Photo Freedom Q&A (day one)

I want to start our Q&A with this email that I received on Sunday, from Kelli:

I just finished reading Photo Freedom and can't express my gratitude.  The reason I say that is my Mother recently became very ill and was hospitalized.  It was unexpected.  I met the ambulance at the hospital and spent the first evening with her, she was not doing very well.  When I came home I had a need to do something for my Mom but I had my three boys (12, 4, 8 months) to get to bed.  I made sure to get up early the next morning, before the boys, and opened my People We Love box…went to the tab for Nana and was able to pull some of my favourite photos of my Mom with her grandchildren when they were little and some of me.  She was happy and smiling in each photo and I hoped it would brighten her day.  I made a 4×4 mini ring album in a little over an hour.  I would never have been able to complete it without having been a part of your class or having reorganized my photos…and for that I wanted to say THANK YOU!  It did brighten my Mom's day and she has it sitting out to look at when she begins feeling low.

With a little effort in organization, this system gives you the ability to put your hands on pictures you want when you need them. To me, this is powerful stuff and far more important than any exercise in breaking free of chronology. Regardless of how you approach, store or display pages and projects, when you enrich the organization of your photos, you also enrich your ability to find and create in response to inspiration.

Ok, let's get started. We're going to start with some easy ones!

Questions from Darlene:
In your BP book you use acid free tabbed dividers to separate groups of photos in the category drawers. I have done a search and can't really find many choices. Will you share which brand you use with me and a link?

Absolutely! I used acid free tabbed dividers from Highsmith. The link is super long, but if you will visit and type "acid free index cards" in the search box, they will come up. They cost just under $7 for a package of 50.

Also, I don't have a huge backlog of photos…but I am nervously trusting you and beginning to file my prints as you suggest. I really need a class on what to take pictures of…sounds silly I know, but I was from the era where you might only take 2-3 rolls of pictures a year. I can't seem to get out of this mind set and take ordinary everyday photos. And you know these layouts and memories are always my favorites!!

I have a couple of ideas/resources that will help you see more everyday photo opportunities. First, read Ali's blog and any of her books. In my opinion she truly turns everyday moments into art and captures so well the fleeting, and often imperfect dailiness we all live with and sometimes fail to see as "scrapworthy" You would love her book, Life Artist.

I think you will also enjoy the class I am teaching this summer, called Have More Fun. Our September project will be a perfect remedy and may change your picture-taking habits forever!

Question from Jeannette:
I have been doing some research for purchasing the components to make my LOM system.  I have found 4 x 6 as well as 5 x 8 file boxes to use for the category drawers.  Which do you use & why did you choose that size? 

I initially purchased one 4×6 set of two metal drawers and put two categories in each drawer. About a year later I added a second set of drawers. At this time I rarely, if ever made enlargements. Since then, digital photography has made it very easy to order prints in different sizes and I love working with 5×7 photos. In fact, when I upload a seasonal highlights folder to Shutterfly and order prints, I often order 5 to 10 or more 5×7 prints. So … my answer is, I have and love 4×6 drawers and have created a place and method where I can reference and store my enlargements — I think though if I were setting up the system now, I just might purchase the larger drawers! I realize this may come off as one of those "non-answers" so here's the summary:

1. The metal drawers that I recommend and LOVE are expensive. Feel free to start with one set of drawers (and add a second set down the road.) There are some options to the more expensive metal file cabinet drawers. In fact, Cheryl at Croppin' Companion is letting me give away a set of her sturdy cardboard drawers, so if you would like to be part of a random selection process, leave a comment!2drawertoolbox

2. If you print and use lots of 5×7 enlargements, consider purchasing category drawers that will accommodate them. The drawers I use are made by SteelMaster and can be found at by searching "steelmaster index card file"


More answers tomorrow!


On the homefront, we had a marvelous Memorial Day, thanks to all who have sacrificed for and continue to defend our freedoms … I'm just happy when in Washington it doesn't rain on this first celebration of summer.


attended the church picnic. there is just something so delicious about that first grilled hamburger of the season!

had so much fun capturing images of Red Rover …

and we initiated our new firepit! Some of us need some roasting practice.

Happy Tuesday (thanks to all this fun, I've been sending Happy Monday Morning emails all morning — oh well.)


