and the KIT goes to …

Jennie B, who posted Friday at 9:36 PM

I already ordered a kit for myself but would love to give one to a co-worker with 3 children and no time to scrap. I'm planning on having a scrap retreat weekend at my home this summer and will have the blessing of pampering two dear friends.

I love that she is going to give the kit to her friend and open her home for a retreat this summer.

email me, Jennie–with your address please!

scenes from the last day of school:

waiting in line for the last time — there's just something so cute about kids in line for the bus!


wish you could see their faces — expression of "free at last"


it's taken a fair amount of coaxing, but we finally got her to wear the sunglasses!


since we now have Great Harvest at the bottom of the hill. I came up with a new "last day" tradition. We walk to the bakery and everyone gets a "smart cookie" — or in this case a smart peanut butter bar.
Had to explain the idiom, when Taft asked, "are their dumb cookies too mom?"

Off to jog in the sunshine!


  1. Sue Althouse says:

    A Great Harvest at the bottom of the hill? That would be a dream come true for us!

  2. Hooray for the last day of school and smart cookies! We celebrated this week too!

  3. congrats on the last day of school! it’s the best isn’t it?!
    Congrats to Jennie B for winning!
    My Big Penny came today – I’m so excited to DIG IN!!!

  4. What a nice tradition of a ‘smart cookie’ at the end of the school year. Summer’s here – ENJOY!

  5. Loved the comment about “dumb cookies”. Reminds me of a kid asking her mum – “if I was a seed in your tummy, what colour flower did I come out as?”

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