Win Missmatched SOCKS!

Guess what?
I am the featured interview at Little Missmatched

(me. stacy. wow.)

You can read it HERE. (If you go quickly you can read about my super-secret & extrememly difficult career as a female chef in France in the 90s!! All kinds of stuff you didn’t know about me!)

In fact, if you go and read and leave comments (on their blog and mine) you will be entered to win SOCKS for the whole family!!

I know. Pretty Darn Exciting huh?
We are talking a pair of kids socks & tights and a pair for mom and dad too.


you might note that I photographed these socks on top of my LMM chair (how could I resist polka dot microfibre?)


Speaking of polka dots, I’ll have my KnitWit will help me pick a WINNER on Monday, September 8th!

Notice something with polka dots today and when you do …

stop and smile.


  1. How fun is this!?! Thanks so much for this chance. I really like their stuff, it is pretty impossible to look at it and not be happy.

  2. Colors and polka dots! What could be better. They certainly make me smile :)

  3. Nicole in Silverton says:

    I just adore mismatched socks thanks to reading about them on your blog! Thanks so much for sharing! And yes, the Gymboree can really become a little “addicting”!

  4. LOVE it! The whole concept is awesome. And i love Life is Good stuff, too. We just got a great store in Manitou Springs. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I saw your interview in my newsletter!! Nice work – and I am a big polka dot fan myself.

  6. What a super fun interview! Thanks for giving us the link! Mismatched socks are my fav!

  7. Very fun :) Thanks for the smile!

  8. polka dots always make me smile!

  9. Love the interview. Love the polka dots. I’m smiling :)

  10. I loved your interview—you are so inspirational….

  11. Very fun interview. I’d love to win some more LMM stuff. I’m so glad you introduced me to them a while back.

  12. Cute! Love the socks!

  13. Hi Stacy,
    Thanks turning me onto LMM and for doing that cute interview. I love getting more glimpses into your fabulous life.

  14. when i saw the title i thought you were cleaning out your laundry room and getting rid of those socks that never make it out of the laundry basket–those socks that are perpetually single, as in “without a mate”. Reminds me I need to do that–Oh the joys. LMM is a fun site and i think it gives you permission to wear “mismatched” socks—so maybe i will throw those that are single back into circulation–why not–life is to short to play by all the rules…..

  15. Thanks for doing the interview. I hope that it inspires more people to scrapbook for the joy of it and not out of obligation.

  16. What a fun interview. I think wearing those socks would just put me in a better mood. Love the polka dot chair!

  17. I was having a rough day and this really reminded me to be happy and to count all the blessings in my life. Thank you for all the inspiration and motivation.

  18. i always smile at polka dots!! loved the interview!

  19. Great interview! the dots pulled me out of a post-vacation funk today! Thanks. :)

  20. going to listen to the interview now! i could use some more fun socks!

  21. Thanks for this opportunity. I love polka dots, and I love your chair!!!! Way awesome.

  22. Who doesn’t love polka dots? Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. Love the interview, love the socks! Thanks for all your inspiration!!

  24. “I’ve been working on unlearning those rules ever since.”
    THANK YOU Stacy for breaking those rules and teaching me how to break them!
    LOM ’08
    My girls would love polka dot socks.

  25. I think I’m going to have to get some LMM socks for my almost 7 year old. He could use some socks he doesn’t have to wait for Mom to wash in order to find a (mis-)match.

  26. You consistently make my day! Thank you for being a beautiful, shining bright ray of fun and sun!

  27. although with 3 little girls i already have a lot of mismatched socks, they are not so artfully mismatched as those from little miss matched! i could definately use some help :)

  28. Marta Valdes says:

    How funny is this! I have my Happy socks on today from LMM. I was feeling a little blue today and decide a needed some happy time.
    Love the socks and your interview.

  29. I love crazy socks!

  30. I love your positive attitude all of the time!!!

  31. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These are my most very very favorite socks. Isn’t it a bonus how they can make people smile?
    Have a super good day!

  32. I live for LMM socks…and their coin purse, and key chain, and IPOD pocket…I just wish their jammies were in my size!

  33. Polka dots and lots of color! Who can resist?

  34. I officially obsessed with those halloween socks! Adorable!

  35. Polka dots do make me smile!

  36. I’d love to have LMM socks for my family. How could anyone have a bad day wearing these? It’s like wearing a smile on your feet.

