So excited for Heather (and you!)

Go now — and check out Heather Bailey's new website! It is so absolutely yummy (like everything she does.) Seriosly, I bring up the home page and just stare at it …

Ahh … how these colors and images infuse me with happiness!!


Today is a very special day. Not only is it Heather's birthday, but it's also the "Grand Opening" for her BRAND NEW online store–and the best news is I get to help Heather and you celebrate (amazing what happens when you ask!)

Yes, it's giveaway day! I have two of these adorable strawberry pin cushion kits

and a mega package of beautiful papers and embellishments to give away …

All you have to do is visit Heather's store and then tell me what you LOVE most.
I'll choose some lucky winners from all comments on Thursday this week. AND (it gets even better) while you're at the store, you CAN use my special coupon code to make a purchase — yep, just enter StacysBLOG at checkout and you will receive a 10% discount on all scrapbook and paper craft supplies (this offer is valid only through the 17th, so hurry!)

and one more thing, why don't you go wish Heather a happy birthday (on her blog!)
Enjoy …


  1. My goodness–what a beautiful site! I love the Pop Garden Fabric page. Love the pear pin cushion and all that yummy fabric stacked! Too pretty for words!

  2. Michelle Salazar says:

    First off I think the question should be what did you not love! I have never seen her products before (breath don’t faint) and I love it all! They are just so beautiful and now I do not know where to start shopping! I am going to tell my DH that this was your fault though I hope you don’t care.

  3. Oooh, everything is so nice.
    I love how it just looks like cute nice fabric, but then when you see what you can make with it, Voila! Transformed!

  4. I love the fabrics, and the fresh-picked pincushions!

  5. Freshcut paper craft collection… delicious!

  6. I LOVE her fabric and scrapbook goodies…I hope to get a kit for strawberries…they will make great christmas ornaments too ;o)

  7. I love her Happy Stacker Ring Toy…gotta order that pattern and make it for my daughter! Thanks for the info about her Stacy!
    ~ Kathy C. (Hillsboro, OR)

  8. The fabric!! The painted mum fabric is my favorite!! Her yo yo flowers are adorable as well and the new fabric she has coming out is pretty fun too!!! I love it ALL!!! :0)

  9. All of her fabric and scrapbook goodies are fabulous, but I also love her trash ties!

  10. Ohhhhhhhhh man !!!!!!!!!!
    There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like ! I so need all of her scrapbooking goodies asap.

  11. OMG!! How cool is that fabric!!! Love the music with the slide. Also love the stamps. Have to go check out more.
    You are such an enabler Stacy!! Love it. lol

  12. It is hard to pick – everything is beautiful. I wish I had time to sew!
    I do love the pincushions – the strawberries, the pear.

  13. I love all her fabric and that orange truck!

  14. I love the pear pin cushion!

  15. I love Heather’s site, just came from her blog to here! I have a huge wish list of her stuff, my first choice would be some Fresh Cut fabric to make a new purse. :)

  16. Love the fabrics!! FINERY – pinkypurple
    Love the embellishments!! Chipboard flourishes
    Love it all! Feeling very inspired!

  17. Denise C. says:

    I love the Fresh cut fabric line. My daughters really like the trash ties for their hair. It is all so beautiful with so much color!
    Denise C.

  18. Amy Sonnemann says:

    Talk about inspiring. The colors are fabulous and the products simply yummy. How does one choose? Hummm?!?!?

  19. Oh my WORD! I love it all!!! I think my absolute favorite has to be the fabrics. Although it was such a hard choice, I might change my mind if I don’t hurry and submit this!

  20. love the colors…and the fabric…did I mention the colors!!

  21. Tracy Dayett says:

    ALL THE COLORS!!!!! Just them alone could turn a blue mood around! Thanks for the link info.I wish her much success on this new venture.

  22. Gosh, what a beautiful place! I love all the colors and fabrics and everything! Can’t wait to make a quilt out of some of those fabrics. Just looking at all of those great colors perked me up!

  23. Gorgeous site and colors! I like the file folders and the stamp sets (but really, it’s all so yummy….) :)

  24. What a beautiful website! Her designs are absolutely delicious! I just love her patterns – I want to make them all! LOL

  25. I love the stamp set, file folders and the fabric!

  26. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Trash Ties. Such an icky name for such a cool product. I think my daughter and I will have many of these soon!!!

  27. Love her fabrics! And those strawberries are pretty stinkin’ cute! Thanks for reminding me :)

  28. While it is very difficult to chose a favorite because it is all so gorgeous including the site itself, I am choosing the pear pincushion. I just love it.

  29. how can i possibly choose something that i love most? it’s all fabulous, all those colors. all those patterns. all that fabric – i don’t even sew and i want all that fabric!

  30. Such a PRETTY website! I love the look of it all. If I had to pick a favorite thing besides the obvious, I’d choose those chipboard flourishes. Would love to have some of those! :)

  31. THis is just another example of why I always check your site. YOUR site is always SOOOO inspiring and when you provide links I always GO THERE! I really liked the clear stamps (& that they are in colors, to inspire some of us color challenged people) & I LOVED the file folders!!! I can see these inspirations on a page soon! THXS

  32. Recently recharged about sewing and beautiful fabrics. Love HB’s new line. My favorite thing – the strawberry pincushion kits offered in 4 colors!

