Sweetwater Retreat and my KOTM

So, I'm curious how many of you have ever participated in a scrapbooking retreat?

Now, by retreat I mean you've gone away to some off-the-beaten-path place that feels oddly like home (without the mess) and so comfortable you can stay in your jammies all day, or at least until after someone else fixes your breakfast and lunch — and if you eat anything like me, the more appropriate phrase is actually "until after someone caters your meals" which suggests something beyond a costco chocolate shake, two handfuls of mixed nuts and a package of fruit snacks (breakfast and lunch yesterday)

I'll cut to the chase …



Simple Scrapbooks editors Wendy Smedley and Angie Lucas just got back from a very relaxing and productive retreat at the Sweetwater House in a quaint little town in Colorado. Details and pictures are posted on Angie’s blog and there are six more "SIMPLE" weekends planned with our top photographers and designers. You can peruse the schedule and make reservations here.

The BEST NEWS! Sweetwater will be offering a $50 discount if you book one of the Simple-hosted weekends by Monday, June 16, 2008 — that would be this coming Monday. So, I suggest you be really nice to dad and/or hubby on Sunday and then schedule a get-a-way on Monday — and I'm serious, if you haven't planned some "me time" this summer, the very least you could do is click here and  learn more!

I've been to two similar retreats and have loved every productive and pampered minute. If you have NOT yet been so lucky, leave a comment and I'm going to (sorry, no free trips to Sweetwater) send you one of my A Penny For Your Thoughts, Kits — I got the complete kit in the mail today and I LOVE it. I hadn't yet seen the penny tin that holds the finished pages and it's just too cute for words. And there is more GOOD NEWS — you can now purchase my special Projects Now class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. You still need the kit to complete the project, but this may make the purchasing less confusing. For those of you that have already purchased the kit + class option on the KOTM website, this is what will be arriving on your doorstop very soon ..


Notice, there is a big sticker on the top of the box. This sticker features a unique access code (I wiped the code of this picture, so I could send this to some lucky blog reader!) — anyway, use this code to gain access to the classroom, here. Inside the box … is everything  you need to create one of the coolest projects you'll ever make (not sure how I can guarantee this, but I believe it!)


Just think, what a cool addition this would be to a shelf in the den or family room, or dad's office — compact, engaging and full of telling connections. I guess one could say, it's priceless (I couldn't resist)

If you've never been to a retreat, you could win this kit and then perhaps invite several friends and make your own weekend get-a-way!!

Happy Friday.


  1. I’ve not ever been to a scrapbooking retreat, but the Sweetwater House looks beautiful!

  2. I have not been to a retreat like the one Sweetwater has—and it looks fabulous!
    BUT— I would love to win the KOTM–your kit (and ideas) is cool–and with money so tight right now— I would love to be the WINNER! It would make my YEAR! :)
    Lori C
    Upstate NY

  3. Marta Valdes says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Glad you are feeling better. I am not much of a traveler, people call me homely (it’s sad I know).
    I have never been to a retreat and I know I need to go someday soon. Sweetwater House looks like fun.
    Marta :)

  4. i’ve never been to a retreat – to overnight crops, yes, but a retreat, no. it sounds like a great weekend – no kids, no cooking, no errands or chores… just playing, eating and hanging out with good friends… while someone else makes the food AND cleans the mess! what heaven! and i love your kit… the penny tin was a stroke of sheer genius! happy friday!

  5. Ahh…a scrapbooking retreat. Wouldn’t that be a bit of heaven??!!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I’ve never been on a scrapbooking retreat, but I’m going to look into it!
    The Sweetwater House looks amazing!

  7. Debbi G. says:

    Sweetwater House looks great…hmmm…how nice it would be to get away. Would love to do that some day.

  8. Hi Stacy. A scrapbooking retreat sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend. The Sweetwater house looks so comfy and cozy….unlike my choatic mess of a home. Do you know if this is something that will be offered after October? I looked at the schedule but it only goes into October.
    Please count me in for your drawing of the KOTM….would so love to win it. =)

  9. Jennifer C says:

    That retraet house looks so cute & fun! I have never been on a scrapbooking retreat, but I would love to go!

  10. Vicki A says:

    I love to go to retreats. We have one that is about 45 minutes from me and I have been a couple times with my friends. It is so much fun to stay in your jammies or sweats while you scrapbook and then as a bonus you get to visit and eat great food prepared by someone else. Yay, that’s awesome!
    I would love to win your KOTM; it looks so cool!

  11. I have always looked with longing at the scrapbook retreats. They look like so much fun, but mostly it has been the cost that has kept me away. My girlfriends are still dreaming someday after her kids are weaned, we can go away for a mommy scrapbook retreat.