  37. donnamatthews says:

    Great interview. Thanks for the smile!

  38. I simply love all the “happy goodness” stripes and dots can bring to life!

  39. Gotta love those socks! I have a daughter and granddaughter in Germany who desperately need some for Christmas!

  40. I got the LMM newsletter yesterday and clicked on your interview first thing–I was a little confused about the female chef in the 90s. I thought it was a joke or something until I read the previous interview and realized it just hadn’t been updated. Too funny!
    Love, love, love the polka dot chair. Where did you put it–in your office?

  41. What a fun interview!! I just love those socks….they scream “happy feet”

  42. I love those daughter started kindy this year and she can’t wait until it gets cooler and she can start wearing them to school!

  43. Oh my,, I have never seen socks like those before, but need to get some. My youngest DD would just about flip over these. She might even behave for a day or two if those were the reward.

  44. I love these socks. Even my son likes the mismatched socks!

  45. What a great interview! HOW FUN! Those socks are super cute and I think I’m going to just have to buy a set for the whole family, so I can take a picture of everyone’s feet and scrapbook it! LOL That would definately be a FUN layout!

  46. Hey, just had to comment on your ‘Daycation’. Way down here in New Orleans we have Hurrications. Just got back from one and all is well. If we stay through the storms, prior to, we make Hurricookies. Gotta have some hurricane foods ready! Enjoy your bright, sunny, colorful, hurricane free day!

  47. How adorable are those socks! Pick me!

  48. I love stripes and polka dots in scrapbooking. They would be ultra cool in socks too.

  49. Stacy I was so excited to get the Little Mismatched email newsletter and see YOU being interviewed!! Very cool! I emailed my friend who introduced me to your books/way of thinking/etc. Thanks for a chance to WIN those GREAT socks!! I just ordered 2 of your books and read Photo Freedom! I’m so excited to get started!

  50. I was just looking at MSNBC before checking out your blog & thought of you. Check out picture of Palin family on front page holding baby…. i think he has on mismatched socks.

  51. I’ve wanted to get some Little Miss Matched socks ever since I first read about them from Stacy. When I saw her wearing them in Novi, Michigan, last May, I thought they were so cute – and loved the playful message!
    Somehow my post wouldn’t post at the LMM site – oh, well, I tried!

  52. These socks would be perfect for my son. He loves “funky” socks. We are always on the lookout for crazy socks.

  53. I love MissMatched — when i was at a library conference Seth Godin was even sporting his. :) Love it.

  54. I love these socks cant wait to get my first pair, thanks for all that you do Stacy!

  55. Love the socks….fun and funky! Would love them for the family

  56. I would love to win some fun polka-dot socks!

  57. Love LMM socks! My daughter was wearing them everyday and the school the kids attend called and said she had to stop! They didn’t follow the dress code! Who knew! Now, she wears them all weekend long (and after she gets home from school) and her twin brother loves his mismatched flip flops! Sooo cool for little ones to express their own personality!! Love ya Stacy for 2 reasons! I learned about LMM from you during an online class a couple of years ago and I enjoy your classes!!! LMM & SJ – a great pairing!

  58. OOOOH! pick me pick me! I am feeling a little mismatched today :)

  59. what a fun article..thnx for sharing…
    hey i want some sox….
    thnx again

  60. txscrapaddict says:

    I love polka dots! What fun!!

  61. I can’t resist putting my name in for the sock drawing – love them! Fun interview!

  62. How fun! Congrats for you!!! ~Tanya

  63. Great interview. I love how your website is always so bright and colorful, just like your personality.

  64. Oh! We could all use some new socks to brighten our day!

  65. Have been dying to try these colorful socks because they are so ‘out of the box’ for me…would love to win some! Thanks!

  66. Trace Geworsky says:

    I am totally digging those mismatched socks:)

  67. Ever since I showed my daughter your website and she saw the mismatched socks….she tries to do it with her own socks…..have to get her some of the real deal!
    So cute!!

  68. What a great website! Thanks for sharing. You certainly could never be in a bad mood wearing such fun socks!

  69. Great interview. so excited about the socks thanks for the website!
    happy day

  70. I have been so thrilled to discover your blog. Your books helped me to finally “get it” as far as scrapbooking goes. Your ideas freed me to finally get started after many years of procrastination. Love your positive personality – it radiates from your blog. Thanks for turning us all on to other great products and websites!! Now –how about some mismatched sox!!!! :) P.S. and the recipe for that brownie on your masthead!!!!!!

