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I re-read my last post and thought it sounded rather negative — I've been working a bit too hard lately. The balance has been off but I'm working, with the help of my wonderful BPS team to make adjustments so I can focus my efforts on the things that matter most and the projects I most want to be a part of.
Asking you to post comments about America was kind of a fluke (so I could give away the Scenic Route kit) HOWEVER, as I read through your comments about this great nation of ours, I was reminded how powerful words are — especially when they are shared in an effort to express gratitude. Your collective thoughts gave me the chance to tweak my attitude and remember how totally cool it is that I (and you) have the freedom to pursue our passions and start businesses and build communities and learn and grow and contribute and WORK HARD — WOW. Seriously. Wow.

Even if you read just a dozen or so of the comments left over the last two days, you'll see what I mean.


Julian boys 2007, Carnation, WA
Time flies. Spend five minutes today thinking about last year. Where were you, what did you do and who did you do it with? What will be the same this year and what will be different? Why?

our winner:
I love that I can be who I am and not have to live in fear of expressing myself.
Posted by: Lesley | 03 July 2008 at 10:26 AM

well said. email me Lesley and I'll get your patriotic product in the mail!

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stayed home this year. loved it — watched the very low-key Liberty Lake parade which consists of mostly patriotic golf carts and kids throwing candy.

Happy 4th of July — off to watch the fireworks.


  1. ahhh…time flies! My son is now 23. He is a Marine. so he lives away from home in another state. Last year he was home for a visit. Somehow on July 4th it was just he and I for about an hour sitting on the grass waiting for fireworks, and the rest of the family to arrive. It was a moment to treasure as I reconnected with my grown up boy. This year, well, he is at his home, with a brand new baby, and getting ready to deploy. A very different feeling.

  2. Happy independence day! Hope you don’t have to work today like I do! :)

  3. So bummed……I was all ready to sign up for the Have More Fun class at BPS. For some reason I had in my mind that it was $35 but nope – it’s $85! As much as I’d love to take this class, it’s just too much for the old budget. How about plugging the cheaper options sometimes too?

  4. Robyn :) says:

    Last year mmy husband was in Iraq and I watched our vity’s parade with my friend Conny and then went to a concert and fireworks in the evening with the gang of us whose husbands were all deployed.
    This year my husband is home and we watched the parade together(with friends) and my friend Conny is in her native Germany. Most of the gang from last year has moved to new army posts as well :).

  5. you are too hard on yourself. negative is NEVER a word i would use to describe you!!! happy 4th!

  6. You weren’t being negative at all. Just stating that after doing 16 weeks of LOM and a couple weeks later starting another 12 week class that it is too much. I don’t know how you do half the stuff you do. No wonder you can’t do this again. I’m sure you would love to, but realistically know that you can’t. You could do a mini class occasionally, that is a few weeks long, so us Stacy junkies can get our fix :)
    Just finished the LOM with you and am in Have More Fun ~ another dose of Stacy goodness. So see you in the classroom.

  7. Charity says:

    I just wanted you to know on this wonderful anniversary of our great country that I TOTALLY appreciate all that you’ve done to make BPS possible. I’ve been snooping around the website forever, thinking I’ll take a class someday, and I finally forced my schedule for playtime, registered for Tena’s 52 card pick-up and I LOVE IT! (And I know I’ll take more classes in the future!)Thank you so much for your inspiring warmth and sunniness. You’re positive self always motivates me to look to the sunny side of life! You’re terrific, I hope you know. Thank you for just being you. I hope you have a memorable and cheerful weekend!~ Charity in Mesa

  8. Hi Stacey,
    I’m from the UK and I agree with all you have said. Having lived in Arizona and about to move to Oregon (12 days but not counting!!) I am already proud of my friends and families heritage over there probably more so in recent years. I love to celebrate Independance Day, even when i’m here, with US friends, family and work collegues. Even us Brits can experience gratitude for what we have as a small nation as well as appreciating your countries liberty!
    I hope you and everyone reading your blog had a great 4th July yesterday!

  9. Laura from Calgary says:

    Stacy, I agree with many comments that you are the last person I would think as being negative. We all get just a “little” overwhelmed at times! My 15 year old daughter is in a marching band and last year we were thick into rehearsals. This year we were watching her and many other bands march in the Calgary Stampede Parade. What a thrill! Later this summer we are heading for Seattle (with a stop in Spokane) to watch her in the Seafair Torchlight Parade. Can’t wait!

  10. Maureen says:

    Robyn – stacy plugged Bakers Dozen quite a bit, and it was only $18. Check out the site there are a whole range of price points.
    Stacy – take your own advice and let go of perfectionism, you can’t be happy every second of every day.

  11. Listen, we can’t always be Polly Positive, and I didn’t think you sounded negative, anyway. Just like so many other working moms. And you learned something simple – you can’t be in too many places all at the same time. It must be so hard to be in hot demand, pulled in many directions. I only have two kids, and work part time, and I used to teach quilting classes, but it was just toooo much. I count myself lucky for getting to experience “More Fun” this go round, though!

  12. I’m running a bit behind myself but am glad to see a couple of posts from you today. We are indeed lucky to live in a country where we can express ourselves freely and be able to enjoy many freedoms that we often take for granted. Enjoy your children and the time you spend with them this summer!

  13. Great post!!! I also took yesterday to remember to be thankful for the freedoms we have! As a woman to be able to start my own business and run it my way!! I am so thankful to all the military families who give so much up for us to have these freedoms also. We are so blessed!
    Hope to run in to you at CHA once again.
    The other Stacey/Stacy from the airport in CA last Feb!!

  14. Sharon F. says:

    I totally understand about being overwhelmed as that is why I take online classes to get myself out of my work mode and into a new creative and fun activity that nurtures my soul.
    I appreciate your revised comments and honesty. I would not have described them as negative, but after reading your previous post, I definitely felt a twinge of buyers remorse over signing up for something the instructor was clearly too overwhelmed for and regretting doing. It made me feel guilty for signing up. The irony is that its a class about FUN and if the instructor is not having fun and its the first week of the class – what do the next 3 weeks, plus 2 months hold?
    I have heard such wonderful things about you as an instructor and I am excited to be able to take a live class with you. I hope with the renewed vigor and sense of attitude toward this class, it will be great.
    I hope you will hang in there and take your own challenge to have Fun!

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