so far, has been a page I did on the origin of my son’s name.
    Karen C

  168. JenniB says:

    I love your pigtails! :-)
    I turned 40 last fall and made a similar list – on my 50 layouts list would be a pic of my alarm clock. Carpe’ diem, cherish every moment ! A friend and I were discussing if we thought we’d outlive our spouses (due to my father-in-law being put in a nursing home last week)…and really, WHO KNOWS? Given a guarantee of every day, safe drivers and all that, I might be able to say I’ll live to a ripe old age, but since I don’t KNOW, I’ll live every day FULLY, and cherish it all!

  169. Gail Arnold says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!!! Hope your day is wonderful!! I would scrap more everyday life stuff…I keep meaning to. Thanks for all of your inspiration!!!

  170. Tambur says:

    Happy Birthday! I love birthdays…
    It seems that everyday there is a scrappable moment…like yesterday when I came home from my run, my little guy (5) immediately greeted me and told me to sit down and take my shoes off, he scampered away really quickly and came back a second later with a tall glass of water and a straw (cause I like straws). My husband said that he finished his bath and asked “When will mom finish her run? I have to do something for her.” That’s love, bay-bee(a la Austin Power’s).

  171. Michelle says:

    My DH is just 2 1/2 months away from finishing our 17 year journey of becoming a surgeon. It has been a loooooong road and it definitely deserves top spot on my list. I really want to get him involved in the journaling as well. Actually, this topic probably needs a whole album or two!
    Happy Birthday!! My birthday is Thursday – Lisa’s book would be a great birthday treat…

  172. Candi Tardio says:

    happy birthday to you ;)
    can’t wait to see your LO…what a great idea!!!
    enjoy your day!

  173. I want to record the little things my son says at night during prayers. We take turns thanking God for different things like the sunshine, rain, friends, family, etc. and the other night after I got done he added, “And help mommie get a new job” We are moving and he’s only 4, but apparently he’s been listening to our concerns. So sweet!

  174. Rosa M Neno says:

    Yesterday, 5/5/08 as I found out that my mom’s colonic mass biopsy was negative for colon cancer! I was and still am so happy! My wedding date is 2 months away, july 12, and I am so blessed to have her around to enjoy my wedding, with no chemotherapy or radiation! God is so good!!
    Rosa Neno

  175. Jennifer says:

    My topic…being thankful for having 2 wonderful, healthy girls and a wonderful, sopportive husband! Jennifer W.

  176. Happy Birthday! I need to record the story of my son’s hydrocephalus diagnosis and how we have dealt with it.

  177. Monique says:

    First off.. Happy Birthday..
    and thank you so much for Photo Freedom — I haven’t even had the money to buy it yet and just what I have read online and glanced at a copy at the scrap store.. and already.. I have completed 45 layouts SINCE the start of April. NEVER done that before..
    I am letting go of the rocket science mentality and just scrapping and telling my stories..
    which brings me to the moment that would make my 50 list..
    Every time my daughter gets her shower, I wrap her in a large warm towel and snuggle her up and lately, sing the song No Harm, from Bear in the Big Blue House… She fondly calls it Hold-Rocking and no one else BUT me is allowed to do it for her.. it’s a special 5 minutes when everything else stops and I hold her in my arms and let her know just how special she is to me..
    I made my husband take photos just this week so I have this moment saved forever.. while she still wants me to hold her.
    Anyways.. Hope your birthday ROCKED and thanks so much for everything you do indirectly..

  178. LambChop00 says:

    Happy Birthday! I want to record the fun game nights my family has been having lately. Thanks to LOM really looking at recording more of the everyday things then I did before. Have a great day! Heather P

  179. Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day.
    My topic….having two wonderful, healthy girls and a supportive husband! Jennifer W.

  180. Happy birthday! Today is also my birthday, isn’t May 6th the best?! Great picture – I may borrow the idea and list (25) things i’m grateful for.
    A topic that would top my list of 50 moments is my wedding that happened almost 2 years ago. I have all these pictures and memorabilia and have yet to make anything with them!

    I think it would be fun to somehow include my class (I teach 1st grade) in a scrapbook. Possibly with questions they could answer in their own handwriting. That would be a fun way to remember my kids throughout the years.
    <3 Megan

  182. Sarah Doyle says:

    First off..Happy Birthday!! I love your adorable photo! The pigtails are great:)
    On my list would have to be our current journey to try for baby number three. We have two, healthy boys that are 12 and nine and in my heart I feel I have so much love to give to more children and I know our family would be blessed to have another child. We have been trying for some time now and I find myself praying and hoping everyday that we will get the chance. I have so many thoughts in my head from the last few years of soul searching and decision making and trying, I really need to get this story documented..hopefully to share with this baby but also as therapy through such an emotional journey! Have a great day Stacy!You are inspiring:)

  183. Laurie says:

    Happy birthday!!! I didn’t realize we were so close in age.
    I love your idea of 43 things to be happy about/thankful for.
    One item on my Memorable Moments page would be baking with my children…but I know that there are many, many more. I think making that list would be a fun activity in itself – even if it takes forever to follow through with layouts! :-)
    Hope you had a great day, Stacy. I will see you tomorrow! Hooray!

  184. Rebecca R says:

    Happy Birthday! I think the moments that would make my list is time/events spent with family and friends. People that I love and cherish the most are the best!!

  185. Happy Birthday Stacy!!! I would have to include a page about fishing with my boys. I so love to hang out talking and fishing with my liitle men!!
    Rita in Texas

  186. Happy Birthday!!
    I think I would like to scrapbook a page each year about my class. I teach first grade and I think it would be a fun way to capture the things they say or the favorite things to do in that class since groups of children can be so different and can change from year to year.
    <3 megan

  187. payton says:

    Happy Birthday to you!!!
    Addie is too cute in her piggies. The story of each of my children’s birth is so special to me. Each one is different and they love to hear how they came to be in the world.

  188. Lynne Hardy says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Stacy….Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!
    My Scrapbook moment: Wow! Where do I start? I’ve had the privedlge of assisting with my first granddaughter’s birth (I’m a LAbor & Delivery nurse)and will hopefully be doing the same in a few weeks for Grandbaby #4. Those are definitely two of my top scrapbook moments.
    Thanks for the drawing and hope you have an awesome day. BTW, I LOVE the picture of you and Addie!

  189. tchrtiff says:

    My scrapbook pages that matter most:
    *My first page will be of my grandmother who passed away the month before I became pregnant with my first child. I want to record special memories I have of her so my two children can read/see the relationship I had with their great-grandmother.
    *My second page will be of my beloved grandfather. I want to do this page NOW while he’s alive and a part of my life. I want my children to read/see why I chose him to walk me down the aisle when I married their daddy.
    ***Happy Birthday*** Birthdays are wonderful days to celebrate with family–pigtails and all!!

  190. Debbie says:

    What an amazing photo! Happy Birthday to an amazing woman!
    My topic has to do with the characteristics my kids share with their grandparents. For example, the way my son sticks his tongue out just a tiny bit when he’s concentrating, just like his maternal grandmother did when she was about to beat us at pinocle!

  191. Linda Z says:

    A topic to scrap: A fork in the road (with journaling about why one life path was taken over another).
    Happy birthday :-)

  192. DawnJoy says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I’m not too far behind you. What a fantastic idea to celebrate 43 happy things in your like for your birthday.
    One things I want/need to get down would be how I felt about one week after my daughter started school. It hit me hard and I don’t want to forget it. Thanks for the push.

  193. I would add to my list my Dad’s recovery from 3 strokes almost 10 years ago. The days of him learning to walk again and talk again are priceless.

  194. Tabitha K says:

    Happy Birthday, Stacy!
    My scrapbook moment would be a page about how my daughter’s birth changed me. Not the date or details, but how she changed the way I look at things and do things. How bringing a child into the world changes everything about your life. I know it’s a special page for her and I because she asks me to read the poem/journaling to her at least once a week.

  195. Marilyn says:

    Happy birthday to you! You share a birthday with my dear daughter, who turns 26 today!I hope you have/had a lovely lovely day.

  196. Wow, there are so many!! I guess I would say that the days each of my children were born. I want each of them to know all I was feeling. Also, pages about their dad and I growing up. There’s so many moments to record!! :) Have a very Happy Birthday, Stacy!

  197. Marilyn says:

    P.S. I did a 50 things about me layout when I turned FIFTY last year and I love it-my daughter took a fab photo of me too.

  198. Lisa S. says:

    Hey, I’m gonna be 43 in a couple of weeks. 65 was a great year for super moms being born and the introduction of the Ford Mustang. Gotta do a page of how I ordered my 1995 red convertible Mustang for my 30th birthday. It not only made it in time for my birthday, but I actually drove by it on the car hauler and knew it was mine. Kids are going to love driving it to their prom someday, so they need to know the story. See you in Michigan Stacy!

  199. Julie Johnson says:

    Thank you Stacy! I want to record for my 4 children advice for making it through the tough moments that inevitably will come their way…the big and little ones. I’ve lost two moms in my 36 years, one to suicide, and my second mom to kidney cancer. I want my kids to grow in their faith, and have hope from my story. That’s what the big picture really is about isn’t it?

  200. Kathryn M says:

    Happy Birthday, Stacy!
    I would do a page about each of my two boys and the qualities I see in them that make them unique and special.
    Have a great day!

  201. Happy Birthday Stacy, I expect that there will be a pigtails scrapbook page if not already. :)
    I was thinking today about Mother’s Day (as I planted a bunch of gerber daisies and a new flower bush)and all the wonderful things about being a mom–one of which is seeing my kids walk in the door from school. So I think that should be a ‘moment’ on the list “Coming Home”. Whether it is welcoming children or spouses home, or the feelings you have when you walk into your home at the end of the day, etc.

  202. Happy Birthday Queen Stacy! You don’t look a day older than 20!
    Cute piggies…your’s and Addy’s!

  203. Happy birthday Stacy! Thanks for the gifts and inspiration you bring to all of our lives.
    My topic:
    The 5 most important choices I’ve made in my life.

  204. Susan Hessler says:

    Saturday mornings with my family – we have a solid routine that includes bagels, coffee & hot cocoa, farmer’s market, NPR… Someday, when my children are grown and living in their own homes, I will miss Saturday mornings. They are uniquely ours.

  205. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think you look FABULOUS!!! I hope you eat lots of yummy bday cake and ice cream and someone else does the dishes for you! :)
    My topic would be my testimony of the gospel. Definitely have to have that recorded! (I love the Faith book idea in The Big Picture–someday maybe I’ll get that far…but just a page for now! :)

  206. Lisa M says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are just so inspiring and so wonderful, I hope you have a tremendous day! Those of us who have been lucky enough to meet you know within seconds that you are exactly what you portray on this blog, in your books, in your articles, and at BPS. You are amazing, and we love you for it!
    Happy Tuesday!

  207. Maureen says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have lots of cake and ice cream. My top 50? That would take some time,how about: giving birth to my three sons, purchasing my first house ALL BY MYSELF, selling said house, getting engaged, what I remember about my grandparents, mom and dad, they have all been gone a long time now. That should start things off.

  208. Kathleen Loughran says:

    Happy Birthday!
    If I were to title a subject it would be “what are you waiting for?”
    I had in my inspiration book a list of questions (inspired by Simple Scrapbooks special issue – scrapbook shortcuts with quizzes and questions) for my Gramps; things that I would love to have known about him. Unfortunately I will never have the opportunity now since he has passed away. I had those questions written down for at least a year. What was I waiting for?

  209. Happy Birthday Stacy! I know it won’t be hard for you to come up with 43 things to be happy about now. You are one of the most uplifting people I have met. The book looks wonderful. Again enjoy your birthday.

  210. Amy J. says:

    I would scrapbook the way my grandmother and other women in my life have been my mentors as a mom, wife, and person.

  211. Rachel Roberts says:

    A couple things that would make my list would be my job (my paid one outside the home). I spend a great deal of time there, and it funds my life, and like it or not it shape(d) who I am today.
    I think the regular stuff too – birth of my first child, buying my first house, getting married, becoming an aunt for the first time, and a tribute page to a special person in my life who choose to end his unfortunately. Those are all important pages in my albums.

  212. Heather L. says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! One of my top 50 is getting my Ph.D seven months after my first child was born and three months after my DH had brain surgery! I still haven’t scrapped it and it was nine years ago…

  213. Happy B-Day! I hope you eat a yummy brownie (or 3) to celebrate. The Helen Keller quote you posted yesterday has made me think about the good in my life. I am going to create a page and list all the blessings that have come from having a special needs daughter. Like the fact that she still wants me to cuddle her at an age where most toddlers want to be running around on their own. Thanks for helping others to see things from a point of view based on gratitude instead of discouragement!

  214. Happy Birthday!! I just gave birth to my first baby (a perfect little boy) 8 days ago, so scrapbooking the memories of how amazing and life-changing it is is definitely on my list!

  215. Happy Birthday Stacy. Can you believe I am 44? For me it would have to be about the last few months. I have discovered that focusing on God, my family and friends and ministry is more important then being featured in a scrapbook magazine or on a DT (lol). How ironic that its taken me 44 years to get that ( God’s purpose and not my own). More then likely having my husband go into the hospital (for the first time in our 25 years of marriage ) and having him diagnosed with diabetes really shook my life to the core and made me stand up and pay attention to the things that really metter. Maybe it was having no income coming in for two months and us wondering if we would have a roof over our head…then having God do the most amazing thing when he provided for us despite our circumstances. Or maybe its learning to trust him for everything including our ministry. Or maybe it was looking up one day and seeing how much “stuff” we had and that it was not only cluttering our home but our souls. Perhaps reading Daniel taught me something about faith and integrity. Or maybe it was seeing and hearing stories about other women who went through even greater sacrifices then myself and realizing that I have nothing to complain about. It took me a while but now I get that its not that I should stop scrapping, but maybe just maybe the things I scrap about should hold more meaning ( and I don’t mean all the serious stuff ), but just that it should reflect our family and not those of the women I see on-line who appear to have it so much better then me. Let’s face facts, I don’t know what they go through each day and maybe if I had spent less time being a “follower” I might be the “leader” God intended me to be all the while. Maybe its really not all about “me”.

  216. Happy Happy Birthday!That is an adorable picture of you and Addy! I just love it!
    I think one of my top 50 would have to be a layout about the struggles and joys of being a mom and wife. I want my daughter to know that it isn’t always easy but that it’s most definately worth every tear, every laugh, every struggle, every smile, every second I’ve been given.

  217. s.patel says:

    happy, happy birthday!! may you enjoy the continued love and joy of family and friends for many years to come!
    if i were going to write a similar book for myself (dying to see this book, by the way!), my overarching theme would be “bearing witness.” i’m a graduate student in social work, and i think one of the most powerful things i can do for my clients is to bear witness to their experience, and bring their issues to a wider audience to create social change. i do this in many ways, and on many levels, and most recently have incorporated photography into my work. in this way, i am able to create visuals to bear witness to the experience.

  218. debra barker says:

    Happy, Happy birthday!! Isn’t the forties just wonderful! What a great idea (43 things to be happy about)…love it! May have to do it for 45th coming up soon (gulp!) The scrapbook page that would be on my list would be ‘my mother and I gave birth on the same day’…you see she died 4 years and 1 day before my daughter was born, and I was either terrified or hopeful (not sure which) that she would be born on the anniversary of her death, instead she was born the day after, my brother’s birthday. It was 8 years (during LOM class) that it hit me…my daughter not only shared a birthday with by brother, BUT, my mother and I gave birth on the same day! I want and desperatly need to scrapbook that…soon, I promise!

  219. I want to do a 101 of my favorite things and list tv shows, foods, guilty pleasures,ect that make me happy right now.
    Kim H.