  71. How fun!! I’ve had my eye on those for a while!!

  72. Super super cute socks! -Brooke P in Dallas

  73. I am on my way over to read the interview now. I love LMM.

  74. These socks simply make me smile. I love them. Thanks for the good fun!

  75. Great interview. I would LOVE to try to get DH into a pair of those socks!!! :-) And you knitwit is so cute!

  76. Loved your interview! How fun! And how fun would it be to win some of these awesome socks! :) Have a wonderful day!

  77. Love these socks…hope to get some for my kids soon!

  78. I just love those socks & your chair. Great interview.

  79. Kimberly S. says:

    LOVE these socks! The colors are so fabulous, I am brainstorming color combinations for my next scrapbook page!
    Thanks Stacey!

  80. I’d like to try them out. Been yearning for some LMM since you first blogged about them!

  81. I missed the chef thing, but it was a fun interview. I love your positive, life is one hundred percent-full attitude

  82. fran heupel says:

    Loved the interview and all the wonderful answers. Thanks for posting this wonderful giveaway.
    Love the cool looking colors on the socks!

  83. Maryann Vautrinot says:

    I love little miss matched!! havent got the socks but bought a whole bedroom set for my 11 yr old—it is soooo cool!! Maryann

  84. Yvonne Busdeker says:

    These socks are on my christmas list for my niece who is obsessed with socks. Thanks for introducing us to them!

  85. Katie Wessels says:

    Love the socks…especially mismatched. :) Love the chair.. who doesn’t love polka dots? (Have you seen Gymboree’s new line?? TO DIE FOR!) Loved learning more about you..thanks for sharing!

  86. Kris B. in Rochester, NY says:

    These socks are going to be one of the birthday gifts I get for my son’s girlfriend! She’s that kinda gal!

  87. You and LMM are a perfect match! And the Knitwit, well, it’s ADORABLE!

  88. oh pick me – these are just the most cutest thing i’ve seen – not sure that we can get them here in Aus – certianly not something i’ve seen

  89. Ok, I’m leaving the comment on this post because well…there are mismatched socks to be won… but I have to say that the picture of you on the last post just made my heart ache to be in Spokane!!!
    We spent some time there this summer with my aunt and instead of giving me a “fix” it made me long to move back!

  90. Fun, fun, fun — love the polka dot chair and how dang cute are those socks?? Stacy – YOU make the world a happier place, thanks!

  91. Loved your interview and we love LMM! My daughter has a few pairs and we’re always looking for more. I gotta get me one of those polka dot chairs – it’s TOO cute!

  92. Julie Johnson says:

    So fun! I’m a big fan of this little company…and have my girls and niece wearing them. :)

  93. Julie Johnson says:

    So fun! I have my little girls and niece wearing mismatched socks…so fun!

  94. OMGoodness! I DREAM about having Little Mismatched socks! Seriously…I know, I should probably dream a little bigger, but they are SOOOOO cute! And my niece would be ADORABLE in the tights to match! Pick me pretty please!

  95. You are too naughty, Stacy!!!!! My bank account isn’t going to like you!!! :) I love these socks!!!!! (do they ship internationally?????)

  96. Love you, Love the socks! My 3 year old came in when I was looking at the website and said, “Cool, Mom! There any green ones?”
    May have to order if I don’t win!!!

  97. Kathryn Wafer (Kippy) says:

    So funny about the polka dots. I had a pedicure yesterday and now have pink toenails with white polka dots. I read what was left of your interview but can’t seem to find the part about your chef experience. Thanks for all you give of yourself.

  98. I love those socks – such fun stuff! Tracy

  99. what a nice, encouraging interview. you have such an inspirational way of talking to us. thanks.

  100. we LOVE these socks, ordered many times (thanks to YOU)

  101. I love the chair with polka dots and the sock giveaway-so neat! The quotes are fabulous, what a fun interview to read!

  102. Angie Weinzierl says:

    Love this company, it just makes me smile everytime I see their stuff! I guess I got there too late to read about your chef experience. I guess I didn’t realize you could cook, too!

  103. Loved the interview… what was the part about the chef thing? How could I have missed something about FOOD being the foodie that I am?! :-) Thanks for the opportunity to win some adorable and colorful socks. If those doesn’t say ZEST FOR LIFE then I don’t know what DOES!

