how can it possibly be Friday again?

I feel like someone hit the fast forward button on my life and the days are flying by — the blog thing clearly isn’t happening this week, so let’s do a quick round of photo highlights …

garden is in — Taft helped with both the veggie boxes on the side of our house (new this year!) and the flowers on the front porch. Not sure what I’d do without Taft.



Clark did the buzz thing for summer (and for attention.) Good thing he’s so handsome!


had a little photo shoot with some brownies,
which is always rewarding!


this impromptu shoot was less productive. Addie with the dogwood tree — the plan is to do this annually,  but we’ve not had 08 success yet (the late spring has meant delayed dogwood blooms too) I’ll try again this weekend. note to self: make sure the tree isn’t growing out of her head this year!


worked on my KOTM project and class coming JUNE 1st. Cannot wait to tell you more!

I also made some fun "eggstra" pages for Darci’s class, which is coming together so well. If you’re just not in the groove and want to jumpstart a little productivity — I think you’ll like the pace of this one. You’ll rev up your creativity and create 13 pages (a baker’s dozen) in a very clever way, during the month of June.

I do want to give a little shout out for Scrapbook Pictures (as in
because I, like so many of you LOVE their service and the wonderful selection of square pics, cool sizes and awesome border options. I use Shutterfly to upload, print and store (online) all of the pictures from my seasonal highlight folders that go into my storage binders — but I often use Scrapbook Pictures for specific projects, like this one …

where I divided up the best pictures I took on our trip to New Zealand last fall, into the categories of Us, People, Places and Things and ordered them in the 3×3 size to display as a mini-library on a shelf in the memory room. Seriously cool way to document and display travel photos. I’ll still create an in depth layout or two, but this is the overview, made possible by the convenience of 3×3 prints from Scrapbook Pictures!

Speaking of categories and non-chronological projects, I’d like to address several Photo Freedom questions that I’ve received of late. If you too have general questions, comments — insights, confusion (whatever) around aspects of my system, leave them here and I’ll do my best to respond. Next week on the blog will be Photo Freedom Q&A, so fire away.

and my last thought … there was comment left the other day from Kris:

… also, not everyone is on the "scrap out of order" bandwagon. I don’t really understand why you push it so hard? life happens in chronological order, doesn’t it? some of us love to scrap it as it happens not just pick it up and scrap it. and guess what? there is nothing wrong with that and i am not limited at all by doing it MY way!

First of all, kudos to you Kris for having an opinion and being willing to post it. Secondly, I bet I do come across as a bit of zealot at times. I suppose I "push it so hard" b/c it’s been very freeing and rewarding for me personally. Getting to a guilt-free place where I can follow inspiration’s lead has literally sustained my enthusiasm and enabled me to tell the stories I most want to tell. THIS DOES NOT MEAN that "my way" is the only way, and I happily embrace any and all who scrapbook (period) However and whatever you do to capture and preserve life should be applauded. I have finally (after years and years) become 100% comfortable with my approach and am willing to put it "out there" via the Library of Memories class and Photo Freedom book simply b/c there hasn’t been a consistent and confident voice for breaking out of chronology, which is the major paradigm that leads many, many people to become frustrated and overwhelmed. We are all free to form and advocate for personal opinion and mine is that a singular chronological approach to scrapbooking is going to limit creativity and personal expression. But, having said that I believe just as strongly in an inclusive community that embraces anyone and everyone who loves celebrating life with pictures, color and words.

Do what makes you happy and what works for you, and have a happy Friday!


  1. ShellyJ says:

    Well, I am still waiting for my Photo Freedom to arrive! I can’t wait to read it :) Although, I am a complete chronological girl here! That is just how my brain works… straight lines and in order please :) But I am really excited to see what the June KOTM is!!! I am hoping for a sneaky peaky soon?!?! I need to know if I need to start saving some of my spending money!

  2. Jeannette P says:

    I too aplaud Kris for speaking her mind and I aplaud you too Stacy for putting this on your blog to show that you really do embrace any way of scrapbooking. I am in the process of changing to your LOM system b/c I crave that freedom that you talk about & it has put a whole new way of my thinking for scrapbooking. I’ve been looking at photos in a new light as of late & I’m enjoying it. That said, I will probably still be scrapping at least a little in choronological order for some events but by not keeping EVERYTHING in this way, I think I will be able to work toward my goal of sharing memories along with photos with my family & friends.
    “Do what makes you happy and works for you.” AMEN!!!! Isn’t that what scrapbooking is all about? Doing what works for us as individuals & makes us happy & have the desire to share photos & memories and leave a legacy.
    Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!!!

