CHA, BIG News and Prizes!!

I'm packing and prepping for CHA today. Can't wait. Even after all these years I am giddy with anticipation for seeing industry friends and all their innovative ideas and products.

A New Digital Studio
Before I head out to Chicago, I want to announce a very exciting partnership between Big Picture Scrapbooking and Shutterfly. We have teamed up to launch a digital studio that will provide us with dedicated space to teach and enjoy classes in and around the digital side of scrapbooking. I know that there are already many FANTASTIC digital sites and resources you can visit to learn the skills and technology you need to play and express yourself with digital tools, using digital products. So, we're not going to attempt to be everything to everyone. Naturally I'm most eager to bring a "big picture" perspective and philosophy to digital expression. In my mind it doesn't really matter how you engage in the creative process or what you output looks like, so much as that you find solutions and strategies that enable you to tell your stories and that you also find inviting ways to share these stories with others. And, while digital scrapbooking may require less physical space and less "schtuff," excessive expectations, intimidation and the concepts of clutter, confusion and disorganization are not exclusive to traditional scrapbooking. You still need to know what you are doing, why you are doing it and where it ALL goes ultimately.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to have the power and experience of Shutterfly on our side. They are dedicated to storytelling and supporting scrapbookers in general with comprehensive online services and quality printing solutions.

Together we have LOTS of plans for growing this area, but we will do it slowly, over time and we really want YOU
to help us guide the direction and scope of what we will provide. We've posted a feedback survey that you can use to talk to us. Whether you are currently scrapbooking digitallly or not, pretty please take a few minutes to respond to this survey! And remember that anytime you have something to add you can email us at


Mini is BIG
Just yesterday I got my hands on the NEW Simple special issue called Mini Albums in an Evening. It's FAB and I have two copies to give away. 58 Album ideas are divided up into three categories …
Bitty Minis
Mid-Size Minis
Mega Minis

Ok, how cute is that?
In addition, there are three bonus recipes for …
Personality Profiles
Family History Stories and
Holiday Recollections
These recipes give you a detailed supply list, specific instructions and a scheme to follow.
If you've ever had that overwhelming feeling that you just can't do it all, pick up this issue and do something!

All you have to do to qualify to WIN is leave me a comment and tell me who you'd like to see on the 4Experts teacher list for 2009. Wendy Smedley and Allison Tyler Jones will be back, but we have two spots open. Tell me either what you want to learn or who you want to learn from!


and … check out the NEW Look at BPS too –
I think Kayce rocks!!


  1. Suzette Mahoney says:

    I want to learn to digitally scrapbook period. I have never attempted at all unless you count looking at my digital pics on the computer. I am really intimidated to try. The whole thing simply overwhelms me!!

  2. Kara Rossewey says:

    I’d like to see more of Donna Downey. I didn’t get the opportunity to take her classes last time and would love to be able to. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a copy of that Mini Albums in an Evening either. :)

  3. Lori Patrick says:

    Not sure if she’s even an option, but I have ALWAYS loved all of Beth Proudfoot’s layouts. Her style to me is so soothing, and I’ve been just waiting patiently for her to write a book. Just for me. :)
    Can’t wait to see the new book!!

  4. I’d love to have that issue. I would love to see Tina Cockburn. I love her style so much and her photography is beautiful. I love how she uses so much white space.

  5. Angela Williams says:

    Love, love, love Donna Downey. I have been able to take her classes twice in person and I always leave SO inspired by her!

  6. Suzanne says:

    I’d love anything with Ali of course and since you’re going digital how about Renee Pearson??!!! I’ve been desigining digital kits for 2 years and had to stop recently due to an illness but I’m so exciting that the best in paper scrapping are getting involved in the digital world!! Can’t wait to see what you bring forth!!

  7. I would love to see Ali Edwards! Love her ideas!!

  8. Linda H. says:

    After taking a couple of Kolette Hall’s classes, I definitely think she should be one of the four experts.

  9. HeatherC says:

    I would love to take a class from Ali Edwards — I love her style — it is carefree yet clean and the stories she tells through her photos are awesome. Another good one would be Jennifer McGuire — she does a lot of kid pages and that is my life right now!
    That mini book issue looks so fun. I just love small books!

  10. I would love to see Ali Edwards or Jennifer McGuire. Hope you can get one of them!

  11. Marta Valdes says:

    That is a very hard question…because there are a lot of experts I would love to see. I don’t know who I would choose. I am sure, whoever comes to teach will be a wonderful addition. Everyone that has taught has been wonderful at BPS. I will always come back to learn.

  12. Brooke Hansen says:

    I love making mini albums the special issue looks like a lot of fun. I would like to see Donna Downey or Heidi Swapp to teach.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. Sharon T says:

    I would love to take a class from Donna Downey, Ali Edwards, Becky Higgins, Jennifer McGuire, Erin Lincoln, Liz Kratchner…of course, Stacy Julian is at the top of my list–can’t wait to take LOM! :) Sharon T in Wyoming

  14. I’d love a Cathy Zielske class!

  15. I would love to see a class by Jessica Sprague. I’ve just started learning how to digiscrap and her tutorials are amazing. I’d love to have some time to pick her brain!

  16. I would like to see Donna Downey or Heidi Swapp. I would just like simple albums that are fun and easy. The new look on Big Picture is great. Keep up the great work. AMY Mo

  17. Nell-Ann says:

    Not sure how about some newbies.

  18. I want to learn from Leah Yourstone, but I doubt anyone would talk her into it. I want a step by step tutorial on shutterfly. After taking a few Big picture classes I spent an hour or more manuvering around shutterfly and never did find out how to print photos in 3×3 and 4×4 and other such recommendations that came out of my classes.
    Right now I’m looking for cheap fun, so I want cheap classes that help me accomplish something with a lot of fun thrown in.

  19. I would love a class by Becky Higgins and please include Cathy Zielske on the 2009 calendar! I can’t wait for her class in October!

    My favourite part about them is that they get looked at by the little people who live in my home often!! That’s what scrapbooking is all about!! I’d love to see this new book!!
    People who I’d like to spend a session with next year… Ali Edwards or Donna Downey.. love them both!
    Your new site looks fabulous! I can’t wait to check out some digital stuff!

  21. Crystal says:

    Hi Stacy, I would love to learn from Ali Edwards, Becky Higgins and Donna Downey.
    Fountain, MN

  22. young c-m says:

    Ooh, this looks like a great magazine to keep around for lots of future mini-albums! My desire for experts: Ali Edwards!

  23. Would love the new book!
    Would LOVE to see
    1. Ali Edwards
    2. Patter Cross
    join your line up!

  24. I’d love to see Jennifer McGuire or Becky Higgins. I love the style of both and think that they have a lot to bring to the table. :)

  25. Wow I love the new look to the big picture scrapbooking site!
    I would love to see more classes by Ali Edwards – I love her style!

  26. Cathy Z was great when I did a class with her before and I’m looking forward to the one this autumn.
    Robin Johnson and Kathleen Samuelson both had nice teaching styles and I enjoyed the heavy on the journaling classes I did with them.
    The digital scrapping is something I’m determined to do this summer – I even have one of Renee’s classes to work through and just haven’t carved out the time.
    Thanks for moving and changing the site it is one of my favourites!

  27. Suzann H says:

    Hello !
    I would love to see a class with YOU !!!!!!! And Donna & Ali & Cathy……Becky & Rebecca…. Lisa & Renee…….well my list can go on & on & on ….
    Would love to receive that mag too !!
    Thank you !

  28. carriegel says:

    Cathy Zielske. I am very interested in her class this fall.

  29. Barbara B says:

    I would love Danelle Johnson. Barbara

  30. Cathy Z!

  31. Would love to see Anna Aspnes teach a class! Ronalyn Barut would be cool, too!

  32. Can’t wait to get a copy of the new book. I LOVE mini’s!
    As for a new teacher…hmmm…have to be Donna D.!

  33. Since you already have Cathy Z on your staff, then I would have to go with either Ali Edwards or CD McCoskey (spelling?). CD’s style is so fresh, I love it.

  34. Would love to see Ronalyn Barut or Anna Aspnes!

  35. Cathy Z., I’m going to try to sign up for her class this year, but I’m afraid it will fill up fast!

  36. Marty Walden says:

    I would love to take a class by Becky Higgins, Lisa Bearnson or Erin Lincoln.