  104. I’m a little surprised that you and Miss Match aren’t sisters.

  105. Can’t help but SMILE when I see their socks!!!!

  106. What a cool thing to be on Missmatched. We all know that you love those socks & stuff!!!!
    I just wanted to say that I am so glad that you are helping ALL of us “break” those “rules”. Your videos and books have helped me to become me! Not just in scrapbooking but in life too. cudos to that wacky you!!!

  107. Way to go STACY!
    I really like your answer about why scrapbooking is so important. You hit it right on the (polka) dot!

  108. the other day I saw my favorite socks at Macy’s and I almost had a heart attack and bought the whole rack! I love me so LMM :)

  109. Stacy, love the socks and thanks again for a chance at winning.

  110. I loved reading your interview and your view on scrapbooking. NIce socks too, by the way. Jenny

  111. We love the socks and t-shirts.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  112. Stacy,
    Polka Dots are cool!!

  113. i have a basket of mismatched socks that i’ve been tempted to trash. i may see if i can re-purpose some of them :)

  114. Love the socks and LOVE you!!! From one ‘chef’ to another. *wink* I’d love to have some of these socks to remind me to keep ‘having more fun’ once the class is over.

  115. Cindy McDannold says:

    Hey Stacy, it’s me the one who posted on BPS board about your secret life as a French chef! I had to read the rest of the interview several times because I couldn’t concentrate! Then I read the same answer from one of my favorite Iron Chefs Cat Cora…it finally dawned on me what happened. Hope you had a good chuckle over that one. Little Missmatched is a great site with cool looking “stuff” for everyone.

  116. Love the socks!!!

  117. My fav part of your interview was the quotes. I am so loving the one that you found while in college and will definitely be putting that somewhere where I can read it everyday.

  118. Oh, I love these things.

  119. GIRL – these socks spread like wild fire! i ordered some last year for me and my then 2 year old…she initially refused to wear them – because at TWO – she said – they don’t MATCH! till she saw momma sporting a pair! i then sent some to my mom for a just because gift – totally made her day – she’s mad about socks! she has gifted them to tons of friends… so pick me! signed, a newly happy girl made even happier by polka dots

  120. I Just placed an order…but you can never have enough socks!

  121. I love mismatched socks. My daughter just got one of the Mismatched bedroom sets for her new room and it is soooo cool!

  122. I have LOVED these socks since you pointed the out on your blog. My daughter has a pair. My niece has a coin purse. We would love to win! I wonder if the hubby would wear them? Humm.
    Andrea in Springfield, IL

  123. LOVE the socks & all the other goodies. All the colors are so hap-hap-happy! Still lovin’ your blog after moving halfway around the world to Osan AB, Korea! Thanks for the smiles!

  124. How cool! I love LMM — their stuff just makes you grin!

  125. Wendy WendtVanGuilder says:

    Stacy, I just got my MisMatched newsletter in my inbox yesterday and was so excited to see your face!! I love Mis Matched…My daughter Lorelai and I both have a few sets and we just sharE! We’d love to win more!!!

  126. melanie g. says:

    Love the socks. Can’t thank you enough for featuring them on your blog. My 8 year old LOVES hers. She was a hit for mismatched day at school last year, although she was “mismatched” most of the time. They also made a great teacher gift!

  127. Anne Thurlow says:

    These socks are super fun!!! I just may have to get a few pairs in case I don’t win. But, maybe I’ll be lucky and you’ll start my collection.

  128. halloweenheather says:

    My best friend from high school always wore mismatched socks. I thought she was crazy. I think these would make a great gift for her birthday. Think I’ll get her some. And winning socks for my family would be funtastic!!!!

  129. I have been trying to explain the concept of these socks to my family. I have 2 sets of the same (so I can have stripe with stripe, polka dot with polka dot, or stripe and polka dot which is what I usually do!). They just can’t seem to understand why I would want my socks mismatched. Just like you have your decorative napkins to make you happy, socks are my “thing”. I have penguins (that I wear year-round, mind you), diamond, and argyle, amongst others. I would LOVE another set of the mismatched; they would certainly put a smile on my face. And with a pair for everyone in the family, maybe they will finally “get it”.

  130. When our kids were growing up, we always had a basket full of mismatched socks, some were used for fake balls, some were made into puppets and some were used to clean with.
    THANKS for those memories!
    LOVE polka dots!

