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Great article in the Delta Airlines magazine. Seriously made me cry (not that that is super hard to do!) The article's author, Jeff Telofski responded to a contest call and won.

Guess what I found in the Ballard Designs catalog?
chalkboard shelves, very similar to the one I have hanging in my kitchen (pictured in Photo Freedom)

these are more expensive, but they are probably built better (more sturdy) than mine too and I love how they come with just 3 chalkboards and  hooks, so you could buy one or more! Seriously, I love my tag books hanging in my kitchen — they make me so happy.

Scooter update. For my 40th birthday, my sweet husband made good on a promise from our engagement days and ordered me a lime green scooter. The only problem was I had specifically requested lime green and the only lime green scooter he could find was this one built by a guy in his garage out of chinese parts. My beloved lime scooter turned out to be a lemon. So … I'm now the proud owner of …

this one (only mine is black) I can now ride my scooter and turn it off and NOT fear that it won't start again. I can also use the lights and the turn signal and other key features. I was scooterless all last summer, but I'm back a ridin' and having a GREAT time.

Styrofoam? Are you kidding me?
No. I'm not. You should really check out this site, print up the FREE pdf booklet of ideas and get to hanging some of your pattern paper stash on the wall! I picked up the booklet in Michaels, where you can purchase 12×12 foam squares.

I'm thinking my playroom — eh?

happy friday.


  1. I bet you are going to have such a great time on your new scooter this coming Fall.
    We often ride dirtbikes and I have been amazed at how much fun bikes can be. Golf carts around the neighborhood are also a lot of fun. I can only guess how much fun this scooter will be when cruising around a town and checking out places like some fresh markets. Have fun!!!

  2. Love the new scooter! Have FUN. And that pp on the wall is a great idea. I just may have to do that in my scrapspace! TFS.

  3. Hi Stacy – I know you must have heard of Randy Pausch, I just read his book The Last Lecture on Sunday. He passed away this morning. If you haven’t read the book, you should. Its powerful and entertaining and it will change your life. ( And made me think of so many things to scrapbook about! ). His website is http://www.thelastlecture.com/ and you can watch the last lecture on you tube. I just though you’d really love this man and his message.
    Katie Scott
    (BPS student: LOM 07 & Fun 08)

  4. Enjoy your scooter Stacy! I have a new-to-me bicycle and I love riding around our town and out to a nearby State Park for exercise and fresh air. Also, thanks for the good ideas you always seem to gather and share.

  5. I just picked up the styro book as well and thought it had great ideas!!! I love the idea of putting photos on the squares!

  6. Michelle Salazar says:

    enjoy your scooter and I love the paper on the wall idea!

  7. Stacy- I was thinking of you tonight as I perused THE COMPANY STORE website! Did you know they’re carrying an entire line of LITTLE MISSMATCHED stuff? Yes they are! I was polka dot heaven!
    Now through Sunday you can use this code at checkout(T8GFTKA) to get 15% off your entire order! ya! sorry to enable… but I just couldn’t help myself.
    If it wasn’t for you, I would never know about Little Missmatched!
    ps. great paper idea!

  8. Stephanie says:

    From the picture, it looks like you have a Yamaha Vino scooter? I got one last summer (royal blue) and LOVE it! So much fun tooling around town! Enjoy!

  9. Susan Kopp says:

    That styrafoam site is some serious good fun. I can’t wait to try some of the projects. I have walls that need decorating and I wanted something dimensional and this looks like it will do really well. Have fun on the scooter, I would love one but don’t know how my considerable 57 year old fanny would fare!

  10. I just saw an adorable pink scooter here in our town and I want it!!!! I *heart* that styrofoam wall hanging idea…gonna have to check that out! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your scooter!

  11. Hey Stacy, nice wheels!! So funny, I have been needing a shelf with hooks for my hallway and even bought one at Target that is stained and was going to have to paint. A couple days ago I dog eared the Ballard Designs catalog for the one you show and thanks to you I have my credit card in my hand and am going to order it!!! You sealed the deal!

  12. Just a tip for those styrofoam/wall hangings. Finish off the sides with an 1″ matching ribbon. Also, use Aleene’s Tacky Glue, to adhere paper & ribbon. Have Fun!

  13. TracyBzz says:

    You could always get your black scooter painted lime green, maybe with a few orange accents.
    I keep thinking I need to make a wall feature with some of my beautiful patterened papers. This idea is cool, or maybe some inexpensive frames.

  14. Hey Stacy, If anyone can jazz up that Black Scooter, you can :) Enjoy! How fun.

  15. You lucky duck. Loooovvvee the scooter. I would like one. My husband has a motorcycle and I would love to ride around on a scooter with him. I heard they are so popular now they are back-ordered because of gas prices! You’re lucky you got one!

  16. oooh, like the idea for the paper! Sometimes it’s so hard for me to want to cut up my beautiful 12×12 paper because I love the WHOLE thing! lol! Silly huh?
    I think you should just get your scooter painted how you want to, I doubt it’d be too expensive, we had an entire car painted for almost $600. (of course that was a few years ago)

  17. Totally irritated at the styrofoam idea…seriously…I spent $12 per canvas to do this SAME idea a few months ago! Ah, if only I knew then about styrofoam! LOL

  18. Eh? thats your Canadian side coming out! love it!
    Kacey from Canada

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