I love Tuesdays …

it’s true. Tuesdays are my best work days. Sunday I rest and regroup and prioritize, Monday I run errands and get organized and by Tuesday I am so ready to come downstairs and immerse myself in work projects. I’m super lucky to have Jenna for an extra long day and this REALLY helps (Ok, and let’s be 100% honest — another reason Tuesday is so wonderful is the fact that the cleaning lady comes on Tuesday. I have struggled to find someone I like and I’ve finally found her. She has been coming for about two months now and WOW is life more manageable when you have help in the deep cleaning department!)

I have so much to say, but must start with a huge …


to Susan and Meredith for all their work on the Big Wig crop over the weekend.

Don’t forget to drop by Key Lime Crops and help these girls out as they launch and grow this fabulous website!

I was actually away from home for the crop, but checked in nearly every hour from my iphone (handy) and was just so impressed with all the activity and enthusiasm from everyone. I got to hang out a little on Saturday morning … and am committed to following through with at least two of the challenges!

I cannot believe it’s almost September (seriously.) Actually, I’m super ready. I love September — love the cooler days, the changing colors, back-to-school — the urge to bake muffins and cookies and cook up a big pot of wild rice soup. I am leaving for South Africa in just two weeks. Very excited to go again and to make new friends,  renew relationships and share this amazing country, culture and experience with my dad. My dad the wildlife veterinarian is going on a safari (how cool is that?) Check out the Kichaka game lodge where we are staying — amazing. I’m working on having enough to do on the airplane. I’m not a good at sitting still for very long and the flight from Atlanta is 19 hours, which just sort of boggles my mind. I’ve got a stack of books and I did purchase this fun NEW item to help me carry it all around …


A laptop backpack from Kipling – ever heard of them? I met Claire (vice president of sales and merchandising) on the plane to Philedelphia and loved chatting with her about her family, job, life etc … figured it would be the right thing to do, to pay the website a visit. I love how on the home page you click on "America" and then must select USA — such a good thing for big-headed north americans who sometimes forget that we aren’t the only America!

Anyway …. Here are some other updates:

I just signed on to teach at Appropos, here in Spokane on Saturday, October 11th.
Classes are …
Happily Ever After (11-12:30 pm, $25.00)
A delightful two-page layout with a hopefully surprise ending. This is the class I’m teaching in South Africa. You’ll need to bring several photos. But you’ll be able to select your papers etc… at the store. I’m pretty excited about the creative process here. This project is sponsored by Technique Tuesday.

Photo Freedom, Inter-Active Lecture (1:30-3:30pm, $30.00)
This is the lecture I’ve given at several events now. It’s a chance for me to talk about the book Photo Freedom and get specific with some of the essential items and processes of my system. I get to answer personal questions too!

You can get all the details and register at apropospaperarts.com

I’m gearing up for our final month in Have More FUN and I’m so looking forward to it. I’ll be sharing a bit of what we are doing soon …. we are using this adorable  album from Fancy Pants
and some exclusive decorative elements from Nancie and ScrapArtist.com to create a present-moment scrapbook called 30 Days Hath September –  I did a similar album in my book, The Big Picture and it’s become an absolute favorite and has taught me so much about life and living with awareness, gratitude and faithful anticipation. Good stuff.

On the family front, we have have a NEW arrival

that came Saturday, in this truck …


let’s just say Dad has a new ride to church!
Can you believe it? My sweetheart bought a Harley Davidson. And off Ebay no less. The most suprising thing is that I’m good with it. More than that, I might even be keen on some weekend hike-n-bike excursions. I never pictured the good doctor (or me) on a Harley, but I love that twinkle in his eye and that Harley rumble!!

Speaking of the good doctor …

some dads build and fix things — our dad, removes warts! This was the lunchtime scene at dad’s office. I was trying to convince Clark to watch, but he wasn’t so sure.


Doctor and patient are still friends and Clark is recovering from surgery very well!


