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but, how cute is this "eggstra" idea from my sister's  Darci class at BPS

and I also found a "funny and so true" article at I'm doing an interview with them today and have enjoying exploring their website. Check it out …

The Best Advice (You'll Hear, a Gazillion Times)

When you're expecting a baby, rest assured at least one person will go
out of their way to tell you, with great sincerity and emotion, this
terribly cliché sounding advice: "Enjoy every moment with your kid
because they grow up fast." I used to get a chuckle out of this comment
for a couple reasons: (a) Time couldn't go any slower than when you're
baking a bun in the oven; and (b) I'm pretty sure they didn't mean to
enjoy the meconium diaper changing moments. I hadn't even given birth
yet and veteran parents everywhere were making me feel like I was
packing my son's hatchback for college.

Driving home from the hospital, I was already looking forward to his
first smile, his first laugh, and the first time he'd be able to see
past the end of his nose. Being inexperienced at motherhood, I wanted
to fast-forward to the part when he would be less fragile, more awake,
and honestly, the part where he didn't cry with colicky tummy from 8pm
until midnight. But at the same time, I loved comforting him,
nourishing him, and worrying obsessively about things like how many
ounces were going in and how many were coming out.

When my maternity leave ended and I started spending my days and nights
at the advertising agency I worked for, suddenly my son was growing up
way too fast. I learned about his milestones and his daily fecal output
on little notes written by graduate students at the daycare center. And
on those all too frequent nights that I had to work late, I'd rush home
to find my little guy already zonked out in his crib. That's when I
remembered the unsolicited words those experienced parents had told me,
and I thought maybe they had a pretty good point.

I soon realized that if I couldn't find some kind of life and career
balance for myself, I was going to wake up one day to find
grandchildren raiding my cookie jar. My husband and I decided that for
us, the right balance was ditching our corporate jobs to start a little
company on our own. The truth is, we work a million times harder now
than we ever did before. But the odds are stacked in our favor that
we'll actually be there when the teeth fall out, the knees get scraped,
the homework gets finished and the just-iced sugar cookies fall upside
down on the floor.

My son will turn eight years old this year. As I watch his lanky little
arms try to steady the milk carton over his cereal bowl, I can hardly
believe how quickly time has raced by. It sure has been fun. I've
taught myself not to focus on the things I've missed, but instead, to
focus on the moments I can be a part of right now. There are
milestones, achievements, failures and dreams at every age. And it's
never too late to jump in and enjoy a good game of Go Fish.

Yesterday, I found myself in line behind a pregnant woman at the
grocery store. Before I could even stop myself, the words about
enjoying every moment just leapt out of my mouth. And there they hung
between us, the veteran and the rookie, in an awkward and familiar
silence. To my amazement, I had become exactly like every
advice-wielding parent before me. I chuckled as I walked to my car,
knowing full well she wouldn't hear what I had said until years from

-Kelly Sopp

Kelly is the co-founder of Wry Baby and co-author of Safe Baby Handling
Tips. She and her husband, David, create humorous infant apparel and
gifts designed to make parenting fun.

I'm off in the morning for Utah, to speak at the Memory Works Retreat.
If you're coming, I can't wait to see you!!


  1. thats an awesome article – we have someone at work who is expecting and i’m planning the baby shower and I think I’ll print out this article and give it to her. so cool.

  2. and p.s. my 6 year old son totally loves the ticket to summer idea – he’s making tickets now.

  3. Nancy Lee says:

    I am off in the morning also to the Memory Works convention. Looking forward to hearing you speak. Have thoroughly enjoyed the LOM class.

  4. Marta Valdes says:

    Great article, thank you for sharing. I am going to print it out and save it, it’s great.
    Thanks again.

  5. Hola. a big kiss from México!!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing the article – sooo true as I watch my sweet younger brother [by 13 years] and his wife prepare for their first child – and mine are now 18 and 21 [yikes! WHERE does the time go?!]
    And thanks for sharing on twitter about being STUCK too- good to know I’m not alone in that area at times… ~ J

  7. Cute article. Thanks for sharing it. Love the idea from your sister’s class. I just learned about this class from a friend on another board who is taking the class and she is LOVING it!

  8. Beth Smith says:

    Stacy — this is so very, very true. Thank you for sharing that. I had my two children very far apart (11 years). I remember my mother-in-law staying with us last year after the baby was born and remarking on how patient I was with him. I told her how could I not be, when I knew from experience how quickly the time goes, and how you have to relish in every second they are little. So, so very true. Thanks for reminding me of that as we are now dealing with a very opinionated toddler, LOL.

  9. Laura in Calgary says:

    Boy did that article ever hit home. I came across a poem that was in Narelle Jurss’ sketch book in your Photo Freedom book. It says: “Childhood is a magic castle of sand on a shore. One moment it’s here the next, no more…” It inspired me to create a scrapbook page about my 15 year old daughter who is graduating from Jr. high next week. I cannot believe how quickly the years have flown by – and I was a stay-at-home mum for most of the time! It will be the first layout in my new “All about us” album as I have just started converting to your Library of Memories system. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Hae you ever thought about giving a video tour of parts of your home? I try to decorate in a “happy” way, and it seems that you do, too. I would love to see what you’ve done. Maybe we could all get some “happy” ideas from you.

  11. Caroline says:

    How do you decide whether to do an 8 1/2 x 11 page or a 12×12 page. Sometimes I think it would be easier for me to streamline if I focused on the smaller size.

  12. Linda Townes says:

    Stacy I can not thank you enough you have put the joy back into scrapping for me, I have read all 3 of your books over and over again, grabed hold to your photo freedom and my way of scrapping has never been the same, I took what worked for me and twiked some others and I now am scrapping more stories then I ever have and I love every one of them, my all about us book is already filled its time to branch some of them off to their own albums and keep on going, thats what I love about this system, I dont have to stop and move things around or look try and make more room or try and figure out where to put things with this system theres a place for everything and everyything in its place just the way I like things THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR SHARING

  13. ElizabethW says:

    Great article…especially as I continue to try to sort out that boggling life/work equation.

  14. Could you please help me. . . I remember a LONG time ago you pre-made a disney sb before your trip & posted it here. . . when was that, so I can find it in your archives?

  15. With my oldest turning 9 in less than two weeks, this article makes my throat swell and my eyes well up. I simply can’t believe that half her time with us at home has now passed. It may be cliche, but it’s one of the truest there is. They really do grow up SOOO fast. That’s why I love the song on my blog. And why it makes me cry often.

  16. Stacy- I was just explaining your system to my sister-in-law and her first comment was “That would make it so that I wouldn’t feel behind.” I couldn’t believe it. I told her how happy that would make you. I love how I feel no guilt when it comes to being caught up. I just enjoy the memories as they come. It was great to talk to you at Memory Works. Your presentation was wonderful.
    Midnight Marla
    Simple Memory

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