  1. Thanks so much for the Q&A! It is so helpful.

  2. Thanks for the information about highsmith……I’m off to order my index cards!

  3. Even though I am sooo far behind in your LOM class, I am loving it! I have printed all the classes/directions and hope to work through it!
    I can’t say how many times I have wanted to do something “real quick” and how easy it would have been if I had all of my photos filed w/ your system.
    I don’t have my drawers yet (that far behind), but I have my list of categories and tons of ideas on theme albums I want to work on. How I will organize my digital photos online too…
    (digital scrapper too)
    I can’t thank you enough for all your “great wisdom” on scrapping.
    I have always loved your style and loved seeing you in person (at a CTMH convention some years ago b4 kids aka b4 2003)
    Thank you for sharing w/ us!
    Kim (aka MyEbella)

  4. Stephanie P says:

    You have gotten me excited about organizing my photos. Thanks!

  5. Hi Stacy. I have recently been following you and your blog and think I should make Photo Freedom my summer project. I would love to win that file drawer to help get me started. As always, you are an inspiration!

  6. very inspiring answers. I love those photo storage boxes. I need to get back into storing in a useful manner.

  7. What great organization ideas!

  8. Thank you for always inspiring me! I sure do need this! Have a great week with your loved ones!!!

  9. I made two theme albums from vacations today to empty out a storage binder. My kids are going to love reviewing our trip, what we did and who we saw. In the process, I also pulled some pics to go into the category drawers. After three years (little break in the middle), I’m starting to enjoy your process and had lots of fun this morning. Thanks.

  10. Susanne says:

    I would LOVE that file drawer! I have both your books and love them–you’re an inspiration to scrapbookers. Thanks for all your great tips!

  11. Thanks for the info Stacy! Glad you had a great weekend–ours was a fun one too!

  12. young c-m says:

    Ooh, the firepit looks so fun! Makes me want to roast marshmallows. =)

  13. Michelle R says:

    I would love to win one of those, that is one of the things I haven’t been able to find in the stores. Michelle

  14. Hi Stacy,
    I recently purchased The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker and your book Photo Freedom.
    It has been a challenge organizing my photos and supplies at the same time. But more importantly, I have scrapped more in the last month, than I ever have in the past!
    I look forward to taking your LOM class this coming year to fine tune my organization and streamline my process!
    My question involves your square punch system. Do you use only one size punch and just what brand(s) and size(s) do you use?
    Have a fantastic day!

  15. Kris in Rochester, NY says:

    Thanks for posting answers to questions…I was wondering where to get acid-free index cards, myself, when I read about them in your book. I am reorganizing my “stuff” and the drawers would really help, in that department.

  16. This Q&A session is perfectly timed for me! Thank you. I recently bought and read Photo Freedom and have begun the organization process. Luckily for me, my friend took your LOM class and loved the outcome, so I can ask her for advice/moral support too.

  17. rebecca says:

    Oh, that makes me want a fire pit! Just for the burnt marshmallows! LOL
    Thanks for the Q&A. I am still in the planning phases of categorizing my photos so it is really helpful to me in the planning process :)

  18. StacyS. says:

    I love to keep my scrappin’ and photo stuff organized – I would love to win your draw!
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    StacyS. (Alberta, Canada)

  19. Kelly Oetzel says:

    I just finished reading Photo Freedom and my official summer project is to get my photos in drawers and organized so I can scrap more and more!!
    I am also curious about what brand and size square punch you use – please let us curious scrappers know :)

  20. I have loved your book and have started my work on getting organized. I have all my printed photos that I want to scrap in binders and even created an Excel file of all the photos I have! The boxes would sure be helpful for the other part of my organizing!!

  21. Love reading your blog and the photo freedom!!! Thanks for this great giveaway, too :)

  22. I love the LOM system and would certainly love to win the drawers from Croppin’ Companion since I haven’t purchased metal drawers yet!

  23. tchrtiff says:

    Thanks for taking the time to answer Photo Freedom questions. It’s come at a prefect time as I’m reading the book now and have become so inspired! I also ordered your Big Picture book and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. I hope you teach another LOM class next year so I can learn even more about your great photo system. Happy Tuesday!

  24. Heather says:

    love the info on the photo storage solutions–photo organization is my summer project–thanks for the motivation.

  25. I love Photo Freedom! I have organized my flickr pictures using your system. check it out:
    Thanks for being you!

  26. Kelley Sweitzer says:

    Looking forward to more Q&A this week. I’ve been getting my photos more organized and my scrapping is reflecting it, I think. Can’t wait to meet you this summer at Valley Forge, PA Creating Keepsakes Convention.

  27. Gioconda says:

    I am taking your LOM class and cannot tell you how much it has changed, not just the way I scrapbook, but how I look at my whole structure of taking pictures and telling the story. LOVE IT!!

