A Call to HELP!

If you looking for flip flops to wear on the first day of Have More FUN, I think you should consider these, from Little Missmatched

As you may know, there is some serious flooding going on in IOWA.

In fact, the LMM warehouse is right smack in the middle of it all.
All my favorite socks are high and dry, but that is NOT the case for many, many people and their belongings. There is a way we can help. LMM is donating 10% of totals sales to The Clayton County Disaster Recovery Committee, a non profit organization where 100% of donations benefit those in need.

and I was just thinking the other day how several of my socks are wearing thin …

Also, had a great little chat with Nancie Rowe-Janitz today. Nancie is the owner of ScrapArtist.com and is designing some very cool "exclusive" printables for my September project in Have More FUN. We will be using an ABSOLUTELY adorable, gated album from Fancy Pants (which Nancie also designed.) Anyway, in talking to Nancie today I understand now, just how easy it will be for both traditional or digital scrapbookers embrace this album concept and follow along. Traditional scrappers will have downloads to print and digital gals will get a deal on kits that coordinate!! 


Sweet Cherry Pie! I love generous, talented people and I can't wait to teach this class!!
Off to buy some FUN socks and more …


  1. You mentioned a deal on the Sweet Cherry Pie kits for participants. Is there any way we could get the deal now if we are already signed up? The papers/elements would be perfect for another project I’m working on. I can’t wait to see what we do with the Fancy Pants album!!!!

  2. How funny – I just got the email from LMM and was going to contact you to suggest that you put it on your blog! I should have known it was already there! Thanks, Stacy. Now, off to get some mis-matched things!

  3. Is the Have More Fun an online class?

  4. JaxCheryl says:

    Not trying to be political, exactly, but makes one wonder where the people (media & activists) are who promoted the MAJOR awareness about Katrina and the damage it caused. I believe the Iowa flood victims deserve the same support. Ok, I’m off my soapbox now, but not for long.

  5. I put on my Target knock off Little Mis Matched socks this morning (maybe I’ll go over to Simply Perfect on Corey Avenue & buy some of the real ones – hope they will be ok w/ the flood) & thought about how I’m so ready for the fun class. Can’t wait :) That cherry pie kit looks super cute.

  6. donnamatthews says:

    Thank you for mentioning the flood of 08′ on your blog. I live in Cedar Rapids, IA where there was EXTENSIVE flooding and is has been very devastating. ANY help we can get in the midwest is greatly appreciated! Thank you.
    P.S. I met you at REMINISCE store in Coralville/Iowa City, Ia. That store has been completed ruined too!

  7. How do you happen to have your warehouse in Elkader, Iowa? I used to live there.

  8. Those flip flops are so cool! I’m going to order a couple of pairs. I live in northern Illinois and am so sorry about the flooding to our neighbors to the north (WI) and west (IA) and having been praying for them and have made a contribution for aid to the victims.

  9. hUGS TO everyone going through this. Such a hard time…
    Stacy – You mention in your book The Big Picture (LOVE it BTW) that you divide up your albums by tabs. Do you make a tab or do you have some special 12×12 ones?
    PS When is your LOM class going to be offered again? :) that’s the next book I want though I’ll have to wait until my bday in October!

  10. Hi Stacy,
    I have those cute flip flops! And my girls love their miss matched socks–the knee high socks look great with short skirts!
    Thanks for sharing–I think I need more socks!

  11. Christy B. says:

    Hello, Stacy! Just wanted to tell you about something cool. My sister is in the process of adopting a little girl from Columbia and her sister-in-law has decided to make bags and sell them online to help offset the cost of the adoption. They are totally cute!! Colorful, just like you! bagsforzaza. blogspot.com

  12. Questions for you on the Big Picture:
    1. You say that you scrapbook for yourself – not your kids. I have a friend who is currently doing 2 of each page for her kids of every holiday, every page… because she’s convinced that she has to do for one what she is doing for the other as well as they will want them when they grow up. You have 3 more kids than her. What do you predict will happen to your albums later on in life? Do you think that your kids will fight over them later? Any advice to give her?
    2. I’ve now read your book twice in a week to try and absorb it all – I love the idea of the albums and how you put them together. This is currently one of my struggles with my albums – I have no albums of “us” – mostly of my daughter. I want to go back and reorganize them but there are about 7 12×12 already on the shelf. Do you think that it is easier to just get it done -redo and organize and then move forward or do you think that I should leave it as is and then start going forward? I’m up in the air and I am worried about it getting confusing!
    3. When is the next LOM class start? My BFF and I both want to take it!!
    Okay – that’s it for now… Hopefully you do another Photo Freedom answer session soon… :)

  13. It was nice to meet you and hear you speak at the Memory Works Retreat in Layton, UT last weekend!
    I have a few photos up on my blog…
    ( I was the one who mentioned the Hello, Red Fox book by Eric Carle to you.)
    Shannon :)
    etsy shops:
    (home goods)

  14. Michelle says:

    I love those flip flops and yes I have the socks!
    My sister gave me a first hand report on Cedar Rapids as and I am just thankful that she is alive and well.

  15. Flooding in Iowa is devastating. Thanks for mentioning it. I live in Vinton where my friend lost her house. She is living with me now with her three kids. My grandma, 86, lives in CR lost her house of 54 years. Things are tough here. Water is so destructive. Any help is greatly appreciated by all those affected by the flood.

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