Challenge: Give Yourself a Present!

So, it's October 1st. I think if I had to pin myself down, October is my favorite. Summer, with all of its fun is behind us and the craziness of the holidays is still just out of reach. The weather is generally good and the leaves are turning brilliant colors. What's not to love? In honor of October and the inevitable flow and change that is life, I'm issuing a challenge today (with the help of LOTS of blogging friends) to as many people as possible, and here it is:

I want you to give yourself a PRESENT. Look first and then I'll explain …









For a description of these photos, see the My Present photo album on the right.

You have everything you need right now to be vibrant, happy and fully engaged in the creative process of life. Sometimes you just have to slow down, look around and realize it!

Here’s what I want you to do …

• Snap ten or twelve photos of your life right now. Or find recent photos that you've already taken.
• Compile these photos in one of these super-cute Bazzill Mono-Mini albums (keep reading)
• Keep or carry this album with you, tucked in your purse or desk drawer for one full year.
• Promise to glance through the album every time you stumble upon it or pull it out.
• On October 1st, 2009, create a scrapbook page about your experience.

Don’t worry – I’ll remind you. Just keep reading my blog!

I think you'll find that regardless of what you choose to photograph, be it nature, your children, your pets, your home, your current projects — anything and everything, that life is in flux. We and our surroundings are constantly changing (even when you don't see it or believe it) and this little challenge/project is designed to STOP you, in the throws of your busyness and show you in an instant ALL that have and can choose to be grateful for — ALL that is here NOW and very likely fleeting …

As you may know I've been teaching a class online called Have More FUN! Our last official day is today and we have just wrapped up an exercise and project in present-moment scrapbooking, called 30 Days Hath September. I did something similar back in 2005 — loved it, wanted to do it again. It has been as I expected a life-altering process. In fact, I simply cannot keep to myself, so hence the challenge today and the reason I told lots of friends and fellow bloggers — so we could get as many scrapbookers involved as possible. You may notice as you make your blog rounds that a few others are already on board …

Georgana Hall

Erin Trimble

Emilie Ahern

Wendy Smedley

Ali Edwards

Tia Bennett

Gretchen Schmidt

Paula Wessells

Heidi Swapp

Kolette Hall

Lisa Cohen

Michelle Hedstrom

Jessica Turner

Cathy Zielske

May Flaum

Amy Sorenson

Stephenie Hamen

Kelli Crowe

Mary Ruth Francks

Allison Barnes

Tamara Morrison

Stephanie Ackerman

Anna Aspnes

NOTE: I of course decided to pursue this idea just prior to leaving for South Africa, so I didn't have much time to be ultra thorough in extending invitations or in following up. If you have blogged the "Give Yourself a Present" challenge, email me and let me know. With the craziness of last week (and let's be honest the fact that Jenna is now on her honeymoon) I know things have fallen through the cracks. It was NOT my intention to leave anyone out — I want EVERYONE involved, so spread the word and then let me know!

Now, if you would like to receive your very own
Bazzill Basics Mono Mini album to house your PRESENT, be one of the
first 50 comments and I'll send you one. I'll post winning names later

I'll leave you with these words, from Sunny Schlenger, author of Organizing For The Spirit

When you slow down and deliberately take notice of your surroundings, you're in the present moment, and being in the present moment brings things into sharper focus. It's as though you're on a nature expedition, but you're using your binoculars to observe the details of your own life … much of our day-to-day business can be done by rote. But when we're fully engaged, active participants in moment-by-moment creation, we're in the state linked most closely to "living" our lives.

give yourself a present today!



  1. I hope Im one of the fifty!

  2. Hello from NC,I hope I win!

  3. tracy rizzo says:

    Good Morning! What a cool Idea!!

  4. I woke up this morning and clicked on your blog for a shot of positive “get up and go”. This looks like a great project. Thanks, Joanne

  5. Great idea! I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with life lately and I think this is just what I need!
    Thanks Stacy!

  6. Aiming to be one of the 50!

  7. Oh pick me, pick me. This sounds like a fun project.

  8. Hi Stacy,
    I’m just finishing up Have More Fun with you – it has been a blast!

  9. This is such a wonderful idea!!!

  10. Wow! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us.

  11. Pam White says:

    What a Great idea! I was looking for an idea to use with students in our camera club and this is perfect.

  12. BRILLIANT!!!!!
    Just brilliant!

  13. Absolutely count me in! What a great way to end our September Journey. The experience was amazing and has really changed the way I see my world.
    Monica (HMF)

  14. melissa thrush says:

    loved have more fun…it really made me look into my life and really realize how GOOD it is. thanks stacy! you are awesome!

  15. This is a great idea! I can’t wait to get started!

  16. This is a great idea for an easy but meaningful minibook.

  17. what a great idea! I’m always excited about these things, but very slack at actually doing them… maybe you’re just the kick in the behind I need! I’ll keep reading as the year progress, and Get snapping tomorrow!

  18. Checking in first thing this morning. I’m trying hard to accept Ali’s challenge of recording “a week in the life.” I’m doing great with the words, just not the pictures! I want to try your “Be Present” challenge. That’s so hard to do sometimes when you’re a wife, mother, teacher, daughter, daughter-in-law, aunt, church person, etc.

  19. Count me in! This project is perfect for where I am at in life right now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. This is a very cool book. Hope I am one of the first 50.

