Shower Gifts tip:read the whole thing!

I gave Jenna a bridal shower today — just a smallish gathering for mother, future mother-in-law and sisters. I just reviewed the pictures and decided that I’m a lousy photographer — or my current efforts to be present and enjoy the moment are so effective that I failed to get even half the photos I wanted.

I love setting a pretty table and I think today’s table was perhaps one of my better "sets" evah!  It was so pretty! Fresh flowers, candles and even little glass hearts strewn about — photos? None.

The food at my house is never as good as the decor, but it turned out quite nice too — croissant sandwhiches with chicken salad, baked potato chips, fresh veggies and a very yummy strawberry cheesecake trifle. I did snap a quick photo right before we dug in …


but it’s not very good! The only picture I took of Jenna’s mom is blurry and I did NOT get one photo of her opening gifts. Not only that, I was enjoying myself so much I didn’t even write one thing down and I believe as hostess that was my job too!!


I did manage to snap this one, which is actually pretty special. This is grandma Bev, who we learned was engaged on Friday the 13th of June (just like Jenna) Now that’s a cool connection to have!

Not long ago, my sister Darci told me about a really fun FAVORITES party that she attended — everyone meets at the hostesses home and brings five of the same item — something they love, like a favorite candle, lotion, cleaning product, etc … So, I decided this would make a fun shower theme (and it did.) Everyone brought just three of the same item — one for Jenna and two that we drew names for.


We put all the items on my kitchen table. Jenna picked one and the person who brought it had to explain what she loved about it  … as you can see, we had everything from disinfecting wipes to chocolate! My favorites were …


Method hand soap and plain kleenex boxes from Target, and I won a very handy dish scrubber that you put dish soap in and cool, colorful bandaids that come with antibiotic ointment! I found the whole experience delightful — we learned some fun things about each guest.



  1. My first song would be “Carolina in My Mind” by James Taylor, my absolute favorite song. Thanks for sharing~

  2. Boogie Shoes by KC and the Sunshine Band

  3. grandmagina says:

    You are a very generous woman Stacy – sounds like a lovely shower. Congrats to Jenna!
    P.S. I already won something from you this year so don’t put me in the drawing :)

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! This is such a cool giveaway!! I have been wanting an Ipod so badly! We are doing a half marathon in Dec. and it would be so cool to have this for training and the event!!!!
    Love your blog!!! Congrats to Jenna! Looks like a very special day!! You are awesome.
    If I were to win my first song would be This time of year by Better than Ezra. Next would be anything from Train (LOVE them) and then anything from Toad the wet sprocket and then some thing from John Mayer and some thing from James Blunt!!……….. oh wait you only asked for one LOL
    Thank you thank you for your fun blog!!! Sandy M.

  5. I think my first song will be Home by Blake Shelton……it’s my new favorite……either that or International Harvester……I got a jones for that song too these days…….dont’ ask…..

  6. Susan R. from PA says:

    I will download Kenny Chesney’s “Everybody Wants to go to Heaven.”

  7. I would put the song “I will remember you” by Sarah McLachlan…it always makes me think of my mom, whom we lost to cancer 7 years ago at age 61

  8. Stacy:
    I’d have to put Have a Nice Day by Bon Jovi on the ipod. I really enjoy your blog and you are so generous. Thank you.

  9. Wow, what a generous offer!
    I don’t have an ipod but I have given this question a lot of thought as I hope to have one someday. The first song on it would be “Sweet Baby James” by James Taylor – well actually I would put his entire Greatest Hits album on it.
    Have a great trip!

  10. Karen Greenfield says:

    Michael Buble’s Sway—I am currently in love with the sound track from No Reservations and that’s my favorite off that CD.

  11. “The Lucky One” by Alison Krauss…because she’s amazing and the words remind me of my 21 year old daughter:)
    Thanks for your generosity!

  12. What an awesome idea! Mine would be Deva Premal’s Om Purnam II – incredibly relaxing chant music that my 5-yo thinks sounds like jungle music, so she loves it too!

  13. The first song that comes to my mind is “Live Like You Were Dyin’” by Tim McGraw. Thanks, you’re awesome.

  14. “100 Years” by Five for Fighting it has SUCH great lyrics. Check it out on youtube
    It tells such a great story of life and the years that pass SO quickly!☺

  15. Thanks so much for the chance! How very generous of you! I would put on Little Wonders by Rob Thomas (I have such a fan crush on that guy!!). His lyrics just touch my heart so much. Thanks!

  16. Linda Patterson says:

    Looks like a fabulous shower, Stacy. The first song I would put on my ipod would be
    “Love Shack” by the B52s. Thanks for the generous thoughts.
    Linda in Denver

  17. The first song that I’d download onto it would be my favorite of the moment…Sugarland – Love.

  18. My first song would be “Oh Mickey” by Toni Basil. It’s a silly song, but it always gets me up on my feet and moving around.

  19. WOW – so cool. No question – I’d download “Just Stand Up” – the song from Stand Up 2 Cancer that was on last night. (I was SO moved by the show!) and congrats Jenna!

  20. Mama Mia!! My girls and I have gone to see it 3 times and have the soundtrack memorized!! Never been to the theatre for any other movie three times — but it’s sooo good!! What a love story!

  21. Do I have to pick one favorite song to put on the iPod? “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban, then “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble, “Down to the River to Pray” by Allison Krauss. . . . Whatever happens to suit my mood at the time!

  22. hands down it will be “Godzilla” because we call the baby Phinzilla (his name is Phin) and it’s the ringtone on my phone.

  23. Stacy-
    What a generous giveaway. It looks like it was a wonderful shower!
    I’d put Carrie Underwood’s new song, Just A Dream on the Ipod…..the lyrics hit way too close to home in this Navy household, but I love the song right now.
    Thanks for the chance at an awesome gift.

  24. Grace Kelly by MIKA

  25. Sue in Grapevine says:

    I would download “Something that we do” by Clint Black. It’s a favorite of ours. Listen to the words sometime; they are good words to remember in marriage.

  26. Kate Hendricks says:

    It would have to be Abba’s Dancing Queen and it would be SO helpful to have since I exercise on the treadmill at night with my pathetic little alarm clock radio providing my music! Sometimes it’s fuzz, sometimes it’s clear, sometimes it’s whatever the thing feels like doing! Then to have it be semi silent while I run, especially since the radio “provides” a bit of non sleeping music for my girls as they try to hit the sack (we live in a super cozy house and have to make due with the space)! SOOO I would be a Dancing Queen on the treadmill if I won this!!

  27. Bob Marley’s “Three Little Bird’s” I don’t know why I love that song, but I do. What a great shower idea as I am getting ready to be a bridesmaid for the sixth time. Thaks for the fun post!

  28. I would download Kate Wolff’s “Give Yourself to Love.” It is an awesome wedding song: “Give yourself to love, if love is what your after–open up your heart to the tears and laughter…” I promise you if you really sit and listen to the lyrics, you will moved. Thanks. Irene

  29. such a cool giveaway! how generous you are!!
    my song would be…how lucky we are by miko. really cool song!

  30. Love the idea of your giveaway! Ok, something a little older, Hit the Road, Jack by Ray Charles.

  31. Mighty to Save would be my choice from Lisa Story

  32. How fun! I would download Brown Eyed Girl and Give me the Beat Boys right away – love those fun songs!

  33. PLEASE…..Pick me!!! I so need an ipod:-) If by some miracle I get picked to win the ipod, the first song I will download is……”Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi…..I so LOVE that song!!! Rita

  34. The first song I would download is Etta James, “At Last”… it’s our song and our anniversary was just a few days ago… I can’t believe 8 years has gone so fast!

  35. Jason Mraz, I’m Yours. He reminds me so much of Jack Johnson with this song! Oh, so anything Jack Johnson too.

  36. I would upload “Just the Way You Look Tonight”. It was one of the first songs my husband & I danced to at our wedding!

  37. You’re very kind & generous to do this…
    I would download my favorite song of the moment by Gavin Rossdale, “Love Remains The Same” :)

  38. It would have to be Kelly Sweet’s Raincoat. I have loved that song ever since the first time I heard it but have never had the chance to get it.

  39. What a fun story :) I would immediately download Sugar, Sugar by the Archies. I just recently downloaded it as my ringtone and I love it! I remember hearing it for the first time when I visited Moscow as a H.S. kid. Never had the tape, CD, or record – - but have the song now! Love it :) I would then have to download Straw-buh-buh-buh-berry Shortcake for my daughter!

  40. Elaine Waters says:

    Unwritten by Natasha Bettingfield. The rest IS still unwritten….can’t wait to write it.
    Have a great trip to SA.

  41. Ashley Johnson says:

    I would download “Angels Among Us,” by Alabama. Every time it comes up on my computer, I just stop and listen. The lyrics just ring true, there are angels all around, many we don’t realize.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  42. I would have to download Amazed by Lonestar since it is what my husband and I danced to at out wedding :)

  43. How absolutely adorable! My first song oddly enough would be the song I danced the first dance at my wedding reception~ Storybook Love from the movie “Princess Bride”. My husband & I just celebrated our tenth anniversary & we realized that we no longer own this song…except for on the movie.

  44. I’m a Long Islnd girl and would immediately download The Piano Man.. one of my all time favorites! Looks like you all had a great time at the party!

  45. First song? Gees, anything that isn’t on the “Rhinoceros Tap” CD. Cause as much as I love it, I’m ready for some more grown-up music!!
    Fun contest!

  46. Hi Stacy,
    What a cool gift from Apple. That wee Nano is so great. I think I would download some greatest hits from Chicago. Went to see them last night (my husband got tickets from work) and I had completely forgotten how many hits they had when I was growning up. It was a very nostalgic evening!

  47. The first song I would put on would be Angel by Jack Johnson. It makes me so happy.

  48. Wow! What a great giveaway. I would download a “Denied” by Stereolover. My oldest daughter is dating the guitar player and I would like everyone to download it so he can get rich and marry my daughter. LOL

  49. I would download “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman. I have one daughter that is 15 and the relationship she has with her dad is unbelievable. I cherish it daily and feel so blessed to be able to watch them as she grows up so fast.

  50. What a fabulous shower idea! I’ll definitely have to keep that one in mind. As for downloading: Neil Diamond “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” – the whole album, but especially “Our Father” which has been my favourite since I was a kid.

  51. What a touching shower and generous giveaway! Since the theme is weddings – I would upload “our song” At Last by Etta James. Wishing Jenna and you the best!

  52. What a neat shower you gave Jenna. Hopefully someone else took lots of pictures and will give you copies on a CD. My song would be “Standing in the Need of Prayer” but I don’t know who was singing it on the radio yesterday.

  53. I would download Louis Armstrong, A kiss to build a dream on. It is my husband’s favorite song! Thanks, Jeannie

  54. STephanie B says:

    First song would have to be “Anyway” by Martina McBride. I love the Favorite things idea…I will try to remember that for future use. Thanks for sharing!

  55. I just love the theme of the shower gifts. What a cool idea!
    I’m a dork but the song that I can’t get out of my head right now is Christine Baranski’s version of Does Your Mother Know? from Mama Mia.

  56. My first song would be I Have Confidence from The Sound of Music. Then I would put on a whole bunch of other tunes from the past 40 years!
    Stacy, that was a fun post to read!

  57. Susan Byrd says:

    Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman

  58. cool prize…i’d download “baby come back” by player…my son says it’s his fave song…i’m sure, it’s NOT from the commercials and because they used it in transformers…

  59. I’d download Jack Johnson’s “Better Together”. That was my daughter and son-in-law’s first dance song at their wedding almost a year ago. Love hearing it and thinking of them!

  60. Susan Byrd says:

    Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman

  61. Kristi in Texas (but from Oregon) says:

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow by IZ it is SO soothing!

  62. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win a wonderful gift!!! I would download “Praise you in the Storm” by Third Day. My son sings this at church and has a wonderful testimony of when God used him and this song while on a mission trip to Washington DC. It touches my heart everytime I hear the song.

  63. The Very Last Country Song by Sugarland. Listen to the words, what a beautiful song.

  64. The first song … Still the One. Love that one – for me and my guy. :)

  65. I’m such an un-hip mom without my own MP3 player… I sometimes get to borrow my daughter’s, which was my son’s hand-me-down to her!
    I’d put Unbreakable by Fireflight on 1st and then anything by Third Day!

  66. Michelle Baker says:

    I would put Thank You by Dido. It always makes me think of my husband and kids. It makes me cry.

  67. Mighty to Save by Laura Story. Awesome song!! :)

  68. Although someone already mentioned Jack Johnson’s “Better Together”, this is the first song I would also download.

  69. My Sharona by The Knack – my favorite song!

  70. Walking on Sun Shine – it is my go to happy song. I can’t help but be happy after I hear it.

  71. I love the idea of a favorites theme for a shower. I need to remember that. The first song that I would download…. hmm, Maybe Cinderella from Steven Curtis Chapman

  72. WHAT??!! Out of the blue, for no reason at all (well, except for the fact that you’re totally cool and have a cool blog, and love apple) they sent you an IPOD!! GET OUT!! Serously!?! Apparently, I need to step my blog up a little and profess without hesitation my undying love for all things Apple!! *wink*
    Ok, first song will be . . . Well, probably an album . . . the newest Stephen Curtis Chapman. Thanks for asking!

  73. My first song would be Where the Green Grass Grows by Tim McGraw…it fits my life in the country..and then the rest of Tim’s songs…Thanks for the chance..

  74. What a sweetie you are. I never win anything but if I did I would hunt for
    I Am Not Alone by Natalie Grant to download.

  75. I love that idea for a shower!
    I’d download “Miracle of the Moment” by Steven Curtis Chapman.

  76. What a fun idea for a party. I can feel a little gathering brewing in my head…
    The first song I would download would probably be Goodtime by Allen Jackson…I’ve been cranking that one up lately!

  77. I would download “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins. It’s my 7 year old son’s and my song. Every time I hear it I cry my “happy tears” and my son always say, ” Mom, their playing our song.”

  78. Love the Favorites shower idea! I would download Selah’s Bless the Broken Road. Love that one!

  79. What a great gift and what perfect timing!
    The first song I would upload would be “The Way You Look Tonight” -Harry Connick Jr’s version. I love that song, and I love the way he sings it!

  80. Jen Preston says:

    The first song I would download would be Brandi Carlile’s ‘The Story’. A new favorite for my husband and me. Sounds like a great shower you held. How thoughtful!

  81. Jennifer McNeely says:

    I would download “Who Made Who” by AC/DC. It is mine and my husband’s favourite song. Kinda funny eh?
    Enjoy South Africa!!

  82. I do believe its because you are in the present moment that you were simply present and left the camera behind today! I would download Jack Johnson Better Together.

  83. now this is a COOL blog giveaway – talk about HAPPY mail if that arrived in my mail box.
    I would download Counging Crows – up allnight – it is my favourite song of all time – the lyrics of Adam Duritz just amaze me – and his voice … *sigh*

  84. Pat Steele says:

    Aaron Tippin’s song “where the Eagles Fly”. Love that song. Congrats to Jenna on her engagement. Remind her to put a penny in her shoe for Good Luck and Fortune.

  85. I would download any song by David Cook! :)

  86. Shania Twain- Man, I Feel Like A Woman!
    It’s my current rockin’ & cleanin’ song!
    Cool IPod!! Thanks Stacy, you’re the best;) and definitely “MORE FUN!”

  87. Wow! What a fun package to open from Apple. Really unbelievable. The first song I would download would be “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts. No matter how many times I hear it, I still get goose bumps.

  88. “Say Say Say” by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson….heard it the other day and it took me way back…but made me smile.

  89. knmkendall says:

    WOw, what a great giveaway! I would download my Beth Moore audio Bible study.
    Thank you!

  90. I wish I had someone getting married or having a birthday party – what a great idea to bring 5s!
    The first song I would download would be Right Where It Belongs by David Condos, but I probably wouldn’t be able to stop there. I’d have to download the entire album.

  91. I’d download something by Rob Thomas or the new song put out by the Stand up to Cancer Fundraiser -keep singing that one!

  92. WOW WOW WOW – I would download Matt Nathanson’s Come On Get Higher – LOVE IT – it’s my new fav!!

  93. What a great idea for a shower! The first song I would download would have to be Billy Joel’s song, You Were the One!

  94. I say anything by the Eagles or Steve Perry would make my day!

  95. Now it can be told
    Tony Bennett

  96. “Summer” by War would be the first song I upload because I am having such a hard time letting go of it!! Thanks for including us – what a treat!!

  97. Kate Hydorn says:

    I would download “Still the One” because that is mine and husband’s song. I would love to win this! I am throwing a surprise 40th for my hubby soon and I was planning on getting him one for when he runs!!! Crossing my fingers!

  98. Great idea for a shower!!! Will definitely keep it in mind. Totally love the blue ipod :) My first song would be Pop Muzik by M. Can’t get that song outta my head!

  99. I love that color blue…my absolute favorite color! The first song I would download is I’m Yours by Jason Mraz.

  100. Wow! What a cool give-away! If I were lucky enough to win, I would immediately download the soundtrack from Across the Universe.

  101. I need to download Coldplay’s new album.

  102. I’d download something by Celine Dion.

  103. what a cool post! jenna sounds so amazing…how lucky you all are (her, too!) the first song i would download is this version of “somewhere over the rainbow”…i forgot who did it, but i think he’s hawaiian?!?! :-)

  104. one of my favorite songs has always been “walking on sunshine” by katrina and the waves. it always makes me smile, so i’d need it on my ipod :)

  105. That was so nice of Apple to think of you like that!
    I would download Jump, Shout, Boogie by Barry Manilow. When I was a kid my parents had an album with this song on it and I loved it. I was psyched to see I could actually still get it on iTunes.

  106. What a fun shower and what a great giveaway!! I’d have to download something by Rob Thomas…I love him!

  107. I would download “Make Your Own Kind of Music” by Cass Elliot. It is the best!

  108. Totally looked like a super fun shower!
    I would download Kid Rock’s song – Summertime!

  109. Since I just came home from the movie, I’d have to download Mama Mia from Abba! HaPpY!!!

  110. Ohhh….”Brown-Eyed Girl”–the Jimmy Buffett version!

  111. I would download a Chris LeDoux song and it would be Just Look At You Girl :)

  112. Wowzers! I want to be you and have a good friend at Apple. :)
    I’ve been wishing for an Ipod for a while now–our CD player just finally broke so now would be a GREAT time!!!
    Song that I haven’t heard in a while but love–”The Promise” by Tracy Chapman. I saw a modern dance company at BYU dance to this years ago and have always loved it since.
    And so happy for Jenna–what a sweet soul to have caring for your children!