  220. SusanB says:

    I wrote notes to my daughters on the day of their birth. I would definitely include those in my top 50. Happy birthday~

  221. This is hard because there are so many moments in my life that I want to preserve and cherish.
    My first thought would be to scrapbook the topic of gratitude. It’s something that I am spending more time focusing on. Not just the easy things (like having someone to wear pigtails with), but also the moments that on the surface don’t always seem like a gift but if you turn them around they could be (like losing a job becomes an opportunity to find a better one).
    But the more I thought about it, I realized that changing my daily focus is only one of many things I hold dear about myself and am improving upon. And then I remembered my love letter.
    When I was 17 years old, I wrote a love letter to myself. It was a very basic love letter (no eyes like glimmering pools and hair like silk), but I tried to capture all of the things that I treasured about myself – all of the good and bad things made me unique and special. I wrote it as a valentine to myself, but I also wrote it because I knew that my future husband would have to look at my letter and feel the same way!
    So the topic I would scrapbook would be that love letter written to myself when I was 17 years old.

  222. Happy Birthday!
    As for my top 50, I have been wanting to do a layout about ‘tough times’. I think that I would love to have something like that written by my mom, to know that she had been there, too.
    Hope you have a great day!

  223. first let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    Hope your day is SUPER SPECTACULAR!!!
    for me my all time top page topic would be a page about what my hopes and dreams are for my kids – one for each of them to go in their albums — that and of course the day they were born – my kids still ask me to tell them about the day they were born –

  224. Angela Williams says:

    I would want to make a list of all of the things I still want to accomplish before I die. I’m only 35 so I hope I have a long way to go, but I think it would be great for my kids to see that there is always something to dream about in life, no matter how old you are.

  225. Angela Williams says:

    I would want to make a list of all of the things I still want to accomplish before I die. I’m only 35 so I hope I have a long way to go, but I think it would be great for my kids to see that there is always something to dream about in life, no matter how old you are.

  226. Happy Birthday Stacy!!!! Love those pigtails.
    To me, some of the most important pages are those about lessons learned during tough times that turned out to be blessings in disguise. I don’t ever want to forget what I’ve been through to make me who I am or who I’m going to be. Thanks for your constant inspiration!

  227. Sheila says:

    I am working really hard at capturing the relationships that matter the most to me, not just the obvious (my husband and son) but also my big sister, my best friend, the girl that I have worked the last 12 years with. I have been looking at my old scrapbook pages and I see a lot of events and not enough of the things that really matter. So that was part of my New Years Resolution was to put some of those things down on paper. P.S. I think that you are amazing. Thank you for all of the inspiration and have a great Birthday.

  228. I am also 43 years old, have 6 children, and unfortunately have not scrapped one single moment of any part of our life. What a tragedy! I am so sorry that I am just realizing it this late in life, but I am vowing to start recording and journaling and snapping photo’s every chance I get. Better late than never? So I guess my answer to you is that it would have to start with journaling and just how important that really is! Thanks so much, and Happy Birthday!

  229. Aileen says:

    Happy Birthday! I just finished reading an obituary that did not list dates or things accomplished but focused on the love this man had for his church, God, his wife, daughter, and other people. It gave examples of how he served others and what he valued in life. I think this would make my top 50 list . . . pages that show whom I loved and (hopefully) the way I left a mark to help and love others. Makes some of my pages seem rather shallow and unimportant. I would like to do a LO about 5 senses that I remember about my childhood – taste, sights, sounds, touch, smells. Actually, sounds more like an album theme. Too many for 1 layout. I think a page about things that changed me and shaped me.

  230. heatherc says:

    Two of my three children are adopted…so I would include a page about how families are made–not always how we expect, but definitely to follow God’s plan!!!
    Happy Birthday!

  231. Happy birthday!
    I think that I need to tell my boys more stories about me and what/who defines me. I’m always doing pages on them and their activities, holidays, etc but I want them to be able to look back and know who I was. I don’t come close to doing that. I have learned this the hard way due to the fact that I lost both my parents young.

  232. MistyD says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!
    I did a page on NSD that was in response to a challenge to use a bird on a layout. I ended up doing such a meaningful page about my grandmother. The journaling read: I could always go to her house. She would always play with me. She would always sleep with me. She would always cook for me. I was always her first grandchild. She was always my mamaw. (I was adopted by her son.) I always loved her. She always loved me. – Then I gave it to her in a frame and she cried. It was all so special. Have a happy day!

  233. I think I’d like to scrapbook about the fact that I work outside of the home and am away from my kids during the day, but my page would explain to my daughters how i think about them and talk about them during the day. so they would know it’s definitely not out of sight, out of mind!

  234. Lori G says:

    Today is also the birthday of my late Grandfather so you are in great company. He got to know my boys but they were too young to remember him. I am trying to get together some of those memories of him that they will be able to remember how special he was along with other family members who have passed and make sure those who are still here will be remembered forever as well. Have an awesome birthday!!

  235. Siobhan says:

    Hi Stacy, Happy Birthday.
    It was my birthday on Monday fancy that. I to am having the time of my life and scrapbooking is a major part of it. One of the things that would make my list of top 50 would have to be ME. I really want my children when they are grown and future generations to know what daily life is like for me. This is a passion that I am yet to really begin but something that I would really like to have from my grandparents. Have a great day and spoil yourself.

  236. Laura in IL says:

    My page would definitely be about the first time I met my brand new granddaughter. She was about 48 hours old and I was completely smitten!

  237. Happy Birthday to YOU! One of my top 50′s would be to document the noise and chaos in our home. When my 3 kids are away at college I’ll look back at my page and cherish the crazy memories.

  238. Sherry says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!
    One of my top 50 moments is one of my children wrapping his/her arms around my neck and telling me he/she loves me!

  239. Melissa says:

    Wow – we are almost the same age!!
    But you look much younger than I. :-D
    One of my MAIN pages would be the day that my 4mo son had open heart surgery. It was such a huge day in all of our lives that I treat that day as a 2nd birthday for him.
    And to think that even 20 years ago,
    the surgery that saved his life
    didn’t exist.
    Babies just…. died.
    “Blue babies,” they were called.
    Roy Rogers & Dale Evans had one of these babies.
    Today he’s a lovely, healthy, blessed shade of pink. :)

  240. Suzanne says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! One of my top 50 would be about the day my DH told me he loved me for the first time. Since LOM I feel like I can now scrap this event even though I don’t have the “perfect” picture. I would’ve never been able to use a different picture before taking LOM – thanks for that! I hope you had a great day.

  241. Melissa says:

    OOPS – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! ‘Hope it’s a GREAT one!!

  242. Jodilyn says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy.
    For one of my 50 top things, I want to do a page about each of my siblings and my parents and what I have learned from each of them and why I am thankful for the fact that I was raised in such a wonderful family.

  243. I think that I would scrap about defining moments- events or people who changed the course of my life forever.

  244. Kristen says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! Love the photo of you “girls”……..
    I have been thinking for quite sometime about scrapbooking (almost an apology) some of my “less than calm” moments with my kids. I am usually pretty laid back, so when I do lose my cool it really throws my kids for a loop! I want to journal about ALL the emotions I have as a Mom (even frustration), so that when my three become parents they can know that I relate and see that we have so much in common!

  245. Happy Birthday! I did type it in my first post, somehow it disappeared. So nice that you are closer to my age than many of the scrappers out there!

  246. Happy Birthday! I love the idea of finding x number of things to record to match your age! I am totally going to do that for my family’s birthdays this year!
    Anyway, to answer your question I would have to say one of the things I am going to be sure to document in my scrapbook is how families become. I didn’t biologically have my two boys, but they are my boys nonetheless, my cousins have been waiting 3 years for their daughter from China, I have another cousin who is adopting as well, and another cousin who is at 43 pregnant for the first time after believing she couldn’t become pregnant at all! I just want to document that families become families through many circumstances, some planned, some dreamed of, some agonizingly waited for, some completely unexpected (mine was a complete surprise – I had less than a days notice!), but no matter how the family becomes a family it is a blessing that cannot be equaled.

  247. Kristen says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! Love the photo of you “girls”……..
    I have been thinking for quite sometime about scrapbooking (almost an apology) some of my “less than calm” moments with my kids. I am usually pretty laid back, so when I do lose my cool it really throws my kids for a loop! I want to journal about ALL the emotions I have as a Mom (even frustration), so that when my three become parents they can know that I relate and see that we have so much in common!

  248. Happy Birthday to you!!
    For my page I would have to say…the annnual July 1st (Canada Day) family photo taken at our cottage — with all the cousins.

  249. Carmen Goddard says:

    Happy Birthday!!!
    I want to scrap more of the everyday stuff, the moments that are small but will be forgotten if I don’t get it down on paper. Thanks for being so generous!

  250. Kristen says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! Love the photo of you “girls”……..
    I have been thinking for quite sometime about scrapbooking (almost an apology) some of my “less than calm” moments with my kids. I am usually pretty laid back, so when I do lose my cool it really throws my kids for a loop! I want to journal about ALL the emotions I have as a Mom (even frustration), so that when my three become parents they can know that I relate and see that we have so much in common!

  251. Happy Bday!

  252. Kristen says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! Love the photo of you “girls”……..
    I have been thinking for quite sometime about scrapbooking (almost an apology) some of my “less than calm” moments with my kids. I am usually pretty laid back, so when I do lose my cool it really throws my kids for a loop! I want to journal about ALL the emotions I have as a Mom (even frustration), so that when my three become parents they can know that I relate and see that we have so much in common!
    posting this again, because it posted the first time with the wrong name (Nancy)? – this is Kristen

  253. Cheri A says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! My wish for you is that the next 43 years are filled with as much fun and love as your first 43.
    My top 50 pages would include ones for the birth of each of my daughters, and a few for the important women in my life whom I admire and who have had a large influence on my life (you included!) I can think of tons of other “top” page ideas, but those are “top” on my list.

  254. Kristisb says:

    Happy 43rd! What a great picture of you and little Addie!! I think one of my top 50 moments would be when I got engaged. My husband even took a before & after picture (of course I didn’t know it was a before at the time! When we got the photos developed, my smile after was MUCH bigger than moments before the engagement! Enjoy your day!

  255. WOW Stacy! Great idea for a page and that is an adorable photo to start with!
    Hard to choose just one moment that would be part of the 50 but I would have to say that getting my acceptance letter for Nursing School would be a good one. I’ve waited 13 years and through 2 kids to get into school…this was a huge accomplishment in my life. I think it is important for my kids and my family to know what it means. Not just for me but for our entire family and our future.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great book!
    PS–Happy Birthday!!!!!! :)

  256. Alex Dadio says:

    Happy Birthday! Birthdays are so much fun! Gotta love em’
    My moment is one that I have wanted to scrapbook for a while, but for me it is such an important relationship that I am afraid I won’t do it justice. I had hard pregnancies and my kids were all delivered by c-section for ” not wanting to come out!”. So I always felt I wasn’t great at that side of the pregnancy side of things—I know , crazy. But all three of my boys were great nursers and we had great nursing “relationships”. I am nearing the end of my last babies nursing time and I am becoming sad about it, but as one of my favorite magnets says–”Don’t cry becasue it is over, smile becasue it happened!” I would scrapbook about the wonderful times and feelings and memories of my times nursing my boys.

  257. Michelle Daniels says:

    Happy Birthday to you!! I am a “newbie” to your website and have really enjoyed your posts! Love the pic of you & your daughter with pigtails!! I love the idea of scrapping a list of things you are thankful for!! That is what I would probably do for myself & kiddos!

  258. happy birthday!

  259. Debbie Lucero says:

    I’ve been scrapping pages of random memories and my kids are finding those pretty funny because their mom was once a little girl. Funny! And, BTW, I would love, Love, LOVE Lisa’s new book! And a most happy birthday to one cool chick!

  260. Happy Birthday Stacy!
    I would add the moments that aren’t moments… like right now I am on a family vacation with my WHOLE family. And although we have tons of things planned to do, right now I just want to capture the moment of my niece sitting on my sister’s back as my sister reads and my niece watches a Disney movie.

  261. Crystal says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! Love the idea of scrapbooking 43 things your happy about. Love you, your such an inspiration to me, you rock! I really need to start doing pages about myself, right now it is all about my 2 little girls.

  262. Eileen says:

    Happy Birthday – welcome to 43 – it’s fun! On my list of moments I want to scrap is about how my mom used to hold my hand in church to help me from itching my arms. I have ezcema and it used to be really, really bad when I was young. I also want to scrap about how driven I was when I was young and how I would have never guessed that I would be a stay at home mom now and how I wouldn’t want it any other way now.

  263. Happy Birthday!!
    I want to create a scrapbook about my Mum. She passed away 6 years ago and I really want to preserve all the wonderful memories I have of her for myself but also for my children (who never met her). I’ve tried several times to make a start but I still find it a painful topic to cover. I will get there one day.

  264. WOW Stacy! Great idea for a page and that is an adorable photo to start with!
    Hard to choose just one moment that would be part of the 50 but I would have to say that getting my acceptance letter for Nursing School would be a good one. I’ve waited 13 years and through 2 kids to get into school…this was a huge accomplishment in my life. I think it is important for my kids and my family to know what it means. Not just for me but for our entire family and our future.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great book!
    PS–Happy Birthday!!!!!! :)

  265. Jen Raymond says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May all your birthday wishes come true!
    I just bought little hair bands for my nearly one-year-old daughter to try pigtails. I am thinking one on the top for now.
    And I managed to talk DH into typing up (dare I say “journaling”?) a description and his thoughts/feelings about a recent first time event. Darling daughter was sitting in his lap, and she turned over as if she were going to climb down, and instead spontaneously gave him a hug and kiss. This story is one that matters most in my book!
    Thanks for all you do!

  266. Happy Birthday Stacy! You share a birthday with my Mom.
    One moment that would definitely make my list would be the day we went to the orphanage to bring our baby daughter home. She’s been home 8.5 years now. :o)

  267. Babette says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!
    Hope it is a grand day.
    I’d say the most anticipated page I have yet to scrap is about the day I found out I was having twins. It was such a magical day. I still cant talk about it without grinning ear to ear. The next one would be the day I found out that the twins were a boy and a GIRL!! One of my thoughts was Oh My now I will have to buy”outfits” not just “clothes” like I had done for my four other boys. Thankyou for all your inspiration. you are such a ray of sunshine.

  268. I would be sure to include a page about myself!! Pages always seem to be about other people or events. And I’m learning (slowly but surely) about photo freedom thanks to this great online course I’m taking ;)
    Happy Birthday & thanks for all you do

  269. Laura King says:

    I would love to scrapbook a page thanking my mom for all she has given to me. We certainly went through our tumultuous teen years, but she has always been there for me. It wasn’t until I became a mom myself, that I fully realized how amazing she is and always has been. With mother’s day coming up on Sunday, perhaps this is the time for this page…

  270. Amy Gazaway says:

    I love your blog. I am new to this but I have pictures of my great grandmother who is 104 years old. I love old things and I love my grandma. that is what I want to scrap the most.

  271. Laura King says:

    Whoops — I hit post before adding…Happy Birthday!!!

  272. Happy Birthday!!
    I want to create a scrapbook about my Mum. She passed away 6 years ago and I really want to preserve all the wonderful memories I have of her for myself and also for my children (who never met her). I’ve tried several times to make a start but I still find it a painful topic to cover. I will get there one day.

  273. Michelle says:

    Pages that capture more of the crazy things my children say. They are growing up so very fast and I feel like there are so many memories I want to remember yet they are drifting away….until I reach for my scrapbooks. Thank you Stacy for the chance to win such an awesome book! m

  274. Happy Birthday Stacy!

  275. hmm..what would make my list? I think that I would document my pregnancies…I never took pictures, and have nothing to really remember them by, except my kids of course, but I would have loved to have documented it better. I wish I had.

  276. Love your blog. I want to document my group of girlfriends through the years. We have been friends for over 20 years and I am trying to take less event pictures and more everyday pictures of all of us.

  277. kat-in-texas says:

    Happy Birthday, Stacy!!! We’re the same age!!! Some of my favorite moments in time: seeing my husband and two boys wrestling. He acts like he has a giant claw and they’re all over him!!! Those are the times we’ll remember!!!

  278. Kelli Ingram says:

    Definitely more of the little moments that make my husband and I laugh at our daughter. I don’t want to forget what a goof she is at this age as I watch her grow.
    Happy Birthday!

  279. Happy Birthday Stacy!!! You look wonderful and vibrant and happy! xo

  280. Betsy Partridge says:

    What would I add to the list? I wish I would have taken pictures of the first things I did as an adult: buying groceries for myself, moving, all those things.

