I’m home …

and so very happy about it.

Yesterday I did anything and everything I could to immerse myself in motherhood ie: made a good breakfast, supervised chores, took Chase to an appt, shopped at Costco, drove the soccer carpool, which takes three hours (!), played at the park with Addie, and made dinner. I doled out the goodies that I brought the kids from Valley Forge and we all played a card game about the Revolutionary War (sadly we know very little, so it didn't last very long) I brought a small shoo fly pie home from Lancaster County and we sampled that before I fell into bed exhausted — I also had to run to the airport to pick up my luggage that didn't make it home with me.

This morning I'm unpacking and enjoying the hum of laundry. The motor on my washing machine decided to go out the day before I left and was finally replaced yesterday. I can honestly say I have NOT, in eighteen years of marriage seen laundry piles like today! I got up early and started processing! I'm also enjoy the chance to step outside and breathe fresh air — after staying in a hotel room, where you can't really do that, it is such a treat. I've watered my flowers and will head out on a jog soon.

Geof has this afternoon off, so we are taking the kids to Silverwood theme park for an evening of FUN. This morning — YIKES! I've got some serious catching up to do. Tomorrow will be a WORK day and I'm looking so forward to it.

For now, here's the SS Gallery Challenge #7 (late as usual)
Scrapbook photos that are at least FIVE years old …


Trey will be ten in September, so I thought I'd get his 3rd birthday layout done!

Library of Memories TIP: Quite often when it's time to recycle a storage binder I find unscrapped pictures that I still want to scrap. When this happens, I have the advantage of lapsed time to help me edit and pare down and I then place enough "event" pictures together in a my category drawers, that I can create an "event page," like this one. When I cleaned out the Fall 2000 storage binder, there were likely MORE birthday pictures. I probably tossed a few and triaged a few more. I love that my system allows me a place to keep track of a variety of pictures long term. It is critical however NOT to put too many event pictures in your category drawers. For the most part they are designed to hold and age photos that are more about highlights, everyday life and rituals, relationships and personalities. So I guess I'm saying be careful using your drawers as a holding place for event pages — there's a delicate balance between enough and too many– hopefully that makes sense!

Reality Check: Please don't feel bad when you cannot remember all the details of an event that happened 5, 6 or in my case 7 years ago. Admit this freely in your journaling and record what you do remember. My journaling reads: I don't remember the details, but I do remember your enthusiasm and I know the pure joy of watching you grow — you are a delight my son! Let go of unrealistic expectations this week, pull out some OLD pictures and get them on a page with a touch of current insight.

Someone asked me question about theme papers and accents while at the event this past weekend …

Q: What do you do when you can't find product you like for a theme page?
A: You don't need race car paper and embellishments to scrapbook a race car birthday. Look to your photos for color and pattern to repeat with your stash of cardstock and other basics, like ribbon. I made the two flags from toothpicks, black scraps and a white gel pen. Sometimes we get so spoiled by the variety of product available that we hesitate to consult our inner designer and apply core principles of repetition.

What's your best product-substitution tip?


  1. When out of pop dots I tear off a strip of scrap paper. Fold/roll flat 3-4 times & wrap it up with double stick tape to place on the back. As long as you fold the peices the same number of times they are level on your layout and your able to use up scraps just laying around.
    I love your creativity for making the flags on your page, thanks for sharing all your wonderful and inspiring ideas, your blog is so much fun!!!

  2. Michelle Salazar says:

    I really don’t have one trick as I am kind of new to scrap booking. I am doing a no buy challenge so that is making me use my creative juices on pages and keeping them simple seems to work best for me right now. Okay I did cut off some button on a shirt the other day that was going to out any way!
    Wash does tend to get away form us when the machine is broken you never really realize how much wash we do during the week.

  3. I like to doodle a little embellishment on colored or patterned paper when I don’t have something like flowers, stars, etc.

  4. I like to doodle hearts, flowers, stars, letters and numbers on colored or patterned paper when I don’t have something I need – I learned this in the BPS Doodle All Day class! Thanks for a great blog and website!

  5. Alright. I am a bit confused.
    I am on Challenge #4 on the new CK message board. Are you on #7 on teh old board? I’m not sure where to go!