  113. wowza! great giveaway! the shower sounds amazing.
    the first song I’d download would be “Wherever We Go” by the Newsboys.

  114. Love the idea of bringing 5 of your favorite thing to a shower! What a great giveaway! I would download something from the Goo Goo Dolls :)

  115. Stacy, I’d download “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz!
    The blue Nano is beautiful! If I don’t win this one, maybe I’ll buy my own!!!

  116. Therese Bradley says:

    I grew up in Cupertino, and I remember my dad bought one of the first Apple Computers. It consisted of a black and white TV, a tape recorder, a keyboard, and that wide band of rainbow colored wire. There may have been a bit more to it, but that’s what I remember. He would put different cassette tapes in and out of the player and that told the computer what to do.It would take hours to accomplish the task he wanted it to do, and he was so excited about it. If I won, I would download “skin” by rascal flats. I always cry when I hear it.

  117. What an incredible give away. You are so generous! I would download “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Love that song!

  118. Julie Kovach says:

    I just found your blog and love it… I would probably download a mushy love song, maybe by Tim & Faith.

  119. Michelle Griffin says:

    I would download, “Remeber When” by Alan Jackson. That song represents true love and how far we have come (as teenage parents) which I share with my husband of 15 years.

  120. Heather Diane says:

    Emmanuel by Chris Botti. I love that mellow tune!
    p.s. I love the shower idea to bring a few of your favorite things.

  121. Cinema Paradiso by Ennio Morricone

  122. i’m yours by jason mraz… have fun on our trip!

  123. It’d be Kid Rock’s Summertime – my new favorite!

  124. Looks like it was a beautiful shower!! I would download “Dancing Queen” by ABBA!

  125. somewhere over the rainbow, my all time favorite!

  126. I am a huge Foo Fighters fan, so My Hero would be the first song!

  127. That shower sounds like so much fun! I would download “Never tear us apart” by INXS. Love my ’80s music!

  128. I’d download “The Story of Your Life” by Ali Slaight.

  129. Be Still my Soul
    I need a little peace in my life.

  130. What a great hostess – and friend – you are! The party sounds like lots of fun. I’m going to remember that idea of the 3′s for a party sometime.
    I would download some ABBA songs – they just remind me of being young and good times. Thanks for sharing your goodness! That box from Apple was sweet :))

  131. Karen Loper says:

    WOW great mail day you had!! Ok for wedding/love I would have to say James Taylor’s “how sweet it is (to be loved by you). For another good song-not wedding- anything Bon Jovi but especially, “Welcome to wherever You Are” very cool and motivating. Very cool giveaway!!Karen

  132. How cool is that…LOVE APPLE.
    I would have to download I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO, by ABBA of course. This is my husband and I’s wedding song….
    Thanks for the great opportunity to win an ipod.
    Krista from Calgary, AB

  133. I would download Better Together by Jack Johnson. It’s so sweet :)

  134. Kenny Chesney – when the sun goes down!

  135. I would download “the Revelation Song” (praise & worship song). I’ve heard it quite alot lately and forgot how much I like that song. Would me MANY more to follow though. Like: “Nothing at All” by Allison Kraus.
    Anyway…just found your site. Love it. I’m going to use the “favorite” party idea. Sounds fun for our Sunday School class girls. Thanks. Suzy Allen at

  136. Oh, I would download “Everything” by Michael Buble first thing!

  137. My absolute first download would be Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…because really, who doesn’t want to have fun and no matter my mood this song just makes me want to get up and dance (just like the beautiful blue nano!).

  138. Linh Chin-Lai says:

    Unwritten by Natasha B.

  139. Oooh…I think I would download “Shut Up and Let Me Go” from that Apple commercial. Seriously, I would. I love Apple!

  140. Your postman must love you… I would download my current favorite song “Unta” by Katri Ylander.

  141. oh my, what a fun shower to have attended. i love the favorites theme. i may have to use that for some future party. congratulations to jenna!
    i would download the song “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra.

  142. Chris Tomlin’s entire collection…and David Crowder Band…all of them.

  143. Beth O'Dell says:

    Love that BLUE!!! The first song to download on my ipod would be “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond; that song always puts a spring in my step:)

  144. The first song I would put on my iPod Nano, if I had one, would be “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack.
    I love this song and someday the lyrics will be the journaling on a layout for my children. It always brings tears to my eyes…I love this song!
    Thanks, Stacy!

  145. I would download “Only You” by the Platters. That is the absolute first song I thought of while reading this post!! Love that song! So wonderful to have such great friends and spend such great quality time with them!

  146. Okay. Seriously I NEED this because I am the last person on earth without an ipod. Nope. NO ipod of any kind. Sad isn’t it.
    And on top of it all…my birthday is September 21st.
    So please pick me! And if I win…I promise the first song I put on will be “This Girl” by Matthew Ahern (my hubby).
    He wrote it for me, sang it in a real studio and gave it to me on CD as a wedding gift.
    {sigh}. I love him.

  147. Oh, and by the way….that trifle made me drool. I almost shorted out my keyboard. Delish!

  148. Rebel Yell – Billy Idol – I am sooo a child of the 80′s ;)

  149. Tara (mom of 4) says:

    Wow, you are so awesome to your fans/readers. I would download Taylor Swift’s new song Change for my daughter. My daughter went with me to the Tim/Faith concert last year and Taylor was the opening act. My daughter loved the concert last year and has been through a lot since then with a new brother and moving which caused her to switch schools.
    Congrats to Jenna. Thanks for the favorites party idea. I can’t wait to try it out with my friends!

  150. Mary Jo Smith says:

    I would download “Memories of Us” by Keith Urban…the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding, almost 3 years ago. We could dance with our 9-month old son to it now. :)
    What a fun idea!

  151. Ohhhh….I want! I would download daydreamer by Adele….it’s the last song I bought on itunes and I LOVE adele!

  152. I’m gonna go with “Hey Mr. DJ” by Zhane-I love this song in my warm up playlist when I’m working out!

  153. Okay…sorry to bother you again, but I also wanted to mention this fun “Bridal Shower” for men.
    My husband’s friends threw him a party. The host bought him a large toolbox and every guest had to bring a tool. It was SO FUN and he started out our marriage with his very own set of manly tools.
    I tell everyone about it since it was such a cool idea and my hubby LOVED it! Why should the girl get all of the parties?

  154. Debbie Benson says:

    As a brand new grandmother, I would download “I Hope You Dance” (Leanne Womack) for our sweet Baby Brooke’s first video.

  155. great party ideas — I love the “favorites” game. :)
    um, I think I’ll need to download an ABBA song. I’m dying to see Mamma Mia and I’ve got those songs swirling in my head.

  156. I am working on the playlist for my coming home birth right now! I think the first thing I will download will be a music form the Phantom of the Opera. I feel a need in some powerful music lately :)

  157. I don’t have one yet! I need one!
    I would probably download some old country song like Roy Orbison or Dolly Parton. Buddy Holly. Or Bon Jovi. I’m partial to big hair bands too.

  158. What a cool story!! Who wouldn’t love a friend at Apple! I think the first song I’d download is “In Color” by a new country artist Jamey Johnson. It’s a really touching song.

  159. Brenda Walker says:

    I would put “lets get this party started” I need some good songs to keep me running and I think that it would be great to put on a pod to get my groove back on.
    By the way your party idea is great and I will have to try it with some friends.

  160. How cool! My first song would be “So Beautiful” by Superchick. It’s a great song about being powerful girls/women!! :)

  161. I would download “When You Were Young” by The Killers because it’s one of my best friend’s favorite songs. I already have a green one so she would get this new blue one because she doesn’t have one!!!!

  162. what a great idea! =)
    i would download “at last” by etta james — the perfect song to describe the joy i already know i will feel when i someday find my “someone special”

  163. Say by John Mayer. I watched The Bucket List a couple of weeks ago and it was the song at the end credits. Good stuff!

  164. the pressure of a song… i just bought the new coldplay album on itunes so i think that would be it. What a great shower idea, i think that would be such a FUN party to have!

  165. I would download the “Linus and Lucy” song of Peanuts comic strip fame. I use it as a clean-up song in my preschool class. It is so peppy and uplifting you can’t help wanting to dance when you hear it.

  166. Tammy Thomas says:

    what a fun shower idea, I love it.
    I’ll be honest here, lol while I’d LOVE my own ipod (never had one) I’d have to get one of my tech savy kids to help me download songs.
    I’d have a list:
    Ordinary Miracle – the song my daughter danced her most recent solo to.
    Where have you Been: Kathy Mathea it makes me think of my parents everytime I here it (I lost them in a car accident suddenly) and it makes me think of seeing them again after a “time” here on earth and knowing I’ll get to be with them forever.
    I’d load a song on that my brother helped me write for my DH (actually he put it to music for me) about how my husband is my light in the darkness of depression when it gets bad.
    then I’d have my DD load up all of her crazy, funny, zany tunes that she finds so much amusement in and are just generally happy ones.
    thanks for the chance to “play”

  167. WOW how great R U?? I would download all the oldies, I love them they are just the thing when I scrap or clean the house, they give me such energy.
    Thanks for sharing the LOVE!!

  168. Great shower idea! I would download Rascal Flatts “Every Day”.

  169. 100 Years by Five for Fighting

  170. Julia Owen says:

    Love the cool blue color. I would download ‘From this moment on’ by Shania Twain. My first dance song. A memory I will never forget.

  171. I would download my whole Jack Johnson collection and then give the Nano to my brother who seriously needs some happy in his life right now. And blue is his favorite color.
    Thanks as always for your generosity!

  172. Anne Thurlow says:

    I would download two songs immediately. The first would be “The Promise” by Tracy Chapman which is the song my husband and I danced our first dance to at our wedding. Our first anniversary is on October 6th, 2008. The second song would be
    “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band just because it is my favorite song ever.

  173. Kristen Smith says:

    It would be a Michael Buble song for sure- he is classic! My husband and I have very different tastes in music, and he is one artist we can both agree on.

  174. What a cool surprise, and how funny that you had just bought the exact same one… I guess from reading some of the other comments I am not the last person on earth to be ipod-less. I too have never owned one. I still use *gasp* cd’s. lol The first song I would put on it… well I have bught the Carole King “Tapestry” album 6 times on cassette tape and now 4 times on CD. I guess it’s time to make a back-up copy so I don’t have to buy it again when one of my kids scratch it. My favorite song is “You’ve got a friend” so that would be the first song :o)

  175. Amy-Sue Del Bello says:

    I would download our “family song”…Running by No Doubt. We decided, as a family, that we needed a song that would remind us all of what our family stands for. Since my hubby and one of our daughters LOVE to run, and I am constantly on the run with the other kids…we thought this song woukd be perfect!
    So my advice to the new bride is to come up with a family song as well as a couples song.
    Thanks for the chance to win such a generous gift.

  176. I would probably download something classic and timeless. How about Patsy Cline “I went walking”?

  177. Michael Franti … Say Hey.
    You would LOVE the video. Check youtube. So colorful, so positive and beautiful, and so FUN!!!!

  178. My first download would be “Grow Old with Me”, a song from our wedding and our first dance. To me, it perfectly encapsulates what all brides and grooms dream about and strive for from their wedding day on…to grow old together in faith and love.

  179. Wow…what a great gift idea! I’d download Peter Breinholt’s “Best of Peter Breinholt”. I couldn’t choose just one song, but if I had to it definitely be “A Call I Hear.”

  180. I would download the new song by Michael Buble, “Lost”.
    Oooooh how I would love to have this little gem. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  181. Hmmmm…since I’d love to have my own ipod to listen to while I’m walking, I’d probably choose some fast paced, upbeat, happy songs…the first one that comes to mind…”Any man of Mine” by Shania Twain and my second would be “Accidentally in Love” by Counting Crows…because I think Shrek 2 is a family favorite – fun & happy movie, lol. :o)
    P.S. That trifle looks SOOOO good…will you share the recipe? pretty please?

  182. I would download Cristifori’s Dream by David Lanz. I listen to it when I need a moment of peace and tranquility. It would be the first song uploaded to my iPod!

  183. Allison Barnes says:

    Looks like a great party! You are a great hostess! You always do a great job with all the little details.
    I would download David Archelletta “Crush”.
    I am going to try to come up in November!

  184. halloweenheather says:

    I would download Green Day’s Good Riddance…..and then go crazy finding lots of other fun music to listen to. What happy mail you received…AWESOME. And congratulations and best wishes to Jenna.

  185. What a fun gift idea! I really loved the “favorites” game–that’s cool! And your food looks yummy!

  186. I would put Elton John’s Crocodile Rock on because its always made me happy and it would be a great song to dance to with my three girls…we usually do a ‘dance-off’ after dinner and they love fast-paced songs!

  187. I would download my favorite song ever…”Steady As We Go” by Dave Matthews Band.

  188. Do It Anyway – Martina McBride. Great Message.

  189. Thanks for the info on the Favorites game – sounds great!
    I’d download, “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra. I just love that song. It reminds me of when my husband and I were dating 10 years ago. It’s hard to believe so many memories could be wrapped into a song,
    Thanks, Karen U

  190. Yikes! So many good songs. I’d probably download something from Journey – reminds me of my son.

  191. Oh, what a fun day!! I would download John Mayer’s new song “Free Falling”. Just heard him in concert last week and it was awesome!

  192. Hmmmm. . . I think ‘Dancing Queen’ from the Mamma Mia soundtrack! :)

  193. Hi Stacy!
    If I won the Ipod, the first song I’d download would be “Leave out all the rest” by Linkin Park. Either that or “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park. Good, good songs.

  194. Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something. When it comes on the radio I always smile big and sing along. It takes me back to college :)

  195. maureen wildauer says:

    Oh my goodness…. could there be any more goodness than a brand new ipod in blue…my favorite color too! How sweet of you to give it away here. Can’t wait til Tuesday. Have a fun and safe trip to South Africa.

  196. Anything Keith Urban…I Told You So. I would love one of these to use while working out, then maybe I’d actually workout more.

  197. sandra owens says:

    Wow!!! What a generous offer!!! I would down load Red Umbrella by Faith Hill.

  198. If that Nano comes my way, I’ll be download Gira con Me sung by Josh Groban…love that song!

  199. I have loved Miss Jenna since the very day she was born. I’d download something like “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam” because she has always seemed like a Sunbeam to me in her fun blended family – she has been a glue of sorts that has blessed each and everyone…and that way I could remember Jenna every time it played. Congrats Miss Jenna and we love your handsome groom also.

  200. Oh, how do I pick just one? I guess I would have to start with “our song” (mine and my husbands) by Alison Krauss “When You Say Nothing At All.” Then the list would go on and on from there. Thanks for sharing! I love reading your blog. You always have such fun things!

  201. Hi Stacy. The first song I would download is Keeper of the Stars by Tracy Byrd. It was my wedding song over 12 years ago and still sends shivers down my spine as it is perfect for me and my husband, Jason. It sounds like everyone had a great time at the shower! Thanks for a chance to win the nano.

  202. Kathryn marks says:

    My first downloaded song would be John Lennon’s Woman. It always reminds me of my first love.

  203. Ooohhhh… my first song downloaded will probably be “All I Want to Do” by Sugarland… and then it will become an anniversary gift for my husband.

  204. I hosted a “favorites” party with some girlfriends earlier this year – it was a BLAST! That’s a great idea to adapt it for a shower. If I should be so lucky, I’d download “On The Radio” by Regnia Spektor.

  205. Viva la Vida by Coldplay. I love that song!

  206. Joy Cushing says:

    I am a tad superstitious, so for good luck I would download “The Dance” performed by Garth Brooks. It is the song I listen to when I want to remember my grandparents that are no longer with us and it is a great reminder to live life and embrace all that it has to offer.

  207. The favorites game is such a great idea. I’m going to incorporate that into the next shower I have. How fun!!! Now about the ipod nano – I’d love to have one. I may be the last person I know who doesn’t have one yet. I also don’t have the latest Coldplay cd yet so maybe viva la vida.

  208. The favorites game is such a great idea. I’m going to incorporate that into the next shower I have. How fun!!! Now about the ipod nano – I’d love to have one. I may be the last person I know who doesn’t have one yet. I also don’t have the latest Coldplay cd yet so maybe viva la vida. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  209. cool blue gift!! thanks for the chance to win!!
    I would upload Apocalyptica’s (w/ the singer from 3 Days Grace) “I Don’t Care”

  210. The favorites game is such a great idea. I’m going to incorporate that into the next shower I have. How fun!!! Now about the ipod nano – I’d love to have one. I may be the last person I know who doesn’t have one yet. I also don’t have the latest Coldplay cd yet so maybe viva la vida. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  211. That’s easy – I’d download the entire new Coldplay album. I’ve been really wanting to get it for a while now.
    P.S. – don’t you love that shade of blue?

  212. Kathy Reid says:

    I would download “Creepin’ In” by Norah Jones and Dolly Parton. That favorites game is such a good idea. How fun!

  213. pick me pick me….RED RED WINE by UB40, would be my 1st song, thanks

  214. Thanks for sharing your Favorites Party idea! What a great way to reconnect with friends this fall or holiday season!
    I would download “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me

  215. nomad scrapper says:

    An ipod would be great fun. Then I could download all of Stacy’s great messages from her BPS classes and listen to them while I walk (wink wink). I would download the entire August Rush soundtrack, b/c I loved the music in that movie.

  216. My first download would be Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond!

  217. I’m thinking I would put “Better Together” by Jack Johnson…saw him in concert last week and he was FABULOUS live!

  218. janalee smith says:

    How cool is that something BLUE!!!
    I would download “My Wish” and “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts.
    Congratulations Jenna! Stacy you are so awesome to do this for her and your little flower girl is scrumpcious.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  219. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours….
    Love the shower details!

  220. Viva la Vida by Coldplay would be at the top of the list. I just love how that song makes me happy. It’s a great song to use when warming up to exercise!

  221. anne leglise says:

    If I am the lucky winner of ipod blue, the first song I’ll download will be Ti Amo by Umberto Tozzi.
    A happy trip to you and thanks for sharing your ipod.

  222. I love the “favorites” idea for a party…a great way to share and connect with each other.
    I would download “Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime” as a great reminder of a “season of joy” that just ended in my life. Don’t we all need roses in winter?
    Thanks for sharing.

