Scrambling …

So … I have this habit of writing partial posts that I post date and forget about — like the candy corn kisses. Oh well. Prior to South Africa, I was putting together a bunch of Thank YOU posts to various friends that have sent me wonderful surprises and it was all supposed to be scheduled for posting while I was away. Didn't happen of course, so I'm going to stop procrastinating and get it done today!

Here, in incomplete form is a short list of cool things I have been enjoying …

1. An adorable children's book, called Lambaroo.

Emilie sent it to me (Thank YOU Emilie) and I LOVE it. It features a lovely hidden message about being different and being loved in spite of those differences. It has already become an Addie favorite. If you are a lover of children's books and don't have this one — get it.

2. Love my new Jack Johnson T-shirt. It should say, my friend got to go to Jack's LIVE concert and all I got was this T-shirt. But at least this way, people can perhaps think that I was there and that is a very fun thought.

Thank YOU Paula.

3. A Year of Seeds.

What a cool gift eh? This came as a total surprise from Lori at Super Noots. Remember, my fun food boards that hang in my kitchen and attempt to help my boys eat a more balanced diet?? Anyway … Lori sent me this wonderful collection of 12 colorful pots and 12 seed packets. I'm so going to give this for Christmas this year, as I can't believe how happy they make me. I even purchased a new shelf for my studio, so I could display my little growing pots!! Don't forget that you can use the coupon code "stacy" to save $5 off of your own Super Noots board.

4. If you've been reading my blog long, you likely know I am a big fan of Kermit the Frog. Imagine my delight at opening a fun little package with a copy of "It's Not Easy Being Green" that is only 4" tall. It's adorable and sits on my top shelf, full of Jim Henson wisdom, like this …

" I believe that we form our own lives, that we create our own reality, and that everything works out for the best. I know I drive some people crazy with what seems to be ridiculous optimism, but it has always worked out for me."

Love that, and love even more than Yvonne thought of me when she saw this little book. That you can create a connection between two people and know that a happy thought will trigger for someone each time they look at a well-chosen gift? That's good stuff.

5. Last (for today) and certainly NOT least …

my YELLOW purse! I love my yellow purse. Heidi Swapp brought it to me from China and I carried it all over Philly. Its so awesome. Has tons of great pockets and an amazing capacity. Trust me on this. So … long overdue, I love my purse. Thanks Heidi!!

On the  home front, this week is turning out to be even more crazy than I anticipated …

Darci, my sweet sister had emergency surgery yesterday for an almost ruptured appendix. So, there were lots of back and forth calls last night trying to keep up on her progress. I wish I could go be with her. Luckily she has a street full of really good friends … I'm sure they will take good care of her. Scary though and lots of emotions.

Chase had an assignment to interview someone who lived during WWII, so even though I didn't have time for one more thing in my day, we went to visit our 83 year old friend Jay Grant and I was reminded how enjoyable it is to sit and listen to people recount memories. I went in all caught up in the to-do of my life and left thinking, why don't I visit people like Jay more often?? Think about this. The whole experience only took an hour out of my day and yet was so worth it. 

Clark, my reluctant thespian who didn't really intend to try out for the fall production somehow got casted as one of the lead males in Diary of Anne Frank, schedule to run (of course) the weekend I'm teaching at CKC in Seattle. Wow. Between school and soccer and now play practice — ahhh!

And … of course, Jenna's wedding tomorrow. Man am I going to miss her. Sweet Kimberlee is upstairs working hard, but I took for granted all that Jenna had learned to do and all that I didn't have to ask or explain. Boy was I spoiled.


Little Addie is struggling with mom just coming home and so much change around her, so I'm spending more time with her, which is obviously not hard to do. I missed her so much. But seriously, every time I take her somewhere she removes socks and shoes! She is sooo two — not at all terrible, but definitely two.

All of this and more is making my head spin, but also keeping me sane. Strange how that works!
I'm trying my best to stay present and soak it all up — and now … I'm off to be taxi mom and prep for cub scout pack meeting.

Life is good and I'm working on my post about South Africa — set for Saturday!!


  1. Funny seeing the photo of Addie. I always have to fish my 20-month-old son’s shoes and socks from the car floor every time we arrive anywhere. It seems that his little toes prefer freedom and fresh air.

  2. okay already I feel like I’m stocking your typepad! Stacey, so are one fun chick! Lets first talk about that funny iron in the back ground! Where did you find that? I want a photo with it! AND that bag is delicious ;)
    As for Em and giving gifts, she is by far one of the best gift givers I know. She just sent my Calvin a toy, when she didn’t have to. She is so thoughtful, yes?! I think so. I’m adding that book to my list. We go to the library every week and I HEART childrens books. I really get them for me…shhhh don’t tell ;)
    About that Jack Johnson shirt… If I could just touch it, I would feel cool. I long to see him perform! Darn him and his cool ways! Jason {hubby} once said ” should I tell the bishop on you and Jack?”
    Oh Stacey, you are one cool chick indeed!

  3. Argh… the removal of shoes two seconds after we’re in the car, whether it’s coming or going, drives me crazy, too… but I totally relate, I kick mine off if I don’t have to wear them, too!!
    Best wishes for your sister, I’m sure she’ll be well looked after!

