Target tomatoes and Shutterfly

so, trey is helping me prep (putting cherry tomatoes and mozeralla balls on toothpicks) for our little party last night and says …

"ok mom, you’re gonna like this. I made you a Target sign"

such a funny boy.

you’re assignment this weekend is to go get an account at Shutterfly.
If you already have one (very smart) if not … then trust me it’s time. Go sign up. Yes, you can still do the "but I need these pictures in an hour" photo printing at wherever, and if you have a decent printer at home, you can print from time to time at 2:00 a.m. (I do) but if you are serious about sustaining yourself in this digital age of scrapbooking and wrapping your head around this whole "Photo Freedom" thing, then you need to get serious about setting up a reliable system and processes for sorting, uploading, storing, printing and using your photographs. I’ve said it many times, but it bears repeating …


not organized? not gonna happen (at least not long term)

organized only chronologicallly? you’re missing out on the best source of inspiration there is (your photos) and you are totally limited in the stories you can tell.

my honest and sincere suggestion? start setting up folders on your computer and get them uploaded into albums at Shutterfly, so you can begin to really manage and share and take full advantage of all the fun and amazing things there are to do when you embrace a wider definition of scrapbooking.

why Shutterfly (and no, I’m not getting paid to say this)

Shutterfly, should be renamed Shutter-SOAR, I cannot tell you how cool and visionary this company is. Seriously, I really can’t tell you all that they have planned, but I will say that they "get it." They understand us (meaning memory-loving, busy-with-life-and-family women) and they understand where this whole global socially-connected economy is headed. They are investing in growth and partnerships and they are running a top-notch, customer-centric gig and I am super impressed. I mentioned I was invited to sit on their SAT (scrapbook advisory team) and attend an annual meeting this week and I promised I’d tell you more, so here goes …

Most of the SAT girls arrived midday on Tuesday and we were treated to an extensive tour of the California facilities (Shutterfly also has operations in North Carolina) which was something straight out of a Mr. Roger’s show — remember when he took you on tours of manufacturing plants, etc..? We got to see the machines that print, cut and sort millions of photos.

If you are like me, when you do order pictures you always get a few enlargements in addition to your 4×6 prints, right? Well, your entire order is coded, so that all these prints that are all printed on different machines can find each other again and make it safely back to you. Phenomenal how this works. All together we saw 6 buildings full of machines and smiling people dedicated to prints, cards, photo books and more.

I still haven’t made a photo book, but will be doing so ASAP (which I will of course share with you here) If you can’t wait to see some of these amazing books, please visit the other adorable SAT and Shutterfly girls (Heather, Anna, Amy, Katie, Kate, Linda, Alicia and Savannah) Linda can teach you photoshop if you need help, Heather, Anna, Amy, Kate and Katie all design digital product for your creative pleasure and convenience (Anna also works as contributing editor to Digital Scrapbooking) and Savannah would be willing to create a scrapbook for you (if you pay her enough!) This is a bunch of amazing and amazingly fun girls, full of experience and enthusiasm for story-telling. After spending the day with them, I am as close as I have ever been to expanding my digital horizons and really truly think we should all do the same. I would love nothing more than to drop the "tags" of traditional and digital and just simply embrace scrapbooking for what it really is — the opportunity to tell stories and celebrate life, regardless of the medium you choose!

Wish I had time for more, but I have to go get my jog in and then we’re headed to a picnic sponsored by the Jecheong (as in Korea) Sister City organization here in Spokane.

The sun is shining and life if good — enjoy!

p.s. and look at this adorable necklace that Shutterfly (Alicia), with the help of Lisa at Simply Swank, gave us! Trey looked at this and said, "mom, I like your head on the body you have, not this one!"



  1. ElRae Carino says:

    I love ordering prints online and having them shipped to the house. I rarely do anything else now. Upload, crop and order anytime I want and not dragging the kids to a store to pick them up. At stores I also frequently have to mess with signing forms that say I did take the pictures and am not breaking copyright, (flattering yes, but annoying to be constantly quizzed because it is always a different clerk). I have ordered prints from Shutterfly before and like the quality and the good packing for shipping that they do. The only reason I don’t use them now is the square prints that I can get from It saves so much time when I plan and do my pages if I can just order the size I want rather than going into photoshop or cropping later. And I love scrapbooking with squares. Put in a good word for more sizes please and then I could go back to them.

  2. I’ve been using & loving Shutterfly for years – ever since I went digital so I’ve got every digital picture I’ve ever taken on shutterfly. I organize them by year and month – 200801JAN. Then I also copy some of my favorites in to categories like US – grandparents etc. This system is so cool for when I’ve got to get a project done quick – I can just print the category I want & go to work. I usually get the prints delivered and it takes less than a week.