  33. Recently recharged about sewing and beautiful fabrics. HB has the most wonderful choices. My favorite item is the strawberry cushion kits in 4 colors!

  34. I love the fabric and the journaling stamps-but that Pear Pincushion—oh my gosh it is to DIE FOR! Love it all–it’s an inspiration of color.

  35. It’s all SO cute, it’s hard to decide. I would have to go with Fresh Cut fabric in the summer collection. I especially love the flower pocket that is shown on this page. SO CUTE!

  36. OMG, Stacy just before I clicked on your blog I was at Heather Bailey’s store….. How cute is that stuff. You took the words right out of my mouth at how happy her things make you!! I absolutely adore her strawberry pincushions…CUTE CUTE CUTE!

  37. Trace Geworsky says:

    I am in love with her trash ties:)
    Trace G

  38. Just love it all. I really like the clear stamps, but how can a person just pick one thing…..can’t do it.
    Debbi M

  39. Her new Bijoux fabrics are so luscious that I had to have a little of each! I must say that her sight is as near perfect a place on earth as there is–I’m mean fabric AND paper all in one place!! I’m a big fan :)

  40. Beautiful!!! Love the rub-ons! Simply fabulous giveaway.

  41. I love her paisley cardstock!!!

  42. Heather’s website just makes me want to smile. The colors are gorgeous. I love the Pop Garden and Bijoux fabrics.

  43. Rebecca M says:

    I love love love love love all the fabric! If I wasn’t so addicted to buying scrap stuff I know I would so be addicted to buying fabric!

  44. I love all of the fresh cut fabric and her studio. Man I would LOVE her studio : )

  45. carrieuoregon says:

    What a discovery, Makes me want to quilt RIGHT NOW!

  46. I love her fabric and patterned paper. Something about the classy patterns in the bright colors – love it!

  47. heather jarrett says:

    My two favorites are those cute purses and aprons. The colors just make me happy.

  48. Do I really have to pick what I love the most? It is all fantastically yummy….but of course the paper is high on the list. :)

  49. the color, the fabulous color, makes me want to sing & dance and just be H-A-P-P-Y!!!
    xxoo, sandy

  50. What isn’t there to love about her site?!!! The fabric is fab. I am a paper person and I think I am in love with the mini files–that is gonna be fun–can’t wait to get them–thanks for the coupon!

  51. Amy is one talented lady!!! I am totally happy to see such beautiful color all together. Just makes me smile and want to twirl :) My favorite is definately her fabric. I have been using alot of fabric in my scrapbooking lately so my head is just flying with all I can do with those yummy colors and prints. Love it! Thank you for sharing Stacy!
    PS I can spy some of those strawberry pincushions sitting right here by me!!!!

  52. Love all the wonderful colors! I am a flower nut!

  53. Love, love, love the vibrant colors!!
    Karen C (NH)

  54. I absolutely love her fabric-Freshcuts. Julia

  55. Angela Williams says:

    Love, love, love all of the fabric and prints and, well, all of it. Now, if I could just figure out how to use my sewing machine maybe I could make some cool journals like Donna D.

  56. Karen Charpentier says:

    mmm..what’s not to love about it? The colors are vibrant, the design pleasing to the eye. But I think my absolute favorite is the music that plays during the slideshow of her new fabric line. How FUN!! I need to learn how to sew!!

  57. I love the colors!! Reminds me of sherbet ice cream, I can almost taste the fresh, clean colors of summer. I am a quilter and a scrapbooker so many ideas are bouncing around my head.

  58. Definetly checking out Heather’s blog, and wishing her a Happy Birthday.
    Thanks for sharing great finds with us all, your the Best!

  59. beautiful stuff, I love the color palette, my fav is the paisley paper.

  60. Love the paisley fabrics and papers, but I really love that halter apron pattern. SO cute. Makes me wanna break my sewing machine out and get going.

  61. Heather’s site is so Delicious! Love the fresh colours and great ideas. My favs… the strawberries and the pattern for the handbag…
    Thanks so much for the link to her site and good luck to me! :)

  62. Don’t you just love her blog? So bright and happy! I LOVE all the fabric in her store-I wish I could buy them all!

  63. Katherine McKamey says:

    I have enjoyed Heather’s Blog and website for a very long time! I’m so happy she used her new fabrics and paper goods for the new version of the site! Everything is so delish!
    My favorite things (oh sooo hard to choose!) are the fruit pin cushions. I love them! I would love to display them in my craft room for color inspiration!
    Of course, I will need to order some fabric because I just have to learn how to quilt with them!! So love that quilt on the front page of her website!!
    -Katherine M.

  64. Like many others, I just love the fruit pincushions. I also like that you can order 1/2 yard. Really great for scrap piecing.

  65. ohhh her stuff is so lovely!!!