  28. I was a skeptic when I began reading your book because I made the assumption that all my photos were to be put into the 4 catagories. I couldn’t get my head around having to take apart a holiday and dividing into the 4 catagories when I read about your storage binders. You weren’t saying don’t scrapbook Halloween each year…just that it’s ok to focus on the photos you just took of your older child helping tie his little brother’s shoes…if it inspires you more and why not do it first even if the photos were taken after Halloween. I’m a teacher and I liken it to when the concept of the Whole Language approach to reading was introduced. People initially thought that the change meant that Phonics was not important and “threw the baby out with the bath water”. If you read the premise of the Whole Language approach it just shifts the emphasis…more on the context and less on the parts. You can’t make sense of reading without the context. Phonics is still a part of the reading process…it just isn’t the first key. The context is the big picture. The phonics are the bits of ribbon, the chipboard embellishments that add to context/big picture. Thanks Stacy, I see the BIG PICTURE and have FREEDOM to be INSPIRED.

  29. I just purchased some of her layout organization packets, where you can pull supplies and photos for 2 layouts and be organized and ready for a crop! I had been using 2 gallon zip lock bags and just like she said…everything falls to the bottom of the bag, not fun! Anyway I would love to win her photo organizational boxes!!

  30. Wow, your note posted by a reader really choked me up. I just may start organizing my photos again. I just keep thinking it’s something for ME that I want to do and as long as I have this cluttered house I don’t deserve to be playing with photos, but after reading that note and having a father in a nursing home, maybe I could look at it a different way….Thanks as always and DOUBLE THANKS as I was a recipient of Happy Monday Morning Mail today and I never even realized it was on Tuesday (((grins))), I was just ELATED to be receiving mail from Stacy Julian!!!!!

  31. PS would like to be included in the draw too please. *smiles*

  32. Julie Johnson says:

    Would love the drawers! :) Thanks for inspiring me to get going on this again!
    I will say, that thanks to the small start on this system, my daughter’s birthday mini book was so easy to put together! I cropped 8 photos that were in her file category, and put them into a mini book within an hour. It was meaningful, captured her last 8 years, and is DONE! :)

  33. Thanks for the great information–I really, really need to start on years of photos for organization, and your system will really help!

  34. noelani says:

    I have been searching for drawers and can’t find them anywhere in a real store here. I would love to see these ones too! I love to see things irl before i order online,but i think i’ll have to change my ways for this purchase!

  35. I have so much enjoyed your LOM class at Big Picture and just printed out the syllabus for the Have More Fun class this summer – sounds like a great way for me to keep my momentum going and have some fun!! I am a digi-girl and keep most of my photos organized on the computer, but I think I will need some category drawers for the pre-digital photos – would love to have a shot at winning the ones you’re giving away :) Have a great day and thanks for everything!

  36. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for being so approachable. You are so honest and genuinely helpful, thank you.

  37. Pat Steele says:

    My LOM system sure would flow much better if I could add category drawers to it. (Hint, Hint) (Wink, Wink)

  38. Jaime Sherman says:

    I would love to win this. I am very interested in learning more about the LOM.

  39. Gemma Errington says:

    Thank you for being honest and taking the time to answer people’s questions. You continue to inspire and I adore your photos. You have made scrapbooking more fun and less of a challenge. Thank you

  40. i’m about to reorganize my photos with your system. i can’t wait to get started and will be purchasing the drawers this weekend.

  41. Please enter me for the drawers – I’m hoping to get your book this summer and can’t wait to dive into it. :)

  42. Vicki Aday says:

    Oh I would love to have a set of these drawers. I am in the process of setting up my LOM and I don’t have my catergory drawers yet; this would be awesome!
    Can’t wait to read more of Q & A! :)

  43. Tracy B (in Alberta) says:

    Yes, Ali’s books are great so is Rebecca Cooper’s Real.Life.Scrapbook
    I do need some catagory drawers, just using a file (reciepe) style box from Staples right now.

  44. Amy Dow says:

    Stacy, I just finished reading Photo Freedom and so did my sister…I ordered my photo albums (they only had a few at because you have started an organizing revolution!) I want to thank you for taking all the time to share your scrapbooking philosophy (BP) and organizational system (Photo Freedom) with me. After 9 years of this wonderful hobby I was ready for a revolution and taking time to scrap the memories and everyday things and not just the “important moments” or holidays. Hey, can you get anyone to put the Pioneer albums on sale??? Just a thought:) Thanks again for sharing so much of yourself with everyone…you are GREAT!

  45. karen Hobbs says:

    Happy Tuesday!!! I am a 3rd year LOM student. I love my categories!!! I am pulling school time photos of my Senior daughter and they are all there! It’s super! And thanks for including us “old timers” I need to keep focusing on the Big Picture, old habits die hard!