  223. I think that apple has created the neatest thing ever with the ipod. My kids have nanos and I would love one. They are so small that you can take them anywhere.
    I would download the entire Chris Daughtry album. His voice is amazing.

  224. How sweet of you to give it away! :) I would probably download the whole Seussical album. My daughter took part in a summer camp this year where they did part of the musical. We are all having a blast listening to the songs and I would love to share them all with my kids.

  225. young chang-miller says:

    I want the nano!!!! I’ve been dying to get one, but haven’t had the fun money to do it – pick me! The first song i would download: ‘Sleepless’ by Kate Havnevik, played on Grey’s Anatomy and a great song!

  226. If I am the lucky winner the first song I will down load is Breathe by Rebecca St. James.
    I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  227. The food looks delish! Must be those years you put in in France in the 90′s learning to be a female chef. Hahaha!
    Song for me — C’Mon, Get Happy by the Partridge Family. :)

  228. Hi Stacy–
    I would download “We Are Man & Wife” by Michelle Featherstone. This would also be the perfect song if Jenna is still looking for a “first dance” song with her new husband. I love it!

  229. OMG I would kill for this!! How cool!!!! I would have it loaded up completely right away, but the first song I’d probably put on it is Viva la Vida by Coldplay. I’m loving that song right now!

  230. OK this is one of the coolest giveaways EVER!!!! I think I would put “Blessed” by Martina McBride. It really describes how I feel about my life and the wonderful blessings that have been given to me. And I will definitely be using the “favorites” game at the next shower I throw.

  231. Hi Stacy….what perfect timing. I just had my nano stolen in Vegas. Tip: Never forget that you left your Nano in the glove compartment when you have your car Valet Parked!!!
    I would so love to win this! I would download “Brown Eyed Girl” because it’s one of my favorite songs and it makes me happy!
    Congratulations to Jenna!

  232. It sounds so dorky but I cant get the latest Kid Rock song, “All Summer Long” out of my head. It reminds me of the music of my youth and makes me want to open the windows and sing out loud with the radio blasting. Thanks for such a generous opportunity…

  233. I would definately download
    “Love Remains the Same” by Gavin
    LOVE love love it.
    The blue nano color it so cute.
    What a great gift idea!

  234. I will download “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey! I don’t have my own ipod yet! What a fun shower idea…3 favorites! Gotta try that soon!

  235. That favorites game is a great idea!
    And the first song I would download is the Rihanna song that sample Tainted Love. I love that!
    And the song that is played during the ad for Mercenaries II on TV. It is like a rap but has a repeating “Oh no, you didn’t” thing going on the background. The kids know all the lyrics and even I do now.

  236. Nancy Peacock says:

    Kreesha Turner’s “Don’t Call Me Baby Anymore” is her first recording and I’m surprised how much I like her CD. Kreesha lives next door to us, so I’m happy that I can honestly say I’d enjoy loading her CD onto my Ipod! A few songs on the CD have already gone “gold”!

  237. Sounds like a fabulous shower. The food looked beautiful. I’m sure Jenna and your guests were surprised by the gifts and fun! The first song I would download on the blue ipod would be my son, Sam, playing one of his college violin audition pieces. It would probably be Praeludium and Allegro by Kreisler. I love hearing him play violin.

  238. the first song would (will? positive thinking!) have to be… a song i don’t know the name of my Aberlin.. it has the line in it ” i want to be your last first kiss” and i LOVE that idea! Good one for Jenna :)

  239. I would download “Somebody to love” by Queen–it is just a turn up the radio and sing song to me–loved it in the movie Enchante(I think that was the movie with Anne Hathaway?–I am having a brain cramp–I have been overstimulated from CE this weekend) By the way we missed you at CE in Phx–but loved Collette Hall–she is amazing–big picture is lucky to have her teaching and i am looking forward to learning more from her.

  240. I’d download “Don’t Look Back” by Antigone Rising. It’s my favorite song right now.

  241. Angela Williams says:

    I would download “There Goes My Life” by Kenny Chesney. Makes me bawl everytime I hear it. I always have to hug my daughter. She just rolls her eyes, but she’s 12 so she does that about everything anyway :-)

  242. “ladybug picnic” by elizabeth mitchell b/c it’s my girl’s favorite song right now and if it’s not stuck in my head I would be lonely! :)
    great giveaway!

  243. I would download my wedding song Somewhere over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

  244. Nicole Mantooth says:

    I have wanted an ipod for some time now and just didn’t want to spend the extra money on myself.
    The first song I would download would be a song from Natasha Bettingfield (I think I spelled that wrong), anyways. The song is unwritten. Basically it says that your life is unwritten for tomorrow and you are building your story each day that you live it. I love that.
    Good idea for wedding ideas. Thanks. We are planning our wedding right now.

  245. What a fun idea for a shower! I would download the song “Shine” by the Newsboys! A great pick me up and inspiring song…

  246. Heather Lynne says:

    I would download Strawberry Swing by Coldplay.
    P.S This makes a great background song for an iMovie!

  247. I’d download David Cook’s song! He’s so talented… love that he won Idol this year. Can’t wait for the entire album.
    That is so cool you are sharing this iPod with someone!!

  248. As the only one in the house that doesn’t have an iPod, I definitely have to get that blue one (if I’m not lucky enough). What great ideas for a wedding shower (going to file those away). First song would be “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole…is it too early for Christmas?

  249. LOVE LOVE LOVE that shower idea! I can picture it working well for bday parties and even baby showers as well!!!
    Now, if I were to win that fabu lil blue nano, the first song I would put on it would probably me Defy Gravity from WICKED the musical. Have you seen it yet? ALLLL the songs from that show are beyond amazing :)

  250. Susanne Hampton says:

    I would download Beautiful Boy( Darling Boy) by John Lennon because my beautiful boy just started kindergarten on Tuesday.

  251. well, speaking of wedding songs… I think I would download “This will be an everlasting love” by Natalie Cole. You might recognize this song from the commercials… well, we picked this as our recessional as we walked down the asile together happily married. Little did we know, we’d be hearing this song on tv all the time! But I love it. It’s such a fun way to end a wedding ceremony! :)

  252. Great gift to get in the mail. How do I get on that mailing list. LOL.
    I’d first download Lain’s podcasts which would be great to listen to on the go.

  253. Now that’s some serious happy mail! Definitely a cool shower gift. Great pics on the engagement photo invites. Such a cute couple.
    If I were to win (oh please pick me!), the first song I would download would be Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield.
    Have a safe trip to Africa! I can’t wait to see some of your pictures!

  254. First song – gotta be our wedding song, “Every River” by Runrig (Scottish band – well I am Scottish!!)Because? This lyric:
    Now the years hold no fears, like the wind they pass over
    Loved, forgiven, washed, saved
    Every river I try to cross
    Every hill I try to climb
    Every ocean I try to swim
    Every road I try to find
    All the ways of my life
    I’d rather be with you
    There’s no way
    Without you
    .. and 12yrs on – still true. Hope Jenna’s marriage is as fulfilling as ours! xx

  255. I would buy “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!” I noticed that I’m lacking that song and it’s such a good pick me up!

  256. I’ve bookmarked this post, such wonderful shower ideas I definitely will use soon! Thank you!
    first, i would start uploading my 25 most played songs from my iTunes and on top of that list is Jack Johnson with ‘Better Together’.
    Thanks for sharing!

  257. What cute ideas! If I had a Nano, the 1st song I would download is Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cindi Lauper. I know it is old, but my sisters & I used to watch the movie over & over & over…… and it brings back good memories!

  258. I love the favorites game idea, thanks for sharing, I am definitely going to remember that. The first song I would download would be 1234 by Feist. This is the catchy tune from the the ipod commercial. The song just makes me smile and want to move to the music. I would dance around my family room in awe that I would actually have my own ipod! I am sure the kids would get a laugh out of that : )

  259. What a lovely box to get in the mail. Love the photos you did get = especially the one of Addie and Jenna, you can see they have a good bond.
    As for the song I’d download, I think it would have to be Everybody Hurts by R.E.M – one of my favourites.

  260. Can I just add a ps. to my above message. Have a wonderful time in South Africa and I hope you take lots of photos. I lived there for 26 years and had the most wonderful childhood growing up there – it’s a magical country.

  261. Thanks for the chance to win “something blue”. My first song would be “Up on the Roof” by James Taylor, the live version. Just love it.
    Enjoy your trip to South Africa. Save travels. Take lots of pictures!

  262. “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” by Martina McBride is the first song that I would put on my new Ipod! It’s fun, upbeat and it makes me walk faster when I listen to it. :)

  263. The first song I would download is Forever in Blue Jeans by Neil Diamond, because I just love Neil Diamond and he makes me happy!!!

  264. I LOVE the idea of the favourites party. I would download Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen…..I love the energy of that song.

  265. hi there, i hope that you have a wonderful expericence in south africa. my first song that i would download would be for my 4 year old little boy You Got A Friend In Me from the movie Toy Story! He loves that song and sings it all day everyday we just dont have anything to put it on.

  266. Carole Hamstra says:

    Fabulous party ideas! Sounds like so much fun! First song I would download is “Let’s Get Loud” – I want to live my life boldly!!

  267. Addy looks adorable in the picture with Jenna! BTW, if I were a bride, I’d download “I’ve Got Love on My Mind” by Natalie Cole first!
    Stacy :-)

  268. I would download “In the Mood” by Glenn Miller as that is such a romantic old song..Love it.
    And great pics by the way…but next time- perhaps hand your camera over to one of the guests? It’s tough being all things to everyone.

  269. I would download Everything by Michael Buble – such a great song! Love the shower ideas!

  270. Okay..don’t laugh cause I’m old (48) and would download “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock. It really takes me back to my teen years haning at the lake.

  271. Josh Groban ~ it would be anything by him, but probably “You’re Still You”. One of my absolute favorite songs ever!

  272. Oh my goodness!! I’ve been wanting an iPod for a couple years now, but somehow money keeps getting spent on food and clothes instead ;)
    I’d download “You Never Let Go” by Matt Redman. The kids and I both love that song, and it’s such a wonderful reminder

  273. I downloaded Casting Crowns What this world needs. Love all their songs! My ipod has made my early morning walks lots more fun.

  274. heather jarrett says:

    I really want the Mercy Me CD. It’s not new, but I would like the whole thing instead of just one song.

  275. I love the shower theme…so cool. And that trifle looks delicious. I have never made that before…will you share the recipe?
    My first song to download should i win(please, please pick me) will be Piano song by Meiko….actually her whole album ;P love, love, lover her.
    Have a fun and safe trip.

  276. Kimberly Sacks says:

    I think the shower theme is the pest idea I’ve seen in a long time for a shower!
    My boyfriend’s cousin is getting married next year in October (we were just at her engagement party yesterday) and I will have to mention it to her sister.
    What a creative way to help the new couple start off with some cool items!
    I would love to win the blue iPod nano, as well, I love the color! Who wouldn’t want to add a little music to their life?
    Thanks Stacey!

  277. I am a friend of Kristi Murillo’s. This is such a cool idea. I would put Matthew West – You Are Everything.

  278. Michelle Salazar says:

    What a great moment in time for all you! I love the shower idea and will use it because that is a very cool thing to do with girlfriends.
    I would put Peaceful easy feelings by the Eagles because that is our song on the Ipod first after I figured out how to do that! LOL

  279. What a fun shower and what a fun pkg in the mail! My first song to load on the nano would be “Love Me” by Colin Ray. Absolutely my fav song which tears me up everytime I hear it!
    Have an awesome time in So. Africa. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  280. Wow! What a giveaway! I would love to be the luck winner!
    I would start off by downloading “Just The Way You Are” by Billy Joel. Such a great song with meaningful lyrics.

  281. My first song downloaded would be ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ by Phil Oakley. It takes me right back to the 80′s and still gives me tingles now, I can’t help but have the biggest smile on my face whenever I hear it :)
    I love the idea of the ‘Favourites’ game, will definately be using that one int he future xx

  282. Such an awesome prize. The first song will be The Long Goodbye by Brooks and Dunn.

  283. What fun! In the whole spirit of the shower. . . the first song I would download would be “our song”. . . the one we requested for each other at a high school dance and the first song we danced to at our wedding: “Forever Faithfully” by Journey.

  284. This is so cool..I love that color…it would be a good color for a bike or a scooter! Ok…I’d download Ma Na Ma Na by cake…because I like Cake and because that song was one of my favorite childhood songs and, thanks to youtube, is now one of my son’s faves…and Cake does an excellent version!

  285. What a fun party idea!
    The first song I would download would be Imagine Me by Kirk Franklin.

  286. That would be unbelievably great! I have been looking for some much needed inspiration to get back into running early in the morning before my two little ones get up and this would be it. I would download “Let’s Get it Started” by The Blackeyed Peas since that was what I listened to when I started my last Half Marathon way too long ago!

  287. Hi Stacy, I absolutely love your blog and your enthusiasm for life. The first song I would put on would be, “The Chain,” by Fleetwood Mac b/c, that is my all-time favotire song EVER. Always makes me smile and feel young! Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  288. “Sway” by Michael Buble because it makes me happy!

  289. Wow…sounds great! The first song I would download would be from Trace Adkins “You’re gonna Miss This”. Such a great song about life and trying not to grow up too quick. I cry everytime because it is SO SO true.

  290. I would download the entire cast album from “Mamma Mia.” It’s such a motivating soundtrack. Really good to walk to.
    Susan (from Maryland).

  291. I love your blog- you always have the cutest ideas. My 2 year-old is getting the cutest rainbow party this week becasue of you! The first song I would download would be, “Blessed” by Martina McBride. I just love that song!

  292. Chris Cross says:

    Josh Groben – Where you Are. My sister was killed in a car accident on Aug. 26th and we played it at her funeral. Love it!

  293. What a fun idea! Thanks!
    The first song I would download
    would be ‘The Levee’ by Johnny Lang

  294. “I can see clearly now” by Johnny Nash. This song lifts me up everytime I hear it. :)

  295. Brynn Rogers says:

    I would download “You Are” by Chris Roach, a song about who God is, because when my eyes are focused on Him, all else comes into perspective.

  296. I am the only person anywhere that does not have a ipod. Actually neither myself nor my husband have one yet, so it would be so wonderful to win something we probably will not buy for ourselves! I would put A pocketful of sunshine on it first. I love that lively song!

  297. What a lucky girl Jenna is. You ROCK!
    I love the iPod nano. I’d download Where the Green Grass Grows by Tim McGraw 1st thing. Love all his songs, and he’s gorgeous too.

  298. Wow – what a great giveaway! Such a cute color, too!!! My first song to download would be Rodeo by Copeland. That song gives me such energy to move.

  299. Wow, that’s one heck of a giveaway! I would download the Mac Book song “New Soul” by Yael Naim. Very appropriate, don’t you think?

  300. “somewhere only we know” by keane

  301. oh i would download “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins. Such a great message in that song. Slow down and enjoy each season in life because someday “you’re gonna miss this.”

  302. I would love to have an ipod to make walking more fun! The first song to download… hmm… I’d have to make it “Unexpected Song” by Sarah Brightman, because it makes me happy! =)

  303. My favorite song is The Dance by Garth Brooks. I would put that on it first. Thanks for the chance and the shower looks like it was a great success!!!

  304. Looks like it was a great time (and what a great gift/prize!).
    Hmmmm. I think I would load the Hothouse Flowers version of “I Can See Clearly Now”. Definitely different from the original but definitely inspiring and energizing. (and there are definitely times that I need that!!!).

  305. Wow! What an awesome giveaway. (And blue is my favorite color ;) ) The first song I would download on to it would be Canon in D as it was a song that was played at my wedding. It is also my ring tone on my phone. I love having that connection to one of the happiest days of my life in my pocket where ever I go.

  306. The song would definitely have to be Shake It by Metro Station. Way fun to run too.

  307. I’m not sure if my comment posted or not!! (Maybe there’s too many!!)
    Anyway – again – great shower, great prize / gift!
    I would pick “I Can See Clearly Now” by Hothouse Flowers – an inspiring, energizing version that is definitely different than the original…

  308. Laura Buchanan says:

    The first song I will put on my new blue ipod nano is “Bleeding Heart” by Leona Lewis. It’s my favorite lately because of the dance from SYTYCD by Chelsie (who I know) and Mark.
    By the way, Heidi Ashton from NY who emailed you about “Altogether Too Happy” is my friend. I am the secretary who told her about you. Thanks for being so willing to help us!

  309. As the weather is getting cooler here in the Chicago area my first song would be Summertime by Bon Jovi.

  310. We have been watching The Bee Movie over & over…my first song would be “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies. So my 3yo & I could dance! :)

  311. Sad to say (not really stuck in the 80′s!) but Safety Dance by Men in Hats remains one of my all time favorites to carry around on my little player. It’s on my phone and I listen to it while I work out!

  312. txscrapaddict says:

    Looks like a wonderful time! I was gonna say I’m probaby the only person in the world without an iPod, but I see soemone else boasts that! So now I’m not alone! I wouls download “Watermark” by Enya. Just love her music.

  313. Mary Frances says:

    My son and I love to sing and listen to Jack Johnson’s version of 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle)
    So that would be the first one I would download!
    ps – love the ‘gift exchange’ idea!!

  314. WOW…awesome shower and awesome gift! I would download “Every Moment” by Rogue Wave. It is an awesome uplifting song that was recently featured on my other favorite blog, and I’d love to be able to listen anytime I wished!

  315. Since you introduced me to Jack Johnson, I am loving his songs… so that will be my first to download!

  316. I would download, “Live Like you Were Dying” by Tim McGraw. It is a wonderful song about making the most of every minute. Then I would download every other Tim McGraw song because I love this man’s voice…and he’s not too bad to look at either.

  317. first song to download? anything by John Mayer……today!

  318. My first download was the sound track score to SPAM-A-LOT.
    I can’t wait for it to come to San Francisco!

  319. i would download Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. That girl has a voice.
    TFS the shower. Looks like a wonderful time and you did a fab job!

  320. You’re going miss this by Trace Adkins.

  321. my first song would be…
    take a bow by Rihanna….if i could even get my hands on it…my son;s birthday is on the 15th and an ipod is all that he is asking for!

  322. Wow – you are super generous. Having never had an I-pod, I would be thrilled! I would download “When you say nothing at all” by Alison Krauss, and probably the rest of her album. Oh, and something Rascal Flatts – LOVE their music.