  21. This is a great idea! Easy and yet a whole year long! Thanks Stacy :)

  22. What a wonderful idea! I’m off to check out the blogs, post on my blog & do my own!!!

  23. What a great idea – thank you! October is my favourite month, too – our wedding anniversary is 25 October, so I have an extra reason to love the autumn!

  24. Julie Johnson says:

    Love this! This has been an amazing journey, and being present is the biggest gift that I have been able to give my family, second – having fun with them. Thank you!!!

  25. I love this idea and I’m totally on board with it! Happy October!

  26. I love this! Just the motivation I needed! I’m going to start pulling my pictures together today, thanks!!

  27. Love the grounding that this book can provide. Loved being in your BPS Have More FUN course. Thanks for all the positive suggestions!

  28. Love this idea- love your blog. Sorry this class is over, but excited about Cathy too!

  29. jen in pa says:

    oh i would love one of these! this looks like a perfect project for me right now.

  30. Sounds like fun, I’ve already started, and this book would be perfect Stacy! – Cat

  31. Laura Gedeon says:

    What a wonderful idea Stacy! This album is such a perfect size for carrying with us. I can’t wait to give this project a try. Thanks for sharing!

  32. This sounds like so much fun Stacy – what a great idea!

  33. charlotte says:

    This is a fabulous idea, what a cute little reminder :)

  34. I’d love a mini album! woohoo! already working on ali’s week in the life. this should be fun.

  35. This is something everyone could benefit from! Thanks for having such a positive blog and for all the great info! Hope I’m one of the 50!

  36. i’d love one. sounds fun.

  37. Oooh…I hope I’m one of the 50!!

  38. I haven’t scrapbooked in a while sounds like a good way to ease back into it.

  39. I think I erased my first message. I sure do hope I’m one of the first 50!!

  40. Hoping to be one of the first 50!!
    Would LOVE to make one of these mini books!

  41. This would be a great followup to my 30 Days Hath September album which I already know is going to be one of my favorites! Thanks for a great Have Fun class!

  42. Debbi Hyden says:

    i love this idea….life has been too busy lately and i need something to remind me of my priorities and purpose ….and to slow down!

  43. I love this idea! I know just which pictures I’d start with!

  44. I need to do this! Thanks.
    Susan (from Maryland).

  45. I would love one of the albums. What a great idea! I’m in. :)

  46. Cindy McDannold says:

    After Library of Memories and Have More Fun, I’ll follow your lead anywhere, first 50 or not (but one would be nice). Cindy

  47. I would love an album!

  48. andrea d. says:

    I LOVE this idea! I can’t wait to see what I learn from the experience.

  49. Love the idea!!! So easy, but so meaningful! Thank you so much!!!

  50. Trying again – I don’t see my post! I love this idea – and I know just which pictures I will start with!
    Thanks for the inspiration, Stacy!

  51. I would love to win!
    Sounds like a very cool idea!
    Thank You!

  52. Stephanie says:

    I would love one of those albums!

  53. What a great idea!

  54. The challenge sounds great. Thanks for making us more aware of the present and our many blessings.

  55. Cool idea!
    Hamilton, MI

  56. Karen Walker says:

    I’m working on Ali E’s challenge, so I’ve got the photos. Still finishing up the pages for my 30 Days album, though. Hopefully, by the weekend.

  57. What a great challenge. I like it a lot.

  58. Trace Geworsky says:

    I LOVE this idea….woohooo, your ideas just keep getting better and better:)

  59. Life in constant change is so true! I know that I need to take the time to be grateful!

  60. Did I make it?
    Those are so cute!

  61. Can’t tell how many comments there are, but no matter – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! Going to pass it off to a few other blogging friends to see if they’ll post. Maybe we can get the entire scrapbooking world involved!

  62. I love this idea. I’m going to be talking about the very same thing to our MOPS group tonight!

  63. carriegel says:

    How close am I? What a cool project and idea. Count me in.

  64. I’m on board whether I make the first 50 or not! Great idea.

  65. what a great idea! would love it!

  66. super idea!

  67. I am working on a week in my life book with Ali and have some great shots of being present. I will work on that more today with that exact sentiment in mind. Present is a great place to be!

  68. Oh – I would love one of these! LOVE the colors and the small size – easy to fill quickly and keep at an arm’s length all the time. :)

  69. That’s a shame ~ you have to be quick!! I’d have loved to have done one of these especially with the album as a gift from you, Stacy.
    I’ll leave the commment anyway ~ just in case!!
    Great idea and love your mini album.

  70. great idea!
    and since October is my birthday month… even more appropriate

  71. very cool idea! I think I will have to squeeze this project in!

  72. Maybe I can do one day! Photos that I need to take!

  73. So fun! Cait wait to do it! And your album is beautiful!

  74. LOVE to have one of these mini books! I have done february & december ‘month’ books like your 30 days after reading ‘big picture’& I LOVE them. Its fun to look back and see our ordinary days- even laundry & grocery shopping! haha.

  75. great idea!

  76. Kristin A. says:

    Amazing – can’t wait to start!
    Have a wonderful day! KristinTX

  77. Very cool idea. I really need to do a day in the life of or a week in the life of…,
    taking pictures not an issue, just need to spend some time writing about the day and or week. Hmm, can I do this next week, think maybe I will challenge myself to do it.