  3. We have been using Shutterfly for years. Totally love them. We have ordered other things from them and everything is awesome.

  4. Melanie says:

    I am also a Shuttefly lover. I have been on there for years and I have tried a bunch of their different projects. My boyfriend and I each made photobooks for our moms for mother’s day and they were a huge hit and they were so much fun for us to make :)

  5. Michelle says:

    I would absolutely consider switching to Shutterfly if they offered a better assortment of sizes. I’m going to stick with because I LOVE being able to get all my square pictures – I scrapbook with these waaaaaay more than 4×6 now.

  6. I have used an loved Shutterfly for about 6 years. Their prints are the best. They ship overseas to me in Saudi no problem. I have made 3 photos books. Their quality is improving, but the process online is PAINFULLY slow. I made a “Year in Pictures” for the grandparents this January, using photos that I had already uploaded throughout the year. I knew which pictures I wanted to use. The loading and choosing text and switching pages took FOREVER. I would love to make one of Ali Edwards’ Everyday photo books, but I don’t have the patience for the experience! If you have their ear (and I’m so glad you do), tell them they have to speed things up! Brooke

  7. I tried Shutterfly a few years ago and was not happy with the quality. Sounds like they have gotten better?

  8. so happy for you stacy! sounds like u had a most wonderful time, good for u!

  9. I started with Shutterfly, from the LOM class. I love them, I get the pictures within a week, just enought time to put the last batch in their proper album, drawer, etc. More sizes would be great. Thanks for your involvement, this can only mean more great service.

  10. shutterfly is the new pink here at my house. I’ve made an Ali book, here is a link if you have time…it’s my most favorite of all my books right now…and it’s not traditional…shhhh don’t tell!
    if that link doesn’t work, I’ll email you and share the book with you :)

  11. I have done several Shutterfly books and also photo collages! Collages are COOL! I agree with ElRae – getting square prints is where its at! ;-) Shutterfly does those too!!

  12. I love Shutterfly! I have tried many different companies, but always come back to Shutterfly. However, I agree, I’d like square photos and being able to order wallet size without having to order four of the same print. A wider choice of photo sizes would make an already great photo service even better.

  13. I haven’t tried Shutterfly because I have loved scrapbookpictures for the low shipping, the speed (I live in Oregon where they are based), and the huge variety of sizes and the beautiful borders that Karen Russell designs for them.
    It’s nice to hear that a company like Shutterfly ‘gets’ us scrapbookers and that there are such talented ladies on the board.

  14. OK, so I was one of those that it took a while for the lightbulb to go off about non-chronological scrapbooking. I remember thinking “I could never not” and
    SHE (not me) doesn’t understand (as if). I actually remember thinking “that’s a pill I’ll NEVER swallow.” I have completely changed my thinking. Anyway, one of the things that helped the lightbulb go off was doing a photobook for a year. Seeing all the 2007 photos in one book freed me. I got that the story I wanted to tell wasn’t linear. Stacy was right–there is a bigger picture. It was a huge relief, really. I think I will continue to do photobooks every year(they are fast and easy), but maybe not. The big picture I want to tell isn’t linear, but it can be organized. Thank you, Stacy, for this precious gift. Irene

  15. Candice says:

    I too have tried shutterfly and every picture I got back had a green hue. My kids where royal blue and red for their soccer teams, and it was really bad mixed with the green! Thought it might have been me, but my sister-in-laws pictures are the same greenish color. Not enough print sizes at shutterfly either.

  16. Candice says:

    I too have tried shutterfly and every picture I got back had a green hue. My kids wear royal blue and red for their soccer teams, and it was really bad mixed with the green! Thought it might have been me, but my sister-in-laws pictures are the same greenish color. Not enough print sizes at shutterfly either.

  17. Hi Stacy!
    LOVE that you are embracing the digital tools. You photo freedom book has been wonderful for me and I am making lots of progess in getting organized!
    Have a lovely day,

  18. Kristen says:

    I have a Shutterfly account as well, and do like their photo books. But agree with some of the other posters, that scrapbookpictures color accuracy cannot be topped and choice of sizes/borders is super. It will be interesting to see what Shutterfly has coming up, but for now I’m with

  19. Stacy, here is the thing:
    Just tell me how Shutterfly helps a film gal (apparently the ONLY one left on the planet) and I’d be happy to sign up. Happy Monday!!