  37. Sherri S says:

    First person that comes to mind is Stacy Julian!!! I totally admire your attitude toward life. It rubs off on me whenever I take a class of yours at BPS (and I think I have taken all of them!)
    But if I had to pick someone else it would be Ali Edwards. She is down to earth and creates amazing and extremely meaniful albums, layouts etc.
    Love the new BPS website!

  38. Susan M says:

    I would love a class with Ali Edwards.

  39. Stephanie says:

    I would love to see Cathy Z or Ali Edwards

  40. CD would be AWESOME!!!!

  41. Would love to take classes by Ali Edwards & Tim Holtz.

  42. I would LOVE to see Cathy Zielske on your list. THat woman is the funniest person I have never met. From reading her blog I just know she would bring some amazing “real” ideas to the table, and a truckload of humor along with it! Plus, she is a MN girl like me!

  43. Kristen says:

    I’d love to see Jennifer McGuire in your lineup. She always has such new, innovative ways to use products. Plus her pages are awesome!

  44. Ooooh, I would LOVE to see a class by Ali Edwards and Becky Higgins! I gain so much inspiration from them already.
    The idea book looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  45. Definately Ali Edwards! I’m really having fun (pun intended) so far with your Have Fun class.

  46. I would want Ali and Tara Whitney if I had my picks!!

  47. Kristen B. in Roseville, CA says:

    Ali. Most definitely.

  48. T. Shay says:

    Would love to see becky higgins, erin lincoln or allison davis in the lineup.

  49. I change my mind often between what I will want to see ‘in the future’ that I have done with my scrapbooking. The photo books that are more like a coffee table books are beautiful, and only need a caption, rather than fancy paper and embellishments. I would like to see/hear different versions of what to do when.

  50. I’d like to see either Ali Edwards or Becky Higgins. The new site looks fabulous!

  51. I’m in on the Allison Tyler Jones workshop, since I’m in photo 101 now. Anything by you Stacy!
    But I would like to know about editing my photos (color, saturation etc) don’t know if this is scrappy enough or who would teach it. So not making a digital scrapbook page, just tweaking photos to upload and print them to then paper scrap them.

  52. Ali and Cathy. Such great talents with super perspectives.

  53. Kollette Hall – her classes absolutely ROCK!! And Amy Sorenson – her idea for journaling are something I think every scrapbooker needs. I know journaling is still by far my worst area. Although I have to agree that Ali Edwards would be pretty great, too.

  54. Laurie Takens says:

    I would love to take a class with Ali Edwards – I love her style – I think a class talking about design would be great! I would also love a photography tips class with Tara Whitney – she takes fabulous pics!

  55. I say Cathy Z or Ali Edwards.
    Now, please pick me because I love minis and I want that book!

  56. Cathy Z would be great and I hope you pick me please pick me!!!

  57. I want to see anything by you Stacy! I took a class from you at the first CKU when you dressed up like a professor – remember that? You were awesome and very inspiring!

  58. Sarah L says:

    Ooh, loving the Mini Album special. I’ve been looking in the stores and I can’t find it anywhere!
    You know who would be a great addition to BPS and teach one heck of a fun class? Tim Holtz!!! Sign me up now ;-)

  59. Ali Edwards, Rebecca Cooper, Keisha Campbell, Cathy Zielske, Karen Russell. OK, I probably would be stoked about anyone!

  60. siobhan says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I would love to see Jennifer McGuire, I think that she has lots of amazing ideas and creativity. I would also like to see Ali Edwards in regards to storytelling the life that we live today and capturing these moments. If either of these are not available then how about Tim Holtz.
    Good luck with all the planning, and have fun at CHA.

  61. Meghan E says:

    Donna Downey and Cathy Z!!

  62. Cathy Z..she’s so funny! and Rebecca Cooper…love her book!

  63. Ali, CZ and Elsie.

  64. Michelle says:

    I would like to see Cathy Z. again, and would love, love, love a class from Becky Higgins.

  65. Great question!! I’d love to see: Ali E, Aby Garvey (along with Wendy), Karen Russell, Rebecca Cooper!!

  66. carrieuoregon says:

    Tara Whitney and Donna Downey.

  67. Laura in Chicago says:

    I would love to see Ali Edwards or Donna Downey they both think way outside the box. From Donna I’d love to see a class on photo album scrapbooks and from Ali I love to see her take a creative stab at hybrid scrapbooking her recent blog posts were excellent.

  68. Kimberly S. says:

    I would LOVE to win this book! I just started to make mini albums for family members as gift, and they are so much fun!
    As for classes…I would love to learn more on the photography end, on how to master my Canon Digital SLR camera. It has so many cool features, and I am clueless on how to use them. Is there anyone that teaches classes like that?
    Thanks Stacey for all of the great inspiration that you provide!

  69. I would love to see a class taught by Rebecca Cooper.

  70. Suzanne says:

    Jessica Sprague or Ali Edwards would be my choices. After you, of course, Stacy :o)

  71. Laura Y says:

    I’m thrilled that Wendy S is returning – I’m there for GOBI! (assuming that’s what she’s teaching) Ali E and Cathy Z are fabulous too. Not sure who the teacher would be but I would love an extended look at journaling, including ideas for daily writing, noting/tracking cute quotes from family or sites.

  72. Oh, let’s see. Tim Holtz. Donna Downey. Cathy Zielske. They rock.

  73. Darcy Krumhauer says:

    I would like to see a class by Becky Higgins and YOU, Stacy. I had one from you 5 years ago at cku and you were very inspiring and motivating. Thanks for the chance to win.

  74. Jessica Sprague is definately my top choice!! I love Ali too, who doesn’t?

  75. Ali or Becky!

  76. I would love to have another class with Kolette Hall- so inspiring. Stacy- I love your classes as well, so you’d be at the top. I’m also a little biased, but I love Emily Adams. She is so inspiring to me. I also love Aby Garvey.

  77. I would love to see Donna Downey or Heidi Swapp. Took Heidi’s AYTR class lass year and LOVED it! Good stuff. Scrapbooking and beyond from both of these ladies!

  78. Rebecca says:

    I would like to see either Donna Downey or Ali E. They would be my “dream team”

  79. Jennifer McGuire is so creative and makes great layouts!

  80. I know she is on the list for this year (and I can’t wait) but how about CZ for next year too?

  81. If I could choose it would be Lisa Damrosch. I just love her wonderful, fun style.

  82. Kris B. in Rochester, NY says:

    Would love to see Carol Wingert, Karen Russell, Donna Downey, Tim Holtz or Becky Higgins on the 4Expert list for 2009! I would be first in line to sign up for anything they offered on Big Picture Scrapbooking…Kris B. in Rochester, NY

  83. Kristisb says:

    I’d love to see a class for the MANY scrapbookers who don’t have SLR cameras, but want to take good pics anyway! Not sure who would teach it, so I guess that didn’t answer your question. I think any classes taught by Kolette & Jason Hall would be great to add to your list of experts. They’re so great!

  84. Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske!

  85. Tanya Summers says:

    Cathy Zielske! She is my absolute fav! ~Tanya

  86. ooohhh I would *love* to win this book!!
    I vote for Laurie Stamas—her grad album class 2 years ago was Fantastic with a capital F!!
    Enjoy CHA–can’t wait to hear all about it!

  87. Cathy Z., Tim Holtz.

  88. Brandi Osborn says:

    I would love to take a class at BPS from Ali, Becky or Elsie. I saw someone mentioned Rebecca Cooper-I love her LOs too.
    I love all of their work!

  89. Cathy Z! My great inspiration, or Jennifer M…bit spoilt for choice.

  90. What a great book! I’d love to see a class from Karen Russell or Becky Higgins.

  91. Catherine says:

    Donna Downey, CZ or Becky Higgins

  92. Jenn Talbot says:

    Yeah!!! Such fun news from you today!! I would love CZ, Rebecca Cooper, or Becky Higgins!!!

  93. I would like to learn from Rebecca Cooper

  94. I would love to take a class with Heidi Swapp. Breaking it up with 4 instructors makes it more affordable :)

  95. Brenda Casady says:

    I would love to see Carol Wingert, Donna Downey and Debbie Schuh.

  96. Kathleen says:

    Miss CZ and Miss @ Edwards. I visit their blog and learn from them everytime! Can’t wait to have the new mini book “Book”. Lots of ideas WAHOOOO!!!!

  97. Cathy Zielske!
    Jennifer McGuire!

  98. I’d love to take a BPS workshop by Donna Downey. She uses unusual stuff and makes it into a scrapbook or page.

  99. Kristin says:

    Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, You – those are the three scrapbooking blogs I read regularly and love all three! :)

  100. jujusmother says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I love the look of the mini album. Can’t wait to see inside. I would like to take classes with Donna Downey. I think her fabric albums are wonderful.