  131. Yea…New FUN sock would Be FAB!!!
    Love all the neat stuff you find….

  132. Your chair reminds me of a dress my daughter was given ( from LMM ) that she has been wearing for two years now and probably will wear for another two or three. ( she likes to keep them and then wear the dresses as tops, crazy kid ). LOVE the dots.

  133. My daughter loves to wear mismatched sock! (Well, before we moved to Hawaii – now we miss wearing them). Anyway, I absolutely love, love, love polka dots!

  134. I absolutely love Little Missmatched. I first found out about them through Simple Scrapbooks. Because of you, I not only own some for myself but have given several away to friends. Love them! Thanks!

  135. I don’t have any “official” little missmatched socks yet–just a bunch of socks without mates that I occassionally wear when I need to do a load of whites. It would be fun to get some for the whole family. Thanks Stacy.

  136. Kathryn Methot says:

    Love those socks…cool colors!
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  137. Love the socks and the chair is awesome. Can’t wait to see you in Johannesburg again. Hope I get to win some socks!!!!!

  138. I can’t wait to see my hubby in these socks! Stacy you win the prize for always finding cool, fun stuff!

  139. I found this shop in Bluewater, Kent – yes we acually have one in the UK – LOVE THEM !!

  140. Hey Stacy, as I sit here and read your post I am checking out the “Polka Dots” (circle buttons)on my Wacom Bamboo Fun. A sure sign Polka Dots can be found everywhere. I am a big fam too. Smiling because of your post. Cheers Stacy!

  141. Going to go check out that chair at LMM right now!
    First saw those socks on your site…now I’m seeing them all over! You are a true trendsetter!

  142. Jaime Sherman says:

    the socks are awesome. I have never seen them before. thanks for introducing me. Great interview too!

  143. you are such an inspiration to us all,thanks!

  144. I LOVE wearing these socks to Chemo Therapy. i plan on giving some to my oncology nurse the last day of treatment. These socks have made very sick people smile.

  145. Stacy Bassett says:

    What a fun giveaway and love all the stuff on LMM. Makes for a happy day!!

  146. Stacy, thanks for keeping things FUN, both in your BPS Class and here on your blog. You’re always making us think too, which is fantastic!

  147. Love this miss-match concept! I love all those women they have interviewed too!!

  148. going to check your interview now… i have a bin full of mismatched socks, didn’t know they could be fashionable!

  149. Gosh I just love when you have polka dots on your blog! I saw so many cute things at LittleMissMatched, too.
    I’m definitely going to suggest some things for stocking stuffers!

  150. Every new thing I learn about you confirms that I would love to hang out with you. Too bad I am on the East Coast. Mix-matched socks would really get me out of my “box”. Yikes. I am almost afraid to win.

  151. How stinkin cute they are I am in New York and walk by FAO Schwarts everyday and they have the greatest display (must take a pic to send you) well I feel so silly buying myself a pair…LOL! Oh but if I win a pair maybe that will lead into an obsession? Hmmm lets see. Hugs Grace

  152. LMM is totally the store for my daugther! She is 7 and is always wearing mismatched shoes, socks, etc. People will say “Couldn’t find the other shoe?” or “Do you know your shoes or socks don’t match?”
    She just says “Yeah – I like it this way – isn’t it pretty!!””

  153. What a great interview and I must say those socks are great. I am a fan of funky socks and these are right up my alley!

  154. I love these socks, learned about them from your blog. Enabler!
    Love your blog, by the way, it is always upbeat and happy – and I imagine that you are too.

  155. The socks are adorable – would look oh so cute with my crocs!! And the chair…how fun is that? You need to take some photos of your precious little girl sitting on that!!

  156. Wow cool socks! Glad they survived the floods of ’08. They were a duzie here in IA!!

  157. I think I need socks already this month, it’s cool here in Steilacoom, WA! As I work on my 30 Days Album!! Sooo fun!

  158. I think the colors are GREAT and I know the whole family would love them. It would make a FUN scrapbook page to create..!!!
    ALso I just got you PHOTO FREEDOM BOOK for my bday on the 3rd and I am really enjoying reading it. THANKS for you ideas..!

  159. Thank you for being the light of happiness at the end of the tunnel.

  160. Alesa Larsen says:

    Loved the interview. I love your knitwit. I am going to have to get one of those for my new baby.