  281. Malinda says:

    Happy Birthday to such an inspiring woman and, of course, scrapbooker!! Have a wonderful day and best wishes for the coming year :-)

  282. Happy Birthday, Stacy!
    One of my 50 moments would have to include watching the sun rise at Bryce Canyon. The light inching its way along the canyon walls makes you realize the beauty of God’s creation and what a gift a new day is!

  283. kat-in-texas says:

    Happy Birthday, Stacy!!! We’re the same age!!! (Goes by so fast now). Anyway, my favorite moments in time are seeing my husband wrestling with our two sons. My husband acts like he has a giant claw and the boys are all over him!!! It’s simple times like those we’ll remember.
    p.s. And live it up–it’s your birthday month!!!

  284. Happy Birthday! In my top 50 moments to scrapbook is the way my “role” has changed in my life. Going from little sister to only child to aunt to wife to mother and hopefully eventually to grandmother as well as the jobs I have held. It’s something everyone does (changing roles), but not something everyone documents!

  285. Happy Birthday! Our bdays are sooo close together!!! I’m two years younger, but you have aged better. LOL… must be all that running!!
    One of my top 50 would be things that make me laugh. Laughter is huge in our household and yet I’ve never really found a way to capture that.

  286. Nicole Eshelman says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!!! Hope its a fab one!!!
    I would hands down scrap the look on my kids faces when we pull into Disneyland (as this is an annual vacation)…just priceless and totally worth the six-hour drive. :)

  287. I have a brand new item that would make my Top 50: The day that I overcame my fear of making a fool of myself in front of others and joined my Church’s softball team. At almost 35 I bought my 1st glove and headed onto the field instead of grabbing a seat on the bleachers. And my 2 boys & husband, who’s games/events I’m always there for, were there to cheer for me. My husband even took pictures so I can scrap it.

  288. (I just tried to post a comment, but I don’t see it listed so I’ll just retype it and hope it works again!)
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!
    Hope you are enjoying your day and all the comes with it! For me, the moments that matter most that I don’t think get recognized and scrapped enough are our changing roles in life. Going from daughter to wife to mother and everything in between and beyond those. I truly is worthy of at least a page in our albums!

  289. Haoot Birthday to You!
    Every year on their I make a page with a letter to my children telling them how much I love them and how proud I am of them. I want them to always know that and those pages will help them know it.

  290. Jessica says:

    Happy “Birthdaday” to you! One of my moments would include the relationship my children have with their grandparents.

  291. Lisa F says:

    happy b-day!

  292. Beth Smith says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!
    I would have to say the last day of my most recent pregnancy. It was the last day that I was a mother of one — for 11 years! — and that I would have to sleep on the couch because I had heartburn so bad :)
    ps — this was one year ago today; his first birthday is tomorrow!

  293. Jessica says:

    Happy Birthday to You! On my list of moments would be my children’s relationship with their grandparents.

  294. A very happy birthday to you! :)
    The moments page I would want to include in mine is one, in fact, that I still have to make – it has no photo, but it was so close to my heart – my husband and kids and I, all dancing together at a church activity. I think the moments that don’t have photos shouldn’t be forgotten.

  295. Sara M says:

    Happy Birthday!!!
    My top page would definitely be the “gotcha” day for my adopted daughter. What an incredible moment!!!

  296. Happy b-day Stacy! Everyday celebrations make my list of important things to record. The stuff that makes up our lives in between the big events!
    amanda in chicago

  297. Lynne A says:

    That quote art is such a good idea. We could all use daily reminders of inspiration like that!

  298. There are so many moments! I definitely would include our kids playing together and giggling. I love the giggles – brings a smile to my face every time! Happy birthday! Thank you for the giveaway!

  299. Hey Happy Birthday to yoooooou!
    My list would include 3 pages that are at the top…pages that I have made, documenting the birth of my 3 daughters.
    I documented all that I remembered about my labor and their delivery. Even gory details.
    These came about because, while pregnant with my first daughter, I asked my mom what her labor and delivery was like with ME…she couldn’t remember (those were the ‘twilight’ years).
    This devastated me. I needed to know about my birth, to know what to expect with my own deliveries.
    I don’t want my girls to grow up and wonder about their birth – when they are pregnant with their first baby (strange to think about).
    Those are my top pages – with the story of how me and my dh met.

  300. Heather Lynne says:

    Happy birthday. You look great!
    My moment is lying in bed with my seven-month-old baby in between my husband and me, and watching her look at him, then me, then him, then me, while laughing, smiling and kicking.

  301. Alyson says:

    Happy Birthday! I definitely want to document my wedding day kiss and all that a kiss means to us in our daily lives together as a couple.

  302. Happy Birthday!!!!!
    Oh, the list of memorable moments… There are so many to choose from. One of the 50 “most memorable” that comes to me as we near Mother’s day, is my mother’s unending love and support. I am a grown woman of 44 with a family of my own and still when I am sick, I want my mommy. Her sympathitic face carrying chicken soup and gingerale to me is one I will treasure all my life.

  303. Natalie says:

    Top 50 scrapbook pages – one of the top would have to be the birth of my son!

  304. Donna B. says:

    I really need to scrap the day that my husband adopted our daughter. She was 10 and had asked him to adopt her so he could officially be her Daddy. I am so blessed that he and his family came into our lives, and I really need to get this moment down on a Scrapbook Page or two…

  305. knmkendall says:

    Happy birthday Stacy! I would love to win that book by Lisa. I would definitely include in my list pictures/pages of my children sleeping at different ages in their life (newborn, toddler, preschooler, even teenager!). One of my favorite things is to go in their bedrooms and see their angelic faces, especially when they have been mischievous that day! Have a GREAT day!

  306. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday!! =)
    Mine would be the layout I just made this weekend which is about the relationship between my father and my sons. Priceless.

  307. Happy Birthday! Congrats on the big 4-3! How fun!
    One of mine on the TOP 50 would be “The REAL Emotions of a Tornado,” definitely a top in my scrapbook right now…

  308. At the top of my list would be my children’s births, first days of kindergarten, graduations, and weddings (to come). I love seeing how grown up they’ve become.
    You look cute with pigtails! I’ll be 43 this summer, too.

  309. krist stiff says:

    Happy Birthday!! With the blessings of family,there are so many memories to preserve.The one that I will do is when my children accepted Christ as their savior.

  310. Happy Birthday, Stacy! Thanks for being the inspiration that you are to us.
    A special moment that I JUST now realized I MUST scrapbook is when my precious husband proposed to me DURING a PRAYER together!!! I did not respond to him because I thought he was talking to GOD. When he asked again, I said, “Who are you talking to?”!! It is quite a neat and unique story. My sons and grandchildren (to be) need to know this story. Thanks for helping me reflect and realize it! I’m going straight to my list to add it on.:)

  311. Maureen says:

    Happy Happy Birthday To You!!!!
    Let’s see . . . birth of my three children, buying my first house ON MY OWN, selling of that house, getting engaged again at the age of 46! I am blessed by so many good things. Hope you have lots of cake and ice cream!

  312. Happy Birthday!! Same as my older brother!
    My most memorable scrapbook page was the one I did of my son (now 4 years old) when he was born (seems to be a theme on the comments). He and I both almost died during delivery- he was taken to NICU and I didn’t get to see him for a long time while I had to recover. I only got to see him through pictures. I remember holding him for the first time like it was yesterday (even though I was still really drugged!). He was our miracle- he shouldn’t have lived, he shouldn’t be healthy, but he IS… and it was the only page I cried and smiled through while doing it!

  313. Audrey says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I’ve got you beat by 5 years, and on my 43rd I did the same thing, made a page about 43 happy things. Great minds think alike! As my boys get older, I find it a little harder to record every cute thing they do, but I think it is so important to celebrate their everyday milestones at age 12 just like I did at age 2. Therefore, I REALLY need Lisa’s new book for new inspiration!!!
    Thanks, Audrey

  314. Tracy S says:

    Happy Birthday!!
    Definitely at the top is the birth of my daughter.
    By the way, I’m turning 40 on Thursday (another moment to scrapbook), I think I’ll do a page of 40 things to be happy about on my birthday. Thanks for the inspiration!!
    –Tracy in NC

  315. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day

  316. Sabrina S says:

    Happy Birthday to you! I think that I would like to do a page for my husband and daughters telling them the strengths I see in them and how much I love them!
    Hope your day was wonderful!

  317. RhondaLH says:

    One of the top ones is the day we dedicated our son to God in a church service. A total focus moment.

  318. RhondaLH says:

    One of the top ones is the day we dedicated our son to God in a church service. A total focus moment.

  319. Ashley says:

    Happy, happy, happy (x 43) Birthday!

  320. Happy Birthday, Stacy. You are the best and I wish you much happiness.
    I am in your LOM class this year, and you have truly changed my entire life!!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart (AGAIN!!).

  321. Kristy Chuhaloff says:

    Happy Birthday, Stacy! You look like 33 not 43! A special moment that I want to scrap is the amazing and sad perspective I have as I prepare to have my 18 year dd move out on her own. The time has passes so quickly, and I must record all that is on my mind as I watch her grow into an independent woman.
    Enjoy your special day!

  322. Happy Birthday, Stacy. Wishing you all the very best!!
    One of the moments that I have been thinking of scrapping is my grandmother’s back yard. I don’t have pictures of it, but it is definitely something that I NEED to share with my kids.
    Thank you for all that you do!!

  323. Laura Glover says:

    Happy Birthday!! I have you by a year…and I have to say…more and more I realize the things I need/want to scrapbook. On the top of my list is the every day love and blessings. Not even the big trip to Disney World or even my youngest sons confirmation…but the every day love and gratitude of a healthy, happy family! (and, yes, Ali’s Shutterfly book inspires me with this most important idea.)
    I’d love some Lisa B. inspiration.

  324. Traci in Virginia says:

    I’m in my 39th year and have so many things to be happy about. Today I am super happy that we got our deck pressure washed so now we can stain it. I will be happy about that too! On a more personal note, every night before I go to bed I check on each of my children and thank God for them and for my dear husband. I’m almost always the last one up getting things done and I say a prayer of gratitude into the dark. Without fail it is always a very intense moment for me, to realize all that I am blessed with each day before going to bed. Life is good! Happy Happy Birthday! May your 43rd year be filled with many wonderful aha moments!

  325. Trisha Hamilton says:

    Tell me about a moment or topic that would make your personal list of 50 scrapbook pages that matter most:
    That would have to be pages of my canine children, two beautiful Chow Chows (Tasha and Hershi), who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2000 and 2001.

  326. Rebecca says:

    Happy Birthday! I’d say that one of the big 50 moments would be documenting the way I feel about people, my parents, grandparents, children, friends, DH etc. I have just started to do this with pages to celebrate all of my loved ones and it feels great! Thanks for a great blog! (I just started reading a week ago and I am loving it :) )

  327. Happy B-day Stacy! I am new to scrapbooking but I love everything about it. I think I would definitely scrapbook about the everyday things that make my kids laugh so hard that we all laugh! Another would be to remember all the family members I have lost and our last time sent together.
    Thanks for the blog, it’s awesome!

  328. Sharon F. says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy – 43 years young! You go girl. As I am on the backside of 40- I must say they have been the best years yet. I am so looking forward to 50 as I am told it only gets better each year.
    There are several moments and yes I am a list maker for sure. However, I would scrapbook about “Cowboy Stew” I know that sounds odd, but when were were little – all five of us, being raised by a single mom, money was tight. Our mother concocted a way to stretch a pound of hamburger for 5 growing kids and called it cowboy stew. She mixed as many canned foods – potatoes, corn, tomatoes, etc. as she could as well as a can of alphabet soup. We thought it delectable and special. Of course in talking to my siblings we as we grew older we discovered it was not a fancy special dish, but really a poor mans hamburger helper. Nevertheless, it remains a strong memory for me of laughter and dinners at the table all together not having a clue how poor we were – financially – but very rich in what mattered most=family.
    Sharon F.

  329. peamissy says:

    Happiest of birthdays to you! Love your blog. Besides the biggies like marriage and births, I would have to scrapbook about reading to and with my daughters! It’s the best. Good luck everyone, looks like an awesome new book!

  330. Brandi says:

    I’ll have to say the birth of my kids (done that) AND the day my DH had a vesectomy. When he went back for the procedure, so many emotions flooded over me and I wrote them down. I actually sat in the waiting room alone, writing, and crying. Then I was fine! I hadn’t even thought about scrapping that event until just now! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  331. Michele says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Reading to my kids at night. Cooking special recipes with them.
    Playing in the backyard together.

  332. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! My top 50 would definitely include the birth of my children. Each one changed me in a different way. I’d also have to do one on the differences our company has made in my life.
    I love your pony tails!! I’m wearing some today, too!

  333. Happy birthday to you!!!! You look amazing for 43!!!

  334. Corry Whitteker says:

    Matters to me…. taking my 4 children to visit my great-grandma in Canada. She’s an awesome lady who taught me to sew and most importantly how to be a great mom!
    Thanks Stacy for showing me that there’s more to scrapping than birthdays and Christmas!

  335. Dawn G says:

    Change, that is what i will create a page about. In the last nine months my family has seen so much change, in the health and dynamics of my family (both mine and my husband’s). How something like a brain aneurysm in my beloved mother-in-law can change everything and what impact that has on everyone from my children to my grandparents.
    Dawn from Saskatoon

  336. Happy Birthday, Stacy!
    My Top 50 would include: Faith Walk type topics as I call them – Husband losing job and our the journey it took us to where we are now/the “almost” disrupted adoption of our son due to mistranslated information, the little miracles we have had the privledge to witness in our lives/etc..etc..etc

  337. Happy Birthday!!!
    A memorable moment that I’d like to record would be our last moments with my son’s great-great grandmother. She passed away last month at the ripe old age of 97. Great Godly women.

  338. Robyn :) says:

    Well, personally, a topic or moment I would have to put in is something with my cat. He is very special to me because I got him while my husband was deployed and he was great company and a stress reliever while my husband was gone!!. He is very playful and affectionate. Very unlike any cat I’ve ever had. So I would have to make him one of the top 50 :)

  339. Tracy Faulkner says:

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you. My main list would be “Mom”ents with Mom. My mom passed away two years ago, two weeks before I turned 43. I lived 5 minutes away (or just a phone call) from her for the last twenty years. My two children were lucky to have their grandparents so close. My sisters live in East Texas and Michigan. One special moment is when my mom had feathered masks that she brought back from New Orleans and answered the door on Halloween night wearing one. My daughter thought it was “beautymous”. That mask hangs in my classroom now.
    Also-I have a picture of my son and I doing the same picture of you and your daughter on todays blog post.

  340. Regina says:

    Hi Stacy, hope you had a very special day. I’m hitting double digits this year – 55 Wow!
    I would definitely scrap what my plans would be for the next 55! Hope you blew out the candles and your wish comes true.

  341. Jeannette P says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy. I love celebrating birthdays. In fact, we have a birthday hat that we all take turns wearing b/c I think celebrating birthdays is important, no matter how few or how many. It IS a special day.
    I’d have to scrap about waffles, pan-e-cakes (as my children call them) and french toast. Why, because we can take these delightful things & make them extroidanary. I’ve used them to get my oldest interested in letters by making the first letter of her name in chocolate chips. We put whip cream from a can as well as fruit, m&ms and all sorts of things on them to make them extra special for breakfast AND dinner (usually when Daddy is not here for dinner, shhhh :D hehe) The kids think it is one special event & I do it b/c I loved when my 3 sisters & I would get up on Saturday mornings to my dad making his special pancakes & my grandpa used to make them for his family (my Gram says that it started when my dad wouldn’t sleep much at night & he would get up & make pancakes in the morning for the whole family so my Gram could sleep a little). And my Great Grandma used to make Swedish Pancakes for everyone & go pick fresh berries for them to enjoy (I actually did a demonstration on Swedish Pancakes in high school & got an A) I love how the tradition has passed down for so many generations & I plan to gather up pics that I’ve got to share of each of these special events. I know it will make a great layout. Now if only I had my LOM in place (just finished the book yesterday & will be starting my list of how I want to put mine together). THANKS for all your inspiration.
    Here’s a wish for you!
    Count your life by smiles, not tears.
    Count your age by friends, not years. ~Author Unknown

  342. HAPPY birthday!! I am in your LOM class and love it….Enjoy your day…love your 43 things idea…just turned 30 and that seems like a great page!!!