  66. I love the Trash Ties hair thingys! THey are such a cool idea based on such an everyday item. I would love to get some of these, especially for those days when my hair is not being cooperative :)
    What a pretty site to look at!

  67. Colors Colors Colors — yum!

  68. Michelle P. from Spokane, WA says:

    Fabric for sure is my favorite! I love all the colors and patterns.

  69. I love the patterns for the aprons… and I’d love to try the trash ties!!

  70. carriegel says:

    I’m all about the color! Beautiful.

  71. So funny you would post this today. I was sewing these little baby blankets last night and thinking “gee, I need a new project”.
    That adorable bag (Marlo Bloom) just rocks! I adore her fabrics!
    I love the baby circle stacker, too.
    Okay, love her embellishments and papers….so much to love!
    Thanks for telling us, Stacy!

  72. Heather’s got a good thing going! Look at all that color (and the twist ties are something fun too!). What I liked best is that I see orange in that fabric… and orange is my new favorite color. Orange has such personality especially when it is with pinks and lime greens!
    Thanks for sharing!

  73. Her stuff is awesome! Love the mini file folders – and every pattern makes me want to learn how to sew – the baby stacker thing IS SOO cute. I definately am buying some of the trash ties – my hair is in the inbetween stage and I wear in a pony tail almost every day!

  74. I love the strawberry pincushions! I would have ordered the kit – but then I noticed that it does not appear to include instructions, since the description tells you to also purchase the book with lots of pin cushion patterns. For those of us who do not sew a lot and do not wish to invest in the book, it means we miss out on the kit. I was disappointed.

  75. Wow, what an amazing site! She has so much gorgeous stuff there!
    I can’t pick just one favorite. I love so much of the paper crafting stuff – rub-ons, chipboard, papers.
    But the one thing that really caught my eye is the Marlo Bloom Handbag pattern. It is SO cute!

  76. Are you kidding? I love it all! The colors, the fabrics, the embellishments! Just looking around her site made we want to jump into my studio and start creating. So,that’s where I’m going right now….right after I place my order! :)
    Thanks Heather and Stacy!

  77. I love the papers the best! Her colors and designs are bright and happy!

  78. I love the word art rubons and any of the patterned papers!

  79. Two things I absolutely adore about Heather Bailey…….First of course is the color! She is such a master of pairing softer colors (yellow and light lime green) with a punch of something (hot pink or my favorite – orange!) Second is her Lace Cardstock, did you see that? I can’t wait to get my hands on some!

  80. Wow! So much great stuff to fall in love with. One of my favorites is the Marlo Bloom handbag. Love all those fabrics adn prints!

  81. Isabel de Sousa roberts says:

    The bright pink strawberry pin cushions are my favorite although I love it all! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful site.

  82. That store is amazing!
    Thank you for enabling us!
    I love everything there, but that patterned felt is so yummy!
    Love the colors!
    Hugs from the Netherlands

  83. This may seem a bit odd……but I got so mezmorized with the great colors……that what I found myself going back too, is Heather’s BANGS!!! I love them, they are such a great contrast to everything else on her website, and they are the cutest!!!
    Sometimes a plethora of colors makes me feel chaotic, and for the first time in my life,
    I have never seen that many colors piled into one project, pattern, paper or fabric, that still left me feeling “peaceful” WELL DONE Heather!!

  84. What is not to love about Heather’s site! I love the fall fabric line, strawberry pin cushion, and a ton of embellishments! Love, love, love it!

  85. This site is so fun – I have added it to my sites that inspire me! My favorite thing though is the stack rings baby toy pattern. With lots of little babies in the lives of family and friends arround me it is such a great pattern to make a hand made and environmentally friendly toy that is otherwise made of plastics.
    Thanks so much for the tip!

  86. Wow, Stac! Usually I say “Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself!”, but this time around I am SOOOO grateful! I just purchased party goods for my daughter (I became a foster parent in April)in many of the same colors. Now I know exactly what papers I will be using for her party. Besides, I don’t think a girl can get too much lime green! I absolutely must have the jounaling stamps, too! Thanks for tempting me!

  87. I think my favourite has to be the pear pin cushion. Love the felt leaf and the simple stitches.
    Thanks for sharing.

  88. oh my gosh! how awesome! i could look at this site and the awesome colors forever. It is so refreshing to see some “new” colorful items brought to papercrafts. you out did yourself girlfriend! good luck with the website! your first day is always so fun..watching the number of orders! good luck!

  89. cory (scrappin_shopoholic) says:

    oh my gosh, everything is just so lovely. the colors are spectacular. My favorite little find on her site was the journaling stamps. I can see using that circle one manay many times, and even on acetate cut out and put on top of pics. Yummy!

  90. Heather Crawley says:

    1). The site is cool because it is by a woman named Heather…magical name. :-)
    2). I like the combination of fabric and paper. Creative is a multifacted thing, it can’t be boxed into one medium. I sew and scrapbook or I should say I have stuff to do both. I enjoy playing in the different arenas. Heather’s site is fabulous!