  161. I loved the interview and how could you not LOVE LMM- especially socks!

  162. Love the new favorite quote… think I’ll have to scrap it! And these socks are perfect for my “mismatchy” niece who is always wearing 2 differnt shoes!

  163. You are inspiring and so blessed!

  164. I thought it was great when I got my LMM email and saw that you were featured this month!

  165. I was shopping for new baby clothes today (our grandson arrived safely yesterday – yippee!!!) and found the cutest little green sweater with big pink polka dots on that will fit his big sister. It made me smile – and think of you!!

  166. SOCKS!! love them!

  167. Jessica C. says:

    how stinkin’ cute are those socks, but I really love that CHAIR!!!

  168. I also love the chair! It is so happy!! I can’t believe its getting to be sock season again and I would love to be sporting some new ones!

  169. Those socks are too cute! Love all of the bright colors.

  170. Love the socks and love polka dots!

  171. I’ve been wanting to order some of their socks for my girls – so cute!

  172. Love the socks. So fun.
    Karen C (NH)

  173. ElizabethK. says:

    Oh, wow, Stacy, I love LittleMissMatched!! I haven’t bought any yet, but I think they are just so incredibly cute! Thanks for the opportunity to win some, and all your colorful inspiration!
    (I love the polka dot chair, too!)

  174. Tess Davis says:

    Just when I think I’ve found just about every kick-butt awesome polka dotted item in the universe, you introduce me to this LMM chair. Awesomely sweet goodness. :)

  175. Super fun and super cool. Thanks for introducing us to Little Missmatched. Love all the stuff.

  176. You make me smile. I’m glad I’m getting to know you through your blog and your books. And I love the socks.

  177. Stacy, LOVE your enthusiasm for life…and for these adorable socks, too! I would love to get some ‘glimpses’ into your home to see how your favorite colors are used there…I’ll bet it’s beautiful!

  178. elsa velez says:

    Stacy – thanks for sharing your joy and love of family and life. You bring so much light into our lives.

  179. These socks are too darn cute – love the little polka dot chair too!

  180. Laura from Calgary says:

    When I met you in Calgary and you were wearing your mismatched socks I thought, “well that’s a little odd”. But I liked them so much that I ended up emailing the company to find out where I could buy them around here. Most of the stores only had the kids sizes so I checked around Seattle on our trip there and I am now the proud owner of 6 mismatched socks! I don’t think it is odd any more, in fact I think it says a lot about a person who is comfortable wearing 2 different socks. Now when people say to me “your socks don’t match” I say “yes, aren’t they great!” Thanks for inspiring me to loosen up – in both my clothing and scrapbooking.

  181. Wow! The polka dots are great! I knitted myself some socks that don’t quite match but they are stripes. Maybe the next time dots!

  182. I love the polka dots on the chair, it would go great with the bright quilt I have hanging in my hall which is all spots and strips and hand dyed fabric.

  183. Now that fall is here… we NEED socks!! :)
    Thanks for the chance.

  184. Michelle Salazar says:

    OMG my sis and I have been wearing her socks for a very long time and we love them although they do drive our DH nuts, , , Just love them!

  185. Love the socks….thanks for the inspiration.

  186. Allison S. says:

    I absolutely love your blog and how you have introduced the most wonderfully fun sites to my world…esp. Missmatched and Heather Bailey. Thank you.

  187. Allison S. says:

    I absolutely love your blog and how you have introduced the most wonderfully fun sites to my world…esp. Missmatched and Heather Bailey. Thank you.

  188. Jeannette P says:

    Now I know that I read your blog the other day when you posted, but for the life of my I cannot remember if I posted on yours yet. I think that if I win & wear the socks, it would help me loosen up a little. I like to let go with my kids & in the privacy of our home but I am working on being more out there away from home as well.

  189. fun as always … thanks for the links and inspiration!

  190. Love LMM socks and patterns so much – I want to figure out some way to decorate my home in those colors/proportions. Still working on that. :)

  191. Going to read it!! Love that chair!

  192. So, do you really wear two socks that don’t match? Oooooh, I’m not sure I could do it. Do you feel off-balance or is it just a completely freeing experience?


  194. love the polka dots…and the socks;0)

  195. Polka dots are soo cool, and I love all the goodies on LMM’s site… I just haven’t made the plunge and ordered anything yet… I keep putting things in a cart then just quit. I don’t know. I love the colors and patterns, my kids would love not having to sort socks (10 kids and 2 adults is a LOT of socks)…. but I don’t know… still thinking.

