I’m in Seattle …

On my way to attend a Shutterfly meeting in San Francisco (or close to it) with 9 or so other board members and I’m excited, but I’m really TIRED –slept for one hour last night (not a good idea.) For some reason, I’m buried lately in seriously long to-do lists. I did spend some money at Fireworks store here in the SeaTac airport (a happy place) so the retail therapy is kicking in and I’m feeling a bit more alert as the day goes by …

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all — I was greeted by yesterday morning by this …


it’s a good thing I got breakfast and dinner on Sunday (and a nap!) Such a good day, filled with homemade cards, poetry, love coupons, Reeses Peanut Butter bars and "hands" that will never grow (love those).

I actually rather look forward to opening this cupboard/chute on Monday mornings — it just makes me laugh that we generate so much laundry! It’s falls all over the place and then I sort it into piles and add to it the dirties already in the laundry room and then start processing (Jenna helps) and it’s surprising how quickly it all goes. I cut off three  pair of jeans (one of our favorite things to do this time of year) and forced Trey to retire his sweatshirt — I’ve been bugging him about it for a month at least. We "save" some of our favorites, by cutting out the front for our "someday" t-shirt quilt. I have a big, overflowing drawer in the basement with the remains of beloved screen printed and logo wear — and it will tell a great story (someday.)



I just had to capture this — I mean come on … who does this to their shirts?
What a great kid.

Since I was gone last week and this, we had Jenna take Addie for a
few hours last night and we all went to  Ironman — good flick. And
yes, we waited through ALL of the credits to see the promise of a
sequel. My "Marvel" boys were beside themselves. It may have sealed the deal Geof
is trying to make with Clark to become an engineer — even I had to
admit that the hollywood version of designing and building cool stuff was pretty

And … Have More FUN is now
open for registration. I am really having a FUN time making plans for
this class. I hope you can join me. There will be more detailed supply
list(s) available as soon as I can confirm a few more things and I’m
working on some cool surprises too — the bottom line is we are going
to just PLAY and be PRODUCTIVE and practice scrapbooking in the PRESENT
– my 3P prescription for healthier and happier scrapbooking!

btw, the 25 winners of this class have been notified, so if you haven’t heard, you didn’t WIN! (sorry) I am still waiting for a couple of book and happy winners from last week to email me!!



  1. Who does that to their sweatshirts?! My two teenage boys do! – every single sweatshirt looks like your son’s! LOL! I think it’s a fad here in CT! Who would have thought!!?? Love your blog!!

  2. I have a sweatshirt that looks just like that! AND I still wear it (around the house of course)

  3. My 29-soon-to-be-30-year-old daughter does it, that’s who! She likes to “keep her sleeves down.”
    Go figure.
    I’ve actually seen new sweaters for sale with thumb-holes already in them! (You pay extra for those holes, you know!)

  4. My 7 year old son has been doing this to his shirts since toddlerhood! It makes me laugh! (Although not in front of him)

  5. Your overflowing laundry chute looks just like mine! Do you have to jump out of the way when it all comes crashing down so you don’t get pelted by the avalanche?

  6. Im laughing out loud as we have shirts and jeans like this also this time of year. In fact the oldest sweatshirt I have is from 1991 (yes 1991) and the end things are gone so i can’t stick my thumbs through it anymore but it’s the best most comfy sweatshirt i own.

  7. Um, my kid does that to his sweatshirts too. WTH?? LOL I also am in Seattle….by Thursday we’re supposed to be at 75-85 degrees…sorry it’s so sucky and cold right now!

  8. Oh… I really want to see a picture of your laundry room now. From what I can see… it looks so CUTE! I really want to add some personality to mine since I spend soooo much time in there!

  9. Christina Becker says:

    I have to tell you that our babysitter actually has a sweatshirt from Roxy that comes like that; it has that built in hole for your thumb. Since I am not a sufer, I have no idea what it is for, but Trey apparently is in style. LOL :)

  10. Ann Grounds says:

    I’ve got one of those “someday quilt” pieces in a big plastic bin. While in college, I collected Pac-10 sweatshirts when our band would take a road trip to the football games. (That would be the Husky Marching Band)Ohhhhhh BTW I was a winner! :o) Thanks Stacy!

  11. Andria B. says:

    Not so weird…. My 7 yo daughter prefers her sweatshirts to have a hole like that in them…so funny.

  12. i actually bought an REI fleece with the thumbholes cut out of the sleeves! It’s seriously great for XC skiing, and it keeps me warmer up here in the mountains, too. i do get funny looks when i visit my parents in Chicago, though. i was so hoping to win a spot in your upcoming class, but since i didn’t, i’m in serious negotiations with my hubby since he forgot about Mother’s Day. My argument: the class would be like an ongoing Mother’s Day gift. Wish me luck! -Amy

  13. My older daughter (nearly 21) has a sweatshirt or two like that – they’re comfortable, she says….I can’t convince her she looks like a ragamuffin!
    …and I’ve got a bag of t-shirt fronts for our ‘someday’ quilt!

  14. my nearly 21-year-old daughter has a sweatshirt or two like that – she loves them and refuses to trash them….
    …and I’ve got a bag of t-shirt fronts going way back for our ‘someday’ quilt……

  15. Stacy
    BOTH my 12yr old and 16yr old do this to their sweatshirts – and REFUSE to get rid of them – they INSIST it’s the new style and that is how they are SUPPOSED to be worn! I feel your pain!

  16. Gee, that’s when a sweatshirt gets REALLY comfortable! I’d still be wearing it, with my thumb thru the hole. We too have t shirt and sweatshirt fronts…going back to my own high school days. I plan to make each of my 3 kids a big blanket/quilt from the shirt fronts to take with them to college…love from home, great memories, and what a conversation starter with new friends!

  17. shutterfly eh???? what’s the buzz???? can’t wait to hear. i just joined for the first time since restarting the Library Mem class and oooh ooh I’m in love already :) even completed my very own Ali Edwards booK :)

  18. My eight year old has a shirt just like that- the hole thumb thing, I mean! I’d better take pics of it before I cut it into a short sleeve shirt! It drives me crazy!

  19. Leanne, UK says:

    Loving the rugby league top! I’m from a town in the north of the UK, rugby league is a way of life here!

  20. annie bellamy says:

    hmm my son does that too! And chews the corners of his collars!

  21. My DS gets the weirdest little holes in the middle of his shirts. I’ve accused him of getting hungry in the middle of class and nibbling away, but he’s not ‘fessing up. I don’t get it. And, no…it’s not moths! I’ve been keeping all of their old sports T-shirts for a someday quilt (I’m thinking HS graduation or something). Fun idea, yes?

  22. Liz Simon says:

    I do that to my shirts….
    My favorite shirt has those same holes, LOVE IT!

  23. My son also has done this to many sweatshirts and other shirts. He says it is a skateboarding thing. I guess that is what boys do.

  24. Holes in sweatshirts + boys = loads of fun!!!

  25. Annie-mal says:

    Absolutely love your laundry “dress shirt” sign – would you email me where you got it? I have a funky retro laundry and a dislike of ironing. Thanks!
    I LOVE the sweatshirt shot – my husband had a T-shirt like that – his mom made it a pillow and sent it to him on his mission. He said the best part was that it smelled like home.

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