  343. Happy Birthday Stacy!!!!
    My moments that matter most are anytime we are together as a family. That would mean meal times, church, game night, camping and hiking together. Those are the things that I want my children to remember most.

  344. Stacy,
    Happy Birthday! Today was my birthday also – my 40th! Somthing that would make my top 50 list actually happened tonight when my sweet husband and 2 kids made a birthday dinner for me and gave me a heartfelt handmade card. I wouldn’t have been happier celebrating my 40th birthday anywhere else in the world!

  345. happy birthday! my moment is the first picture taken of my husband and i together. i often think back to that…and think about how far we’ve come, how our lives have changed, how our love has grown, and how we now have this beautiful family

  346. Velta W. says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy from an enthusiastic LOM student!
    One thing I like to scrap is turning points in my life. And my most recent one is when I had the AHA! moment during one of your Adobe presentations (you know, the Rob Thomas, hankie-grabbing one?). Letting go of chronology has literally brought so much color into my life and my scrap-booking–my brain is overflowing with the story I really want to tell. So, I’d scrap a picture of me at the dining room table with my triage drawers and Pioneer albums..and a BIG smile on my face!

  347. Happy Birthday!!! I celebrated my 40th in February, and found myself journaling a list of 40 things about me right now. . .good thing I did, because I have yet to scrap it! LOL

  348. Happy Birthday Stacy!
    One of my moments is when our first daughter was born and the expression my husband has on his face. He is laughing crying and having every emotion a person could have. It just makes have goosebumps everytime I look at it.
    Thanks for every thing you do…

  349. Happy Birthday Stacy! Enjoy your day and your list!
    When I’m sorting the zillions of photos we have, I will often come across a photo that makes me stop and remember an occasion that truly was a turning point – marriage, babies, new home, new jobs etc. Thank goodness I’ve always been a ‘picture taker’.

  350. Happy Birthday to you! And what a way to celebrate – loving the piggy tails and the giveaway idea…I keep trying to talk my boys into something similar for their bdays, but they haven’t been convinced yet (not the piggy tails, but the “good cause” thing :) )
    The 50 pages that matter the most – for me, are easy.
    1. Pages that teach my children about forgiveness – for without it we are lost in this world.
    2. Pages about my newfound LOVE OF LIFE and FAMILY! I spent 29 years fighting depression and suicidal tendencies and through the grace of God and the great love he gave me for my first son and the patient husband he provided to me, I have won this battle and scrapping it is very important to me because apprently, it can be hereditary and I want my boys to know this battle can be WON!
    3. Running my first triathalon a year and a day after my first son was born. I needed to prove to myself that “my” life was not over, that I could still be my own person and a good mom.
    4. My relationship with my mother. It has been a rocky one, but she is a wonderful person and through my scrapbooks I hope she can truly see how much I love her – unconditionally.
    Okay, I know you only asked for one, but now I’m getting sentimental! Must be time for some piggy tails to lighten me up! LOL!

  351. Shannon says:

    Happy B-day Stacy… I think my memorable moment would be surviving teenagers, it’s such and up and down rollercoaster of emotions, good and bad. I know why God gives you teenagers, it’s so your ready for them to move out…

  352. Reading with my children before bedtime.

  353. Carrie says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!!!!
    The moments I would love to scrapbook are the everyday moments. Things that happen from day to day. I have to remember to get my camera out though its only when I look back at the day just gone that I remember I should have taken some photos. I guess I am to busy living the moment than documenting it into a scrapbook.
    P.S Love your blog you keep on inspiring me. Thanks

  354. Kimberly Marcus says:

    Happy Birthday..I think I would include in mine molments that truely changed my life:
    Trying to have children and dealing with infertility.
    Finally getting prego and their birth, and now documenting parenting and enjoying life.
    All about me..another great topic.

  355. yanina says:

    Happy Birthday to you! I will have to say the time my kids spend with my grandmother. She doesn’t speak English, but her and my boys speak the universal language of love. They look so cute together! She is such a beautiful soul!

  356. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fantabulous day:)
    A definite in my table of contents would be our moments spent at our Sunday morning breakfasts. My husband is a police officer and he works the graveyard shift. In addition to the time he works during the week, he is on duty every other weekend; sleeping during the day and working at night. So on those Sundays, the kids and I get up SUPER early to meet him for breakfast before he comes home to sleep. The conversations, traditions and memories we’ve made from these times are priceless.

  357. karen in toronto says:

    I love re-reading the pages I’ve created on the topic of “Today I…” – inspired by Ali Edwards’ layouts with the same title. So cool to see everyday stuff.
    And happy birthday! The forties really are the best aren’t they?

  358. Kathleen says:

    I would like to document/scrap more of “me”;more of my story; not just the moments like bdays, get togethers, special moments, my kid, or those close tome, but my fears, my hopes, decisions I’ve made, both good and bad. I’d like to just scrap more of MY STORY!.

  359. Jamie Y. says:

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday! I think a moment(s) that would make my list would be all of the medical testing/procedures that have been done for my son, Isaac. I have learned to accept that this is part of our lives and am no longer shy to pull out my camera. We spent most of today at our Children’s Hospital and my son cheered many families as he walked around with his arms immobilized yet grinning for the camera. A lot of moms walked away saying “what a good idea!”

  360. I have a bunch but a lesson in giving came from my then 7 year old. We were facing some big decisions and serious money hardships. Our dreams of the first “real” job after working hard on a masters didn’t come through and all the hopes and dreams where postponed yet again. When we explained to her that we had to live in our little apartment just a little longer, she jumped up and handed me her piggy bank and said, “it’s got $7.34 in it, it will help us buy our house!” There was no selfishness in that. Just pure heart. Pure love. Pure giving. I need to scrapbook that moment! It’s been 3 years now but it says more about who she is than any other page I could probably ever make.

  361. Cydnie says:

    Happy Birthday! My top scrapbook pages? they would be the ones in the two volumes of photo album scrapbooks that I’ve created for my mother-in-law, I love going to visit so I can look through them!! Thanks for many inspiring ideas Stacy!

  362. Happy Birthday you fabulous girl you!!!
    As for the moments I need on my table of contents….there are so many.
    - Snuggling in bed and watching cartoons in the morning with my girls.
    - The funny little cards my daughter has begun to make for the people she loves.
    - My feelings at diffrent stages of Motherhood.
    - The small and simple things my husband does for my every that lets me know he loves me.
    These are the things that make my life so beautiful!
    I would love to win this book. it looks just amazing and so inspiring.

  363. I page that would make my top 50 would be from the day I met my birth mother when I was 18 along with the letter she sent me after I contacted her to document where I came from and where I am now.

  364. Happy Birthday!!
    My favorite moments are the things my kids say, or just the silly little giggles around the dinner table. Spending time together!! Happy!

  365. Cathy K. says:

    Happy Birthday!! A top 50 for me would be time spent with my girlfriends…we laugh, cry, console, tease, laugh and laugh some more, they are the best medicine in good times and bad.

  366. Today — today would be on the list – because it reminds me to catch the tough days too — and reminds me of the amazing well of wonder within us (husband was laid off at 4 pm today — it’s 9:46 and he’s lined up a phone interview — I am in thankful awe). Today is one — hard day – but amazing too.

  367. One of my moments would be the cute comments/sayings that are coming out of my 2 year olds mouth! He is so funny!!
    Happy Birthday!

  368. mandy russell says:

    I want to be sure to scrap the daily-ness that makes our family what we are. The routines, the funny things kids say, the things that drive me crazy as a mother of young kids that I know one day I will miss.

  369. happy birthday!!!!! One of my top 50 would be the moment when 12 of us in my family shaved our heads to support my dad in his battle with cancer. We lost him 3 weeks later, but the memories of that day and the strength of the family who did it and the love of the man we lost will last forever

  370. Hi Stacy,
    What a wonderful picture! I have two boys and am in the process of adopting from China, and this picture of you and your Addie is so heartwarming! Thank you for sharing it!
    Really, what would be included in my table of contents would be family togetherness. We as a family began to bike together a couple years ago and now are taking up skiing, camping, and hiking, so I purchased a backpack camera bag so I can bring my camera with us on our adventures as a family. We’re having such fun and I want to capture all the action!
    Happy Birthday, Stacy! Enjoy your family!

  371. Sherry says:

    My list includes the basic ones that may sound basic, but were all life changing: my wedding, the birth of my daughter, the birth of my son, and the death of my father.

  372. Sherry says:

    My list sounds a bit basic, but each event has been life changing for me: my wedding, my father’s death, my daughter’s birth, and my son’s birth.

  373. Marica Goldschmidt says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! I hope you had a wonderful day surrounded by family, friends, and lots of love!
    In my top 50, I’d have to say that the moments at home with family are important to me because my husband is in the Navy and our time together is often very limited. Along with that, homecomings after a 6-month deployment are definite moments to capture! These kinds of reunions are the best–the anticipation, excitement and simply surviving this long without your partner is one to remember and to cherish!

  374. Heather Engstrom says:

    Happy Birthday! It is also my birthday, 37 today.
    Something that makes my top 50 is celebrating and anticipating the birth of my first child, due this Nov.

  375. Robyn W says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY from another 43yrold…have a great day

  376. One of the moments that matter most to me is realizing that each of my sons has a love for reading and watching them read on their own without my help! As a teacher and mother, those moments are so precious.
    Happy birthday to you! Thank you for being an inspiration!

  377. Holly M. says:

    The moments I love to scrapbook are the things that change quickly! Kids, surroundings, myself. It is truly enjoyable and memorable to look back and see the changes that have happened over the years. No matter how bad my pages or technique looks on some of those “old” pages I am always glad I can look back and remember!!!!

  378. Bonnie says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! May is my birthday month too. How nice of you to do a giveaway on your birthday!
    One of the moments I would have to include is my bedtime routine with my daughter. She’s 11 now and we still have the same routine as when she was 2, but I realize it won’t be lasting much longer.

  379. halloweenheather says:

    OOOh this is tough, to pick just one? I’d have to say my Grandma’s. These two ladies were so important and influential in my life and so far I haven’t documented anything about either of their lives or relationship with me. I have to get on that. I love Rose’s story about the Orange Crush and her dad. Awesome stuff. I am also loving you LOM class right now….I’m just a bit behind. I’m hoping to get your Photo Freedom book, I had to take the class without it and now I can’t find it in stock anywhere! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACY!!!!

  380. Happy, happy birthday to you. I need, no I want, to scrap about my 3 college roommates and very best friends. We lost one of us to breast cancer 11 years ago and I really want to create a book to remember the good times in college, the ways we’ve coped with losing her, and how we’ve continued to celebrate her life and memory.

  381. I’d share insight to who I am & how I became that person. Reasons for why I do the things I do, my personal struggles, my best days & worst, my faith, life lessons, how I met my husband (realized recently I don’t know how my parents met). I am so excited to see this book and begin my scrapping to do list.
    PS: LOVE the pigtails!

  382. I feel so rude, I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  383. Kirsty says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Hmmm. This is a hard one. I’d have to say something I haven’t scrapped but have been meaning to is the devil/angel side of my almost 3 year old.
    I think I should go start now!

  384. Holly M. says:

    I love scrapbooking things that change. Kids, surroundings, myself. It is so enjoyable looking back through my albums and see how quickly things change. I am always grateful I have those memories. No matter how bad the page or the technique looks on those “older” pages I am glad I have those memories.

  385. Christine says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m just like the previous post – MY STORY would make the list of 50 scrapbook pages!

  386. Happy Birthday! One thing that I need to scrap more is the things my 2yr old says. My husband and I are constantly laughing at him, and I need to write them all down. He says new things every day!

  387. Happy Birthday! Mine is on 5/9. Along w/ school photos, I want to ask my kids the same set of questions each year and record them.

  388. Karen Walker says:

    I’ll soon be 60 (how did that happen) and at the top of my list are all the stories I DIDNT scrap as my kids grew up. My photos aren’t nearly as good as they are today, but I do have them, and the stories behind them. I’m retiring in June after teaching for 37 years and this is one reason why! I’d love the book as I’m sure it would prompt more memories to scrap!

  389. Happy Birthday, Stacy!
    This is such a great question…for me, it would be to capture the legacy of faith and beautiful, purposeful, joy-filled living that my 89-year old grandma (GG Char) exemplified. It has been on my ‘to-do’ list for too long. How to do her amazing self justice on a scrapbook page or mini album? As I mature, I am continually amazed by her example of faith, zest for life, and curiosity about others. :-) MIss you, GG.

  390. Happy Birthday!!! The pigtails are so cute!
    What I want to make sure and scrapbook are the everyday moments. To me those are the most precious and important to remember. Birthdays and holiday celebrations are wonderful, but I really treasure layouts like one I did last night where my husband is holding our baby up in the air – and I got the photo as a silhouette. A chance photograph which caught a very precious moment to me!

  391. I loved recording my birth story for my children (31, 30, 28 and 27) and grandchildren (just about 2, 18 months and coming in Sept.) to read some day. It just took a phone call to my Mom for some details (never knew they thought of naming me Gwendolyn!) and then less than half an hour to write it down. I wish I could ask my Grandmother those details about my Mom’s birth.
    You just keep on inspiring me, Stacy! God has truly given you a special talent – thank you for sharing your joy and wisdom. And thanks for sharing the goodness too!!
    Happy, Happy Birthday to You!!!

  392. wow.. happy birthday and congratulations on 43 things to be so happy and grateful for.
    something that should be included in my top 50 things to be scrapbooked. It’s so hard. I could name all the appropriate answers – milestones like weddings, birthdays, holidays, or the things in my life that make me smile, like putting a garden in, or buying my first house – my kids first steps, or teeth or going off to highschool…
    Honestly Stacy – for me the top things to scrapbook isn’t one thing – it’s to make sure that when my life is reflected on – it’s not the individual moments that matter – as much as it is the fact that someone could look back and say “she truly lived”….
    Enjoy truly living…. today, and tomorrow…and the rest of your life!

  393. TriciaH in Ohio says:

    Happy Birthday! I LOVE the picture … very cute! So, a top 50 would have to be Memories with My Boys. My favorite scrapbook pages are random pictures with my thoughts about them or to them — Love them and I hope they do too someday.

  394. My list would include the topic of “things I do with my children on a regular basis” such as reading to them every night before bed. I love this time I spend with my girls and they love it too!
    Happy Birthday Stacy!

  395. happy birthday!

  396. Hummmm, I think my in my top 50 would be a page(book?) about the people that have gone before me, and made me who I am, and the people that will come after me and receive what I’ve sown.
    A “Scrap-i-mony” of sorts.
    Have a Happy Birthday, we’re almost the same age;0) yOu make me happy to be in the 40-club! (and I love the pig-tails!) tonya

  397. Happy Birthday!
    My top 50 would include a tribute to my Mom, Dad and sister who have gone on to Heaven. I want to be sure everyone knows how blessed I was to have them and what truly wonderful people they were and still are in my heart!

  398. kiki comin says:

    happy birthday to you!

  399. Andrea Adams says:

    Wish I would always do a schedule page- where we had to be every day of the week, etc. It changes every year, but with swim and dance and high school sports and plays- no two seasons are ever the same. I would like to record the craziness.

  400. Happy Birthday Stacy! I’d include when I first saw my son in my Moments That Matter Most.

  401. Sheryl says:

    Happy Birthday, Stacy! Oh to be 43 again! My moment is a picture taken of Mom and Dad on Mother’s Day 2005. It’s the last picture of Mom and Dad together that was taken because Mom passed away two and a half weeks later.

  402. I scrapped a moment like that the other day – the ‘comfort song’ that we’ve always sung to DD when she’s upset or in the early days when she was colicky, and in the hospital trying to get her eczema under control. It’s my most meaningful page to date.
    One moment that I definitely want to scrap is a not so good one…I was terribly bullied at school which has led to problems with Depression for me…and I think it’s important to scrap my journey with bullying and how I coped and became a better person…

  403. Happy birthday Stacy! One of my 50 things that I want to scrapbook and exemplify for my children…and this has been on my mind a lot lately….is slow down, enjoy every day that God has given you. I am currently working on a layout that I think I am going to title …. You’re Gonna Miss This….it is the title of a song by Trace Adkins….and it just really hit home with me.
    Hope is has been a great birthday! And yes, having a girl to wear pigtales with is an awesome thing! I have two of my own pigtale wearing sweeties!