  12. I have never been to a retreat but it sound awesome and fun. Can you put awesome and fun in the same sentence? hmmm why not? lol I would love to win that kit.

  13. oooooooh, A retreat sounds fabulous!!! I love the KOTM, and I guess it would be easy for us internationals to print a scan of one of our own coins and adhere it over the top of the tin.

  14. Sweetwater House looks so inspiring! What beautiful colors and decor! That always gets my creative juices flowing ;) I’ve never been to a retreat, but maybe someday! I would love to win your KOTM – I agree… that tin is priceless!

  15. Lynn M. says:

    I’ve never been to a scrapping retreat; the Sweetwater house looks so inviting!!! Who could resist someone else cooking for you? Your KOTM (w/the class) looks so cute! And what a great idea.
    Have a great Father’s Day Weekend!

  16. I’ve been fortunate enough to take a 90 minute class here and there but never been able to go on a retreat to indulge in my passions! Not sure I’d know how to behave?! Ah, who says I have to! :)
    Peachtree City, GA

  17. I have been to girlfriend retreats where there has been some scrapping involved but mostly just relaxing, eating, laughing….this Sweetwater Retreat looks beautiful. Your KOTM is also very inspiring!

  18. Angela Williams says:

    I have never been to a retreat like this. I’ve been salivating over the pictures and descriptions on the simple blog. Hoping maybe next year! Thank you for the chance to win!

  19. Stacy
    OOOH!The Sweetwater retreat looks so inviting! I only wish I lived closer to ANY retreat. They are all so far away. Your KOTM looks “priceless”. I love the innovative idea!

  20. I have never been on a retreat but Sweetwater looks like the place to go when I do. :)

  21. Colorado_Kid says:

    I haven’t been to a scrapbooking retreat, but Ft. Morgan isn’t far from where I’ll be in July! Looks fabulous! I’m going to try to get some company and go.
    Love the KOTM. It would be SWEET to win it!

  22. Brianne says:

    ohh LOVE the loos of this kit.. and the only “retreat” I do is the SEattle-CKC an its good enough for me :) I met you once in an elevator but I was too shy to say anything…

  23. I’ve never been to a scrapbooking retreat – mainly because I’d end up having to go alone. (Not that I am friendless *grin* but because none of my friends scrapbook! Can you believe that?!) Hmm, maybe I should just go by myself…that actually sounds quite relaxing!

  24. Oh Wow that bedroom looks so “Simple”!!! The decor looks as though it came right out of the magazine…very cool. I have not ventured out to a retreat, but have been begging my friends to join me in my mountain home. So hard to pull everyone away from the daily fun!!! Love, Love the KOTM.

  25. I would LOVE to go to a retreat…there is one that I should have been at starting tonight….shame I couldn’t afford it :(

  26. Karen Charpentier says:

    I’ve never been to a retreat either. Actually, I haven’t been on a vacation in several years..uuggg! I have been trying to talk my hubby into letting me fly off to CKU! I so want to go! :) Sweetwater looks great!

  27. I haven’t ever been to a scrapbooking retreat, but I am sure I’d LOVE it – and look at how cute that sweetwater house is! :)

  28. RETREAT? It’s been way too long since the last one! But the first I attended was where I met you, what a difference that made in my life!Thanks for all the inspiration and uplifting words!

  29. Suzanne says:

    I have never been to a retreat like this. There is a place near Calgary that sounds similar but I have heard various opinions on space, etc. so I have been uncertain as to spending the $ to be disappointed when I have a great room at home.
    Thanks for the chance to win Stacy!

  30. Lisa S. says:

    I’ve never been to a retreat, but would LOVE to go. My kids are finally old enough to leave more easily!
    Thanks for the chance to win the awesome KOTM!

  31. s.patel says:

    one day i hope to go to a retreat!! in the meantime, i can retreat to my little creation corner in my apartment :)
    cute kit!

  32. Never in my life. Sounds like a wonderful, inspring blast, though. :)Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Kelly Hicks says:

    That retreat looks awesome! Those are some lucky scrappers!
    And your KOTM looks too fun! I hope I win! :)
    (BTW – I Love your blog!)

  34. It’s been a seven or eight years ago , but I held my own retreat for some friends (like 16 of them) in Park City, Utah. It was a blast and I’d do it all over again if I had the chance!

  35. Amanda E says:

    I have never been on a retreat! I would love to, but am always afraid that I will bring too many things and still won’t get anything done! (I have issues, I know) I LOVE the kit…too cute!

