CHA Pick #2

So … I'm pretty excited about my pick #2.
I think this is primarily because I'm a big fan of customization. I want my "own thing" and I prefer shopping where I can be totally free to pick and choose. I just like to know (or at least think) that mine is different from anybody else's — you know?


Are you ready? With the new display from Clear Scraps, you can now put together any word you want (up to 8 letters.) The program is called "Clearly" My Album and it's awesome.

basically, these beautiful girls (on either side of me), former retail store owners decided to jump into the "clear" market and do it really, really well. Check out the new super-cool display …

Fixture1_2 Fixture2

Do you get it?
So, you if you wanted to spell the word F-U-N, you would simply pull an  "F" from the 1st row, a "U" from row two and an "N" and back piece from row three, like this …

if you want an all chipboard album, or …


like this if you want an all clear album, or …


like this if you want to mix things up …


exciting huh?

So, tell me …. what would you spell?

Italy? Your child's name, your hometown?

Do tell. Tell me the word you would spell and we'll make it happen.
One other lucky blog reader will get one of my mixed FUN books.
If you are in my Have More FUN class, I'm drawing a name over there too!

Of course the only question that now remains is
"HOW can I visit one of these super-cool build whatever word you want displays?"

Great question. Go here … and click on the logo to see the list of retailers that ordered at CHA. Otherwise, let your retailer know that you want them to order!!

p.s. Look what Annie did with the Canon bucket printer



  1. I would spell VACATION so I could get going on a mini-album for my family trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada this past june. Thanks!

  2. I think I’d go with LOVE and a collection of my some of my favorite snaps of my family and love ones. Not too exciting, but I love to celebrate the amazing family dh and I have created and need to do more of it! Fun albums! :)

  3. I would spell my last name–LINTON–and then create a sort of family tree for my two boys.

  4. kathy hauch says:

    I would spell TWINS. I would love to do a small album of pictures of my twin sister and I through the years and give it to her for our 40th birthday.

  5. Michelle P. from Spokane, WA says:

    I’d spell the word “DELIGHT” and make a family album out of it because I truly delight in my family.

  6. I would pick “MAX-D”. Our youngest (Max Daniel) is named after a monster truck (Maximum Destruction). Strange I know–we truly are normal people with normal colored necks (read: not rednecks). Our family just loves going to monster truck shows and after months of not coming up with a name, we figured our fourth was going to be a handful so why not name him after one of our favorite trucks? I could make a book explaining our choice and combine pictures of his messes with pics of the actual monster truck destroying stuff. How cool! Think I need to order one if I don’t win one! Thanks!

  7. I would spell out DISNEY WORLD for all of our WDW trips that we take because we are close by :)
    Thanks for sharing this great find!

  8. Jennifer Monroe says:

    I would spell SARDIS. It is my alma mater and also where I now teach. It would be perfect to fill with all of my old pictures from high school and now some of me teaching there!
    This is such a great idea!

  9. how excited was i to see that the first store on the list was just down the street from my house?!?!?
    i’m going to do two albums (to start…)… my son’s name, and his soon-to-be baby brother’s name. too cute!!!

  10. I just had this awesome idea! I would spell PICTURE (in acrylic) and then using rub-ons on the top of the P I would put BIG (get it? BIG PICTURE) and fill it with pictures of our family and friends. It would be displayed in our family room. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at an acrylic album. I think they’re awesome and this new “make your own” is a fab idea!

  11. i would certainly spell out my daughter’s name.. Kennedy… it’s not common (yet) it’s a BIG name and she’s got a BIG personality to fill it up! i’d love a fun lil book of her name to make ONLY for her and fill it with her favorite things. she just turned 3 and is now finally into looking through all of my mini books! pick me pick me! :O)

  12. Can you put two words together? If so, I would spell MY BOYS. I have four – three little ones and one big one ;0) and I love them all.
    Karen C (NH)

  13. Kerry G. says:

    I would spell Seattle, because my best friend and I just spent 4 days “vacationing” at his condo, pretending we were tourists in our own city.
    I hope these will be availabe to order online.

  14. FAMILY. There are six of us, so it’d just fit.

  15. I would spell summer and fill the album with all the fun memories of this summer.

  16. Tammy Vasser says:

    What an AWESOME product!! I would spell my son’s name – Quinten. Since his birth, I’ve fallen in-love with the letter Q and often buy products just for the Q! We all have our hand-ups! THANKS for the great blog. I love your Big Picture perspective!

  17. Whitney Seeman says:

    I would have to spell out Family and Connor…my sons name. Of course you could spell things out for everything….holidays, birthdays, gifts…the possibilities really are endless with this and great! I love that idea. Mom, Dad, or for Christmas…Merry, Joy…for Halloween, Boo, Spooky….so many cool ideas are going through my head right now! :) Thanks!

  18. I would spell out LINDA for my Mom, it’s her 60th birthday next month and I want to make a special album for her. Very cute – can’t wait to get some letters!

  19. I’d spell out my daughter’s name, Amalia, because I NEVER find anything with her name on it! and maybe i would have to do my son’s name too, just for good measure :)

  20. Melissa McAllister says:

    Love this idea! I would spell BOYS, as I have 2 and my pictures are all about them! Thanks.

  21. I will have to go with PAX. He is the family dog, who has cancer for almost three years. He still here with us, but his Dr. said that once his cancer come back, there is nothing else they can do for him. He takes his chemo pills everyday and he looks so cute! I being wanted to do an album about him. Thanks!

  22. I would spell OLIVIA and JOHN both of my kids’ names. Then I would use them to make the name books from your first Simple Scrapbooks book – love that idea!

  23. I would spell out HAWAII so I can finally do something with our Hawaii pictures!

  24. I’d spell CRUISE! Cause we go on a lot of cruises :)

  25. First off, once you share something it is no longer different from everyone elses, because you post it and many of us copy it ;)
    I am thinking STUFF, then you could do an album dedicate to a craft, hobby, age. I want to do a mini album on the Technology in my house, and since I don’t think they have 10 letter options, I can work with STUFF.

  26. Marty Walden says:

    I would spell waldenbunch, our family nickname and email address.

  27. Marty Walden says:

    I would spell waldenbunch, our family nickname and email address.

  28. Lisa in WA says:

    I’d like to do one that said Lala, and one that said Alli J. Those are my daughter’s nicknames, how cute would that be?!

  29. What an awesome concept! The word I would choose would be FORWARD (although that might be a little long:) ). It’s been a really hard year in my family’s life. I’d love to create a visual reminder for us to keep moving forward even when it hurts.

  30. What an awesome concept! The word I would choose would be FORWARD (although that might be a little long:) ). It’s been a really hard year in my family’s life. I’d love to create a visual reminder for us to keep moving forward even when it hurts.

  31. I would do two books and spell out the names of my two boys and do a book for each of them.

  32. i’d have to spell my son’s name-SAM.

