SS Challenge #10 (last one)

OK, seriously, where does time go?
I cannot believe it is Friday already — Wow. I took Clark, Trey and Taft on school-shopping dates this week, so I suppose that is one reason the days flew by. I LOVE these dates with my boys. I learn so much and get to reconnect before a new school year — such a good thing. I’ve got several things to share, but right now (before I head out for a jog) I need to post our final challenge connected to the July/August issue of Simple Scrapbooks.

Challenge #10
Document a Vacation Memory

As you may know, I taught at the Valley Forge CKC this year and absolutely loved the chance to see Valley Forge and Philedelphia. My layout is a collage of the peaceful landscape/scenic photos from Valley Forge with some thoughts about what I learned and felt while there.

naturally, I have many more pictures from this weekend, but for now, I’ve got a page in my Places We Go album. I’ve got recorded the fact that I traveled with my mom and that what I experienced altered my perspective.

As a side, when you run out of the letter "e" and there is no way you are going to pull up the entire title, then you simply replace the first "e" with a flower. I had set aside the sticker "Let Freedom Ring" but wasn’t convinced red would work in my design. When the "e" mishap occurred the red flower become my missing link and the rest fell into place — just a little plug for the creative process and the importance of starting without having a complete plan!

I shot the layout on red cardstock, so there is NOT a red border.
I cannot wait to see your pages in the new SS gallery — and thanks to the 150+ people that have joined my challenge group. I have loved making these layouts this summer. It’s been crazy, but now I have 10 pages to look back on and that’s a cool thing.


  1. Lovebug Kat says:

    great challenge great layout!
    Speaking of running out of “e”s for your page, trying using a 3 flipped around (upside down like), a solution I have used many times. Also, 7′s used upside down make interesting “L”s as well

  2. La! Replacing the “e” with the red flower! The simplest little piece of inspiration, but so perfect. Made me smile to think of how I’ll be stealing that idea on a project soon. (There are never enough e’s!)

  3. I’ve still been posting my layouts on the old SS site, I hope this is ok. Are you checking there too?

  4. Laura from Calgary says:

    Love the idea of the flower! I have used it for “o’s” but ever thought of “e’s”! I can’t wait to post my layout for this challenge as I just finished my mini album on our trip to Seattle.

  5. I’m been a bad blog reader this past month. We’ve been on vacation, working extra time and I truly haven’t spent much time near the computer. I’ve got much to catch up on with your blog alone. I’m loving the ‘creative process’ that had you use the flower in place of the letter ‘e’. Great job!

  6. Wow, love the idea for letter “e”.
    And I like the red border that isn’t. ;)

  7. I just LOVE your blog…and I really dig the red flower. I’ll be back to read more.

  8. Love your LO, Stacy! I like how you used several photos and still have a clean look to it with plenty of room for journaling too. I will definitely be borrowing this sketch from you :) Clever idea with the E too. Your eye glides right over it without missing a beat.

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