  404. Tess Davis says:

    So happy it’s your birthday. So glad you are you. I know you will have a fantastically fun day and, from one of your most ginormous fans, I wish you a happy day with all I’ve got.
    xo Tess

  405. Sharon Mayhack says:

    A very happy and blessed Birthday!
    Some the moments that matter the most to me to scrapbook are those in our home. Not only what has happened here but our home itself. It is our safe haven from the big world and I hope to capture that feeling in the pages of our scrapbooks.

  406. Happy Birthday Stacy! My favorite page right now is a picture of my mom and dad standing in front of the sold sign on their home of 52 years. The home I can’t ever go back to and where I lived my whole life until I got married. The photo brings back so many good memories.

  407. Happy Birthday Stacy and Many Happy Returns of the day!!
    I have been thinking about what would really matter when we look back at the scrapbooks. I feel that one (or more) of the 50 moments that matter would be interviews / photos with those we love and respect most…parents, grandparents,etc…
    Thanks for your great work and the inspiration your blog sparks!

  408. Brooke says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy – i’m also 43 and have not worn pigtails in awhile, but my 8 yr old daughter and I love to wear matching dresses from Hanna Andersson. One layout on my MUST DO list is about surviving the tsunami. We were in Phuket, Thailand and watched it. We should have been on the beach by 10 AM that morning, but we weren’t. That experience changed how I think about everything. Everything. But how do I scrapbook that?

  409. I’m probably too late, but I’m only 43 for another hour and a half. Tomorrow (May 7) I turn 44! So enjoy 43, Happy Birthday, and I’m going to record 44 things I am thankful for tomorrow (thanks for the idea!)

  410. Is there time for another entry? I need to scrap more of the day to day stuff… breakfast, naps, playdates, etc. I don’t want to forget a moment of my life.

  411. Debbi G. says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy…We celebrate my Husband and Moms birthdays together in the summer. I have a photo that is so not great, but they are both laughing and it strikes me that here are 2 people that mean so much to me and I can’t imagine either on e being gone…the photo was taken 2 years ago, the year my Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers (at 61) and the first year we knew she had no clue it was her birthday…

  412. Sherri says:

    Happy Birthday! I would write about our 7 years of infertility, how many tears were shed during those years & how those experiences have helped me to be a better mother to our 5 children.

  413. Wishing you a VERY happy 43rd Birthday!! I hope that you spent it enjoying all that you love!
    In regards to your question (not sure if you remember me, Yours, Mine and Us” from CKC Seattle 2 years ago, I am torn between my parents 50th anniversary and a project that we have been working on, the life of my beautful niece who was killed in 1998. We are putting together her life and my brother and sister-in-law are finding it SO very therapeutic after 10+ years.
    Again, Happy Birthday Stacy

  414. Jessica Nelson says:

    Happy Birthday! Anything to do with my mom would be in the “50moments that matter most” list. I just love all the memories and old photos we have together :) Happy times.

  415. Hi Stacy! You may remember me from Calgary – I was the lady who had completely lost her voice!!!
    Among my 50 most important moments would have to be the day my husband, who has battled a weight problem all of his adult life, completed his first Triathlon – it was 2 years ago…and while I definitely want to write his story…I think what was even more important was watching the excitement and enthusiasm my two little boys (they were 4 and 6 then) had as they waited for him to ride past us on the bike leg, and then the way they cheered their little hearts out as he crossed the finish line. That was one of those moments I would like to have frozen in time. I was so profoundly proud of my husband’s accomplishment; but also for what he was teaching his children by allowing them to witness his personal journey.
    P.S. Since then by two boys have entered and finished their own “Kids Triathlon” and will be competing in another one next month. All because of watching my husband and what he did. So incredibly cool that they’ve got such an amazing role model.

  416. I need to scrapbook about my feelings as I saw my children carried off the plane from Korea and into my arms. My two perfect reasons I was unable to get pregnant!

  417. Nanette says:

    Happy Birthday, Stacy! Hope you had a fantastic day!!
    I’ve been making myself an album. It’s entitled: The 25 things that make me happy. I never seem to do pages of or for myself so this is a wonderful change. It’s an album about what/who makes me happy. My favorite page…so far…is of my quiet time with my Lord. I’ve got pictures of my Bible a devotion book. It has been very rewarding to do this album. I look forward to looking at in the years to come to see what things might have changed over time. :)

  418. Lori P says:

    Happy happy birthday! I love celebrating birthdays (mine and others!). I hope your day was wonderful, and what a lovely picture of you and your daughter!
    In my table of contents: People who have influenced me (work, school, life, art, etc.).

  419. WELL! I certainly neeed to win that book, since I’m STILL celebrating my big 5-OH! And that layout is still by far my favorite…all my fav colors (green, of course) and fav refreshments (martinis) but also that I was able to celebrate it with my mom because we are both Breast Cancer survivors and every birthday is;
    Hope you had a FAB 43rd and MANY more!

  420. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you have a day that is as wonderful as you!!!

  421. Happy Birthday Stacy!
    As for me – one of the 50 moments I would want to remember FOREVER would be the first time I met my son Nathan (after waking up from my C-Section) and holding him the first time! As soon as I saw him I fell more in love with him than I already was!!!

  422. Happy Birthday Stacy, I’ll be turning 42 this year and admire your zest for life.
    I think one of the moments I’ve been lucky to capture was when DD2 was whincing that DD1 always bosses her around, just the perfect pouting lips and unhappy face…life is not always roses and sunshine.

  423. ratqueen says:

    Happy birthday!! I’d love to see your 43 things.
    The moment I keep telling myself I need to scrap about is the moment that I realized that The Plan wasn’t really that important. When I finally saw, and understood, and ACCEPTED that the plan I’d so carefully laid out for my future was not the plan I was going to live. The moment when I knew it could be better than The Plan and started to move forward in a new direction entirely.

  424. Kristen Joshi says:

    Happy Birthday, Stacy!!! So cool that you can wear pony tails with your little girl! Love your way of looking at the world!
    As for the book – pick me, please!!! I so want this book – love to consider ‘the big picture’ in my scrapping (trying to move away from being so ‘event based’) – this book fits the bill perfectly!!!

  425. wow..43 things to be happy about i can hardly wait to see your list! i will be 43 in june and i should start thinking aobut the same list! wow..i would love this book.
    reading your blog makes me really think about what i should be scrapping. i am at a point now where i am tired of doing the same events…i must purchase your photo books..
    the list and the idea makes me want a baby girl to share pig tails and hair dos with! maybe my neice! i have no kids…but love love scrapping their lives..my darling nephew now asks if i have any new pages of him to show off when we visit! how cool is that?
    love your blog and your energy and your inspiration!
    donna london ontario canada

  426. Happy Birthday.
    Your pigtails are adorable. I think my table of contents would include decisions I made in my past that have blessed my today.

  427. Happy Birthday.
    Your pigtails are adorable. I think my table of contents would include decisions I made in my past that have blessed me today.

  428. Happy B-Day Stacy! You are a real inspiration (as in, if you can do it, so can I!)
    I think one of the moments I’d really have to scrapbook, is the point in time when I really began to appreciate my mother, and her approach to being a mom, after having kids myself. It’s funny how perspective suddenly shifts, and things you thought you knew get totally changed by the new view.

  429. Kristen Joshi says:

    Ooopss..forgot to write one of the things I’d want to record. For me, just this past weekend I was listening to some Neil Diamond music and felt the overwhelming need to record why I love this music and how it affects me. It’s a connection to my father (who’s deceased)and takes me right back to some great childhood memories. So there you have it – I wanted to record how a childhood memory connects my past to my present and how it affects me to this day.

  430. Happy Birthday Stacy!!! One thing on my list would be the feeling of peace that I felt being with my dad when he passed away. Knowing he was no longer suffering and tormented with Alzheimer’s.

  431. Suzannah says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Stacy!
    I think in my top “50 what matters most” LO’s will include LO’s that tell not just stories and events, but real feelings and truths about living our life (the good, the bad and the ugly!)

  432. Happy bday stacy! My list would include how much i value my family, and the most important moments and things in my life. I am seeing the Big Picture for the 1st time in my life and i’m sooo excited to see how the rest of my journey turns out and i will be recording all of what is to come by scrapbooking it. LOVE LOVE LOVE this hobby!! :)

  433. Happy Birthday, Stacy!

    Welcome to 43, it gets better everyday!

  435. Jessica Ozburn says:

    My list would include graduating from the pharmacy program. It has been extremely hard and such a challenge for me with 3 kids, but I am doing it!

  436. Tracy B (in Alberta) says:

    I get obsessive, when involved with something new. Take LOM for instance; I’ve read (listened and watched) every single word numerous times. I am completely and totally submereged in this class. I’ve read both your books…again. And when i take the Photography 101 class I will be totally obsessed with that and will read everything I have on photography, in addition to taking the class.
    Happy Birthday Stacy!

  437. Hi Stacey – Happy Birthday!
    I hope your list went well! I would love to win the book and think some of the moments that will make my list of scrapbook pages that matter the most will be:
    *my wedding day and my emotions on the day (because I recently tried to scrapbook my engagement and felt upset that I had no journalling from that time to use on the page)
    *why I miss the UK (I live in NZ and sometimes get struck with bad homesickness) so I can tell my kids (when I have them) the good things about the country of my birth
    *a snapshot of my life each year so that I can see what I was up to and how I felt about things as I look back through my scrapbooks.

  438. Amy Dow says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!!! I shared your books with my sister for Mother’s Day and she’s just loving them. She is 50 and JUST STARTED SCRAPBOOKING!! So she loved your ideas and found great inspiration in your words. I love that you are finding 43 things to be happy about…what a great way to celebrate your day! I think one of the moments you HAVE TO scrap are those “day in the life” pages. How I wish I had one of those from my childhood! What was it like to be me, in my family in the late 1970′s? Those are the pages you just HAVE TO DO! Well, I hope you had an excellent b-day. Good night!
    shorewood, IL

  439. dawn h says:

    Happy Birthday!

  440. Tracy B (in Alberta) says:

    I get obsessive, when involved with something new. Take LOM for instance; I’ve read (listened and watched) every single word numerous times. I am completely and totally submereged in this class. I’ve read both your books…again. And when i take the Photography 101 class I will be totally obsessed with that and will read everything I have on photography, in addition to taking the class.
    Happy Birthday Stacy!

  441. Man, I’m always last to the party, but wait it’s still before midnight here and there (where you are!) so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STACY! Thanks for all you do to inspire us!
    Can’t wait to see your list of 43 things!

  442. emilee says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! i could make a whole album about my most embarrassing moments!

  443. emilee says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! i could make a whole album about my most embarrassing moments!

  444. HB Stacy! You look fab at 43!
    A topic that is a “must” for me is a page (or album!) about appreciating my mother. I went through so many young adult years battling and questioning her actions – - wondering why she may have been so strict or soooooo hard on me! Now that I’m a proud mom of 3, I understand. I understand that love is shown in soooooo many different ways – in ways that may not always be so apparent to my kids – and weren’t apparent to me. I really want to do this as a gift for her – - before it’s too late. Whewww – got that out! Made my heart kind of ache sharing!

  445. Kristina says:

    One of my favorite moments was when my now 9 year old – at 6 – visited her great grandmother at a nursing home for the first time and she reached for her gran’s hand and took her on a walk. My cup overflowed, then.

  446. Christine Schwab says:

    Happy Birthday! You rock!
    I think I need to scrapbook my favorite things. I just haven’t done it yet. I am just lazy about it I guess.
    I am bringing my favorite pics of the last year to scrapbook at your class at the Megameet on Thurs. I can’t wait to meet you, and hear your ideas! I need this creative boost!

  447. Happy Nat says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Stacy, Happy Birthday to YOU!
    Thank You for being YOU. Thank you for inspiring me to be more happy, more silly, more true, more fun, more me.
    Have a HAPPY and FUN journey around the sun for the next 365 days and beyond.

  448. Lisa in WA says:

    A moment I would include in my 50 most important would have to be finally meeting my father at the age of 38. The whole perspective of my life has forever changed, even though I never would have thought it could. As for the other 49, I’m too tired from my long day as a mom and military spouse with a deployed hubby to ponder them!! Happy Birthday!

  449. happy birthday! i agree pigtails rock! oh and pick me.. ME.

  450. I have to say that the two most likely events to make my top 50 things to scrapbook would be 1.) getting married to my dear husband and 2.) the birth of our son. Oh and we have been married for 32 years! And our son is 23 years young.

  451. Happy Happy Birthday Stacy. One of my moments would be when I became aware of the fact that I am not a follower and conformist like I had always thought, but actually an independent and strong thinker.

  452. A moment that would make my list would be the moment I truly realized my realized WHO I was and what I could become in life. That perspective has completely changed me and how I am as a person.

  453. A moment that would make my list would be the moment I truly realized my realized WHO I was and what I could become in life. That perspective has completely changed me and how I am as a person.

  454. Hope you have a FABULOUS birthday Stacy! Oh it’s so hard to pick one or two things that would top my list…lately any picture of my son where I can capture how he’s learning new things about the world make me want to scrap and remember :)

  455. noelani says:

    some of the things i would love to sb about are more of my values, why i believe what i believe and why i am who i am. I think those things are so important and overlooked often b/c i tend to sb just the events in our lives…

  456. I knew there was a reason I loved you so much – today is my birthday (May 7) and I am 43!!
    Happy Birthday

  457. Meagan says:

    Happy Birthday, Stacy! I would definitely scrap about how having my daughter, who has Down syndrome, has changed my entire life and perspective for the better. She has seriously changed who I am and how I think about so much in life, and the lessons her little spirit has taught me in just two and a half years about love, determination, and joy are some of my most precious memories.

  458. Some moments I would include would be: life lessons – when things are going poorly in my life, I try to ask God what I’m supposed to learn/get from this…make a book about good stuff coming out of bad stuff – “the silver lining” in the clouds. Also our beliefs/values and I’d also like to write about some of my experiences of my childhood at the ages my kids are (teens). Just a thought.
    Happy Birthday!!

  459. Susanne Hampton says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! I hope you enjoyed every minute of today. One of my moments would be at the opening ceremonies during the San Diego Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. During the Survivor’s Circle, we shared a moment of silence to remember who we were there for and then as a group of 4600 strong we whispered the name(s) of who we were walking for. That is a moment I never want to forget!

  460. Happy Birthday Stacy!!! You are such an inspiration!

  461. Leauriy says:

    happy happy day of birth. you’ve been traveling around the sun and having adventure after adventure 43 times!
    one of my 50 most important moments would include when i realized that not every family is racially mixed and how thankful i am that i have had the opportunity to experience first hand how we humans are so much alike no matter our appearance.

  462. Happy Birthday! To you….. I won’t realy sing – trust me on that one!
    I hope you had more than 43 wonderful moments today.
    Moments I will / have recorded…
    Getting engaged – not a typical romantic story. Wedding limo rented from a funeral home (seroiusly much cheaper!) birth of my 3 precious girls… more about my personal faith and how it is the center of who I am… I could go on but will stop!
    Hope you enjoyed your day!

  463. ‘Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Stacy!!!!

  464. Happy Birthday to you… (I will not sing, trust me that is a good thing ; )
    Moments to record or that I have recorded…. my engagement (not a typical romantic evening… ) Renting a limo for our wedding from a funeral home (seriously so much less expensive plus the driver was so happy to have a happy crew!!!! So much fun) Birth of my 3 girls and more of my personal faith and why it is the center of who I am….. That is just for thoughts.

  465. Mandy Blake says:

    Happy Birthday Stacey – hope you have (had) a great day… I would love to go into the draw for the book.