  36. I have always wanted to go to a retreat. The cost is what always gets in the way. With the price of gas it is even getting harder. I have been reading about Sweetwater and just thinking how nice it would be. Perhaps I will have to arrange a “retreat” of my own with my friends. What to do with the kids-summer is great fun but also very tiring. Not alot of alone time!

  37. Wow – that retreat house looks amazing!! I always get SO much done on retreats, let alone they’re good for the soul. :)

  38. I have NEVER been on a scrapbooking retreat! I would love to plus I would LOVE to win you Penny for your Thoughts KIT!! I love taking classes at BPS.
    Lydia in Ohio

  39. I wish I could say I had the pleasure of a retreat, but alas, no. That SW one does sound fabulous though. Maybe some day…
    BTW-Your kit looks fabulous too!

  40. Callie Moon says:

    I would love to go on a retreat. Perhabs, someday. Now, I’ll settle for the moments I find to scrapbook my growing family’s memories.

  41. A scrapbooking retreat sounds like heaven to me. I have never gone, but imagine it to be fun, enlightening, friendly, fun, and of course just plain fun!
    Lou Ann

  42. It’s funny you ask cause i have never been on a retreat and really want to. i just opened my email and found a SS newletter with the info for this retreat and went to the website to find out where SweetWater was located. The price is great …if i didn’t have to also pay for airfare.
    that’s always the case, all the retreats that sound Fun are always so far away!!
    i did sign up for the CocoaDaisy Evening with Ali which is in my home town, Eugene. It’s being held at the end of this month. And let me tell you it was hard to decide whether to put that $ towards your BPS FUN Class or Evening w/Ali, both costing the same!!!
    By the way, i’m really enjoying BPS Baker’s Dozen Class taught by your sister, Darci! What a fun and creative idea.

  43. I’ve been to a local scrapbook retreat and loved it! I’d love to go to a Sweetwater retreat sometime. Your KOTM looks awesome!

  44. It’s funny you ask cause i have never been on a retreat and really want to. That’s why when i opened my email and found a SS newletter with the info for this retreat i went to the website to find out where SweetWater was located. The price is great …if i didn’t have to also pay for airfare.
    that’s always the case, all the retreats that sound Fun are always so far away!!
    i did sign up for the CocoaDaisy Evening with Ali which is in my home town, Eugene. It’s being held at the end of this month. And let me tell you it was hard to decide whether to put that $ towards your BPS FUN Class or Evening w/Ali, both costing the same!!!
    By the way, i’m really enjoying BPS Baker’s Dozen Class taught by your sister, Darci! What a fun and creative idea.

  45. Wow! That retreat place looks amazing…
    I love the kit too! Very cool…off to check out the class. :)

  46. I’ve had scrapping weekends where we get together at each other’s houses, but sadly there was no pampering involved…no meals, no special goodies to take home. We could really use one of those!

  47. Sue Althouse says:

    Never been to a scrapbooking retreat. But does it count when you scrap all day and then say, “Honey, we’re eating out!”???

  48. That kit looks very interesting, to say the least. Nope. I haven’t ever been to a retreat where they fixed my meals, let me sit around in my jammies and play with my scrapbook stuff. It sounds so good right now. I’m recovering from a summer cold and have a ton of stuff that I have to get done in the next week. I’d rather just not face any of it and go to that retreat house instead. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! The good life (in my mind). Thanks.

  49. I’ve never been to a retreat. Ever. Would love to go but I’m afraid it will all be foreign to me. What, no one to pick up? No meals to prepare? No one to drive around? No laundry? Whatever will I do? I can only imagine! The place looks amazing. Love the bed and the colors of the linens. I’m dreaming now…

  50. I haven’t ever been on a retreat, and your new kit looks awesome, so let’s hope I’m lucky today!

  51. Never done a scrapbooking retreat like Sweetwater, although it looks divine! Also, loving your KOTM. Very characteristic of your style…making connections across your life…love it.
    Hope you are feeling all better!

  52. I talk about doing such a thing. It is much much needed right now. If I did have a penny for every thought I’d be rich. I been up nights thinking thoughts over the past week.

  53. I went to two Club Scrap retreats here in Wisconsin a couple of years ago. Loved it! I would love your new kit. It’s too bad you aren’t giving away the retreat! That would be an awesome prize! Amy in Wisconsin

  54. I have never been to a retreat. The sweetwater one looks incredible. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win your kit.

  55. I have never been to a retreat. I’ve always wanted to go, but money and other commitments have always made it impossible. Maybe someday.

  56. I’ve never been to a retreat…but sometimes my friends and I take turns going to each other’s houses for an afternoon of scrapping (usually we all work on the same project). I am sure it is just not the same, though, because we still have lots of interruptions!

