I realize that I have not posted …

 in a long while, but my email inbox only has 7 messages in it (this has NEVER happened) and I am officially ready to Have More FUN! 

I was basically down to the wire and had to GET MY WORK done, so I could PLAY (Yeah!!)

I just want you all to know that I will NEVER (I'm clearly on a superlative kick today) be teaching this class again. Not that it isn't a great class — it is. I've just learned for myself that I am not able to do back to back workshops that are 12 weeks long– and maintain a life that I can endure. I am absolutely committed to teaching Library of Memories every year and so that comes first. We might at some point re-purpose some of the More FUN content — say the photo album scrapbooking stuff, but just so you know, if you are sitting on the fence about this class, we are going to have a BLAST and I will not be one of the experts next year. This is your one and only chance to take Have More FUN the way I envisioned it.

As a side NOTE: You will be glad to know that both Allison Tyler Jones and Wendy Smedley are considering a second run in 2009. If there are other "experts" you want to learn from, please email us and let us know!

So … in case you hadn't heard, CKMedia is working on a brand new super-cool website that will be launching next week. This is such GREAT news because there is so much wonderful content to be explored between the four magazines and so much opportunity for community and connection that I'm just really excited to see it happen! For those of you, like me, that primarily visit and use SimpleScrapbooksmag.com you will still be able to, but you will also have access to a brand new community site at CreatingKeepsakes.com: A community for scrapbookers and paper crafters. Here's a short list of things we'll be able to do on the new CK site:

Connect with other scrapbookers and paper crafters in a community dedicated to your hobbies.
Be inspired by beautiful galleries and projects.
Join groups that speak to your individual interests.
Create your own blogs.
Access the widest variety of project inspiration available.
Learn from the experts at all four CKMedia titles.
Upload your own video and share them in our video gallery.
Enter contests for your chance to win fabulous prizes.
Learn what the magazines are looking to publish and submit your own work.
Find exactly what you’re looking for using our enhanced search capabilities.

Sounds good to me — watch your inbox for the announcement!


Now, all of these changes mean that my little summer gallery challenge that we announced in the July/August issue isn't unfolding quite as we had planned. I've had a few emails about this and I am so sorry if you have been looking for it!  I'm going to start posting my layouts here and will keep you posted as to where you can upload your pages once the new galleries are up and running.

Stacy's Simple Summer Gallery Challenge #1
Make a layout using the color combination on page 52.

As you may or may not know, we in Spokane waited a LONG time for Spring to come this year and so it was with great enthusiasm that I greeted the frog pond chorus as soon as the weather warmed. I used these great colors from my color column again on this layout …


I fall asleep every night listening to what has got to be at least 327 frogs (and I LOVE it)

This page should have been posted on June 23, so you can see we are a bit behind. No worries, I'm going to make it up to you. My friend Layle at Scenic Route has given me some brand spankin NEW product to give away right here on the blog. My layout for  …

Stacy's Simple Summer Gallery Challenge #2
Scrapbook a summer 2007 highlight


uses this awesome LIBERTY line. If you want to win it, tell me one thing you love about America and I'll select from all the comments Friday at 8:00 am — right after I make my family say the Pledge of Allegience to our flag in the front yard.


I love the way SR does patterns. I love the lined paper, their tone-on-tone solids the
size and variety of their themes — everything. The cool fabric flower is Making Memories and the jewel center is Doodlebug. This page should have been posted on the Simple site on June 30th, so see we are catching up FAST.

Want to see more?


Stacy's Simple Summer Gallery Challenge #3
Dedicated your journaling to someone you love.


I love pages like this one. A single photo I love and the chance to say
what is not said enough. From the three challenges so far, this is the most important!

I'll post weekly challenge layout #4 Monday, July 7th. If you have NO idea what I'm talking about, pick up a July/August issue of Simple Scrapbooks on the newstand and read my "second to last" editor's note on page 17. I'd love to see as many people as possible play along!

NOW, in other news …
I made a very bad mistake and I'm very sorry.
My dear, sweet, hilarious friend Lain Ehman created a cool Piggy Tales album along with the other BPS gals and I forgot to link to her! Sad. You must go take a look at Lain's album. It's awesome.
I was privileged to write the forward to Lain's NEW BOOK coming just in time for the holiday gift giving season this year — I'll keep you posted on that too!

and I can't go without sharing quick pics from Addie's birthday — can you believe my baby is two?

 Threw a little rainbow themed party — totally got the idea for the cake at FamilyFUN.com and
then built the party around it. Nothing too fancy at our house, but if you ever need to pull together a quick party for toddlers, this was delightfully entertaining (for the two, two year olds at least.)

Put piece of paper and activity in a jar,  for each color in the rainbow …
It's extremely helpful to have party prep  help too!

RED was Balloons — we danced around and batted balloons to an upbeat song (3 minutes)
ORANGE was Play Doh — we all molded a "gift" for the birthday girl (4 minutes)
YELLOW was Popcorn — we all sang "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree (1 minute)

note: Addie and friend Lizzy did not sang, but chose rather to shove popcorn in their little mouths as fast as humanly possible (at two.)

GREEN was Finger Paint on the deck (4 minutes)

BLUE was Bubbles (6 minutes)
INDIGO was Jumping on the Trampoline (5 minutes)


was eating the Cake! (15 minutes)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet Baby Girl!!


  1. Cheryl Anderson says:

    One of the many things I love about America: freedom to worship God.

  2. I’m playing along with you SS challenge. A good compliment to LOM.
    Another super easy summer kids cake is: bake a 9×13 and cut a hole in the middle, prepare blue Jello the quick set way and once it’s semi firm pour it in the cake hole. This makes a pool cake. Decorate with paper umbrellas, Teddy Grahams, lifesavers = life preservers. Receipe idea from KraftCanada.com pictured here: http://www.kraftcanada.com/EN/Recipes/RecipeTemplate?recipe_id=86869
    See you at Have More FUN!!

  3. Glad to see that you are back online. I am working on cleaning out my Inbox this evening too.
    One of the things that I love most about our country… The ability to worship God openly and have Him be a part of my every day life. The key is here openly and I am not afraid or punished for doing so.
    Have a wonderful Independence Day.