  91. OH, how difficult is it to pick just ONE favorite from her site?! I love it all! My favorite of the moment is her trash-ties hair things – love love them!
    And, I agree that her site is very fun to stare at! I love what she’s done with it.

  92. All the patterns, especially the toy stacker. Such a versitle idea for baby shower gifts!!

  93. I love the colorfulness of all her fabrics and the patterns seem that they would be easy to follow.

  94. Oh my!!!
    I only looked at the scrapbook/paper crafting part of her online store because I don’t need any more addictions :)
    Just gorgeous product!

  95. I’ve already been there, done that! I love the colors, too. Just looking at the photography cheers me up! Thanks for the coupon, I’ll be using it!

  96. Debbie S. says:

    Love the site, thanks for letting us know about it. I really have to say I love the strawberry and pear pin cushions the absolute best. I may even try sewing one.

  97. I LOVE her fabrics, though everything is gorgeous.

  98. What I loved the most is the photo of that adorable little girl with the flower in her hair and clothes made by Momma. WOW. I also loved the scrapbook stuff of course and plan to shop soon! ;)

  99. I love the fabric stacker toy and think they would be the perfect baby shower gift!

  100. Love the pretty green “wallpaper” on her blog. But I really love the pictures of her studio…so, so beautiful.

  101. I found Heather’s site about a year ago and just love to drink in all the color. I’ve been meaning to download her pattern for pincushions to make for Christmas gifts – I love them! Totally adorable.

  102. What a fun stie – thanks for sharing! I love the pattern felt :) ~Tanya

  103. This is going to sound goofy, but I love her hair.

  104. Sooooo pretty……..
    I liked the dimensional butterfly embellishments, but I really like those strawberry pin cushions!!

  105. Wow, I am impressed! My fave is the strawberry pincushions but I love all the fabric too. Just gorgeous!!

  106. tammy perkins says:

    Beautiful website! Love the trash ties – always looking for fun and different ways to fix hair!

  107. I love her studio !! it would be on my wishlist to have one like that !! & ofcourse all her fabrics & papers were just awesome !!

  108. The following quote describes Heather’s website so well. “Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways” by Oscar Wilde. What I love most on the website (other than the delicious colors) are the quilts. Many thanks for linking this site.

  109. Melinda W says:

    These are some of the most beautiful fabrics. I haven’t sewn in years but these make me want to get out the sewing machine! I love the strawberry pattern kits – and I love all the colors. I am in to all the scrapbook stuff the most and my favorite is the Groovy cardstock with the chipboard fourishes – these would make the best of layouts!!!

  110. Cindy McDannold says:

    I ran onto Heathers site awhile back. It made my heart race! It made my mouth water. So much color that I felt myself levitating. Love the orange truck the lime green and EVERYTHING. A feast for the eyes and the psyche. Cindy

  111. Cindy McDannold says:

    I found Heathers site awhile back and can I say FABULOUS! Who doesn’t like lime green, hot pink and an orange truck. Will be ordering ASAP. Cindy

  112. I just love the vibrant colors and the photography. Because it really made me want everything!!

  113. Heather’s web site is definitely “eye candy”…such luscious colors. My favorite from her is the Fresh Cuts Fall fabrics. I’d love to make a quilt out of that fabric line.

  114. Whitney Seeman says:

    The colors make you not want to leave! It is a beautiful site! I really like the stacker ring toy….I would love to make that for my baby and it would be a great gift to give to others as well! I also want to try some of those trash ties….so fun! Thank you for this chance to win something….I don’t think I ever really knew who she was until now and I think I am falling in love with her stuff! So, thank you!

  115. Frances C. says:

    Heather’s fabrics are happy, exuberant, all together feel good material! It is inspiring me to sew something–love it!!

  116. I just can’t imagine anything cuter than the strawberry pincushions except maybe the pears, or the other cute items pictured on the blog….well, everything on the site and everything on Heather’s blog is asolutely adorable. I love the colors.

  117. Katie - Fiskateer #4052 says:

    Oh my gosh….I just love it all…so bright and happy. If I had to pick some favorites…it’d have to be the mini file folders (’cause I’m focused on getting PTO stuff organized and they are TOOOOOO cute) and the chipboard flourishes….I love flourishes! After looking around though…I may be inspired to start sewing again also! Beautiful stuff….. off to go shopping!!
    Thanks for the RAK!

  118. Wow! That is a very appealing website isn’t it!? I love all her unique and fun pin cushions. her colors are very fresh and fun. I often use her site for sewing tips and patterns. She is a force to be reckoned with!

  119. Carolynhasacat says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Stacy! Love it all! Especially love that little pear pincushion! Will definitely order some of those fabrics! I’m running back now to look at the paper products, too!

  120. Laurie Takens says:

    Oh wow – I could do some serious spending at this site! Everything is so intoxicating – you’re right it does make you happy looking at it! My favorite are the trash ties – how cool! My daughters (21,18) would find so many uses for those especially since one of them is going to hair school.

  121. Love the Fresh Cut Spring and Summer lines and of course the lovely layout of her new website!!!
    PS: love the chair bags …too cute!