  323. Wow- super cool gift!! :) I LOVE that color blue….and have been wishing and hoping for a nano for what feels like forever. LOL
    The first song I’d download is “Say Yes” by Dusty Drake. My husband and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary and if I’d known of this song then, our first dance may have been this one! It’s a beautiful heartfelt tear-jerker. Take a listen here:
    Have a great weekend! Congratulations to the bride and groom to be!

  324. Wow, what an amazing give away!! Thank you so much for the chance to win an awesome prize.
    I would download “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins. I used this song as background music to a tribute I made for our daughter who passed away unexpectedly 4 years ago. I frequently listen to the song as I reflect the short six months and 10 days we were blessed with her in our everyday lives.
    Tammy M

  325. for fun, We Will Rock You by Queen!

  326. What a wonderful shower and gift! I can’t imagine anyone being indifferent to that great box from Apple…
    My first song to load would be “No One Else” by Amel Larrieux. sigh…

  327. Glad to hear you were in the moment for this special occasion. I would download the whole soundtrack of Mama Mia – love that ABBA stuff.

  328. I would download Jack Johnson’s “Better Together.” It always puts a smile on my face & reminds me of my family.

  329. I would download Everytime I roll the dice by Delbert McClinton!!

  330. WOW! You are such a gem … always willing to share with us. I also fall under the no ipod yet category. The first song I would download would be “Beautiful” by James Blunt.

  331. In The Ayer by Flo Rida….or it would be a video, because I have SERIOUS video envy! I have one of the “old” ipods that my daughter has been begging me to use, so I would be realllly excited to pass it down ;)

  332. How fun is that? I’m thinking the first song might be Valentine by Martina McBride. It was sung at our wedding.

  333. oh my, that is what my dd wants! the same color and everything. we both have talked about it and she is only 5 (but wants one soo bad lol) so the first song on it for her would be: iCarly’s theme song: Leave it All to Me by Miranda Cosgrove!

  334. I would love to win a blue Ipod Nano! My favorite 3 most recent song downloads are: Realize-Colbie Caillat, New Shoes-Paolo Nutini, and My Heart-Lizz Wright.
    Thanks so much for your blog and your books–you are an inspiration for me! Barb

  335. oh wow!
    i would download the new Ben Folds/Regina Spektor song, “You Don’t Know Me”!!!

  336. “You Gotta Be”

  337. I would download Friday I’m In Love by the Cure. Love that song!!

  338. Mary Bright says:

    WOW! Someone really does like you at apple.
    I’d download something by Taylor Swift, maybe that “Our Song” or something like that. She bright and hip she makes me feel young.

  339. the whole sound track from mama mia… what a great flick finally got away with the girls to see it. laughed so hard. that’s my download. m

  340. I think that the idea for the party is an awesome idea and I think that I will be having one of those parties this fall. It just seems to hard to pick one favorite. I also love the gift that you recieved from Apple, that is so kind of them. 90% pf my business is bridal photography and that is such a cool thing to have available. I am thinking that I may have to invest in a new computer… Hmmmm. I do like Apples!HEHE! One thing I do for my brides is send them a CD that I have made about three weeks before the wedding with “getting Ready music” and a little note telling them how excited I am to spend the day with them. It is always a pleaser! But an Apple Nano is another cute idea too. Thanks!

  341. Wow! How fun is this?!
    Ok, So I think that my favorite feel good song would have to go on a new ipod….it would be Bob Marley’s 3 little birds…it always makes me happy and feel good. Another one is Fergie’s Big Girl’s Don’t Cry…I love those songs!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win Stacy!

  342. Stacy-you are so much fun. I would immediately download “Fool’s Gold Legend” from the soundtrack. It is like instant paradise island fun.

  343. You must search i-tunes for songs from the “Madison Project”. They are a group of guys from James Madison University (my alma mater!) and sing the most amazing a capella. That would be my first download!
    Sue in Alexandria VA

  344. I would download Twist in my story by Second Hand Serenade. That is going to be Adam and I ‘s first dance song at our upcoming wedding :) I could definitely use somehting blue!! What a fun shower! You have some really great friends!

  345. “You Raise Me Up” by Selah. It truly lifts my heart every time I hear it!
    I’m loving the idea of bringing 5 of your favorite things to share! How fun!

  346. Anything and everything from the 80′s. Talking heads, peter gabriel….What a fun shower!! Thanks for sharing!

  347. I think it’s called down home, but the only line that run’s through my head is, “just a little dot on a state road map”. I’ve been meaning to have my hubby (the music guru) find it for me and burn a favorites CD. He owns almost a thousand CD’s and everyone asks him if he could use and ipod or other such device. He doesn’t want one the crazy man. No one asks if I’d like one.

  348. I just joined a gym & need motivation! I would start with “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves.

  349. Oh darn! I have to pick one?? I would download the whole Rob Thomas album. He makes me smile-

  350. “Let My Love Open Your Door” because it has been in myhead since I re-watched “Dan In Real Life” last week!

  351. WOW! What a cool gift for Jenna! My current new fave is “I’ll Walk” by Buck Covington. Now, I am not really a fan of his flowing locks, but this song literally made me gasp the first time I heard it. I cry every time I hear it! Then I would download “Let’s get loud” by Jennifer Lopez cuz it’s just plain fun to dance to! :)

  352. The first song I would download would probably be So What? by Pink. I like her new single, it’s fun.

  353. shearstuff says:

    I got my hubby a little ipod to run with so I would love to have one of my own. First song would absolutely be Here Comes the Sun by the Beattles. So describes my life at present! And Blue! What could be better?!?

  354. Terri Howard says:

    Wow! What will they think of next for Brides?
    Because my mom and I are Breast Cancer survivors, I would download the original Donna Summer version of “I Will Survive!”

  355. Marcie Koch says:

    Congrats Jenna! Stacy – I love you – you’re the greatest. I would FOR SURE download the new Kid Rock album – especially the Summertime song. It rocks just like you.

  356. I would download my wedding song “Sea of Love by Honeydrippers. Great song, beautiful memories. Thanks and have fun in South Africa!

  357. Blue on Blue by Bobby Vinton just for fun!! ;-)
    GREAT shower idea…will have to remember the favorites.

  358. I’d download Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “Cinderella” – it brings a tear to my eyes everytime I hear it. Your little flower girl is adorable!

  359. Someone at Apple indeed loves you!
    I think the first song I would load is Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K. Just a fun, fun song that I am loving lately.

  360. Guyland Gal says:

    Oh my just choose one song? I would probably start with best of Eagles, Bowie, Chicago etc. Then just run from there. So many CDs to load and go from there.

  361. O wow, what a gorgeous color has this IPod; totally my color!!!
    The first song I would download? I think Mamma Mia from Abba… Been to the movie a few weeks ago and I loved it!

  362. Debbie Lucero says:

    Awww, that would have to be anything James Taylor. I never tire of his music.

  363. Oh my goodness! How exciting!!! The first song I would download is “Mercy River” by Mercy River. Love how soothing and relaxing it is – and it brings such a peace to my spirit in my crazy run-around mom life!!!
    Sara :)

  364. I would download Keith Urban’s “Making Memories of Us” — the song my hubs and I danced to last Thanksgiving weekend at our wedding! :)

  365. hmmm…so hard to pick just one song. Right now I am loving “hands on a miracle” by the Foo Fighters. So special as I am just a new mom. Thanks for this fun giveaway! I thought I was the only one left in the US without an ipod!

  366. What?! I don’t have an ipod and must be the last person on earth not to. My first song would be “Shine” by the Pawn Shop kings, an amazing folksy bluesy group ( that I love.
    I just posted a birthday/100th post giveaway on my blog, but you’ve blown me out of the water with this one!

  367. Love the shower theme idea. My first song to download would be “Stand By Me”

  368. I think albanoni, addagio for strings. That is just so lyrical.

  369. a free nano? not that i ever win anything, but that whole Apple gift box was amazing? How did you get on the list?
    i think if i had the nano, the first song i’d download would be “rock your body” by justin timberlake. my friends and i always play it on the jukebox at any bar we’re at and dance around like idiots to it!

  370. WOW – You are so generous. Ok I am so playing along. The first song I will download would have to be:
    All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers – Such a fun song to run/walk to!!!

  371. I would have to download the Eagles–going to see them in concert for my 26th anniversary on Thursday!

  372. Tina Streuli says:

    What a great giveaway. If I were to win it, I would download any Martina McBride song, if not a whole album. I just love her.
    Thanks for offering such a fun giveaway,

  373. Natasha Smith says:

    Oh! I would LOVE this! Been wanting some new music and this would be a great place to start. I think I would start my music search with Sarah McLachlan. Haven’t had any of her music in my possession for a long time.

  374. Really in the mood for some Van Morrison……

  375. I love Apple products! What a cool present for Jenna! I think the first song I would put on my iPod is Lift Me Up by Kate Voegele. It’s a beautiful song.

  376. Love the blue nano…and it would be perfect, since I just sent my son’s ipod through the washer and dryer…amazingly it still plays music, just having trouble playing on the ihome :)
    I would probably download something from Carrie Underwood.

  377. WOW! Like someone else said…how do you get on that list?
    Congrats Jenna! What a fun way to be “showered” and what a fun event to attend.
    I would download Norah Jones. There is just something about her voice that I absolutely love.

  378. Laurie Takens says:

    Stacy – you’re amazing, and so generous too! If I were to win this I would download anything by Michael Buble – I love his music!

  379. Vicki Arnold says:

    I would put Bon Jovi “Livin on a Prayer”! Love it!

  380. Laurie Takens says:

    Not sure my comment went. I would download any song by Michael Buble – I love his music!

  381. I’m really dating myself with this song, but it is our song, Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce.

  382. Ok I would LOVE THIS because 1. I don’t have an ipod yet and 2. I’ve been having a blue thing lately – I even have blue nail and toenail polish on right now! The First Song I would download would be: Dancing Queen – we’ve been having a Mamma Mia thing in my house. And thank you for the shower ideas – I’ll be throwing one for my cousin next month!

  383. OMGOSH! I love APPLE! My daughters all have iPods of some sort and I try and steal theirs all the time!!! LOL! I keep asking for one for my birthday but maybe I won’t have to ask this year!
    The first song I would download is Etta James “At Last”. It’s a classic and what better song to walk to while out on a chilly fall morning! Good luck to me!

  384. What an awesome idea for a shower game. Love the idea of everyone bringing a favorite something. Will remember it for future reference. And giving away an ipod! I just finally got a real desktop in March so needless to say I don’t have and never have had an ipod. First song I’d download on it? Come on get Higher by Matt Nathanson. One of my very favorite artists who’s finally getting some well deserved mainstream attention. Then I’d be like that squirrel in Over the Hedge running here and there after every song I could. Thanks for the opportunity!

  385. I’m really loving the new Pink song So What but right now one of my happy songs is Whoops Now by Janet Jackson – love to sing along to that – and my voice just gets so much better with earbuds in so I can’t here myself!!

  386. If available on-line (I own the cd) would be “one particular harbor” my all time favorite Jimmy Buffett song. And outside of the first dance with my husband at our wedding, it was my favorite song to dance to at the reception.
    Marion Ohio

  387. Oh my goodness!!! My first song would have to be all time my favorite…Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl :)

  388. “AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH” would be my song. I heard it at a football game last night and remembered how much I LOVE it!

  389. Welllllll, I am hooked on Mamma Mia, so I am going with my favorite song from the movie soundtrack, “Does Your Mother Know”–it just makes me happy.

  390. Annie’s Song by John Denver….our wedding song and how we still feel after 22 years:)

  391. That’s a great idea for thank you cards.
    The first song that I would put on the nano would probably be Ingrid Michaelson The Way I am.
    thanks for such a kind give away

  392. Wow! What a great give-away. The first song I would put on is Van Morrison’s Someone Like You. Somehow I missed this one until a friend of mine got married a few years ago and this was on her wedding CD. I’ve loved it ever since.

  393. Well…if they had the Beatles I would download the song my sweetie and I will be dancing to for the first time as husband and wife (called Something). But since they don’t, I’ll go with something by Rihanna to keep me moving and in great shape for the wedding!!

  394. Definitely music from Mamma Mia!!! What better inspiration for Scrapping! It gets my heart pumping and then the creativity just flows!

  395. LOL! Well, I’ll be honest. The first song that popped into my mind is The Ohio State Fight Song! LOL! I need to download it for our cheerleaders. Guess that’s what I had on my mind.

  396. Pamela Adcock says:

    I have been wishing for an ipod for so long….my first song would definitely be “Old Time Rock and Roll”…Bob Seger !

  397. Anything from Carole King’s Tapestry CD!!! “I Feel the Earth Move”, “You Make Me Feel” or “Tapestry” all great songs!!

  398. I recently ordered a nano for my son’s birthday and had it engraved — LOVE that.
    The first song I would download is “Happy” by Natasha Bedingfield. I love so many of her songs.

  399. What a generous give away! I would love to win mostly because I never win any contests like this but also because my daughter just got a blue one and I love it! And I would love to win it because I would never buy one for myself. What would I download – probably anything by John Mayer!

  400. Mindy Hartigan says:

    Okay I will play since it sounds so fun. My first song would have to be some of the new New Kids on the Block songs, haha!! I loved them as a teen and between them and the new 90210 I have been reliving my teenage years. It has been FUN!
    What a great gift you gave her! I bet she loved it.

  401. I would download Unforgettable for all the unforgettable times that you’ve shared together and for the great moments ahead.
    Millbrae, CA

  402. So generous of you! The first song I would download would be the song, WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL, an oldie by the Backstreet Boys.. love that song.. such a great message! Love it! I am crossing my fingers.. always wanted a nano!

  403. I will load The Story by Brandi Carlile…my new favorite song! It is wonderful!

  404. The song that I am LOVING right now is Viva La Vida by Coldplay. For some reason it literally makes my day & I just have to play it LOUD!

  405. SHUT UP. seriously??!
    first song on my download plan: Empty by Ray LaMontague
    second song:
    Come on Get Higher by Matt Nathanson
    third song:
    too many to count….
    you rock, stacy.

  406. I’m still stuck in the dark ages and know my kids will have them before me! How exciting and how lucky Jenna is!
    Sticking to the whole wedding theme I would pick our first dance song from 18 years ago… One Friend by Dan Seals.

  407. You are so generous Stacy! We have no ipods (or MP3s) in our house. I’d love one though! I’ve just discovered Yael Naim’s “New Soul” from a playlist on Elizabeth Kartchner’s blog. Love it,so that would be the first but there are so many favourites!

  408. love love love the ideas you presented here. First song? SAY by John Mayer – because not only do I LOVE him – the song hits home on so many different levels. thanks – Stacy – for always sharing the love.

  409. I can’t believe you’re giving away an iPod!!!! The first song I would download onto it might be “32 Flavors” by Alana Davis.

  410. Definitely “The Story” by Brandi Carlisle. I get goosebumps every time I hear it.

  411. Michele Holzhauser says:

    oh fun! “Just give me Jesus”, by Fernando Ortega!

  412. My first song would be ‘Serenade’ by Secret Garden. A beautiful, relaxing piece.

  413. I think the first song will be “Superwoman” by Alicia Keys because that song makes me feel like I can conquer the world. I love to blast it when I am having one of those days.

  414. Jenna is a lucky girl. I love Addie’s dress…positively frothy.
    The first song: Feelin’ Alright (Joe Cocker)

  415. “Walkin’ in Memphis” by Eli Mattson on America’s Got Talent. What a voice!

  416. Oh Wow! I would download the Curious George Soundtrack esp Upside Down. Love that soundtrack.

  417. I love the “Favorites” theme for a party! I’ll have to use it sometime…
    First song would definitely be “Feelin’ Good Again” by Robert Earl Keen, because finally I AM feelin’ good again!!

  418. What a wonderful shower idea. Thanks for sharing! My first song would be Unchained Melodies.

  419. Wow! Unbelievably generous of you! My first song would be “Still the One” by Orleans – perfect song to describe my 30+ years marriage. Second song would be “At Last” by Etta James.

  420. You are truly a very giving person! The first song I will load on any ipod I every get (lol) will be, This ones for the Girls by Martina McBride. It’s a great song when walking :)

  421. Wow, an ipod! I would download first “Praam” from the “Where the hell is Matt” video.

  422. Stacy, you are already so generous…with your time, creativity, sharing your philosophies & techniques on scrapping (LOM), zest for life, and now this!
    We moved several months ago and I’m missing our old church, esp. worship time. Our worship leader just came out with a CD on iTunes with his band The Reaching, so the first song I would download would be Breathe the Air. Second choice would be Come Thou Fount – a song I love and also reminds me of our former church.
    Thank you!

  423. What an amazing giveaway! I’m sure Jenna loved her Something blue :)
    The first some I would download would be “Forever” by Ben Harper. It was our first dance song and it always makes me smile :)

  424. Jodi in Queen Creek says:

    i love your uplifting blog, just happy.
    my first song would be “somewhere over the rainbow” by IZ
    next would be “Footloose” just to annoy my almost 40 husband!!

  425. Stacy, that is so nice of you!!!
    My first song would be Dancing Queen because that is my favorite song!!!
    The shower looked like a lot of fun!!

  426. I would LOVE to win this! First Song would be “When I Grow Up” by the PussyCat Dolls. Next song “SummerTime” by Kid Rock. Amy in Wisconsin

  427. The first song I would download would be “I can see Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  428. “Old Days” by Chicago–love it.
    Love the blue ipod also.

  429. Wow! How awesome of you Stacy!
    The first song I would download would be “Last Name” by Carrie Underwood…LOVE that song!!

  430. Just yesterday, I was in a room with 20 other people and someone asked. Who here does not have an IPOD? My husband and I and only 2 more people raised their hand! Is that sad especially when you’re just 32? That would be cool to win. You would love the first song I would download: Title: So simple from Album: Beautiful Awakening by Stacie Orrico.
    Thanks again. Sarah

  431. Love the bridal shower ideas, love anything from Apple and I would totally load You’ve Got a Friend by James Taylor as my first new song on an iPod.

  432. Oh my gosh how exciting! I use to work at Apple in Cupertino many moons ago but I still don’t have an Ipod Nano. I would download 1st “This Ones for the Girls” by Martina McBride. I love its strong powerful “You Go Girl” message. Thanks Stacy! from Kathy

  433. An iPod! Wow, what a giveaway! I would download anything Carrie Underwood and then all of the songs from Mamma Mia (they make me want to dance and move to Greece!)