Sunday afternoon, I had one of those full-circle moments making Rice Skippy treats (the kind you mold into shapes) with all four boys. This was a regular treat in our house when Clark and Chase were little and it has been a LONG time since we’ve made them. Taft wasn’t even sure what Rice Skippy treats are –I felt horrible and we all lined up for some yummy, sticky fun — can’t believe how these guys are growing and how yummy these are — I’ll have to post the recipe.

I took Trey on his school shopping yesterday, after our "lunch time" activity at Dad’s office. He had his annual plate of ribs and shrimp and in addition to lots of new clothes, got to have the "growing up" talk with me — it’s always fun to shed a little light on the magic of life, don’t you think? It all went very well. We came home and put on a fashion show set to music –  so crazy and fun.


and I’ll end with two photos that Jenna snapped over the weekend (while they were waiting for the Harley to be unloaded.) Here’s the little princess and three of her protectors …


and I absolutely LOVE this one. If this doesn’t sum up everydayness then I don’t know what does.

Do me a favor and "nose kiss" someone today!


  1. Stacy, what a treat it is to read your blog. I love how you know how to keep all the important things of life in perspective. What a sweet family! My hubby has been wanting a Harley for so long, but that hasn’t happened yet. He keeps teasing me about being a “biker babe” riding on the back. That can now be you! Biker Babe Stacy :)
    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Sharon T in Wyoming

  2. lOve the last two photos…precious.!

  3. Marta Valdes says:

    I absolutely love reading your blog. I always get a kick out of it. I have to say the last picture brought me to tears. I love those moments in life.
    Thank you very much for sharing your life with us.
    Marta :)
    P.S. I hope you have a fabulous week.

  4. That last pic of the three in the back of the van….I have tears in my eyes! *THAT* my friend is truly what life is all about!!!!!

  5. oh my where is Trey’s shirt from???? I must get one for my son! My college school colors are maroon and orange and I’m always looking for more m&o to add to our wardrobe :)

  6. Trey is such a happy looking boy. The nose kissing photo looks like a scene from my house – only I’ve just got the toddler who taught herself to nose kiss mommmy. I don’t know if it’s hardwired or what, but she just rubbed her nose on my face one day and was quite proud of herself. I love it when kids are spontaneously affectionate!

  7. Ooh, I already nose-kissed my little one today, but I did NOT get a new Harley! Congrats! We are not motorcycle people, but one of our favorite lunch dives is a famous biker stop, so the boys and I can admire the Harleys.

  8. Oh my goodness!! Love the nose kiss photo! What a great moment to catch on film!

  9. WOWZA! A Harley?!!
    When do we get to see you all decked out in leather chaps with a red bandana and a “Ride To Live” tee?

  10. It is definitely a pleasure to read you blog. :) How nice to see good examples of normalcy in life. Not everyone remembers to add those details to blogs anymore. Like you, that “nose kiss” picture is awesome.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Stacy, I love that last pic! My husband just started teaching my daughter, who is 3 about Eskimo kisses!
    She is so funny laughing everytime he gives them to her. Too Cute!
    Love your blog. You are always having fun! I love that about you.
    Keep up the great work.

  12. Jeanne Ann says:

    I can just picture you and Geoff riding your respective bikes! After reading about your scooter at 40 I have given it some thought and prewarned the family that is what I want for my 40th. Luckily they have another year to save for it.
    I want to say thanks for giving us little glimpses into your busy and fulfilling life. You are a great role model.

  13. Dena Z Schnupp says:

    Stacy: How cool to be going to South Africa. We spent 3 1/2 years outside of Johannesburg in the late 1970′s. A long time ago. Our family has very good memories of that time. Yes, the plane ride is long!
    And, love the Harley! I have a 2 daughters and their husbands who ride bikes. I would rather have a little red sports car myself but cannot do that right now. Thanks so much for “letting us in” on all the fun!

  14. Nose Kisses are my favourite thing to do with my daughter – love that photo!!!!!!

  15. Fabulous Stacy. Todays post is a good reminder I NEED to start taking pictures again. Lagging in that department since we moved.

