cool finds from my flight and Fireworks

i love reading airline mags and browsing the Fireworks store in the Seattle airport. I write artists’ names and URLs on my hand so I can look them up later  (for you of course!)

Night Owl Paper Goods
eco-friendly wooden cards

KaKaDu Design
Art and Design in Wood

*loved this revolving tray (I call it a lazy susan and I have one, from STICKS and love it)

It seems everyone is talking about Wordle these days, so I had to give it a try ..


I think I’ll be back to PLAY soon — wait a second, how did I leave out the word Play?

BTW, I want this little birdie on my blog — anyone know how to do this?
I can’t find the answer anywhere on the Twitter site!

made it to Valley Forge safe and sound, off to work out with my mom.


  1. Good morning. Hope you are having FUN with your mom.
    With Wordle, the more time you type a word, the bigger it get. This site was posted by an RV who has been on the road since March with her two sons and hubby (from Tenn). Patty in Rogersville, AL (PattyWin from FUN)

  2. Do you mean you want Twitter on your site?
    You’ll need to make a new ‘note’ typelist in typepad, to copy and paste the code into, but then when you save it should appear on your blog.

  3. Can’t WAIT to see you at CKC-VF! Hooray!

  4. This is so cool! I just discovered and posted about wordle on my blog last night. I saw your post this morning and thought how cool! I’m actually using it in a layout and will be posting tonight :)
    I can’t wait to see our Have More Fun Classroom updated for August but I’m waiting for my lunch break to take it all in :)
    Glad your travels went smoothly.
    MonicaMcNeill (BPS Student)

  5. Michelle Salazar says:

    Cool sites going to go play some more!

  6. Allison Barnes says:

    Have fun with your mom!! I hope you do rent a car and get out to see the area!
    Miss those trips with you!

  7. The Twitter bird is adorable…I have no idea how to get it on there if it isn’t part of the widget, but I’ll be watching the comments because I want one, too!

  8. I think I am going to cry with joy! I have loved your lazy susan and wondered where it was from. I just sent dh an e-mail with all my picks for the next gift giving occasion. Seriously, it would bring me such joy to see that piece of art on our table every day! Thanks you!!

  9. Meredith says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the lazy susan site! I’ll be on it later today…Have a great trip!

  10. So sorry I did not get to see you in Valley Forge. Actually, I think I did catch a glimpse of you but not nearly close enough to say how much I admire your approach to life and I love your books. Have a safe and wonderful time on our side of the country.

  11. Thanks for the Wordle site, I have seen these around, but didn’t know they came from here…will definately waste some time and have some fun here…the kids will even enjoy this one!!!

  12. Yes, don’t forget the word PLAY!

  13. Thank you so much for finding Night Owl Papergoods. I found them in an in flight magazine and had written the web site down to check out later and of course lost the piece of paper. What a cute and unique card to send to friends and family.

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