  78. Karen Young says:

    I’m going to do this! Whether I get the album or not. We all need those reminders of how good we really have it. Especially during those times when it’s not all roses and candy.

  79. SUCH a wonderful idea Stacy! I’m excited to start! (This ties in well with Ali’s project she is hosting this week as well…) Way TOO cool! ;-)

  80. I am in! I loved the 30 day challenge and am finishing up my album today! It was an amazing class. Thank you!

  81. What a great way to start October! Count me in!!

  82. What an amazing idea! I’m definitely doing this little album!

  83. Sounds like a great companion to Ali’s a week in the life project that I’m doing this week. Thanks Stacy!

  84. Am I in??? I lost count. . .LOL
    I love October too!

  85. Ooooh, am I one of the first 50?
    I sure hope so!!!

  86. i think this is such a neat idea! i am going to go grab my camera and start snapping!
    i love the inspiration.

  87. Oh how I would love to win a free album to do this! I love the challenges and they are helping me feel creative! Thanks Stacy!

  88. Stephanie says:

    I just love this idea! And I love your inspiration for life, you inspire me everyday to be my creative best! Thank you!

  89. This is a wonderful challenge, I can’t wait to do it.

  90. Love this idea, Stacy!!

  91. Awesome! I’d love to play along.
    Thanks, Margie

  92. Love this idea! And having done the 30 Days Hath September project, it’ll be a breeze to assemble. Thanks!

  93. Sounds like a great project…count me in!!!

  94. I would love one! Great idea!!

  95. Denise Hubbard says:

    Count me in on the challenge and one of those totally adorable mini albums! Love this idea! Love the book “The Present” and it ties in perfectly with this! Thanks for doing this!

  96. This little album looks so easy to handle – won’t it be fun to look back at a pile of them years down the road and see parts of your life as it was happening? :)

  97. Did I make it?

  98. Danelle A says:

    OH, I’m so excited about this! What a great idea. THanks for sharing. :)

  99. This is such a wonderful idea! Your creativity amazes me! I have already started taking my photos and would love an album to go with it. Thank you for the inspiration!

  100. Hmm — Am I one of the first 50? Such a great idea!

  101. Great idea and cool mini-album! I love fall… Thank you Stacy!

  102. This sounds like FUN!

  103. This is such a great idea! I have loved 30 Days Hath September, and I am excited at the fact that I can now have a “pocket version.” What a great idea!

  104. Great challenge–love your album!

  105. Love the idea…thank you!

  106. What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration and push to make this little book.

  107. I would LOVE one of these cute albums!!

  108. This is a great idea – Love it!

  109. I would LOVE one of these cute albums!!

  110. OOH–what a fun idea! I am going to enlist my kids in this too!

  111. Rachel Nehmelman says:

    I would love to do this, can’t wait to get started.

  112. Rachel Nehmelman says:

    I would love to play along also.

  113. Kirsten L says:

    I would love to do this. Count me in. Would love a little Bazzill album–or anything Bazzill for that matter!!

  114. Great idea! When I get home from work I’ll be taking pictures for this!

  115. Hi Stacy-I just finished my 30 days album at 7:00 this morning before leaving for work!
    I am so in on continuing the ‘present day scrapbooking’. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  116. Awesome thoughts to start my day. Thanks for the inspiration!

  117. Teresa Cotterman says:

    What a great idea. Sometimes I forget how great my live REALLY is!!


  119. Helen Carter says:

    Hi Stacy, Loved your class, trying to stay present!…Helen

  120. love it!!

  121. I love this idea, and lucky for me I’ve been snapping pictures like crazy for the 30 days class! Thanks for the fun time!

  122. Stacy you are so fun! I don’t know when you find the time to do all the stuff you do!

  123. Awesome!

  124. What a great idea! Thank you!!

  125. Did I make it? Good idea!

  126. Kim Gangloff says:

    Thank you Stacey for your support and online friendship. I have enjoyed your “have more fun” class so much. Your support and creativity have given me freedoms in scrapbooking that I did not have before!

  127. Jennifer G. says:

    I love this idea!

  128. Saw this over on Cathy Z’s blog and am really excited about it! I love October too and what a great day to take pictures. Thanks so much!

  129. Heather Y says:

    This is a great idea… Love the album! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!

  130. Diana Waite says:

    I LOVE this idea! I am going to do it today. I love all of your great ideas! They inspire me.

  131. What a fabulous–and doable–idea!

  132. I’m so doing it! What a great idea!!

  133. This is going to be such a neat project. I love the idea. Thanks for always sharing such great ideas.

  134. I love this idea!
    Kim Johnson Rockford, MN

  135. What a fabulous idea!! I can’t wait to get started:)

  136. One of your best ideas ever!!!! Can’t wait to do it!

  137. Sounds like fun! I’d love a mini album!

  138. jaxcheryl says:

    Super fun, insightful idea! I’m in.

  139. connie melancon says:

    I would also love one of the albums!

  140. Love this idea. I can’t wait to start!

  141. I love this idea! October is my favorite month too, so this is wonderful timing!

  142. lauren teather says:

    This is a fabulous idea! I’m already thinking of pictures t otake! Very inspiring!