  4. So many fun things in your post! My little Nathan removes his socks and shoes in the car every time. I’ve just started bringing them along and putting them on when we get to our destination to save time. This will be harder when it gets colder! Good luck w/all your busyness! :)

  5. “All of this and more is making my head spin, but also keeping me sane. Strange how that works!”
    It makes me stressed and tired (but I need ALOT of sleep) when I have to much on the go. I need a balance of go-going and at home time. I guess I’m a bit of a homebody too, literally in my house not just home as in around town.

  6. DD (a few days younger than Addie) removes shoes, socks, jacket, hat – whatever is loose. She’d be nekkid all day if we let her.
    Hope Darcy is doing well and tell her too watch her recovery. Appendix surgeries often have gall bladder complications, so if she starts to feel worse during recovery, go in right away, don’t let it fester.

  7. My daughter is almost 20 months, and has been removing shoes and socks since about 9 months. I got a lot of flack from people last winter because she had bare feet. They would ask “Where are her socks?” and I would pull them out of my pocket where I had picked them up from the floor a few too many times.
    I love the photo of you in front of an iron! So you! Where did you find an iron statue?

  8. grandmagina says:

    Thanks for the Addie pic! She is adorable. I remember the socks off stage – only a year ago. Can’t say I “miss” it but it is fun to remember! lol
    Keep us posted on Darcy! So hard when a sibling is in trouble and you feel helpless. But prayer can do more than anything! I’ll say a prayer for her! (And I dont’ just give that lip service ;))Have fun at the wedding!

  9. So fun reading all the comments about the 20 to 24 month old kids who remove shoes and socks in the car. Count my 20 month old daughter as another one. Just today we were in out and out the car way too many times and each time we left the car, I had to put on her socks and shoes. And each time I had to take a little nibble out of her perfect toddler feet. :)

  10. Totally relate to the socks and shoes thing!!!! (my DD not me….)

  11. Vickie Jones aka AFScrapperMom says:

    Have to laugh, my Addie at 2 also took every chance she could to take shoes off in the car (not much sock wearing going on in Arizona!)

  12. I have that same Jack Johnson shirt…and I was actually there! You missed a terrific concert! I keep telling my friends…I loved JJ before the concert…now I am IN LOVE with him! He is WONDERFUL!

  13. I’ll have to put Lamaroo on my Library list :) Thanks.
    Love Addie’s colorful outfit, so fun and seems to be so you :)

  14. Wow Stacy what a post! So many things to comment on but I will just touch a few. I love the iron statue (so you)!! Addie is so darn cute! Here’s to a safe and speedy recovery to Darcy and a hug for you not able to be with her right now. Have Geof take that new little Flip of yours to the play because, you aren’t going to cancell on me ;o) Also, the interview….multiply that times 3-4 per day, 4 days a week and you have my “job”, okay part of it anyway. That is what I LOVE about being an occupational therapist in home health, I get to spend about an hour with each patient working on OT goals but also hearing life stories and memories. It’s the best part of my job. And the funny thing….I can remember as an 8yr old little girl visiting “Mrs. Hall, the old lady that lived on the corner”, and another “old lay” that lived further around the block, just to chat and visit and hear stories of their lives in the past.
    Anyhow, hope Addie does a great job in the wedding tonight..will be looking for pics soon.

  15. HI Stacey, I have no idea if you will have time to respond to this BUT I have just finished reading your Photo Freedom book and I am trying in vain to find photo drawers similar to the ones you use as your category drawers. I live in South Africa (Cape Town) and I no-one has a *clue* what I am talking about. LOL! My SIL lives in the States and she will get them for me….can you point me to a website I can order them from please?
    And if you cant – thats okay too cos I know you are HECTIC!!
    And thanks for signing my book…my friend Stef got you to sign it on my behalf at the convention. I couldnt get there this year but I am still doing my “GLIMPSES” album every years that you taught in SA in 2005.
    You seriously rock.
    Love Melody

  16. Oh, my little 2 year old does this too! I am now all about the slip on type shoes, just to keep my sanity and have been putting her in tights ans dresses since she can’t get those off in her seat! :) I don’t remember my other 2 doing this. Need to get a snap of it for my 30 days album!

  17. I got to see Jack Johnson with my husband and a few of our friends from Grad school and it was an awesome concert! It happened to be on a Wednesday, actually the night before a midterm exam @ 7am, but we went anyway, had a blast, and I have this t-shirt too! So glad you’re loving it & hope you get to see him live one day!

  18. Oh, those little piggy toes are “two cute”. Love that picture of Addie!

  19. Great post! Addie is a cutie and I’m going to look for that book you mentioned at my library next week. My preschooler will love it! One more thing, love the maryjanes in your photo above with the yellow purse.
    Stacy :-)

  20. Totally laughing about the toddler socks and shoes coming off. Why don’t they just sell the things in six-packs?

  21. score some Jack Jackson and fuel charity! Got to my friends’ blog
    Sept 30 post

  22. I’m so jelouse of your yello w purse. I love any kind of oversized once’s . You are a lucky one I wish to be able to buy one to:( :()Good job Heidi

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