  434. Thanks for the great ideas. I can’t wait to try them out.
    First song? I think “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart. I just love the lyrics.

  435. For me, the first song would be Don’t Give Up by Peter Gabriel. I’ld then regift it to a little friend who would benefit from hearing the song.

  436. You are so generous to offer this to one of us!
    I think the first song I would download onto it is “The River” by Garth Brooks. It’s my all time favorite. I love the line “choose to chance the rapids, dare to dance the tide.”

  437. I would love a BLUE ipod- how cute! I would download something by James Taylor- I love his music!

  438. What a wonderful offer – I was just commenting how I would love an ipod. My first song – “no woman, no cry” by Bob Marley. Your post reminded me of it – no crying for Jenna!

  439. Great fun! The first song I would download would be Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield. It makes me happy. Karen

  440. Love looking at the choices.
    My first song on my first ipod would be “It’s a Beautiful Day” by U2.

  441. What fun! The first song I’d download is Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield. It makes me smile! Karen

  442. Sweet Baby James…James Taylor…love him!! :)

  443. How exciting to win an iPOD since I don’t even have one. What’s crazy is that a friend gave me an iPOD docking station last Christmas (thinking I was cool and would have an iPOD:). I think the first song I would download would be “At Last”. LOVE THAT SONG.

  444. My first song would be Communication Breakdown – Led Zeppelin. It doesn’t get any better than the classics!

  445. The first song I would download would be “want to” by Sugarland. Its about friends falling in love together, new love and young love. A great beginning song. This song completely takes me back to when I first fell in love with my husband.

  446. kreativekate says:

    The first thing I would download would be Calambria. That’s the really cool song they play in the Target ad with the dorm room. Love it!

  447. I would download “Just Stand Up (To Cancer),” one of the best “fight songs” you can imagine…and not just for cancer survivors. An excellent motivator to get your butt in gear and live your life to the fullest.

  448. FABULOUS! And you are a Mac-Apple lover too!! Too good to be true! Anyway, I would likely download an opera (yep, the entire thing) or one of the hundreds of songs on my TBL (to be listened (to) list. I’m a musician, so the list is endless and loooooooooooooooooooooong.
    Gosh, as if I needed one more reason to love your blog! :-)

  449. The first song I would place on this iPod would be Michael Buble’s “Everything” – soon followed by more Buble :0) R

  450. Hi Stacey,
    Love your blog! First song I would down load is “No Ordinary Love” by Toby Mac YEAH!

  451. This is so sweet. Sweet of Apple, sweet of you and sweet something blue. I love it. It might be my new gift for ‘special to my heart’ brides. Thanks for sharing. Now, pick me!! Oh yeah, and my first song that I would download would be One Love by Bob Marley.

  452. How sweet to send you that!! Wow! Lucky girl! Even sweeter that you are “paying it forward”!
    I think the first song I would download is “She’s Everything” by Brad Paisely

  453. Kim Heggins says:

    What a cool idea…the first song I would download is “There goes my Hero” by the Foo Fighters. Thanks for the chance to win!

  454. We are an Apple family, and I keep telling my hubby we need to up and move clear across the country (we’re East Coast) to Cupertino so that he can be nearer his first true love, Apple! Seriously, he is the guy standing in Best Buy that people just assume works there, because he’s explaining what’s cool about the newest Apple product to anyone who’ll listen. My hubby, gotta love him. Anyway…the first song I would download would be “Handlebars” by the Flobots, because it is definitely one of the coolest songs out there now, and it will probably end up in an Apple commercial in the near future. Thanks for the chance!

  455. I think for me, right now, it would be something Elton John. Don’t ask me why, it’s just my current “mood”!

  456. Jack Johnsons Angel. One of the best love songs!!

  457. Kristen Huta says:

    Love all of your ideas. I would load Joshua Kadison “Beautiful in my Eyes”.

  458. I would upload Chasing Pavements by Adele first. I really like that song! That is such a sweet package you received. Yummy!

  459. I would download a switchfoot song. I am really digging their music lately
    btw: your blog header and the strawberry dessert in this post are making me very very hungry. Ouch! I am getting mental calories just looking!

  460. Thanks so much, Stacy – totally cool of you to pass the Nano on!!
    Gotta say – i’m a total 100%, card-carrying dork. First song i’d download would be ANYTHING by Donny Osmond…because even 30 years after i first saw him, i STILL love him.
    The Husband knows. He deals with it.

  461. I would put the song Stacy used as a theme song for her Glimpses album. I can’t remember the name but it puts a smile on my face and relaxes me everytime I hear it.

  462. motherbear says:

    I would have 2 say Don’t go by billy ray and his daughter miley. I think of my sweet baby girl everytime i hear it. She left in May and joined the navy.

  463. That is an awesome giveaway!
    The first song I would download is Michael Buble’s “Home”. I love his voice and the song touches me in a different way every time I hear it.

  464. What an awesome idea for a wedding gift!! Love it! I would say my first download would have to be Shine for You by Hillsong United.

  465. I really want the Heidi Newfield song ‘Johnny and June’, but alas, they do not have it on Canadian itunes yet.

  466. I don’t have an ipod and would love one . . . especially one in my favorite color. I would download Cinderella by Stephen Curtis Chapman. This one brings tears to my eyes every time . . . especially after he lost his baby girl. It makes me think about living in the moment. especially the line, “When the clock strikes midnight, she’ll be gone.” Makes me want to drink in every moment I can with my kids.

  467. “When You Say Nothing At All” – Allison Kraus and Union Station. Because it is a great song; she has a beautiful voice; and sometimes someone just has to shout out for Bluegrass bands.

  468. Awesome! Very generous of you to offer this to your readers. Love your blog and my friends & I hope to see you at CKC Seattle! I would download O.A.R’s “Shattered”.

  469. Hmmm, I would download the song(s) from the soundtrack to “Zoom” a crash and burn movie with “Tim the ToolmanTaylor of Home Improvement” silly, huh? But there’s a reason. I already paid for the music at Christmas time to make a surprise playlist for my son because he and his brother watched the movie repeatedly, but my connection was so slow it wouldn’t work. I was so sad then but so hopefu now.

  470. I would download Bring the Rain by Mercy Me. I absolutely love this song.

  471. I would download “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. Because despite everything going on in the world today, if we stop and listen to the lyrics, we really do live in a wonderful world, created by our wonderful Creator.
    Thanks for the chance to win, Stacey! :)

  472. I will download natalie grants held BEAUTIFUL song!!!

  473. My wedding song, That Means So Much, by ZZ Hill. Still one of my favorite, all-time songs, after 18 years. :)

  474. I would download Blue Moon. Why? Because it’s blue (of course) and because it is the song my husband sung to me at my wedding. Only appropriate to have on my very first ipod.

  475. Okay, the first song I would download would be Mirah – “The Garden”. I am a huge So You Think You Can Dance fan and that was my favorite dance this season. Everytime that I hear that song I can “see” the dance in my head and it just makes me happy!
    I also love the idea for the bridal shower and I am going to use it for sure at my friend’s upcoming shower!

  476. I would download “Every Moment” by Joy williams…introduced to me by YOU in LOM. Love that song and its message.

  477. I would put “Come on get Higher” by Matt Nathanson as my first song!

  478. So here is a very dorky, teeny bopper choice, but the beat makes me happy. It’s Jesse Mccartney’s Leavin’. You are too cool to do this for your readers! Thanks!

  479. I would download Blue Moon. Why? Because it’s blue (of course) and because it is the song my husband sang to me at our wedding reception. Very appropriate to have on my very first ipod.

  480. My current favorite song is “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

  481. I would download “It’s Good To Be Us” by Bucky Covington because I would feel so lucky to be me if I won! (and this is a rockin song!) How generous of you to give this away… thanks for the chance to win :-)
    Darcy – Ellisville, MO

  482. I’m going to download the rest of Ingrid Michaelson’s cd, Be Ok, come October :) I had to download the single already…

  483. Marlyn Gelb says:

    The Rainbow Connection sung by Sarah McLachlan. Yes the Kermit song but without the frog voice!

  484. Kelli Ingram says:

    I would have to download the new Jason Mraz CD. My two year old daughter loves to dance to his music (and I love it too!)

  485. I would download “You are so beautiful to me” by Joe Cocker. This was our wedding song 23 years ago and still makes me smile every time I hear it.

  486. Nicole in Oregon says:

    I would definitely pick “God Blessed the Broken Road” which is the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding reception and is our favorite love song for each other!
    Thanks for giving us this chance to win Stacy!

  487. I will download Any Dream Will Do from Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Love that!

  488. Hmm, I’d have to say some Alanis, since one of my littles broke one of my fav discs of hers.

  489. Too cool!
    I would have to download ‘If You’re Goin’ Through Hell’. In case you’re not a country fan, that song says: ‘If you’re goin’ through hell, keep on goin’, don’t slow down, if you’re scared don’t show it. You might get out ‘fore the devil even knows you’re there.’
    That song always reminds my of my 8 year old’s *successful* battle with cancer. It’s an upbeat song, but I always cry when I sing along!

  490. I would download the new song by Kid Rock!! My husband I attend his concert a few years ago, and each time we hear a Kid Rock song we smile at each other… and brings out the “kid” in each of us :-)

  491. I would download Kid Rock’s Alabama because it reminds me of this summer.

  492. I would have to download “Happy Girl” by Martina McBride. Even if I don’t win, it’s how I feel about my life anyway!

  493. I’d have to say “Rich Woman” by Allison Krauss and Robert Plant, although I love that whole album.
    Thanks for being so generous.

  494. I would instantly download Let My Love Open the Door by Pete Townshend. Love this song!

  495. I would download “Never Alone” by Jim Brickman / Lady Antebellum. Such a sweet sweet song.

  496. It would have to be the new cd by Jason Mraz. His music is just so upbeat and fun, and some of it reminds me of my honeymoon to Hawaii three years ago. It just gives off a totally laid-back vibe that I miss from the islands!

  497. My first song would be Wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

  498. Oh my goodness! I wish I could get on that Apple mailing list! My first soung would be Steven Curtis Chapman’s Cinderella. I cried every time I heard that song before his beautiful Maria passed away. Now, it reminds me (1) what an awesome priviledge and responsibility I have in my 3 kids and (2) what an amazing guy SCC is — the way he’s shared their story of loss with the world and at the same time sharing their faith.

  499. My first song would be Come Home soon by SHeDAISY. My fiance is in Afghanistan and I stop whatever I am doing and say a prayer every time I hear this song. – Susan

  500. What a great give away! I have been wanting to hear some Dixie Chicks…something girlie!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  501. tammy perkins says:

    My first song would be ‘Love will keep us together’ by Captain and Tenille. This song always brings memories of our courtship 32 years ago.

  502. Most definitely, “I’ll Melt With You” by Modern English. Love the “Something Blue” idea!

  503. I would download Clint Black’s “It’s Something that We Do” or Paul Davis’ “Sweet Life.” Good music from our early years. Thanks for the fun contest.

  504. Too many songs that I would want to download right away. The first would be “Don’t” by Billy Currington. Thanks for the oppertunity to win! Your Blog Rocks.

  505. Jaime Sherman says:

    I would download pink’s new song. For some reason I can’t get it out of my head

  506. God only knows how many comments there will be – but why not!?
    First song – Israel something’s version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Makes me feel at peace

  507. Very cool shower idea. I would download a song by Casting Crowns called Slow Fade.

  508. I was download “Dancing Queen” by Abba from Mamma Mia……..what a fun movie. Patty

  509. I would download “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey!

  510. Forever, by Chris Brown. I can’t get enough of that song lately!

  511. What fun–how lucky Jenna is.
    I would download “New Shoes” by Paolo Nutini. This is one of those fun, upbeat songs that makes me want to dance!
    Safe travels to South Afica!!

  512. How nice of you!! The first song I would download is Come on Eileen by Dexy’s mignight runners.

  513. Happy for Jenna.
    I would download “New Shoes” by Paolo Nutini. Great song–always makes me want to DANCE!!!
    Safe travels to South Africa.

  514. I love the “favorite things” idea and will keep that in mind for my monthly girls’ night group.
    As for the ipod the first song I’d download is Viva la Vida by Coldplay–it’s my whole family’s current favorite.

  515. jennifer harmon says:

    If I were to be chosen to receive the beautiful blue ipod the first song I would download would be You Lift me Up by Josh Groban for my beautiful 15 year old son whom we just had to place in a nursing home. He loves music and I would take the ipod to the nursing home and equip him with speakers so he could listen to all the music he loves so much.

  516. what a cool updated, something blue!!!!!
    The first song I would down load would be…… are you kidding! I couldn’t just pick or down load just ONE. I guess I’ll just have to let you know what I did download after I win that pretty blue ipod

  517. I would download ‘Two Princes’ by the Spin Doctors….always been one of my favorite sing-it-out-loud-in-the-car-songs!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!! :)

  518. Hi Stacy! You are so awesome and I love all your fabulous ideas. I think the song I would download would be “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack.

  519. that is why you are SO cool. not only do you receive a free ipod in the mail just for being”stacy julian” — but then you decide to GIVE IT AWAY on your blog. i know you have a house full of boys who would no doubt love a new ipod, but you are being unselfish and generous and lovely. you are a true example.
    i would download “all-american girl” by carrie underwood for my sweet daughter.

  520. What a fun celebration and memory for all of you.
    OK – ipod. I would download True Love Ways – the song I danced to at my wedding 20 years ago. And then… I would give it to my Mom who is somewhat housebound since my dad fell ill. She is techno-challenged and apple makes such fun easy to use things that anyone can learn!
    Happy Fall Stacy!
    Helen from Canada ;)

  521. It would be Don’t Blink by Kenny Chesney. I have been loving this song mostly because it reminds me to stay in the moment and enjoy my kids instead of always tryign to rush.
    Cool Shower ideas. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like alot of fun.

  522. I would download “Falling Slowly” from the movie soundtrack Once.

  523. Sounds like your shower was a hit!!!
    The first song I would download would be “Oh, What a Night” by Frankie Valli. Brings back tons of fun college memories (from the 90′s)and a blast to sing at the top of your lungs!!

  524. The first song I would download is Love Song by Sara Bareilles! What a cool giveaway Stacy, I would love to win this!!!
    Fountain, MN

  525. Awesome giveaway!!! The first song I would download is “Giving Up” by Ingrid Michaelson. Such a happy song about finally finding THE ONE. Love it!!!

  526. What a very generous offer! Thank you for keeping it interesting!
    My first song would be: My Maria, by Brooks and Dunn. I have probably listened to this song more than a thousand times and it still makes me smile, for no particular reason, and sing loudly right along with it. (Hence, not allowed out of the house with said My Maria and a headset.)
    Have a SAFE trip!

  527. What a fun package you got in the mail. I have heard of the favorites party, and I think it would be sooo fun!
    If I were to win the ipod the first song I would download is “Island in the Sun” by Weezer, it is such a fun upbeat song. Or something by Ingrid Michealson.

  528. I would download Jill Scott’s Golden….it’s my theme song

  529. Charmayne Bowling says:

    What a fun party to have~I want to host a Favorite Things party now.
    If I had a cute Ipod I would download “I would walk 500 Miles” by the Proclaimers.
    My best wishes to you and Congrats to Jenna.

  530. It just has to be “Find your Wings” by Mark Harris – just heard it for the first time last week and I just cried thinking of my kids moving on in the next few years. I gotta make these lyrics into a scrapbook of my kids growing up.

  531. Peggy (Margaret) McCall says:

    Hmmm…do I really have a chance? It seems as if the whole world is here!
    Here is a song that I would put on my nano, if I had one :)
    Pascal Picard “Gate 22″
    This would be perfect for your ipod on your impending trip!

  532. Dancing Queen by Abba

  533. Tanya Gilmartin says:

    I would LOVE an ipod- especially that blue one! i would download a bunch of 80′s songs, but the first would be something by Journey. Steve Perry rocks!
    Thanks Stacy!

  534. Pass it on down by Alabama is one of my very favorites. But really any Alabama tune would do. I guess you could say I’m a country girl at heart.

  535. i’m pretty sure the first song i would download would be the fishin’ song by brad paisley…it was our first dance song 6 years ago and it always makes me laugh!!!

  536. What an awesome gift! I would probably load “Thank You” by the Katinas.

  537. I would choose “Stand” by Rascal Flatts because I want to always remember that it is important for me to stand up for what I believe.

  538. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

  539. God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood. Yes it is an old song, but whenever I feel frustrated with something that happens in the US, I like to listen to it and it makes me recomit my love for our country. I am so glad I live in the USA.

  540. Hum, what song???
    My all-time favorites are:
    Sweet Child Of Mine – Guns N’ Roses OR Pour some Sugar on Me – Def Leopard OR anything from Bon Jovi in the big hair days!
    Although my current favorites are mostly chrisitan. So – Casting Crowns – ‘East to the West’

  541. Krystal Britt says:

    I would, with out a doubt, put These are the Moments by Edwin McCain as my first song :) Thank you!

  542. Lisa Bracale says:

    Wow that is so kind of you. I have never used an Ipod. I love love music. I am such a geek and have a list of music that I want to download someday when I break away from my CD collection.
    David Gray/ Babyalon(I don’t think I am spelling it correct)
    Lisa in DE

  543. The first song I would put on it would definitely have to be a Jonas Brothers song. We saw them in concert a few weeks ago and all of their songs make me happy.

  544. What a great gift idea for the bride ! You are so sweet ! My daugher and hubby have iPOD’s but being very budget-conscious, I have not bought one for myself. If I were to win this one, the first song I would add would be “Shower the People” by James Taylor. Thanks Stacy; I love your blog !

  545. Oh my that is pretty! My first song would be “Love will keep us together”, from capt & tenile!
    Love it, it’s my ringtone for when hubby calls!

  546. I don’t remember the artist but I would find “I Love You Just the Way you Are”…good advice for newlyweds.

  547. My favorite color is blue! My school color was blue (go BYU!) and my disposition lately has been blue. So, I guess the first song I’d but on an blue ipod would be “Jackie Blue” by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

  548. Chrissy B. says:

    i would download my favorite song from aaron schust…my savior, my god…best lyrics ever.

  549. I think probably “Love Like This” by Natasha Bedingfield (not sure I spelled her name right). And a slew of others!

  550. The first song I would put on it in honor of Jenna would be “Kisses and Cake” from the P.S. I Love You soundtrack.

  551. lori reustle says:

    THe first song i would download would be Bubbly.. soo cute:0)
    PS IT was great meeting you at Velly Forge CKC. !!!!!
    LOri R

  552. I would download La Isla Bonita by Madonna as that is my all time favorite song. BTW – YOU ROCK for being so generous!