  101. karen mcgowan says:

    i’d love to take a class from jessica sprague!

  102. Kristen says:

    I loved my BPS class with Lisa Damrosch.

  103. Kathryn Benfiet says:

    I would love Ali Edwards and Cathy Z…both are fabulous!! Thanks for asking.

  104. I would love to see Ali!!!

  105. I would absolutely love to take a class from Becky Higgins or Jennifer McGuire, and I would LOVE to win the book.

  106. Kerry O'Toole says:

    I have done heaps of your classes. I have also done the Heidi and Donna ones and intend to do Cathy Zs. I would love to do Ali Edwards and Jennifer McGuire then I think I will have done a class by all my favourites. How cool.

  107. Minis are the best! thank you for giving two away!!
    I am very excited for the Cathy class and I too would love to see Ali, Tim, Karen, or Donna. All of whom are people I really could learn from and really enjoy.
    thank you for asking :)

  108. I would love to take a class from Ali Edwards. Her ability to capture the everyday in her journaling is awesome. She is a great photographer also!! Thanks for asking and LOVE the looke of the new site!! Blessings

  109. There are so many talented people out there that I would love to take a class from! Ali Edwards, Becky Higgins, Jennifer McGuire, Jessica Sprague, all come to mind. It would be awesome if one of them maybe was a digital designer – but a real “start with the basics’ one. Thanks for asking!
    I just want to say thanks to BPS and you for having such innovative and exciting ideas and for sharing them with us. And thanks for sharing the book goodness too!! You rock, Stacy! Have fun in Chicago!!!

  110. Lynn Herrick says:

    Ali is amazing. Jessica’s classes are fantastic. Tim’s classes are great. I really enjoyed Emily Falconridge’s class this year too. All of them are experts in my mind.

  111. I would love to see something from Susan Weinroth! I love her work!

  112. I’d love to see Emily Falconbridge or Elsie Flanigan. I think they’d be fun!

  113. Sheila h says:

    I like Ali -the way she’s always capturing everyday moments & her design style. I guess I missed out on your Have more fun class – I’d loooove to take that one!

  114. Soooo, how about, Ali E? She has a great simple style, she’s all about telling the story and has lots to teach us about creativity!

  115. Tina Brown says:

    I would love love love to see Ali Edwards and thank you for the giveaway

  116. Sue Carter says:

    I say Cathy Z ( I can hardly wait until her class this fall) plus I would love for her to do a digital type class. How to use type in my layouts. The 2nd person would be Ali edwards. Love her style.

  117. Definitely Ali Edwards!!!

  118. Um, I’d have to go with Ali Edwards, Cathy Z, or Donna D!

  119. Maureen says:

    Love to have a class with Donna D, Ali E or Cathy Z! Such creative, inspiring & fun ladies.

  120. Definitely Ali Edwards! And I really want to learn how to incorporate more rubber stamping into my scrapbooking.

  121. Looks like we all have the same ideas here… Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, You, Jennifer McGuire.
    I love mini books!!

  122. I’d like to Ali Edwards and Jessica Sprague. Lovin’ them both right now! Cathy Z would be great too!

  123. I’d like to see both Cathy Zielske and Ali Edwards. I can’t wait to see the new mini “book” up close. Thanks for your inspiration.

  124. Cris Culpepper says:

    I’d love to see Ali, Cathy Z, or Jamie Waters. Thanks Stacy.

  125. Debbie Perry says:

    I vote for Darci–Stacy’s sister! I just finished her Baker’s Dozen class and it was extremely fun and very doable for a working mom. I didn’t have to buy new product or other supplies, I used stuff I already have. She was fun, upbeat, helpful, and creative. She might be the new kid on the block, but her class definitely gave bang for the buck!
    Thanks Darci and BPS Scrapbooking!

  126. Elsie Flannigan or Ali Edwards!

  127. peamissy says:

    I would like to see Amanda from TaylorMade Designs … she has awesome tutorials for digital layouts on her blog and would make a great instructor!

  128. Another vote for Ali Edwards here. I also love Jamie Waters’ style, so I’d enjoy her perspective on scrapbooking too.

  129. Ali Edwards or Becky Higgins or Heather Ann Melzer…Oooh! Can’t wait to find out to see who joins the team!

  130. That’s easy – Ali for sure!!!!

  131. My addition to the already great suggestions would be Rebecca Cooper, love her simple style! KellyM in MN

  132. Would love to have Ali Edwards and Jennifer McQuire as part of the 4Experts classes – I just adore their talent! How exciting to have the chance to win an amazing book :-) Thanks!

  133. Donna and Ali would be AMAZING!!!

  134. Debbi Hyden says:

    Cathy Z. and Ali Edwards !!! love them both

  135. Karen G says:

    I would love to see a class from Rebecca Cooper because of her down to earth journalling and simple but so cute style.
    Beth Proudfoot or Karen Glenn with their simple yet classy styles would also be fantastic. Love their journalling.
    Ali Edwards would be awesome as well.
    Karen G

  136. Bobbi Jo Nichols says:

    You know Stacy there are so many wonderful scrap bookers out there that I would be tickled to just have the opportunity to learn from them. Being a mom of 5 and overwhelmed with all that needs to be done on top of my Genealogy being done by scrap-booking and journaling. Learning from the wonderful teachers would be a dream come true!
    Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  137. I’d love to Emily Falconbridge – her Got Paint class was simply fantastic. Elise Flannigan & Ali Edwards would be great additional choices.

  138. nomadscrapper says:

    My vote goes to Cathy Z. Hold her class at a different time of year, so those of us too busy during the fall to take this year’s class can take it next year.

  139. I would LOVE to see Ali Edwards and Becky Higgins teach next year. They both have such an awesome style.

  140. Cathy Z, Ali E, Rebecca Cooper, or Jessica Sprague.

  141. chris w. says:

    Iwould like to see a class on balancing hobbies and life in general, using the concept of taking advantage of small moments….. :)

  142. I think Lisa McGarvey would be a great choice. Her work is always original and compelling. When I’m in a creative rut, I take a look at her work for inspiration.

  143. I’d have to say Alli E and ebecca Cooper have my votes. I also love Tara Whitney.

  144. I would like Ali Edwards & Elsie Flannigan

  145. Ali E. teaching her wonderful simple yet very comprehensive style. And Jessica Sprague teaching digi.

  146. :0) Rachel says:

    I would like to see something from Wendy Sue Anderson.

  147. Ali for sure…Jennifer is awesome too. How about someone like Sande Kreiger or Kelli Crowe? Really, there are so many talented women out there!!!

  148. Don’t know if International comments are qualified to join but I love mini albums and would love to get my hands on that magazine. :-)
    If I were to attend a class, I would love to have Cathy Z and Becky Higgins as teachers. They never lose their goal of simplicity with great design. :-)

  149. leigh ann says:

    Pam Black–from AZ. She is amazing and always finds a new twist to something. Her sense of color is amazing–

  150. Lisa House says:

    I would love to see Rebecca Cooper make that list! She is cute, super fun and a fabulous scrapbooker! I’d also love to Becky Higgins but I know with the baby on the way it might be a little crazy for her…but she’s always one of my faves!

  151. janet higley says:

    how about stephanie tafoya aderman

  152. I would love to see a photo editing class from Cathy Z.

  153. janet higley says:

    stephanie from homegrown hospitality

  154. Kelly Butler says:

    I’m just starting to play with digital scrapping & would love to learn as much about it as possible.

  155. Julie N. says:

    Rebecca Cooper would be fun to spend some “time” with. Also, Cathy Z. Not sure I will have time in the fall. Would love to see her on the schedule again next year. Thank you so much for starting Big Picture! It has been wonderful taking classes at home!

  156. Ali Edwards, Cathy Z, Tara Whitney, Donna Downey just to name a few!!

  157. Kristin B. says:

    I love this – I think Ali E. would be phenomenal.
    Also Vicki Boutin or Greta Hammond. Love their work and style!

  158. Debbie Dow says:

    oh i love mini albums,it feels so good to accomplish them, in a short period of time. i would love to have Ali Edwards or Jessica Sprague be one of your experts. love Ali’s love of words and simplicity and how Jessica explains things so clearly. thanks Stacey for all the opportunities you give us to be educated from the ease of our own homes and scraprooms!
    Debbie D

  159. i would love to learn about the photography that tara whitney accomplishes. she rocks.

  160. I’d love to see Ali Edwards, Becky Higgins, Rebecca Cooper or Jennifer McGuire. Those would be my favs :o)

  161. Jeannette P says:

    I’d like to see a class offered about how to coordinate colors and how to use patterned paper so its not over-powering but cute & simple on a page. I love color but have never been very good at getting stuff that ‘goes’ together.

  162. yes…Ali E for sure!!!! Also Becky Higgens and Wendy Reed. Love the new look of the blog!!!!

  163. TriciaH in Ohio says:

    Wow, there are so many talented people out there. This is hard, but I will narrow it down, and my two choices are … Ali Edwards and Lisa McGarvey.

  164. Rebecca Cooper would be great!

  165. oh Ali Edwards without a doubt and Donna Downey would be great!!
    Dawn H

  166. Oh Ali Edwards for sure and Donna Downey too!! Dawn H

  167. Lisa in WA says:

    Ali Edwards!

  168. definitely ali edwards!!!

  169. Karen B. says:

    Ali Edwards was my first thought but also Tara Whitney and Karen Russell are two of my favorite photographers.
    Love the new site!
    Karen B.

  170. Shannon Tidwell for sure! She is my scrappin’ fav!

  171. CZ . . .and am I allowed to say you? {grin} I’ve always enjoyed what the 2 of you do.
    Heather from Texas

  172. Dawn G. says:

    Cathy Zieleske, Ali Edwards, Rebecca Cooper, Jennifer McGuire to name a few!!

  173. Lynne S says:

    Ali and Tara Whitney top my list

  174. Beth Proudfoot is on my list

  175. I’d like to see Darci teach a Baker’s Dozen class for the entire year!

  176. I was just checking out the new digi site today, and it looks like it will be incredible!
    I just emailed admin@bps the other day that I would LOVE to take a class from Donna Downey with canvas painting techniques- painting, layering on papers and photos, doodling and writing on them, and sealing them so they don’t get dusty or gross. I love Donna’s canvases, and have tried, but I’m just not completely happy with mine. :) Pretty please!!??

  177. Lisa McGarvey would be wonderful. I just love her style.

  178. I think it would be fun to hear from Becky Higgins. Or Heidi Swapp.

  179. Christine says:

    ummm, YOU! I am really hoping you change your mind and do your FUN class again! I couldn’t swing it this year financially or time-wise . . .

  180. Elsa Velez says:

    Stacy – I would love a class with Jenni Bowlin or Mou Saha – love their styles. Would be interested in a class about mixed media albums such as acrylic, chipboard and paper all mixed together and looking cohesive. Thanks!

  181. To take an online class from Ali Edwards would be a blast. She is so inspiring. Thanks for the giveaway.

  182. Amy Jensen says:

    I’d like to see Noel Culbertson and Karen Russell. I love both of their styles.

  183. Jill Stewart says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Can’t wait to see you at the Valley Forge CKC!
    My suggestion would be a sketches class from Janna Wilson and Valerie Salmon. I just took their online class they offered and would love to take another one that was even longer like a months worth of sketch challenges.
    Jill Stewart

  184. andrea f. says:

    I can think of a few but Rebecca Cooper stands out. I love her style. :)

  185. Sulieen A says:

    Maybe you could bring someone in that has some good style and just hasnt had the opportunity to be ‘heard’ in the scrapbooking industry. You could give a newbie a chance, I mean that is how some of the biggest people got started, by someone giving them a chance. thanx 4 listening!!!

  186. I would love to take classes from Ali Edwards, Tara Whitney and/or Becky Higgins.

  187. I would give anything (just about) to take a class with Tim Holtz, Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, and/or Donna Downey. Love their styles. I can’t wait for the mini book special issue to come out since that is the only kind of scrapbooking I have done so far and would like to see some new ideas! Can’t wait for Ali’s new book too!
    Thanks for being such a wonderful YOU! I don’t think I would have gotten into scrapbooking at all if it wasn’t for you and the Simple magazines!

  188. Tammy Thomas says:

    I’d love it if you teach again, I just couldn’t swing your have more fun class right now, and I’ve done your LOM, I’ve never been disappointed with any of your classes on-line or in person.
    I also would love to see more instant download classes I haven’t taken them all but those I have I’ve really enjoyed, and sometimes it’s all about instant gratification.

  189. well, since you already said you would not be doing it again, i’ll have to go with options two and three. how about Ali Edwards and Elsie? they would be my next top two.
    or Lisa Brown Caveney (sp?) available? havent’ seen much of her lately but i love her style. also really like Jennifer McGuire, Jessica Sprague, Becky Higgins. ok, i’ll stop now.
    but i do need to mention your “oh so cute hair” in the new welcome video. good job sticking with the growing out process! :-}

  190. I would love to see LAIN EHMANN !!!, Ali Edwards, or Becky Higgins; or a repeat of Cathy Z (I can’t wait for her class this year!). I also love Kal Barteski & Stephanie McAtee, who were at Donna Downey’s inspired event.

  191. Donna Downey or Becky Higgins or Ali Edwards! What fun!

  192. Cheryl Anderson says:

    Is Ali an option? Also, I think Emily Falconbridge would be great.

  193. Definitely Donna Downey and Tara Whitney! What could be better than an artist and a photographer. I want to be more like both of them!

  194. shannon Knight says:

    Ali and liz kartchner are awesome. Thanks, Shannon Knight

  195. I’d love to take a class from Ali Edwards–her style makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I also like Nora Griffin, she does a lot with pattern paper and stamps.

  196. Tracy Wallace says:

    Becky Higgins would definitely get me organized and structured and could teach me a thing or two. I really like Stephanie’s (from Homegrown) style also. She’d be amazing and full of creativity. Very much BPS philosophy too. Love BPS!

  197. Cathy B says:

    I would love to take a class from Becky Higgins or Rebecca Cooper. I love their simple styles! Also I love Shanna Vineyard’s work. Everything she does just speaks to me. It would be nice to have someone new on the roster. Thanks!

  198. Ali Edwards and Tara Whitney!!!!

  199. My vote is for either Becky Higgins or Tara Whitney. I would jump at the chance to take a class from either one of them.

  200. I would love to have Jessica Sprague for photo editing help and Ali Edwards – she’s just amazing!
    Trina {create} McBride

  201. Jodilyn says:

    Becky Higgins would be great for me.
    Willcox, AZ

  202. Jennifer W. says:

    I would be interested in learnign from Becky Higgins or Tara Whitney.

  203. Heather Lynne says:

    Ali Edwards and Elsie Flannigan.

  204. Jacoba Leyenhorst says:

    I’d love to have another chance to take a class with Ali Edwards. I did one a few years ago, and I loved it! (and her!) She is great at helping you capture the everyday things…

  205. Becky Higgins or Cathy Z.
    Have a great night!

  206. daurenet says:

    Ok, Liz Kartchner and Tim Holtz. To learn from them would be really BIG!!! Oh and FUN!!!

  207. Michelle P. from Spokane, WA says:

    I’d love to see Donna Downey and Ali Edwards!

  208. christine says:

    Donna Downey, please!

  209. tchrtiff says:

    Well, since there are over 250 comments already I know I don’t have any names that haven’t been mentioned yet…Ali Edwards, Becky Higgins, Tara Whitney.
    I love Ali’s ‘Anatomy of an Album’ on her blog–have you seen it? Great ideas of doing different page sizes in the same album. Love Becky’s clean & simple scrapbooking style. Would like to see something related to her school years kit. Would also like to see some basic photography instruction so I can take better photos for my scrapbook pages.
    On another note I’d love to see more ‘Projects Now’ on BPS. I like to make mini books and altered projects and think you could have more of these types of projects available for immediate download.
    Thanks for the chance to win the mini books special issue. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  210. Ann Grounds says:

    Don’t put me in the drawing–I already went and bought it! (Unless you are going to sign it ;o) Anyway I would love to See Kolette Hall as one of the experts or Lian.

  211. I was so disappointed this year that I didn’t get onto the 4Experts classes until after they started so I missed Wendy’s organisation inspiration – so if Wendy is back then this must be an indication that GOBI will be too – yippee!! But I did get in in time for your LOM class, Stacy. And how UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED am I to have now completed the class and I feel so much more liberated! It’s given my scrapbooking a new direction and a new life!! Its great!
    Now – sorry – I got distracted…. If I had to pick two Experts I would probably have to say Becky Higgins would be one that I’d love to learn off. I do enjoy her sketches and her style is very appealling and inspiring. It’s simple but classy.
    Secondly, I’d have to say Ali Edwards. Mainly because it has only been recently that I have I guess – for want of a better word – been exposed to her work. Her style is gorgeous and very unique and so I think I’d love to learn with Ali for 3 months as well.
    Thanks and now i’m off to organise my stuff!!

  212. I adored my year with Heidi Swapp! I would love to get more of her talent!!!

  213. christina says:

    I, too, would love to take a class with Becky Higgins and/or Ali Edwards. Love them both oodles! It would be great to do a family history/interview style class with Becky. I love her clean, simple style of storytelling. I also love the artsy, yet real feel of Ali’s work and her ability to convey details on her pages.
    Thanks for all YOU do too, Stacy. Such an inspiration!

  214. Love the new look of the BPS site but find the green (while looking pretty) on the message boards is just not as easy as white to read.
    I’d love May Flaum and Tim Holtz as members of the 4 experts team.

  215. Hi Stacy,
    I’ve heard that Ali Edwards is awesome. My aunt was a TA and also took her first class from Ali in Bellevue’s Creating Keepsake convention last year. It was a real eye opener for her and just her enthusiasm afterward was contagious! Love Cathy Zilske too – she’d be great~

  216. looking at all the other comments, i would have to agree with Ali E and Donna D…
    so enjoying this year of experts so far.

  217. Tere Azua says:

    Tim Holtz woulb be awesome and I love, love Jeniffer McGuire!!!!!!!

  218. It would be great to see Becky Higgins and maybe Layle Koncar…

  219. I do love Ali Edwards and Cathy and Becky, and Donna. I do think it would be nice to learn from some other, new instructors, get a different perspective on things. I like Mou Saha’s style and would love to see more new people out there.
    Thanks a lot, Sarah

  220. Ali E, Cathy Z, Tim H, Rebecca Sower, Debby Schuh, Danelle Johnson, Mellie Langworthy, Christine Middlecamp, Ana Cabrera.

  221. I honestly don’t know… I just like everyone you guys come up with! :)

  222. Janine B says:

    So many great scrappers out there but two of my all time fav’s who I can never get enough of are Ali Edwards, just love her stuff and Jamie Waters I love her work and the way she use scraps of pp:)

  223. Its already been mentioned but Ali Edwards.

  224. I would love to see Donna Downey or Ali Edwards in 4 experts

  225. brisvegas says:

    Tamara MOrrison. She could be the new resident “fun” expert. She’s been pretty “fun” as a guest instructor this week.
    Cathy Zielske
    Becky HIggins
    Tamara I think.

  226. I love Cathy Z’s wit! She would be so much FUN.

  227. Ali Edwards is awesome. I love how she teaches her subject. Cathy Z. would be my other choice. I have a feeling you would be laughing as much as learning!

  228. Denise Capek says:

    i would love to see cathy zielske in 4 experts… also rebecca cooper, tina cockburn, heidi swapp, lisa dickinson. loved darci in baker’s dozen, too!! :)

  229. Kelli Crowe. Love her style and sense of humor!

  230. Lori Gorenflo says:

    I would love to see Darci again. I loved her class baker’s dozen. The new web site looks awesome and I look forward to learning more about digital scrapbooking. Thanks, Lori

  231. Meredith Greene says:

    I love the simplicity of Tina Cockburn’s pages–I scraplift her designs often! Thanks for asking

  232. Cindy McDannold says:

    My all time favorite is Ali Edwards! Also, a big fav is Heidi Swapp (AYTR alumni)and Tim Holtz.

  233. Aileen Sadler says:

    Would love to take a class with Heidi Swapp!

  234. I would LOVE to see Ali E or Tara W teach almost anything on BPS !

  235. wow digi stuff sounds awesome! I love that ATJ is coming back…I have yet to take that one…I really would love to :)
    as for other teachers, or what I’d like to see…hmmmm I’d love to see in honor of your mini album mag coming out, some type of “Making Several Mini albums” 8 weeks and 8 albums…something like that :) That’d be a blast and incorporate some fun stuff as well as get a ton of photos in albums :)
    maybe a little Donna Downey action in there… ;)
    good luck with choosing and the shutterfly stuff sounds interesting…keep us posted!

  236. Robynne says:

    I’d so love to see Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske or Anna Aspens. Oh what fun!

  237. I would say Nic Howard – love her style and her everyday take on scrapping or Ali Edwards for the same reasons and Jessica Sprague for some hybrid teaching. :)

  238. Ali E. would be my first choice for you all to have. I love her style and she does a great job of explaining her projects in clear language.

  239. I am thrilled with BPS’ dive into digital. :-D
    I would love to see Kolette lead us through 3 months of self discovery through our art. She could have a very positive impact on so many of us.

  240. Hands down Ali Edwards and/or Karen Russell!!!

  241. Lynn Furr says:

    Ali Edwards – I love her style
    Danelle Johnson & Kristi (they are a great team!)Melodee would be great too!
    Tim Holtz would be awesome!
    Angelia Wiggington

  242. I would like to see Ali E., Crystal Reiger, or Stephanie Ackerman.

  243. Stephanie says:

    Ali Edwards for sure!!!

  244. I like Donna Downey, Lisa Bearnson. I am not up with the times with the scrapbooking people. Thanks, Jenny M.

  245. Ali E., definitely, after taking her class at CKU.

  246. I’ll post another vote for Ali Edwards!

  247. Laura from Calgary says:

    Boy that is a hard question – but if had to choose I’d say Cathy Zielske or Donna Downey. My style seems to be like their’s and I really like their work.

  248. When I think of mini-album expert I think of Ali Edwards. By the way, thanks for all your hard work Stacy!! I love your blog and all that you do to make scrapbooking such a great art and service to our families.

  249. Amy Dow says:

    Hey Stacy!
    I’d love to see Ali Edwards teach a class…her style is awesome and seems to meld well with your philosophy.
    I do have a concern. I can’t get on your bps website. I clicked that I forgot my password and it emailed me a new password and that one doesn’t work either. I am a bit concerned because I’d really like to take some classes (esp your LOM class in Jan.) but I can’t even get on the site…HELP! Any suggestions? Please email me if you can help. It’s
    thanks stacy!

  250. lisa stafford says:

    Ali Edwards and Cathy Z. Love Cathy’s simplicity and Ali’s meaninfulness with overall creativity.

  251. While I love Ali and Donna, I’d love to see some simple stuff from someone like Shelley Laming or Tina Cockburn. Thanks!

  252. I would love to see a class from Ali Edwards… looks like most of us would, actually! Have a great day!

  253. Donna Downey or Tim Holtz would be great!

  254. Ali Edwards, Cathy Z!!!

  255. I love Heidi Swapp…. so upbeat and out of the box!

  256. Ali Edwards and Donna Downey would be my pics!

  257. Would LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Heidi Swapp and Ali Edwards! Both of these ladies are awesome!!!

  258. Kristine says:

    I would love to Heidi Swapp and Donna Downey – they are so talented and bring such a fun energy to whatever they do..

  259. Cathy Zielske or Donna Downey would be great! I would also love to see Nora Griffin – she has a wonderful look that I like to scraplift. And, after taking LOM and currently taking Have More Fun, I would love to take a couple of shorter classes from YOU! Your enthusiasm is truly inspiring.

  260. Would to see Ali E and Tim Holtz teach a class!

  261. Mary Bright says:

    That book looks great. I’ve been wanting to get it.
    I think Ali or maybe even Kelli Crowe would be cool.

  262. Ali Edwards. Love her style!

  263. A class with Ali would be wonderful! But I also love, Karen Russell, or Shimelle, although I know she does her own online classes. Becky Higgins is still a classic, and I think she’d have some great ideas to share!

  264. Ali Edwards would be my choice!!!

  265. halloweenheather says:

    I also vote for Ali E. and Karen Russell. Lots of good choices though.

  266. Cathy Zielske and Ali Edwards! That would be awesome!
    Laurie in Michigan

  267. Karen C. says:

    I think it would be great if you had Stephanie is it Ackerman from Homegrown Hospitality! I think she would do a great job!

  268. I would love to see Cathy Z. or Karen Russell added!

  269. Karen C. says:

    How about Stephanie from Homegrown Hospitality! I think she would be super fun to take a class from!

  270. After just having met (in the HaveMoreFun) classroom – for the very first time Kelli Crowe – my first vote goes there! WOW Then if we can’t have more from you Stacy, I think it would be really great to see Ali Edwards at BPS!

  271. Ali E or Heidi S – that would fantastic, as I can’t see myself ever making it to a CKU.

  272. Lindsay Palamaruk says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to take a class from Elisabeth Kartchner or Ali Edwards….they are sooooo phenomenal and are such innovative and inspiring individuals!

  273. I think Ali E. would be a good choice and I also like Cathy Z.´s style- two good choices!!!

  274. I know we’ve seen her name a lot, but I also vote for Ali E. She has a passion for telling stories and slowing down. I would love to be a part of her class.
    I also think that Tia Bennett would be cool. She has a funky, free-spirited style that would challenge me as a scrapbooker. I can’t wait to see what her project in in Have More Fun!

  275. Heidi Swapp was great in AY2R and I still use her techniques. I’d love to see her back again. Also, Ali Edwards. I love her graphic designs and hybrid techniques.

  276. Valerie says:

    Just 2?? Hmm..Cathy Zielske and Donna Downey – love their style. Genius.

  277. Becky Higgens would be great to see!!

  278. czarina says:

    Cathy Zielske and Donna Downye!!

  279. Lourdes Quintero says:

    I would love to see Ali Edwards! Her classes are so inspirational and “it’s okay” concept that fits so well with BPS.

  280. Heather P says:

    Cathy Z and Heidi Swapp, please!

  281. Cathy Z! Can’t wait to see her upcoming class!

  282. I’d love to see Gretchen Schmidt expand on her Daily dose class or anything with Lain as long as it is not LOAD for 3 months!

  283. Christy B. says:

    My class with Heidi Swapp last year was so awesome! So, I would love her to do it again and Ali Edwards. They are both so creative and out of the box.
    Christy B.

  284. Whitney says:

    I would love to have a class from Ali Edwards and Donna Downey. I think these 2 ladies have so many neat things to teach and I love their work. I would for sure take their classes in 2009!

  285. mrstjshelby says:

    Cathy Zielske and Ali Edwards.

  286. Tim Holtz and Heidi Swapp.
    I love the last Mini Album special issue published by SS, I’m sure this issue is great as well.

  287. I’d love Cathy Zielske and Becky Higgins for next year!

  288. I would love to see Ali Edwards.

  289. I would love to take a class with Lain Ehmann! Her style is so fun. She seems like a hoot!

  290. My all-time favorite scrapbooker and someone I would LOVE to learn more from is Layne Ehman. I took her class at CHA-Houston and LOVED it!

  291. I’d love to see Tina Cockburn teach a photography class! I had so much fun trying out her photo challenges, when she hosted the SS Blog.

  292. Susan in NY says:

    Heidi, Heidi, Heidi!!!!
    Her AYTR class was excellent and I have taken classes with her at CE’07 and ScrapEtc’08. She is simply the best!!!

  293. Vanessa says:

    I am really not sucking up here but I can’t imagine you not being one of the four experts – I am LOVING your Have Fun! class (really, still not sucking up.) If I had to pick others I would say Ali Edwards and Donna Downey. They have two totally cool and different approaches and are both two totally cool and different women! Love them!

  294. Tim Holtz and Ali Edwards of course!

  295. I would love to take a class with Ali Edwards!!! And I so need this book!!!

  296. Michelle Johnson says:

    I think Ali Edwards would be great! I love her style and her approach to scrapbooking!

  297. Michelle Johnson says:

    Cathy Z for sure! I read her blog every day and think she is such a great talent!

  298. Kathleen Loughran says:

    I would love to see Tim Holtz, Ali Edwards, Soulemama ( or Karen Russell as one of the 4experts.

  299. Vicki A says:

    Becky Higgins or Heidi Swapp would be really cool! :)
    Vicki A

  300. Anne-Marie says:

    becky higgins for sure!!!

  301. Melissa Cummings says:

    Please talk Cathy into doing it again! I’d take any class by her, anytime!

  302. Tobi Kelly says:

    Love, love love…Miss Zielske, and of course anybody new is great too…or anyone not new, just someone honest and approachable…

  303. Nancy Robertson says:

    I love mini-books and I’d love to get new inspiration. Thanks! Cathy Zielske and Ali Edwards

  304. Jennifer says:

    Ali E. and or Cathy Z. please!

  305. Tiffany N says:

    Hi Stacy, I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip to CHA. I can’t wait to learn more about what Big Picture and Shutterfly have planned together.
    My pick for an expert teacher in 2009 is Ali Edwards. She has such a wonderful style.

  306. I would like to see YOU, Cathy Z or Ali E.

  307. I would love to see Ali E. or Margie Romney-Aslett or Donna Downey. I would take classes from any of them.

  308. I would like to see Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske added to the list! Love to learn from both of them!

  309. Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske!

  310. catharine says:

    I’d vote for Ali Edwards and Cathy Z too! Also, I would love to see someone do some great acrylic albums…not sure who that could be.

  311. I am so glad Allison is back, I have truly loved her class and have become such a better photographer in the last 3 months. Would like to see a more advanced class offered for photography. I want Ali Edwards and Heidi Swapp.

  312. I’d love Ali Edwards, Lain Ehmann, and keep bringing back Lisa Damrosch! :)

  313. Like everyone else, I would vote for Ali Edwards! Cathy Zielske and Donna Downey would be great too. I’m looking forward to Cathy’s class in the fall, and I really enjoyed the portion of Donna’s class I took a few years ago.
    Someone else suggested Amanda Soule (soulemama) and I think that is a TERRIFIC idea. I would totally line up to take her class. Talk about Big Picture!

  314. Ali and Cathy! :)

  315. Oh I would love a chance for the mini-album book – I’ve wanted to start making more of these. I don’t seem to have the time to devote to regular albums! I love Ali Edwards’ style – would love to see her teach!

  316. I was happy reading, that Alison Tyler Jones is going to teach her photography class again next year. This year I had to cancel the class because of health reasons – I would LOVE to join her again next year!
    And for the minibook magazin: I have the “album shortcuts” from last year and I am taking it out of my shelf again and again. I have to have this special feature as well.

  317. I’d love both Elsie Flannigan & Ali Edwards.
    Elsie…weekly layouts, with tips and tricks on adding “funky” touches to our stuff.
    And from Ali…a qtr of mini albums. Love her style, look, and details.

  318. Becky Higgins

  319. Michelle says:

    Ali Edwards – would love it!

  320. Definitely Ali Edwards! And my other choice would be Cathy Z!

  321. Donna Downey and Elsie Flannigan.

  322. Rachel Ann Paci says:

    Becky Higgins and Ali Edwards!

  323. This isn’t related to this post, but I just wanted to let you know that I plugged you on my blog recently. Thanks for the great ideas!

  324. I just picked up that mag today at Barnes & Noble, but didn’t get to buy or read it! ha! something about having 4 kids in tow…
    I’d love to see Tina Cockburn in the mix of classes. Love her simple and eye-catching style.
    Jennifer Stewart is another fave of mine. so eclectic!
    Have fun at CHA!

  325. Ali Edwards and Donna Donna Downey would be great!

  326. Ali Edwards, Donna Downey, or Cathy again!
    LOVE these gals!
    I love mini books and also learning about design and photography.

  327. I too would love Ali Edwards to join your Four Experts. Also, I am all for your sister Darci to join that group. I had sooo much fun in her Baker’s Dozen class.
    Maybe you and Darci could do a Two Experts mini class for us! What fun that would be.

  328. I would love Tim Holtz! I love his products, but have no idea how to get things to look the way he gets them to look. Plus, how many crafty guys are there in this industry? I would be just great to pick his brain.

  329. I’m so glad to hear that Allison Tyler Jones will be back. I just finished her class and it was AMAZING!
    As for next year, I’d love to see Donna Downey. Or how ’bout ELizabeth Dillow. All those Simple gals would be wonderful teachers!

  330. What I would really really like to see is a “how to” on transforming the elements of digital scrapbooking into a traditional scrapper’s layout. I love the elements of digital scrapbooking, but love even more my traditional style. How can we incorporate these concepts onto our pages as well? Thanks :)
    Amy Bailey

  331. I’m so glad to hear that Allison Tyler Jones will be back. I took the class this year and really enjoyed. Unfortunately, I was a bit distracted with summer vacation activities.
    As for next year, Donna Downey’s was the first class I took at BPS. And she was great!
    I loved Heidi Swapp’s class. Such great energey.
    I’d love to learn from Elizabeth Dillow or Rebecca Cooper.

  332. I would love to take a class from Ali Edward. I met Donna and she is great also. Thanks for asking.

  333. I would love to see Lisa Damroich (did I spell it right?) as a expert. I have taken 2 classes from her at BPS and have LOVED them! She has such fun, inspiriational ideas!

  334. Tara Whitney (photos!), Ali Edwards, Tim Holtz (LOVE his stuff!)Emily Falconbridge…hmmm that’s all I can think of now.
    Have fun at CHA!

  335. Denise C says:

    I would love to see Ali Edwards or Karen Russell
    Thanks Denise

  336. Alicia Johnson says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for asking our opinion!
    Ali Edwards! Ali Edwards! Ali Edwards!
    I love her blog… and I just love her “no frills, attack the story” way! Met her at CKU Orlando a while ago and loved learning from her.
    Alicia Johnson

  337. Sue in Grapevine says:

    I don’t have a specific teacher in mind, but I think it would be nice to have a portion focused on stamping.
    We have been buying foam stamps & clear stamps & rubber stamps for years; so more ways to use them (cards, home decor, gifts) would be great.

  338. Cindy C. T. says:

    I ouwld picl Ali Edwards and Heidi Swapp!!!!

  339. LOVE the new site! Teachers – Ali and Donna would be awesome! Can’t WAIT for Cathy this fall! I bet Tim Holtz would be fun. Rebecca Cooper’s a new fave. Elizabeth Dillow would have some fun “real” perspective – liked her book. A class on taking better photos where a DSLR is NOT required would be most awesome! I’ve liked the sounds of Barbara Carrol – but out of luck with the focus of the class this year. Nic Howard is my latest cool find! I know she has the Project Now’s on board – but a CLASS for weeks WITH her would likely be highly fun and entertaining.
    Thanks for asking! And have oodles of fun at CHA!

  340. I would love to take a class from Elizabeth Dillow. Love her sense of humor!

  341. Definately Ali, she’s awesome!

  342. Guyland Gal says:

    I haven’t taken many classes but I love Darcy Dowdle’s style. Her Baker’s Dozen was such fun and right up my alley.

  343. Nicolle says:

    Heidi Swapp and Ali Edwards for sure!!!

  344. Ali Edwards and Elizabeth Dillow would be wonderful additions.

  345. Ali Edwards and Becky Higgins
    Andrea C. in Springfield, IL.

  346. Cindy Baker says:

    What about Stephanie Ackerman? I’d love to learn some doodling! I don’t know her, but I visit her blog alot…she inspires me…and I’ve LOVED the magazines she’s done. (so said they won’t be “permanent”) Just my two cents!
    Cindy Baker

  347. Cindee Ellenbarger says:

    Margie, Margie, Margie!! I want Margie Romeny-Aslett. LOVE HER!!

  348. HI Stacey,
    I love loads of artists but Ali Edwards is just fantastic – she has a way of making everything so easy :)

  349. Dana Buol says:

    AHHH I want that book. Gotta get that one win or lose! How about Donna Downey again.. or Ali Edwards.

  350. I’d love to learn more about digital scrapping and enhancing photographs. I think that is my weakness when I look at my pages. I print 4 by 6′s as they are and then deal. Help!!

  351. Josiane says:

    My top choices are Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, and Donna Downey I am going to sign up for Cathy’s class this fall! I can’t wait.

  352. Leauriy says:

    By all means Ali Edwards ( i recently took a class from her and it was great, but would Love to get a little bit more inside her head sorta speak ), and Rebecca Cooper ( i tried to buy her book, but alas it was unavailable ). Would love to learn from these two.

  353. Josiane says:

    I am so glad that you are bringing back Allison for next year. I didn’t sign up for her class since I wasn’t ready for it, but I should be next year since I am taking Barbara’s class right now.
    My top choices for next year are Donna Downey, Ali Edwards, and Cathy Zielske. I am going to take Cathy’s class this fall.

  354. heatherc says:

    I would love to see Stephanie Ackerman too!! (So glad to see another vote for her) I first met her at my LSS and she is wonderful with a fab style all her own. Plus I really think she fits the Big Picture goal! She is BIG!!!

  355. Lisa A. says:

    I would like to see Amy Williams teach in the class.
    I took one of her classes at a convention in Buffalo last year and thought she was a great teacher and had lots of personality. Very down to earth.

  356. thanks for the chance to win. I would love to see Becky Higgins and Ali Edwards.

  357. I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE Ali Edwards fan!!!!!!
    Who isn’t????

  358. Hi, I already bought the magazine so don’t enter me in the drawing but I would LOVE Carol Wingert to teach. She’s fantastic.

  359. I think you should do a search for a new expert that is unknown!!! But if I had to choose from an already known expert I would choose Donna Downey or Heidi Swapp (all the way from Beijing) and I love Renee Pearson.

  360. Rebecca Sower

  361. I would love to see the fab Miss CZ on the roster! I love her design ideas and her typography skills!

  362. Definitely Becky Higgins or Cathy Zielske…

  363. Suzannah says:

    What about Renee Pearson… she’s awesome and would marry nicely with the new bigpicture branch into digital life… and my other pick would be Nic Howard… she’s a top chick. great teacher and would bring a unique (non American… not that there is anything wrong with that… just that there is so much happening out of the US it’s nice to have adifferent perspective) voice to the team… her journalling and real life/moments scrapbooking is something that I aspire to…and she is an absolute artist in her attention to detail!
    OK… enough of the hard sell…

  364. I would love to learn from someone who scrapbooks alot of non-traditional things. I love scrapping about my kids and vacations, but what I really love to see in books and magazines are layouts that capture the essence of who that scrapbooker is–they have wonderful journaling about the things and people around them, in their everyday lives, with just a bit more depth in the journaling. Those are things that are important to remember. Plus, they can give a unique (and FUN) insight into the scrapper’s heart and mind. Who that person is, I don’t really know, but I’d love to learn from them!

  365. I’d love to see Ali Edwards or Cathy Zielske teach.

  366. That book looks AWESOME! I think Ali or Donna are always great experts. Or for someone different – what about Kelli Crowe – she may not be an “expert” but she’s definetely FAB!

  367. karen in toronto says:

    Without a doubt Ali Edwards. I’m finding her style often is quite simple, and also often easy for me to copy the layout or style. And her pages always look stunning to me. She’s so talented.
    Thanks! :)
    Karen D

  368. Christy says:

    Hi Stacey!
    I would love to see Donna Downey, Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske! They are ALL fabulous!!!!!

  369. I think Cathy Zielski or Jennifer Mcguire. I also like Rebecca Cooper’s very clean and simple style. Becky Higgins would be on my list, but since she will be having her baby…..I’m sure that she will be spending time at home with him.

  370. Elsie Flanigan!

  371. Ali Edwards and Rebecca Cooper without a doubt!

  372. Lain Ehman would be a blast!! If we can’t Have More Fun we could just all ScrapHappy!!

  373. Jenny Meyerson says:

    Ali Edwards, Donna Downey, and Pam Black (from Bazill). They all are amazingly talented. Pam is just as talented just not as “discovered”. Pam is also an amazing instructor. Happy summer!

  374. Ali Edwards and Jessica Sprague…would love them! :-)

  375. I would just like to ask that it would be nice if Allison could somehow plan a course that is more affordable. I am sure that the class was worth the price that it was, so maybe she could scale down a bit and make it fit more pocketbooks….hope I said that without upsetting or offending because that is not my intention at all. Thanks.

  376. Hi Stacy – I just love you and Ali Edwards – I’d LOVE to see/take her classes online…
    Thanks so much for asking!

  377. Would love to see Rebecca Cooper as one of the teachers. I loved her book and think her whole concept and style is awesome.

  378. tammy perkins says:

    I would love to see Donna Downey.Thanks for this chance to win – the book would right up my alley!

  379. I would love to see Donna Downey…thanks for the chance to give my opinion.

  380. I already have that mag – and it is FANTASTIC!!! I’m totally inspired . . .I wanted to add how much I LOVE BPS and all that your team brings to this hobby/lifestyle. . .it really is becoming more of a lifestyle than a hobby. . . and the new website rocks!
    Have fun in Chicago.

  381. Here’s another vote for Ali Edwards and Becky Higgins! The book looks fab!

  382. Melissa McAllister says:

    Hi. I, too, am a big Ali Edwards fan. Would love to see her. Love the look of her new mini-albums book. Thanks.

  383. My favorite “Scrapbook Goddess” is Cathy Z. Also, I’d really love to see Ali Edwards teach. I’d take a class from either of these fabulous ladies in a heartbeat!

  384. My first choice would be Kolette Hall – I have taken both Choosing Joy and Becoming More classes from her on BPS and I think she’s both a fantastic teacher and a great coach on life skills – definitely worthwhile!
    My second choice would be Cathy Zielski – I just LOVE her clean lines and emphasis on use of white space (something I have trouble with).

  385. Ali Edwards would be great!!

  386. Rebecca Cooper, so down to earth and so many people can relate to her.
    Thanks for asking! Have Fun at CHA!
    (with an e!)

  387. Cathy Zielske. I would love to learn how to apply design to layouts. I feel this would help me grow as a scrapbooker and result in endless inspiration.

  388. Andria B. says:

    Kelli Crowe, Elizabeth Kartchner, CD Muckosky, Stacey Julian, Emily Falconbridge, Tim Holtz….

  389. Donna Downey!! I love her style

  390. Samantha says:

    Oops! I think my computer ate my comment. Forgive me if this is a duplicate. I love Ali Edwards and her Life Artist book. A class with her would be great. I would also be interested in a class that involves kids. Some sort of project to do together with your child. It could apply to parent/child, grandparent/child, special mentor/child, etc. Some sort of buddy project that strengthens the bonds and helps each person see themselves through the other’s eyes or see how much they are loved or see how they are unique or…you see what I mean? Or it could just be a way to have fun together with pictures and paper. I would love to scrap with my middle child and would love to have a guide through that process.

  391. I vote Ali Edwards all the way!!

  392. Therese says:

    I want you to teach. I purchased your 2 books, The Big Picutre and Photo Freedom and I have questions and need answers. Freedom to scrap out of order, YEAH!!! It’s started me scrapbooking again. I also read Rebecca Coopers book, Real Life Scrapbooking, fantastic too. She would be my second choice. TKS for asking! :)

  393. Ali Edwards and Tim Holtz would be amazing!!

  394. My choices would be either YOU, becky higgins, ali edwards,cathy zielski or donna downey!! Love YOU all!!

  395. Another vote for the very talented Ali Edwards and Becky Higgins.

  396. Somebody to teach digital scrapbooking/photography.

  397. Yvonne S says:

    How about Ali Edwards, Becky Higgins or Elsie.

  398. Ali Edwards, Becky Higgens, Kelly Crowe or Tim Holtz! I could really go on forever!

  399. Claudia F. says:

    I agree with YOU and Ali Edwards.

  400. Elizabeth Dessen says:

    Cathy Z, Donna Downey or Ali Edwards. Love their styles and their energy!!! And more STACY!!!!!!!

  401. I vote for Laura Vegas, Ali Edwards and Jennifer McGuire in no particular order. Yeah I know that is three nominations but I took the liberty of voting for an extra one cos some people have only voted for one!! LOL

  402. I love Tena’s 52 Card pick up class……would love a 53 Part 2. She was so interactive in her class and scrapes “Out of the Box”. Patty

  403. Rebecca Cooper – her style is wonderful!

  404. K in PA says:

    Bring back DONNA DOWNEY! I would love to see classes from CZ, Margie Romeny-Aslett, Jennifer McGuire, Karen Russell, Tim Holtz, and Stephanie Ackerman as well.

  405. I vote for Ali Edwards or Danelle Johnson.
    Have fun at CHA! :)

  406. Pat Steele says:

    If possible bring back Becky Thompson. Her Scrapbook Binder had been a really great tool, for me. Loved her classes.
    If not her, Have Fun Part 2 – Stacy J.
    Becky Higgins is another choice.
    Lisa D. love what she and her son Todd get into.

  407. I would love it if you could get Donna Downey back for an expert session. I loved her year long class. I think she could definitely pick up the “FUN” ball and run with it! :)

  408. How about some Missouri love for Elsie Flannigan!?!

  409. Mine are poles apart I feel – I love the style of Cathy Z but my latest blog stalking is the uber talented Tim Holtz – but that would be more technique than content I guess. And I really can’t believe anyone can show me how to make an album in an evening let alone 58 of them!!

  410. Denise L. says:

    Karen Russell gets my vote!

  411. My Choice would be YOU and Cathy Z!
    Have fun at CHA…. and report back often
    I am sad I will not be there!

  412. Tracy Dayett says:

    Tim Holtz and Jenni Bowlin. These two have the coolest vision and their love of vintage stuff would make them a choice of mine.
    Thanks for listening. Have a great time!

  413. Stepahnie Ackerman, Ali Edwards, donna downey

  414. Lovebug Kat says:

    My choice for 4Experts is most definitely the one and only, mmost amazing Ms Lisa Damrosch.
    I have taken 2 of her classes already and am eagerly awaiting the start for my third.
    Lisa is warm, easy going, brilliant, inspirational, fun, talented…do I need to go on?

  415. I want to see Ali Edwards and Tim Holtz :)

  416. tammy b says:

    i would love to see Lain Ehman & Cathy Z, don’t really care what they’re teaching, just love their style & personalities!

  417. Heather L. says:

    I would love to take a class from Irma Peredne(CK 2008 Hall of Fame) She does a scrap blog/technique blog in her native language ( that is just awesome. It would be even better if she could do an expert class for BPS. She is so creative and I love her work.

  418. I think that I would like to see Taylor. I really enjoy her style. Or Ali Edwards

  419. I’d vote for Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, Melodee Langworthy and/or Jennifer McGuire.

  420. Melanie says:

    Cathy Z and Donna D. Goodness, can you imagine the two of them together?????

  421. I haven’t even taken her class yet, but I’m voting for Cathy Z. And Donna Downey.
    Oh, and the brownie at the top of the blog looks REEEAALLY yummy.
    Finally, I saw a kiosk for Little Miss Matched at the local mall and thought of you!

  422. Michelle Early says:

    How about Ali Edwards and Tim Holtz.

  423. Rebecca Cooper and Beth Proudfoot. Beth’s classes have been among my very favorite at BPS…love her!

  424. Cat Geiger says:

    I would love to learn from Teresa Collins…

  425. Ooo my list is long:
    You (always at the top of my list)
    Donna D
    Cathy Z
    Ali E
    Angela Daniels
    Leah Fung
    Teresa Collins
    Tim Holtz
    Hope that you have an awesome trip.

  426. Becky Higgins. I know this year presents more big change in her life…but she is awesome. So is…STACY Julian, one of my top THREE…and Jennifer McGuire. You three are quite different in your approaches and styles. Coupled with a few other experts, I learn and am inspired regularly by you. Thanks for sharing your life and passion so freely with us! And, for honoring others for their creativity and innovation. It is great that you are not threatened by others in your field, but made better by them. (Iron sharpens iron…)

  427. Cathy Z or Ali E — love them both. CindyML

  428. My choices…
    –Stacy Julian, –Becky Higgins, –Cathy Z.

  429. Michelle Webb says:

    How about some of the “freestyle” girls: Emily Falconbridge, Tia Bennett, etc. love people like this beacuse they make me move “outside the lines” How abot a Have More Fun Class with them where your ongoing assignment is to keep an art/life journal? Course there are so many Fabulous women listed above as well!

  430. Gina G Rolsma says:

    I would like to see you develop a class on epherma system storage. What we should keep, discard, etc.
    I think moms’ have it hard b/c they tend to want to save every precious thing their child has touched…just in case!
    Also, Ali Edwards provides great teaching and philosophy on her blog, but I would love to learn about her advent project, step by step…access to Ali…oh my!
    Tim Holz…His techniques would bring a whole new element to the masses!
    What about workshops from featured manufacturers? The design team over at Glitz would be great (and a martini, too!) Or the team at 7 gypsies! If their line could talk…oh, and Basic Grey! (This is why my husband panics when I go to the local SSS).
    There are so many to list!
    And finally, Rhonna Farrer…she has added so much to the digi world and now has traditional products. She seems laid back and has a great sense of humor!
    Thank you for asking! LOVE BPS!

  431. I think Cathy Zielske and Emily Falconbridge would be fantastic!!

  432. Jennifer McGuire says:

    I would love to see Lain Ehmann do something with her 30-minute scrapbooking, journaling, and her other projects using scrapbook supplies. She’s so much fun and such an inspiration.
    I also really think that it would be cool to see Ali Edwards. I took and in-person class from her a few years back and she is a fabulous teacher.
    Rebecca Cooper would also be a great addition to BPS.

  433. Jennifer McGuire says:

    Nic Howard too. She has a great style and her journaling and page subject matter is great.

  434. i know you said you wouldn’t teach FUN again – but if you wanted to teach anything else – we’d all be keen.
    Ali E would be my other pick – a class on everyday photos, journaling and simple layouts – fab! cheers for asking :>

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