  143. That is a cute album! I love how you kept it simple with photos and words. I thought it was the one by Kolo-so I may just have to look for one if I am not one of the first 50. This is a great idea, that I want to try. Thanks Stacy!

  144. I’m in on Ali’s A Week in my Life project and I love this extension! I so want to carry a book like that around with me for the next year :)) What fun it will be to take it out and smile. Thanks for sharing the goodness.

  145. Would love to do this, I had so Much FUN in your have fun class, why stop now.

  146. lynne moore says:

    How adorable! I want to do this with a friend who just had a baby. Wouldn’t that be a cool way to document his first week!

  147. Brandi Z. says:

    Great idea! I feel so far behind in my albums (and I know what you would say about that!) that focusing on NOW feels good.

  148. Marcie Levine says:

    Would love one of these mini albums!!

  149. I want in – just finished HMF and on my way to DYL – thank you Stacy for changing MY life!!!!!!!!!! :) Mart

  150. Wow! How cool is that?! A mono mini?! I found your site through Ali Edwards last year & check in out weekly, if not daily & when I saw that you were doing similar things, I thought, how cool!!
    I LOVE the idea of how sometimes “normal” our lives are, is actually the wonderful blessing.
    I’ll take a “vanilla” kind of day anyday at all over the drama that could be. Thanks for sharing Stacy!!

  151. I’ve been away from scrapbooking for a long time, but want to get back into it. I love the LOM system, and that little book!
    Thanks for all you do.

  152. Whoo Hoo! Great idea.

  153. Laurie Weaver says:

    I love this idea-very doable.

  154. I’m all over it! I loved being a part of Have More Fun this year.
    Thanks to you!

  155. Hi Stacey, I love this idea and loved the Have More Fun Class. Still working on my 3o days album. Keep blogging for us. I love your practical and fun ideas.

  156. I would love to win an album. I’m doing week in the life with Ali.

  157. October is my birthday month and I was throwing around the idea of giving myself a present a day until my birthday, which is the 12th. I’ll be 34. I simply cannot believe it!

  158. What a cool idea. Thanks for sharing such a fun project with us.

  159. great idea!

  160. Love this idea and I love the mini album! Thanks for sharing.

  161. Alisa Brandstetter says:

    A neat project! Fall is a wonderful time to take photos and tell your story. Some much going on.

  162. I have absolutely loved doing my 30 days of September! Thanks, Stacy for reminding me to treasure the present day moments!
    Sue in Alexandria VA

  163. Love it! I just recently attended a “Glimpse of Me” class and was able to make a mini album about me and the things I love and the things I dislike. It was such a great experience to take time to reflect on my life and what I have been doing. I love your project idea!

  164. I loved your class – thanks for helping us live in the present! I can’t wait to give myself a present!

  165. Fall is a great time to stop and see all the changes…in life too! Can’t wait to view this lil’ book over the course of the next year!

  166. Loved it !

  167. Such a fast and great snapshot of the present. I love it!

  168. I am working on my week in the life project from Ali’s blog and this is a great addition! I hope I am one of the 50! Thanks!

  169. Great Idea! Already working on Ali’s a week in the life, so I’m in the mindset!!

  170. I am so happy to do this, I never scrapbook about me-

  171. Tobi-Lynn says:

    SO cool! I love it! seriously! I plan to do this – and love that so many others are too! it’s so neat to see it “in sync” across the web with so many bloggers.
    Thanks for always being so inspiring Stacey.

  172. I posted before but can’t see it-
    Thanks for the challenge and the oppertunity- you rock Stacey!

  173. I love this idea!!!!!! I don’t have one of those albums so I hope I win one :) I have some ideas already, but I’m sure if I give it a little more thought I can come up with many more :)
    Thanks for this wonderful challenge!!!!

  174. Kathy Reid says:

    what a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  175. I would love one of these mini-albums!

  176. Cindy Gordon says:

    October in Spokane – one of my favorite memories of our time there! Soooo jealous!! Enjoy every minute. Cindy Gordon

  177. halloweenheather says:

    Hey I think I mihgt be in the top 50!!!! Cool. I love the idea of this project. Totally awesome! Thank you.

  178. Donna Bell says:

    That is so awesome of you Stacie! I am in your HMF class and loving it! Would love to use one of these cute albums to document a day in the life…

  179. Linda Mann says:

    I did the 30 days hath September and it was magic! (posted some pics in the gallery) Living in and being aware of the moment helped me to see all that I had that was good and that I had been favored.
    I already knew, but had to be reminded, that I have plenty of everyday things to be thankful for and not to sweat the things I couldn’t change. (Having young adult children is hard when they are good kids and you love ‘em and they are making mistakes as they learn to adjust to their new “adult” freedom.) After your lecture in CA this June I found a cool sculpture of a face blowing across an open hand that is brought up to the chin. Like a person blowing a kiss, but it reminded me of your saying and gesturing with your hands, “Put it in a bubble and blow it away.”
    Thanks for saying that and the 30 Days hath September. I know this challenge will also help me to continue to embrace the moment less encumbered in order to live life instead of getting through life.
    You’re like our drum majorette and we’re the band out on the field following your lead. Thanks again.

  180. Sounds like a fun challenge to try!

  181. This is such a great idea Stacey! Plus, I just LOVE the bright colors of your album. Thanks for sharing!
    -Brooke in Dallas

  182. you forgot me on your list….but thanks for asking me to do this. I’m loving it!!

