A Penny For Your Thoughts

My thoughts this morning are centered around the craziness of my life. Sometimes, and very often on a Monday I am just sort of stunned by all that I have signed up for and perplexed by the task of trying to fit it in and still find time for meaningful quiet and reflection and simple family moments. Actually, I’ve gotten to the point where I understand that "my list" will never be all the way checked off, so I do allow myself the chance to slow down and soak it in and live in the now …

Then, Monday morning comes and I am reminded of the list and it’s back to the reality of to-dos and deadlines. Oddly enough, rather than jump right in on task #1, I do this weird thing where on a whim I decide to clean under my boys’ beds or sort/purge their drawers — hello? I don’t have time to do that and yet it just happens — so bizarre! I need to post sometime soon about my need for domesticity and how I use it to keep my grounded.


Anyway, on that completely unrelated note, I am excited about the June Kit of the Month. It’s a concept called A Penny For Your Thoughts and it’s designed to help you go back in time to capture thoughts about life-changing decisions and events and then revisit them with your current perspective. It’s cool. You can explore the details and listen to an audio message by clicking on "Idea Gallery & Images" at   www.lisabearnson.com/kotm  If you are so inclined, I’ve also developed a Projects Now class at BPS that will delve deeper into the creative process of putting all the elements together with your insights and stories. The only way you can take the class is by purchasing it when you purchase the kit. If you purchase both kit and class, your kit will ship with a unique access code stuck to the outside of your box. You can then use this code to register for the class. The classroom will remain open through the end of the 2008, so you will have plenty of time to work on the project.

Let me know what you think.
I’m off to jog, which always helps me mentally sort and prioritize.
I’m still answering Photo Freedom questions, so check back for that.

good luck with Monday.

MORE INFO on the class.
The class I’ve developed at BPS to accompany the kit, includes a welcome message, a downloadable instructional handout, a bonus project worksheet to help you track the information and pictures you need to gather, and a 30 minute presentation (a self-playing slide show) that walks you through the kit and shares tips and ideas on how to make the most of it.

The KOTM web page is acting rather funny (for me anyway) so if you are having trouble, start fresh and go to lisabearnson.com and then KOTM and then BUY NOW, you should see two options. Option one is class and kit, option two is just kit. 

Hope this helps!!


  1. Stacy – I am right with you on the the odd cleaning jobs I start when there are 100 other things that really SHOULD be getting done.
    Thanks for the chuckle and for helping me realize that I am not the only one who is sometimes easily sidetracked!
    Happy Monday! Dori

  2. MAEGAN HALL says:

    I know I’m going to sound lame, but could you go in more detail about the $10 class. I’m about to order my kit and I don’t know if I would benefit from the class or not. Is it journaling prompts and ideas or is it some special how-to stuff? Also, is it pictures, or a video? Hugs and blessings to you and the way you serve the scrapbooking community by freeing up our time and efforts for what really matters!

  3. I’m sure I’m not doing something correctly, but when I follow the link to purchase the kit, there’s no “add-on” option to purchase the kit as well?
    Where do I go to — or how do I — purchase the two together?
    Thanks…can’t wait.

  4. Julie Johnson says:

    Love this little album!!!! Great job on this design- it’s so you!
    I’m glad I’m not the only one freaked out by the never ending to do list…with 4 kids, 2 dogs, an older home- it will never all be done…and that’s ok…I keep reminding myself!!

  5. I’m the same way, typically on a Monday or even on Sunday evening…when the coming week seems so busy and hectic, that for some reason I decide it’s time to pull out the fridge and mop behind it, or clean out that cabinet above the fridge that has “who knows what” in it, or something else that is not even close to an immediate need. It’s an odd habit, isn’t it?

  6. Jeannette P says:

    Oh my to do list will never be completely checked off and I’ve started telling myself that’s ok. I really enjoy making lists and tend to write anything and everything I can think of to it so I don’t forget my thoughts.
    the kit looks REALLLY neat but I think I am going to end up passing on it this time around. I’m still working on my LOM system & I have a ton of other stuff that I’ve committed to and I just don’t know how long it would take before I got to working on it and I’m trying really hard not to add more ‘stuff’ to my scrapbook closet unless I’m really going to use it right away.
    So how did you come up with the KOTM idea? Very neat idea.

  7. I have the same habit of getting side tracked by something that is not on my to do list. It used to drive me crazy, but now I just do whatever it is that is calling to me and then gently redirect myself back to my list. It puts things in perspective to know that even uber celebrities like you have some of the same quirks. Hope you have a great Monday!

  8. Stacy…WOW! You really need to read my latest post! How funny…I do the same thing! What is that?!?! Maybe I need a run too! Shanie :)

  9. I ordered the kit so that I have a great excuse to take one of your classes. thanks for posting!

  10. I am just sad. I finally am at a point in my life where I am ready to take the Photo Freedom type class at BPS. Will you offer it again

  11. Stacy, the kit looks very cool. Great concept. I know what you mean about Monday bringing you back to ‘reality’ of all that needs to be done each week. Hang in there and do what you can get done and don’t sweat the small stuff. Read that book a long time ago and it still holds true today.

  12. You said, “Oddly enough, rather than jump right in on task #1, I do this weird thing where on a whim I decide to clean under my boys’ beds or sort/purge their drawers — hello? I don’t have time to do that ”
    I did this (and said this nearly exactly) just this morning. Needed to get to work, have LOTS to do. But do I? NOOOO. I decide to sort out my girls pant drawers. That wasn’t enough either. I moved on to some minor surgery – to be performed by ME! – and, for the first time ever, I removed a handful of skin tags from my neck (yeah ew. I know, sorry!)
    Naturally, once I left the house for work my car wouldn’t start! hahah go figure. I was able to prioritize from my PDA in the waiting lounge of the Honda dealership, so that was at least semi-productive. I know one thing didn’t cause the other, but I often wonder how my days would go if I didn’t constantly interupt myself.
    and now I know I’m at least in good company!

  13. Melinda W says:

    Wow!!! I couldn’t wait to order the kit and class! Now if it will just get here fast!!!!!!
    Thanks Stacy for sharing your God given creativity!

  14. Just wanted to let you know that I do that bizarro habit of deep cleaning when I’m overwhelmed! I remember vividly cleaning my Kitchen Aid mixer (like unscrewed the bottom, top and cleaned all the pieces) totally weird! I also wear miss matched socks;0). I learning to love that wierdo stuff–ohh, I’m feeling some inspiration for a page coming on!
    lom member ’08

  15. laura Laura says:

    I ordered this with the class this morning. as soon as I saw your name on it I was sold. It will be my first KOTM and I’m really excited to get it, along with the class.

  16. Stacy,
    I just want to say that you are my hero. Before I started watching you on Scrapbook Memories, I was thoroughly getting tired of scrapbooking. Me? Someone who loved scrapbooking, and wasn’t nearly done, by any means. I love your challenges, and I have forced myself to take some of them. It has really made scrapbooking fun again. Thanks!

  17. I just added the kit and class as my summer project. Can’t wait to get that special box!

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