  122. I love the site. Heather’s designs are awesome. I love the feminine vibe of her site.

  123. Dot Fowler says:

    Thanks for highlighting Heather’s new store. I saw her prints in ME mag and suddenly, I wished I had a sewing machine.
    LOVE, LOVE Heather’s store.

  124. Love her store! My favorite hands down is the picture of the too cute strawberry pincushions hanging off the candy jar. It makes me want to go “pick” one and eat it!!

  125. LOVE, LOVE all the fabulous material. Oh, and the hair ties – what a great idea!

  126. Beautiful site! I am loving the clear word stamps as well as all the other scrapbooking goodies! (The fabrics are amazing too…) :-)

  127. what’s NOT to love? But I think that I love the journaling stamps the best!

  128. Pixel and Bobbin!!! OH you mean her store… well I would have to say I love the Trash Ties. How adorable are they! I also love the color combination of pink and green, such eye candy.
    :)Susan M.

  129. I’ve been drooling over all the yummy fabric. Those square pin cushions are so cute. Great gifts to make for my scrapping gals. How cute are those strawberries.

  130. Debra Broide says:

    I am sooo in love with her fabrics!! I recently started sewing and I love all her colors for things in my girls’ room :-)
    Love all her papercrafting stuff as well.

  131. i love the pears! her shop is wonderful!

  132. Alex Dadio says:

    Loved the colors! But my favorite were the trash ties! i ended up ordering the chocolate addication collection.. Can’t wait to try them out!

  133. The most yummy-licious prints!!

  134. how can one limit themselves to picking just one favorite?? it’s all great…even the trash ties are cool!

  135. Those are yummy-licious colors!!!!

  136. Oh my! That was one of the most invigorating and exciting burst of color and art I have ever seen. What an amazing ability to combine color, patterns and textures! Wow. Wow. Wow.
    I love her fabric designs, her paper products, her recipes and her patterns. Everything I saw on her blog and her store site made me happy. It made me want to create as well. What talent! Thanks for sharing this site with us. I am going to bookmark it and return often.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything I saw.

  137. love it ALL!

  138. Well, that is one colorful site, isn’t it? I’m not a seamstress, but I do enjoy looking at stacks of fabric and fun projects! Thanks for linking us up!

  139. Katrina of Southern CA says:

    Beautiful fabric for all seasons. I really enjoyed looking at her unique patterns. Kinda retro which is right up my alley. Thank you for introducing her products to us.

  140. Angela Mannina says:

    love, love, love the patterned felt.

  141. How can I possibly choose just one thing? Heather is a master of happy colours! The Trash Ties..the papers…the fabric (I’ve just moved my daughter into her big girl room, and loving those fabrics to decorate with!)…
    But I have a major weakness for all things strawberry, so those pincushions had me at Hello.

  142. I really like the decorative corner stamps. There is such a wide collection in that one set!

  143. I love all of Heather’s fabrics and papers… but I’m also quite interested in her hair “trash ties”

  144. Where do I start? LOVE that home page…I could frame it and put it on my wall. YUM! I love her products but most of all the papers, Diemsionias Adore and Home, Chipboard Tags & Journalling Panels, Rub On Flowers, love this stuff. Thanks for sharing this Stacy!

  145. Everything is just so cute. I love all of those colors!!

  146. Sarah Skinner says:

    OMGness Stacy- everything is just too super cute! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing lady :D I am falling in love with the pattern of the super sassy halter apron. What a new and hip way of jazzing up something your Gramma wears! I cannot wait to purchase the pattern, some funky fabrics from Miss HB and get to making so fun homemade gifts for all my gal pals and sisters for the holidays! I love it!!!

  147. I love heathers stuff! I can not pick one thing I love the papers and all the fabric.

  148. jaime sherman says:

    The fabric is all so beautiful, everything is so bright and colorful. You are right I feel happiness just looking at the homepage.

  149. Thanks for sharing this site, Stacy. If I have to choose a favorite, I guess it would be the patterned felt, but really I love it all!

  150. I love the colors! Also the fabric….do I need to learn out to sew? :)

  151. All I can say is I may have to take up sewing! The fabrics and paper are to die for. Amazing!!!

  152. Brooke Hansen says:

    I love Heather Bailey’s store so much the fabrics and different shaped pin cushions are my very favorite, she has a gorgeous site!!!

  153. I love the paisley cardstock ~ and her journaling stamps ~ and just the color coordination. It all just seems to blend yet somehow screams “SUMMER” to me. :)

  154. Her stuff is amazing and SO fun! can’t wait to get my hands on some of this stuff!!

  155. oh my I must have those trash ties in every color! so cute, and the marlo pattern for the purse! eeeek so fun :) thanks for a new link…you’re so good like that ;)

  156. wow, now how am I just suppose to pick one? Is this some form of torture???
    I love the trash ties, all of her different pin cushions— but I really like that she offers the patterns for a few things! You can have neat things but feel like your played a part in the creativity process!!
    love it!

  157. The Fabrics! So beautiful! Great site.
    Pam in Tennessee

  158. I refuse to pick just one thing…I want it ALL!! Not to sound greedy, but geez, how impossible it is to pick one thing!