  33. I would spell HOPE. It’s one of my favorite words. Of course, my mantra for the year is JOYFUL so as I’m typing this….I’m thinking it may have to be JOYFUL. What a great idea!! :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  34. Summer! :) We have some wonderful pictures from all our happenings this summer that would be wonderful! :)

  35. I would definitely spell “Brasil”…yes, with an s…that’s the way it’s spelled in Portuguese. My husband and I returned there this summer for a wonderful 10 days to visit my in-laws who are serving a mission there. It has been hard to sum up the 10 days when people ask about our trip and I’d love to have a clear album to show off the highlights!

  36. I would do Russia as a tribute to our son whom we adopted from there using some of his orphanage pictures and Moscow pictures. I would have this displayed in the main house until he was old enough to keep it in his room. He is three home nearly 2 years.

  37. Stephanie B says:

    I would spell out either Baseball or Blessing.

  38. My word would be SWEDEN since we are going to visit next month. It would be a beautiful album cover.

  39. Sulieen A says:

    SOOOOOOOOOO Cute!!!!!! I would spell out ‘faith’ because without we would be lost!!!

  40. What a great idea for a product especially when you scrap in another language. Make my own?
    I would spell A-M-O-U-R.
    P.S. Love your Miss Matched socks!

  41. jen in pa says:

    i would spell JOY because i’ve been collecting pictures of things that bring me joy to remind myself that they don’t have to be the big expensive things–puffy clouds, a nice smoothie, seeing a good friend. these would all go in that album!

  42. I would spell THANKFUL and fill it with pics of my family and friends that have helped me get through the worst year of my life. For them, I’ll be forever THANKFUL!

  43. Love those! I would spell out FAMILY. My albums are so child focused, I would love to have something unique to focus on all three of us. Thanks for sharing.

  44. I would definitely spell ELATED. Since my husband and I were dating we would joke that we are more than happy, we are ELATED because we found each other! (Also, do they have numbers? I would love to do my wedding date… 07.07.07!)

  45. TOGETHER–and I already have some great thoughts of what to put in it! I think this is a great idea, and thanks for sharing it with us.

  46. I would spell “Hailey” for my daughter’s 1st birthday party.

  47. I would spell RIVER. That’s my niece’s name and there’s NEVER any pre-personalized items that has her name.

  48. So cool – I’d do Italy if yours didn’t look so perfect. So I guess Alaska for our last trip. Thank you:)

  49. I would do CREATE and then build a scrapbook of photos all about the artistic things I do. I’m the one behind the camera so I’m never in the “real” scrapbooks, so this would allow me to create something about me , by me!
    Laura :)

  50. Kay Drenth says:

    I would probably make a Family album with our last name, DRENTH. I really like the idea of having a mixed album. Makes for a good challange.

  51. TracyBzz says:

    I would spell my word for the year CHERISH, and put pics and words of the things that I cherish. Or do my daughter’s names or…..or….so many words and ideas LOL!

  52. I would spell “Crazy” or “Antics” as my life with 3 children is quite crazy. Since the two younger ones are only 10 mo. apart and preschoolers they are double trouble and double the craziness!!

  53. I love these albums! I would like to do my last name “Denning”. I asked my 6 year old and she said she would do “flower(s)” and I thought that would be so cool filled with pictures of flowers from our yard.

  54. I would Spell Family as it would hold pictures of them!!

  55. Yessssssssssssss!!!! I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!
    I’m all about playing with acrylic lately, and the ability to combine chipboard (my other love) AND acrylic?! HEAVEN!!
    Oh man, so many words to pick from! If I had to pick just one, I’d spell…..PLENTY (starting in acrylic, and ending with acrylic backing). I have PLENTY of love, and happiness, and all sorts of other things in my life :)

  56. I would do ART or ARIST and include some great artwork from my 5 year old son. I’ve been looking for a way to display his art lately.

  57. I’d use the word “positive” which was my word of the year last year and one that I am still working on! (I’m a bit of a glass half empty kind of gal!) But how great are they? Great idea – hope they will stock in Europe.

  58. I would do “Lizzie” for my daughter (not too original, I know). I would like to do “Elizabeth” but that is one too many letters, she has told me many times that her name was too long. I guess this supports her complaint.
    I also think “Ireland” would be cool, I could put my vacation photos in there.

  59. So many words come to mind, but I thought of SONS with my three boys, ARIGATO (thank you in Japanese) and do an album for my parents to thank them for all they have given and done for me and my family.

  60. I would spell HAPPY. I love that word, and I’ve found that concentrating on the things that make me happy keeps me grounded and HAPPY!!!!
    Happy Wednesday!

  61. Love it!!! I would either spell my son’s name, Elijah, or SHE, which is the acronym for my women’s group, Seeking Him Eternally! Awesome idea!

  62. Michelle says:

    Love this — mine would spell JOURNEY. Applicable for so many things, but the first thing that came to my mind was that it would be a wonderful place to document a faith journey. I would use it for favorite Bible verses and milestones in my walk with God.
    Thanks for sharing!

  63. Oh the possibilities are endless. I hope I can get ahold of some of these. One possibility that pops into my head is BATON to showcase some of the photos fromthe baton season. Another possibility is to make one for each girl with their name so VICTORIA and KATHRYN. I think this would also make a fun GRANDMA’s brag book. I could go on and on with ideas but I will stop before I write a book.

  64. Holy Cow, I totaly love this idea. What a cool concept.
    If I was to win, I would spell out the word DREAMS. This is my 30th year, filled with fulfilling my dreams (riding in a hot air balloon, getting married, visiting Turkey, and getting pregnant).
    What a year… so DREAMS would be my pick!

  65. Shannon B says:

    Stacey – did you know there is another company doing this and their letters are only 1.00 retail and you don’t need special tools to embellish them. You can even bind them the way you want and get as many letters as you like as well as shapes? I have compared both companies and frankly, I think the other company is better. There is a tutorial on their blog. Check it out here…

  66. What a simple but great idea! I would spell Faith. For a while I’ve been wanting to do a mini book with my favourite scriptures and appropriate photos to go with them.

  67. I would spell each of my kids’ names, the dog’s name, and CREATE to feature my kids’ artwork. Oh, must do HAWAII for my birthday trip last year! Also, LAUGH for all the cute crazy pictures of my kids caught in the act! These are awesome! I homeschool and think I would let the kids’ each fill their own name books…Oh the ideas just keep coming!

  68. I know there is nothing original about this, but I would spell my daughter’s names – Sarah, Rachel, and Rebecca – and do personality albums for each of them. Then for myself, I would spell “Commit” and do an album laying out my commitments to myself. My theme for this year (starting the year out) was simply “No Excuses” – But that is too long for a book! Hey – could you buy the extra letters and just “stack” some of them in the same position?? Or I could buy the word “excuses” and put a big “NO” on the front cover… wow these really get my creative juices flowing just thinking of the possibilities….

  69. that’s too cute.–the bucket i mean.
    the letters are really neat. I think I could spell “Love”–obviously, or maybe “Home”, or if they had symbols I think “U & I” would be great for Valentines day.

  70. Michelle says:

    Love this idea! How cool. Too bad I’m moving to the boondocks with no scrapbook store whatsoever. :(
    If I could get my hands on one, I would spell MOTHER. And I’d probably use it for me! Not even a gift for my mom or DH’s mom.
    Or WILWAND – our last name. Actually, I can think of a ton of words to use, but those would be my top two.