  196. Loving the Little Mismatched socks Stacy!

  197. Michelle M says:

    These are so cute! Love the bright colors, stripes and poka spots (as my 19 year old daughter calls them). These are so her. She always wears mismatched socks.

  198. Stacy,
    OMG – my teenagers always wear mismatched socks! It’s sort of their signature (their laziness to actually match them up- LOL)
    So love the polka dots and fun colors!! Thanks for a chance to win!

  199. Carole Hamstra says:

    Bright, funky and fun! Just the way to live your life! Great interview.

  200. love little missmatched!!! my oldest daughter is into wearing non matching socks (maybe it’s the age??) so i will have to go order some for both of my girls. maybe me too. ;)

  201. Did you see they have bedding too?! We just did my daughter’s room in the pink hearts. This company makes every day a bit more smiley!

  202. I loved your interview and yes, I want to hear more about the French chef story. Great job!! I love LMM!

  203. Terri Howard says:

    Stacy…you are SUCH an enabler!
    I love my El Naturistas and of course now have a small collection of LMM, too.
    People look at me (this uhm 50′ish yr old woman) wearing LMM, and I just say, “they make me HAPPY!”!!!

  204. I had to lOl when I read this post…I think that is all we have is mitchmatched socks at the moment. I love them!

  205. Kim Heggins says:

    The socks are just way too cute. I teach at a Christian school and the children wear uniforms, but they are able to show their personality with socks, and I love it when they mix polka dots and stripes.

  206. Love those socks!!

  207. Those socks are sooo cute.

  208. Love the socks!!! Just so you know, it is your fault that my friends and I are spending so much money on Uppercase Living products!

  209. cory (scrappin_shopoholic) says:

    oooh I just love this, and would love the sock for our family.
    Totally cool!

  210. Melissa H. says:

    How exciting!
    I just happen to be wearing mismatched socks right now. I bought them a few years ago in Las Vegas for my young daughters and cannot get enough of them since.
    One of my friends were with me in an airport today and we were putting our shoes back on from the security check point and she noticed my socks and told me that they did not match. I said, “I know. They are mismatched socks.”
    I told her about them, and then realized that I now know what her daughter will get for her 1st birthday later this month. Of course every girl needs mismatched socks!
    They are cute and it has actually made laundry so much easier for my twin daughters clothes.
    Off to order some socks for my friends daughter…

  211. Love the socks and the interview!

  212. So so so so cute!

  213. The socks are sooooo fun! The colors make me happy just looking at them! Love your stuff!

  214. Somehow I found the interview on LMM before I found your blog entry! Too funny.

  215. Stacy:
    I have been a fann of Little Missmatched ever since a good friend of mine gave me a pair (or threesome!) of socks. I’m glad you’re drawing attention to them.

  216. Love these socks- would be cool to wear a pair that don’t match on purpose instead of a pair that don’t match because I have a sock drawer full of mismatched socks! thanks for the chance to win!

  217. I love those socks!! Winter lasts a long time here and they would make my feet so happy over those long months!

  218. oh i love polka dots. i’ve been wanting to order some little mismatched socks too. :)

  219. those socks are way too fun! a little ray of happiness everytime you look down!

  220. Love LMM. I placed an order there after you mentioned their Iowa flood issues. My one year old daughter loves the knitwit!

  221. Great socks! I love the site!

  222. love the socks!!!
    new to your blog–thanks for the chance to win–I’ve never seen the candy corn kissed either.

  223. Karen Tabor says:

    These are just too cute! I would love to win these socks.

  224. Adorable chair! LMM makes everything more fun!

  225. I love all their stuff. so funky! Pick me. CindyML

  226. Cute, cute, cute site. Loving the furniture too. I love all the new things Target always seems to carry. I would love to win the socks, I have yet to get a pair. They remind of a girl I went to camp with as a girl . . . always wore mismatched socks!!

  227. Kerri Norrod. says:

    I would love to win some adorable socks for the family! Bring it on!

  228. I LOVE Socks!!! The brighter the better! Quinna

  229. Who doesn’t love socks- plus it looks like these would make laundry days much easier- no socks to match : ) cool giveaway.

  230. Oh my gosh… my daughter needs these!!! She never matches her socks…she has a basket that she puts them all in…and just picks two out…

  231. these are toooooo cute
    Thanks you are inspiration!

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