  183. Awesome idea!

  184. I have so loved taking the Have More Fun class with you and all the July, August and September Sisters! I will cherish what I learned and use it more intentionally in the future! Thanks so much!

  185. sounds like another fun way to take more photos! would love to win an album.

  186. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  187. Turtlelady~Sandy #1715 says:

    I would love to have this album to carry. I always have those favorite photos I would like to carry. Being a GM and all :=)
    Tkx for sharing this wonderful idea.

  188. I love the idea. thanks for sharing.

  189. Sorry if this has posted twice but can’t see the original.
    Any excuse to take more photos and I’m there!!

  190. Jaime Lea says:

    Thank you for this opportunity, Staci. I saw this on Kelli Crowe’s blog and I think it is a fabulous idea. I love that I can throw it in my purse and use it like a little happy book when I feel sad. Thanks again!

  191. Love it!!So neat and it will coincide with the week in my life project i am working on right now!!

  192. what a great idea!!!! i’m on

  193. Ooh! I think this is a great idea. I am already participating in Ali’s week in the life challenge. I plan to do it all this week, then again in about two-three months, when our schedule picks up (my husband is a coach and our scehdule drastically changes once the season starts). I might revisit a week in the life three to four times a year. I think it is a great way to documnent how your daily life.
    Thank you for the great challenge. I will defintely do this one today. Especialy since I am at home with kid two who has the stomach virus. Great outlet away from fever and vomit!

  194. Am already doing ALi’s project and am loving where i am right now!!!Thank you for sharing…can not wait ti look back.

  195. Love love love this idea and I really love the 30 days hath September class too! Can’t wait to see you in Seattle in November!

  196. I am so doing this with Ali already! Can’t wait to scrap it in such a simple and fun way!

  197. Super cool. Thanks for the idea.

  198. Christy Browning says:

    Loved your Have More Fun class Stacy!! Love all your classes in fact. Hope I am one of the 50 & I will take the challenge. Christy

  199. Jaime Lynne says:

    Didn’t see my comment. Just wanted to thank you again for the idea of placing a happy book in my purse for the sad days.

  200. This is a gorgeous mini album! I can’t wait to get started on mine!!

  201. awesome idea!!!

  202. I’m on board! I love this idea! THank so much!

  203. I posted mine on my blog… love this idea stacy way to go!! tena

  204. Shelly Kettell says:

    Wow! You are an amazing woman. First time to your blog…from Ali Edwards…I think you have some great stuff to share! I will be back!!

  205. LOVE this idea!!!
    Marsha Abilene, TX

  206. Marlene Moore says:

    Love the idea, have enjoyed so much doing the 30 days hath september album.

  207. The album already done, just add pictures! I would love to win it!
    Thanks for your fun giveaways!

  208. What a wonderful idea. I just love it.

  209. I would love to win. I’m definitely going to do this.

  210. Stacy,
    what a great little idea! i am doing Ali’s week in the life challenge right now too and i LOVe this idea. i take a lot of everyday photos but this is getting me to really stop and think about it more…
    p.s. i am the one that met you at the October Afternoon booth (I had the really firm handshake that you liked LOL)>..
    Tara Pollard Pakosta

  211. Very cool. I know that life does change so quickly! We have lived three different places in the past year (military life!) and we are moving again in two weeks. Who knows what the next year will bring!

  212. Love this idea–I’m going to try it!

  213. Love this idea and would love love love one of those albums. Thanks!

  214. From a LOM and Have More Fun Student – Thanks for giving me the “present” Stacy!

  215. Susanne N. says:

    I would love one! In the middle of doing Ali E.’s week in the life–so i already have the pictures!

  216. Great idea. Something I could actually finish. Thanks for the idea.

  217. Great way to start October! I’m in!

  218. Awesome idea Stacy! Thanks for sharing!

  219. love this idea – I want to make one for my husband who is away from home several times a month with his job.

  220. Linda Campbell says:

    Love this idea! Like the size, very doable. Thanks for sharing.

  221. This is a wonderful idea!

  222. Christina says:

    I love this idea – and it fits perfectly with the week in the life album I’m dong with Ali’s blog – I already have the photos!!

  223. Hi Stacy,
    I love your idea. Fall is a fabulous time to slow down and notice all of the goodness that surrounds us.
    Audrey Volt

  224. OMG! This is such a great idea! Can’t wait to get started with it.

  225. I love this idea!!! I am entering a new “phase” of life, new house with just my daughter and myself, she is in a new school, and everything is finally stabilizing for us. I can’t wait to see what the year brings!!!

  226. Fun! I’m in~

  227. What a great idea! Sounds like a ton of fun.

  228. Jen Gough says:

    Wow! Thanks for the great cool idea!

  229. I can’t see my comment either. Hope I’m in there!Audrey V

  230. I love the idea of carrying it around with you! Great for long lines, car pool, etc!

  231. Susan Ringler says:

    I am so amazed by you every time I read your entries Stacy! The fact that you didn’t even intend to be one of the “experts” and put this phenomenal class together–one of the best ever with the 30 Days, wow, just wow, what a woman!

