big, bigger and BIGGEST …

this is big

it’s the limited edition big box of Tic Tac with the new grapefruit flavor inside.

this big blue wig is however much bigger

AND … even bigger than big boxes of Tic Tic candy and embarrassing moments donning big blue wigs is the chance you have to join in the BIGGEST online crop ever! If you haven’t signed up for the Big Wig Bash, do it today!  Big Picture Scrapbooking and Key Lime Crops have teamed up to bring you 30 hours of online cropping fun, beginning Friday, August 22nd (noon PST) through Saturday, August 23rd (6:00 pm PST) There are already 2,000 fun people registered from all over this BIG world of ours!

Festivities and FREE downloads kick off on Monday, but you do need to register. Registration is of course FREE! This is all part of our annual "Take August Off" summer celebration dedicated to YOU. This is our chance to say "thank you" and your chance to experience Big Picture Scrapbooking and get to know several of our amazing instructors! Our fall line-up is full of great classes and we want you to get revved up and ready to go …

Be sure to check out the following classes that are open for registration and set to begin in very soon …

Product Playground 2.
Back by popular demand and taught by the amazing Lisa Damrosch. This class is designed to get you using the stuff you have in fresh new ways — come PLAY (for six weeks) with Lisa and you’ll never look at your stash the same way again!  STARTS August 28th

Journey to Perpetual Happiness
Lisa Day is not happy with the status quo — she wants more meaning and satisfaction from life and she’s learning HOW to get it! Lisa invites you on a journey with her as she presents soul-searching curriculum for that brings together scrapbooking and a desire to find greater happiness. Through daily exercises and creative assignments you’ll share personal insights with Lisa and the classroom community and emerge with specific tools for increasing awareness and gratitude for daily life. STARTS September 4th

Red Letter Days
Learn how to use your calendar to help you celebrate life in a whole new way. Elizabeth Dillow, author of The Scrapbookers’ Almanac finds and makes connections to both special and ordinary days like nobody’s business and this unique ability helps her tell stories that are real and meaningful. Her stories and her style have already set her apart as a Hall of Fame winner and now she’s eager to share her abilities with YOU.
Don’t miss this one! STARTS September 18th


  1. Yay, have just signed up for the Big Wig bash and can’t wait!

  2. I plan to sign up for Lisa Day’s class. It sounds interesting :) Plus I already read her blog!!

  3. julie from New Zealand says:

    wow 2000 – cool!!! thats BIG!
    i was wondering how many had signed up as only a couple of hundred have said ‘hi’ on the message board and i couldnt believe that only that many scrappers were keen on free stuff and free BIG fun!
    i’ve just sent off my invites for a SMALL crop here , cheers :>

  4. 1. Oh my kids would LOVE those – the adore tic tacs.
    2. I’m in for the Big Wig Bash and I’m hoping Hurricane Fay won’t crash my party!
    3. Just noticed the book about Scrapbooking in American History – is it good? My grandmothers & great – great grandmothers on both sides of the family were scrapbookers and I have some of their old scrapbooks. One of my great -great granmothers even wrote for the Ladies Home Journal way back in the day – and her style was very scrapbookish – she told everyday stories about my great grandmother who was then a small girl. Its fascinating stuff.

  5. Lisa Cole says:

    Where oh where did you get that wig??? I must have one for Halloween this year :)
    Lisa Cole

  6. I’m so excited the Big Wig Bash is here :) Makes up for the fact that my DH is leaving friday for 2 weeks. My son was so excited to see the Tic Tacs (one of his favorite things – LOL)
    Have a FUN day!!

  7. Yes, yes, do tell where you got that fancy ‘do?
    You’ve always had such a creative flair for dress-up :)

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