  466. Happy Birthday to you Stacy!! You are an inspiration to us all. :)

  467. Pat Steele says:

    I hope your birthday was one of great exploration through the eye of your camera lens. My hope for you is that the next 43+ years will be as rewarding as the last 43 seem to have been.
    Scrapbook list of things to scrapbook, that is tough. First would be the collage of the past 26 years of marriage. 2. The changes that morphed my baby daughter into the 23 year old, independent young adult that she is today. 3. Bucky, the cat that should have been a dog! (Long story) but one that is special to me.
    4. My scrapbook would not be complete if I don’t add the values of the life lessons learned while going through Cancer. Taught me alot, about myself, my family, the world around me and mostly about people. Lesson that I need to learn. Lesson that would like to share. Scrapbooking a faith album is one of the things I hope to accomplish,someday.

  468. My list would include the good, the bad, and the ugly.
    The good–all the wonderful reasons I love each of my family members. What they bring to me.
    The bad–the hard times we’ve been through and what it was that helped us through.
    The ugly–well, maybe not, unless we’re talking about a bad hair day.
    Tonight was “date night” with my 8yo daughter. Watching her play at the park I was taken back to a time when I ran and played and used my imagination. I had to write down what I was thinking right then. Then she came over to see what I was doing and I had to slide down the slide.
    I spent all of 2 hours with her, just the two of us, eating at McDonald’s (so NOT my favorite) and quizzing her on her favorite this or that and writing it all down. She had the BEST time. She loved being the center of my attention for once.
    THAT is what I somehow want to capture on my scrapbook pages. The fact that this family–my husband and my two girls–are the most important people in my universe, and that is true on the days that we have date nights and on the days that I stay home and cook dinner and do the laundry.
    But when I’m finished with all that deep sappy stuff, I also have to include on my list the picture that I am just about to run down the hall and take–my crazy puppy sleeping in the laundry basket! (At least she chose a basket full of dirty laundry this time!)
    Because after I have communicated to my family how special they are, the next thing I want to do is to make them smile. A giggle is a bonus!

  469. Jessie Mulvaney says:

    The moments in which I’ve failed, can learn a lot from those.

  470. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday. . . not sure if it is still your birthday I can never figure out the time change thing.

  471. Rochelle Bell says:

    Hi from Australia. I think the everyday moments of me. We only know our parents from the time we’ve spent with them, but don’t really know who they are as people only as Mum or Dad. So I think making sure you putting me as a person (not a parent) is important so my son can look back and know who I am/was as he is growing up.

  472. Christine C says:

    Happy Birthday and may I say that you don’t look a day over 35.
    my top 50 would have to include my wedding, our pets, and the layouts of my family and ancestors – they are the most important to me.

  473. Happy Birthday! I think that the 50 would include as of those “unique” moments as I could remember. Like that time with my mom & sister late at a mexican restaurant. A night full of salsa and giggles. Or the time my brother and I painted the porch. I might not have photos of all these things, or good ones, but I have a story, and a memory. Really, to me, that’s what it all comes down to.

  474. I am still trying to break away from being an “event” scrapbooker. I think the everyday moments need to be captured, maybe the daily rituals, like brushing teeth with your kids or tying their shoelaces. I love that my DS wants to me zip up his jacket each morning and he calls the zipper a “busy”. He’s only 3 but this started when he was two. Somewhere in there I guess ‘zipper’ sounded like ‘busy’…! Go figure. Oops, sorry for the long comment, this is your blog, not mine! LOL

  475. Happy Birthday! I have so enjoyed the class as BPS. You are such an inspiration.
    I just had a baby boy, so I am really thinking about my baby when I’m scrapbooking these days (of course!). My page would (and will) be all the greetings and well wishes we received when Ethan was born. We live far away from all of our family and many of our friends but the outpouring of support we received when Ethan arrived was such an amazing thing. From emails, parcels, phone calls, facebook messages, and wishes delivered in person. Okay, it would likely be a series of pages. lol. But one of my top 50 things to record for sure.
    Hope you enjoyed your day!

  476. Happy Birthday. You are simply amazing and I want to be just like you when I grow up:)
    One of my memories to record is: the specific times that I have looked back and noticed how God has arranged things in my life to open up doors for me and/or met all my needs. Most of those times I did not even know or think to ask Him for them.

  477. One moment that I want to record is when I fell in love with something upon first sight. In this case it was Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home, and I would go onto work there for two summers in high school.

  478. Crystal says:

    I would have to add to my list of moments, a scrapbook page about all the travels our family enjoys together. As a military family we move lots and we are always exploring our new destinations together. In the process, we are finding out so much about each other and learning how important family is. Sometimes we only have each other to rely on and it makes us appreciate each other that much more.

  479. Happy birthday Stacy!!
    My table of contents would include everyday life and the things I always want to remember, such as how my little son comes crawling in our bed every morning and falls asleep again with his cheek on mine. These kinds of moments are easy to take for granted now when they happen every day, but very soon a time will come when I will reminisce about this and miss it.

  480. You know I scrap the everyday (my journal) – for me it’s totally about the little things – the food the girls eat, the shows we watch, the interaction between four little girls, and me, recording stuff about me, so that my kids know. Living it, Loving it, Creating it :)
    Have an awesome birthday hunny! JEN (From down under – who you still owe an email!!! LOL!)

  481. Lynda from New Zealand says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy. One of my most scrappable moments are big milestones in my boys’ lives, such as when my oldest turned 15 and sat his drivers licence. Such an emotion filled day for me.

  482. Leanne says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! You definitely deserve extra brownies today! Thank you so much, you’ve made such a difference to my life and to my scrapbooking (just as you have to so many people). You’ve made me realise how much I took for granted, how lucky I am, how loved I am and how much I have to be thankful for and on top of that I have this happy blog at my fingertips, when I’m feeling a little down your comments always put a smile back on my face so one great big THANK YOU for being you. One moment that would make my top 50 was receiving my Master of Science degree in Microbiology, it was a big decision to go back to uni (and student poverty) but I’m so glad I did it, it opened new doors to me and I’m now studying for a PhD as a result. This day was extra special because my fiancé graduated with me (with a Masters in Cancer Immunotherapy), we both graduated with distinction, I’m so glad I got to share this momentous occasion with the man I love.

  483. Donna W says:

    Happy birthday to you! I wish I had written down the 35 things I am happy about on May 1st, my brithday. I guess its never to late to record those kinds of things- thanks for reminding me.

  484. A bit late, but I also wish you a happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day!
    There are lots of subjects I want to add to my scrapbook, but this week I am going to my grandma, to ask for the story in her words, about how I was playing in the garden as a small child and she asked me to come in and 5 minutes later a driver lost control of the steering wheel of his car and the car drove into her beautiful garden, precisely in the spot where I had been playing. I cannot remember this myself, so I really want her to tell me in detail what happened and how she reacted and whatever happened to that driver?!
    My contribution to the page will be that every time I think of her, I remember that I could not have been in this world anymore if it was not for her timing…

  485. Tracy in NC says:

    Although I haven’t done it yet, I definitely need to do a page about my granddaddy. He was special to me, and my children never knew him, so I’ve got to share my memories with them.

  486. I’d make a page about realising that my baby wasn’t just a baby but my child that I’d be nurturing for the rest of my life. It helped me get that newborn stuff into perspective and everything I do is for our future, one way or another.

  487. Happy Birthday! I would love to scrapbook more heritage pages. Especially my late MIL. Need to get busy.

  488. At first I thought this was going to be too difficult of a question. While pondering my answer I looked at the calendar. And today’s date gave me the answer I needed. Its May 7th. It would have been my Aunt’s birthday. She passed away a few years ago from Ovarian Cancer. My favorite scrapbook page, and one that will forever MATTER THE MOST, is the 2 UP layout I did with two of her Wedding Pictures. One where she is dancing with her father (my late grandfather… another reason I love it so much, we lost him two years ago) and the other with her dancing with her new husband. Both were rarely seen pictures and gems to find. Each Christmas I give copies of the pages I have completed throughout the year to each family member. We all have a binder we keep our pages in. So the year I created those pages was the best. It brought smiles, memories and even some tears to everyone’s eyes to have those pages and those photos to remember her by.

  489. happy bday Stacy… you’re only a few years younger than me.. LOL… hoping you had a most HAPPY DAY!!!!!
    WHAT would be one sbing topic I wanna sb most, that matters most to me?
    Topics – THINGS that stir me up, things that I’m passionate about.
    I WANNA do a whole album about that topic!
    again, congrats on your bday!
    bonnie in MN, soon to be in ND!!!

  490. I wanna sb all about the things that matter most to me, the things I’m very passionate about, that matter to me… in my own life.. I think this would make a great album.. one thing?
    THe never ending love a parent feels for their children.
    and happy bday!

  491. I want to scrapbook when my youngest (and last) child nursed for the last time. It was such a bittersweet moment for me, and one that I really want to capture as part of my own story of motherhood.

  492. Leslie Elvert says:

    Happy Birthday!!!
    On the top of my list today is to do a series of layouts for each member of my family titled either ‘Things you should know’ or ‘All about me, things you may not know’.
    Have a great B-day!

  493. Laurie says:

    Have a fabulous birthday! Moments that I *wish* I would’ve paid more attention to–when I first met my husband, more of the special times when we were “childfree”, when we made the decision to adopt our daughter, everyday moments of watching my parents be grandparents, moments that I have spent with my own grandparents.

  494. Wendy Antenucci says:

    Happy Birthday – hope your day was wonderful! I’ve had so many life moments and I know there are so many more to come – getting engaged the birth of my children, moving, everyday experiences. And now b/c of LOM I have the tools needed to really dig deep into the experiences and make them even more memorable.

  495. Wow, there are so many – I would have to say my mother (she passed last year), everyday moments of my family life, documenting the growth of our business, My children and grandchildren.
    Happy birthday to you – I hope you have a wonderful one…and I would SO love to have one of these books!!!!!!

  496. Happy Birthday Stacy!
    I would love to scrapbook an entire album of the funny things my children say. It could fill 20 books :)

  497. Happy Birthday Stacey!!!!

  498. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a great day!
    One of the top 50 for me would be milestones in life. My grandma still scrapbooks (in an old fashioned 50′s kindda way with some tape and a big book with newspaper pages) all the events in life by cutting newspaper articles and such, and its so much fun to look back at them!

  499. LateBlossom says:

    There are so many moments and memories I want to capture in my scrapbooks, but recently, I made a book for my FIL that collected all the old family photos he’s gathered doing his family history. FIL had a pic of my husband and his sister when they were little. By luck, I had taken a pic of the two of them last Nov. at my husband’s USAF retirement ceremony. She’s on the left in both pics, and the two together told a whole story of siblings. I made copies of the older pic so I could scrap that page for myself and just need to do it!

  500. Crisann Maher says:

    Happy 43rd Birthday to You!!!
    My layout that I have been hesitating to complete for the last 11 years is the very premature birth of my beloved daughter Sam……I wrote in a journal at that time and have been waiting to actually put the whole layout together. Silly right….I just want that page to be “perfect”

  501. Carolyn says:

    I have always scrapped mostly events, but have tried to break out.
    I would like to scrap the 50 things that mean the most to my kids – where they like to go, what they like to do, watch, eat, etc.
    Could prob do much more than 50 – maybe 50 for each of them

  502. Suzanne says:

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y! to you
    I would have to say my kids! I write down all the funny things they say and it’s what I think is the greatest thing about kids…they keep you on your toes!

  503. Happy Birthday! You are an amazing and inspiring woman!

  504. Jenny A. says:

    Happy Birthday! One of the moments I would scrapbook would be my evolution as a scrapbooker. I realize now that I have always loved some type of scrapbooking as a little girl. I was always into collecting stickers. I loved cutting up pictures from my Grandpa’s TIME magazines and pasting them to cardboard. I could sit for hours and look through my parents’ old pictures. I was on the yearbook staff of my jr. high, highschool and college. It was only a matter of time before I walked into my first scrapbook store and fell in love with paper, glue and scissors!

  505. happy birthday to you – hope you have a fabulous day – and all your dreams come true

  506. Happy Birthday Stacy!
    One of my most memorable moments is my grandmother’s 100th birthday! My godmother just turned 100 also! I hope I get their genes.
    Acworth, GA

  507. ShellyJ says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope it was a good one!
    Of course I want to document all of the milestones in my life… marrage, birth of my daughter, and soon my next one! I really want to get a day and the life of us right now :) Just our average routen. It changes so much! I use to work… and now I am a SAHM. … but soon I will also have another little one to change things up… and who knows if I will stay a SAHM… may go back to work! … aaaaugh changes! everything changes!

  508. Joanne says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! I love the picture of you and your daughter…so very cute. What an awesome idea to freeze the day by the things you are happy or grateful for – I’m going to do this!!!!

  509. Charmaine says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Love reading all these memories that everyone has posted!
    Mine is about my grandmother – I would love to have had more time with her and talked with her as an adult. I was only 15 when she passed. But she was very important to me. I am thinking I will go to her children and ask for their favorite memory of her and do a scrapbook of that.

  510. Jill Stewart says:

    Happy Birthday to You, Stacy:)
    From another May Birthday girl to you.
    Thank you for inspiring me to do the same on the 20th, it will be my 39th birthday and I am going to do 39 things that I am greatful for on that day! Thank you again for all your great inspiration towards a very happy life!

  511. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Not sure if the game is still on but I’ll post anyway :)
    On my top 50 is definitely the moment I said “yes” to my husband when he asked me to marry him. Yes, I scrapbooked our dating years, and our wedding day, and big events since…but the moment we really decided and made it official to make it “for better or worse” forever – that is a very special, once in a lifetime moment that I always want to remember – plus it was one of the very few times he had planned a surprise I didn’t manage to spoil ahead of time! :)

  512. Robynne says:

    Happy Birthday
    My page will be to thank my nana for every day she has made my life blessed. She had just turned 102 and I want to share these moments with her.

  513. StacyS. says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!
    I would choose a layout about the reasons I love being a mom to my two boys.
    Have a wonderful day!
    StacyS. (Alberta, Canada)

  514. Laura Daniel says:


  515. - Getting engaged
    - Finding out I was pregnant
    - Tuesday night dinners with Dad
    - First time a jumped a course with my horse
    - Travelling in Europe realizing I could be and was independant
    So manyt things coming up – I need to scrap these life moments!

  516. I need to make a page about my sweet grandfather who passed away last year…I want to record some of my memories of him. Happy 43!

  517. Valerie says:

    Happy Birthday and many more!
    One of my 50 would be attending Women’s Conference with my 19 and 21 year old daughters. We have a girls weekend full of fun, laughter, and being highly inspired and motivated. I love the transition to friend and fellow women – though I will always be mom, I enjoy the this new dimension to our relationships.

  518. Stacy, Happy Birthday! You look so good, I didn’t realize we were so close in age. I’m 43 also, but alas…in 3 months I’ll be 44!
    One of my top 50 moments would be my little boy mastering the obstacle course in occupational therapy each week. He really is a determined little soul!

  519. Happy 43rd Birthday! Congratulations on your journey – may it always be as joyous as your day is today!
    I think one of the top moments that I would want to scrap would be the children in the neighborhood. Living in Canada, the day the children truly emerge from the warmth of their homes and return to their front lawns to play and check out who has survived the winter, is truly a remarkable day. This marks the beginning of Spring. Forget robins returning from down south – the noise of children in the neighborhood playing – that is Spring! That, and these are the children that make up my daughters’ after-school world. People who move in and out of our neighborhood and are sometimes forgotten because of it, but who also play a vital role in our children’s world of friends.

  520. Laurie Rentschler says:

    Happy Bday and many more! I would have on my list “those things that made me realize that I am actually a MOM!”…like little shoes by the door and artwork on the fridge. What an amazing time in our lives.

