SS Challenge #9 (edited 8.25.08)


is to pair a nature photo(s) with a quote you love, and I did — sort of …

I took this photo last Friday night, at the park with Taft and Addie. I’m often struck by the beauty of nature, so when I’m frustrated that I can’t get the photo I want of my kids on the playground (or wherever) I take photos like this. A LOT. Random nature photos that I’m never sure what to do with. I use them from time to time on layouts to establish the place or context of an event/activity — but for the most part they get overlooked. I have a couple of places in my category drawers where they can be aged and rediscovered, which I like, but still …



so, here’s my latest idea. I’m going to make a 6×6 flip book/display using the cool 6×6 album that I just saw and ordered from my neighbor who is a Close To My Heart consultant. I may give the album away, I may travel with it (nothing like a little scrappy decor for a lonely hotel room) I’m not actually sure — what I do know is how FUN it was to put this together in 10 minutes!! 

Nature photo + Highlight Color + Inspiration

So, your challenge this week then is to find a nature photo you love and study the picture. What color do you want to pull out and use in the design of your quote/words?  I choose orange as I was so struck by the early evening golden light — I then turned to my orange color bin and found the words and other accents to add and I LOVE it!

I wish I could show you the 6×6 display album that I’m going to use. If you have an image, email me — it’s really cool!

OK. How wonderful are all the girls that sent me photos. Here are few …


this is the picture in the catalog.


here’s another that shows how sturdy the chipboard tent fold is and …


and finally, one that shows the protectors and spiral binding. Such a cool little album — can’t wait to show you my project, once I get underway!


  1. I love this idea and this page!! I just may have to copy cat.

  2. LOVE the layout Stacy!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

  3. That is a wonderful challenge…and i have a picture in mind already! TFS

  4. Beautiful pic and LO! I love how you pulled the orange out of the picture.
    I have a stash of nature pics that I want to go play with now :)
    TFS, Lisa

  5. I love the accent color and the use of chalks along the edge. Very nice. Great idea, thanks.

  6. This is a perfect time for me to do this challenge! We just spent time in the eastern Oregon desert, the California redwood forest, and the Rocky Mountains – I have a ton of nature pictures. I always love the way you incorporate color into your work – it’s totally inspiring. Thanks, Stacy!

  7. LOVE the layout! I will definitely take this challange! By the way, I converted all my embelishments to color drawers a few months ago and I want to say “thank you”!!! It really makes the process easier and much more fun for me! (And I an using embelishments I would have forgotten about in the past.) Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Terri Howard says:

    OH!Oh! LOVE the nature pic…
    and took one yesterday as well. Hopefully I can put paper and ink with it to match yours!!
    Working on a cool lil 6 x 6 Acrylic album we rec’d at the CTMH convention, too. They are sooo fun!
    Check out Tresa’s blog for her samples at fabulouslyartsy!

  9. I, too, noticed that my nature pictures needed a place to “fit in”. I made a little spiral bound book a few years ago that paired nature photos with some of my favorite quotes. I keep in my living room and it’s nice to turn to every once in a while. Of course, since then I’ve got a bunch of new pics to work with – the 6×6 album sounds like a great idea!

  10. Yes! So ready for a challenge like that! Must go hunt down a cute 6×6 album asap!

  11. These albums are the best! Tresa Black and I taught this class at the CTMH convention this year! Check out my blog for a sample!

  12. I use a lot of my nature photos on greeting cards. You can stamp a quote or greeting right on them and people always comment on the beauty of the nature in them.

  13. Love the layout – more importantly, I’m convinced now more than ever to make the time and make color embellishment drawers.
    As always, you are such an inspiration. Thank you, Stacy!

  14. Oh! How beautiful is that?!
    I, too have tons of nature photos. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I have been so taken away that I’ve come back from some outing with more nature pics than family pics.
    I’ve done a couple of inspirational layouts, but mostly I use them in my art journal.
    I was really inspired by Debbie Raymond’s and Elizabeth Dillows Big Wig Make & Takes to use some of them up. Now I’ll have to add this to the list of great ideas!

  15. Love this idea…we are here in the foothills of the Sierras with Lake Tahoe at our doorstep…thanks again for the inspiration.

  16. GREAT idea for this little flip book! A friend of mine used it to showcase her daughter’s gymnastic pics – a real FLIP album :) I’m a CTMH consultant too – you can check out the albums on my site at Thanks!

  17. This was my take on this challenge!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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