  20. It’s a lot cheaper to get your pictures done at a local place like Costco or Walmart. You can upload your pictures to their site, have them printed and then pick them up when they’re ready. At Costco the prices are: 4×6 = .17, 5×7 = .39 and 8×10 = 1.49 as compared to Shutterfly which is .19, .99, 3.99 respectively. The quality at Costco, in my opinion, is great. Plus you don’t have to pay shipping which really raises the price per picture.

  21. tchrtiff says:

    I’ve used Shutterfly for years now and have been very happy. Although, like others have said, I’d like to see more “scrapbook” sizes available, not just the standard 4×6 & 5×7. I made a photo book of my son’s first birthday and it came out so nicely. I plan to make many more of these. I can’t wait to see what Shutterfly has to offer now that they’ve gotten your perspective on the scrapbooking industry.

  22. i agree with several of the other posters about the other companies out there…shutterfly does not cut it for me. also, not everyone is on the “scrap out of order” bandwagon. don’t really understand why you push it so hard? life happens in chronological order, doesn’t it? some of us love to scrap it as it happens not just pick it up and scrap it. and guess what? there is nothing wrong with that and i am not limited at all by doing it MY way!

  23. I might like Shutterfly better if it didn’t take hours to upload a card of pictures. (Yes, I have high-speed.). Snapfish uploads for me in just a few minutes.
    I don’t digital scrapbook though, just print the pictures, so I don’t really pay attention to their digital scrapbooking products.

  24. I am stuck on paper scrapbooking, but I will check out Shutterfly. Like other commenters, I really love them squares!

  25. Hi Stacy – It’s Arlene. Remember me? I found a great site today – and you and your ‘altogether too happy’ popped in my head when I found it. It is A place where you write a letter to yourself and then it is mailed to you when you choose. A letter of encouragement, or with achieved goals or whatever. Isn’t that the coolest?
    I remember loving you before the entire world feel in love with you. I remember when you struggled with making the choice to go down this creative adventure. I remember “Cast Not Away Your Confidences” – Jeffrey R Holland. It appears that you have chosen a good path and blessed many lifes. Hugs….Arlene
    Oh and the news about Jenna and Derrick is pretty exciting, no?

  26. Stacy,
    Thanks for calling me back, will you please email me the scripture info when you get a chance!! Thanks for your help.
    Love your blog!!

  27. Heather says:

    I, too, am a HUGE Shutterfly fan.
    I created identical photobooks from competing companies and can tell you hands-down -Shutterfly’s was the best. I did the same test with pics…again the winner was ShutterSOAR -a very fitting name!

  28. I made a 50th birthday photo book for my in-laws (they were born 1 day apart) on Shutterfly and it was beautiful. Just pictures throughout the years of all of us and then we each wrote them a letter. I love their photo book products.
    Their prints (even with a plan) still cost more than many of the other sites though. And with gas in my town at $4.15, those 2 or 3 cents I save with each print really does make a difference. Maybe you can tell them that many of us really want cheaper prints.

  29. I made a 50th birthday photo book for my in-laws (they were born 1 day apart) on Shutterfly and it was beautiful. Just pictures throughout the years of all of us and then we each wrote them a letter. I love their photo book products.
    Their prints (even with a plan) still cost more than many of the other sites though. And with gas in my town at $4.15, those 2 or 3 cents I save with each print really does make a difference. Maybe you can tell them that many of us really want cheaper prints.

  30. My sister has LIVED on shutterfly since they opened and she loves it. The prints, books, cards and other photo items are great!
    So happy that you’ve joined such a great team. The digi girls on the team are awesome as well!

  31. I have been SO impressed with Shutterfly lately…I decided to order the ABC photo book for my son for his 3rd birthday using photos from his third year…it was so much fun and easy!! The funny part is, we had a birthday party for him this past weekend and my sister-in-law apologized that his “real” gift hadn’t arrived yet. As he’s opening gifts, he opens the ABC book I made for him and she gets this look on her face and says, “you have got to be kidding me…I made him one of those too, it just hasn’t arrived yet!!!” Even funnier, we each used the exact same picture on the front cover!! We had never even discussed that Shutterfly had an ABC book let alone talked about ordering one! Anyway, so excited to see what they have in store for the future!

  32. I somehow haven’t try them even though I have received free offers from HSN I will make sure to try then now, thanks for the info, hugs, Rosa.

  33. I think the prices are pretty competitive with what I’ve found locally. I’d much rather have quality over price. I’m really excited about the free shipping this week. And I love the photo books.

  34. Jean Woodcock says:

    Totally agree with you Stacy – Shutterfly is an amazing service. I have done two books with them, both of which came out amazingly well. Their service is outstanding, pricing is great and they are super fast. You can’t ask for much more. A good friend prints all her pictures with them as well – something I need to start doing…….. something I will do right now!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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