  6. I was just making a card and couldn’t find anything to match, so dug into my digi supplies, and did an accent on the computer and printed it and then used my punch…Looks like I “planned” all long…Glad your back! I’m still catching up from when we had family visit here at the end of July ;)

  7. No tip, but just wanted to say THANKS SO MUCH for a great class at Valley Forge (Photo Freedom on Saturday)! Getting to talk with you for a minute was one of the highlights of the convention for me. I now just need to find some time to go through the book (that you so kindly autographed) and tweak/customize the system so it works for me. It is a really interesting concept, and I can’t wait to look into it in more detail. I hope to take a class or two at BPS, too. You rock!!! Love your blog! Take care.

  8. Thank you for the reality check. I get so frustrated sometimes when I wait “too long” to scrapbook and event, and I didn’t think to journal it when it was fresh in my mind. I have my niece and nephew’s 1st birthday pages (multiple 2 page layouts for each – pre-LOM class) sitting without journaling for the past 2 years now because I can’t think what to say about the parties! It’s not that I can’t remember them, it’s just that I can’t think of anything to say that isn’t in the pictures already. I appreciate your ideas on the subject.

  9. I tend to keep lots of mementos of events like tickets, clothing tags, racing pit passes, recipts and all sorts of things! I am a pack rat (phew ok I said it!!)
    If there is an event that I can’t find supplies for (racing is a big one) then I will create something similar with the products I do have or just coordinate colors and let the photos and journaling tell the story.

  10. Hi Stacy,
    I’m glad you and your mother got home safely. I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful class @ VF. I was there on Friday, and have been inspired ever since. It was happy, enlightening and just a breath of fresh air. You are a treasure. Thanks again.

  11. Make your own. Go through your old magazines, recycle bin or print your own for digital art. I also use punches, clip art, ding bat fonts, stock photography and my own illustrations.

  12. I make letter stickers into other letters I need – ie. an “X” can become a “Y” or and “L”; a “Z” can become an “N”; “F”s can easily become “E”s and you can make a “T” out of just about anything; an upside down “V” becomes an “A” and so on and so on.

  13. Lori Patrick says:

    My b-day is September 22nd also. Please tell Trey he’s super cool. Like me! Ü

  14. I would be nowhere without my circle punch. I can punch circles and make flowers, cut them in half to make a scallop boarder, layer buttons on them for a cool dimensional look, put 2 big and 2 small ones together for a cute butterfly. They make wheels on a car, the letter O, the possibilities are endless!

  15. Thanks for the reminder to let go of perfectionism. I’ve tried lately to scrap a few of my own childhood memories, so I guess those qualify as more than 5 years old! I’ll have to pull a couple more of those photos out!

  16. hi stacy. i’m looking forward to meeting you again in johannesburg next month!

  17. Julie Johnson says:

    I use everyday embellishments to “make do”- clothing tags, labels, fabric from old clothes…by making do I can save money on supplies, and they are usually much more meaningful too!

  18. Instead of going with the theme, if I’m having a hard time I will either a)make my own with stamps or digital art or b)pull out some of the main colors from the party’s theme and just go with something simple.
    Thank you for the continued inspiration. Using your philosophy has truly impacted the way I scrapbook. Many of my friends make comments like “I’ll never be caught up” or “It takes me forever to complete layouts because I want them to be perfect” and I always refer them to your Big Picture Scrapbooking book!

  19. love this page and I really like that race car track cake! cute idea, stacy!
    thanks for always inspiring me

  20. My favorite way to embellish a page is with something from that day or related to the meaning of that day (a journaling square, a napkin, a pressed flower).
    So often in scrapbooking we obsess over the pictures, but forget the “scraps”. Yes, sometimes they aren’t “archival” but my great-aunt’s scrapbook is 90+ years old and her “scraps” are in pretty good shape. :)

  21. Beverly Boelter in Carnation says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Thank you for letting me gush at you at Silverwood, and for Trey taking our picture. Wasn’t Tremors awesome, I rode it twice! Did you ride the Panic Plunge? Way cool. My family can’t wait to go again. Thank you again for giving me a few minutes of your time while you were with your family. Ü

  22. Laura from Calgary says:

    I see I am a bit late with mentioning this tip but I couldn’t think of a good one until this morning when I was doing a layout and needed pop dots. I use up every millimetre of the pop dot “waste”. I cut between the used parts and create strips for long pieces of paper and use the bits for really small embelishments.

  23. maple jenny says:

    If I don’t have a ready made accent I make it. Like someone else said, the punches are good friends with me. I made mice, one eyed aliens, circle borders out of patterned paper.

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