  232. I LOVE this idea!! And would love to win one of those albums to get started :)

  233. I love this idea!! Can’t wait to get started

  234. What a super idea…giving yourself a present!

  235. This sounds like a great project. I can’t wait to start.

  236. Wow! Neat project, and a great reminder of our everyday blessings. Love the small purse size mini-album. I’m going to start gathering my photos and taking new photos to put one together for myself.

  237. What a great idea!!!! I’d love to win an album (gonna do it even if I don’t, but it would help!

  238. I can’t wait to do this!

  239. fun fun project.

  240. this such a Cute and awesome project to wrap up Have More Fun class and to be able to carry around all that we put into the month of September – ourselves being present. Thanks Stacy.

  241. Lisa Wilson says:

    Great idea! Seems very manageable! I would love one of the albums to help me get started!

  242. Christina #4635 says:

    This is fantastic!! This is going to be really fun to make.

  243. My photos are taken, now I just need something to put them in. My fingers are crossed.

  244. Jennifer Barker says:

    I love this idea. I have a 4 month old baby and I am trying to capture every moment of our lives right now.

  245. leigh ann says:

    sounds like fun–I was just thinking what a difference a year will make–since this time next year my first one will be at college—it might be nice to appreciate the here and now–since those moments move at light speed and are fleeting. Thanks for the inspiration!

  246. Lynn Lynn says:

    I love this idea!! So thankful for another way to look around me and enjoy what it is happening NOW – especially since sometimes life seems to be going to fast!!

  247. OK I missed it. But I will still work on a little something because October is my favorite month too!

  248. I have to join in…totally love this idea..Hope I win a mini album too..;o)

  249. elizabeth holder says:

    love this boost of inspiration – encourages me to try something new thanks

  250. This sounds so much fun. I can’t wait to start! Thanks for the wonderful idea.

  251. Lynn Lynn says:

    Love this idea! Always grateful when I take time to look around and enjoy what is going on around me – especially since life seems to be going way too fast!!!

  252. Cindy Baker says:

    I’m sooo excited about this project! Will start snapping photos today! Thanks for the inspiration to “slow down”…it’s very much needed by me right now!
    Cindy Baker

  253. would love a mini album! thanks for the ideas!!

  254. I have seen this idea on a few blogs and I think it is a great idea. I think I’ll look through my photos today and see what gaps I want to fill with new photos. Then off to get them printed.

  255. Would love one of these albums! I promise to start snapping pictures today!

  256. I’d love a mini album as well. I have loved spending the past few months with you at BPS. Thank you so much for sharing your enthusiam and sense of FUN.

  257. Jakes Mom says:

    Love these little albums and this challenge! Enjoying the present.

  258. Yea! Will definitely do this. And I’ve already put a note in my tickler file for late August to prepare for a “30 Days Hath September” project next year. So cool!

  259. Penni Warren says:

    I have wanted to do an album of my own for a very long time but never felt like it was a priority. A friend shared this website with me and now I want to do this one.
    Thank you!!!

  260. Jennifer McNeely says:

    Hope I’m one of the 50. Love this idea.

  261. debbie susee says:

    Love this idea. Ali is doing something similar.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  262. This idea has me totally inspired! Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to get started on my own!

  263. Count me in, have already snapped several shots to add to a few recent ones. Just need a mono mini to put them in!
    KellyM in MN

  264. Oh what fun! I absolutely LOVE this idea! Can’t wait to play along…
    Sara :)

  265. Kim in Oregon says:

    I love that your scrapbook example is very simple – just a photo on each page. A great idea that I should take time to do. Being a little book, it makes it easier.
    Thank you, also, for talking about Little Miss Matched. I began ordering socks through the website earlier this year and am hooked! Putting on my crazy socks under my office pants is the little thing that makes me happy each morning.

  266. Lori Patrick says:

    Not sure what number I am…
    I LOVE your little album. What a fun, simple project. I’m soooo doing this!

  267. Thank you for the great idea!

  268. So what I needed today!! Was stricken with FEAR yesterday as I watched the President on TV yesterday morning and walked around all day in a fog. Wanted to be commited to TODAY and to be present and DO SOMETHING this is a perfect way to begin. Thanks for the idea Stacy!!

  269. Carolynhasacat says:

    I love this! I’ve been thinking that this is exactly what I wish I had been doing for the last few years … the anniversary date of Oct 1st is perfect. I’ll be starting today.

  270. What a wonderful idea…I doubt I’m one of the 50, but I’m going to do this no matter what.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  271. I love this idea. Thanks Stacey!

  272. I love this idea. Thanks Stacey!

  273. How cool!! I love the albums and am always loving the idea of everyday memories and moments and just being more grateful. Thanks, Stacy!

  274. What a great idea!!!!
    Will have to do this one as soon as my week in the life is finished – but then thinking again photos for this project will be somewhere within my photos of this week.

  275. I’ve so got to do this. I want to not pass up the opportunity for a hug to do dishes, cos really, what’s more important?

  276. Wonderful, wonderful idea…thanks so much for your constant inspiration!

  277. Great idea. With both kids in school all day and me at home cleaning, paying bills, etc.., it does not seem that things change. I think I will be surprised by how much they actually do change it a year!

  278. A mini album would really make this project work great! THanks for such an inspiring project!

  279. Lorna Mackinnon says:

    I love this idea! Definitely one for me to try out.

