Heather Baily WINNERS and the Olympics!

The three lucky ladies are Michelle, Anna and Earlene (email me your address girls and put BLOG WINNER in the subject line)

The colors on her website are absolutely yummy! I just HAD to order something pink! Thanks for the chance to win!
Posted by: Michelle Smith | 13 August 2008 at 06:30 PM

I love that she's a Mommy of two just like me and she's a passion for sharing her creaitvity. Of to order some trashties for Ella :)
Posted by: Anna Aspnes | 13 August 2008 at 07:02 AM

Oh my! That was one of the most invigorating and exciting burst of color and art I have ever seen. What an amazing ability to combine color, patterns and textures! Wow. Wow. Wow.
I love her fabric designs, her paper products, her recipes and her patterns. Everything I saw on her blog and her store site made me happy. It made me want to create as well. What talent! Thanks for sharing this site with us. I am going to bookmark it and return often.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything I saw.
Posted by: Earlene | 12 August 2008 at 05:41 PM


On a side note, I am so loving the Olympics!!

They are making me exceptionally tired, but I just love watching and especially now that my kids are getting a little older and are so excited to watch and cheer. I was utterly blown away by the opening ceremonies and have just been swept up ever since in the fact that there is this uber cool, global celebration of athleticism — yes, there are issues and problems, but the fact that there is a greater good that exceeds all of that just really speaks to me. I'm also amazed at the flood of memories that I enjoy as I watch the various events — memories of watching as a child when Nadia scored her perfect ten and yes, I was even there for  and Bruce Jenner and Mark Spitz — I guess what I'm saying is I'm a huge FAN! As I am training my 43 year old body to run a half marathon in October I think about these athletes and the hours they dedicate to achieving their goals and it makes me run a little faster (trust me I'm very slow) and push a little harder. It's intriguing to think about how the torch of excellence is passed from one generation to the next. I imagine Michael Phelps has looked up to Mark Spitz for years and in a way sees his own achievements and world records as a way of honoring him. I love too that the Internet now allows us to learn more about these athletic heroes — I think my boys are going to get an assignment to visit a few websites and learn more about their favorites!

p.s. did you know there is a website that displays the official medal counts and results of all the competitions?

Ok, back to work!


  1. We’ve been tivo-ing the Olympics…such a family friendly and patriotic thing to watch. I hadn’t thought about visiting the olympians websites…great idea.

  2. I’m loving watching the Olympics too – I always do. And the memories are flooding back for me, too. Like at the 1984 Olympics, my cousin visited and we made fudge and watched the synchronized swimming. And the 1996 Olympics were in my hometown, so to speak, and I had the best time hanging around Centennial Olympic Park. Even my husband loves watching women’s gymnastics. I always look forward to this two week period.

  3. Ann Grounds says:

    We are watching the Olympics too. We have been recording the middle of the night games/channels and have been able to see some of the un commericialized events such as canoeing, kyaking, equestrian, and table tennis. I am sorry that some of these events don’t get “prime time” coverage. This also brings back memories for watching past Olimpics and one in particular…the 1976 Summer Games. I was just 12 years old and was on a bicycling trip in the San Juan Islands with my Girl Scout Troup. We were bicycling on the hilliest Island and I just didn’t feel well. I had a horrible stomach ache and needed to stop at some stranger’s home and use the bathroom. Well, you guessed it..I had “become a woman”. When we finally made it to our motel, I laid in bed and watched the swimming events as the other girls had fun in the pool. It was scarry at the time and embarrassing too. My leader was the mom to the boy that I had the biggest crush on and was afraid that she would tell him what happened. When we got back home, the first thing she told my mom was that I “had become a woman” on this trip. Anyway, I have always enjoyed the Olympics

  4. Marta Valdes says:

    I am so into the Olympics is not evening funny. I watch it when I am home and at work from my computer. I absolutely love it. I have noticed that I have been intrigued with all the lovely colors on TV. All the athletes are very colorful, never noticed that before. The colors are so fabulous, I started using them for my layouts, who would of thought, I would be inspired to scrap watching the Olympics. I LOVE SCRAPBOOKING. Inspiration comes in may forms, that is for sure.
    Marta :)

  5. Michael Phelps is my hero as he’s from my alma mater…University of Michigan! MgoBlue! (this is especially fun for my kidlets as well).

  6. I love the Olympics! I’m so darn tired I can’t see straight from watching them but it’s hard to tear yourself away! Thank goodness they are only a couple of weeks or I would be in big trouble :)

  7. Veronica Hugger says:

    Love that web site! I’ve overdosed on the Olympics, too. I blame it on DVR.

  8. Hello to your from the Singapore airport waiting for my flight back to Beijing where I will get to attend one last Beijing Olympic event and walk again on the Olympic Green. There is nothing like it! I love them too. I was trying to remember when my fondness for the Olympics started – so I think that will have to be a scrapbook page. Go Olympics!

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