  71. Since my word for this year is ‘Joy’, it’s the word I would choose. Believe me, to win one of these albums would bring me GREAT joy! Actually, I just bought my first acrylic album (6×6 model) and am looking forward to putting it together and was thinking about putting a couple of chipboard pages into it and hoping I don’t mess it up.

  72. I would spell EUROPE since I just returned from studying abroad in Germany for a year! I of course traveled quite a bit and would love to make a book like that!!

  73. I would spell Learn. I teach school and want to capture all that goes on in my classroom. I think this would be a fun way to do that.

  74. the possibilites are endless….i’m not sure where i’d start! since i don’t have kids i could do my four legged ones (aka my dogs)….or the nephews/nieces….or one for me! i think 3 letters is a manageable project for someone who doesn’t finish projects in a timely manner!

  75. Christine says:

    I would spell FAITH and use it as an album of quotes and inspiring things to keep me grounded.

  76. Oh my gosh – LOVE these! I would spell out MBA and fill it with pictures from my recent graduation. :)

  77. elizabeth says:

    What a fun new way to put together a mini book. I would love the letters to spell our last name…BAILEY.

  78. I would spell Brandon, my new little baby boy!

  79. DISNEY – I haven’t put together our album from our first trip yet. . .

  80. Michelle says:

    I would spell “Todd” (our last name) and make an album about our first year of marriage.

  81. Oh wow what would I spell….I think it would have to be Goofy…my favorite Disney character and I have a ton of pictures of him and I together.

  82. Wow, I can think of a ton of fun words I would get; INXS, Hockey, Poker, Music, Nsync, but I think my number 1 choice would be Raptors and then I could do an album all about my favorite NBA team and all the games I’ve been to.

  83. I would spell SUMMER for an album of my favorite summer photos. What a wonderful idea!

  84. Debbi Hyden says:

    i would spell Hyden (our last name) and put pictures of the 4 of us in it.

  85. I would spell PERU where my husband is from to show photos of our trips there.

  86. Oh My Word! How fun! I think I’d spell my kids’ names – Dawson, Mason, Jordan. Or Home. Oh, I can’t decide! Or *my* name! Britiney

  87. I can NEVER get anything with my name already on it so I’d take a K and an R and a Y and an S and create – finally! – a book about me! Something I’ve always wanted to do but have never done. I think I could fill in 4 pages… I’m not quite THAT boring!!!
    Please pick me!!!

  88. I would spell PLAY. To me, no matter how young or old you are, play is an integral part of life. So I’d better get off this computer now! Have a good one :)

  89. I would spell dreams and fill it with images of dreams for my future and those already fulfilled.

  90. heather jarrett says:

    I think I would spell outdoors and make an album about all the different hikes we’ve been on this year. It’s a favorite hobby so it’s about time it got its own album.

  91. I would spell my son’s name-Emery! These are SO fun!! Gonna go look at the retailers now and I sure hope my local stores ordered them!! Shanie :)

  92. I would spell WEST VIRGINIA! I would need a crane to haul it around once finished, but here’s why I’d spell it. My father (who is now in Heaven) and my son (now 20) were the bestest of friends right from my son’s birth! They were inseparable. They spent many, many hunting trips and vacations at my dad’s (now my son’s) hunting camp in West Virginia and I’d love to make an album of it! In this case, West Virginia is almost Heaven!

  93. I didn’t realize what I would spell until I started reading the list of the other posts. But I would spell FOOTBALL and use it to highlight my son’s photos of flag football BEFORE he started to play for his school. I have got the raddest (is that a word??) picture for the front cover, too! Totally-perfect-form kick-off and I actually got the shot myself! I nearly fainted when I saw it!!!!

  94. How fun are these letters? I would spell MIDLAND, and fill it with pictures of my favoraite town.
    Stacy L.

  95. Marty Walden says:

    I would spell waldenbunch because that is our family nickname and email address.

  96. Robyn :) says:

    I would make SUMMER. And maybe ARMYWIFE. Or my name ROBYN. Maybe SCOUT for my cat.
    Those are awesome, Thank you for sharing that, Stacy!!

  97. Denise K says:

    There are so many that come to mind. The very first word that popped into my mind was Lindsey. We just had to put our cat Lindsey to sleep. She and my oldest son grew up together. It would be so neat to give him an album just for him about his girl.

  98. tracy rizzo says:

    I would spell my favorite word HOPE and do an album about how far my son has come with his speech and lots of other areas! Those are so cool!

  99. Michelle says:

    I would spell “Family”, because without family life has no meaning. Family is the foundation of our lives from the beginning to the end! I just love these letters…I’m going to have to order some of these!! THANKS for SHARING

  100. I would spell Republic (Republic, WA) where I was born and a very special place to me.

  101. I’d spell FLORIDA! Then I’d scrap all the pics from our trip that I’m currently posting on my blog.

  102. JaxCheryl says:

    oooh, I love Jen’s post about Faith. I would make one with my husband’s name on it, Austin, to document how his faith has influenced people during his 10-year journey as a quadriplegic.

  103. Katherine McKamey says:

    I would spell “McKamey” – our last name. Then the album would be full of family group shots. A great way to celebrate our ‘first’ 10 years as a family.

  104. I would spell GRANDS and have all the pictures in one spot of all my grandchildren, who are truly grand!

  105. Very cool :) I would have to jump on the name group and have ELSIE … my daughter’s name!

  106. Jenn Talbot says:

    I Love love love it!!! I would spell TALBOT…..

  107. Patricia says:

    I would spell CAPE COD.

  108. Lynnette says:

    FUN indeed! I would spell PHILLY. We just spent four years living in the city of brotherly love and we really loved it there. I took billions of pictures and have been planning an album devoted to that place for some time. This would be perfect!

  109. HeatherC says:

    My first impulse is that I would do one for each of my kids — Megan and Emily. After that I would do one for me that said XAVIER for my college memories. The possibilities are endless — I just LOVE this idea! I think it would also be cool to make one that says EVERYDAY and then take a collection of everyday photos — cool!!

  110. I would spell NATHAN to finally begin documenting my husband in scrap-style! He doesn’t have one single scrapbook documenting his growing up years, only a million photos in old albums.

  111. I would spell ROADTRIP and scrap about the trip my husband and I are currently on – three weeks around the southwest and northwest states.

  112. Michelle Johnson says:

    I would spell TOGETHER and document our family as a unit and how we are unique and special!!

  113. Amy Wolff says:

    I would spell our last name WOLFF!
    Thanks for this information! My three kids can never find stuff with their names on it, and this will be perfect!!

  114. I would spell FAITH or BLESSED. Been working on both of those recently, so I could see doing a book about the little blessings I sometimes overlook or why I should remain fatihful. Cool idea!

  115. Hmm, I’d have two, my son’s name Cole and HOCKEY! Love this idea!

  116. I think I would spell “girls” and do an album with a favorite pick of my little ladies. They would LOVE it.

  117. Oh, ROADTRIP for sure! We just got back from one. We went all the way from Canada to Disneyland and everywhere in between and back again! How FUN!!! Thanks for the info too!