  57. That retreat looks amazing! Gotta finish nursing this little one and you can sign me up. :)

  58. Liz Simon says:

    I went to CE twice 9 ( I got to meet you this past year there…SO inspiring!) but i dont think that is a retreat. You have LOTS to accomplish there!
    I would love this place i think as well as your kit!

  59. I have never been on a retreat, but wish I could go. The KOTM looks awesome. You always have the best ideas!

  60. fran heupel says:

    I have never been to a retreat but it sounds like so much fun.
    That house looks like so much fun.

  61. A retreat sounds awesome. Love the kit.

  62. Jessica Forbeck says:

    I have never been to a retreat, but just the sound of the word “retreat” is enough to get me there! I am really hoping to win the kit, it looks like so much fun!

  63. Jen Gough says:

    Yes, the SW retreat sound awesome! Just wish I had the extra $ to spend on myself for a luxury like a retreat. What a great way to recharge yourself and get some scrapbooking done.

  64. Jessica Forbeck says:

    I have never been to a retreat, but just the sound of the word “retreat” is enough to make me want to go. I an really hoping to win the kit, it looks like so much fun!!

  65. How wonderful a retreat sounds. I have just had one of the busiest beginnings of a year. I entered a phD program, my daughter got married, my godchild graduated from high school, and my father celebrated his 77th birthday. A penny for my thoughts-rest and relaxation for sure…
    Thanks for all you do to promote scrapbooking. Anna

  66. Ahhh, the idea of being productive and pampered sounds divine! The kit looks like a good time. :)

  67. Lynne Hardy says:

    The closest thing to a retreat I have been on is going to my girlfriends for the weekend, and yes, we do stay in her jammies all day and all night. She lives on a creek so it is nice and peaceful. We, however, have to cook our own meals. It is wonderful to get away though without the hubbies and household duties calling our names. The Sweetwater retreat sounds wonderful. Maybe next year. If it was a little closer to home may be able to swing it, but I don’t think it will happen this year. Thanks for the give-away.

  68. I love your Penny For Your Thoughts kit. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to squeeze it into a already too-tight budget. Maybe this is the answer ;~) I’ve never been to a retreat before, although two weeks ago I “won” the lottery for Heidi Swapp’s Creative Escape. I was SO bummed that we weren’t able to do it because of a financial crisis we’re working through. Thank you for your upbeat attitude and fun ideas. Have a great day!

  69. Ooh, pick me Stacy! That is just the cutest kit!

  70. I keep looking at the sweetwater website, and keep thinking about calling up my mom…

  71. Wow! Do I need some “me” time!!
    Love this kit!! I just love the penny thought!
    Aren’t those white beds just the cutest!! Haven’t slept in a twin bed since I was in High School!! too funny!!

  72. HeatherC says:

    OK, it is official, I live in the WRONG PART OF THE COUNTRY!! This place sounds absolutly fabulous, but simply too far from Ohio. I do attend crops at hotels about 2-3 times a year though. Not the samy as the fab house, but a nice change from home!
    Your kit looks awesome. We are in the middle of moving, but I am still trying to squeeze in some LOM time — I have made my catagory drawer divders and am ready to start sorting and yesterday I gathered the photos for my all about me album — LOVE IT! Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  73. Karen C says:

    I’ve never been on a retreat although I would love to go on one someday. Financially it isn’t possible, and if we did have money for a trip, going on our first trip as a family would take precedence. So, like I said before someday I’d love to – or . . . maybe I could win one (hint, hint).

  74. ShellyJ says:

    I have seen the pictures of Sweetwater… looks beautiful! I’ve never been to a retreat, I just simply scrap at home. And your kit looks really cool!

  75. I’ve been to some all day crops, but never to a retreat! To bad it’s not a little closer to Wisconsin!

  76. I love the kit!! I have been to a retreat years ago, but don’t have the money right now to pamper myself. I guess I’ll just have to make the most of all the things I do have!!

  77. Margaret C says:

    Okay – pity-me-time. I will NEVER make Sweetwater. I DREAM of making a CKU and I would LOVE a KOTM (esp this one…!) The reason – I live in Scotland. As in UK. Yes, I know that kits can be sent there, and I know there are those things called ‘planes’ that carry people to magical, faroff lands ( do you hear the swell of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” starting…!) but finances mean the likelihood of me making it there is the same as to OZ. What’s worse than this is my camera was stolen yesterday from where I teach. Not just full of the day’s trip with my class, but TONS of photos of my 20mo daughter, Gracie. Are you feeling as sorry for me as I am right now? So please pick me for this retreat-in-a-box. Right, enough misery! I am going to bed with a cup of hot chocolate and Creating Keepsakes!!!

