Catching up (again!)


Our first annual Daycation was a huge success. Got the idea about a week ago and threw it together with some marked-down buckets and cheap t-shirts from Walgreens. We basically enjoyed a one-day vacation on Saturday and I’m so doing this every summer (already dreaming of the eventual scrapbook album!)


I only took these two photos, as I am the gleeful new owner of a Flip video camera and I LOVE it (now at Costco for $120.) I took little clips throughout the day and compiled them into a movie. The above mentioned album will feature just one group shot and a movie disk — FUN! Here are two short clips that shouldn’t bore you too much …




So delighted to discover an official Life is Good store in Coeurd’lene — just 30 minutes from home. I will be shopping there regularly! Love this company — if you have a minute, check out their new Good Karma line for women. This is my fav shirt …


Ok, so you can’t see it. All the T’s are line art with captions. This one of landscape says "my space" — In addition to the "gotta run" shirt I just bought Saturday, I am now outfitted for cooler runs this fall.

In other news …


paid full price for these are Gymboree. Dangerous, dangerous place.


Got tons done on Monday and  Tuesday. Spiffied up the exercise room with Clark (pics coming soon),cleaned and organized my studio "storage area" …


hung my canvas that Stephanie made me. SO love it!


discovered how to set the white balance on my camera — I know. I know. I should probably be embarrassed to admit that, but I’m too excited to care.

School starts tomorrow (I’m ready.) I need some quiet time to catch up at work and prepare the details for my trip to South Africa.


Some of you are in my Have More FUN class, for those of you that aren’t, know that my focus this month is being present. Try this sometime soon. Get up with the sun and walk to a place where you can feel the air warm as the light fills the space around you — it’s an experience worth a little less sleep.

be happy today.


  1. Stacy,
    We’ve started a new tradition in our family over the past few years, whereby we “campout” at my parents house which is 6 houses down our road on Labor Day weekend. They bring their RV around in the back yard, we setup our pop-up camper and this year my sister brought her tent. It was our own little campground. We had so much fun, ate lots of food, did puzzles, I stitched and we made a big breakfast outside on Labor Day. Next year we think we might need 2 nights instead of 1 because we couldn’t fit everything in that we wanted to. It just goes to show you that you don’t need to go far or really leave your backyard to make great family memories together to cherish for years to come. Glad that your “Daycation 2008″ went well..

  2. LOVE the idea of daycation—we have what is called “family fun” days–no rules–no real budget just time together–it seems to be harder and harder these days to find that. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your family with us. Have a great first week of school–we are now on week 5 so the emptyness has worn off…..

  3. txscrapaddict says:

    Good idea for Have More FUN. I need to try this!!

  4. so do tell…
    what white balance was the ogirinal (auto?) and the 2nd one..
    taking my kindergartener today for some fun photos…

  5. Love the idea of a “daycation”. Each of my kids had one week of “mamacamp” and I’m thinking one last “daycation” before the start of school is just what I need to do with all four of them together to celebrate the end of holidays. Thanks for the idea! I’ve put it in the calendar for 2009 :)

  6. Love that last picture. That’s you, right? Did you take it yourself using a tripod or did someone else take it for you?

  7. What a great idea…just taking one day off and having All Fun!! Good for you…thanks for the idea.

  8. Stacy – I am very honored and impressed to be teaching with you at the SA Scrapbook convention and ver excited (and yeah…Still impressed here) to meet you :)
    wishing you a very pleasant flight! :)

  9. Love the videos, and that last picture of you is GORGEOUS!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your slice of life :)
    Monica (BPS Student)

  11. first..that is an incredible photo of you in SA…and I will be in the same place one month from now…maybe one year we can travel together…and I am so happy to see the canvas…looks very perfect!!! and I too LOVE the “Life is Good” Store..FYI there is one in the Orange County Airport so next time you are here…

  12. I love ‘life is good’ T’s. They are so soft and comfy.

  13. I agree that being present is something to strive for…and it’s hard, isn’t it?! Love the little Gymboree shoes. I don’t allow myself in there anymore, and I don’t even have girls. The Daycation is a great idea, too.