  4. America = EVERYTHING! Nuff said! LOL!

  5. Darlene Melvin says:

    glad that you posted..love the rainbow cake – these girlies grow up fast – my late in life baby is almost 9 mo. and I still can’t believe it.
    What I love about my country? many many things but one is that we are a country that does the best that it can to open its arms, its resources, and its prayers to many of those in need..that I can raise my three daughters telling them that they can be and do anything that they want and it is TRUE. . and I could go on and on. I am so proud to be an American even among the mistakes we make..we truly are a place of freedom.
    Enjoy your holiday!! I’ll be having some much needed family time, eating ribs and watching fireworks! Take care!!

  6. One thing I love about America is the melting pot of heritage that you can find. My own personal family tree has Scottish, German, and Norwegian, among many, many others. I love how we are all American, no matter where our ancestors came from.

  7. Chris from Va. Beach says:

    I love that America has the best military in the world that is always willing to defend our freedoms without hesitation! God bless the USA and GO NAVY! ;-)

  8. Christine says:

    The best part about America – the FREEDOM to choose! So many opportunities and choices are available to Americans, let’s hope we never take that for granted. Growing up, my favorite part was the fireworks. My birthday is also July 4th, and I thought the fireworks and picnics were all for me! Silly!!

  9. Heather says:

    my daughter said about the cake in a swooney romantic 5 year old way, “Ohhhh, look at that cake. It is beeeeautiful.”

  10. Mary Lib says:

    I appreciate the sacrifices our military men and women and their families are making every day for us and our country. God bless America !

  11. Lisa S. says:

    I love America–it truly is the promised land. The land of so much freedom–freedom to live where we want, to have the job we want, to worship how we want!
    Lisa in TX

  12. Kelli C says:

    Love looking at your layouts, I just finished your LOM class and have been resting a bit in the creative area, but I think you just inspired me to get busy again! Love too the pics of your sweet little girl, helped me to remember the sweetness in my baby girl, which has to be looked for a little harder at 12!
    What I love about America is our freedom to dream big dreams and go after them! It is such an incredible gift of hope and possibility for everyone of us.

  13. I love American because it is still possible to have a dream of a better life and through hard work and creativity realize it. I also love America because most Americans have big generous hearts and are willing to help others.
    Happy Fourth of July!!

  14. Shannon says:

    ahh… Love Scenic Route too! I love America because we have so many liberties that other people don’t have. Freedom of speech, choice of religion… When I’m feeling a little down, I think of that fact that there are many people in the world who do not live with electricity or running water!
    I’m excited about the FUN class!

  15. Cyndi S says:

    I love the diversity in America and the fact that dreams can come true in this country.
    Cyndi S.

  16. Kris B. in Rochester, NY says:

    One of the things I love about America is that it is the land of FREEDOM…freedom to worship how we want, freedom to vote for who we want, and freedom to be who we want to be. It truly is the land of opportunity!

  17. As a first generation American, I am proud to be part of such a diverse country and I love America for good old cookouts/bbq.

  18. One thing that I love about America is the variety of natural wonders that we have. I am visiting family in Montana right now, and I am in awe of the beauty of this creation.

  19. What a sweet party idea — Happy Birthday to Addie!
    So many things to love about America… how can I pick just one? I guess I love that our founding fathers (who were only in their 20s, that amazes me) had the foresight, willingness and courage to stand up for their beliefs and make it possible for all of us to continue doing that 232 years later. XX’s BethBG

  20. Having just returned from being a Peace Corps Volunteer for 3 years I can say this year that one thing I love about America is CHOICES. Especially at the grocery store. :)

  21. Having the experience of living out of state for a few years I’ve come to love that each region has its own feel but STILL connects with the rest of America. It’s pretty amazing to have a place where differences are celebrated. When I think of what the states were like a mere 60 years ago to today with an African American running for President it shows what a pretty special place this is no matter WHAT your political party is. Pretty amazing.
    Also, love that you share your struggles as a working mom. Thanks for sharing yourself with us :)

  22. I love that the pursuit of happiness is important here! :D

  23. Michelle P. says:

    What I love about America is the precious freedom to be able to worship God freely and with gusto openly!

  24. One of my favorite things about America is that you can have any opinion that you want and you have the right to express it. Someone else has the right to disagree with you and voice their opinion. I think that is one of the most progressive and impressive ideas our Founding Fathers conceived. Unfortunately, there are people around the globe that still do not have this right and I am very thankful that we Americans do have that right.

  25. Anne-Liesse Ankeny says:

    I love that in America my daughter has a fighting chance at becoming exactly what SHE chooses to be. It is my privilege to watch that unfold. How great is that?
    Anne-Liesse Ankeny

  26. Jaime Sherman says:

    I love that in America we truly have freedom. We can spend the whole day out picking flowers or laying on the beach with our kids. Whatever makes us happy.

  27. Michelle Smith says:

    What I love most about America is that my two beautiful children can aspire to be anything they want to be and it can actually come true.

  28. What do I love about America…..the diversity. The diversity of the people, the landscape, the religions, the cultures, and how we all come together because we are free to do just that!!! Happy 4th Stacy!!

  29. The thing I love most about this country is the diversity. There are people from all walks of life in my community and many experiences and cultural backgrounds and my kids are allotted such opportunities in just knowing all of these people. We are all so different, yet similar in our values for our country, community and families. I can’t imagine living is a country where diversity and differences of opinions aren’t valued or, worse yet, criminalized. We are so lucky!

  30. Our Freedoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Diane Anthony says:

    I love that we have the freedom to worship God without persecution. I love the fireworks and the all-American feeling on the fourth.

  32. our freedom!

  33. Sherrie says:

    Freedom is a thing that many take for granted. Its the characteristic that makes America the best place to live – where our children can be free to think and feel how they want. Our children aren’t pressured to think or be a certain way. The can say what’s on their mind (though we as parents might not like it all the time!) and have the opportunity to learn from and embrace the diversity all around them.

  34. You know what the first thing that came to my mind was? Our National Park system. We have preserved some amazing land in this country, and the opportunity to see Yellowstone’s geysers and Yosemite’s Half Dome are open to everyone because of it!

  35. That my son has made the choice to serve his/our country. He just was sworn in as a Private 1st Class in the Army National Guard. He reports for Basic Training on Aug. 4th.

  36. Well the thing I love most about America is the shopping! I cannot wait to come back and do some more :)

  37. Brooke P says:

    One thing I love about America is our national anthem, the 3rd verse is especially touching.

  38. Melinda W says:

    What I love most about America is our freedom to Worship God. We are such a blessed nation and we need to be thankful for the many that have sacrificed their lives for this freedom.

  39. The thing I love most about America is the freedom of religion! We can worship our God without fear. I know that there are many others out there that cannot say the same and we cannot take that freedom for granted.

  40. Lynnette says:

    I love the USA Gymnastics team…GO USA…GO USA…GO USA…

  41. So much to love, it’s hard to choose one. But I really appreciate feeling safe as I come and go each day.

  42. Stacy, once again, I’m inspired by you – thank you for sharing so much on your blog. I loved your LOM class and am looking foward to your Have More Fun class – and I just received my LMM order so I have cute flip flops to wear!

  43. I love feeling safe as I come and go each day.

  44. Oh yeah, and one thing I love about America is our freedom to choose the direction our lives take. Thanks, Lori

  45. I love that we are free to make our own choices – about religion, about education, about family, etc. It always scares me when I see little signs of erosion of our freedom to choose.

  46. I just love our freedom of religion. That I can worship God openly and freely, without hiding. I do love our country, and the freedom that we have.

  47. I love all our fabulous scrapbook stores! Such beautiful patterned paper!

  48. Our wonderful scrapbook stores! Such beautiful patterned paper!

  49. What I love about America, without turning it into an essay – probably the beauty — oceans, rivers, forests, mountains, prairies. . .

  50. Sherri S says:

    Totally love the freedom we have in America.
    I just completed LOM for the second year with you and totally got my system going good now. I love it!!! I will be starting your Have more Fun class bright and early tomorrow morning. See ya there!

  51. Sherri S says:

    Totally love the freedom we have in America.
    I just completed LOM for the second year with you and totally got my system going good now. I love it!!! I will be starting your Have more Fun class bright and early tomorrow morning. See ya there!

  52. Sherri S says:

    Totally love the freedom that we have in America!!
    I just finished up LOM for the second year and I really got my system up and running wonderfully. It has made the world of difference for me! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    See ya tomorrow in Have More Fun class.

  53. I love America because there are so many possibilities because of our freedom.

  54. I love our system of government–the way it gives voice to anyone who’s willing to speak up. I do get frustrated with politics, especially in election years, but deep down I believe that our system is the best in the world.
    Going back to DC next week. Can’t wait!

  55. I love America because freedom means that we have possibilities.

  56. PS – Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!
    Another fun idea with rainbows and clouds (file this one away for a few years) is a “Cloud 9″ party. I’ll be doing a sleepover with cloud pillows (the girls can use fabric markers to add rainbows or just sign them or whatever), probably a rainbow cake like yours, and I’m not sure what else yet. I still have 3 months until my baby turns 9…

  57. Sharon F. says:

    I love our ability in America to express our opinions which might differ from those around us, yet still live in harmony.

  58. Lindsay says:

    LOVED the birthday cake! So sweet, so simple, so YOU! So many people go over the top with lavish cakes and such, (which is fine if that is what they choose) however look at what a little whipping cream and candy can do! Loved it!

  59. sherry d says:

    What I love about America is going anywhere in this country and seeing God’s creative and marvelous creation and being able to freely worship Him for this and for the many blessings from Him. What an awesome privilege!!
    Thanks for posting; missed ya!
    sherry in tx

  60. I love our Freedom in America.

  61. What I love about about America, is that we all have choices. No matter if we all agree on the choices or not, everyone has the right to choose. Serve in the military or not. Vote or not vote. Scrapbook or not scrapbook. Become a doctor or not. Whatever the choice, we have it. It is up to each individual person to make the choices that make up their individual lives. And each person has the right to those lives and whatever choices their life brings. No one else is making the choices for you. That is what I LOVE about AMERICA. What do I choose…well I choose to make a scrapbook page of ALL the things that I love about America. Thanks for making me think about it–I am inspired!
    P.S. Couldn’t take the LOM class this year, but can’t wait to get started with it next year.

  62. Tanya Summers says:

    One thing I love about America – that we have the freedom to go to the church we want. ~TanyaS

  63. I love how thoughtful our founding fathers were. I am amazed at how they accounted for things they could not even have imagined.

  64. I love our veterans!!!
    All the freedoms mentioned above are defended by these American heroes. I have the honor of working with veterans every day and if you want to SEE freedom, look into the eyes of a veteran….the stories are there…
    Their stories are America’s scrapbook!

  65. I love that here in America we are all able to express our views without percecution from the government. I admire the forethought our founding fathers had in that respect!!
    Happy 4th!

  66. Melanie says:

    I love our land… such a difference in beauty in our country!

  67. Theresa E. says:

    Freedom from search & seizure; Freedom to pursue our own path. If anything, as a country, we tend to take our freedoms for granted….

  68. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom!!

  69. Karen B. says:

    I love America because of the freedoms that it allows me and my family. The freedom to speak what we think, the freedom to vote, the freedom to practice religion without persecution. I am so thankful and so privleged to live in this county. And most of all, on this Holiday a big appreciation to our troops who are fighting for those very freedoms (and more).
    Karen B.

  70. Karen G says:

    Wow, I love America because we are able to worship openly in whatever way we wish, but even more astonishing is that there are people from every race, creed country here living and working side by side every day. Got to love that. No other country is so diverse.

  71. Debbie W. says:

    Freedom to make my own choices and learn from them…both good and bad!

  72. It is hard for me to put into words what I love about America. This is HOME! My home! Who doesnt love home and everything that it stands for?

  73. HeatherC says:

    One thing I love about America, that I am thankful for, is my freedom…to speak my thoughts, travel as I may please and follow my dreams…most in the world are not so lucky.
    PS — Happy birthday to your little one. I have a 2 year old daughter too — what a joy!

  74. I have always been proud to be an American, but it was more recently…actually just before Memorial Day this year my husband and I decided to teach my 3-year-old daughter the Pledge of Allegiance. Then on Memorial Day morning we stood out in front of our house and said the pledge to our flag. It was a beautiful moment (which of course I photographed) and as I look at my favorite pic of my daughter’s face while she looked up at the flag, I had a new appreciation for the true blessing it is to be an American, and to be able to raise my family in this free country. I thank God that I’m able to share this inspiring heritage with my daughter. (If you want to see the picture click my name below and it should take you there).

  75. Babette says:

    our freedom to make a life as we see fit. The pursuit of happiness is so different for everyone. We have this awsome gift bestowed on us by God to live a beautiful life that we seek it to be. God Bless America……America Bless God….

  76. Kimberly says:

    I know it’s cliche, but FREEDOM is by far my favorite thing about America. I may not always agree with other people’s choices within the scope of freedom, but I’m thankful that even though they may also not agree with mine, we can all live together.

  77. I love that we are able to express our feelings, thoughts and opinions to whom ever will listen even if others may not agree. I love that I can worship God, in a way that I see fit. I love that at this point I don’t have to be in fear of my life for expressing either my thoughts or my faith.
    I love the fact that there are men and woman willing to die to protect these rights.
    I am in love with my country with all it’s good and bad.
    Happy Independence day to all~

  78. Michelle says:

    Tonight, I love America because I can go sit at the fireworks display with my kids and cry while the orchestra plays patriotic songs….then I look around and everyone else is, too.
    I wish I could take your Have More Fun class. I was hoping it would be offered again (pout, pout.) But we’re moving to your neck of the woods at the end of the month, so I’m going to have to pass. Too much packing and cleaning and definitely not enough fun going on for the next 7 weeks or so.

  79. Melissa says:

    I so love that because we live in America we can all express what it is that we love about this country. We get to choose what it is we love and we can express it openly…how sad that there are people in this world at this moment that can not say that. I get goosebumps at the parades when the flag comes by and everyone stands while those few men and women who served in WWI and II ride by and each year there are a few less. I get tears every year as they pass by.

  80. I love America for many reasons, one being the endless possibilities that exist should you open your mind to them and take full advantage.

  81. What a fun update – happy birthday Addie!
    I am so blessed to be American for the freedom I am allotted. I remind myself daily not to take this for granted.

  82. Terri Howard says:

    This holiday makes me cry. I can’t say the Pledge without choking up!
    I recently inadvertenly crossed the line when I gave a teammate at work a flag for her desk area. I had no idea it was against her religion and I just couldn’t understand how this could be! Wanting to “get it” I did some searching on the www. It just didn’t make sense that while obeying the laws of our country that actually GIVES the right to pursue any religion, the flag is not to be acknowledged as a symbol of that freedom. But to me that’s EXACTLY what it is!
    (and someday SJ, the word “photo” will always be associated with the word FREEDOM!) hehe

  83. Christine says:

    My family and I have had the privilege of living in Seoul, S. Korea for the last two years while my husband has been stationed here with the US Army. While I have attended and been involved in many ceremonial events over the years, with all the accompanying pomp and circumstance, I have rarely felt more proud to be an American than during my daily interaction with individual Koreans. I am proud to present a face for our country, and show someone that we are good people, who are kind and intelligent, and eager to learn about the rest of the world. It is gratifying when they respond with approval and smiles, despite our language barrier! It feels like maybe I have created a positive impression of America.

  84. Sheila M says:

    What I love most about America is the People — individualistic but willing to sacrifice themselves for this country.

  85. brisvegas says:

    What I love about America (from an Australian point of view)is that she is our greatest ally in times of trouble. Not to mention that all the best ideas & products come from America.
    Happy 4th of July to you all.

  86. I love that Americans are so able to express their pride in their country, not something you hear much over here in the UK sadly. I also love that when we have had a holiday in the States – a couple in Florida (yay, Disney) and one in Cape Cod and Boston – everyone is so friendly and happy to share their country with us visitors. Stacy, thank you for sharing the Rainbow party idea. I run a Rainbow unit (equivalent of Daisy Scouts) over here and this is just perfect for a celebration meeting. Brilliant as usual, thankyou.

  87. America is beautiful. We are so blessed to live here. My favorite thing about it is that we have the privilege to worship how we please.

  88. I think what I love about America — especially with this holiday…is the fireworks. Last year sitting at our family cottage on a small lake watching nearly every cottage setting off their own little fireworks display. Listening to the sounds and seeing the colors light up the sky. Love that we live in a free country and can do this! Of course we are always so grateful for our military and all they do to keep us safe and keep our freedoms! God Bless America!

  89. Cindy McDannold says:

    I love the feeling of standing together for a cause. Pride felt knowing that we uphold certain ideals and are willing to follow through to make sure that they will forever be part of our lives. Visiting my father, uncle and grandfathers flags that fly in the village park always brings an unexpected emotional response. I’m proud of the way that I’ve been raised and what I stand for.

  90. Cindy McDannold says:

    I love the feeling of standing together for a cause. Pride felt knowing that we uphold certain ideals and are willing to follow through to make sure that they will forever be part of our lives. Visiting my father, uncle and grandfathers flags that fly in the village park always brings an unexpected emotional response. I’m proud of the way that I’ve been raised and what I stand for.

  91. I love America – bc we can be anything we want to be. As a sw I sometimes see way too much of the cycle of poverty or abuse or random wandering through life – but I often see how others have made decisions, been touched by mentors, and KNEW they had the freedom to live their dreams, even if those dreams were just working a routine 40+ hour /week job and providing for their family. A great country we live in! Thanks for letting me share – and now I’m heading over to check out today’s classroom & have more FUN! [Thanks for this too!] ~ Judy

  92. I’m a social worker [realized that might not make much sense...]

  93. There are so many things that I love about this country – I’m so grateful to have been born American. I think what strikes me most is how we always come together to get through the tough times – starting with July 4th and the Declaration and, of course, most recently, 9-11. I live close to NY and so it was very real for us. We knew people who were there. Anyway, I’ll be watching the NYC fireworks tomorrow (my brother has a spectacular view of Lady Liberty). I hope everyone has a joyous 4th.
    PS: love your pages!

  94. Laurie Takens says:

    I LOVE America!! We live in the most blessed country in the world. Even the poor in our country still live better than 80% of the rest of the world.
    My favorite thing though would have to be freeedom of religion. The fact that I can worship and pray freely is HUGE!!
    Happy Birthday USA!

  95. I love that image of Americans as a kind of big, happy, friendly people who are open to ideas. It’s not always there, but when I see it, it makes me feel good.

  96. Julie M says:

    God bless the USA!!!!
    I love America because we can watch our children grow up dreaming!!!!
    Happy 4th

  97. I have been to over 20 different countries through my schooling and work. There is NO other country as FREE as America. We have the best of everything. We are free to live. I LOVE everything about AMERICA. My first homemade Christmas ornament was the American flag. It was a drawn on a letter size piece of paper. My mother put it on the tree every year until Katrina took it away in 2005. I am a patriot through and through. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  98. That anything is possible!

  99. I love and cherish my freedom here!!! I like to visit other places, but there is no place like home!!!

  100. really i could go on and on about why I love America but one of the most important reasons I love the US is the freedom we have to worship however we want. When I think of some places where they are told how to worship it truly breaks my heart for them, my only prayer is that continues and as Americans we continue to cultivate that freedom.
    oh and I love these challenges and can’t wait for it to kick start my summer o’ getting back into scrapbooking FOR FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Hi Stacy, what I love about America first and foremost is the freedom for me to worship. I also love the feeling that I can go to sleep at night and not worry about bombs falling. We are truly blessed to be living in the USA.
    Happy 4th.

  102. That’s a really thought-provoking question, Stacy! I love America because of our freedoms, and because of our amazing history and the people who sacrificed so very much to give us those freedoms.

  103. I work as an Adjusications Officer for US Citizenship & Immigrations Services. Altho everyday can be an inspiration as I interview applicants for naturalization it is especially moving when we have a naturalization ceremony on or near the fourth of July (We just held one yesterday). It is so moving when 1000+ people from different countries, cultures and races come together as one when swearing to the oath of allegiance. We are very privledged to have all the rights and freedoms in this country. Talking with people from all around the world makes me realize we are very blessed and that sometimes we native Americans take things for granted. Happy fourth and God bless the USA!!!

  104. What do I love about America…I love that in 8 short weeks I will finally get to visit the one place I have wanted to visit for many, many years. Yes, I am coming to AMERICA and I love it!!

  105. I love America for countless reasons of course, but mostly because we have the freedom to make choices that are best for us as individuals and families. As an added bonus, we are lucky enough to live near DC and my 6 year old LOVES going downtown to see the museums and to learn about our history.

  106. Hi Stacy! Addie is too cute! I love chubby baby feet!
    What I love about America is the freedom to be free. Especially as women. Freedom to wear what we want (whether we should or not!LOL)freedom to marry who we choose, the freedom to BE! I get amazed when I think of our constitution and The Bill of Rights. What foresight our founding fathers had!
    Happy Birthday America!

  107. Hi Stacy! Addie is too cute! I love chubby baby feet!
    What I love about America is the freedom to be free. Especially as women. Freedom to wear what we want (whether we should or not!LOL)freedom to marry who we choose, the freedom to BE! I get amazed when I think of our constitution and The Bill of Rights. What foresight our founding fathers had!
    Happy Birthday America!

  108. debby warthen says:

    After two trips to DC with 100+ eighth grade students, I find that I am more amazed and proud of who we are as Americans and what becomes possible from this one gift. I love that our country is made possible by the extraordinary love and actions of ordinary people and that I have the possibility to be an important part of the strength and majesty that is America.

  109. here is what i love about america today:
    my baby boy turns 6 tomorrow (the 4th of july)
    my husband and i got engaged on the 4th of july in 1999, and 3 years later Zach was born. but what i love about it, is every year, so far, he is more excited that its america’s birthday! his grandad is a former marine and fbi agent so they have a flag-raising tradition. and we do his friends party on a different day- so his actual birthday is more about fourth fun and fireworks!
    what i plan to do tomorrow is focus on pride and patriotism and fun.. instead of worrying about the way the world will be when my boys are older. =)

  110. It is challenging to come up with one thing I love about America. I served a mission abroad and my eyes were opened to the vastness of this world. I have always felt patriotic. It is a requirement, I think, of any Texan. Traveling definitely deepened my appreciation for the magical place we call home. I appreciate the freedoms we all take for granted each day. We are such a diverse society and each person is free the create their own destiny.

  111. I love so much about America-but one of the best things for me is religious freedom. There are so many places where you can’t read a Bible or even pray without being persecuted. I just can’t imagine not having the freedom to serve God.
    Happy 4th of July!
    Fairfield, Ohio

  112. What I love about America (speaking as a Canadian) is the fierce loyalty you have to your country and that pride that you have being American.
    Great pics from the b-day party and the rainbow them was a great idea!

  113. Karen C. says:

    What I love about AMERICA: I love the freedom I have to be… to be me, to say what i want, to love what i love, to have what i have, the freedome of religion. Oh, i could go on and on. It is good to be in America! I feel so blessed!

  114. I love the freedom to worship God and to be able to express our opinions and ideas without fear of harm. Great Birthday pictures, Happy Birthday Addie (my daughter is also from Korea)

  115. I love America because we can come together as people of many different origins and all have the freedom to be who we are. That we can unite behind a common ideal put forward a couple hundred years ago and support it even as the world changes.

  116. I love that anything is possible in America!

  117. I love that in America, hard work pays off!

  118. TriciaH in Ohio says:

    I love that America allows our dreams to come true! (And I love our little town’s — Granville, OH — 4th of July celebration! They are definitely All-American!). TriciaH

  119. Catherine says:

    Stacy, what a wonderful question, thanks for asking.
    My son recently joined the Foreign Service as a Foreign Service Officer and we have had the privlege of visiting him in his assigned country, he also servied in the Peace Corps, and received a USA AID Fellowship in Bolivia. During our visits to these third world countries I always return to the USA so grateful for our Democratic Process…as slow and cumbersome as it sometimes is. Our right to Free Speech and voice our opinion is a truly remarkable gift in this country, and one I do not take for granted. I say, “God Bless America”, even during a time of an unpopular war where America’s son’s and daughter’s are putting their lives on the line, so that I can remain free.
    Catherine A

  120. KellyM in MN says:

    What I love about America: The opportunities we have for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and knowing our children will have these same opportunities; to be free. We are one nation under God.

  121. I love that we have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I wish everyone in the world could share in these same freedoms. With such privileges come awesome responsibilities, for the most part I think we as a country have met those responsibilities. I am proud of that.

  122. karen Hobbs says:

    What I love about America is our military…I am a vet, my husband is active duty and we have the most amazing group of military in the world. Do the job but help and care and learn. God Bless America and our military!!

  123. There are so many things I love about this country, picking one is difficult. But I would have to say that above all else, I love that we have the freedom to worship (or not) as we choose! Happy Birthday America!

  124. There are so many things I love about this country, picking one is difficult. But I would have to say that above all else, I love that we have the freedom to worship (or not) as we choose! Happy Birthday America!

  125. I love the diversity (both in people and in physical environment) that we have here in America. But above all, I’d have to say that I love the freedom to choose – worship, say, read, eat, live, etc. We have so much choice in how we want to live our lives.
    Hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July, Stacy! I hope to enjoy my freedoms this weekend and appreciate all who have helped us get to where we are.

  126. How diverse our country is!! We got it all here!

  127. Kerry G. says:

    I love America for its diversity. There is diversity in people and landscape, opinions and beliefs and somehow against all odds it works. America succeeds and thrives.

  128. Susan M. says:

    I love that we have the ability to freely fly the American flag. We fly the flag (along with the Marine Corp flag) daily in our front yard. Long may she wave!!

  129. I love that we as women have more freedom and rights and opportunities than most countries around the world. We are indeed blessed to be here.
    You are so brave to wear white while Addie is finger painting. Cute party idea!

  130. I love the American, “Can-do” spirit! No matter how bad or tough things may seem, Americans rise to the challenge!

  131. Lisa T. says:

    I work as an adjudications Officer for US Citizenship & Immigration Services. Altho everyday can be an inspiration as I interview applicants for naturalization it is especially heartfelt when we have a ceremony for naturalization on or near the fourth. It is so moving to see 1000+ people from all different countries, cultures and races come together as one as they swear to the oath of allegiance. We are very privledged to live in this country and to have all the freedoms and rights granted to us. We native citizens often take for granted what we have but I am reminded daily of our blessed nation as I talk to people from other less fortunate lands. Have a happy 4th and God bless the USA.

  132. Hi Stacy! Love that line! I love the freedoms we have here…my father escaped to the US as a child from Hungary for these freedoms, and I am grateful for his courage!
    Amy in CA

  133. Nancy Lee says:

    I love the freedom we have. As women, our religion and the ability to speak freely without concern for retribution.

  134. Anne Thurlow says:

    I love America because you wake up in a free country each morning and breathe in clean air. We are a diverse nation, both in our people and our landscapes and I appreciate living in a country that is filled with so much beauty.

  135. I love all the men and women (past and present)who put their lives on the line for us every single day. The military, fire, police and rescue men and women are selfless and the best of America.
    I also love the red on your toes:)

  136. Leslie Elvert says:

    I love the freedom we have in this country! I also love the diversity in the geography and climates across the states!

  137. I love the freedoms we have in the America. When I think about this subject I think of my friend, Serge, who was forced to leave his country (Iran) and his family because of his beliefs in 1988. He was 18 at the time and was considered a threat to convert other young adults to Christianity. His pastor was imprisoned and eventually murdered. Serge’s parents worried for his safety and had him smuggled into Pakistan where he was given a fake passport and visa which lead him to Germany and eventually the U.S. His sister was eventually able to join him and his parents have been able to visit a few times but he will never be allowed back into his homeland. I greatly admire his strength and the conviction of his beliefs. I sometimes wonder if I would have the strength to do what he did. I’m grateful to live in a country where I have the freedom to believe what I want to!
    Happy 4th,

  138. As much as I love America’s freedom of religion and am proud of the people who have protected our freedoms, I’ve got to say my favorite thing about America is the land itself – and the people who live in it. What other singular country in the world has the differences we have? From the islands of Hawaii to the mountains of Alaska, from the desert of Arizona to the Redwood Forest…on and on it goes. You also can’t forget about the Louisiana Bayous, the Nebraska Plains, New York City, Yellowstone National Park, Disneyland…….the list just goes on and on. Not only the climates, but look at all the wonderful people! I love traveling the world but there’s nothing to compare with AMERICA!!!!

  139. As much as I love America’s freedom of religion and am proud of the people who have protected our freedoms, I’ve got to say my favorite thing about America is the land itself – and the people who live in it. What other singular country in the world has the differences we have? From the islands of Hawaii to the mountains of Alaska, from the desert of Arizona to the Redwood Forest…on and on it goes. You also can’t forget about the Louisiana Bayous, the Nebraska Plains, New York City, Yellowstone National Park, Disneyland…….the list just goes on and on. Not only the climates, but look at all the wonderful people! I love traveling the world but there’s nothing to compare with AMERICA!!!!

  140. I love this great country of ours, especially the First Amendment of Freedom of Speech. I may not agree with you but I believe you have the right to say what you think, especially about political things. It is important for any democracy to have an educated populace. Now if we could only get to work on universal heath care and a few other things that need fixing, it would be even better. But I believe that we will get there, one vote at a time. I feel especially blessed to be in a country where women are respected and cherished. God bless America!

