AC Winners, SS Challenge #5 & CHA top pick …

ok, this is a lot to cover, so here we go!

ONE. The following three posts have won themselves a hefty package of ALL NEW American Crafts products.

I love, with a capital HEART, the lunchboxes at SuperNoots! I can see my Elle & Diesel carrying one around with snacks and toys!
I want to share with you my favorite things in the world . . . my twins! (link to blog here) They are amazing, and wouldn't the American Crafts goodies create amazing pages of amazing babies? I think so!
Posted by:Kim Crocheron | 21 July 2008 at 11:54 PM

Stacy-did you know that you are a enabler? LOL All good though :) I just bought a 3 mo. kit sub with Inside Out and the food groups mag. ( i need for me! lol!) Thanks for the info :) oh, and I lOOOVE AC- would love to win that! Lacey A.
Posted by:lacey | 21 July 2008 at 11:41 AM

Love the SuperNoots. Will be getting one of those. Also love the juxtaposition of your picks – nutrition awareness and cookies! (tee hee)
Posted by:Pam | 21 July 2008 at 07:16 AM

Email me girls and put "AC WINNER" in the subject line!

TWO. It's week five of our Simple Scrapbooks gallery challenge (see my note in the July/August issue.) This week's challenge is: Pair favorite song lyrics with a picture or two.



here's my layout (shot on red paper)

As you may know, I'm a big fan of Jack Johnson and one of my favorites from the Curious George soundtrack is With My Own Two Hands. If you've not heard it, have a listen.

I'm no stellar photographer, but I love taking pictures of hands and the message of this song is perfect for a collection of hand shots. The black and white image is my grandmother Addie meeting my Addie for the first time (I love to think how she embraced this little girl from another country –  not necessarily an easy thing to do for someone from her generation) other pics include my boys' hands holding a frog and a broken egg from a bird's nest, Geof's hand holding Addie's little foot, my friend Ashli and her husband's hands on their wedding day and my friend Nancy's hand holding evidence of nature's obsession with detail.

I love making pages like these, where you pull together the same type of photo (easy to do with category drawers!)

I can't wait to see your pages posted in the SS reader gallery. Here is some info on how to do this. We are drawing prizes each week from those that participate!!

products used:
American Crafts Thickers and alpha rub ons
Doodlebug letter stickers (sorry, I can't pull up the site today?)
Making Memories mini circle tabs
Bo Bunny double dot brads
Heidi Swapp ghost heart
and …

this cool new punch from Stampin Up! Here's how you can find a demonstrator near you.

THREE. I never have enough time to browse booths at CHA. This means there is a TON I didn't even see — in spite of this fact, I came away with three top picks that I'm sharing today, tomorrow and Thursday. Pick #1 is …

this ADORABLE portable "Bucket" printer from Canon. It's called The Selphy and I was so happy to
finally see a well designed, white printer for people like me that don't want a big black or silver space-aged looking printer in their creative space.

so … the printer itself is the top portion of the bucket that lifts off. You can then store your paper, ink cartridges and even your small digital camera in the bucket and be portable — how cool (and CUTE) is this?
Did I mention the white, yellow and green and very playful design will look REALLY good in my studio?


So, I'm working with Canon to see if we can give one of these cuties away here on the blog or over at BPS.
Stay tuned on that one!

p.s. I'm testing the Evoca widget on my blog (right sidebar) Give it a try for me. All you have to do is allow Evoca access to your computer's microphone and then you can record a voice message, that they will send to me. Tell me what you are looking for in a photo printer — and I just might share some of your messages.


  1. Sharon Trumble says:

    Stacy, I agree…this has got to be the coolest little printer yet! I haven’t invested in a portable printer, but I’m always temped to do so. Maybe this will be the one! Thanks for sharing the Hands layouts. I love hands-they’re my favorite part of the body (not trying to sound creepy)! I think I might just scraplift this idea tonight. Thanks for all the inspiration. :) Sharon T in Wyoming

  2. Hey, Stacy,
    I love the hands layout, too…made even more lovely by your words explaining the relationships.
    Half the summer has gone by, and I’m still hoping to make more time to get my category drawers up and running! Thanks for the continuing inspiration. One of my categories will be reading – all of us reading in all sorts of places, positions, all sorts of literature…that’s a theme with us!
    Love that printer – so cute (it would go well in my room, too!), and the bucket idea is really inspired. A multitasker! :-)

  3. The hands layout is wonderful! Thanks for sharing it. Thanks, also, for sharing the products from CHA.

  4. Oh my goodness! Your hands layout is so inspiring to me! As an adoptive mama to a little asian swetheart myself, the photo of both Addie’s together brought tears to my eyes. Amazing, and so so precious!!! Thanks for the inspiration to get scrappin!

  5. YAY for me! Thank you Stacy! I am so excited! I love the idea of your LO. I actually took a photo of my great grandma’s hands before she passed away. I am SO glad that I did. Partly why I took the photo of her hands (at the time) was that she ALWAYS had her nails painted, and she had that habit at picking away at the paint…i wanted to tell that story. When she died, I made sure that her nails were painted. Later, I came across this photo, and it become more of the always painted/picking off story for me…these hands belonged to the person who loved me with all her heart, who played with me, who spoiled me rotten and held me when I cried. I wish I had more time with her, b/c now that I’m a few years older, I would know now that every minute spendt with her, I should cherish (i did, but you know what i mean.)and take in everything…b/c I didn’t understand that at the time hw much I would miss her…and wished I knew more about her life back when, how she felt about things, how she saw things. Scrapbooking has changed that for me. I view my life, the world around me differently now. I ask the important questions and experience the love and the importance of family. Now, i have the knowledge and the tools to keep the memories alive forever. Thanks for the inspiration! :)
    Lacey A.

  6. Angi Smith says:

    I soooo need that Canon Selphy! I have no digital pictures printed out that aren’t in layouts. I have two printers. One is an all-in-one top of the line that I can’t afford to buy ink for and the other is a bottom of the line that I can buy ink for but that prints pages with the inkjet head going across line by line.

  7. Your LO is very cute! I’d love to hear more about your “category drawers”…

  8. Funny to see the Stampin Up Punch today. I just told my friend who is a SU demonstrator that I had to get that!!
    Silly question – where have the winners from your summer challenges been posted? I haven’t seen anything on old or new SS site but I can be easily confused.
    Monica (LOM/Have More Fun)

  9. Great LO! I love making those connections. Just a question – do you have a “hands” drawer??? lol. And how cool is that printer?? TFS.

  10. Love that canon printer, will be saving up for when they turn up over here.

  11. I love that new printer! It’s so cool!

  12. I’m totally loving that layout! It just makes me itch to create! And that Canon printer is a DREAM! Cute, cute, cute! Somebody out there, knows what makes us scrapbookers tick . . .

  13. Oh my! I so want that punch! I didn’t even know they made one of those!! yowza! :)

  14. Heather says:

    I love your page layout! I too love that song. It was used in my daughter’s dance recital and I wondered who sang it so thanks for including that info. I will definitley be purchasing that CD. I’ve seen it before and wondered what the songs sounded like.
    Love that cute bucket printer too!

  15. LOVE the printer!!! The colors are super cute, but my favorite part is the storage aspect! Fabulous!!!

  16. Oooooh I have a non-bucket Selphy and -love- it. It’s far better than any other portable printer out there, and now with this bucket!! Fantastic! It makes me wish I’d waited a little for this fantabulous contraption.

  17. You can decorate the Selphy too! come see….

  18. I don’t currently have a “real” photo printer. I want longevity in my photos. Quality that will last. Why do something for just the short run?!?

  19. OK – I think I NEED a portable printer now… thanks for the enabling there LOL

  20. Very inspiring. Love the hands. That is not something I would have thought about. Hmmmm… The wheels are definitely turning.

  21. Love your stuff, as always. The song was actually written and recorded first by Ben Harper. Ben and Jack have collaborated on a bunch of stuff, so I’m sure that’s how it wound up on the Curious George soundtrack. Ben’s version is also great. :-)

  22. Just when I think that there can’t be anything new, Canon comes up with the coolest idea ever. I don’t have a dedicated photo printer, but that may change….

  23. Lindsay Palamaruk says:

    AMAZING layout. Really really touching. Thanks so much for sharing that with us all!

  24. So funny! I pre-ordered my scallop punch yesterday, had to have it the moment I saw it.

  25. Amanda G. says:

    This has got to be the cooloest little printer I have ever seen! I have not invested in a photo printer, but this one has definitely caught my attention. And the hands layout is so cool. Not really a topic I have thought about scrapping before. You’ve definitely inspired me to get to work!

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