  16. Stacy, that’s awesome that you’re going back to South Africa. My hubby and I so wanted to go in September…as he is graduating with a Master’s degree from the University of South Africa…for the grad. ceremoney, but it just wasn’t in the budget. Think of me while you’re there!
    Oh…and I just adore that last photo! You’r kids are so cute!

  17. our son bounded into our bed this morning and called me “the best mom I ever had” (that’s his humor!) and nose kissed me awake! Nose kisses are wonderful!

  18. Happy Tuesday back to you, although it is Wednesday now. Wow a Harley!!! Geof doesn’t look like a biker dude ;o) You will need to get him some leathers–the shirt and tie just don’t quite make it, but then again, they wouldn’t let him into Church with leathers on either!! Nose kisses are my fav!! I started giving my son nose kisses at bed time when he was a toddler in his big boy bed and continue to do so this day (he’s 11-and in a full size bed now!) Okay, question for you Did Trey bring up the “growing up” talk, or did you? I have been introducing bits and pieces to my son and he so wants to change the subject, so I drop it as he just isn’t ready yet. I know it is still a couple of weeks away but Have a great time in South Africa….

  19. Tracy Wallace says:

    Hi Stacy, have always loved your blog!
    Had to let you and Clark know of a much less painful solution to the warts for any future ones. Oil of Oregano works wonders. Get it at a health food store, put it on the wart at bedtime, cover with a bandaid and you’ll be amazed how fast they go.
    We’re just getting rid of some in our house – the key is consistency though. If you do it during the day too, it’s twice as fast, we just keep forgetting.
    Just thought you might want to know.

  20. Awww super sweet pictures. Be really careful on those motorcycles ok? Seriously. And ALWAYS wear a helmet. Please.

  21. Funny – it’s such a small world! My youngest, Seth, is 6 and he’s been REALLY into nose kissing and Butterfly (eyelash) kissing the past few days too! :) So cute!

  22. Michelle Salazar says:

    Going to nose kiss somebody. . .

  23. I nose kiss my daughter almost everyday, so it was so great that you asked us to do that!

  24. Harleys are AWESOME!! My oldest just got sealed in the Salt Lake Temple last week. For her reception here in NC, she surprised her new husband (and the rest of the guests) by riding down the 1/2 mile long driveway on the back of her dad’s Harley in her wedding dress! It was so cool! Have fun with the bike.
    candice watson

  25. Stacy,
    I couldn’t find the post that had the food group magnetic board for the kids. Can you direct me to the link?
    Thanks, Caroline

  26. What a cute album…I LOVE gate-folds!!

  27. I used to Nose Kiss my little guys all the time. Mr. Rogers used to nose kiss Daniel Stripped Tiger, remember? They always said Ugga Mugga, and that is what I said to my boys. Now they are big and drive their own Harley’s and I can Ugga Mugga my grandbabies. Isn’t life sweet!

  28. Stacy – I’m pretty sure I went from wanting no kids..to wanting 5 kids since I started reading your blog two years ago! You are my hero; and a daily inspiration providing me with the validation to continue with this lifestyle. A lifestyle which has taught me so much about what really matters in this life, what I’ll remember, and who I want to become.

  29. Joy Haynes says:

    I have completed only one scrapbook and that was four years ago. I have always been crafty and love doing crafty things. I came to your website on a day I was searching for some creative inspiration. I read your blog at least once a week. Thank you so much for being happy, strong, a great mom, creative beyond all get out and certainly an inspiration to me. Thanks!!

  30. I LOVE that last photo! Reminds me of my big boys with my baby girl! Please share the Rice Skippy recipe…sounds like delicious fun!

  31. Thanks so much for sharing your family everydayness. I’m off to add a page to my scrapbook about how I always wanted a big brother. Ah, nostalgia.

  32. ok that picture brought tears to my eyes instantly, so sweet!!! I am taking the Have More Fun class and am soooo excited about the September project. I hope I can capture some photos of my crew like that!! love it!

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