  521. Dawn H says:

    Happy Birthday!!
    One moment (or moments) I am working on scrapping is the little things that I enjoy with my 5 year old but are soon coming to an end. He is my last of 3 and I am trying to capture moments that will soon be gone such as “How much longer will you have those square knees (so cute) How much longer will you let me hug you at the bus stop, How much longer can I say I am your girlfriend” just a fun page to look back on and remember when he was little. :) Dawn H

  522. Happy Birthday to you!
    I can’t wait to get my hands on this book…I’d have to say mine would be the photo that my hubby always catchs me and my three girls walking out of the house with our purses. My 6, 5 and 2 year old girls absolutely love purses just as much as their Momma, You should see them scramble around the toy box looking for their play cell phones, notepads and other stuff for their bags. So mine would be my girls being little ladies. It’s so precious especially since they really aren’t into the whole girly girl thing and love to play in the dirt or mud every chance they get!
    April H. in NC
    P.S. My friend is in your Library of Memories class this go around and she’s having so much fun with it that I’ve decided if you do it again next year I’m signing up! I am amazed at how organzied she’s got so far.

  523. Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!
    My top 3 most memorable moments would be the moment each of my dd’s were handed to me in China.
    I’m going to borrow your idea and have my children record things they’re happy about on their birthdays!

  524. DanelleB says:

    Happy….Happy …. Birthday!! Have a fantastic day. Enjoy working on your “43″ list and please share!! Loving your LOM class. My life has become much more organized too!! I have done a lot of thinking and cleaning out the clutter.
    Have a great day… eat cake!!

  525. Suzanne says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! i didn’t realize we both had May birthdays, mine is in 17 days and I will also be 43 – I’m finding connections to everything thanks to the LOM!! I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Scrapping moments, hmmm. Connections between my four children and their relatives, homes we’ve lived in, vacations I/we have taken, our family heritage. Oh my! There are so many I want to do! I just became a grandmom, so I better get movin’!
    High Springs, FL

  526. DanelleB says:

    Ooppss… by the way, my memorable moment is when my 3 yr old was caught playing with the hose. In the face, all wet, so cute!!

  527. I have two teenage step daughters and would scrap all the little things, because that is what I think matter the most.
    Happy Birthday!

  528. Gail in Cincinnati says:

    Happy Birthday! Since I am 40 now I should do the “40 things” idea before my b-day in July! Great idea. I don’t have kids, so I take lots of kitty pics that I hope to finally get into a scrapbook dedicated to my cat! Gail

  529. Sandra O says:

    Happy Birthday! Two moments that come to mind first are 1) Quiet cuddle time with my kids and 2) moments between generations. Thanks for your always inspiring blog note ~ Sandra

  530. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your special day!!
    Mine is to scrapbook the everyday things my kids do. I want them to remember not just the special things, events, etc. But the everyday.

  531. dmatthews says:

    Happy Birthday! One of my favorite pages is about my Mom, who passed away 4 years ago.

  532. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Stacey
    Happy Birthday to you
    Hi Stacey i hope you have a great birthday.
    Mell x

  533. Camille A. says:

    I would have to choose my son who is in 8th grade at this time. He has many learning difficulties and is in his last year of middle school. He will be performing in his school’s spring musical. His teacher has chosen him to do one of the solos, a few narrations and he will be dancing in a couple of songs as well. His music teacher has given him so much support and has so much confidence in him. Looking back, with the struggles he has had from the time he was 3 until now. I am amazed how much he tries so hard every day to always do his best. I will be beaming watching him perform next week. That would definetly be one of my 50 top moments to scrap.

  534. Julie McD says:

    Happy Birthday. Love the pigtails. I actually have a running list of ‘moments’ I intend to scrap and I crossed one off this weekend! The one I intend to scrap this weekend is about dandelions, my kids, and how a dandelion is beautiful when they pick it and give it to me proudly.
    Enjoy your day!

  535. Happy belated B-Day! I would have to say my moment would be one I am living right now – my dad is dying of cancer and I am blessed with the opportunity of being one of his caregivers. This experience has taught me so much about life, myself and my family. Everyday that we spend together has a family is a blessed and joyous day in my life and as I see my dad lose his battle I am reminded not to take the little things for granted. I have been scrapbooking this experience for my boys to see when they are older because life isn’t always about birthday parties and trips to the zoo. And through God’s grace, we somehow get through the tough times and are stronger and wiser for it.

  536. AmyInKy says:

    Happy Birthday! I think one of my top moments was seeing the Navy present the flag to my older son at my grandfather’s funeral last May. Of course, there are no pictures, but the memory will forever be etched into my mind. I hope to take a picture of the flag in the case, so I can at least get the story documented.

  537. Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday! (Mine is tomorrow) I think the birth of my children are a must story to scrap.

  538. Dawn P says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!
    My moments list includes…
    …the moment my husband proposed
    …the moment I got my first positive pregnancy test (I now have 5 little girls!)…that quiet moment every evening when we get all the kids in their beds and my husband and I have that sigh of relief in the quiet of the house…

  539. happy birthday!
    i think one of my moments would be with my daughter who is going on a band trip to cleveland, ohio. as we sat in the meeting to hear about the trip, she turned to me and realized how long of a bus ride it is going to be for the 3 short days they are gone. i think it hit her that i won’t be close at hand if she needs me. it was then she turned to me with tears welling in her eyes and said how much she is really going to miss me and i will call her too, not just her sister. she is growing up but still needs her mom.

  540. Happy Birthday Stacy!!
    I am in your current LOM class and easily just finished one of my top 50 thanks to my catagory drawers. The second week of April I went on a cruise with my 15 year old 6’1″ son. While on an excursion on a sail boat he feel asleep with his head and upper body in my arms and long body stretched across the deck. My girlfriend snapped a great picture of it. My page has this picture and one of him sleeping in my arms as a baby. This page means a lot to me because there aren’t many moments like this anymore. I will treasure it (even though my shoulders were sore for the rest of the day, LOL) and am so grateful for the picture of it. I kept thinking about the book “Love You Forever” while holding him.
    Have a great day.

  541. Barbara H says:

    Before they diagnosed and got my myasthenia gravis (extreme muscle weakness) under control my darling husband did EVERYTHING for me. I was in a wheel chair full time. He dressed me, fed me, attended to my physical needs (ALL of them!)
    When I witnessed what all he would do for me with so much love and caring and gentleness…(without even one complaint!) I realized I was loved more than words would ever be able to describe. This was love in action. My life changing experience. My top 50 moment!

  542. Cindee E says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I love the pic of you and Addie. She is a doll (and so are you!).
    I am a current student of your LOM class and LOVE it. This book would be so fun to have. What a fab give-away.

  543. Barbara H says:

    Before they diagnosed and got my myasthenia gravis (extreme muscle weakness) under control my darling husband did EVERYTHING for me. I was in a wheel chair full time. He dressed me, fed me, attended to my physical needs (ALL of them!)
    When I witnessed what all he would do for me with so much love and caring and gentleness…(without even one complaint!) I realized I was loved more than words would ever be able to describe. This was love in action. My life changing experience. My top 50 moment!

  544. Hapy 43rd Birthday Stacy!! You are so young and full of energy.
    One of my 50 moments to scrapbook would be memories of my childhood with my parents. My father passed away on Christmas Day and you don’t realize until they are gone, just how important your parents are in your life. (Even at 52). There are all kinds of questions I wish I would have asked and I wish I would have written down all the life stories my father told over the year.

  545. Beth S. says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! I have many wonderful, meaningful moments in my life to put into my scrapbooks. But, having been stalled a bit, I have only made 2 pages. One was about my friend Becky and her amazing courage in dealing with breast cancer (this was for one of Donna’s BPS classes) – we lost Becky within the year; then, last year for LOM, I did a page about the reasons that my very best friend JoAnn was my favorite – now, a year later, she too is gone (quite unexpectedly and at a very young age). So, these two very important women in my life inspired me deeply to make pages – despite the wonderful moments that my children and family bring to me, I’m glad that I chose to write about these two special women. They both brought me many memorable moments.

  546. One of my top 50 would be a page about me for my kids. They know the “every day” me as mom but they don’t know a lot about the “real” me: what my goals are and what’s important to me and why I insist on them knowing/doing some of the things I do.
    Happy Birthday Stacy. Hope you have a great day filled with love, laughter and lots of fun! : )

  547. One of my moments will happen next weekend. On May 17th & 18th I will walk 40 miles in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Fundraising and training for the walk has been one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. My team (which includes my husband, sister-in-law, and some close friends) have raised over $10,000 for the cause. I can’t wait to scrapbook this time and reflect on all the wonderfully inspiring people, happy times, heartfelt wishes, and the feeling of making a difference. (Also, I love the color pink, and this is a good reason to use a lot of it on a page!)

  548. Colleen B says:

    There are many top moments that I’ve scrapped but two of my top moments are yet to come…. My 21 year old son, who has Fragile X Syndrome, is graduating from high school in 2 weeks! And my first grandchild should be born within the next couple of weeks as well. God is Good! Happy B-day Stacy!!!!!

  549. I hope your day was most FANTASTIC!!!!!!! (And hooray for little girls to wear piggie tails with!)

  550. Jennifer C says:

    Happy Birthday! My top scrapbook page would be the special relationship I have with my grandparents.

  551. Theresa Blohowiak says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!
    The first time I left my sons home alone to run some errands. I was gone several hours and I came home to a 10′ banner of butcher paper hanging from a beam and my two sons sitting on either side beaming with pride. The banner read WE LOVE YOU MOMMY!. They had painted leaves and flowers around the words. We keep the banner up for a week in the kitchen and in the basement for years. Every time I look at the pictures I can not help but smile. this is one of my top 50 moments as a mom and in my life.

  552. Heather M says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I have been working on a faith album for awhile now to capture my walk with God. These pages definately fit the category of what matters to me. Another page is one I made about the two most important things I learned about Marriage.

  553. Sue in Grapevine says:

    Happy birthday, Stacy! Be blessed w/far more than 43 things to be happy about today.
    I would include on my list; what I remember about major world events in my life so far.
    I remember that cartoons were cancelled for the TV coverage of JFK’s death & funeral — a 4 y/o has a different perspective on life.

  554. Catherine says:

    “A fistfull of crabapples” – this is one of the moments I always tell myself I need to scrapbook as I drive by our crabapple trees. When my son, who is now 10, was a toddler, he would always have a fist full of crabapples from our tree when he went outside. No matter what may have not been going well that day, it always brought a smile to my face when I opened that tight clenched fist to find those crabapples. We had crabapples on the porch, in drawers, in toyboxes – you get the idea.
    Anyway, Happy, Happy Birthday! Rest, Relax, and Enjoy!!

  555. Jen Gough says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Have Great day!
    Thanks! Jen

  556. Vicki A says:

    Happy Birthday, Stacy. I hope you have a great, fun day!
    My topic for the 50 moments that matter most would definately be the birth of my daughter. That was by far the most amazing day of my life. :)

  557. happy birthday!!!! now, i’ve heard that 40 is the new 20 – so you’re actually 23…though, when i get up in the morning, i’m not feeling so 23, i’m feeling much closer to 43 – LOL!!!
    hey, what’s a number, right!??! have a spectacular day – MWAH!

  558. Jennifer McGuire says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope it was a great day for you.
    In the top 50 on my scrapbook pages would have to be a page about my dad and how we are alike and how we are different and how much I have missed him since he died last year. I’d also include something about how much he’d love the young boy that my son Jack is becoming and all the things his newest granddaughter has done and is doing since he died when she was 4 weeks old.

  559. Shannon S. says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! Enjoy your day! As for my moments for scrapbooking, it would be the birth of my two children and how they are growing and changing so fast, capturing the moments! Thanks for a chance to win! ~Shannon in VA

  560. Connie Fisher says:

    Happy Birthday, Stacy! Hope you have many more than 43 things to be happy about today and everyday. I love that idea and may do it myself next month.
    One of my top 50 is a page about me (that I have yet to do). My mom died unexpectedly at age 58. She was fine at lunch and when my dad came home from work 3 hours later, she was gone. I would love to have a page or journal my mom made about herself. You take for granted that they will always be there. So, I think a page about me (as hard as it will be to scrapbook about myself) would be a nice gift for my family.

  561. MelissaL says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! And yeah to 43 things to be happy about! I think I need to do that on my birthday this year – only it will be 44 things to be happy about :)

  562. Gemma Errington says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy. And you look younger than 43!
    I would chose “Things we take for granted” which would include pictures of my family and relatives. I lost my dad 5 years ago now, and wish I hadn’t taken him for granted. I have started to research our family tree, and wish he was here to share his memories with me. His childhood, his experience and wise words. All things I took for granted, but now are lost.

  563. Happy Birthday Stacy! My moments would be the top 10 things my kids say.

  564. Karen Campbell says:

    Happy Birthday to You! I would have a couple of My Top 50 moments 1.the birth of my two children and 2.the day I met my husband.

  565. Bobbi Jo Nichols says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!! 43 is a fun age, my age.
    One of my top moments out the many thousands I have of my wonderful life the past 43 years would be the day my sweet hubby and I were sealed in the Mesa Temple. From that time for word we knew we would have a strong marriage, full of fun, love and trials. I have no pictures of that night but it is etched in my mind. The story behind no pictures is the night we were going through I was receiving my endowment also. We had worked for a year to achieve this. (I hadn’t been an active member till right before I met him.) Anyway, during the session I look over and my dear husband is gone. I thought he doesn’t want me for all time and eternity and left. Well, it turned out he had eaten a couple hardboiled eggs earlier that hadn’t been kept cold and got sick, ALL over one of the poor Temple workers. So the party after words that was held by his mother was cut short. So we knew there would be trials. So now 21 + years later with 5 children, son-in-law and the sweetest grandson I have many, many more memories to capture through the lens of my camera and my heart.
    You have a great day! Keep up the good work. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  566. Happy Birthday!!!

  567. Julie Jones says:

    I love your blog! Thanks!
    My moment to record would be all the emotions and feelings that were inside me the day my husband was killed in a car accident. It was six years ago and I have moved forward…but I would like it to be something my children have for the future. They were only 4 years old and 9 months old. I have made Daddy & Me books for them…but I also want them to understand my feelings at that time also.
    Thanks again.

  568. Happy Birthday!
    One of my most 50 moments to scrapbook would be memories of my family trip to Europe. A wonderful place full of culture and good food! My family and I plan to go back and it doesn’t hurt to have friends living there too!!

  569. Stacy R. says:

    Happy Birthday from one Stacy to another!

  570. Happy Birthday, Stacy! I love your idea to document 43 things that make you happy today!
    Several of my top 50 things to scrapbook would be the special relationship that I have with an uncle, who has become a second father to me, after losing my own at an early age. Also the relationships that I have with 4 very special women who have been with me through good times and bad and who have always cheered me on, held me up or let me cry on their shoulders.
    I tend to scrapbook events and things rather than relationships and I need to change that!

  571. Happy Birthday Stacy!
    So many moments and memories I still feel I need to commit to paper, but one that particularly stands out is my grandparents the first time they met my son. My grandfather’s health declined over the last several years of his life, and that first time I took my infant son to visit was not just the one time I got pictures with my son and my grandfather, but also the last memories I have of him where you could see some glimpses of his personality.

  572. Melissa Miller says:

    A moment. One of 50 most important in my life. It would have to be the day my husband had is “drop.” Basically, where will we be living for the next twenty years. We were so unbelievably lucky. He got the plane that is stationed in our hometown. We were going HOME!!!! A truely wonderful day!!!
    Happy Birthday!

  573. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!!
    My Table of Contents would include:
    A layout of my birth mother and her sister-the “mother” that raised me after her death when I was 6 weeks old. This layout would share the relationship that they had and the relationship that I have had with both of them – one through stories told to me and the actual relationship I have with my “mother”-the one that raised me.
    I also would have to include a layout about YOU, as you are really the turning point for me in having pages that really tell/share the memories, connetions, and relationships. (Yeah, call me a brown noser if you want ;o)but it is true.) That one would include the couple of pictures that I have taken with you.
    Anyway—Hope your birthday was wonderful and I am going to have to do the same page for my birthday next month!

  574. Angi Smith says:

    Wow, what a gift you are offering us. I am 43 for another 7 weeks and I can say it’s been a wonderful year – full of discoveries about myself. But, alas, the missing thing is a little girl to wear pig tails with! I know you treasure her, as you do all your children, and I just want to say how very lucky she is to have YOU. You are a GREAT person who sees the BIG PICTURE.

  575. Happy Birthday!!!!
    I would include, of course, the birth of my children, and the first pictures of my *3* children together…just happened a month ago. Sp special…a family complete!
    Amy in CA

  576. happy bday girl! My fondest memory, well ONE, is talking to my dear great uncle not knowing it would be the last time and telling him how much I loved him and he told me he loved me too….