  14. Love that photo of you at sunrise-(sunset)? Did you take a tripod with you? Husband? Who took the picture is what I’m getting at here. Sheesh-just get to the point, Michelle! Anyway-I like it!

  15. See you in South Africa dear friend…
    funny we have to leave the country to see each other!
    kiss kiss

  16. Allison Barnes says:

    wow… I almost cried when I saw my two favorite families having fun without us! Miss you all SO much!!! So what did you do all day?? Enjoy while your kids still want to be with you… our family days have been called “FFF” stands for “Forced Family Fun”… teenagers! ugh.
    Love ya,

  17. I love the idea of a daycation! I’m having trouble adjusting to the “present moment” but I’m working on it.

  18. Seeing your photo of the mugs, and knowing you are a fan of Shutterfly, I wanted to share that MY favorite mugs are photo mugs of my kids. I made some with snowy vacation photos a few years ago, and have added some beach ones. We change them out with the seasons. Now, if there is someone you could talk to about getting Shutterfly to offer them IN COLOR, I think you’d love them – and I’d buy even more! Brooke

  19. Love the ‘daycation’ idea. My DH & I called this the year of the ‘Staycation’ as we didn’t travel and chose to enjoy our own backyard more this year!

  20. Loved this post! And I love, love, love Life Is Good! Their fuzzy socks are so awesome and I have a sweater that is so warm and toasty, it literally is a “sweat”er. You are so lucky to have a store so close. Unfortunately there are very few stores where I live (Alberta, Canada) that sell their product and (gasp!) they don’t ship to Canada. Anyway, your family is so cute and you looked like you were having fun in your videos. Looking forward to seeing more of your video-ing!!

  21. Laurie Damen says:

    Wow that flip video is awesome…. which version is at costco?

  22. Stacy, Too funny, Those videos are great! Just a quick note too to say I picked up Photo Freedom and read it the first day I had it. Loved it! I am planning on reorganizing my life of photos soon. Looks like a great way to get back to my love of scrapbooking.
    Have a great day!

  23. Michelle Salazar says:

    THe first morning light is one of the best time of the day!

  24. Wow, Stacy! The lake looks gorgeous and huge in your photo. I had to look at it for a long time to realize it really was Liberty. Beautiful picture!

  25. Michelle P. from Spokane, WA says:

    Love the post today, so fun and full of color and family! My oldest daughter (8) is a huge “funky sock” kind of girl. She LOVES them and every year we try to find more for her and me too…hee hee! I’d love to win some!

  26. Being present is definitly how I feel right now – my 7 week old daughter not sleeping through the night yet, and my 4 year old starting preschool next week. Maybe I could use some cheerful socks to wear during those 3 am feedings.
    Love your blog! So real!

  27. While in Coeur d’Alene you should check out Figpickle’s Toy Emporium, we went there this summer. It’s a block off of the big resort.

  28. Tracy Dayett says:

    Being present is such an important thing to do that so many of us don’t. Thanks for the reminder and the chance to score the socks!

  29. lynne moore says:

    I love “Life Is Good!” We all have t-shirts. Check out the yellow dog – he looks just like our crazy dog – big nose and ears. Only Cowboy Roy is Red, not yellow. We each had to have shirt with the dog on it and each is different. Love iT!

  30. Love the daycation idea – will certainly be incorporating into our schedule this month! Blessings, Vicki

  31. So happy to find the Life is Good link. I’ve been meaning to look it up. I got my husband a shirt in Florida a couple of years ago and he has worn it out. Thanks for making things easier for me. :)

  32. M.D. Richardson says:

    “Life is Good” is awesome – it’s real big here in NC coastline. Thanks Stacy love Have More Fun and BPS.

  33. That is a beautiful picture. How great that someone captured such a personal moment for you. I’d have that posted somewhere so I could “escape” at any point in the day. Funny, I could hear water when I looked at it.

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