  280. A mini album would really make this project work great! THanks for such an inspiring project!

  281. I love the idea, I always get caught up in trying to make things perfect, so I want to try this an just let me book come out the way it will.

  282. I love this idea. I am going to accept your challenge!

  283. I will be doing this for sure! Thanks for the inspiration!

  284. thank you. you’re right, today IS important. who knows what will happen tomorrow. i’m in!

  285. need to do this great idea and challenge. Hugs Grace

  286. What a fantastic idea! I plan to work on this over the weekend. As always, thank you for being an inspiration and reminding us all to stop and take a look around. I needed that reminder this morning, for sure!

  287. Michelle Evans says:

    I don’t usually read blogs, but I have just loved your class and was enticed! What a great idea….I do pick up and look at my albums often, so that’s the easy part….getting it made on the other hand will be my challenge. Thanks for inspiring me!

  288. Oh I would love to do this…havent even started my Sept album but this would be DOABLE!!!! Maryann

  289. Melanie LaVergne says:

    Just found this and think you rock. What a great concept. I can’t wait to start snapping photos. I went and checked out Heidi’s homemade version of hers and it is soooo cool also.
    Thanks for being an inspirational hero to me Stacy.
    ~mel in Bellingham, WA

  290. I love simple mini-albums! I’m using this project to jump-start my creativity.

  291. Michelle Salazar says:

    Loving this and taking out my camera. . . Happy birthday to my sister (had to write that)

  292. How fun! Always a joy reading your blog.

  293. This sounds like so much fun! Thanks for the challenge.

  294. My name is Cindy and I ACCEPT your challenge!!!!! :-)

  295. What a fun idea!

  296. MARILYN NIMMO says:

    What a wonderful idea. I am re-reading “Simple Abundance”, which also helps us be aware of how blessed we are.

  297. I love this idea! And it seems very manageable–even better!

  298. Love to join. I’m gonna start cracking. Thanks for the idea.

  299. Sharon in FL says:

    Don’t know if I made the top 50, but wanted to let you know that I think this is a great idea! It’s also my youngest son’s birthday (he’s 14 today), so I think he should do one too! Thanks for the continuing inspiration!

  300. Great idea! Will start on it ASAP!

  301. Love this idea and the 30 days Hath September challenge, too. Great way to end your class. Thanks for all the inspiration (your daily emails will be missed). Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  302. Cicly #1835 says:

    What a neat book. I would love to win one :=)

  303. This is something I need to do right now in my spot in life. Thank you for this great idea.I’m needing a boost, this is it!

  304. very cool! a book like that would be just the thing to remind me how blessed I am! thanks for sharing!!

  305. Jeannette P says:

    Hey Stacy~
    So cool that you have a challenge like this. Now that my scrap closet is cleaned up I can get going on some projects. Just signed up for Cathy’s class (little nervous about being able to keep up with all of life’s daily happenings but I’m going to do my best & that’s what counts right? It’s what my parents taught me & what I’m teaching my 3 beauties.)
    I’ll have to snap a few pics & use some of the others I’ve already taken. You are always so upbeat! A BIG THanks for that!!!

  306. Love this idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

  307. Not sure if I’m in but anyhow love to join . Great idea!, thanks…Got to start cracking!

  308. This is such a great idea. It will be so great to see the change and growth in a year. (as long as it isn’t a growth in the number on my scale!!)

  309. Michelle Salazar says:

    Can not see my first post wondering where it went.

  310. This ties in perfectly with the Week in the Life over on Ali Edwards blog. I am working on the pictures for that, so this little pocketbook album will be a bonus! I love the idea of keeping it in my purse! Thanks Stacy!
    p.s. I also bought myself a few supplies this morning, so that is a bonus present!

  311. tammy Thomas says:

    sounds fun, hope I’m one of the first 50

  312. Oh I would love to make a teeny tiny album about my life right now! thanks for the inspiration!!!

  313. Oh I cant wait to try this!! Thanks Stacey for opening my eyes

  314. awesome idea! we all need a little gift from time to time.
    will take the challenge and would like ot add you to my blog list :)

  315. What a great idea for a project! Thanks for the inspiration.

  316. Thanks for the inspiration. This is very doable.–deb

  317. What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  318. What a great project! And a great motivator to join Ali in her week long project as well!

  319. Since I am home with a sick child, I just might pull off the photo taking today!
    Thanks, Stacy!!

  320. stephanie cunningham says:

    I am SO DOING THIS!!!!!!!! What an amazingly wonderful idea!!! I am going to take my 4 year old and let her pick out an album also —- FUN FUN FUN!!!!

  321. Stacy, what an awesome challenge! Thank you. :)
    Vicki A
    Redding, CA

  322. What an awesome reminder of what matters the most!!

  323. What a fun idea!

  324. What a fabulous idea. Count me in!!!

  325. Great idea!

  326. What fun and to see how many people are jumping in too! Wow, this is great!

  327. Lynn Herrick says:

    This is a great idea. I am inspired and can’t wait to get started. October is my favorite month too!

  328. I am inspired by you

  329. Jo Ann Laurencio says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I’m doing the Week in the Life project with with Ali E and have taken so much photos, i have my 10-12 fave photos already! Don’t forget to remind us next year!