  78. I would love to go to a scrapping retreat, and have never been… maybe someday. Your kit is completely adorable.

  79. Kerry G. says:

    I would love to go on a retreat with my roommate and our moms. My mom doesn’t even scrapbook, but I know we could indoctrinate her there!
    There are great retreats in my area, but I always seem to spend my money on other stuff.
    The kit is lovely.

  80. Kimberly says:

    Being pampered and having time to scrap…. a dream come true!!

  81. I purchased my kit and the class. I’m now stalking the deliver guys waiting for it! It is my summer project and I can’t wait to get it started!

  82. Jenn Talbot says:

    Sweetwater is on my “someday I would love to go there list”. I have never been to a retreat but I do have a great group of friends that I get together with every once in a while…. I would love your kit as well!!!

  83. I’ve heard FANTASTIC things about that retreat house! Can’t wait to head there one of these days.

  84. heather says:

    I would love to go to a retreat one day, but baby steps. I just finally got hubby to agree to let me go to a CKC while he watches the kids. We’ll see how that goes in August.

  85. I’ve never been to a retreat. Of any kind. Ever. I’ve never actually been by myself for more than a couple hours since my oldest was born six years ago. Now I have 4 kids and although my husband and I have gotten away a couple times together, I wish I could take a little breather myself. I REALLY wish I could go to Sweetwater house–that sounds lovely. It’s only an 8 hour drive from me, and I’ve been asking my husband about it. :) Too bad it’s not my birthday until December!
    I love your KOTM and haven’t been able to order it, but I hope you continue to do more kits!

  86. Gosh, those beds look so inviting!!!! If the bedrooms look like that I can only imagine what the rest of the retreat home looks like. ………and imagine is what I will have to do as I live in Australia. I’d settle for the kit, though. *wink* it also looks gorgeous!

  87. Karen G says:

    No I have never been on a retreat. Just too hard to get away with my boys and not having any family around to watch them (until recently) so will have to think about it.
    Stacy I have loved your LOM class and have enjoyed your work in Darci’s class so far. Looking forward to Have More Fun this summer. Because I have enjoyed your classes and truly am becoming a convert to the system you use I just purchased the kit last night. Would love to give one to my sister though.
    Thanks for everything and so looking forward to what is next.
    Karen G

  88. Leslie E says:

    I have never been to a retreat, although I am sure it would be absolutely worthwhile. Now, your kit of the month, wow, that would be so cool to win!!!

  89. Jenny M. says:

    I have been on a retreat in a cozy cabins in a secluded area with a bunch of girls and my sister for a weekend. It was so relaxing, meals prepared, and fun scrapbooking time. I plan to do it again (at least once per year). Thanks for the opportunity to win this kit.

  90. Katie L says:

    I’ve never been to a cool retreat, and I’ve never won a super cool kit.
    Thank you for all your inspiration,

  91. Marty Walden says:

    I have been to some local retreats. The first couple of ones we didn’t have to cook, but it’s a youth camp so you bring linens, etc. and sleep in bunk beds. No luxury there! The other retreats we have just split up the cooking among the girls and done it ourselves. It really is a great time, but it’s not a “pampered” type of retreat. So send me the kit. I would love it!

  92. Marty Walden says:

    I have been to some local retreats. The first couple of ones we didn’t have to cook, but it’s a youth camp so you bring linens, etc. and sleep in bunk beds. No luxury there! The other retreats we have just split up the cooking among the girls and done it ourselves. It really is a great time, but it’s not a “pampered” type of retreat. So send me the kit. I would love it!

  93. Marty Walden says:

    I have been to some local retreats. The first couple of ones we didn’t have to cook, but it’s a youth camp so you bring linens, etc. and sleep in bunk beds. No luxury there! The other retreats we have just split up the cooking among the girls and done it ourselves. It really is a great time, but it’s not a “pampered” type of retreat. So send me the kit. I would love it!

  94. Marty Walden says:

    I have been to some local retreats. The first couple of ones we didn’t have to cook, but it’s a youth camp so you bring linens, etc. and sleep in bunk beds. No luxury there! The other retreats we have just split up the cooking among the girls and done it ourselves. It really is a great time, but it’s not a “pampered” type of retreat. So send me the kit. I would love it!

  95. Hi Stacy!
    The Penny Kit is very cool!
    I have a Kindergartener who is all about the coins. We usually let him “get the change” when we are out shopping. He has become quite the counter of money. It all goes into his bank and we are looking forward to depositing into his account at our neighborhood bank.
    My two sisters, mother, and I usually participate in an annual retreat in their hometown (2 hours away for me) It’s nice for us to share this hobby that allows us weekends of catching up and free from child interuption.
    Fingers crossed for such a cool kit and someday I would love to visit the Sweetwater Retreat. They are such a thoughtful and sweet group of ladies.