  118. Briana N. says:

    I think I’d do “Cabin” or “Up North” and put photos of the wonderful times we’ve had at the lake!

  119. I would spell BOYS because I am surrounded by them! I have a husband, two sons, two boy dogs, two boy parakeets, and two boy hamsters! It would be fun to have pictures of all of them in one cute album.

  120. AWESOME, I would spell Me&You and do a album of hubby and me.

  121. Debbie P says:

    I would love the word “DISNEY”.
    I am a Disney fanatic! Thanks for the chance! Cool stuff!

  122. I’d spell Daisy Girls because I just got back from my reunion with all my Daisy Girl friends.

  123. Oh Boy!!! I would spell CAMPGROUNDS a play on our last name Grounds and something we love to do CAMP and guess what, that ablum would be full of our favorite pictures from camping trips.

  124. Maureen says:

    so many cool ideas. I’m thinking I might like to try Bride and Groom, we are getting married in Sept, maybe honeymoon. woo hoo! a store near me is on the list!!! Thanks for the tip

  125. Kimberly S. says:

    How neat! I would love to spell Nephews, since I now have 4. The most recent addition, Emerson, was born on Sunday.
    No girls yet, but maybe soon. Would love to win the “fun” album, I already have a ton of ideas.

  126. I’d do one for everyone–so my eldest would have an Ethan book, and my youngest would have a Simon book, and so on and so forth.
    I gotta see if there’s a local who’s ordered these, cos this is just cool.

  127. I’d pick thankful to showcase all the blessings around me.

  128. oh, i want this bad! i would spell DRUMMER…because after 12 years of not having a drum set, my super-musically-talented husband put together a kit and we’ve been taking pictures of him/it like crazy!

  129. Trace Geworsky says:

    That ROCKS!!!! I am officially even more inlove with Clear Scraps then I thought possible.
    I would pick “sidaman” because my son’s name is Si and we always call him si da man (as in Si’s the man:))
    Call, us weird..we are and we love it!!!!

  130. SEATTLE – our most favorite place to visit!

  131. I’d do Addison for our first Grandchild.

  132. Love this new product. Can’t wait to look to see if any of my local stores will be carrying it. I would spell out “PAPA” for my dad. He has such a great relationship with my two boys and has made them his priority since he has retired. I would love to display a little of the love he shows them in this neat format.

  133. serena (aka scrapbooking fiend) says:

    i would spell the word “belly” since i am a belly dancer!!!!

  134. KateMcK says:

    Hmmm…I would spell GRANDMA and make an album for my Grandma’s 85th birthday this September. She lives on the other side of the country and I am going home to surprize her.

  135. PRAISE…I have been a in a praise and worship mood all day. I have so much to be grateful for.

  136. tammy Thomas says:

    wow those are awesome, I’d do one called DANCE and showcase all of the photos I love of my DD dancing.

  137. serena (aka scrapbooking fiend) says:

    one more …. “Egypt”, so I could make a mini album from my trip last summer

  138. Kristen B. says:

    I would pick PIONEER, for an album of a fun Pioneer Days field trip my daughter and I went on last year.

  139. I would LOVE to make one of these with the word FAMILY. I would then use one letter to showcase each member of our family! So cute!!
    Such an awesome product. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  140. Betsy Partridge says:

    I would choose VACATION and highlight pictures from our upcoming vacation!

  141. I would spell Camas for my daughter’s high school. She will be a senior and I think it would be fun to make a Senior Year book for her. Also happens to be BPS’ city address!

  142. DanelleB says:

    I would spell “BULLET”. My 12 year old son is phenomenal motorcycle and mountain bike rider (he can even do a wheelie for a very long time. His nick name is “Bullet Brady”, for his speed and skill. He is off like a Bullet!! I would love to do a book that shows him growing into this title.

  143. Wendy F says:

    I would spell Canaan, my hometown. I would love to put some old pictures in it I have from growing up of the town in it.
    There are tons others! I would make Lakeland for ds since this is his hometown!!!
    I sure hope My LSS gets this or they are easy to find online!!!

  144. My word would be BROTHERS! I have been collecting spare prints (LOM-style) to put together a book about my two little boys and their very special relationship!

  145. Allison Barnes says:

    LOVE for a book about the trip I just took with my hubby.
    love ya,

  146. Debbi G. says:

    These are SO very cool…love this. I would spell COLORS because I love color and my kids do too.

  147. Sherri S says:

    Oh for cool!!! These albums rock. I would definately pick my children’s names and do an album for each of them. I can tell I would have an ongoing list of albums I could do with these. To much FUN!

  148. Michelle B says:

    I would spell NANA and make one for my grandmother who will be turning 87 in October. Not very many people nearing 40 still have a grandmother living and she’s in good health

  149. Tinka Rote says:

    Too many choices!! But I think the one I’d like most is THANKFUL.

  150. Marta Valdes says:

    Mine would be LOM. It will keep me focus on finishing what I started with my Library of Memories class.

  151. I would spell MOM and make one for my Mom’s 80th birthday in September. Love this idea. What a great concept and so original.

  152. This is so cool! I would spell Tamara because I’ve been wanting to do an acrylic “All about me” album.

  153. Theresa Grdina says:

    Oooohhhh….I think I would spell BAILEY for my dog….No, no I wouldn’t. I would spell GRDINA (our last name) and make it an album of our summer adventures. This concept is TOO cool!!!! What a great idea!!!

  154. I would spell TREASURE to make a little album about the little treasures I hear during the day (sayings by my 5 year old son). So that we do not forget them. It will be a great way to show him when he’s older.

  155. kristisb says:

    I’d spell “Grandma” and make a cute mini book for my Grandmother (or maybe to keep for myself!)

  156. heather says:

    Could have myself a million of these little word books if I got to choose my own letters! I’m going on one of my husband’s business trips next month — to Paris, so I’d love one that said FRANCE.

  157. dennylyn says:

    It’s so hard to choose just one! I can definitely see a SARAH album in my great-niece’s future!

  158. CindyML says:

    I would spell SACS for my kids school.

  159. Beth B. says:

    wow – that is so cool! what a wonderful idea. I would do LIFE and do a cool book on maybe a day or segment of my life right now! Super cool!

  160. I think an album of my kids names, Brady or Thomas would be a very special album forever!
    That never changes!

  161. Kim Ketusky says:

    I would choose HOME. I have some great photos of the house I grew up in, and I would love to put them in an album like that! LOVE THAT concept!

  162. Laurie Takens says:

    I would spell Motorcycle because my husband and I love to ride. I would use it to make a book documenting our travels on the bike.
    What a cool idea for a mini book – the freshest new idea I’ve seen in awhile!!!! :)

  163. Susanne says:

    My pick would be BEACH. We are about to leave on a family vacation to our favorite spot–the beach! I would love to do an album of all the pictures I’m going to take!