  141. I love that I can be who I am and not have to live in fear of expressing myself.

  142. I love that Americans are good friends to us Canadians!!

  143. Such a great post – thank you so much Stacy!
    My favorite thing about America is that there can be such a sense of community, and people joining together. I love knowing that after 9/11, so many people, in so many towns joined together to pray and support each other, be they friends or strangers, in a way that I had never seen or imagined. I’m so pleased that the town I live in took the tragic events of 9/11, and used it as a diving board to create numerous community outreach programs to fulfill so many needing organizations, and it continues to help those orginzations and serve others to this day.
    By the way, loved the nail polish and the rainbow party!

  144. 1. I posted several layouts in the Simple Gallery using your Color Challenge Palette. I’m happy to repost them. I really am hoping that Simple will maintain its friendly and simple atmosphere on the new website. I really love Simple!
    2. I love America because we have freedom and democracy and opportunity and really fabulous ideals.
    3. I’m so happy I’m in your Have More Fun Class!

  145. Janet Bobo says:

    I love America! I have been out of this country a few times, but when I get back, I always want to kiss the ground! There is no place like home – America! We may not have everything right, but we have lives SO much better than those in other countries. We should be more thankful! I am proud to be an American and to be blessed to live in such a wonderful place! America is beautiful and so are the hearts of most of the people.
    Thanks for what you do to make America a better place. You are so inspirational!

  146. The best thing about our country is that we have a voice. We can freely express our opinions and beliefs. We can believe, live, love and worship however we’d like and we get to tell others about it without fear of incrimination. We’re free.

  147. Wow, look at all the great LO’s and photos. We have an adorable lil’ frog too, but he/she never has much to say :( That palette looks fun…gotta try it!! Thanks for sharing your talents and joys in life with us all!!!

  148. America is the land of freedom and oppotunity! You can be and do whatever you can imagine!

  149. I love that I can vote. In so many places the word of the “little people” does not matter and the word of a woman means even less. Here, I have a voice.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  150. halloweenheather says:

    Being a homeschooler I am so very grateful that for RIGHT NOW at least, we can educate our children the way we as parents choose. Families in Germany are being separated and parents are in jail for this right now. I pray that we can preserve this freedom with another great privelege….our RIGHT TO VOTE!!!! I do feel truly blessed to have been born in the US. Happy 4th of July Stacy and family!!!

  151. Thanks for posting all those great LO’s! I need to hop on your challenge wagon!
    What I love about America: our beautiful flag and all that it stands for- I hope I never take the fact that we are so blessed to have so many freedoms here in this great land for granted.
    God Bless our Military- those serving and those who have served!
    ps. GREAT idea to salute the flag in the morning and say the pledge. We are SO going to do that!

  152. lynne moore says:

    What I dearly love about America: Freedom of Speech and Freedom to not listen to some speeches. I love that we are able to speak and discuss and voice opinions and form new ones. I love that if I don’t like what is being said, I can choose to turn away or I can speak my own truths. I love that I can “Question Authority.”

  153. lynne moore says:

    I also love our National Parks. Get out and do – or just sit and listen.

  154. Taci S. says:

    I found this quote the other day -”You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.” – Erma Bombeck. I love the 4th of July for our annual family picnic, fireworks, and overeating, and I am so grateful to live in a country where we have the freedom and leisure to enjoy such things!

  155. There is a lot to love, but what I love most is the feeling that the sky’s the limit. I’ve lived abroad, and in some places it is all about where you were born and to whom, that defines what you are expected to do with your life (or, actually, what you are allowed to do with your life). In the U.S., we have this “little” :) idea we throw around – the American Dream – which to me simply means knowing that if I think I can and I want it bad enough, it’s there for the taking. And by this I don’t mean just economics, but the idea that I can be MORE than the color of my skin or the neighborhood I grew up in. And if I am more, I am looked up upon, not scorned.
    Oh, and I have to add, the relative safety from petty theft. That’s pretty special after living in places where people get robbed on a daily basis.

  156. Sherry Mescher says:

    America stands for Freedom and Opportunity. We’re blessed to live in this great nation. Enjoy the 4th with your family.

  157. Merlynn Graf says:

    I love America because we can do the things that we want and we don’t have to worry about what will happen to us if we do or belive in things that other people don’t.

  158. I love the freedoms and privileges that we, as Americans, take for granted and am happy for the holidays that cause us to pause and remember how very lucky we are! (I’ve missed your blog posts but you’ve outdone yourself today!!)

  159. I love America because of our Freedom – freedom to love, speak, worship, and live anyway we choose.

  160. Laura King says:

    I love the patriotism in America! We were a military family for 7 years, and though my husband is out of the Army now, his patriotism is as alive as ever. We even named our new Bernese Mountain Dog puppy “Liberty” in celebration of our country. I’ve been itching to get my hands on some of the Scenic Route “Liberty” paper. :)
    P.S. Thanks so much for the LOM class this year. I loved every minute of it!

  161. I love the diversity of the people, the places, and cultures that make up America.

  162. Melanie says:

    The cool thing about your question is that you asked us to say what we like about America. Now, I assume you ment the U S of A, but I’m going to overlook that an interpret your question literally. So, to me, the best thing about America, both north and south, is Canada! Woo hoo! Yep, we sure are special. Boy I hope you pick me! I’d just laugh and laugh! (But I would love the product too!) Smile!
    A friend in your 51st state to the north!

  163. What I love about America? So many things, but at the top of the list would be how willing we are to reach out to anyone in need or in trouble. We stand in line for hours to donate blood after a tragedy, we fill boxes with t-shirts and sweatpants for wounded veterans, we send our old eyeglasses around the world to people less fortunate (and just as visually challenged)…we help. Often, freely and joyfully.

  164. Cindy C. T. says:

    I love that we respect others ideas and religions. My son returned yesterday from a mission to Brazil. He left on the 4th of July two years ago, and this one is MUCH better! We love that he is back on American soil. I love that we are a proud people!

  165. Kelly Butler says:

    What I love most about America is how different we each are, but one of the things that joins us toegether is that we are allowed to be who really are in all of our diversity.