  96. Wow, what a neat event. I wished it was closer to me. There doesn’t seem like many things come to Northern CA…

  97. lauriek says:

    I’ve been to several scrapbooking conventions and they are a blast, but to have a whole period of time, just to scrapbook, with only ME to worry about, would be a dream come true. Maybe one of these days, when other priorities aren’t as pressing, or possibly when I am able to make enough money at my current business and my part time work as a nurse, then I could indulge. Thanks for the reminder of an item to put on my wish list. Things to do before too long….
    Laurie K.

  98. I have never been to a retreat. With 6 kids it’s too hard to arrange a get away. I’m a huge fan of Sweetwater and have lots of their product. Maybe I’ll get there when the kids get a little older.

  99. How cute is that loft at the Sweetwater House!! These retreats look fabulous… perhaps someday. It’s fun to dream!
    Stacy, your kit looks great! This is a bit more possible ;)

  100. I can only wish, but not, I have never been to a retreat. I did order your kit. I hope to get it soon. Thanks!

  101. Christine says:

    I would love to go to a retreat someday! All day crops are fun but it would be great to spend an entire weekend scrapping with friends.

  102. Oh my goodness I would love to go to Sweetwater! The beds even entice you!lol I don’t think I can get there but I sure would love this kit!!! I’ve been drooling over it ever since I saw it for the first time.

  103. I can only dream…a whole weekend!

  104. Sharon T says:

    Stacy, I want to be just like you when I grow up! You definitely lead my “dream” life of working in the scrapbooking business and getting to be a stay at home mom. I have never been able to attend any retreat or all day or night crops for that matter. Every year I wish to myself “this will be the year I get to attend a CKU”…I even was very wishful about attending the retreat you will be the guest speaker at in June, but with three kids in college, that just can’t happen yet. However, I even dreamt of the picture that we were going to take together! I’d LOVE to be the lucky recipient of the Pennies kit, I have truly almost purchased it on at least 10 different days, but couldn’t decide if I wanted more than one. So, I’d love one, but will definitely be buying one if I don’t get picked!
    Sharon :)

  105. elizabeth Bailey says:

    I would love to spend some time at a retreat like that!

  106. Sharon T says:

    Oh, I keep forgetting to post and ask this question…Can I please have the recipe for the brownies pictured on your site? It makes my mouth water every time I check things out here. YUM!
    Sharon :)

  107. I have never been on a retreat but I sure wish I could. Unfortunately I have a disability that prevents me from going by myself. Maybe my DH needs to take up scrapbooking and go with me! Anyway, I am certainly thankful for the internet and BPS for making classes and such available. And the CK KOTM aren’t bad either! Regards, Beth

  108. K.Methot says:

    I’ve never been to a retreat of any kind. I’m not very good at trying new things. Maybe I should give it a try.
    Your KOTM looks very cute. Have a great weekend!

  109. Sharon F. says:

    I wuuld love to go to Sweetwater. I took a mini-book class by one of the owners at a CKU and love that little bundle of joy. But I digress. I have not been to a retreat like Sweetwater, but would love to.

  110. I have never been on a retreat. Unfortunately, not one of my friends like to do crafts, which means that I would have to go alone, and I am way to quiet and shy for that! Sounds heavenly though!

  111. sabrina S says:

    I have never been to a retreat like that, I would LOVE TO!!! It sounds amazing, but with little ones it is hard to get away…..but maybe someday! Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  112. Monique says:

    escaping would be a dream come true.. nothing like this on the east coast unfortunately…

  113. I’ve never been to a retreat :-( it looks awesome though! And the kit looks really cool too…I love tins…is that weird?!

  114. OH, that place sounds nice. There are six of us trying to plan a weekend, hard to get all six free at the same time. Anyway, thanks for the chance to win a kit

  115. Wow! The kit looks very cool! Have never been on the dream scrapping vacation, but a girl can dream. Thanks for all the inspiration on your blog!

  116. I’ve never been to a retreat. The pic on your blog looks like this could be a fun weekend. Like a big slumber party.

  117. Haven’t been lucky enough to attend a retreat yet…maybe someday. Sounds very cool and I love the idea of staying in my jammies and being catered. Usually a jammie day for me involves catering to my little man! Your KOTM looks awesome… would love to win one!
    PS Your books and LOM have opened my eyes to a new way of scrapbooking…thanks for helping me enjoy this hobby once again!

