Saving You Pennies!

Here I go again, helping you save and spend your money in wise and wonderful ways.


Kerri Bradford is giving a way TWO of my JUNE Kit of the Month, A Penny For Your Thoughts ON HER BLOG. Hurry though you have to leave a comment before tomorrow morning! If you didn’t get your Penny kit yet, go win one, or purchase FAST as supplies are running dangerously low (I’ve always wanted to say that. It sounds so urgent, don’t you think?)


My book, The Big Picture is on sale for $9.99 — cool. If you have taken Library of Memories, or read Photo Freedom and don’t have this book, I think the ten bucks is definitely worth it.

Ran into my dear friend Kris Parkin and her husband at the Valley Forge CKC and was reminded that they have a wonderful online store, where you can stock up on needed basics (and much more) Stay tuned, as I’m going to do a fun coupon code with them soon!

On clearance righ now? Bazzill Bling cardstock …  in wonderful colors for the seasonal transition that is just around the corner. Note: my favorite time of year!



I love Target and Tamara! (thanks for the link my friend)
Both continue to enable purchases of things I must have, but don’t really need…

things, like scooter jammies. Their only $12.95

OK, so I’ve been scrambling for my Have More FUN class, but I’ll be posting Q&As again soon. Geof and I are headed out for a short rendezvous with his buddy from collage at BYU Education Week. This means I’ll be in Utah (with Darci) for the Big Wig crop on Friday night.

happy thoughts


  1. Can’t wait for the Big Wig Crop on Friday – just what I need after a very stressful week at work.

  2. Thanks for the various updates…it’s always great to check out new sites you find! And I did read and love Photo Freedom, so I’ll definitely have to check out The Big Picture. Have a happy day!

  3. I met the folks from ScrapbookPal at the Great Lakes Mega Meet in Michigan this past spring. Very helpful employees, excellent prices. Would definitely recommend them!

  4. ooooh–so jealous you get to go to Education Week! Our school starts too early now, and I can’t go anymore. Have a great time there & with your sister–Big Wig Crop will be fun!

  5. come on, please pack your suitcase full of those lovely goodies, and bring with you to johannesburg next month…

  6. Oh, Education Week! I love education week & miss the great classes now that we live on the East coast.

  7. Hello,
    I just started reading The Big Picture Scrapbook last night. I was in bed and my hubby came in hours later and was shocked that I was still awake reading. I usually fall asleep I was just so engrossed in your book! I need to check out the Lifetime of Memories class. I hope that you are still doing it!

  8. Have spent the past coouple of months reading and rereading Photo Freedom, and am working on setting up your system and collecting photos throughout the house. Unfortunately I have come upon a problem. I have ordered and received everything in the essentials and extras except for the memory dock photo boxes in quiet meadow. In calling the company today to check on my order, I was informed that they are discontinuing the line at memory dock. Of course I could choose something different, but I already have my whole system designed around the quiet meadow color. I am finding it difficult that a line that you recommended in your new book would already be unavailable. Do you have any comment regarding this information?

  9. I, too, am implementing the Library of Memories system v … e … r … y slowly. Have both the books and have read them several times (hmmm, this may be the problem). And I just created my own blog – so proud of myself :)

  10. Oh, and just in case everyone wants to rush right over and see it – ha! – go to
    please???? i have NO comments :(

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