  46. I starting setting up your system and am just using photboxes for now. would love a set of drawers!

  47. Brenda :D says:

    Always inspiring and encouraging! :) Thank you for that!
    The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I just received a phone call telling me that we need to get my dad in a nursing home as quickly as possible. In the midst of the sadness, I can see how to remember the better days!

  48. Because today is my 30th wedding anniversary I should get the give away! I have at least 32 years of photos to organize so I’ve got to get started… Karen

  49. Angi Smith says:

    What giveaway? Where? Who? me? I would love to own 2 metal 4×6 drawers. Then I could buy 2 more and my system will start looking like yours! I mean mine! Stop … you are confusing me!

  50. I just started reading the book as well and can’t wait to get going!

  51. i love the system, and am a LOM07 alum. i could not have more fun scrapbooking now that my photos are organized. i actually already have the drawers, but do still need a better system for my 5×7 photos. Love my photo drawers. i even put all of my mom’s photos in them, and it makes sense to me. She gave me all of our pictures from 1970 on, and it was so overwhelming. Until LOM. Thanks Stacy. Actually, i can’t thank you enough. Amy

  52. Hi Stacy,
    I made a realization while finishing reading Photo Freedom…
    I keep chronological albums but I don’t actually scrapbook chronologically. I scrapbook what inspires me at the time and I have been known to keep certain pics together from different days, seasons, etc., that are related, so I can make a layout about them. Then I put them in the appropriate albums. So it just makes sense (duh) to keep these related pics together in file drawers, by category! I also plan to keep individual “people” categories, too. I now see it more clearly, at least how it pertains to me, which IS the Big Picture, right?
    Thanks, Stacy!

  53. This is one of my summer projects! Can’t wait to get started! (And can’t wait to see more Q & A!)

  54. Brooke Hansen says:

    I love croppin companion products I would love to get my hands on the 4×6 organizer drawers. Thanks

  55. Linda H says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for doing the Q&A.
    I just wanted to share my Photo Freedom experience.
    I got your book and was reading and I got to the part about the category drawers and I was not sold. I thought, Oh no, she says this is one of the essentials…
    Anyway, I kept on reading. Somewhere in the middle of the book, I GOT IT! I thought about a picture of my grandmother that I took with my very first camera at age 11. I love the picture and the memory behind it, but never knew what to do with it. Then I thought about picture I have of a couple that are very good friends of ours. It was taken at a benefit auction we attended with them. Before Photo Freedom, I kept thinking, I guess I should do a layout about that benefit. After Photo Freedom, I realized that I did not want to do a layout about the benefit, but our friends. That would be a great picture for the category drawers!
    I just want to thank you so much for writing this book. I LOVE the system and it makes SO MUCH SENSE to me.
    Thanks again,

  56. So happy to see your Q&A…love the system! I recommend your books to all newbies or confused customers at the (cough, cough, ‘A’) scrapbook store I work at!
    Red Rover is such a summer game, isn’t it? Takes me right back to childhood.
    And my mom would LOVE that marshmallow! She likes hers charred beyond belief.
    Have a great week!

  57. I’ve asked for your book for my birthday in a few weeks and REALLY hope DH gets on the ball with this one! :) Love the Q&A and can’t wait to get serious about organizing (and um, maybe even printing?) all these photos I’m so intimidated by on my computer!

  58. I just ordered your book and The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker (should be here Friday!). I just moved back to Spokane after many years away. I have my own bonus room as my creative studio and want to set it up in a way that helps me to be more productive. I just found out I’m pregnant with baby #2 so I need to get some serious scrapping down from baby #1 first. This Q&A is great. I check your blog daily! Thanks for sharing with us!

  59. jujusmother says:

    I too am enjoy the LOM class the second time around. Still trying to get organized, but I love the freedom of scrapping what is of interest to me at the time.