  118. Michelle Smith says:

    The thought of going away to indulge in my very own passion without the interruption of a needy 6 year old or a crying 10 month old would be as close to heaven as I can get. I’d settle for a door that locks and this fabulous kit! Pick me! Pick me!

  119. Sabrina says:

    In late July I will luxuriate in a spa-like retreat at Crop-a-Doodle-Do, a scrapbooking bed and breakfast in Arcadia, Indiana. It features a beautifully restored and furnished farmhouse with beds that swallow you up when you finally give in to the need for at least a LITTLE bit of sleep at night. The food is fabulous – delicious, out-of-the-ordinary and beautifully presented. And the crop room? Amazing! Lots of space. Plenty of room for all your ‘stuff.’ Ott-Lites at every seat. Ergonomic chairs. Well-stocked tools free for your use. I can hardly wait! And I hope that whoever gets the KOTM has an opportunity to get away for even a day to enjoy the chance to start working on the project!

  120. Tammy Clayton says:

    I’m actually not going anywhere because my boys and husband are all going away for the week and I’ll be left home to scrapbook all week, by myself. I love the penny for your thoughts kit, it’s to die for. Perhaps, I can sneak away to the spa for a little pampering and then back to the house to do more scrapping. It’s going to be awesome.

  121. JennieB says:

    I already ordered a kit for myself but would love to give one to a co-worker with 3 children and no time to scrap. I’m planning on having a scrap retreat weekend at my home this summer and will have the blessing of pampering two dear friends.
    ~ JennieB ~

  122. Wow! A get-a-way retreat…what a great idea! I would be happy just to get some time at home to finish all my unfinished projects!!! Love the kit.

  123. I had seen the kit – but it wasn’t until I saw your excitement over it that I really considered it. I also got the mail today about the BPS class, so it might be time to purchase…

  124. Whoa is me… never been on a retreat. Three boys 6 and under (6,2, & 8 months) don’t leave a lot of me time… some day! Love your kit… the penny tin is just adorable. Perfect for a guy!

  125. I would love to go to a retreat! I have been to a couple of scrapbook conventions that we turned into mini retreats in our hotel rooms. This kit looks so cool! I hope to get a chance to make one.

  126. I have never been to a retreat but DREAM about them!! I’ve even toyed with the notion of just starting my own because someone in this area has got to! I’m in Coeur d’alene and I love that we are kind of “neighbors.” I just read your book PhotoFreedom and it has seriously changed my scrapbooking life forever. I can’t stop talking about it to anyone who will listen. Thank you for writing it, Stacy!!

  127. Retreats are awesome. For me the perfect time to “Create” and get lots done.
    Colorado would be oh so much fun.
    But a bit far for me ….. some day maybe

  128. I have never been to a retreat. It is something that I have always thought would be great. I love Sweetwater so I bet that would be really nice.
    Also – My life is completely changed since reading your new book. I love, love, love how organized all my pictures are and how I know where everything is! It is so great! It has inspired me to complete so many projects already! Thank you so much!

  129. sara lambert says:

    A retreat always sounds fun but a little scary ! Oh I dream of that awesome looking sweetwater house, but perhaps a little far to travel from the UK?!

  130. Whoa! Would love a retreat! The young ones barely leave me enough time to use my own facilities let alone someone else’s! Someday…

  131. Jeannette P says:

    I just went & read some of Angie’s blog and though I’ve been on scrapbooking gatherings, I always have to pitch in to cook. Being waited on and not making those fabulously looking meals would be so wonderful. I’d sure settle for your new kit though. LOL

  132. Laurie Takens says:

    I’ve only been to one overnight scrapbook event. I would love to try a Sweetwater retreat but unfortunately now is not a good time as I don’t have the extra money to go.
    Laurie T.

  133. Your kit looks fabulous, and I’ve never even paper scrapped (digi gal here). Nor have I ever been to a scrapping retreat–sounds intimidating to this introvert! But, oh, the things I could learn…

  134. Haven’t been to one at all. Would love a getaway from it all. Thank you for this chance.

  135. Meredith Greene says:

    Wow, Sweetwater looks amazing. I read about it last week on Angie’s blog and thought what an amazing retreat it would be to attend! The food looked delicious and the decor was so clean and relaxing!
    The Penny for your Thoughts class looks great too–would love to win the kit!!

  136. I have been following Angie’s blog. Looks like a lot of fun. Maybe someday I will be able to do something like that. Too many demands on my time right now. And the KOTM looks awesome. Maybe i will be lucky to win it.

