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Simple Summer Gallery Challenge #4
Scraplift a layout from this issue (July/August 08)

I have to admit, I'm not much of a scraplifter. I LOVE looking at other scrapbookers' pages, but I don't flag them or sketch them or track them at all. I just see a page I LOVE and it sticks in my mind — and trust me with the amazing talent out there, LOTS of ideas stick. I can only retain about 3 or 4 at one time, so I get antsy to scrapbook after a new issue of Simple arrives.

When I do borrow inspiration from another scrapbooker, I always wonder if they would be disappointed or not. Silly isn't it? Its not so much that I worry if my page is "good enough" — gave up on that a LONG time ago. I just think about their creative process and what they will perhaps think when they see the direction I took their design. Anyway, here goes … my layout inspired by Tina Cockburn (I thought it was Sara Winnick, but I was wrong! Sorry Tina) who just happens to be our featured designer this issue. You can see Tina's original on page 47 or catch a glimpse of it here.


The minute I saw Tina's page I envisioned a sampling of photos from our trip to New Zealand last fall (it was spring down under) I tried to convey the amazing "other world" feeling that going from one season to the exact opposite inspired in me. By the way, ribbon is Doodlebug, cool monochromatic stickers are Luxe Designs and adorable felt flower mini brads are Making Memories. Sticker letters are American Crafts of course. I can't wait to see what these and all my other FAVs have planned for fall and early 09!

I know CKMedia is still working on the new site and freely admit I am attempting to feel my way around. You can now find my gallery challenge here. I need to touch base with someone about prizes, as I know there is some good stuff to be given away. Don't worry you can post your challenge pages to either the old or new site. Just be sure to put "stacy's challenge" in the title!

By the way, check out 29 Olives — a fun site I stumbled upon. Paula celebrated a birthday Sunday and I wasn't here to call her, but I did manage to send this and this. Kinda cool don't ya think?
Anyway — Happy Birthday my friend. I'll have to buy you a brownie at CHA.

The Weekend Report
Sounds official doesn't it. Also sounds like a regular thing (oops!) We left for Seattle last Thursday morning and joined my sister Darci and her family at my M&Ds house. And let me tell you–once I'm home in my mother's domain I am ONE lazy girl. I think this is because I really need to be lazy sometimes and I don't  allow myself to go there very often. When I'm at mom's, it takes me a half a day to "come down" and then I realize how nutso my "normal" really is. I sit and read and watch and listen to people talk and eat — oh, do I eat — it's all good, fresh, homemade stuff though. My mom is amazing that way. Anyway, we had a wonderful weekend. Here are some highlights (in no particular order)


Look what we found in Grandpa's garden? No wonder his raspberries are slim pickin!


This nest fell from the porch rafters. I tell you between the planned and the unexpected, Grandma and Grandpa's house is a boy wonderland!

Not sure why I'm being exclusive — the girls LOVE it too! Here's Brookie with her worm.


and Addie on the TRACTOR!


Snapped this out the window of the van, as Geof was driving across the floating bridge headed to Mercer Island. Seattle ROCKS on a good day!

Came home to find the 3Ts frolicking in the lake. Trey, Taft and Ty — inseparable.


Oooh, I just think this shot is so pretty. Don't be surprised if it ends up on my blog! It would be less of a temptation than the brownie and ALMOST as desirable.


Chase enjoying some peace and quiet (Ha!) while he picks raspberries.
Hey man, he's picking and I NEED those berries.


Addie assisting in the JAM making — by her still-clean shirt, this is early on in the process!

I'm exhausted today trying to catch up and prepare for CHA and other FUN stuff.
But I am so glad we went!


  1. looks like it was good down-time. what a blessing that your family is able to share moments like these.

  2. sara’s layout just jumped out at me as well and although I don’t do a whole lot of lifting I knew I had the photos for this one :)

  3. I’m always lazy at my mom’s house becuase once my girls see grandma mom becomes second rate and they don’t come to me or want me for anything.
    Love the pic of Addie on the counter.

  4. Addie looks so big!! She looks like she is growing so fast in the layouts you share.

  5. Hi Stacy!! Um….LOVIN’ that 29 Olives stuff! Stinkin’ CUTE!!!

  6. Sharon Trumble says:

    Stacy, what a wonderful, well-deserved and needed weekend for you! :) There is never anything better than getting together at Mom’s house and relaxing a bit. Such great photos–raspberries are my personal favorite. So wish I could grow them in Wyoming! Your kids are adorable.
    Oh, I think I asked this one other time, but is the brownie a “real-stacy-made-brownie” pictured on your blog? If so, can I please have the recipe? I have a favorite recipe, but this one looks so darn yummy!
    Thanks, Sharon T

  7. Lynne Hardy says:

    love that layout. have already pulled pictures and paper, etc to do at a crop this weekend. got tons of ideas from this issue of SS and planning on scraplifting quite a few of the layouts.
    thanks for sharing yours.

  8. That picture of Addie is adorable! The ponytail, her squatting on the counter, and the expression on her face… PRICELESS!

  9. Isn’t that Tina Cockburn’s layout, not Sara’s? Sara did the cover, but I think the LO you are referring to is Tina’s. Sorry to correct, but I thought you would want to know? Am I right, or am I misunderstanding?

  10. Posted my first every scraplift!

  11. Looks like a fun time and I am glad you were able to relax.

  12. I loved the LO you chose to scraplift as well. When I saw it I knew I had to do it. I’m even considering to scraplift this for my LOM section pages. Thanks Stacy for your sharing your inspiration, insight, and humor with all of us.

  13. So you’re in SEattle?? That’s where I live! It’s been absolutely gorgeous this week! No stamping or crafting for me – this is summer at it’s finest…time to get outside – your kids are to die for adorable and cute, cute, cute! I hope your stay in Seattle is FABULOUS!

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