Father’s Day and a Piggy Tales SNEAK PEAK

Good Monday morning to you!

It's the first day of summer here, meaning the first day that I don't need to get kids up and ready and out the door and I'm so loving it!!!!!

Yesterday was an awesome day. We celebrated our Dad, attended church, enjoyed sunshine and a walk along the river with our good friends, the Jensens. As I drifted off to sleep, which takes all but 3 1/2 minutes, I had an amazing sense of overwhelming satisfaction — life is so good.

So, this morning I get to share what I created for Geof for Father's Day and I also get to give you a sneak peak at a very cool, new interactive album debuting at summer CHA.


This is the Piggy Tales Drawbridge Book, a 6×6 white boardbook with four flaps that fold out to reveal hidden photos and/or journaling, with extra space built into the spine, so you can include dimensional extras and still close the album when you're done — see, very cool!

You can see more below, but please be sure to check out three other Drawbridge creations, by upcoming Big Picture Scrapbooking teachers …

Lisa Damrosch (Product Playground 2)
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I love products that inspire a story — and that is just what this album did for me …


The inside cover reads:
Dedicated to the man you are and the boy you were, through the eyes of your sons.

The front of each fold-out features a photo of Geof with one of our boys (Clark, Chase, Trey and Taft) and the inside highlights their responses to these questions:

1. How are you like Dad?
2. What do you want to know about Dad, when he was your age — what would you ask him, if you could?
3. What has Dad taught you that you are grateful for?


I included a current photo of each boy alongside a photo of Geof at the same age.


I also included a few quotes, and Geof's favorite scripture.


I used The Frog Prince collection of paper from Piggy Tales and the whole thing came together in about 3 hours on Saturday afternoon. As I was putting this together I thought about my creative process, how and why I choose to do  projects vs. pages and what conscious things I do when I have limited time to finish something — insights coming soon!





The Real Story
I set out to make a gift for Geof and fulfill the deal with Ryann at Piggy Tales, to share this cool new album with you. I finished the gift and we had a great little moment as Geof looked at it and read through each boy's words — but once again, the one who benefited most was me. I had the amazing opportunity of calling each boy into my studio, to hear them rattle off connections and questions and grateful expressions for their father. As I paired these pictures and words, I was able to reflect on each individual boy and the miracle of families and parenthood — my boys are so very different and yet each shares traits both physical and emotional with their father. Each boy's personality is a piece of Geof and I now have this feeling of peace regarding their future — as I engaged in the process of creating this little book, I was reminded that as imperfect parents, we are perfectly suited to raise these boys. They are a part of us and we (with a good dose of inspiration from Heavenly Father) have exactly the ability and insight they will need, so that they can reach their potential.

and this, is the part of scrapbooking I most want to share.

This is the outcome that you can know only when you decide to fully engage and open yourself up to reflection and gratitude and let the resulting insight change you. 

great little book and a new, better me.
beats a trip to the mall and soap-on-a-rope any day.


  1. Nice book – I love the concept & that it’s a gift that keeps on giving – both to you & your family.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this. Your insights always strike a chord in me and inspire me to keep going. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. I love hearing and seeing what you are working on! Thanks so much for sharing! You are an inspiration!

  4. That little book is awesome – love the pictures of dad & son at some age.
    But you gotta admit – soap on a rope – was a pretty clever little idea & it rhymes :) I’ve been making homemade soaps lately & I have toyed with the idea of putting them on ropes.

  5. What a lovely little book. Your Geof must have been thrilled with that. I love the pictures of Geof at the same age as the boys are now. How amazingly alike they all are.
    Thank you Stacy, you continue to inspire.

  6. Sharon T says:

    I absolutely love it! So inspiring and just so simply sweet. Nicely done…again. :)

  7. Tiffany C N says:

    Hi Stacy, I love your father’s day book. I am totally scraplifting it. I have another piggy tales book that I just bought but I am not sure what adhesive to use on the slick surface. What adhesive did you use for your book? Thanks so much.

  8. Michelle says:

    What a wonderful gift! I’m definitely jotting this one down for next year. I need an album with 6 flaps though!

  9. Kate McK says:

    That is such a wonderful gift, and the idea itself could be used to make a gift for several different occasions. I have alot of people looking for ideas for parents anniversarys, as in 40th , 50th and more. Thank you for sharing. I love it when a scrapbooking gift ends up being a huge personal enlightenment to the creator.

  10. Perhaps you could make a book on a rope so he could carry it everywhere and never lose it!

  11. What a sweet reminder…perfectly suited with a does of inspiration. Love the concept of this album.
    Thanks for the links to the Big Picture classes!

  12. Lindsay Palamaruk says:

    So simple….love it!

  13. dana burton says:

    It’s so encouraging to know that this kind of LOVE is being fostered and taught. Thank you for sharing that love with us, your readers. Ladybug (Dana)

  14. Keri Barham says:

    Stacy I absolutely love what you do. Thanks for sharing it with everyone! I was inpressed you rememebered my name at block buster. Can’t wait to get my “penny for your thoughts” kit.
    You are truly an inspiration:)

  15. Stacy – As always, another great piece of inspiration! Now I need to go buy that Piggy Tales book and make one of these! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Allison Barnes says:

    Love it!! I want to make one just like it next year…. or maybe I could do it for John’s bday in August.
    Glad it’s finally summer for you! My kids are already bored… could be a long summer.
    Miss you!!

  17. Liz Brown says:

    The book is adorable. I love how you showcased each boys picture with a pic of their dad at that age. The comments and questions from each boy are so sweet and thoughtful. What a treasure. I actually made my husband a book for his birthday based on the book you did in your BP book “all about Mom”, of course mine was all about Dad. I think it turned out cute, but again, it was more for me, as my husband liked it but didn’t seem as thrilled with it as I did. :) Thanks for sharing all your ideas and inspiration!

  18. I love this concept and the way you executed it. It is a little treasure. Thanks for the great idea!

  19. Stacy, that book is amazing! What a great project. I think it’s important to include others’ voices in our albums. I’m planning a mini album of an “interview” I’m going to have with my 5-year-old. thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Stacy, where does your brain come up with these ideas!!!! That little book is absolutely amazing and so meaningful and so SIMPLE. You have given Geoff, your boys, and yourself a wonderful gift. They probably would never “think” that way without a nudge from you. (Okay, maybe your kids might think that way-I know that mine wouldn’t.) Love the concept, love book, and love the design. I’ll tack a “note to self” to make something simliar for myself.

  21. Marta Valdes says:

    What a great idea. The book is fabulous, love it. Thank you very much for sharing. :)

  22. Stacy, too funny…I acutally put a much smaller version of a “scrap card” together for my husband by our 3 kids. Each kid had a tag and I called them into the scrap room to find out their favorite things about Daddy (my kids are pretty small) and included them on the tag in the book for him. It was fun to hear what each had to say and my husband loved reading each child’s words. I love your book, though, and will expand on this when the kids are a tiny bit older! Thanks for sharing.

  23. I did mine too!!! It’s on my blog… http://knitandpurlgrrl.blogs.com/scraphappy. At this point, people will have to scroll back a couple of days, but I had it up on Monday!

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