disappointing blogger

I am.
I have fallen short of even my lowest expectations for blogging these last ten days, but I am home, safe and sound and attempting today to remember exactly what it is I do around here.

Thank you so much for your insightful comments following my only post on the road. It was a bit of a downer — sorry about that. Not at all what I imagined sharing. I so appreciate those that spent time responding and am reminded once again of the supportive community blogs have fostered for us!

So this morning, I got up at 4:00 am, tired of tossing and turning and having freaky lion dreams (more on that later.) I was hoping I could get a head start on the week ahead and found myself sort of putzing around, putting things away and sorting through piles and trying to make a list. It did feel really good to reclaim the early morning, but I did the strangest things. I cleaned out the silverware drawer, wiped down the inside of my fridge and shuffled things around in the pantry, while my suitcase lay open on the living room floor — go figure? Anyway, I'll get it together. I have to, as we have a memorable week head, starting with Trey's birthday. He is 10 today …

I would like to make him a special breakfast, but I need to go grocery shopping in the worst way. I purchased b-day invites before I left, Jenna sent them out and so we do have a party this Saturday that needs to be planned. In the meantime, I feel like I purchased a gift or two back in August, but there is nothing in my usual hiding place (hmmm.) I've got to deliver something to his classroom and whip up some sort of family celebration for this evening. All of that aside, look at him! He is adorable and I cannot believe how grown up he looked when I got home — even ten days away and I'm struck with the change and growth in my children.

The other big event … Jenna's wedding, this Friday! Addie will be the flower girl and we've got a few preparations left for that — it is Jenna's last day today, so I'm thinking "lunch" is in order.

I've got to check in with my Have More FUN class — I've so missed my daily interaction there. I've been working on our final project while traveling and am most anxious to see what I've missed on the message boards and gallery.

And, there are several "projects" just around the corner  … excited to reimmerse myself in those and hoping to find my fall groove and some serious productivity now that kids are back in school.

South Africa was simply amazing and I will share highlights very soon — I already miss the other teachers and travelers. It's amazing how you bond with people on this kind of life-altering trip.

Happy Monday.


  1. Time really does fly – especially with kids. Mine really grew over the summer and I have birthday stuff coming right up too (my youngest is during our Thanksgiving in October here).
    Can’t wait to hear all about South Africa:)
    StacyS. (Alberta, Canada)

  2. Happy Birthday Trey! AND to me too, but I’m a bit older ;) Although my Aunt sent me a card talking about over the hill and 3 decades old and that was last year LOL so I can stick with the number 30.

  3. Hey StacyS — I’m from Alberta Canada too.

  4. of course you wiped out your fridge and silverware drawer. its only after you’ve been on vacation that you see things that need to be done. :)
    enjoy all the celebrations this week, I’m sure you’ll have your camera in your hand all week.

  5. Our lives are so immersed in the world of cyberspace ~ websites, blogs, emails, texts blah blah ~ so good on YOU for enjoying your 10 or so days away without all that “stuff” and being able to enjoy those new friendships, teaching/working commitments (which hopefully got better after the first disaster you made comment on ~ sad face…) and more importantly quality time with your Daddy. That is so cool! You sound like you have a big week so good luck! Enjoy your family!
    ~Cara (Perth, Western Australia)

  6. PS – Trey is so cute!!

  7. Miss you already…
    Happy Birthday Trey!
    didn’t sleep a wink last night…
    thank you for your kind words…they meant the world to me coming from you, a woman I admire so much…
    kiss kiss

  8. Hey Stacy!
    Did you ever get a little package in the mail from me?
    Just checking.
    Loves, Emilie

  9. Happy Birthday to Trey, Best Wedding Wishes to Jenna, and most of all so happy to have you back. I have been trying so hard to keep in the moment this month and have done well so far. I have enjoyed this month so much and look forward to the rest of September.

  10. Glad you got home safely. Happy Birthday to Trey, he looks very grown up and handsome ;o). Look forward to seeing photos of Jenna’s wedding. Hope you’re soon back in your groove, takes a while to get the body clock sorted out, doesn’t it!!

  11. Marta Valdes says:

    Glad to have you back, Stacy! You were definitely missed. Happy Birthday to Trey and best wishes to Jenna on her Wedding. :)

  12. Glad you are back. Lion dreams hmm. Interesting. Sounds like a great experience. And how cool you got to do it with your dad.

  13. Welcome home Stacey… now please don’t do tooooooooo much housework… I want to read all about the rest of your SA trip…. after you’ve done grocery shopping and all the birthday things that is!!! Happy Birthday to Trey… and to you to Stacey…. this is a big day having a double-digit child.

  14. welcome home :)

  15. Glad you’re home safe. Take time to enjoy your family and catch up on things. We’ll all still be here.
    Happy birthday to Trey and Congrats to Jenna.
    xxx L

  16. Welcome back Stacy and I can relate to post traveling strange reorganizing rituals.

  17. grandmagina says:

    Yes! It is disappointing. I mean daaaayyyys on end with no little picture of Addie! I mean really! What are we Addie Addicts supposed to do???? Join Addie addicts anonymous or something? Well, I for one think Clark is certainly old enough to step up to the plate. Not asking for much – just a little Hi my mom called and said she is fine and here is your update on my cute little sister – pic!
    LOL – I’m cracking myself up! Good to see your back! Have fun with your very BUSY week! Can’t wait to see a pic of little Addie the flower girl!
    P.S. I’m kidding unless of course Clark would ever want to post an update – wink!

  18. Welcome back! Good luck with all the birthday, unpacking, wedding, life, business stuff! I’m glad you made it home safely.

  19. Glad you are back, Stacy. Looking forward to the lion story :O

  20. Welcome HomeStacy!
    could it be? the routines you found yourself doing this morning were just your way of reconnecting with home. how blessed you are to have seen South Africa!

  21. Laura from Calgary says:

    Welcome Home Stacy. I’ve been where you are and know what you’re going through. Especially what you said about Trey looking so grown up. I see that almost every time I look at my Katie who has shot past me in height (5’7″ to my 5’3″) and looks so mature at 15. Don’t worry about feeling a bit disjointed – you’ll be back in the middle of your crazy wonderful life in the blink of an eye.

  22. Kerri Norrod. says:

    Glad your back Stacy!

  23. Lion pictures…..oh no……….more pictures to decided to scrap/keep/cold storage…..LOL Patty

  24. Glad you had a great trip.
    My Sam turned 10 today – can you believe how quickly they go from zero to 10!
    Enjoy that little boy :)

  25. So glad your safely back, Stacy. I missed reading your blog. However, you are not a bad blogger; life is more important than blogs. Just like you always say, life is more important than scrapbooking. Sounds like you have a fun and busy week ahead of you. Take care and have fun.

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