  137. Wow, the Sweetwater retreat looks like alot of fun. Unfortunately, my little ones are too small to be able to leave for that long. Maybe, once they are in school, I could do something like that. It looks like it would be very relaxing. Plus, it would be fun to visit someplace new.
    That kits looks adorable. I love the idea of “A Penny for your Thoughts”.

  138. Amy Dow says:

    I’ll leave my thoughts if you send me a penny….just kidding…get it? Anyway, enough of my goofy sense of humor…Sweetwater looks awesome!! I agree everyone who has never been on a retreat should try it! My sisters and I go to “Scrapbook Manor” in Walworth, WI every year. Our mom gives us that gift every year and I have to say it is a weekend of heaven! Scrapbooking to your heart’s content, having catered meals you don’t have to prepare or clean up and going to bed in these super comfy beds only to sleep as late as you want…heaven! I wish that on any scrapbooker out there!!! Have a great weekend! (Don’t those thoughts deserve a penny??) Amy

  139. OMGoodness that tin is so cute!!!! and what a great concept for a mini ‘album’

  140. Sweetwater looks like an amazing place. Fun, peaceful, relaxing and scrap productive! I need to start saving my pennies so I can go to one.
    Your kit looks like it would be fun to make and display.

  141. Love the new kit – it is so different but SO creative! Love it!!

  142. Sue in Grapevine says:

    I’ve never been to an overnight SB event, but it sounds really fun — if I don’t have to stay up all night. I am NOT good @ that!
    The Sweetwater house looks adorable — maybe someday.

  143. Nope. Never been to a retreat. In fact, I don’t have any friends where I live who even scrapbook (gasp!).
    Love the Penny for Your Thoughts kit idea. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

  144. Suzanne says:

    I saw this when it came out and it’s just the cutest smart idea I’ve seen in a long time! Love it and I didn’t buy it yet so maybe I’ll be the lucky winner!
    Wish I could go on the retreat but not possible now..unless I won it!

  145. Not only have I never been to a retreat but I’ve never even been to any in store crops or events. There is no LSS within 100 miles of me. But I DO get together with friends to crop, so all is good.
    Your kit is amazing.
    Thanks so much!

  146. Heather L. says:

    I loved looking at your pregnancy pic that you used in your kit. It reminded me of my own pregnant belly and made me smile.

  147. Cindy C. T. says:

    HOw fun! Love the kit!

  148. That looks like a beautiful tranquil place!

  149. Sulieen Ayala says:

    Hi I’m kind of new to the scrapbooking world and I would love to start off somewhere. The kit would be nice. Thanx!!!

  150. Hi Stacy- I was reading your twitter thought I’d add that although I now your coming to Valley Forge for CKC-you should take a day & come up to Bucks County. It is so beautiful and there are lots of great museums, parks & covered bridges to boot!
    If you need any info check out
    Just my .02 for being a Bucks Countian! Marlyn

  151. Heather says:

    I just got my KOM and am totally thrilled. My nickname and CB handle as a child was “copper penny” because of my red hair and freckles so this kit is extra special to me. I’m already thinking of my 10 years and looking at every penny.
    Believe it or not, I am going to get started next weekend that I’ve designated as a “make my own retreat” weekend at my favorite scrapbook store in San Antonio. They have both a Friday and Saturday night crop and I’ve signed up for both. Plus, they are letting me crop during the day as well, even with classes going on, because they know I need to get away and get some things done. I know it’s not Sweetwater, but sometimes you have just got to make things happen on your own. Thank goodness there are people and scrapbook stores that “get it”. Isn’t that what makes life great?!!!
    I’ll be posting my results in the BPS gallery in just over a week. Thanks for creating such a meaningful kit!

  152. I’ve got a retreat scheduled for October, but it might not happen if a family event conflicts. It would be my first retreat ever.

  153. I would love to go to sweetwater retreat, one of my friends went a few years back and they had nothing but good things to say about it. I saw all the awesome projects they made.
    The kit look so cute I did see your project on lisa web site and loved how you mixed the past and present photos.

  154. That is such a fun thing to do! How wonderful would that be! Love the kit as well!

  155. Sweetwater Retreat looks absolutely heavenly! Just going there would be a treat, not to mention goodies, food, great company and classes!!!

  156. I’ve gone on two retreats — one a scrapbooking B&B with dorm style beds like you have pictured, and once some friends and I rented a huge house and each had our own bedrooms. We scrap and party hard, so private bedrooms was nice when we wanted to crash and recharge for another full day of cropping!

  157. jennifer mcneely says:

    It sounds wonderful – all of it – the people, the food, the scrapbooking, the chatting. I would love to go but one of your kits would suffice (for now)!!

  158. what would a Canadian do with an American penny??? make a project for a friend who IS an American…fun:o)

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