who said it?

so yesterday morning, I went on a little walk to the top of a hill and wrote in my favorite journal (it’s from Compendium — big surprise) that has a quote on each page. I don’t let myself read the quotes until I write on each page — weird, but true. Anyway, this was the quote I read yesterday …

"So much has been given to me I have no time to ponder over that which has been denied."

So, who do you think said this? Your clue — a famous woman, but I think you might be surprised, as I was. Before you google it, just spend a few minutes thinking/wondering about these words.

Would you be able to say this?
If not, why not?

scenes from my weekend:


exactly what two 15-year boys should be doing on a Friday night — sleeping under the stars!


A walk along the river (at Taft’s request)

Krispy Kreme is at the end of the trail (so, it’s not about the walking!)


my favorite.


spring, at last!

happy Monday.


  1. monica says:

    Is it an Oprah quote?

  2. I am sorry but I have to ask – What are they sleeping on?
    My guess is Oprah!

  3. Lynn M. says:

    Helen Keller – A very thought provoking quote from an amazing woman! Thanks.

  4. Ann Grounds says:

    I am going to say Hellen Keller only because I have been getting daily quotes from her and they are absolutely amazing.
    BTW, I still think that Addie has your infectious smile…no kidding!

  5. My guess is not original, but I would have to say Helen Keller.

  6. A quick “Thank you” for asking if I could say those words. It really shifted a perspective for me.
    Words can be so powerful.
    Oh. And I totally relate to “Spring, at last.” The sun has been a wee bit scarce. I’m ready for some outdoor hikes and sleeping under the stars. It was fun to see that someone somewhere is already hiking!

  7. That is one of my favourite quotes. I real focus shifter!
    Stacy, what a brilliant idea to sink the trampoline into the ground so it’s at ground level. Is the hole lined with anything in particular? My girls have grown out of theirs now so we gave it away but a friend is just about to get one for her kids. If you have time (and if you don’t mind) I would love know how it was done so I can pass on the idea.

  8. I would most definitely think that it is Helen Keller. She didn’t seem to let her “disabilities” prevent her from experiencing the world. Of course, her teacher was monumental in giving her the freedom to experience it all…

  9. I would have to guess that the quote was said my Maya Angelou?
    Something to ponder today—thanks!

  10. sheila h says:

    Wow, when I think of things I may have been denied, it seems insignificant when compared to people like Helen Keller (my quess).

  11. I immediately thought Helen Keller, too.
    What a profound thought for the beginning of this busy week!

  12. my first thought…and only, really! LOL was helen keller…and i was not alone, clearly! LOL
    it sure puts things into perceptive, but then again, you often bring things to light that helps me understand or rethink…thank you once again.

  13. Jeannette P says:

    That is an amazing quote by an amazing woman. I have been working on adding quotes I’ve torn out of catalogs & magazines into my quote journal and this one is going in there too. It really made me think about my life and how I want to change some of my thought patterns to not dwell on things I haven’t gotten & really revel in the things that I have. I know I have been blessed and I really need to remember that always.
    Is it really warm enough to sleep under the stars? It’s still pretty cold at night here. In fact, I noticed that you have leaves on your trees. The kids & I have been checking out trees nearly every day waiting, just waiting for ours to sprout into beautiful vibrant green! I just love green & that’s probably one of the reasons, it means life to me and so much more.
    BTW, very cool idea for the trampoline in the ground. Never would have thought of that. Enjoy your spring!

  14. Definitely HELEN KELLER!
    (I think!)

  15. I don’t know who said that quote but it sounds like something Helen Keller would’ve said. Despite her handicaps, she was an amazing person. I loved your photos from your weekend.

  16. Christine Schwab says:

    I am going to guess eith Maya Angelou or Oprah. Although Helen Keller sounds like a good guess! I am off to google it!

  17. Daurene Turpin says:

    Hi Stacey, Well I did google it, and my guess was confirmed with who I thought it could be.
    If you are ever in Orem, The Hale center Theater is doing the play, The Miracle worker. So very good. Worth your time. daurenet

  18. thank you for the awesome quote my friend…I am going to go doodle it right now…it is fuel for my fire…took your advice and I am done wallowing…(red my blog post from today!)no more….You are a god send to me and to sooooo many!!! Thank you for being you! I need to send you some cookies!!!

  19. My first guess was Helen Keller as well, or perhaps Anne Frank? Whoever said it, it’s a magnificent thought. :-)

  20. Lori L. says:

    I just happened to come across this, browsing through the archives… I have another wonderful quote from Ms. Keller… “The greatest tragedy is those who have sight, yet no vision.” I love that, actually used it in my teacher portfolio back in the day. A great quote to keep in mind as we go about our parenting days!

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