  3. I totally love your “system” and actually utilize it– BUT I still scrap most of the time chronographically (is that a word?) My extra photos are sorted with dividers (people, places etc) I utilize cold storage the whole shabang! So to people like Kris– you can combine the two and make it work!!

  4. Kristy H says:

    I loved Photo Freedom and I am working on creating my category drawers. My question is how far back do you go to choose photos for the drawers. I can’t see looking through all the cold storage photos, but I don’t want to miss anything. What would be a good way to limit what goes in the drawers so they don’t become a catchall or second cold storage box.
    I love your blog. You are really inspiring.

  5. I’m a core chronological girl to. But I could certainly see something was missing from my scrapbooks, so I have embrassed LOM as well. Once you learn the freedom found in the system you can adapt it to you. The core of my pages will still be chronological because my brain thinks that way and because I want to remember the “events” of life, but I no longer feel opressed by the “next” set of pictures. The best thing the system did for me was get all my pictures printed, out of envelopes and VIEWABLE so I can enjoy them right now, today before they are scrapped. I’m making the system work for me. I am the queen of organized so when everyone in my world heard I was taking what breaks down to an organizational class they thought I was nuts, but they see the happiness in me from the results. It’s amazing to me that I already organized much of the library way, I just needed the push, the permission, whatever to take it to the next level. I found my joy again.

  6. I love Library Of Memories but my sister-in-law is a strictly chronological scrapper and we both make really great albums :)

  7. I’m a chronological scrapper because my kids are so young and I’m enjoy looking through my albums and watching them grow. When they are older I plan to take apart those albums and resort them into individual albums for each child. For the special holiday’s and occasions I plan on having seprate albums for those too. It’s like a compromise between the two ways! Now if I can only push myself to journal more before I lose the memories. Argh!!

  8. Angi Smith says:

    I am a big Ali Edwards and Jessica Sprague fan! Go Photoshop Friday!!!!! CK advertisted your book over and over and other bloggers talked about it and I was one of the first ones on pre-order. Then I learned of The Big Picture and ordered it. I want to say that I am proud I did. While parts of your system worked for me, some of it didn’t. And I think that was your main message – to do what works for you and here is what works for me and could work for you. It is a wonderful, freeing manual of ease and organization and I salute you and your efforts to enlighten those of us knew to scrapbooking and still learning what works for us.

  9. Aubrey Raney-Avers says:

    I’m so glad you’re doing this! I just finished reading Photo Freedom and am a little confused, so thank you!
    I currently have around 20-30 albums with pictures in chron order. This, to me, is my “cold storage.” It’s important that my family and I be able to flip through an album and see old photos. I’m interested in using your category drawer approach, but am wondering if you have any ideas on how to do that. In the context of….if I’m taking my 100′s of pics mthly and putting them in categories, what will be left for any album (cold or temporary storage)? Will I pick just my favorites to put in the category drawers (say 1 of the 10 I took in a series)? It seems that if I “categorized” all 10, I’d have no use for albums of any kind.
    And don’t the category drawers overflow at some point? Do you clean them out, and if so do you put them in cold storage based on those categories or just throw them all in together in one album/box/etc?
    Thanks again, Stacy!

  10. Stacy, My life (of late) has been more than crazy b/c I have meant to post on my blog about Photo Freedom and how I use it. My kids are young and I am scrapping their lives in “their” albums (to take away someday) chronologically. It’s mostly events oriented (but we do A LOT of events) and I am NOW caught up (I’ve done a lot since we moved and I have a dedicated scrap space). I slso have mini-ablums of vacations, and an on-going one of Christmas (I take 100s of photos in Dec alone!).
    BUT, then there is OUR albums… ones for us to keep. Totally Photo Freedom all the way. I have a lo of my 4 year old son when he was 13 days old next to one of my 19 mo daughter when she was 9 months old. I actually use your ideas, but have it done ALL digitally (more my way)… I have a dedicated hard drive for Photo Freedom with multiple folders where I copy and paste photos there to browse, see the inspiration, and do the lo.
    I am proof positive that combining chrono scrapping and PF scrapping is possible, FREEING, and totally enjoyable!!
    Thanks for all you do!