  159. brisvegas says:

    my favourite would have to be the fresh cut fabrics – spring especially. She has international shipping too!

  160. WOW – love all the fun colors… beautiful!! I love the fabrics, they’re incredible. And those strawberry kits … love them!!

  161. Jennifer W says:

    I love her designs – happy colors. Also, love the patterns and I have to get me some trash ties too!

  162. Jennifer W says:

    I love all her designs – happy colors! I love the patterns and I have to get some of those trash ties!

  163. By far the pattern for the Marlo Bloom Bag!!!
    and the Pear Pin Cushion…
    and the Clear Word Stamps…
    I need to do some shopping!

  164. What I love is the colors and patterns… I have been sitting is church with my Bible every Sunday designing a new cover for it and I have yet to find a perfect fabric… than TA DA… there is a whole bunch of the perfect fabric for it… and then I can take a picture of my efforts and use the matching/ similar paper for it.. love all of her stuff… and a very happy birthday to her!

  165. Lyn Meeker says:

    I love the bright fabrics .. and the trash ties are almost cute enough for me to grow my hair long again… (but I think I’m destined for short hair)

  166. Elsa Velez says:

    Oh my, Stacy! I love it all, the site is so beautiful and colorful. I immediately bought the thing I liked the most: Dimensionals – Butterflies! I have been looking for the perfect butterfly embellishment for an ongoing project and found it at Heather’s. Thanks!

  167. Her colors are so happy and warm. I love the chipboard flourishes and the fabrics!Oh, and the patterns.

  168. I love it all—but my favorites are the patterned felt and the stamps

  169. I just love the colors. So feminine and pretty. I have to get some of those stamps and paper and embellishments. And while I am at it I should learn to sew so I can use some of the fabrics. Beautiful!

  170. Melyssa Marland says:

    I love the trash ties… what a fun idea!! The chipboard flourishes are a must have too!

  171. I have to pick a favorite? I love all of it – the colors, fabrics, everything!

  172. Dena Z Schnupp says:

    WOW! I am going to send this site on to my friends and family. I love the way the pages look with fabric, product, pictures, color all mixed up but very neatly organized. It is a beautiful site and one I will visit often!

  173. Talk about eye candy inspiration….yummmo thanks for the links….and i just adore those little strawberries how cute!!!

  174. the colors. wow. how fun. mariana

  175. The Colors are Fantastic, but i’m in LOVE with the cutout felt ribbon, too too cute!! also love the embelishments. What an inspiring website.

  176. Omgosh! i am loving her fabrics,and papers (but can’t buy anything since i’m moving (yes AGAIN!)
    :*(…but someday soon-and i loove the pretty flowers she is giving away the pattern for them if you buy something from her store. One talented girl!! :)

  177. I love her stamps. My favorite are the border stamps. I have been into border rub-ons lately so border stamps are even more versatile and economical.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  178. I love her stamps. My favorite are the border stamps. I have been into border rub-ons lately so border stamps are even more versatile and economical.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  179. Simply… the colors! Lovely.

  180. I’m just flabbergasted at the artistic talent of the whole family!

  181. ….O….M…..G!!!!
    Absolutely yummy EVERYTHING!! I am a scrapbooker but I just LOVE the fabrics, oh and the 3D embellishments and best of all just the COLOUR of everything YUM

  182. Kimberly S. says:

    I love the color inspiration! I have so many ideas for different girly summer layouts.
    The strawberry pin cushion kit is the most adorable thing. What a great idea!
    Thanks Stacey.

  183. I love everything, I’m mainly a scrapper with paper but love the materials.

  184. I just love the strawberry pincusions. They are the cutest!

  185. Oh, the colours!!! They made me hum (almost sing). And so many different kind of embellishments. Wonderful journaling tags and pads too!

  186. The cutest website ever!!!! Who can go past cardstock called Pineapple Brocade – my favourite!!! I absolutely want everything!!!!
    Thanks for enabling us Stacy!

  187. I checked this out just last week for the 1st time after Donna Downey recommended her. I love the colours.Donna is inspiring me to make books using Heather’s yummy fabric AND now I see the cutest little flowers that I would love to try and make. Ohhhh yeeess – shopping time coming up (but a freebie would be better!!!)Thanks Stacy.

  188. I love the great colors and all of that awesome fabric. So pretty!!

  189. OMGosh! I love the colors! They are such happy colors. I can’t choose one thing I absolutely love because I found several. The strawberry pincushions are adorable. There is a cute purse that is awesome. The papers are beautiful. I want to create a page now with those papers.

  190. Heather’s store is awesome! I love the colors (AQUA!!)and her store says fun! I have been reading her blog for sometime and I always feel inspired when I leave it.

  191. Cindy McDannold says:

    Made out my order and used the coupon code, but when I checked on the shipping options I stopped dead in my tracks! Decided to cancel my order…I’m bummed. Cindy

  192. Wow!!!!! I love it ALL!!! I am crazy for paper, but the fabric is breathtaking!! Will have to sew something up quickly!

  193. I love the feminine style, the colors, the flowers etc. but what I like most is the trash ties. They’d look so cute in my daughters’ blond hair. Thanks for the tip!

  194. I was on her site yesterday and wow…how can you NOT want EVERYTHING??? Yum yum!!

  195. Jessica F says:

    I’m in love with the pin cushion kit! I love kits! And I guess I need the pattern too! That site is so inspiring and I don’t even know how to sew!

  196. color, I love her color! She is def not afraid of color. Would love to win! thanks

  197. I love that she’s a Mommy of two just like me and she’s a passion for sharing her creaitvity. Of to order some trashties for Ella :)

  198. oh my – so many gorgeous bits there – the colours are soooooooo … well soooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i can’t go past those strawberry kits though – definately the cutest !!!!

  199. Lisa Bracale says:

    Everything is so yummy. Good stuff.

  200. I love all the patterns that she provides. How creative can one person be? I wish her the happiest birthday!

  201. Judy in Carefree says:

    She’s an AZ girl and her fabrics and papers reflect the joy of all of our sunshine! My favorite on her site is her purse pattern! Now all I have to do is try to select some of her fabric. This will be hard because I love it all.

  202. the fabrics! just the combination of pattern and colour! so fresh! love the cushion designs. will definately have to stop by again!

  203. i love the vibrant colors!

  204. I ove the look of the fruity pincushions but if I could order one thing it would be the patterned felt. I’m totally give the link of her shop to my mom who’s a fan of pretty fabrics.

  205. I also love the feeling of her blog – so refreshing to me. The strawberries are to die for. I am allergic to strawberries so since I can’t eat them, atleast I could make some cute ones to appreciate each day!

  206. CIndy Trimble says:

    I love the french clips in pink and I love the patterned felt! Her pin cushions are to die for!

  207. Judy Grubbs says:

    I love her designs. The colors are beautiful.

  208. Love her stuff! Thanks for introducing Heather to me! Her paisley patterns and her vibrant colors are what drew me in. I am not a big fan of brownish color schemes, so I’m tired of seeing brown & aqua, brown & pink, and all of the “earth colors” (e.g., olive green, golds, tans, etc.) that have been used in recent scrapbooking and home dec projects. Her color choices are terrific, and were refreshing to see, at least for me. I plan to order some of her papercrafting supplies soon. Thanks!

  209. I love Heather´s fabrics but I am not a sewer so I headed to the scrapbook supplies and loved them!!! Perfect for scrapping all things girly.

  210. Wow! What beautiful colors!! Thank you for telling us about her!! I loved everything on the site, I think my favorite things are the embellishments! Can’t wait to see you again in January at Delta Phi Scrappa!

  211. That is a great site! Love her blog too! Thanks for sharing.
    I love all the fabrics and papers of course- great patterns and colors (I love how they look coordinate and you can mix them up)
    I also loved her trash ties (hair accessories).
    I think I will be ordering some of those real soon.
    Pincushions are too cute also…

  212. Heather is just amaizing! The patterns and colors make me so happy.

  213. I love all the bright colors on her new site! The trash ties look pretty cool as well. Gotta go order some!

  214. Heather L. says:

    My favorite is the happy stacker ring toy pattern. What a unique gift to make for a baby shower!

  215. I absolutely love her fabrics – especially Pop Garden and Bijoux. I have to find it so i can buy some! Her purse pattern is awesome as well!

  216. thank u stacey for introducing me to Heather’s website. I love absolutely everything about Heather’s website. Some of my favorites were,’pop garden fabric’,’fresh cut fabric’ and all of the sewing patterns. I think the fabric is so cool for quilting, art quilts and also for making cards. thanks for giving a chance to win. Syeda

  217. Natasha Smith says:

    I love the Finery Gold freshcut fabric. I REALLY love two fabrics in the Pop Garden line. NEED those for the new house!

  218. Seriously, just love all the gorgeous colors and patterns. Just seeing the colors made me smile. Beautiful!

  219. Wendy Antenucci says:

    I would love to win this giveaway, I was just visiting Heather’s site and everything is making me drool! I loved the pineapple pin cushion pattern, but my favorite was in the fun stuff how she packaged the strawberry kits – so enticing!

  220. Thanks for sharing her site. Love all the colors.

  221. The Yummmy colors! Love ‘em :)

  222. Ha, that they flipped the picture on the main page, DROF, didn’t know that was a truck brand!!
    Beautiful stuff, so much yummy color!!!

  223. Love the strawberries and the colours she uses are absolutely wonderful.

  224. Karen Peterson says:

    I love the colors of all the fabric! Being that I have seen this summer is rain; all the bright colors are like a blast of sunshine! (although the pincushions are adorable)

  225. fran heupel says:

    Heather’s site is amazing so bright and colorful. Great to look at first thing in the morning so fun and refreshing.
    Thanks for posting this great link.
    Fran H

  226. The site is beautiful–thank you for posting for all to see!
    I simply adore the fabric-gorgeous!

  227. ooohhhh…i love love love her stuff! and her blog is such a fun read!
    my favorite part of the website is the pictures of stacks of fabric! it just looks so yummy and colorful

  228. Katy Hardin says:

    I love all the different pincushions she has on her site. So cute!

  229. How fun! My most favorite thing of all on her site are the strawberry kits! Especially the pink – love them! The colors and site design are so beautiful as well. I agree – I could just sit and stare…
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sara :)

  230. love love the lollipop fabric and paper!

  231. Ummm, love everything! The colors are so vibrant! If I have to choose one favorite it would be the pear, it’s just luscious!

  232. I love the sewing patterns, I will have to order some. Thank you for telling me about her wonderful site

  233. kathy64485 says:

    Love looking at such beautiful things!!

  234. WOW…love most…that is hard!! Obviously the fabrics are lush but I think my favorite is the Fresh Cut Fall collection. I love that little bit of brown and gold mixed with all the bright colors. Oh…and then the patterns oh wait…those fabric flowers love those too!!! So fun!

  235. Only one word to describe my favorite thing on her website….the COLORS!! How fresh, inspiring, and beautiful the colors are there!

  236. I love the “girliness” of it all!

  237. OH my goodness!i love all of the cheerful colors…Heather’s site is very nice! I love her sewing kits! I esp love the twistie ties! hugs! jackie

  238. One of my faves was the layered flower pin. It is so awesome to see what happens when someone uses their talents!

  239. Michelle Smith says:

    The colors on her website are absolutely yummy! I just HAD to order something pink! Thanks for the chance to win!

  240. I have beena HB fan for a while…and I LOVE her new POP GARDEN fabrics. SO bright and cheery. And I love those strawberries!

  241. I LOVE the colors but most of all I love the patterns for the fruit shaped pin cushions- they remind me of my great-grandmother’s sewing basket- I am ordering the pattern to try even though I am not much of a seamstress- but I am inspired!!!

  242. The button covered brads, OH the possibilities!!! The new paper are so cheery!!!

  243. Love, love, love her beautiful fabrics. And the fruit pincushions are adorable!

  244. Love those Trash Ties! What a cool concept!

  245. I love Heather’s studio and her Armoire with all he fabrics! Just purchased several scrap products and love them! Thanks Stacy!

  246. Just visited Heather’s blog and even though it has been said many times in the earlier comments, I’ll say it again- her taste in colours is stunning. I love her Fluer-debris (what a creative name) brooches. Thanks for introducing her to us Stacy.

  247. Other than the gift certificates (LOL!), I love the stamps — especially the corner embellishment stamps.

  248. I love it all! I adore the bright, fun, colorful fabrics! They just make you smile. I see some pincushions for gifts and a lap quilt project in the very near future. I also love her lace cardstock, plastic monograms and fabulous designs in her specialty paper pack.

  249. Love all the fabrics! The colors are beautiful. But since I don’t sew, I would have to say my favorite is the scrapbooking line. Those flower stickers look great.
    Thanks. Sarah B.R.

  250. I just love those little pincushions!! And everything else on her site.

  251. Oh my…where to I start. I don’t know what I love the most. The whole website is delicious & I keep going back to look at it! The one thing I can’t get over are all the colors, so that’s what I LOVE the mostest! Thanks for sharing her website with us!

  252. Thank you so much for introducing me to yet another fabulous designer! Her colors are so fresh and vibrant. My favorites are her words. . .stamps, stickers, and rub-ons!! I definitely have to order some of her products.

  253. How can you pick. I haven’t sewed in years but I’m going to have to start. I love the halter apron pattern now I just have to decide on which fabric.

  254. Wow!! I just love how pretty it is. Just makes you feel so happy to look at it!!
    So many possibilities!

  255. LOVE Heather Bailey! And I’m so excited she has scrapbook product now. Too cool! My favorite thing I saw, though, was the little free flower pattern that she is giving out with her orders this week. It would be so cute to adorn a bag or a jacket. Fun!

  256. I adore the fabric; it makes we wish I had headed my mom’s various attempts to teach me how to sew! And, the paper crafting section is so beautiful and inspiring.

  257. Oh, my the fabrics are so pretty – I want them all!! I love the square pin cushion! And I love the strawberry ones your giving away!
    Eileen Van Dyke

  258. Thanks for reminding me how long it’s been since I’ve been to HB’s blog. it’s always awesome to read (as is yours now that I found it!)

  259. What cool stuff! hard to chose. the fabrics are beautiful, but i like the paper craft stuff best-especially the chipboard accents and colorful cardstock.

  260. Sandra Correale says:

    Wow! I can’t believe how beautiful (and feminine) the prints are! Love the colors too.

  261. What I love the most is the happy colors and creative inspiration! Gives me so many ideas of color combos and also inspiration for mixing patterns of paper! AWESOME site- thanks Stacy!

  262. Ali W in Moscow says:

    I love the little strawberries – they remind me of things my grandma used to sew when I was a little girl. I love the stacking rings – it almost makes me want to have another child!! So maybe I will get the pattern and some fabric and pray one of my friends has a baby…. I love how mouthwatering it all is.

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