  164. Kristine says:

    That is such a clever idea to be able to customize the word you need. I checked out the website and their are no retailers around here:(. I would pick the word RANCH because my girls have been at a Ranch for camp this past week and I would love to make an album for them to remember their time…or I could do… there are so many good ideas! Thanks for sharing it with us!
    Kristine in NY

  165. I would choose FAITH or HOME, the two most important words for me.

  166. I’d probably spell out my children’s names or make a cute “REMEMBER” album.

  167. So cool! So many words that would make awesome albums!!! Love it, thanks for sharing! I love “FUN” and I would also love make an album for my 8 year old daughter with the word “DREAM” and fill it with pictures/journaling about her big dreams! :)

  168. Hi Stacy, I would spell out the word Sisters and make album of myself and my 3 sisters. Cool,cool stuff. Like it.

  169. How totally cool. I would love to spell out our last name and make a cool Coffee Table album – dedicating a page to each member of our family. But, a FUN album would be perfect to sum up our summer!

  170. Allison says:

    INTENT – and fill it with photos and quotes that remind me to live my life with intention and not just let it happen to me!

  171. Heather L. says:

    I would spell FAMILY. I have some really cool pics that I need to put together and this would be perfect!

  172. I would want one that said FAMILY to keep for myself or give to one of the parents/grandparents.

  173. I would spell Disney. Because I have 3 daughters and I’m about to embark on an adventure with 1 of them and take her to Disney World, just her and me. What a great project to come home to and complete together to mark our special trip!

  174. I love these albums! Soo many words… I would spell WISH and express my “wishes” for my growing children.

  175. What a cool idea for an album! I’d probably spell NATHAN for my beautiful 4-month old baby boy.

  176. Jennifer McNeely says:

    I would spell “family”. These are pretty cool – hope they come to Canada!!

  177. I would spell Europe and use my favourite shots from our trip there last fall. Thanks for showing these great new products – and for sharing the goodness!!

  178. What a cool idea for an album! I’d probably spell NATHAN for my beautiful 4-month old baby boy.

  179. Dawn-Rene Tomlinson says:

    I would spell SURVIVE or THRIVE. Both of which I have either done on a daily basis or will strive to do in the future.

  180. I would spell ‘Too Much Fun’ because I am in your Have More Fun Class and I want those words in my scrap room because that describes scrapbooking – it is too much fun!. (Lovin the class!)

  181. tchrtiff says:

    I’d like to spell SUMMER or FAMILY or our last name HAYDEN. Oh the list can go on and on! ;-) So if I have to pick one it will be SUMMER.

  182. WOW! Awesome concept and display. They did their homework!
    I have a few chipboard word albums already, but i’d like an acrylic one spelling either MOORE for our family or GRANDMA for my 92 year old grandmother – in honor of her and a treasure for me to keep to remember her when she does leave this world.

  183. I’ll spell “MY GIRLS”. Since I can go up to 8 letters, I’ll skip row between Y and G to make 2 words.

  184. I would spell SISTERS – my oldest dd is going off to college next month and her 2 1/2 year old sister(yes, big age gap) will miss her immensely(as will MOM!) I’d love to make them each an album celebrating their sweet, silly, special relationship

  185. WOW, the possibilities for words are endless!! Wouldn’t it be fun to have one for each of the colors:) I’d definitely do an album for each of my 4 kids, but I think the first one I’d like to see in my mini album basket would be our last name ODELL.

  186. karen mcgowan says:

    what an awesome idea – hope they make millions!! i’d love to spell “mcgowan” and lots more!

  187. I would spell my name–Verona. Never find it in stores on pencils or other readily available printed things!Great product!

  188. I would pick FAMILY because I think you could make a great book to display in your home with those letters! :)

  189. Christy B. says:

    I would spell SUMMER because I have so many kick back summer pics!!

  190. Karen Grosz says:

    I would spell PEACE. My word for the year. A quest for peace in my life so that it can filter out from there.

  191. Christy B. says:

    I would spell SUMMER because I have so many kick back summer pics!!

  192. I would spell “HOOTERS” and make a book for DH who collects Hooters t-shirts (has about 185 of them). Yes it does wear them.

  193. tammy b says:

    seriously fun. I’d spell ‘life’ because then really, it would be the every day stuff that i’d have to scrap!

  194. I would spell “cottage” — where we spend out holidays!

  195. I would spell “cottage” — where we spend our holidays.

    That’s the name of the whole food nutritional beverage I sell. I would scrap all the expos and trade show pictures I’ve taken the past year.

  197. Laura King says:

    LIBERTY — my puppy’s name, and I would use the Scenic Route Liberty papers. :)

  198. Leslie E says:

    I would spell AGILITY. We do the sport of agility with our dogs and I have many pictures that would look great in this style album!

  199. Jodilyn says:

    I would spell Dance. I found a quote just recently that I aspire to live my life according to. This would be a perfect album to make to help me remember my goal.

  200. I would spell BEAU, my son’s name. It’s not THAT uncommon, but you can never find anything pre-personalized with his name!
    I love it, can’t wait to get it!!!!!!!!!
    Marsha from Abilene

  201. I would have to spell “Haylee” because we graced her with a name that we never can find on anything already printed! Very cool bookS! :-)

  202. Wow…the possibilities are truly endless for this one! “GENERATIONS” would be a fun one to do but I think it’s too long. Although I would like to do a book with our last name (Callaway), I think my final answer is “SNEEZES”. My grandma and I have regular daily times for sneezing (and we sneeze like 4-6 times each round). My husband’s sneezes shake the rafters and four of our boys have Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome (ACHOO! for short – seriously!) which just means they sneeze when exposed to sunlight. Hmmm…Now that it’s in the back of my head, I’m going to try harder to get some pictures! Thanks Stacy!

  203. Sher B. says:

    I would spell “baskets” so I could do an album about my Longaberger business! Sher B.

  204. Sue Clarke says:

    I would spell SPECIAL and then scrap all those people/pets/items that make my life so, you guessed it, SPECIAL!

  205. Susan M says:

    PARIS for a trip there, or BOYS, for my sons!

  206. oh, i can think of SOOOO MANY THINGS i would spell…. my kids’ names: Davey and Samantha…. Preemie (my Davey was a month early)….. Newborn (‘cuz it’s just so cute)… and many, MANY other things! How about the name of your street? or your city/town? or your last name (like Dunkin for me)…oooooo…. the options are ENDLESS!!! :)

  207. Lynne S says:

    I would spell “Taylor”
    my only child’s name.

  208. Neat, neat idea! Go Clear Scraps team!! Love it!
    I would do THANKFUL. I saw a book titled 1001 things I am thankful for. I thought I should write my own version. This way I could provide visual support for my thankfulness.
    Thank YOU for your generosity, Stacy! and Clear Scraps!

  209. SAVANNAH – without a doubt – my daughter’s name. When word books first came out, you could only order one up to 7 letters. My daughter (12) was bummed. She wanted to make a book about what is currently important in her life.
    Thank you, Clear Scraps!
    xxx Lisa

  210. PLAYFUL! That’s what I want to scrapbook…stuff that’s playful for me, my hubby, my kids and my friends;0)…I guess the “Have more FUN!” class is getting to me…yay!

  211. Tanya Summers says:

    Oh, those are just great! I am addicted to making word albums, and I would LOVE to make one of our own last name…SUMMERS! (Crossing my fingers ;) ~Tanya

  212. I would spell “Racing” and do an album about my husband’s and his 3 brother’s racecars!! It is so hard to find racing products and this would be AWESOME!!! Sorry to say I think my local scrapbook store is a little too small to carry this, but it is an excellent idea, you girls are SO clever!!!

  213. Dana Buol says:

    I would Spell Tanner. My sons name. Those are the coolest things I have seen in a long time. What an awesome idea. Wish I would have though of it!

  214. Leauriy says:

    These ARE awesome! But it’s hard to pick just one word, my first thought would be GRACE, which is my daughter’s name, but i have so many minis of her, so i’m thinking LAUGH…or maybe HAIR. Weird i know, but Grace likes to do her own hair and give the dos funky names so i take pictures of her hairdos, plus i’ve had my share of hair shots ( right now i have no hair ). i’m thinking that would be FUN.

  215. Kathleen says:

    I think I would most likely spell – METHUEN – the small town I grew up in. I would so love and have been thinking of doing an album about the town I grew up in. So many memories there! I would like that my nieces and nephews and my son (and maybe future grandchildren) would learn so much about me by looking at such an album!

  216. Anne Thurlow says:

    I guess I would either spell PETS and do a mini album of our six pets- 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 ferrets or maybe spell CAMP-FUN and document with old and new photos all fun I’ve have had since childhood at the camp my parents own on a small lake. It would be a great way to incorporate old and new photos. What an awesome product idea!!

  217. I would spell DANCE for my daughter’s ballet photos through the years. How cute would that be?!

  218. I would spell DANCE for my daughter’s ballet photos through the years. How cute would that be?!

  219. Julie Johnson says:

    I’d spell Blessed…and use it to make an album of some of my many many blessings….my 4 healthy kids, my amazing husband, my family and friends, church community, our home.
    Thanks for showing us this! It’s amazing!

  220. What a fabulous idea. Probably COFFEE right now…but that’s because I haven’t had any this morning!

  221. That printer is way too cute.
    I would spell BELDEN and make a family album!

  222. I’d spell out either Splash for our summer waterpark photos or Fishin for our fishing photos from scout camp

  223. Jen Toker says:

    Those are great!!! What a wonderful idea. So many ideas….I think I would spell MEMORIES. I have so many photos of my kids doing so many different things, I would love to incorporate some of my favorite photos that capture some of my favorite MEMORIES of things we have seen and done over the past couple of years. Thanks!!!

  224. I would have to do our last name COWLEY, or my maiden name, JOHNSON. I think it would be awesome to make a family album! :)

  225. I just love these! I would spell out Dennis-my hubby’s name, or GOLF-because we love to go golfing! What a fun album that would be!

  226. Emma (ratqueen) says:

    I would spell RATGRL – my license plate and a big part of ME. Never in a million years could I have found something that I could personalize to one of my favorite quirks. And it looks like there’s nobody within three hours of me who chose to order such a fantastic and innovative product. Bravo to those girls for such a great idea!

  227. I think I would spell remember, and make them for each of my kids with funny things they used to say and do and maybe some ‘mommyisms’

  228. I would have to do BEACHES since it is my favorite vc spot.

  229. Merlynn says:

    I would spell “GIFT”. We adopted a baby girl one year ago and I would love to do a unique album about her adoption the gift that she is to our family. This album would be a perfect way to tell her story.

  230. I would so get my name… Lore. As a child I never had any items with my name on it because we could never find the spelling. Every now and then my MomMom would take the good old sharpie to a Lori pencil and tada you have Lore with a big fat E!

  231. Nancy C. says:

    I would spell Love A Cat. I want to start a memory album for my precious baby that died 10 days before his 20th birthday and then begin to include pictures and journaling of the 2 little brother tabbies I adopted in November. I’ve had a lot of health problems in the last few months and I believe my 2 little best friends have truly saved my life!

  232. Melanie says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea AND the organization of seeling it! Way to go girls!
    I’d pick “HAPPINESS” and fill it with the things that make me happy.

  233. I would pick Carla because you don’t see that name often,and Grace for not only my mom but for grace… love those.

  234. I would spell “CANADA” . . . my home and native land. I now live in the States and I like to keep Canada close to my heart and let my kids see and learn about all things Canadian. It is also hard to find cute Canadian things, we just aren’t as patriotic.

  235. How cute is that printer? I have always been a “neutral” color person. A cute colored printer is peeking my interest. Stacy – How cute would that be with the PB orange and yellow file drawers?

  236. I would spell my name – DARCY – and would fill it with pictures and things that make me who I am. I’m bad about scrapbooking about myself, so this would give me a fun spot to document part of my life. OK, and I’m also still trying to get over the trauma of being a kid and NEVER finding my name printed on anything while my sister Tammy had TONS of personalized stuff. Yeah, I know – I’ll get over it someday ;-) Thanks for sharing this cool fidn!

  237. Tiffany N says:

    I would spell “roots” for the first album and “wings” for the second. My mom is always telling me that her job as a mother (and now my job as a mother of two daughters) is to give them “roots” and “wings” (from a saying by Dr. Jonas Salk). I was just thinking about what a cool set of theme albums those would be. Love the idea of the totally customizable albums, and I can’t wait to buy my own letters.

  238. Silence Robinson says:

    I would spell VOLLEYBALL. I coach and I am also club director for a junior’s non profit. I have over 15 years with of pictures, and what a unique way this would be to display some of them!

  239. Danelle A says:

    Very cool albums! My first thought was to have a book with my last name. But the more I thought about it, I would do one that said BLESSING. I would prefer “Blessings” with an “s”, but realize these books are only eight letters long. :) I know I could fill that book up so easily – and it would serve as a wonderful reminder of how much God has truly blessed me and my families life.

  240. Silence Robinson says:

    OK. so i’m reading the site about how to order and realized that my first word was TOO LONG. OK, so my next choice would be COACH

  241. I think I would get DISNEY or BEACH. We live about an hour away from both places and go often. With a 5 yo and 2 yo I have MANY pictures from both places!

  242. Cindy McDannold says:

    I would spell ADORE and use family members pics etc.

  243. Nancy S. says:

    I would spell PRAYER to fill with pictures of answered prayers. What a great reminder!

  244. This is such a kewl idea. So many choices – FUN, PLAY; LAUGH choices just to highlight everyday family moments.

  245. what a great idea! I would spell SMILE. It would be a great album to have around with pics that make me smile, or pics of my kids with big cheesy smiles… :)

  246. I would spell “Bliss” and use my wedding pics….

  247. I would spell “CHINA” I am going there in September to spend ten days with Heidi Swapp and Jim West from ScrapMap. The trip of a lifetime for me!

  248. I would spell our last name. Never gonna find a book that says that! such a cool concept, love it

  249. Carol Anne says:

    I would spell out M Mama — the nickname the kids have for me. And I’d make an album about being the mama to a couple elementary school kids.

  250. I would spell DARE. Then fill it with pictures of me, so I remember to DARE to be me….

  251. i would spell VINEYARD because we are going on a long-awaited vacation/family reunion to Martha’s Vineyard next week, and i just can’t wait to experience somewhere i’ve always wanted to go. Recording the memories in a VINEYARD album would be so, well, SO MARTHA! -Amy

  252. Kirsten says:

    I’m thinking ‘summer’ right now…although summer seems to have gone missing in Seattle…fun would do! Love to see someone hit a home run like that!

  253. Hi Stacy,
    I would simply spell JOY and fill the album with pictures that show all the joys of my life, which are many…I am blessed. Thanks!

  254. I love these! I would spell New York. My sister & I are taking a long awaited Christmas trip there this year and taking her two college age daughters. They will enjoy their first Broadway show, shopping in Chinatown, touring MOMA! And I will document every detail!

  255. Kelly Butler says:

    I’m thinking “blessed”. I’d create an album with all of the friends & family who have blessed me with their love & compassion after what was a really hard year.

  256. hello ! wow your blog is loaded with cool things..i would spell one or two words…determined is my ali edwards word for focus this year, that would make a cool book. or i would do christmas, my all time favourite time of the year!!! decorating or gardens wow so many choices!
    london ontario

  257. TheThreeAmigos because that’s what my kids an I call ourselves

  258. I would start with FAITH, FAMILY and THANKFUL…!
    Than of course KAYLA and MEGAN my girls..!I LOVE the LITTLE books that spell something.

  259. I would spell GRAMMY. What a great album for my mother’s 82nd birthday with photos of and messages from her grands.

  260. NEVER–why? We have a family motto that states, “That we will NEVER give up.” We want our kids to have that stick-to-attitude. It’s our version of “When the going gets tough the tough get going”. Thanks for making everything so fun Stacy.

  261. I think it would be cool to spell my last name and do a family album. “Caulder”

  262. I would spell MONKEYS, for my four boys. It would hold all of them..then I would do one for each boy seperately. STEVEN, CHARLIE, REX and LATHAN.
    Oh I have to get these.

  263. I just checked the link and there isnt any stores near me selling these. *sniff sniff*

  264. great idea! just hope my LSS will carry them soon.
    i have a lot on my list but my top three are: FAMILY, OUR HOME, VACATION

  265. i would spell “dream,” and make it a fun theme album of all of my dreams – serious, silly, long-term, short-term. (Become a rock star? Check. Make a difference in the world? Check. Single-handedly keep Jamba Juice in business? Check, check, check!)

  266. what would i spell? I would spell……crazy! that’s how i feel seeing this stuff and knowing it may take months to hit the floors!

  267. Isabel de Sousa roberts says:

    I would spell the word ‘girlies’ and put pictures of my 4 girls. :)

  268. Sue Bone says:

    I’d spell cruising as we’re going to the Caribbean for Xmas.

  269. Michelle Webb says:

    I think I would spell “PLAY” as I am trying to take myself a little less seriously (hello-first born rule follower here!)and HAVE MORE FUN! Sound familiar?

  270. lorena b. says:

    Oh wow, I would love to get one with my first name. I, too, grew up with a not-too-common name & i would really like to make something for myself sice i give most my creations to others. thanks! – LORENA

  271. Those books are a really great idea! I think I would spell TOGETHER, and do a mini about my dh and I :)

  272. I LOVE this idea and hope I’m able to get my hands on one soon! I would spell Family as my husband and two boys are the light of my life!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Vicky in WA

  273. Margaret C says:

    These are gorgeous – and this is the only chance I’ll (probably) have to get my hands on them – we just don’t EVER get the really cool stuff in the UK :( My word would be GRACE and it would be a double sided album. One side would be how the GRACE of God has affected my life, and the other, how my DD GRACE (yup, named for the GRACE of God!) personifies this love. Thanks for the opportunity! xx

  274. debbycruises says:

    I love this idea. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like anyone in ohio is on board at the moment. I would start with either “Inspire” or “Worry”. My sister-in-law has a “worry box” where she writes down a “worry” and puts it in the box to get rid of it. I would put my worries in the album and free myself of the burden and probably work through some of them as I create the album. Years from now I will look back and see how insignificant things were or remember the coping skills that helped me solve them. Of course, “inspire” speaks for itself!

  275. Theresly says:

    Such a simple but fantastic idea for making albums! Some fab ideas here, particularly like the idea of a worry box. Got to sort a box out for my daughter. She’s the biggest worrier i know, unfortunately learnt from me.
    I’d spell my name, Theresly. Just about fits too. Then i’d be forced to do at least a mini album all about me for my girls. Keep meaning to start one.

  276. Mette Thomas says:

    What a great idea I would either spell Rylee my sons name as i can never get anything personalised for him as i spelt it the less common way or my own name Mette as i too never end up with anything personalised. Soo cool to have words we could otherwise never have had.

  277. I would start with WEDDING because I have yet to scrap any of my wedding photos. Then I would do ETHAN and CAMERON. Perhaps a JASON and MELISSA, too. And, as a family album, I’d do WILLIAMS. So many fun choices!

  278. Amber Smith says:

    Since I couldn’t spell “apartment” it would be too long I would do “home” and use it to a minibook of where we are living while our new house is built, so that my daughter remembers it.

  279. We went to Romania in May for vacation. There’s NOT much specialized for that country. That’s what I would spell: ROMANIA.

  280. New York…as we just visited it.

  281. I would buy one for each of my children’s names and then one that says my surname or just family. I also like the idea of having them for dates — perhaps anniversary, birthday’s or any date that is important to you
    Lynn Altomari
    Marion OH

  282. I would have to spell “LUCKY”, because I feel that way (on most days..LOL). However, if I wanted to put even a small dent in my un-scrapped pictures, I’d spell “SUPERCALAFRAGILISTICEXPEALADOCIOUS”. Hee hee. :-)

  283. Amy Jentsch says:

    I would pick “Jaymun” because my husband’s cousin’s son was born with leukemia and is not doing well at this time. I would give it to this boy’s mama so she could scrap her favorite pictures of him.

  284. I would spell out ANNDELYN, STEVE, and JANA so that we could do the mini books to hang by the door the way the cover of Photo Freedom shows… That would be soooo awesome! I’m in your BPS class to – Pick me!! :)

  285. Diane Anthony says:

    I would love CREATE to decorate in bright colors for my scrap space. I’m in your Have More Fun class, too! Love it.

  286. I would spell FAMILY – not so original, maybe, but my four-year-old is SO into the idea of family (he’ll often just sit in the car and look at the four of us and say, “We’re a family!”) that I would love to make an album in honor of his pride in his family!

  287. Narelle says:

    FREE is my word – and I would fill it with Funny Face Photos.
    Love this product – it will take about a million years to make it to Australia – gotta love that online shopping!

  288. Cara Carrodus says:

    Wow – this is hard – there are SOOOO many possibilities!!!
    I think I would like to spell HOLIDAY as we have just booked our family Christmas holiday to New Zealand (we are from Australia). We are going to spend 4 weeks with my hubby’s family. How nice would it be to come back from such a wonderful trip to create a “HOLIDAY” album like this to showcase all the wonderful places we visited and all the gorgeous family we don’t get to see enough of. It would be a great keepsake for our kids.
    Thanks for sharing Stacy, better go check out my LSS – but may take a while to get to Aussie – lets hope not though!!!!