  553. What a great mail day. I would download Brown-eyed Girl. Love the oldies, but this one makes me think of my 17 year old – my own brown-eyed girl.

  554. what fun! I would download ‘Safety Dance’ because of all the fun 80′s memories that song brings back!

  555. Marcie Levine says:

    I would download “You’re my Best Friend” by Queen. I love that song!

  556. What a fun give-away! Thanks! I would download Stephen Curtis Chapman’s “Cinderella” first! I LOVE that song. My sister just got married, and I was so hoping she’d pick that song for her daddy-daughter dance. She didn’t, but I always think of my dad when I hear it. (And of course I always cry when I think about what happened to that family.) It’s such a beautiful song!

  557. Renee' Hicks says:

    Looking Through the Eyes of Love by Melissa Manchester. It was a song sung at my wedding and it still brings tears to my eyes. I would love to win the iPod Nano. Everyone seems to have one these days, and it looks just beautiful. Thanks Stacy

  558. Wow, a blue I-pod! I would download ‘No One’ by Aleesha Keyes.

  559. I would download “Joy to the World” by Aretha Franklin. It always makes me feel festive!
    And so would a blue Nano! Kris

  560. First and foremost my wedding song, A Love Like This, by Dan Fogelber. I thought a wedding song would be appropriate since you’re doing this in honor of Jenna’s wedding day…

  561. I would have to download “All Summer Long” by Kidd Rock. I’ll need something to get me through the winter! Now that I live in Kansas, I sure miss wearing shorts in January like I did in Texas most years!

  562. You continue to bless and encourage me with your example. Thanks, Stacy. The first song I’d have to download would be Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On) by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant. It is just such a fun song!

  563. Actually — I wouldn’t be loading any songs on it. Like you, I’d be passing on the gift to my sweet Niece who is getting married in October. On second thought, I’d load her wedding play list on it. Fun fun fun.

  564. I think the first song I would download would have to be So Small by Carrie Underwood. It’s one of my favorites :)

  565. Cami Haveman says:

    Michael Buble – Lost

  566. Apple Bottom Jeans by Flo Ri Da because my son who never dances in front of anyone will stop the instant he hears this song and shake his little self down to the floor – no matter where we are!

  567. Melissa McAllister says:

    I’d first download Pride (In the Name of Love) by U2. Thanks for the giveaway! -Melissa

  568. I would download Love Song by Sarah Bareilles. Though I know this is not necessarily a happy ‘love song’ it reminds me that I need to show my husband I love him everyday and not get so busy with life that he has to ask me.

  569. i would put on Lonestars . . .”Let Them Be Little” . . . love this song as it is so very true.

  570. Cristi Quirion says:

    I love this! You are so fun! I would download Mamma Mia! and probably the rest of the CD because that movie was so fun, I had to see it twice!

  571. “Wild Wild Life” by the Talking Heads

  572. maple jenny says:

    Wow–how cute! I would download the song that takes me back to my husband and my first road trip: “Life is a Highway,” Sheryl Crow version.

  573. Holy COW!!!! I’d say you have a friend at Apple! My song would be “Cecilia” by Paul Simon. It just plain makes me happy. Good luck to Jenna!

  574. stampinwithbeth says:

    Stacy, you are so generous! My husband and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary next month. We danced to the song Destiny by Jim Brickman. I still feel that meeting him was my destiny, so that would be the first song I would download.

  575. Great giveaway….WOW!! I would download Leavin’ by Jesse McCartney. I feel a little silly admitting that but I love that song!! :)

  576. Cool giveaway! I would download Mamma Mia.

  577. fran heupel says:

    I love that blue ipod! I would probably download a faith Hill song or something by Celine Dion.
    Maybe the power of Love My first dance at my wedding which will be celebrated on the 17th of this month 14 years! Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful prize and congrats to Jenna.
    Thanks for this wonderful chance Stacy!

  578. Enjoying the FUN class – my September book is such fun. I’d put Faith Hill’s ‘The Way You Love Me’ – it’s such a peppy, fun song.

  579. How super-cool is that!! I would download My Sharona because after all these years (30ish) it still just makes me sing out loud – even in the car with my ten year old daughter laughing at me!

  580. Wow! My first song would be Jack Johnson’s “We’re Going To Be Friends”… the back-to-school song is our family song for the month :o)

  581. Ahhh – what a wonderful gift you are giving someone! What fun! I think I would probably download a Joni Mitchell song – maybe “The Circle Game”, as I just brought my baby back to college for her junior year, and besides loving all of Joni’s songs, this would would fit my mood right now – a bit melancholic for how fast time goes bye, and to also remind me to enjoy each step of the way!
    Thanks for being so generous,
    hugs from Michigan – Diane

  582. Just the Way You Are–Billy Joel

  583. That is so awesome, Love me some apple gadgets. I would put…Bring’n sexy back, Justin Timberlake.

  584. You are such a blessing to so many people, thank you.
    I would download “in Chhrist Alone”
    I am trying to learn all the words.
    Thank you

  585. Jeannette Scofield says:

    “Let’s Get Married” by The Proclaimers.
    Lots of sentimental value for us.
    You are VERY generous.

  586. Tess Davis says:

    Didn’t have to think twice…I’d download “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by the Proclaimers. This is my all-time favorite song for making me feel happy, happy, happy! :) Tess

  587. Love it! I would download What a Wonderful World – our first dance and the song we put our daughter’s first year memories DVD to.

  588. One of my favorite, make me feel happy, songs is Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

  589. My newest favorite (but yet to be downloaded) is New Soul by Yael Naim.

  590. I would download the “Across the Universe” soundtrack, especially Joe Cocker’s version of “Come Together”

  591. Kerri Norrod. says:

    I would download Dancing Queen by Abba. It is such a fun song!

  592. I would put the song Forever and Ever, Amen by Randy Travis. My husband and I just celebrated our 20 year anniverary on August 27th. That song was played at our reception for our first dance. Wow, I have not heard that song for along time. It would be wonderful to have an Ipod so I could download my all time favorite songs that bring back so many wonderful memories in my life.

  593. i’ll check the list and then pick my song! i never know the names of my favorites until someone else tells me!

  594. Shania Twain’s FROM THIS MOMENT is a heart stopper! :)

  595. Christy Pair says:

    How Beautiful by Twila Paris- the song played at my wedding! Speaking of bawling…..

  596. “Don’t Fear the Reaper”, ’cause we all need MORE COWBELL.

  597. Wendy Baker says:

    I would have to pick something mellow right now… maybe old Billy Joel or some old love song..

  598. You are awesome for giving the Ipod Nano away!
    First song I will put on it will be OneRepublic’s Say (All I Need)

  599. You are too sweet, Stacy! The shower looks like so much fun. My first song would probably be something by Matchbox 20 or Rob Thomas. Something besides Little People songs might be fun. lol Have a great week!

  600. If I had a IPod Nano the first song I would download would be Dancing Queen. It is such and fun song and it makes me what to DANCE!(which I never do). It also reminds me of my two best friends that I only see once or twice a year. Makes me want to go listen to it now!

  601. Wow – how very cool! First song? “I Love You”…..a song written and sung for me by my son, when he was 22, a couple of years ago. Made me bawl!!!! He sings about me being his “guardian angel” when he was going through a very depressing time in his life. Love that kid and so glad I “saved his life”.

  602. Better Together by Jack Johnson!

  603. okay, I’ve given it some thought. Coldplay’s, Viva la Vida. Love that song. Would love an ipod. I’m soooo behind the times…
    very cool idea for a shower. i’m aboslutely going to use that some time. Already thinking it would be a fun holiday get together with friends.
    favorite things gift exchange.
    love it!

  604. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond for my Sweet Caroline – first born , a song we both love to sing along too :)

  605. I think my husband would pod-nap and mp3 player that came into my house, so I would have to quickly christen it with something he would never want to listen to of the country music variety. Probably Carrie Underwood

  606. i would put “Good Things” by the BoDeans on an ipod. i don’t have one and have been convincing myself i don’t need one for over a year now. It’s just something i really haven’t been able to afford…but if i won one, well, that sure would be a “good thing”!

  607. Lynne Moore says:

    Oh, what a great idea and so generous. I love the favorites game too. Neat, neat, neat. I could use a new iPod as I have my 16-year old’s hand me down. It sometimes can’t be turned off and so I am afraid to play it on a plane…what if they kick me off the plane on my way to celebrate my 20th anniversary with my husband in the Bahamas? Really! We are going in December. So in honor of that event, I would download Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight” (our song) as the iPods very first song.

  608. In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

  609. Trace Adkins: Your Gonna Miss This.
    If you want to have a good cry. Listen to this one.
    So very sweet and makes you appreciate all stages in life.

  610. I had to really think to remember what it was. It was “This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush. I loved this song the first time it came out from the movie “she’s having a baby” way back when. But, I still love it, so true when I was in the hospital with my twins five years ago with some major complications.
    Thanks for the opportunity Stacy!

  611. I had to really think to remember what it was. It was “This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush. I loved this song the first time it came out from the movie “she’s having a baby” way back when. But, I still love it, so true when I was in the hospital with my twins five years ago with some major complications.
    Thanks for the opportunity Stacy!

  612. Kirstin Longson says:

    How fun! I would download “Bella’s lullaby” by Edward (from the twilight book series) Yes, it is out there and I don’t know who plays it – but I’ll find it on itunes I know!

  613. Maryann Vautrinot says:

    That’s so nice of you!! I would put Kenney Chesney’s “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven” on first! Have a safe, wonderful trip!!

  614. So cool…
    I never win these things, but hey… it’s fun to enter them!
    I’d download something… I mean anything by Jack Johnson….
    I would probably just buy the whole darn album on itunes and then download them in album order!
    Love the shower pics and tips!
    You never cease to amaze me!

  615. Hmmmm, probably I would download either Bon Jovi’s Make a Memory or Etta James’ At Last. And frankly, I’d probably download a TV show first. My nano is one of the old non-video ones so I’d be so excited to try that out!

  616. FUN! OK, the first song I would put on there (if you asking me TODAY and I think you are) is: Johnny and June.
    Pick me!

  617. My favorite song is Remember When by Alan Jackson – we played it at our 25th wedding anniversary/vow renewal ceremony. Just a fabulous song!

  618. I would download “We’re going to be friends” by Jack Johnson.It’s a sweet kids song that I have adopted from my children.So kind of you to do this!!!

  619. I would download “We’re Going to be Friends” by Jack Johnson…one of my kids’ songs that I adore and have adopted…… kind of you to do this.

  620. Viva la Vida by ColdPlay – it was *our family* summer theme song this summer – kind of like “Can’t Touch This” was our theme song the summer we went to Hawaii and I was pregnant – I love marking a memory with a song :)

  621. Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson, silly song that just makes me smile.

  622. such a FUN story! i’d download “East to West”….or anything really, by Casting Crowns.

  623. American Soldier by Toby Keith

  624. It would be “Say” by John Mayer. I had an ipod, but it has been taken over by my children for movies, shows and their songs. I used to love going for a walk with it, but cannot stand anymore Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. : ) This would be mine, all mine!

  625. Honky Tonk Woman – my theme song from long ago and far away in another life. :)

  626. I think tha any song by New Buffalo would be put on the ipod first!
    Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  627. I think tha any song by New Buffalo would be put on the ipod first!
    Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  628. I think that anything by New Buffalo would be my first choice on the ipod.
    Thanks for sharing!

  629. I think it would be appropriate to download “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. :)

  630. thanks for the chance stacy… i would download Pete Murray’s Happy Ground – from his new album Summer in Eureka. Hope I win…

  631. I think it would be “Color My World” by Chicago since that was a very popular wedding song from the 70′s when I got married. Almost to my 30th anniversary!

  632. I would download “Amazing Grace” by Chris Tomlin. Love it!

  633. I think it would be “Color My World” by Chicago since that was a very popular wedding song from the 70′s when I got married. Almost to my 30th anniversary!

  634. Closer to Fine by Indigo Girls!

  635. Kelly Butler says:

    Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton it holds great memories of a SO in my life.

  636. hmmm, I think I would download
    “Waterloo” by Abba because it is such a great song !
    love the blue color !
    -Laurie in Illinois

  637. Karen Neder says:

    I would download “Chelsey Morning” by Joni Mitchell. That song always makes me smile – I hope for a Chelsey Morning every morning…”And the sun poured in like butterscotch and stuck to all my senses…”

  638. Tina Spieker says:

    Ordinary Miracle by Sarah McLachlan. Our first child is due in 2 weeks and my husband gets deployed to Africa in 1 week, so we’re hoping for a miracle of our own!

  639. The song that just delights my heart is a Christian worship song where various characters including the Smurfs sing their verison on hallelujah. There is just something incredibly happy about that song!

  640. “Come on Get Happy” by The Partridge Family. Kind of cheesy but I heard it the other day and it made me laugh. How could it not? It’d be my first song, for sure.

  641. I would download Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s. How awesome is this?!?! How fun! Thanks for the opportunity to try and win this!

  642. Lorie Gomes says:

    1st one definitely would be…You’re Goina Miss This…by Trace Adkins. Absolutely love this song & it’s so true!

  643. Barb Daily says:

    Neil Diamond song! He is my favorite singer:)

  644. Michelle L. says:

    “Swith” by Will Smith.
    Nothing gets me in the groove better than this song. I play it to dance, workout, clean, or just to bust a move with my 3 boys.
    Also, love the “Favorites” idea! I will have to remember that one!

  645. Wow, what a cool gift to Jenna and a lucky reader! Wow, I would have to say that I would download “Come What May” from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. My husband and I choreographed our own little presentation to this song for our first dance just recently 6 years ago!!!!

  646. Hello!!! Who wouldn’t download MC Hammers Hammertime??? Only the best pick me up, push ya to the limit, groove in the mood song evah!!!!!!! You go girls!!!

  647. Christine Daly says:

    “One Love,” by Jordan Pruitt… I hear it on my kids’ favorite XM channel- Radio Disney- and I’m hooked!!!! Have a nice trip!!!

  648. “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson. I like most of what he sings and that is just a really bouncy upbeat song. And, there goes Stacy- on the road again! How generous of you to give an i-pod away!

  649. I would down load Landside by Stevie Nicks. This song says so much about my life…..Listen to the words closely.

  650. Forever Young by Rod Stewart. I just created a layout of my sons this summer, and the title and the words to this song are going to finish the layout off. LOVE this song!!!!

  651. Ummm the first? Probably “So Close” from the movie Enchanted. Such a beautiful song, and it’s really touching my heart with some stuff that I’m going through right now. I think that so many relationships are “so close but still so far…” and just aren’t right and it’s so, so hard to let them go, even though you know it’s the right thing to do.

  652. I am loving “Time of my Life” by David Cook. It is so representative of my life right now. I am not where I expected myself to be. I said I would never be a stay at home Mom (I am), I would never be involved in PTA (I’m President), I would never watch other people’s children (I do after school), and the list goes on. Never is here, never is now and I am so grateful to be here and doing what I’m doing right now. I’m loving it!

  653. I would put “Love Today” by Mika! Just found out about him–so happy and fun!!

  654. Ummm the first? Probably “So Close” from the movie Enchanted. Such a beautiful song, and it’s really touching my heart with some stuff that I’m going through right now. I think that so many relationships are “so close but still so far…” and just aren’t right and it’s so, so hard to let them go, even though you know it’s the right thing to do.

  655. My husband came home the other day and asked if I had heard the new David Archuleta song because it was really good. Huh? This coming from my ‘classic rock’ hubby. So I listened to it and really liked it. So “Crush” would be the first song I would download.

  656. Since today is our 18th wedding anniversary, I would for sure download Michael Bolton’s “That’s what Love is all about”. The song my darling and I danced to at our wedding. How fun to remember that day.

  657. I would love to be on that mailing list!
    I would download “one step at a time” by Jordan Sparks. A hopeful song.

  658. I would download Sweet Home Alabama – that song always makes me happy!

  659. I want a friend at Apple!
    My first song would be “The Nearness of You” (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong). We danced to it at our wedding.
    “If you’ll only grant me the right
    To hold you ever so tight
    And to feel in the night
    the nearness of you”
    Still need to scrap that…
    P.S. That strawberry yumminess at the top made me HUNGRY.

  660. “I’m not going to write you a love song” because it cracks me up!

  661. I would probably download “How Will She Know” from Enchanted. That song has been running through my head for weeks now!

  662. Shelby Austin says:

    Daydreamer by Adele is a great song, it would be first on my list

  663. Kris B. in Rochester, NY says:

    I would download Elvis Presley’s I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You because it was the song my husband and I wanted for “our” song at our wedding and the band told us “no problem” but at the actual wedding they said they never got the music and played “Close to You” by the Carpenters instead! Needless to say, we’ve always considered I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You OUR song and even 34 years later, everything stops for us to listen to it, whenever it comes on despite the fact it was never actually played at our wedding!

  664. Tim Mc Graw, “Live Like You Were Dying.” We should all definatly be appreciative of each and every moment we have with family and loved ones on this earth!

  665. Cheryl Smith says:

    I would download anything by Josh Groban. His voice goes straight to my heart. I especially like, You are Loved.

  666. Oh, I’d love an IPod Nano! I’d have to download Wherever You Will Go, by The Calling and The Reason by Hoobastank!! I never get tired of listening to both of these! Thanks Stacy!! :)

  667. AliciaH in Salem says:

    My song would be “Fountain of Sorrow” by Jackson Browne. I have loved this song since my teens. Thanks for making me take time to remember it!

  668. One song? That would be really hard! I think I would pick something by Jack Johnson since I really enjoy his music but don’t have any of it.

  669. Oh I wanna play – the very first song I downloaded was the whole album of Alicia Keys :D

  670. the first song i would download would be herb alpert ‘peanuts’ since i used to dance around the house to it as a girl and i would love to listen while i clean!

  671. I Can Only Imagine – by Mercy Me… just because it means more to me than any other song I know…even though I cry every time I hear it.

  672. What a fun gift! If only I had a wedding to do the same, but I wouldn’t trade the 13 years with my hubby though :-)
    I am a total 80′s junky and just watched Ferris Bueller’s day off. Which made me think of the bad Fine Young Cannibals… and thier song “Good Thing”. I would download this one first :-)

  673. Emma (ratqueen) says:

    I would put “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz – we just celebrated our ninth anniversary this week in spite of the expectation our families had that our love and our marriage wouldn’t last.
    This song is probably the sweetest love song I’ve heard in ages, and if I was doing it again I’d choose this.. even though we used Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon.”

  674. The first song I downloaded was This is My Now by Jordin Sparks. She just won American Idol then. =)
    Ohh, I hope I have a friend at Apple too!!!

  675. “I Will Survive”
    My sweet husband gave me a Dell DJ years ago…which they no longer make and which nothing works with…so I’m dreaming of a Nano.
    Love the “favorites” exchange favors idea!

  676. Tracy Wallace says:

    Anything by Brandi Carlile – such a beautiful, raw voice.

  677. I’d like to say some really hip up to the minute song – but really it would be Big Red Car by the Wiggles – to keep my little girl Poppy smiling!

  678. michelle p. from spokane, wa says:

    Wow!! I think I’d download “Girls just wanna have fun” old school style by Cindy Lauper….ah so fun.

  679. FuN!! I would download Queen Latifah’s “I want a little sugar in my bowl” I am all into the jazzy stuff right now!!

  680. I would actually download a book instead of music- at least to start. I haven’t listened to the radio in awhile… I love to read, but I’m busy so I like to listen to books on cds- but carring it around the house it a little tricky… Right now on my to read list is “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”, “Breaking Dawn”, “Love As a Way of Life”…
    I love your baby shower idea- i’m going to copy it!!! Thanks!

  681. I would download Brown Eyed Girl! I love that song…and of course, I am a brown eyed girl!

  682. Looks like a great party!
    If I were to win this I would want to put the Rascall Flatts song “Stand” on it first. But actually I wouldn’t, because I would give it to my sweet hubby who so deserves a great gift. He would listen to self improvement talks on it, but would probably also put “Eye of the Tiger” on there… :)

  683. First of all I would need to learn how to download songs onto an ipod. Then I would totally pick
    You are my King (Amazing Love)by the Newsboys, simply because I cannot get through this song (even once) without crying. It says everything I feel.

  684. Okay, I have to tell you how much I would love to win that Nano: My 12yr. old darling daughter has one. She earned it from her grandma. As much as I would’ve liked to get her one it is not possible in our (my) situation. Anyway, she is a doll for sharing it with her “old” mom. I would like my own to put my own kind of music, for when I work out (motivation-trying to lose some pounds!!), and just have a little something for myself. After all this, the first song I would add is “Foundations” by Ms. Kate Nash. Love her! And whoever wins it: ROCK ON!!

  685. Definitely “I saw Him come”! And my best friend’s daughter singing it and playing the piano. She and the song are amazing!

  686. shannon Knight says:

    I will download pocketful of sunshine by natasha bedingfield. It is so cheery and happy.

  687. I love the color of that nano. I would download “The Story” by Brandi Carlile, first thing, and then there are so many others!
    Thanks for a chance to win. Enjoy your trip to South Africa.

  688. I’m not playing…I’ve won some things from BPS lately and would love to have someone else win, but I still will tell you what song I would download first…..GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN! okay it’s not a sappy song, or a sentimental song, or one of the gorgeous songs I have heard while visiting peoples blogs…but it fits my mood and the fact that I am having FUN living in the moment–I forget to take the pictures too. Have a safe and wonderful trip to South Africa!

  689. I would download “Forever is as far as I’ll go” by Alabama, which is the song my husband sang to me on our wedding day. It was such a surprise when my husband started singing to me in front of everyone with his voice cracking. The reason for his voice cracking is that my husband had just finished cancer treatment. Even though I was bawling, it was the happiest day of my life. I had a healthy husband who had just sang a beautiful song to me. 15 years later we are still going strong and forever is as far as we’ll go.

  690. I would download “Forever is as far as I’ll go” by Alabama, which is the song my husband sang to me on our wedding day. It was such a surprise when my husband started singing to me in front of everyone with his voice cracking. The reason for his voice cracking is that my husband had just finished cancer treatment. Even though I was bawling, it was the happiest day of my life. I had a healthy husband who had just sang a beautiful song to me. 15 years later we are still going strong and forever is as far as we’ll go.

  691. Stacy Julian, Ipods, Weddings and tears… some of MY favorite things! Great Blog Stacy… Keep ‘em coming!

  692. Funny …I was informed by my sweet 4 year old this evening that I’m missing some of the camp rock soundtrack songs…see I only wanted a few not the whole soundtrack, so that is what I got just a few…looks like I need to get the whole album. The perfect thing to put on my new nano, don’t ya think?? heeheehee What a great give away ;o)

  693. “Home” by Duncan Sheik. It’s my husband’s and my song.
    Man, how do I make a friend from Cupertino? ;)

  694. Wow, my first time leaving a comment on a blog!! Can’t wait to see & hear you in Cape Town on the 18th Stacy, am super excited!! I would have to load any (read ALL) Barney songs, an indication of where I am in my life, a 40+ mummy with a 2 year old. Love it!!!

  695. “Chasing Pavements” by Adele — was wowed by her performance the other day on The View … beautiful vocal timbre and style, and she’s only 19 (amazing!)!

  696. Lynda Sturney says:

    Hi Stacy – well, I don’t know how to download and I only recently learned that an IPOD is for music – but I might copy some Spirit of the West from my old cd’s (if one can do that too!!)
    lyndaj in cowtown

  697. The first song I would download is “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson. It makes me feel so good.

  698. What a lovely and inspiring post and what an amazing gift for a modern bride!
    The first song I would download onto the nano would be something I could do a happy dance to…. Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’ always gets me up and grooving.

  699. Melanie Witherell says:

    My first song downloaded would be Dave Matthews- The sapace between.

  700. What a fun treat for those who endure to the end!!! I would put the whole Singles’ Ward CD on a new iPod. Fun, with meaning.

  701. the first song i would download would be bryan christopher’s the quest..wonderful song. have a great day

  702. Jennifer Kolakowski says:

    First song I would download would be Into the Mystic by Van Morrison. Have a safe trip!

  703. I would download Love Today by Mika:)

  704. Actually, I was just thinking about getting an ipod to be able to download your BPS messages (LOM, Fun, Glimpses) I love to listen again and again while walking. It’s amazing how you can hear different things and get different thoughts listening to the exact same audio! (I guess it has to do with where you “are” when listening. Enjoy your trip to South Africa with your dad.

  705. Dixie Rachell says:

    Ummm, not quite sure what songs I would first download. Anything country.

  706. My very first song to download would be “Show Me the Way” by STYX. I have been on a STYX kick lately – a total 80′s girl. :)

  707. In honor of the wedding theme — “We’ve Only Just Begun” by the Carpenters.

  708. This one is easy. “Beautiful Boy” by the beatles. I (try to) sing it to my son when I’m putting him to bed.

  709. lynn whelan says:

    I would definitely download the new Cold Play song that my soon to be 17 year old son is “into” right now. I feel as though for the rest of time whenever I hear this song, it will bring back memories of him and so I want to savor it!!!

  710. Rosa M. Neno says:

    I would download our wedding song; Tom and I were married 2 months ago, 7/12/08. Our song is from Steven Curtis Chapman: “I will be there.” Have a great day!!
    God Bless,

  711. so many songs to choose from, but I think I will go with New Soul-seems like it fits :)

  712. wow, what a terrific giveaway! the first song i’d download would be recovering the satellites by counting crows (my fav song & fav band!) jessica

  713. Oh definitly Bryan Adams’, “Have you really ever loved a woman” The spanish version of this song was dedicated to me at my wedding from my husband. Oh to love and to be loved is such a wonderful feeling! Congrats Jenna!!

  714. Hmmmm..that is a really hard question. I guess I would go with some Johnny Cash. Maybe “Get Rythm”, which I would get it I won the NANO!

  715. hhhmmm, would have to be The Calling. Wherever you will Go. That is such a cool gift idea! Never would have thought of that!!!!

  716. It would have to be Eye of the Tiger. My husband and I just found out that our business will go bankrupt today because of a bad investment and this is our all time motivational song. We will survive this and grow stronger as a couple.

  717. Wow — it is so pretty!! I would download “World” by Five For Fighting — just love that song!

  718. ok so i just got a ipod for my birthday,(yeah!) but my brother is getting married next month- i thought i could try and win it for him as a wedding gift for him and his lovely wife-to-be. (how cool is it that you can get them engraved? i had no idea!) on it i would download pics that i will take at his wedding and while i am visiting them and also i would put “hey there Delilah” by the plain white t’s because it is a simple beautiful song.

  719. I’m throwing my sister a Kitchen Shower this month! You’ve given me some great ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  720. I forgot to add which song I would download onto the Ipod – it would have to be “Better Life” by Keith Urban.

  721. ohmygoodness! I need a new ipod–mine(blue, coincidentally) is lost or was stolen.
    First song I will download? Fireflies by Faith Hill

  722. I would load “American Woman” – it gets me kicked up into another gear everytime I hear it!

  723. Karen Charpentier says:

    Piece of me by Britney Spears.

  724. What a thoughtful Shower. My first download would be U2′s Pride, this song always brings me back to my college days.

  725. I would download At Last by Etta James, it was the song and theme at our wedding. I never get tired of listening to it.

  726. Sarae Martin says:

    I would put Def Lepard anything for old 80′s time sake!

  727. The first song I would download is Dave Matthews Band “Ants Marching.” It’s a live version that’s 15 minutes long. Makes running go by faster when the song is that long!

  728. Liz Cogswell says:

    I would download anything by Michael Buble. He’s my favorite these days!

  729. I have never had an ipod before so this is would be exciting for me but I think I would download anything from Sara Groves. I really like her music. Thanks for all the great ideas for wedding showers. I am the ‘Maitron of Honor’ in my cousin’s wedding in Feb. I will have to use your idea’s!

  730. How very sweet of you!! It would have to be “Be Still my Soul” by Selah. Needing to be reminded to take time to quiet my soul.

  731. scrapalittle says:

    How cool is that! Apple giving their stuff to new brides to encourage more product! I would download my new favorite song, “I was Here” by Lady Antebellum-amazing lyrics that touch my heart and define more of who I am than most anything else!

  732. CIndy Trimble says:

    The first song I would put on is “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong. I hear it and it makes me happy!

  733. What a great shower gift! I would download John Mayer’s cover of Tom Petty’s Free Falling. Takes me back to my youth!

  734. Love the idea of favorite 3′s for a shower. Filed that one away!
    What an awesome giveaway! I would download Santana’s Europa (Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile). Love that song.
    ~Karen in Ohio

  735. “Seasons of Love” from RENT
    “Closer” by Josh Groban”
    “Hey There, Delilah” by Plain White T’s
    The list is infinite…….

  736. reading your post reminds me of my wedding. Which makes me think of our song we danced to which is “I Swear” by John Michael Montgomery. I love the song. I hope to win this. Andrea in Springfield, IL

  737. Apple KNOWS user experience.
    My first song would be Tommy Flanagan’s “Peace.”

  738. What a wonderful gift! Fun, fun, fun!
    The first song I would download would probably be My Wish by Rascal Flatts, followed closely by If Jesus Comes Tomorrow by Vern Gosdin . . . Ah! Too many songs to mention! lol

  739. Cool Ideas.
    Gotta Love Apple.
    2 songs : “Here in your arms” by hello goodbye and “everything i do i do for you” by bryan adams.

  740. I would add an old song by Shania Twain which I love to run to.

  741. The first song I would download would be Stupid Boy by Keith Urban.
    PS Love the 3 favorites idea for a shower.

  742. That’s so sweet! I would download Fishin’ in the Dark – if that’s even the title but I’m not sure who sings it. Any time I hear it on I stop everything I’m doing and start singing along!

  743. “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong – my absolute favorite song in the world.

  744. Oh, that Apple… they’re gonna get me to flip one of these days! So on my shiny new blue nano, I would download “Hello” — the Lionel Ritchie song redone by David Cook on AI. I haven’t heard it in a while…

  745. Seriously?! 739 posts and counting?!
    Without a doubt my first song would be “Beautiful Day” by U2.
    As always, you ROCK!

  746. I can’t pick just one…
    “Diner” by Martin Sexton (not many people have heard this but it’s the best ‘happy’ song ever!)
    “Danny’s Song” by Loggins and Messina (my wedding song!)
    Thanks for the opportunity Stacy!!!

  747. kiki comin says:

    i’d be putting “set this circus down” by tim oldie, but one of my favs.
    what a fun shower idea! love it.

  748. Cindy Gordon says:

    The first song I would put on my new blue IPod is Bowling for Soup’s “Ohio.” The lyrics are all about asking someone to come back to Texas and I put this song on a cd I sent to my son recently deployed to Iraq – told him to turn it up loud and know all my heart sings every word of that song loudly everytime I think of him…..not the most sentimental of songs – but perfect for him and I….

  749. kiki.comin says:

    i’d put “set this circus down” by tim mcgraw. an oldie, but goodie. loved the shower ideas.

  750. Great songs! Have I told you lately by Van Morrison.

  751. “Shadow Feet” by Brook Fraser. I recently “discovered” her and she is quickly becoming my most preferred ambiance for crafting (and house cleaning). I love her sound and music with depth and purpose is always a plus for me!

  752. Hi, Stacy! The first song I would download onto a shiny new blue Nano would likely be Pedalsped’s “Stretch.” It’s today’s favorite. However, if I happen to be so lucky as to win this Nano, I will be giving it to my 9 yr-old son, Ben. And I think his first song might be the Indigo Girls’ live version of “Midnight Train to Georgia.”

  753. Please share the recipe for this yummy cheesecake triffle…I’m having a baby shower in a month and this would be great…

  754. Abby Arthur says:

    The first song I would load on to my iPod would be AllStar from the movie Shrek. It is my kid’s favorite and they always want to hear it!

  755. The first song that I’d download on this puppy would be Riahnna Take A Bow…Love that song.

  756. Mine would be “how to save a life” by the Fray. My 2yr old loves this song and when ever he hears it he stops what he is doing, comes running and starts dancing. soon we all are dancing around the house. the memories makes me smile.
    thanks for this chance.

  757. How about a theme-trio for the first download?
    (to go along with your favorite 3 shower)
    “Boogie Shoes” by KC & the Sunshine Band.
    “I Can’t Wait” by Nu Shooz
    “New Shoes” by Paolo Nutini.
    Would love to win this gorgeous ipod!!!

  758. oh wow! okay I could give you a million songs to download..but
    probably some cover of “Time after Time” by Cyndi Lauper (it’s my most favorite and love collecting covers of it :) )
    eeeek I love the blue little guy, I hadn’t seen that one ;) so fun. :)

  759. Been thinking A LOT about getting an ipod [dh has already purchsed the docking station for me - lol] so I”ve also been thinking about what I would download – how I would use it — so many ways [your podcasts from BPS for one...] and songs, oh my – I’d have differnet categories [as I assume most people with i-pod do] the first song? Keeper of the Stars – a song I consider ‘our song’ and how blessed I am have this man in my life [for more than 25 years now...]

  760. Hi Stacy, can’t wait to see you on the weekend;)
    My 1st download would be love song by Sara Bareilles wich is one of my eldest faves and shes away right now so it totally makes her feel closer

  761. I would add:
    Viva La Vida by Coldplay
    The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson
    The first one just makes me happy and the second is very suiting for newlyweds!

  762. This is awesome! The song that I would DL would be Highwayman by Johnny Cash.

  763. What a lovely shower! I might have to borrow your “favorites” idea. Thanks for sharing the story and pictures. The first song I would download would be Jason Mraz’s new song, “I’m Yours.” Thanks for the giveaway!!! -Sharyn :)

  764. Hear and Now from Luther Vandross. Our wedding song 17 yrs ago. Thanks for the opportunity Stacy

  765. I’d download “Owl in the Dark” by Stephanie Dosen. She’s a friend and used to work in my knitting shop. I have both her albums – love her music!
    BTW, I just finished re-arranging my albums and layouts into your Photo Freedom categories and made the section pages and cover artwork this past weekend! I am LOVING it! It makes so much sense!
    Have fun in S.Africa!

  766. So cool!!! The first thing I would download would be the new Coldplay album.

  767. I’d download Jesse’s Girl, just cuz I think it’s a fun song :)

  768. I would download “Beautiful Day” by U2. They rock – great in concert. Love the idea of sharing a favorite for everyone.

  769. Really wonderful ideas here. Thanks. I am always inspired when I read your blog.
    I would download “you’re gonna miss this” and give the nano to my son who is a senior in HS and will be leaving home TOO soon!

  770. what a fabulous gift idea! I would add “what would life be like” from Big Daddy Weave as my first song :)

  771. Usually I would say a Barenaked Ladies song BUT since I am now pregnant with twin boys I am trying to learn lots of kids songs. I would download the Wiggles “Hot Potato!” Seriously.

  772. Christina C. says:

    my first song would be “Seasons of Love” from the rock musical Rent! So sad that it closed on Broadway – so thankful that I did get to see it there before it did!

  773. Noyt sure who I wold download first. I will say Ring of fire, just because my DS loves that song. I have been very slow to get an ipod…..I think Dh wants one now also…

  774. How cool of Apple to send such an awesome gift!!!
    The first song I would download is “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas. I just love that song.

  775. My first song would be “Cuban Pete” with Desi Arnaz singing (the only true authentic version). Why? Because my grandson Peter, who has his own set of baby maracas, laughs like crazy and dances whenever I sing that song to him!

  776. The first song would be “Engine of Destruction” by Jeff Elbel + Ping. We know Jeff from college and this one’s about life with a whirlwind of a daughter. It’s a fun song that my boys and I do laundry to.

  777. Wow! What a cool idea! Great surprise! I would first download Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall it is just one of those songs that helps me kick it into gear and get going.

  778. Have I told you Lately that I love You by Rod Stewart–this was the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding reception. Have a great trip!

  779. “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper. What a great give away. What a great shower.

  780. Oh well, can’t win if you don’t enter right? :) I’d probably download “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White Tees. (One of those inside joke songs between me and the my husband…)

  781. Imagine by John Lennon. First, because it is a beautiful song and secondly, because my son learned to play it on the piano in high school and now he is away at college. say no more…

  782. Keith Urban – “Making Memories of Us” bc its our wedding song.
    What a cute gift idea! Thanks!

  783. I would add the Heart of Life by John Mayer – it is my favorite song. I also love American Boy by Estelle…

  784. “What a Wonderful World” by Nat King Cole. Because it is, and so are you!

  785. I would download the “All Summer Long” song by Kid Rock.
    My favorite end of summer song this year! I am a country girl so it would be filled with lots of country music.
    I love your blog. Thanks!

  786. Thanks for the fun giveaway – you rock! The first song I would download would be “Beautiful in My Eyes” by Joshua Kadison. This is the song my husband and I danced to during our first wedding dance together. The 2nd song would be “Baby Got Back” by Sir-Mix-A-Lot. What can I say, I have very eclectic music taste!!

  787. Michele Thompson says:

    Hi Stacy-what a great giveaway – you are so generous! I actually don’t know what song I would download, because I would give this iPod to my 7 year old dd who wants a blue one for Christmas, so she would love this! I would imagine she would choose to download something by Hannah Montana/Miley Cirus, or something from High School Musical as they are her favorites. Thanks for sharing with us!

  788. Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison, because good music never goes out of style.

  789. OK – I know this is a kid song – but I would download “Mover Music” by the Imagination Movers. It makes me want to dance every time I hear it! I’ve wanted to get an IPod, but can’t bring myself to buy one – so I’d love to win one! Thanks, Stacy, for all the inspiration you are!

  790. Where There is Faith by 4Him. It’s my personal anthem.

  791. ‘All Summer Long’ by Kid Rock. It is such a FUN song and I find it utterly impossible to sit still through it, even if I’m at work! So I’m all about having some FUN with a Nano :D
    Thank you for the opportunity to win! and HUGE congratulations to the bride and to the hostess as well :)

  792. Debbi Hyden says:

    i would download “it happens” by sugarland off their Love on the Inside CD. i put it on when the day is a bit crazy to remind myself “life don’t go quite as like you planned it. we try so hard to understand it..but the irreputable, indisputable fact it happens”

  793. I would have to download Sugarland’s new hit…
    All I Want To Do… I helps put me into a good mood every time I hear it! (And then it sticks with me all day!)

  794. I would download “Les petits poissons” for my little guy to learn for Maternelle (kindergarten).
    I’m loving working on the september album. I’m glad I signed up for your class!

  795. I would have to add “Thankful” by Josh Groban. Every time I listen to it I have to stop and count my blessings. Thanks for the fun!! Just think, I might be as cool as my kids if I win :)

  796. Jeanie Burch says:

    I would download the Rolling Stone’s song – “You can’t always get what you want”, because of the line “You can’t always get what you want
    And if you try sometime you find
    You get what you need”.

  797. I would put “Girl’s Just wanna have fun” – By Cyndi Lauper – women should have more fun and enjoy the day!

  798. What a wonderful life…….
    I am falling in love with my husband of 27 years all over again this summer and this song sums up how I have been feeling….
    Looking forward to your class @ Apropos

  799. Hi Stacy. This is so cool. I’d love to win the iPod. Have always wished for one and have never had the money to indulge. I would download Josh Groban’s “you raise me up”….. Can’t wait to see you this weekend. It’s only a few days away!!!!

  800. Melissa Mac. says:

    Crazy Love by Van Morrison, an oldie but a goodie :)

  801. the first song? “You Get What You Give” by the New Radicals. It’s been my anthem these days.

  802. What a wonderful life….
    I have been falling in love with my husband of 26 years all over again this summer and this song sums up how I feel….
    Looking forward to taking your class @ apropos….

  803. The Plain White T’s – Delilah . . .

  804. how fun, Stacy!
    I would record Peabo Bryson’s “If ever you’re in my arms again”- it reminds me of the first time I had ever gone to a concert of this sort.Everyone was dressed formally, women were tossing roses at him, what a wonderful introduction to that culture for me. A very memorable college experience (and I went with my now- husband, even better!).

  805. I’d download The Ring by Sarah Harmer because it reminds me of the friendship I have with my husband. Or Shoofly Pie by Sharon, Lois, & Bram because it’s one of my baby girl’s favorites.

  806. Lisa in WA says:

    Oh, cool! I would download whatever rock song was currently floating my boat. Thanks for sharing!

  807. donnamatthews says:

    My first song would be “walking on sunshine” because it inspires me to have a great day!

  808. Oooh, I think ‘Your Man’ by Josh Turner is the best song for right after a wedding. That’s the one that I’d download first!

  809. what a great wedding shower theme. we give a lot of wedding showers since we teach a Bible study class for college students. i am going to use that theme…
    and i would use the ipod to download “love is still a worthy cause” by sara groves. i love her lyrics…. and love is such a worthy cause….

  810. I would download the whole album Fox Confessor Brings the Flood by Neko Case. I saw her at Bumbershoot last weekend and she was fantastic.

  811. What a wonderful gift! I would love to download Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield, love that tune!

  812. I’m probably goofy but my husband of 8 years first asked me to dance to this song 12 years ago at my sisters wedding, he was the best man and I was the maid of honor, it’s ‘My Sherona’.
    I’m loving your HMF class, have done several of your projects already, enjoying the motivation!
    KellyM in MN

  813. All I Want to Do by Sugarland. What a fun song. And I love Jennifer Nettles voice.

  814. I would put “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Songs don’t get any better than that one!

  815. Mama Mia soundtrack – makes me dance & smile!

  816. My first song would be Let it Be by the Beatles. That melodic tune just carries me through some very rough times with grace, and helps me keep perspective on my life. Then I would promptly pack the little Nano away to give to my son for Christmas.

  817. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Fab give away!

  818. I would download Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson. Old but still makes me smile everytime I hear it!

  819. I would download Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson. Old but I still makes me smile everytime I hear it!

  820. Dancing Queen from the new Mama Mia soundtrack!!!

  821. Waiting on a Woman by Brad Paisley…I’m not really a fan, but my mom shared this song/video with me because she just felt a connection to the message. Even if I don’t win the Nano, Stacy, you will love the video.

  822. Lindsay Palamaruk says:

    Beautiful Day by U2.
    I love to sing that song when I am driving!

  823. The “peanut butter jelly” song because my kids love to dance to it!
    And about the pictures and shower–sometimes I get so caught up in taking the “perfect” pictures that I forget to enjoy the moment.
    Can you post the recipe for strawberry cheesecake trifle? It looks yummy!

  824. Manamana- the Animal song from the muppets. You can’t not smile when you hear it!

  825. Laura from Calgary says:

    I would download “In God’s Hands” by Keith Urban and Nelly Futado. He is my absolute favourite singer.

  826. oh my goodness one of the funnest little shower games ever….I will definitely play…the first song I would put on my ipod would be….Little Wonders by Rob Thomas from Meet the Robinsons…have a wonderful trip to Africa…Elizabeth

  827. Anoranza por la Conga by Sur Caribe. It always makes me happy & want to get up and dance! I have many good memories associated with this song!

  828. My current favorite song is “YOU ARE GOOD” by Israel and New Breed.

  829. I would download I’m yours by Jason Mraz. I love this song and think it sounds alot like a Jack Johnson song. I know he is one of your favorites!

  830. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. It always makes me wannan have fun!!

  831. Tammy Vasser says:

    Since David Cook’s new album isn’t out yet, I will download Chris Daughtry’s song “Home”. Thanks for keeping such a great blob!

  832. Jeannette P says:

    You may have stopped typing before your tears flowed but you got me on this one. What a wonderful shower theme & apple is a very smart company. I think it is very cool to use an ipod to share photos, music, etc. The first song I’d download would be Made to Love by Toby Mac. I already have an ipod (courtesy of my DH for Christmas) so I would bless my DH with this one.
    As far as not taking the pics you wanted, that’s a bummber but don’t forget that its not to late to write about it & attach the few photos you do have. THe important thing is the feelings you had, the great time you & everyone had. Get those down & let the writing take the place of the photos you missed (or ask others if they had any photos they could share). Thanks again Stacy for being such an inspiration of joy.

  833. Amazed by Lonestar. Not only is it DH’s and my song, it is the way I feel about my family and life. Amazed.

  834. melissa thrush says:

    sugarland~fall into me~love the song, love the album and love jennifer nettles voice~thanks for the chance stacy~

  835. Just wanted to say how cool I think it is that you’re doing this. I have a Nano already (flaming pink, thank you very much!) and love it. I just wish it played videos. But back to the giveaway, VERY generous of you. And in keeping with the theme, my next download will probably be Jason Mraz, the whole new album!

  836. All songs by Toby Keith.

  837. what a fun giveaway and what a great idea for a wedding shower. Your ideas are always so great. If I won a Nano, the first song I’d put on it would be “I saw God today” by George Strait. It reminds me to slow down and really “see” what’s around me.

  838. Oh my goodness! How fun! I am going to a retreat at the end of October–how cool it would be to take that cute little thing with me! The first songs I would put on it would probably be both Jack Johnson cd’s I have or Frank Sinatra–i just love him.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  839. hummm i love good music. i am loving maria mena at the moment. or the girl from phantom of the opera… but i can’t remember her name.
    good luck every one!

  840. I would have to say ‘Shake It” by Metro Station, I first heard it on my daughter’s radio station, but have come to love the ’80′s vibe it has.
    Thanks to HMF’s 30 Day’s Hath September, I am taking lots of pictures again after a dry spell. Love these types of projects!
    Kelli in OR

  841. How much fun!! The first thing I will download is anything by Doug Burr. LOVE HIM!! He is completely mellow and perfect scrapping music.

  842. Janice Nutt says:

    The first song I would downloand would be “Your Gonna Miss This” by Trace Atkins. It reminds me of my 15 yr. old daughter (soon to be sweet 16 on Oct. 29), she’s going up so fast. This would be a wonderful gift for her. I read your blog daily and I had the pleasure of meeting you and attending your class at CKU-Houston in 2006. Then I went out and purchased “The Big Picture” book and later bought “Photo Freedom”. Love them!!!!

  843. i would love to regift your regift to a friend of mine who – gasp – has no idea how fantastic these little gadgets are! enjoy s. africa, i wish i could hop in your pocket and go too!

  844. The first song I would download: At Last as sung by Etta James. I didn’t get married until I was almost 40 (and never thought I would get married, either!) – so that had special meaning to me. It was our first dance song.

  845. I would download Baby Don’t You Cry by Quincy Coleman. Love this song. My daughter listens to it before she goes to bed.

  846. “Ob-la-di” by the Beatles.
    Thanks for the great contest, Stacy! Wow… what a FUN package to have received from Apple! :)

  847. I would download the Lamb Is Overcome Album by Travis Cottrell. He ROCKS the praise and worship music – makes it great to walk in the morning too!
    Pick me pick me! :-)

  848. Alesa Larsen says:

    I would download Crush by David Archuletta. I loved this song the first time I heard it and I didn’t even know who sang it. What A great shower idea I am going to have to remember that one.

  849. I would download “I Am” by Mark Schultz. An amazing songwriter!

  850. ‘Play Guitar’ by John Cougar (back when he was Cougar and not Mellonkamp)

  851. Handlebars by the Flobots
    Funky little weird song!
    Thanks for sharing!

  852. What a great shower idea! Thanks for sharing that. How about a recipe for that strawberry triffle. It looks incredibly delicious. My song would be
    Have A Nice Day by Bon Jovi :D

  853. Revelation by Third Day. I love Third Day and this is a perfect song for me right now.

  854. Anna Palmer says:

    Beautiful Day
    by U2
    This song helps me remember to go at the day with everything I’ve got.

  855. Oh I love jammin’ to music (especially when I’m alone in the car)… This will probably sound silly but I really like the beat of the new song by the Pussycat Dolls….When I Grow Up. :-) I’ve only heard it once on the radio and don’t know the words but the beat sure is jammin’!!! Thanks for the change to win Stacy!! SO FUN!!
    ps. See you in April in St.Louis. WOOHOO!!

  856. Africa by Toto.
    Have fun, someday I want to visit there too.

  857. It would have to be You’re Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins…it makes my stop and think and appreciate what I have right now!

  858. OMG! This is so nice of you! I can’t believe that they sent you a free nano! I would download Addicted by Saving Abel!

  859. Sarah Sweet says:

    Beautiful Day
    by U2

  860. actually, i wouldnt download a thing; I would give to my best friend and little sister. She would LOVE it! I have the purple one already and it is the cutest thing! My first song? Fergie of course…..:)

  861. OOOOOOO…..In your eyes….Peter Gabriel. Just love that one.. and that blue ipod will match my eyes, too!

  862. I love good music also. :) The song I’d download would be “Dream Big” by Ryan Shupe & the Ruberband. It is so uplifting & such a positive outlook!!! It has a good message, (’bout all aspects of life); regardless of what one may be facing… I think we all can learn from it!:) Thanks Stacy for this opportunity! Take Care,
    Dawn M.

  863. Ooohh — what fun! I would download Dancing Queen – I am in need of a little ABBA in my life right now.

  864. Awesome! I would download Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long”, love that one!!

  865. Little Wonders by Bob Thomas. LOVE this song right now. Helps keep me in the moment.

  866. You are so stinkin’ sweet, I would download “You can let go now Daddy” Crystal Shawnda

  867. How cool that you are sharing this with one of us lucky readers!!! I would download “Kiss” by Prince. It’s one of my all time favorites and reminds me of college!

  868. Oh that is SO COOL!!
    the first song to download for me (that I don’t already have) would be “Piece of My Heart” by Janis Joplin. I have Melissa Ethridge’s cover of it, but not the original. Janis started here in Austin, and I love how the power builds in the song. Either that, or Legacy by Nicole Nordeman (lyrics here: ).

  869. There are many titles on my Happy song list. I think I would have to pick “Dreams” from The Cranberries.
    This song always makes me smile, it makes me think about the beautiful days of fall. The amazing colours everywhere in the crisp air. I love fall, actually I love every season but fall is especially beautiful; so “Dreams” is a perfect pick for the season.
    Have a super duper day!
    Happy Nat in beautiful BC, Canada

  870. I love your shower gift idea of bringing something you love for the bride and to give away. I’ll use it sometime, I’m sure!
    I would download “How many Kings” by Downhere. I’m in love with that song right now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  871. Kristin Jordan says:

    Empty Me by Chris Sligh
    Thanks for the opportunity! Have fun in South Africa.

  872. Ann Johnson says:

    I would download “Cross My Heart” by George Strait. All time favorite song, had is sung at my wedding – Thanks

  873. Ohhh – this is a tough – just one?
    My Wish – RASCAL FLATTS! Awesome!

  874. The first song I’d download is ‘Breakable’ by Ingrid Michaelson (and then all the rest of her songs that I can’t seem to find on cd but only online, to download). Thanks for offering the Nano as a giveaway!

  875. I would download anything by the BYU Men’s Chorus. I have five sons and four of them have sung in the chorus. (#5 is still in high school…)

  876. I love Celine Dion. I just recently bought her newest CD Taking Chances, and love the title song. So, I would download that song. Jenny

  877. I would download the “Go Cubs Go song” because I am a huge cub fan.

  878. Actually a hardcore song my two teenage sons just recorded with their friends. Totally not my type of music, but what’s a proud mom to do? Here’s the link, if you’d like to listen:

  879. I would download Rascal Flatts-Stand- I have a fabulous 15 year son who having a tough time right now with fitting in and staying strong, when I know he’s the strong one!!
    xxoo, Sandy

  880. ‘Feels Like The First Time’ – Daughtry’s cover of Foreigner’s hit – LOVE Daughtry & think it’s so cool that they are Rockin’ the Vote!!!

  881. Troublemaker by Weezer.

  882. Pretty soon I think I’m going to have to break down and buy the new NKOTB album. Either that or I just got some new Lost and Found ( CDs that I need to listen to more.

  883. Paradise by Tesla

  884. Sway by Michael Buble. Can’t wait to see photos of Africa!

  885. I think I would put Maroon 5 on it and give it to my son – he would love it!

  886. Aerosmith “I don’t want to miss a thing”…

  887. All of Me – Jon Schmidt. His music is GREAT to RUN to!! I just bought tickets to his Christmas concert! Can’t wait.
    Getting some great ideas for future downloads from everyone! Thanks.

  888. Wow! What a surprise! The very first song would be Last Name by Carrie Underwood. Just a fun song that sounds good turned up way loud…

  889. I would download something from Brad Paisley first.

  890. Kid Rock – All Summer Night Long

  891. Angela Davidson says:

    James Taylor, “How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You” live version

  892. An Il Divo song – can’t decide which is my favorite!

  893. The first song I would put on it would be Dancing Queen by Abba…just because I love to sing it really loud!

  894. Fun giveaway! I would download “Give a little bit” by Supertramp. I just love that one.

  895. Liticia Weissinger says:

    “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman

  896. Christine M says:

    anything by india.arie
    Thanks for your generosity!

  897. I actually would download the whole Mama Mia sound track…I *heart* this movie!!
    what’s on your ipod for the trip to South Africa?

  898. Rascall Flats “To Be Loved by You”
    have a great trip!

  899. Eleonor F. says:

    I would probably download “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas. Ever since I first heard it on your blog I’ve loved listening to it when I look through all of my pictures! Thanks Stacy!

  900. “I cross my heart” by George Strait … it was the song my husband and I danced to on our wedding day and of course will always be special to me. Then I would put my kids vacation bible schools songs on there as well as those make me laugh when I remember them dancing and singing to them! :)
    Have a safe trip!

  901. kristy Chuhaloff says:

    My first song would be “I Will Not Be Moved” by Natalie Grant. She is AMAZING! And she loves God! Can’t beat that!

  902. Just found some fun new ‘kid’ music from Justin Roberts. (Our current favorite that he must’ve written for us… “My brother did it”) Probably download some from him and some good jogging/running tunes.
    Thanks for the generous giveaway- so sweet of you!

  903. “Amazed” by Lonestar – in honor of my very special love who means the world to me. Thanks, Stacy, for this opportunity.

  904. All Summer Long…Kid Rock…really!

  905. I would download that new Sweet Home Alabama song by KidRock. That’s a stretch for a quiet, conservative Christian girl like me, but I enjoy the song! Now, how do you download a song???? :)
    Trust me, I’ll figure it out!!!

  906. Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show!

  907. Stacy Bassett says:

    OOHH I love the color as well!! My first song would be “Brave” by Nicole Nordeman. Also love “What if” by her as well.
    Thanks for sharing not only your talents but also your good fortune with us!!
    Stacy B.

  908. The first song I’d download would be the “Welcome” speech that Walt Disney gave when he opened Disney Land in California – it reminds me to look for the magic in my life everyday.
    Cool gift – I’m the only one of my friends not to jump on the IPod/MP3 player bandwagon!