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So, I’m headed to South Africa for ten days. Now that my bags are packed and I’m on my way, I am truly excited. I get to hang out with all of these fabulous girls, the amazing event coordinators and

many more (of course) I’m always anxious to meet and renew friendships with Simple Scrapbook readers and BPS students and I’m giddy that this time I get to travel with my Dad (honestly, there’s a good chance my Dad will drive me crazy before we get there — he’s not much for sitting still and the flight from Atlanta to Jo-berg is 19 hours long) For those of you who don’t know, my father had a small animal veterinary practice for 23 years. He was forced to sell his practice when a lymphoma in remission, returned. In a miraculous way his life was spared a second time and he become Washington state’s very first wildlife veterinarian. He is now retired, but as you can imagine, a trip to Africa and a stay at a big game lodge is at the very top of his wishlist. So … I’m taking him with me.

Anyway … I’m leaving on several jet planes and will return on the 20th.

While I’m away, I thought it might be nice to post a few Thank YOUs.
I am so very blessed and receive many thoughtful and wonderful gifts and cards that often go unnoticed in the rush of my life that I want to call out a few niceties of late and give you a chance to enjoy some fun stuff.


When I checked in at the airport on my way home from CHA (back in January) I ran into Tia Bennett. Tia is such a doll. We sat next to each other and chatted a bit and then I dozed off to sleep and worked on my computer — I’m sure I was late on some deadline. In any case, towards the end of our flight, she handed me this. I was aware that she had been doodling, but did not know she was doodling for me.

I LOVE it, and it hangs on my inspiration board. I think if you know Tia, you should visit her blog today and tell her how much you appreciate her. If you don’t yet know Tia — then go and get to know her.

She is definitely one of those "bright spot" people in this world!


  1. How awesome about your Dad. Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Have a fabulous trip!

  3. Many thanks to you Stacy!!!Blessings to you.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh…. I wish I were in your bag. My son is attending University in Africa…and I’m homesick for him. BTW hope you packed a flashlight, they have rolling blackouts in South Africa. In July I took my 80 year old Mother with us, and traveled by rented vehicle the length of Botswana. As my Mom said…”We had an adventure!” I hope as much for you and your Dad. BTW…if you get a chance to try warthog…do it, it’s actually quite good.

  5. How wonderful that you can take your dad on your adventure. It is nice to share times like this. And for him to have an interest above the normal interest in what you will see in the game preserves. I still remember seeing lion about six feet away from our car. Can’t do that in Ohio! I know you will have a memorable trip! And those who are taking your classes will have a great time too.

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