  577. Dang! I should have checked out your blog yesterday. It was my b-day too! I turned 44 yesterday May 6th! I love your idea to record 43 things that you are happy about. Well 44 in my case. :) I think I’m going to make that list today and just pretend that I did it yesterday – no one will know the difference. But I’m going to try to document as many of them as possible in pictures. I can already see the layout taking shape. ps. Happy Birthday!

  578. Christy Butcher says:

    Happy B-day!
    One of my favorite moments happened this morning when my four year old son said, “God is good at fighting and keeping our love safe.” How cute is that?!

  579. Happy Birthday Stacy!
    I memory that I want to hold on to is this:
    When I was 15, new at boarding school, and quite honestly homesick, I received a a special package that I had to pick up from the main office secretary. No one I knew ever got a special package they had to pick up. So I get there and open up this mysterious package to find a Paddington Bear. The traditional English teddy bear, with a note attached saying “Please look after this bear.” And it was from my Mom. She always knew how to make me feel better!
    So as Mother’s Day approaches – the 16th without my Mom, I want to thank you for helping me (I’m in LOM) get those memories out – to share with those who want to know.

  580. Happy Birthday!!!! One of my 50 moments would have to be about meeting up with my dads sister, my aunt after 30 years and one of my first email from a scrapbooking fool icon(YOU), I was at work and so excited and one of my friends got a picture of me, too funny! Thanks for the birthday idea, I turn 40 this year and cant wait to do this page!!! Have a wonderful Birthday!

  581. the homebirth of our children and first interactions of the older siblings with the new baby in the very first moments of their life.

  582. happy birthday and hope you enjoy it…

  583. Happy Birthday Stacy!!!!!
    A moment that would make my 50 moment/pages book would be the day that I realized what life and relationships are all about. This came from months of caring for my MIL as she was being diagnosed with dementia/alzheimers. I ‘realized’ that as one ages, your final years comes down to ONE POINT. And that it comes down to the realationships you have nutured over the years and who is left at the end that wants to be with you and help care for you in your ‘elder’ years. Much more to the story, but that moment has changed how I nuture my daughter and my husband, my siblings, my own parents and my friends. I hsve realized that true heartfelt relationships are an investment in your future. Again, happy birthday Stacy!

  584. Lynnette says:

    Happy Bday Stacy!
    One of my moments and many others are watching family grow and change and enjoy!

  585. Happy Birthday – Top 50 would be the day I married my Patrick!

  586. Am I too late to try and share with you my idea?
    One of my 50 would be returning with my dad for service work to the country where I served an LDS mission. He had no idea how poor the country was but realized how much I loved the people of Cape Verde, Africa. He has since gone back twice and leaves again in two weeks. Life can be very cyclical that way…Those people gave me so much to me thirteen years ago while I worked among them and now my family is giving back to help meet some medical and educational needs.

  587. I would choose in my top 50 “remember where you came from.” How incredibly important it is to think back to our beginning….not just our family heritage with our parents, but the beginning of our family. How God brought my husband and I together (a blind date!), how we moved to Ohio as newlyweds, and how we have grown through many ups and downs in our journey together. So just remember how our little family of 4 got started.
    –Donna in Ohio

  588. Barbara H says:

    Posted this before but it did not post my name correctly.
    Before they diagnosed and got my myasthenia gravis (extreme muscle weakness) under control my darling husband did EVERYTHING for me. I was in a wheel chair full time. He dressed me, fed me, attended to my physical needs (ALL of them!)
    When I witnessed what all he would do for me with so much love and caring and gentleness…(without even one complaint!) I realized I was loved more than words would ever be able to describe. This was love in action. My life changing experience. My top 50 moment!
    Barbara H

  589. Lynnette says:

    Happy Birthday! Looking forward to seeing you at Mega Meet! I would do a page about TODAY and why am so grateful for my husband, son and baby daughter – every day is worth celebrating and documenting!!!

  590. Hi!
    I just did a layout titled “Mean Mommy.” It has pictures of my son sitting in the corner (he’s 3) and very angry with me because he was in trouble for doing something naughty. This page, and these moments, matter so much to me because I know that these moments will help define who he is, and how he treats people. I want him to grow up with empathy, compassion, and kindness, and if I let him behave however he wants that won’t happen. So this is a one page layout with pictures, and half the page is journaling, about how I hope he’ll realize one day that that’s why he was in trouble. ;)

  591. Tanya Summers says:

    Happy Birthday!
    What would hit the top of my most 50 would be a snippet of time (or a photo would do) of me holding each of my children when they were a baby – preferrably sleeping. Those are the times I want to remember! ~Tanya

  592. Happy Birthday! Hope it was fabulous!

  593. Lynnette says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Many, Many More! I would do a page about TODAY – I am trying to celebrate each day of life, live in the moment – my wonderful husban, son and baby daughter!! Look forward to seeing you at Mega Meet – I just know you are going to pump me up!!!

  594. Okay, first of all, great day to have a birthday. I say this because I was born on the same day 37 years ago. Does that count for a chance to win a book. ;-)
    One thing I have added to my list to scrapbook is friends. All I seem to scrap are my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing that, but it would be neat to record some special moments I have had with very special friends!!!!

  595. Brandi says:

    I would love this book. I love to scrapbook and I am always looking for new ideas of things to scrapbook beside the usual holidays, birthdays, and zoo pictures. Please pick me!!

  596. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to one of my favorite people. Someday I hope we get the chance to meet. I hope you have a truly wonderful day.

  597. I would love to scrap more about when my girls were young as I didn’t scrap back then and now I can’t always remember the little details. Hopefully, when I have grandchildren, their antics will remind me of when my girls were young and I can scrap it then!

  598. Can’t wait to see this book and this page. I think I’ll do something like it for my hubby’s 35th birthday!

  599. First of all = HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! I would love love love this book!
    Thanks for all of your inspiration too :)

  600. Tinka Rote says:

    Happy Birthday! One of the most precious moments of my life was in 2003 when my mother’s brother, sister and her husband attended my next-to-youngest brother’s wedding. We hadn’t seen them since my father’s funeral in 1992 (my mother died in 1979). I was able to get a photo of the 3 of them just after they walked into the church…and despite the tears I had in my eyes, it came out great! The photo, and the moment, are even more special, as my mother’s brother died the very next night after being hit by a car.

  601. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one with the family!!
    One of my 50 moments would have to be traveling to Europe where I got to see the beautiful sights and taste the food and be in the moment. My family and I will be back there sometime soon especially since we have friends living there which makes it all so nice!

  602. Happy Birthday, Stacy!! My 49th bday was last Friday. wahoo! I think this is the best time of year to have a birthday and I think I will steal your 43 things you’re happy about. I know I can come up with 49 things!!

  603. Lacy Wulff says:

    Well, with 602 comments before mine, I’m not sure this will ever be seen but one thing that I’ve been meaning to scrap about, and would definitely make my top 50 ideas, is all of the things that I’ve missed. I’ve only been a scrapper for 5 years, and while I’ve gone back to pictures before that and scrapped them, there are a lot of events that I don’t have pictures for but I’d like to get them down before they’re gone from my memory. (For example, my first born daughter once pulled out every single eyelash. How could I not take pictures of that? But when she got hurt the other day, I was thinking about all of the tramatic things that she’s done, or have happened to her and I realize that even with no picture to complete it, I still need to get that down. Now.)

  604. Lori Patrick says:

    When my six year old boy was horribly sick last year… in the middle of the night I’d been up with him getting him a drink, applying more Vicks Vaporub, giving him cough medicine, giving him a breathing nebulizer treatment, and other robotic mommy things. So in the middle of the night… in the dim light of a distant hall light, my sleepy sick boy looks up at me and says with his froggy sick voice “Mommy, you’re the best mom ever. Thank you for taking care of me.”
    I will never forget that as long as I live. Ever. And because he spent so much of his life sick as a little boy, I used to take pictures of him where he LOOKS sick, laying on the couch, or whatever. It was our life at the moment, so I took them. So as weird as it sounds, I’m going to do a page with a sick looking little boy, with that story, to remind me of how far we’ve come, and to remind ME that all the little things I do for my children ARE the big things in their lives. To let me know they are loved.
    Long winded… sorry. :)
    Thanks for sharing your life with us Stacy! Happy birthday!
    Lori Patrick
    (I’m the Lori that came to your house for your wall words party last year!)

  605. Happy Birthday! I know I could come up with 50 moments but most are too personal to list online! :0) But I would say very close to the top of the list would be the feelings/emotions I felt, my husband felt and family felt after the birth of all of my children. The feelings you have before you even leave the hospital,before you are bombarded with daily life and it is just you and the baby in the moment.

  606. Happy Birthday, Stacy! I’ve been following your blog for abot a year and LOVE your addiction to color. I am a portrait photographer (and dedicated scrapper) and have always loved black and white photos best, but I’m learning to branch out and embrace the fun you can have with color.
    Anyway, one layout that would have to make my top 50 would be about a photo of my dad and me when I was about 2 years old. He flies model airplanes and the photo is of him holding his airplane and equipment and me peeking out from under his legs, getting ready to watch him fly. I spent so much of my childhood standing beside him while he was flying, and it became the one-on-one time we spent talking about boys and stuff when I was in high school. Love that photo and what it “remembers” to me.
    Have a wonderful birthday!

  607. Anna Beth says:

    Happy Birthday! Fun to have a girl to wear pigtails with!

  608. Hi Stacy–Happy Birthday! It’s my 43rd in a couple of months, too! I have been thinking lately about what I have not scrapbooked about–I have lots of events, occasions, milestones–what I need now are more moments, more emotions, more right this minutes–so, I am going to create a layout about my 16 year old daughter, Mollie, who went through a major change this year–new home, new state, new school, new church, new friends–and how bravely she did this- and how PROUD I am of her courage. It is a moment I want to remember always ( and I would love to win Lisa’s book!) Katie illinoiskate@hotmail.com

  609. Colorado_Kid says:

    Love you both having pigtails. The book looks like a good one!

  610. Margaret C says:

    Ok, there’s about a million of us, so short and sweet. The two topics I would have to scrap is… Women Who Inspire. I mean the “everyday saints” – the gracious, mature, godly women who inspire by their words and actions. I’m lucky to have known a few. The second is The Coulda-beens (nope, not the ex boyfriends!!) The dreams that I had when I was younger and how life hasn’t panned out that way, but much more satisfactorily. Lucky me, eh? And lucky you – Happy Birthday!!

  611. Happy, Happy Birthday Stacy!

  612. I’ve always wanted to do a LO on the decisions that led me to where I am today. (Married to my best friend, mom of 2, living in the country, freelance writer) It would be fun to trace the lines of thought – like watching dominoes fall. Fun!

  613. Happy Birthday Stacy! I want to scrap my “Moments of Truth”!!! One of these days I’ll get to making the list and get it all down in my albums! :)

  614. i would be happy to wear pig tales with my daughter too . . but alas i only have boys. my boys are 17 years apart in age . . . one of my top 50 layouts would be about the relationship they share and how the age difference makes it so special.
    happy birthday to one of my two (ali & you :)) favorite scrapbookers!

  615. Rachelle says:

    Happy Birthday and way to go on the pigtails! My 50 Moments page would have to be “Love is the Thickest Skin.” When my children (7 & 6) take their frustrations out on me and express regret that I am their mom or that they wish they had another family, I don’t have to put on a thick skin because I love them no matter what. If they hate me today for allowing them to experience the consequences of their choices, that’s okay because I know I’m doing my best at being their mom and chances are they’ll be loving me by at least the next day and sometimes even within a few minutes.

  616. Grace P says:

    My birthday was Tuesday May 6th. Not married no children and 42. (that actually deserved an exclamation point) I did not plan it that way was in a relationship and then when I asked ok are we getting married soon? He needed time to think if marrige was for him. So I am feeling sad that I have not fully (how can I put it) lived my life yet? I know poo poo me! But love your blog and your family photos and your pigtails! The book looks cute. Have a great birthday enjoy. Grace

  617. MommaBean says:

    Stacy, Happy Happy Birthday to you. Love the photo. The page that instantly came to mind is my “Love at First Sight” page which displays the first photos of each of our adopted daughters. I love having this connection together on one LO-we are so blessed to be their parents.

  618. Happy Birthday Stacy! I’m an April baby too! April 9th was the big 35!! If I were to just pick one it would be the one called “Fossils of my Former Self” About how much I’ve changed as a person since my late husband died 10 years ago. It’s about how wonderful life really is and how I am staying on track to become the person I always imagined I would be!

  619. Crystal says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! It is so cool to see you LOVING life with your family! That is truly what it is all about every minute of the day. Heard a cool quote by the leader of my church – “Never let a problem to be solved be more important that a person to be loved” Pres. Thomas S Monson. Love really is the key. Have a great day loving those around you!

  620. OMG. Your daughter looks petrified. Why would you scare her like that.

  621. I’m not sure if I’m doing this right, but you asked for a moment, but also a list of topics….so for a “moment” in my life, I’ll pretend I’m Lisa Bearnson’s editor and am creating the list….only top ten instead of 50 :)
    1) Firsts….things about first time we met, first picture at birth, first walking, first challenging accomplishment….anything that is a first.
    2) Lessons….things in life I’ve learned from simple everyday life, or from more serious events, things I’d want to pass on as “What you wish your mother had told you” kind of stuff.
    3) The Rough Road….our families bumps, bruises, broken bones, chicken pox, a page about the short journey of life when chronically ill, pages of health challenges, simple or serious…
    4) Smooth Sailing….just pages about the good things in life that we may have a tendency to take for granted of ourselves.
    5) Smell the roses….out of the ordinary pages that bring to mind the joy in simple explorations of the lives of others.
    6)Funny things….in particular things that are said by family members, done by pets, or unusual memories of once in a lifetime moments that have become classics…by that I mean that to even bring up the moment, elicits laughter from the family.
    7) Heartaches and challenges….entries of when things didn’t go write, and how we dealt with them as an inspiration to others who may find themselves in a similar situation….not to dwell on the negative, but how a negative was eventually seen as a blessing, or how the outcome was priceless in a lesson on life.
    8) Little things….babies feet,bugs, baby animals, things that babies notice, anything little that brings us joy.
    9) Take a closer Look…..really up close pics of items we notice and love…textures, shapes, small pieces of the whole in life, and people we love by taking a look at the way they bring joy to our lives by looking a little “closer” at their personalities…
    10) Last things….pages where there is a sense of the “last” ….last time at this home, last day of work, last time in this car, last child at home, last time I weigh over 200 :) ….
    Geez, I could go on and on….but I’ll stop with ten and wait for Lisa Bearnson to call me about creating her next table of contents :)

  622. Zoe Ross says:

    Getting married to my adoreable Prince Charming-the day was so perfect and is always on my mind even after almost 3 years of wedded bliss.

  623. I’ve been working some long hours and haven’t been reading blogs. You are kidding that your birthday is May 6 – so is mine! I’ve never found anyone who shared the same birthday, ever. We may have the same birthday, but I’m older! :-) Happy belated birthday, Stacy!

  624. Happy b-day!
    sorry to be late.
    My sweet baby girl’s b-day is May 6th! she turned 9. whaaa. i am amazed about how FAST she is changing. her siblings too, but i guess because she IS the baby,i notice it more. i wish i could just hold all of them on my lap and never let them go, and then i realize how foolish that sounds. i want them to grow up and be happy, healthy, productive people, who have love and can give love.
    thanks for the quote- it really helped me today.

  625. Denise Stoner says:

    Something or someone who is important ans I scrap…. my sweet granddaughter, Zoe, who lives far away, and who I don’t get to see very often, so she grows before my eyes in pictures. THANK GOD for PICTURES!!

  626. I would write letters to my dh and 2 dd’s to tell them how much I love them. I’ve lost 2 dear friends to breast cancer this year and their children will celebrate their first Mother’s Day without their moms. I know that they treasure the messages their mom’s left for them on this special day even though my heart is breaking for the kids.

  627. “First piano recital” (or any other instrument) would make my list since so much practicing and anticipation goes into it.

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