  166. I LOVE that no matter where I am in the world the sight of our flag can give me chill bumps and that when I sing the National Anthem I always cry. Right now I live in the outback, and it is an amazing place. The Aussies are wonderful people. But nothing compares to home, the USA.

  167. I love the diversity of this country. People, places, things; you can see and do so many different types of things within hours of each other.

  168. I love this country because of freedom. I am free to be a stay-at-home working mom, free to have as many kids as I want, free to love a wonderful husband, free to be crazy about God, free to create, free to have friends, free to…
    Happy 4th of July!

  169. Emma (ratqueen) says:

    I love the beautiful diversity of the landscape in this country. You can see everything from glaciers to mountains to volcanoes, and in the same country you can see lush plains and ancient forests. You can travel the whole world to find such a diverse environment, or you can stay in your own nation and explore things you never knew existed.

  170. I love my freedom! I love that I can choose to preserve my family memories through scrapbooking! And I love the diversity and unity of the country and our hobby!

  171. kreativekate says:

    Geez, one thing is hard. I love that even though it is imperfect, our democratic system of government gives us freedom!

  172. Ashley J says:

    Our country–why would you want to live anywhere else? We have so many freedoms. We are allowed to be individuals—there are so many different people and cultures in our country and they are all embraced. It is okay to be who you are. I LOVE the 4th of July. One thing we in the country have in common is our love and respect for our country—our independence.

  173. I love America because I can worhip where, when and how I choose to. My faith journey is my own without a government choosing for me!

  174. I love America. People always complain, but would you rather live anywhere else. I love our FREEDOM and Rights to vote.

  175. One thing I love about America . . . the priveledge of choice. I have a choice in how I worship God (when some people aren’t even allowed to worship Him), I can read what I choose to read (including the Bible, which is banned or unavailable to some), eat what I choose to eat (I’m not a slave or prisoner, with no choice in food), and educate my family as I wish (including myself . . . by taking BPS classes). ;) What could be more thrilling than that?!

  176. Christine S says:

    I love America because you can be yourself. You are FREE, and have the option to do whatever that your heart desires. I love that our service people can choose to serve our country with pride, and that we can celebrate them when they come home to us. I love that we are a prosperous nation. I love that I can say God Bless America, and not fear my life. What other place can you drive across country, and experience mountains, plains, snow, and deserts? That is pretty darn amazing.

  177. I love so many things about America, but the one thing that I could not live without is our freedom to do whatever we want – whether it be where we live, what we read, what church we attend, what job we have, what school we send our children to… So many people in this world do not have the opportunities and freedoms that we do. I’m proud to be an American.

  178. I love America because I can worship the Lord Jesus Christ in the church of my own choice. To me, there is no greater reason to be grateful for our country.

  179. Leauriy says:

    I love living in America, for the possibility that is present. We’ve come a long way and continue to move forward, dispite our many differences and points of views. Where else can a minority, be it a women or a person of color run for President and have a reasonable chance of being elected? i am both a women and a person of color and am in a interracial marriage and we have a daughter, so the implications are enormous for her.
    And the very fact that we as Americans are different and have various ways of seeing life and what’s possible makes for an utterly rich experience.
    Have a safe 4th.

  180. I love many things about America but most importantly would be freedom. Freedom to choose religion or not, careers or not (SAHM), a spouse, number of children, where I want to make my home. We are lucky to live in America!

  181. Christy says:

    Love the fact that everyone has the opportunity for an education. Plus we can worship & study the Bible with no fear of persecution or imprisonment.

  182. Lisa in WA says:

    I love that America inspires so many very brave military men and women to serve their wonderful country. Let’s hear it for America, and let’s hear it for her patriotic troops!!

  183. AmandaV. says:

    Of all the wonderful things about America, one of the things I love the most is the Liberty we are afforded here because of those who made it so for us. We are free to be ourselves and that makes for a pretty fantastic place full of diversity and differences! God Bless America!

  184. Having just spent an entire month abroad, I have a whole new appreciation for this country. I could give you dozens of reasons why this country is so great but I’ll sum it up as I love the fact that America is eternally optimistic. This is the land of hope, this is the land of smiles, this is the land of possibilities. God Bless America.

  185. I love the opportunities that we have!! There are so many. I just love this place!!!!

  186. I love that every time I see the Olympic athletes stand on the podium, no matter what color their medal, I start to tear up with pride for my country. I admire the sacrifices they have made to represent the United States!

  187. K. Methot says:

    I love America because we, her citizens, have so many choices… how to live, who to love, what to learn, where to go. There is beauty everywhere, in the people and the places. We are very lucky to live in the USA. Happy 4th of July!

  188. I love America because we have choice.

  189. Linda J says:

    God Bless America!
    Love – that I can say that!:)

  190. My husband is from Bosnia and he didn’t have all the freedoms I had growing up, so when he became a citizen, it was really a special moment for us. Being an American is what being a human all about–the freedom of choice, the freedom of thought and the freedom to be anything you want to be.
    Happy 4th of July!

  191. I love America because you spell American- with I CAN…..
    I CAN reach out a help an elderly person with a warm meal…
    I CAN pick up a frail child and provide a caressing hand…
    I CAN share a warm smile with someone in pain…
    I CAN extend forgiveness to someone who was in the wrong…
    I CAN raise my hands in Praise to our gracious Lord…
    American means I CAN….
    what CAN WE all do today that shows that feeling…
    Have a blessed 4th of July everyone.
    Warm smiles

  192. Hi Stacy,
    I would love to take a class from Ali Edwards on BPS.

  193. I feel very blessed to be living the life I am even on the not so good days.
    Addie is just so precious. I just love looking at her pictures. As a mother of boys, I can only imagine what having a little girl around is like. I am still hoping for a granddaughter some day!
    Loving the Fun class. I had thought about how rough 24 weeks of teaching was going to be on you. Yikes!

  194. Hi Stacy,
    The photo of yours and your daughters polished toes is absolutely adorable! That is just a fun and cute layout. You inspire me.
    Take care,

  195. Freedom! Plain and simple, and thank god everyday that I was born in the USA.
    (sidenote-love that rainbow cake – very cute idea)

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