  60. Oh how I can’t wait to get started on this BUT need to wait until we make our move to Spokane!

  61. Jeannette P says:

    You rock Stacy! Thanks for answering my question. It comes at a good time b/c I was just thinking about ordering the category drawers. I never thought of ordering a set now & then expanding it down the road so the start up cost isn’t so much. I’ll be ordering a set of 5 x 7 double file drawers tonight. That way I don’t have to keep enlargements in a seperate drawer (don’t have the room for another set if I can help it). thanks so much for the way you answered the question. Actually as I was reading your answer I had my mind made up to get the 5 x 7 drawers (not much pricer either) before you summorized it all at the end. And what I love about it all is that you give ideas on how to utilize current stuff before purchasing new stuff to start & you didn’t pick the pricest products but rather ones that are fairly economical & of high quality. The best bang for my buck! Thanks for that too.
    Today I spent the day setting up my file box for my kids’ memorabilia for their grades. It was fun, I got it all done & in the process I cleaned out several places I had their stuff stashed. I even threw a bunch of it away. I still kept a lot (since they bring home like a forest of trees worth of stuff) but it was definitely a start. I figured I’d start with their stuff since I have tons of it, I already had a file box that I could repurpose (my dh laughs when I tell him I repurposed something) and I had file folders for everything. Just printed labels & voila! A nice & neat place to put it all. I figure the stuff I’ve kept for myself over the years is next. If I can pare down some of this stuff I will make room for my category drawers & all the things in my new LOM. I’m having a blast with this!!!! I love organizing & when it all comes together in a way that makes sense to use it, well, that’s even better. “The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker” quizzes are helping too. Day 2 of organizing tomorrow afternoon sometime (maybe only for 20 mins though, we’ll see).

  62. I’m reading Photo Freedom right now and enjoying learning more about your system. Thank you for all of the step-by-step information. I’m going to be ready to dive-in on my organization after I’m done reading.

  63. I am reading and enjoying Photo Freedom now. Reading your other book and your blog has had me scrapbooking out of order for a while now. Now, I hope to become more organized! Thanks!

  64. Cindy Harley says:

    Stacy, Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. The cropping companion products are great. I do admit (I am still trying to organize my thoughts around non-chronlogical.)
    I loved the Finish Line scrapbooking class that I took with you last year. I love putting pictures together just on how I felt.

  65. I so need to buy your book! I love the ideas I’ve been hearing on how to organize.
    The drawers look awesome too!

  66. Jenn Ryan says:

    Thanks for sharing your photo storage methods – nothing seems to work in my world!

  67. KristiG says:

    Hi from one of your ’06 LOM alums…I’m currently participating in LOM and loving it even more now that I’m actually taking the time to implement your system. Thanks for everything you share with us that makes our scrapbooking lives easier!

  68. Stacy! I would love a set of those drawers.
    Also, have to ask…is that your beautiful backyard in the last picture with the fire pit??? I went to college in Spokane and whenever I see your picts, I get a bit homesick for that former “home” of mine! But atleast I live in the Northwest again! (We spent a decade in the desert in Las Vegas.)

  69. Karen G says:

    I am currently taking the class and am struggling with pulling pictures and putting them into drawers, maybe because I don’t have drawers to put them in. Loving the class and making progress, slow but sure.
    Karen G

  70. Barbara says:

    Hi there Stacy
    hope you had a great holiday.

  71. Connie W says:

    I just ordered Photo Freedom. Can’t wait to start reading!

  72. Deena Hopkins says:

    I am currently sorting my pictures by year. It is a lengthy process, but I’m hanging in there!
    Those drawers look awesome! Good luck to everyone.

  73. Karidan Chapman says:

    I was just going to buy some new photo storage so this would be great if I won them!!! Thanks

  74. These are wonderful Q & A… help me to address questions I didn’t even know I had! LOL
    I have finished reading the PF Book, but haven’t started implementing it. I am in the middle of the Organized and Inspired Scrapper & sort through ALL – and boy do I mean ALL – of my scrap stuff!

  75. ok – Type-A that I am – I NEED those drawers to get started. . .LOL. . .on a happier note – I set up your school of life file box in no time flat!!

  76. Karen Walker says:

    I had a start on organizing my photos, but after reading your book, know I will spend my first few weeks of retirement (20 more school days in NY) redoing it the Photo Freedom way. I would love to have the boxes! Thanks for all your inspiration. BPS has changed my life–for the better!

  77. I enjoyed reading all your books. After reading Photo Freedom, I ordered your other two books at I am working in organizing my pictures a little bit at a time. Thank you.

  78. Nancy S. says:

    Just got your book and can’t put it down. My goal this summer is to catagorize, catagorize, catagorize! So. . . it would be helpful to have those drawers!

  79. Sharon F. says:

    Hi Stacy, you are a delight. Loved Big Picture Scrapbooking and looking forward to reading Photo Freedom.
    After reading BPS I have been organizing by person all my photos. I love it. When I happen upon new photos its so easy to know where to store and retrieve. Its the retrieving that is most hard and this makes it so much simpler.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Sharon F.

  80. I am hoping to purchase your book and get started on organizing, which I love, but have found difficult with my pictures. I’d love to have the storage box!

  81. Just wanted to say “Thank You” for your non-chronological outlook. Keep up the good work!

  82. Love your Q and A. It really helps.

  83. I can’t say enough good things about your class. This is one of the BEST classes I have taken in years. I’m still not completely up to date on lessons but I love my new binders for layouts (they are all done) and I am scrapbooking so much more because it no longer feels like something I have to do but something I WANT to do instead.
    Thanks for making this system so easy to follow. I love that you broke it down for us in really easy to complete tasks.