  289. OLIVIA – my granddaughter’s name!

  290. I’d go with your last name and do a vintage album! Got lots of family history I’ve been gathering. ;)

  291. I’ll have to think on this one and get back to you Stacy…

  292. Susan Murphy says:

    I would spell SISTERS and do an album with pics of my two little girls. I think they would love it–and so would I of course! ;)
    Thanks for sharing,
    Sue M.

  293. I think I would spell “Cayman” since we take an annual trip there as a family. Unfortunately, this year we were meant to go this week. And I’ve had some medical problems and we had to cancel. Hopefully, we can reschedule for later in the year and I’ll have new memories to scrap!

  294. GIRLS – girls have way more fun. I have 3 duaghters and we are having so much FUN this summer. I am going to document this, and this book is the perfect way to do this.

  295. I would get POOKIE ….thats my ever loving, furry best friend cat! Thanks!!!!

  296. LEARN would definitely be my word. It is my “one little word” for 2008, and making that decision has changed my life in SO many ways! It would be really cool to have a concrete way to remember all the positive changes that making a choice can bring!

  297. Cami Haveman says:

    This is the coolest idea! I would spell SISTER and make a cool album of my favorite (and only) sister, Michele.

  298. What a totally cool idea!! I would do one for each of my boys, DANIEL & JACOB. :)

  299. I would spell “Beijing”, as that’s where I’m heading to! The Olympics! YEAH. Would indeed be a cool album to create for this trip.

  300. I’d get ‘garden’ and do an album of my favorite flowers and the before and afters of the new front entrance and garden of my house.

  301. RACHELANDEMORY – a story about my Girlies

  302. I would get Geologist as that is my profession and it would be fun to scrap some pictures of me at work.

  303. Sara Lovell says:

    I’d definitely do my daughter’s name, KEZIA. I too love personalized things, but her name’s a hard one to find ‘ready made’, so things like this, where you can choose the letters, are just perfect. What a brilliant idea these albums are! I used to live in the US, and have just moved back to the UK, where I very much doubt we’ll be getting these!

  304. I think I’d do Simon for our new shelter dog!
    Love those albums…and how about that printer?
    That looks awesome! The green one belongs in my scrap room!

  305. I would spell “Bozarth” for a special album of my family.

  306. Mechiel says:

    I would spell MECHIEL, which is my name (pronouced Michelle). My Father spelled my name very uniquely and it is a struggle to find anything that is personalized.

  307. I think I would do HEAVEN…a mini album about my dad and his wife, and their little piece of heaven up in Idaho…

  308. Cyndi S says:

    I would spell DRMOM and I would make an album about the struggles of trying to be a part-time doctor and a full-time mom (and a scrapbooker!). I usually tend to focus on the kids more than me, though your LOM class has really helped me to broaden my focus in my scrapbooking.

  309. i’d chose my daughters name as it is unusual and hard to get anything personalised for her (Alynda)
    i think these are soooooo awesome

  310. That is a fabulous idea! This way you can also get a word-book in another language! I am from Germany and would love to spell “einfach” which means simple.

  311. I would do one with SEASIDE to put in our various years of pictures from Seaside Oregon.

  312. Gioconda says:

    I would get GIOCONDA. Growing up I never was able to get anything with my name pre-printed, key chains, bracelets, etc, because it didn’t exist. So i go crazy when they make customized things like this one. And my name makes it with 8 letters. I’d have to make the album about the meaning of my name.

  313. I would spell FLORIDA. We have vacationed there every year since my daughter was born and I’d like to have one place to put a couple pictures from each trip. What an awesome product!

  314. I’d choose GIRLS. I’ve been blessed with 5 girls and it’s one of the things that make our family unique, and I want to make an album about that!

  315. Well, my first choice would be SKANEATELES (the town my husband and I grew up in) but something tells me that they can’t do words that long!! So, my next pick would be DOWNING (this is for Downing Place – our street, which is a little dead end street with a bazillion kids – would be a neat scrapbook).

  316. Love it- right now i would spell SUMMER and put in pics of the wonderful times me and my 2 boys are having!

  317. Marcie Levine says:

    I would spell GOLDENS and make a mini album about our 2 wonderful golden retrievers. We lost one in January to bone cancer, and I still have not done a tribute to him. I really haven’t scrapped much about either dog so this would be a perfect opportunity to do so!

  318. Denise L. says:

    Spirit. Summer brings out the best in all of us and I would like a book to reflect that! Thanks!

  319. Dori Anvinson says:

    I would do our last name – ANVINSON and put in all things unique to our family. Our house, our dogs, us, our town, our rooms, etc. dori

  320. Therese says:

    I would want Hoffmans. My 2 brothers each have 9 kinds so I could make a family album with all my neices and nephews

  321. Marge Guthrie says:

    What a great idea! Of the many albums I would like to make from these, the first one would be “BUBS” – the nickname we have for my wonderful twin grandchildren, Madeleine & Evan. These are way too cool!

  322. How wonderful to see Clear Scraps here!
    Please do not enter me into the drawing – I am a design team member for Clear Scraps, and have made several of these albums already. But I wanted to make a comment, because these are my FAVORITE albums. They are SO much fun.
    I have done ALI (my dog’s name)and ARMY (in honor of my husband’s military career). I also have my kids names PATRICK and RHIANNAN (which I can NEVER find anywhere!), TRUCKS and BONKERS.
    One piece of advice that I have, is for a smaller album, you may not always want to start with page 1. There is not a lot of space on page one, so if you have a short word, start farther back. I started my Army album on page 3 so I could include a larger photo on the first page {You can see it here}

  323. Lynn Herrick says:

    I would do “WHOBODY” – it is the word my little guy made up and used for almost a year. He started using it when he could not decide between “somebody” and “who” to start a sentence. He recently stopped using the word and we sure do miss it!

  324. Christy B says:

    This is so clever! Someone had the idea of GARDEN, love that. CRUISING would be another good one for my family.

  325. Michelle R says:

    I would spell my husbands name RAMSES and do an album all about him.

  326. momtooboys says:

    I would do a BAGOO album, the nickname I call my boys, or maybe our last name, or maybe one for each of my boys….I can see the possibilities are endless. What a great idea!

  327. I would create an album spelled PARIS, the place i’m going soon to celebrate my 35th birthday and would make an album out of this special day!

  328. I would have to spell my name, PEGGY. What can I say, I was neglected as a child… ha.

  329. I would do “POTATO. My son’s name is Nathaniel. We called him “Nater Tater”, then “Tater” and now it has been shortened to just “Potato”. He is 2 and growing way too fast. I don’t want to forget his “Potato” days because all too soon he’ll be telling me to stop with the funny nickname.

  330. I would spell “SHERMDOG” – the nickname that we called both boys since that’s what their father was called in high school. Or I would spell “KANEMAN” – this is what we have called younger son since he was born. He never seemed to want to be a baby. It seemed that he always wanted to be a MAN. He’s a Senior in H.S. this year and I would love to make a book for his senior year.

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