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I hope you’re planning to celebrate your passion for our amazing hobby today — get involved with some of the many FUN scrapbooking activities happening all over. I got to record a fun little podcast that you can listen to over on the Simple home page. There’s also a SCAVENGER HUNT SWEEPSTAKES you can take part in — and Big Picture is one of the sponsors. You’ll need to collect some "key words" and enter them for a chance to win 8 prizes worth more than $150 each. We are giving away FREE passes to Gretchen Schmidt’s 28 Days daily download workshop starting on May 8th. We’re also giving away 25 passes to my Have More FUN class coming this summer — all you have to do to enter is purchase any class at BPS and use the code "havefun" at checkout. You’ll save $5 and possibly win this class, priced at $85 dollars!
Read more on the BPS Blog.

If I were you, I’d use my coupon to join in on the life-enhancing experience that is Kolette Hall’s workshop, The ART of Becoming More. Kolette’s classes are so awesome — I was poking around her classroom yesterday and am once again blown away.

If you haven’t taken the "handmade book" plunge with Tena yet, this is also a worthy option — Tena is so fun and her monthly installments will teach you so many cool techniques and tips and build your creative confidence while turning out a memorable project — read all about May’s book here. Tena is also bringing back her FAB 52 Card Pick Up this summer …

and, if this isn’t enough, we have a brand NEW, delightfully and surprisingly productive workshop taught by my cute sister, Darci. A Baker’s Dozen starts with an empty egg carton and daily emails that will direct you to collect and create 13 layouts and a bunch of "eggstra" projects too!

So many ways to celebrate memories and creativity.

And finally, I received an email earlier this week, that to me is a perfect reminder of what scrapbooking can be and I can’t think of a better message to post today.

This is from Rose, who is reading Photo Freedom and finding the ability to make important connections that lead to authentic and meaningful scrapbooks.

Thank YOU Rose, for sharing this with me!

Last week I went out with my friend, Tina Pierson. We stopped in a bakery and I spotted a bottle of
Orange Crush. Instantly I wanted it. I went back out to the car and got my camera.

Fast forward a week. My Mom came from Idaho for a visit and brought pictures ranging from 1960 -1992.
I had ordered her some storage binders. She had done the hard work of sorting them somewhat into chronological order. I spent three days scanning these old pictures so that we can make books for her and my three siblings. While scanning I came upon a couple of pictures of my Dad.

One of them holding an Orange Crush soda. I instantly had the connection.

[This is the story that I wrote while waiting at baseball practice]

The other day my friend and I went to a bakery. I saw a glass bottle of Orange Crush soda.


Orange Crush.

When I hear those two words I am instantly a little girl in my Dad’s shop.

My Dad had an autobody repair shop. They would fix the body of a car and then repaint it.
His shop was a children’s paradise! My brother Vance and I would run around the entire place. There was an old elevator that we would play on. The building had been a furniture store in a former life. We would ride up the elevator to the upstairs. It was huge! It was full of boxes and other interesting things. We weren’t supposed to play up there but we couldn’t help ourselves from peeking into this strange place. I am still not sure what all that stuff was! There was also a huge stairway leading to the upstairs. I remember thinking those stairs led to some mysterious forbidden wonderland.

We would ride the elevator up and down, over and over again. When we stopped in the basement we would get off in the paint mixing room. This is where the machines were that would shake the cans of paint until they mixed enough to use. There was another short flight of stairs, somewhat like a cellar. I remember that room being rather scary to me.

My brother and I would play for hours going up and down the elevator, turning on the mixing machines, peering into the unknown boxes, running up and down the stairs. Dad sold snowmobiles for awhile so there were those to sit on also. I remember one called "Big Bertha!"

Occasionally Dad had a very important job for us. He would "need" us to paint a fifty-five gallon metal drum. We thought this was the most important work ever! We took pride in how we painted those cans! I can still see those big blue stripes in my mind! Little did we know that our "important job" was painting garbage cans! Dad was trying to keep us entertained and busy!

After running around and around and around like little kids do, Dad would send us across the street to Orr’s market. A little old fashioned grocery store. This was an experience so different than today’s shopping. It was an old building ( it was the grocery store my Mom shopped at as a girl) yet it had many wonders to behold. It had all needed groceries, meat counter, vegetables etc. There was fried chicken and fishing licenses. Hamburger and bullets. Toilet paper and tackle boxes. It had all of these wonders in three little aisles! It also had a really cool old register with the pop up numbers.

When Dad sent us to Orr’s we would go to the cooler and buy a glass bottle of Orange Crush soda, then we would walk back across the street with this cool orange goodness.

I miss Orange Crush in a glass bottle. I miss going across the street to get it. I miss opening the fridge at the back of the shop and finding a bottle of Orange Crush.


I miss my Dad.

Rose has everything she needs (a memory trigger, a poignant memory and a couple of otherwise unrelated photos that might have remained disconnected) to tell a story that no one else can tell.

this to me, is the very essence of what we do.
this is why I am still here, so perhaps I can help people do this, more often!

Happy National Scrapbook Day!


  1. “happy national scrapbooking day :)” (everyone in my family is saying it this morning :) & love the orange crush story!

  2. Jeannette P says:

    Happy National Scrapbooking Day to everyone!
    I truly enjoyed the story of Orange Crush. I loved that stuff. This story actually triggered one of my memories which is really cool. I was shopping at our local mall with my best friend & her mom when we decided to get a nice cold can of pop. I chose Orange Crush but ended up with another kind (the machine must have been misloaded) and boy was I disappointed. “My foot” was a popular saying at the time so when I said “Crush, my foot” and realized how it had come out of my mouth we all started laughing. It turned a not so happy moment into a funny memory & I still find myself thinking of that time.
    I too am reading Photo Freedom and am amazed at how I’m starting to ‘get it’ with the connections. I haven’t pulled out any pictures to start redoing them but I have been planning in my head & explaining it to my sister of how the system works & why I think it could make my scrapbook pages even better & tell more of a ‘real’ story.
    Thanks Rose for the Orange Crush story (what a great memories you have recorded now) and thanks Stacy for helping me start to change my thinking about how to scrapbook. It’s going to take me a little bit of time to convince myself to take the pics I have in chronological order out of order but I truly believe that I’ll then be able to scrap them & enjoy it more & my children will be able to enjoy the fruits of my work more than they do now.

  3. I love the Big Picture way of looking at photos and life. Rose’s story about Orange Crush is great. The writing on the story is great & pics classic!

  4. Angie F says:

    Thanks for sharing the Orange Crush story! LOVED it!! :)

  5. Sharon F. says:

    Happy Scrapbook Day! Reading Big Picture Scrapbooking – solidified my need to tell stories rather than put photos into chronological order. I felt as if it gave me permission or validation that this “different” path was ok. I started this hobby in a traditional way, scrapping the photos in order but found it very hard and frustrating. I did not know why. I would look at a photo and remember a particular memory and think I want that to be the story but it did not really go in the chronological style. My sister in law would have the same photo (we would print doubles of family events and share) and yet would have a totally different take or memory of the event or action. I loved that part. I now only scrapbook those everyday and story moments into layouts or minibooks.
    Yes, Stacy, you know what your purpose is and you are doing it. How fabulous is that? Thank you for staying true to your course and sharing it with all of us.
    Sharon, CA

  6. Happy National Scrapbook Day Stacy!!
    Orange Crush is one of the few drinks that remind me of home too, specially the glass bottle no to count the taste, I love it however I try to avoid the sugar on it, enjoy the day, hugs, Rosa.

  7. Happy National Scrapbooking Day to you too! Wow this story reminded me of when I was a kid. I had an Orange Crush tshirt. I have no idea where it came from or why, but I LOVED that shirt. Wish I still had it and could wear it! Thanks for the great story Rose and the memory it triggered for me!~Erica

  8. grandmagina says:

    Happy National Scrapbooking Day!” Thanks to you and Wendy Smedley and all the ladies at BPS – I AM A SCRAPBOOKER! And that is such a bright spot in this walk we call life! :-)

  9. Tears – beautiful memories leading to beatiful stories – to me, that’s the heart of scrapbooking. Happy NSD! Thank you for all YOU’VE done for the hobby

  10. Happy Scrapbook Day/Weekend to everyone! I loved Rose’s story about how an object can trigger a memory and her’s was wonderful.

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