  84. Tiffany N says:

    Hi Stacy, Would you enter me for the drawing please? I love you teachings. Thanks, Tiffany

  85. Thanks for the Q & A! I just got your book and love it! I just started the organization process and can already tell a difference! You have seriously changed my life! Thanks!

  86. oh my gosh! that photo box would be so useful! I was wondering if that one would be good versus the metal ones that you said you got!

  87. Raylene says:

    I have really enjoyed your blog and would love the chance to win the photo organizer. Thanks for sharing lots of great ideas.

  88. Lisa Bracale says:

    Great Q&A. I really need to start a process.

  89. I am participating in the your class for the second time (07 alum) and am still learning so much and enjoying using this system. Per your instructions, I am using available funds to print my photo backlog at this time, so have not yet purchased drawers. I am using a photo box, and drawers would be so nice! I’m just grateful to be as far along as I am though. Thanks!

  90. Sally Wittkamp says:

    Love Love Love your blog—could you just come to Iowa and help me get my craft space organized—by the way your choc chip banana brownies are Yumm OH—would love to be entered in your drawing—Thanks and get ready for summer…Sally

  91. What a great system. I’m trying to decide on my category drawers right now!

  92. I love your blog and I am so excited to buy your Photo Freedom book and take you Have Fun class at BPS! Winning that photo drawer would help me get organized. (Hint, hint!)

  93. Adriane says:

    Stacy ~ thanks for your non-chronological approach… I’m still working on implementing everything, even with my second round of LOM! Funny how life gets in the way…

  94. I am taking LOM this session. I just got word that my 3-ups are in at my LSS. These drawers would put me that much further into this WONDERFUL investment for the future.
    Wish me luck.
    P.S. I LOVE your fire pit.

  95. I do not scrapbook chronologically. I scrapbook what inspires me at that time & it drives my friends nuts!
    But i really need to work on organizing my photos better.

  96. Love Photo Freedom and have started making better connections, deeper, more meaningful story telling connections with my pages. Thank you so much. I have been looking at drawers trying to make the best decision/investment. Right now I have been ordering the Pioneer albums on and transferring photos formerly stored in photo boxes and envelopes into them. It is so easy to pull them for my pages now. Am starting on the reorganization of my boxes. I have shared this whole philosophy with a “veteran” scrapbooker friend and a “newbie” scrapbooker friend this very weekend. I am “internalizing” it as I get to share about it! Thanks. It will revolutionize my time use and my pages…and I am more “guilt free”!!! Awesome!
    Thank you for your generosity in sharing the drawers with one of us.

  97. Still plugging away at organizing my pictures. Organizer boxes would be great :).

  98. Stacy, I am so excited about Photo Freedom! I think I’ve read the book about a thousand times by now, and am slowly but surely implementing big changes. Here’s my question: I have tons of pictures from the past 6 or 7 years that I have organized nicely on my computer but NOT printed out. (I tended to just print the pictures that I was immediately ready to scrapbook – so that probably gives you an idea as to how many pages I have completed – ha!) Anyway, how do I deal with this “lack” of printed photos? Do you recommend that I start purging and printing year by year to fill up my storage binders and category drawers? I’ve got a LOT of pictures to print! Of course now I am printing pictures monthly or quarterly, which makes much more sense, but I need to get myself up to speed. I had 3 kids during this time period, so there are a lot of important/special pictures lingering on my computer. Help!
    BTW – can’t wait to “see” you in HAVE MORE FUN this summer – I’m signed up and ready to go! And as a warm-up, I’m taking your sister’s class before hand (love her name – hee hee) I’m so excited about scrapbooking again!
    Thanks for your continued guidance.
    Darcy – Ellisville, MO

  99. Hi Stacy,
    I had the opportunity to see you in person in Calgary in April. Thank you so much for your inspiring ideas!! I’m the one that bought your PF book and had you sign it as my witness!! I am working on reorganizing right now. Whew it feels so good! Thanks for the help! Save me a spot in your Have more Fun class, K? ;)
    Dawn in Saskatoon

  100. I was in your Samford Ct CKU Album class and struggled, at first, with having the pictures in four groupings, cropped and in different orientations. I loved my finished album and I am looking forward to sorting all my pictures this summer.

  101. Hi Stacy! I love your Photo Freedom book., finished it in one sitting. I am currently organizing our photos.

  102. I am SAHM and on a budget to be able to stay-at-home with my little ones and am currently using cardboard photo boxes for my category drawers that I bought for $1 on sale at Michaels. I am having trouble keeping my photos standing up in the boxes though. Someday, after my kids graduate college :), I’ll be able to splurge on real category drawers. For now, I’m trying to come up with a filler for the back of my boxes to push the photos forward and stand them up. Any clever/easy ideas?

  103. I’ve signed up for your class, have more fun, and I can hardly wait.

  104. Love all your input and suggestions- love what you have done for our amazing hobby.

  105. LateBlossom says:

    Thank you for the Q&A! It’s so helpful.

  106. tammy perkins says:

    Would love to try these drawers as I am looking for a new storage system – thanks for all your insight!

  107. Wendy Antenucci says:

    I’d love a set of drawers. I tried photo boxes and they aren’t working, but I love all that I learned in LOM – so many wonderful lo’s have resulted.

  108. Leslie Elvert says:

    Loving this idea of Q & A for Photo Freedom. I am an alumni of LOM 2006, and just this year finally purchased the steelmaster files. Love them! I had outgrown the single photo storage box I had been using. I have four 4×6 size drawers and have room in a couple of them to put store 5×7 photos in the back of the drawer. I am sure this is a temporary option because I’m still adding to the drawers, but it is working well for now!

  109. I am pretty caught up so I don’t have a lot of pictures to store but I did notice lately that I’ve scrapped the same event more than once because I printed doubles. I think I need to do the storage box thing so that I can stay on top of what I’ve scrapped and not scrapped… that way I can just go into the box and pull out some pictures and get to work. Also – I think it would make it easier for “kitting” my pages for crops… Great suggestions. I will continue to read your blog for more insight!

  110. Karen C. says:

    i love that you are doing a PF Q&A. THis is great!

  111. I was feeling overwhelmed, uninspired and unable to scrap anything – Getting organized was the key…. Thanks Stacy!

  112. Hi Stacy,
    I love that you are answering questions about “Photo Freedom” and from the Library of Memories class!

  113. RUTH ALLMART says:

    Oooo Stacy, I would love to win these boxes. I have been wanting to buy them but winning them would be way more fun :o) Love, love, love your book. I’ll be checking your blog daily to read all the awesome Q&A’s. Thanks again for all you’ve done for this fabulous hobby of ours!!!

  114. Becky in VA says:

    so glad you are answering these questions! thanks! love the blog

  115. There is nothing better than organized photos!!! It really does make life easier doesn’t it? Those croppin Companion drawers are not only functional but look good too!!

  116. I love the BP-it is a totally liberating book. I hadn’t scrapped chronologically since I started-I need to be able to scrap the photos that move me–but making the connections among photos-that’s really a key thing that I’m trying to work on. I personally use mini albums for that, as a “free project” and then reserve my regular pages for more “traditional” pages so to speak, but try to let both crossover as well.

  117. LoM is the best system ever! I am so glad you came up with it and shared it with us.
    Sue in Alexandria VA

  118. I love the Croppin’ Companion boxes. I may have to invest in some of them. thanks for sharing :)

  119. HI Stacy,
    I didn’t really think I needed Photo Freedom, but I bought it because I can’t resist any of your books. After reading it, I have decided to start incorporating some of your suggestions, even though I’m already pretty organized. I like the category drawers for making random layouts of my family, so I think this will be my first step.
    Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  120. Stacy – I’ve just gotten your Photo Freedom book and I’m looking forward to reading it. I’d love to have some photo drawers to get me started! I’m also looking forward to your “Have More Fun” class – I signed up the other day and I can hardly wait for it to start! I’m going to be having some surgury at the end of June, so I will have my entire recovery period to scrap!

  121. Mary H. says:

    My DH started building me my own category drawers out of wood about two months ago. He’s never finished them and now I’m questioning whether it would be ok to use wooden drawers (lignin and that sort of thing). The Croppin’ Companion drawers look great and they are so affordable! I just may have to pic up a set!

  122. I’d love to win anything!

  123. getting going with Photo Freedom! I have uploaded LOTS of photos to Snapfish. Deciding on some binders to order so I can put the prints away when they arrive!
    (would love some category drawers!)
    Thank you!

  124. Liz in PA says:

    Hi Stacy:
    Great inspiration to using the
    drawers for filing/storing
    Liz in PA

  125. maryellencarlise says:

    Hi Stacy–I LOVE the info-overload Im getting. LOTS to chew on! My QUESTION is, what would be your “Photo Library Recommendation” when you have almost zero space…Like as in I am living with my sister, and it’s not even my house right now but I’d like to get started…any ideas?
    Thanks for your inspiration!
    Mary Ellen

  126. Kristine says:

    Would love to be a winner –I have just ordered your book.

  127. I have a hodge podge of photo drawers and would love a chance to use these. Organization is key!

  128. I still have a long way to go in making all my photos readily accessible, but want to THANK YOU so much for all the inspiration to do it this summer.
    I still cringe at ordering photos before I know my layout—but you are right, they are the inspiration I need…so I’m starting.
    To combat the $$ of ordering all those photos waiting on my computer, I wanted to share my cheap drawer system. I use rubbermaid cd boxes (they work perfectly for 5×7 as well as 4×6 photos). Maybe not acid free plastic, I don’t know, but I use safe card stock that I cut myself for the dividers. I love being able to take the whole box with me to a crop or to another room, and to have easy access to all of them.
    Lastly, a question:
    Do you know of anyone who has applied your system to how they tag their photos on their computer? I feel like there is a missing puzzle piece in which PSE’s system of tagging or any other photo software could be used more…but I’d like to learn first how someone else does it.

  129. lauriek says:

    I’m working hard on my organization and would love to win the photo drawers, as money is very tight right now. I just paid $53.15 to fill up my car with gas at $3.85 a gallon! This is getting unreal. All the stores are having promotions about “vacationing” at home this summer. Yeah, I figure I can do a lot of that – stay home and scrapbook!
    laurie k

  130. Thanks for giving more links on storage and for sharing PF with us- I especially like how you punch out faces from photos and store those to use for layouts- that is helping me (I also weeded out a lot of old unusable photos from the computer/ boxes this weekend.)

  131. Sherrie says:

    I’d love to win the drawers. I’m enjoying your blog…just ordered Photo Freedom for my SIL and myself, and I LOVE The Big Picture…my favorite scrapbooking book!!

  132. Stacy, I read your BP book and really loved it. I still need to get your new Photo Freedom book as well. But, I just have to say that I love your ideas and it is giving me the push to get my photos organized. I could certainly use some of those index drawers to help me get started! :)

  133. Kathy A says:

    Stacy, I love your Photo Freedom book! It’s truly changing and inspiring how I’m scrapbooking. I’m grateful for you! I sure could use those drawers. Thanks for a chance to win! Kathy

  134. Kathy A says:

    Stacy, I love your Photo Freedom Book! It’s changing the way I scrapbook. Thank you for inspiring me. I would love to win those drawers. I would put them to good use. :o) Kathy

  135. Am so ready for some more good organizing tips—my sb area is ready for HELP! Thanks!!

  136. RhondaLH says:

    I can TOTALLY see how the category files will work!!I have already filed some Easter photos of friends-we took each others’ family portraits after church, our annual “shoot your friends and blow them up” photo session- (People We Love) and extras of my son from a finished layout, (Son-Personalty) and one of ME taken at the end of a disposable camera by my son (under Rhonda-Personality). I am using some makeshift plastic shoe drawers from Sterilite, but ultimately want the metal drawers.
    Thanks for all your help!

  137. RhondaLH says:

    I can TOTALLY see how the category files will work!!I have already filed some Easter photos of friends-we took each others’ family portraits after church, our annual “shoot your friends and blow them up” photo session- (People We Love) and extras of my son from a finished layout, (Son-Personalty) and one of ME taken at the end of a disposable camera by my son (under Rhonda-Personality). I am using some makeshift plastic shoe drawers from Sterilite, but ultimately want the metal drawers.
    Thanks for all your help!

  138. Lori Patrick says:

    I’ve been trying to overly analyze what types of “equipment” I need to start my LOM process. But I am realizing that by over analyzing, I’m still missing the point completely. So that is quite a process to get to that mental point. It’s not the “stuff”… but what is going inside, that matters. … gosh… not sure if that is making sense or not. It did in my head! :) LOL!
    I’d love to win a set of drawers to “make up my mind” for me! HA!

  139. It would be nice to have something that would give me a “head start” so to speak. Thanks for the unending source of inspiration you have been to me over the years. I wish we were neighbors.

  140. Kristen says:

    I have started organizing with an antique 4 drawer file I had. Looks great on my desk, but need more storage! Would love to have the Croppin’ Companion drawers too! I have never scrapped chronologically – it’s just not me. But I’ve never really been too organized either – Photo Freedom is…….freeing! :)

  141. Leora Henkin says:

    Dear Stacy,
    Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us. I have been reading the book and just found your blog. It is great.
    I would love to win the drawers.
    Thanks again,

  142. melrose says:

    this has been your most informative post yet! thank you so much for explaining with such detail!

  143. Do you have a software that you can recommend for tagging the photos in categories (as opposed to keeping hardcopies)? I started using PSE organizer, but am wondering if there is better program out there that is compatible with PSE?

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