  330. I just finished up my 30 days hath September and I loved doing it. What a way to finish a FUN class

  331. I don’t know…hopefully I snuck in just under the number 50. I don’t have time to count though. I’ve gotta take a shower before the little one wakes up! Thanks for the great idea!

  332. Your book is so cool! I’m following Ali Edwards’ A week in the life this week. Nice to see another perspective on it!

  333. Amazing…what a wonderful idea!!!

  334. Denise Hunter says:

    I can’t wait to do this. I think this is the best idea ever. Thank you!

  335. Melissa B says:

    I’m in the BPS Have More FUN class and have loved the present moment scrapbooking! I also love the idea of creating this mini album!

  336. Cami Haveman says:

    sounds great!

  337. What a great idea. I love it and am starting one today :)

  338. oh what a great idea, and I really need to give myself a present today! hope I am one of the first 50.

  339. Sharon Gallagher says:

    Thanks for all your great ideas!!

  340. Lynette C says:

    Am I in the first 50?

  341. This type of project is right up my alley! Can’t wait todo this tonight….
    Lynn A
    Marion OHIO

  342. I LOVE this idea! Thanks for the cheerful message.

  343. This sounds like fun – thank you!

  344. What a cool idea!!!

  345. Bernadette says:

    What a wonderful idea! I’m in!

  346. Maria McGuire says:

    LOVED Have More Fun!!! I am so sad September is over! Looking forward another class really soon!! Thank you so much Stacy!!!!

  347. WOW…I am so excited to keep on going with Stacy…I was so sad that our Have More Fun class was coming to an end! This is a great little challenge to keep me going. It would be even greater (is that a word in this context???) if I was one of the first 50 to comment and win a cute album!!!) Let’s Have Some MORE Fun in October!!!
    PS…October is my favorite month too…my birthday, Canadian Thanksgiving, Pumpkin Hunts, Halloween and lots of beautiful fall colors, flavours and smells!!!

  348. Janice Brennan says:

    I can’t wait to start!

  349. Stacy, I’m tired. I have one more page to do for my HAVE MORE FUN September album and I’ve spent the whole morning swearing at my printer because it won’t PRINT my Tuesday text. I am beside myself. And the last thing I need is to record that fact in a cute little album! Not today! Sorry to be such a bitch!

  350. What a fun project. Mahalo for the inspiration!

  351. heather jarrett says:

    great idea. i just finished your have more fun class and loved it. can’t wait to make this one as well.

  352. Wow! This will be a real challenge as right now my life feels so empty. My daughter, granddaughter and grandson (after 10 years of residing with me) are now in their own house, on their own and I couldn’t be more proud. But by the same token, my huge, rambling 1912′s house is SO empty and lonely!! So, I am going to look around with a new perspective and take this challenge Ms. Stacey!

  353. Aw, heck, I spelled your name incorrectly. My apologies. My friend spells it with the extra E. Forgive me.

  354. I in! This sounds like such a COOL idea. Lynn

  355. Hope I’m in under 50. Looking forward to the challenge and keeping this little treasure with me this next year. We can all use a little reminder once and a while.

  356. Elsa Skender says:

    I’m still trying to find my sytle, my way of preserving these memories of mine so that one day I can look back and have all these feelings in this present time come flooding back. I think it’ll be like time travel. They say you don’t know what you have till it’s gone, but scrapbookers already know that which is why we work so hard on capturing moments NOW before they slip away. You inspire me on ways to scrapbook in the now and get me thinking…thank-you

  357. Gutsy Mom says:

    Cool, cool, cool. I am SO IN. It is almost bedtime over here in Germany so I will snap my photos tomorrow and get going on this. Going to have to get me some of those adorable mini albums. Loving the autumnal colors.

  358. This sounds like a great project! I’d love one of those mini albums.

  359. This is such a great idea. Thanks Stacy!

  360. this s a great project! a great digital, paper or both – love that!!
    there’s so many stories i want to tell, but i never think to sit down and do something that isn’t complicated – which is killin’ me!! this is a great reminder that i can do this and be so thrilled with the outcome.
    as always, thanks girlfriend for constantly being such a source of inspiration for me! love ya!!

  361. I need to do this project.

  362. Awesome project idea!! Thanks so much! :)

  363. This is exciting. I too love October (ok so my birthday is in October which helps). I’m really excited to get started on this as my life is starting to have some interesting changes, I look forward to see what it is like in a year.

  364. Melisa Norris says:

    I can ‘t wait to pick up my camera and start this!!

  365. I love this idea!!! Thanks for sharing your book, love seeing the photos of your children and how they are growing! Thanks for the chance to win….

  366. Hi Stacy,
    Would love one of those albums. They look really cute.

  367. How totally fun!

  368. I want to do this album too!

  369. Great idea – I’m expecting our first baby any day now so this will be the perfect present to give my little family. Love October too!

  370. This is awesome! Thank you for all you do to get us going!

  371. What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  372. I just finished my 30 days Hath September album from your class and loved doing it so I would LOVE to continue! You are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  373. Great Idea! Can’t wait to get started!

  374. this is a little bit of heaven for me! love it. i just love it.

  375. i am really excited about doing this and i’m doing ali’s challenge, too! i’m happy crafty!

  376. I’d love to participate! I need to be present more! Thanks for the idea. Kathy

  377. I believe my 16-month old has the very same GAP outfit! