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Contrary to a recent rumor I am not, nor have I ever been, let’s say in France in the 90s, a chef. I do enjoy baking and I cook with a lot of help from Costco. My lack of abilities in the preparation department have not however had an effect on my appreciation for food or shopping for food. In fact, I’ve been wanting to blog about food lately, so earlier this week when I came across  ….


little cuties in Target I knew it was time. After doing a Google search I discovered that they are NOT new, just new to me — Hello? Candy Corn kisses — adorable! Whoever wins the socks is getting a handful of these too. I discovered, on the Candy Blog (who knew there was a candy blog?) that the Pumpkin Spice and Carmel Apple Kisses (not shown) are the 2008 release!


Kudos to the creator of the candy blog for inspiring me with amazing photos and this mission …

Meticulously photographed and documented reviews of candy from around the world. And the occasional other sweet adventures. Open your mouth, expand your mind.

and here’s a thought: How cool are blogs? That passionate people now have a way to share their passions — that’s just a phenomenally cool thing.



  1. Laura from Calgary says:

    These sound so yummy! I hope I win the socks because I’d love the candies too. We don’t often find these varieties in Canada.

  2. Oh, my goodness!!! A candy blog! Now I’m in heaven!!! :D

  3. I am going to that candy blog right after I leave this comment — AND — i am going to Target tomorrow to get some of those kisses — tomorrow night is my craft night with my friends and I think I need to bring some of those little cuties along!

  4. okay, I saw those kisses and thought…hmmm, not so excited.
    however, I did NOT see the pumpkin spice ones. Those I would be interested in trying. I do love everything pumpkin!

  5. oh my goodness! candy corn kisses? be still my heart. i have to walk extra miles in the fall to keep the weight off from all the candy corn i eat. and now to discover they come in kisses?! just another reason for me to love autumn even more. :)

  6. I have to hunt down those pumpkin spice ones. Thanks for the tip!

  7. You never cease to amaze me Stacy! You find the coolest stuff, thanks for sharing! I am loving this new blog and I am having such a good time learning so much in your BPS Have More Fun class!!!! Enjoy your trip!!!

  8. oh my candy apple kisses???!! Oh my, oh my!!!

  9. Oh my. Candy corn is my favorite candy! I must track those down right away! Thank you for posting about these. I try to steer clear of candy, but when Halloween’s around the corner, well…

  10. The pumpkin spice kisses sound delish!
    I bought the candy corn ones. I’m sure they would have been good. However, leaving them in the car for several hours when it’s 100 degrees outside was not a good idea. They don’t taste so good when they’ve been melted.

  11. When I was 3 years old, I threw up after eating candy corn and I haven’t touched it since…I’m 34 now!

  12. Jeannette P says:

    I just returned from CA where my cousin had a ‘fall’ wedding. It was beautiful & for party favors they had the pumpkin spice candy kisses. they are yummy! I will have to try the others if I can find them in our itsy bitsy town.

  13. Glad you reposted this — I had forgotten about the different kisses and want to try more of them.

  14. I didn’t know they were out there! Sounds like a trip to Target this week will be a certainty!

  15. Thanks for sharing Stacy. I love candy corn! I’ll be at Target before the end of the week.

  16. Oh boy…we have something in common, Stacy…I am on my second bag of candy corn kisses…and this won’t be my last bag, either! They are wrapped in the cutest little jackets of orange and silver foil…I like them a bit better that traditional candy corn and I didn’t think such a thing was possible! The pumpkin spice and the caramel are yummy, too…(I need to empty my waste basket full of wrappers right now so there is room for more!)

  17. Kathy Wafer says:

    The begining of the month I was at a scrap retreat in Lake Tahoe. We had a few women from Hawaii with us. Anyone ever have Macadamia nut kisses. I’m here to tell you they are great, but only available in our 50th state.

  18. Katrina of Southern CA says:

    I love pumpkin and ginger snaps this time of year, so I can’t wait to try the PUMPKIN SPICE. Trying to get healthier but one now and then won’t hurt.

  19. nomadscrapper says:

    Seriously, Stacy, if you want to try some mac nut kisses, I will send you a bag. I live in Hawaii, and they are all over the stores here. And they are delicious! Now, to begin my search for the caramel apple kisses…

  20. Ooooohhhh. Really want to try the candy apple and pumpkin spice ones. We don’t have any of those sweets in the UK (not even candy corn). We’re off to Florida in a couple of weeks and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to Target and Walmart shopping (on par with seeing the Mouse!!!)Hope Target has lots of varieties in store. Does this make me a little bit of a sad person??? xx

  21. I have never seen those before. The only ones I have ever seen were the carmel ones. I guess I need to make a trip to Target and see whats out there.

  22. OKay… I tried the candy corn ones and I don’t think they taste like candy corn… Maybe it’s just me but I prefer the original!
    I am willing to try the other 2 new kinds though… I love caramel apples and pumpkin!

  23. Wow! I must not get out enough . . . I’ve never heard of or tried any of these, but I’m already in love with the photos! Who cares what they taste like . . . they look like super cute decorations for the season.

  24. I have precious little time at my lunch break for the stuff I NEED to get done, but, ooooooohhhhhhh mmmmmmyyyyyy, I think I MUST go find those Kisses today! :D
    (I’ll try not to dwell on the fact that I’m not in Hawaii and don’t have Mac Kisses – now that would be pure heaven to me *drool*)

  25. I love blogs…how cool are they? Sometimes I can go visit someone else and learn something deep and meaningful and eye-opening. And other times I can have my heart take a leap for the sure silly joy of beautifully photographed candy. Love it! :) Tess in Bothell

  26. Lovebug Kat says:

    why do you Americans get all the cool candies and stuff?
    We don’t get those yummy flavors here at all…sighhh

  27. Kerri Norrod. says:

    I would love to win some candy from you!

  28. Julie Johnson says:

    How have I missed these? and blogs too? You are amazing! Thanks for adding some fun to my life! :)

  29. i always think its fun to try candy from other countries & that it was funny that candy bars are slightly different in Europe than here. we used to have a british store down on the beach near my house that carried all the candy from england. so sweet.

  30. You are the biggest Target enabler (like I need any excuse to go there)- I had walked by these but next time I will have to put a bag in my cart. Thanks for sharing!

  31. love candy corn; wondering if candy corn kisses taste like candy corn?!?
    love blogs; know that blogs don’t taste like candy corn; blogs are like Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans; some are candy corn, some are unmentionable!!!

  32. hmm, I think I’ll have to try the carmel apple kisses

  33. man we are candy corn HO’s here at this house! Love em!

  34. So glad to hear you are back home safe and sound! Happy Birthday to your son as well :) We aren’t big candy eaters here as our kids are grown but we do have some of our grandchildren coming to visit soon.

  35. Ooooh, love candy corn AND Hershey’s kisses… I’ll be looking for these!

  36. jane fuehrer says:

    Love this time of year..! The smell of Pumpkin candle and now Pumpkin spice candy kisses makes it even better…. :)

  37. went out and bought the candy corn ones today…..holy cow they are so good, I want to eat the whole bag! LOL

  38. Without a question I’m a BIG FAN OF CANDY… and I’m so jazzed about the candy blog! oh my word… do did I get by without it?!!! and did you see the Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bites? How have I missed those at Trader Joe’s??? I go there all the time! Yummy I’m taking the boys out latter today to buy some lol! yep, they look that good to me ;)
    So on a side note, last night I taught a mini album class for the young women {in the Torrance California ward} and while I was there a lovely girl named Lisa said “Do you know who Stacey Julian is? She is my cousin”
    It was fun to run into someone that knows who people are in the scrapworld! It doesn’t happen much here in cali and it was very refreshing!
    Anyways, for some reason this is my frist visit here. My dear Friend Emilie Ahern talks about you all the time and today I finally googled your name. I found myself feeling overly delighted to know you love Candy, are “altogether too happy” {funny little story}and are a cheerful person. which means, I’ll come back to visit again very soon!
    WOW that was a book for you to read lol!

  39. I love talking to others who appreciate candy just like me!
    I even started a Candy Exchange, similiar to a cookie exchange but we all buy our favourite candy and trade it.
    We have the exchange on Canada Day, which is July 1st, since it falls inbetween Easter and Halloween and we are kind of going through candy deprivation by July!
    We have a lot of fun and would recommend this to everyone!
    I think some of these fancy kisses would be awesome for the next exchange.

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