  11. kat-in-texas says: is a really great idea! It just takes a LOOOOOONG time to upload all your pics to the site. But, if it means having backup when your computer crashes, so worth the wait!!!

  12. I’ve got a question about printing photos. Right now I still print doubles of everything. One copy goes into chrono albums (my kids look at these every day) and the other copy goes into my category drawers. Thanks to digital photography I’m only printing the “good” photos, but the drawers are still getting full fast. Should I be keeping only the ones I *think* I’m going to scrap in there and put the rest in cold storage? XX’s BethBG

  13. nomadscrapper says:

    My question pertains to how you display your albums. I’ve noticed you have several bookshelves that hold your 12×12 albums entirely, without leaving half of the album spine hanging out over the edge like my standard bookshelves do. Did you have the shelves you store your albums on custom-made? Do you know where we could purchase shelves or have shelves special-ordered that would actually fit a 12×12 scrapbook? Does anyone else know? Thanks!

  14. The pictures are a lot of fun Stacy. Your sons are awesome and that sweet little Addie will laugh someday when she sees this one! Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend.

  15. please tell….
    where did you get those small notebooks for your vacation photos? Love it! love your pictures.

  16. Rebecca says:

    I am both a chrono and free style scrapper. I do this mostly because it works for me. I have several chrono albums and then have one for trips and one for family & friends. Stacy, you have inspired me to do more mini albums and stop creating “monster” albums with way too many LO in each! :)I put my “people” category into minialbums. Thanks for your inspiration!

  17. LOVE your photo freedom & organization b/c I always feel trapped by how many options there are out there… like there’s too many to choose from so I don’t choose at all…
    Anyway, I am working through the starting process of it all and wondering if you have any suggestions on where to start on your chronological photo slip-in albums if all your photos are currently in a myriad of storage options? Where do they start and where do the cold storage boxes take over?
    I don’t even know if that question makes sense…

  18. Well said Stacy! You’ve got to do what works for you! Bravo!

  19. Stacy, I just wanted to pat you on the back for your response to the comment from Kris. You answered that in such a kind and understanding way, and that is just one of the reasons I read you blog, your books, and take BPS classes. Thank you for setting an example to me.

  20. Monique says:

    okay, having read both sides of this coin, I feel so much better about how I am doing things..
    Stacy, while I absolutely LOVE your approach, I am a chronological scrapper.. I just am, I like the order and organization it gives me.. but I do scrap my photos out of order.. I scrap what I see when I see it, create a page, put it one side and move on, been scrapping from 3 different years over the last few months and it’s liberating.. I keep scrapping photos from one year until I am uninspired and then just move on to a new box and new photos.. I am scrapping, using up my photos, supplies and telling my stories.. it’s what works for me, but you, your approach, style and philosophy of scrapping are truly inspiring.. please..keep on doing what you do!!

  21. JoAnn Bjerke says:

    Yes, do the dogwood tree. My birthday is on April 30 and, in Lewiston ID, the dogwood tree is always in bloom on that day. (Except this year when everything bloomed later than usual.) I have pictures of the tree and my kids for over 25 years and my plan is-to finally get them all together in an album this year. Such fun to see them-and the tree-grow.

  22. I am an LOM alumni from 2006 and am really loving using the Stacy system (my picture is even in Photo Freedom!), but I love chronology as well. That was the hardest thing to get over–taking my fotos out of order!! It helped me immeasurably to make a “Year in the Life” type album . That way I have a page or two per month that keeps all that chronology in place, and then I can use the rest of the fotos however I want! I do the chronological pages digitally, and then make copies for the grandparents too. My kids love to look at all the different kinds of albums, and the chrono ones are great for solving those “which year did we go to Disneyland??” questions. It works for me!

  23. Jennifer Kolakowski says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I love, love the idea of those NZ albums. What kind of album and page protectors did you use?

  24. Alison Currie says:

    Just a comment for the woman looking for shelving – IKEA PAx units work well and fit 12×12 scrapbooks. I have several in my office and they work great – now if I could just get them on our main floor where more people could see them! I’m waiting for the day I can get some custom made shelving for our living room. good luck in finding something that works!

  25. Stacy – can you please post what kind of albums you used for your NZ project? I just got back from Europe and would love to do this with the countries that we visited. Thanks!

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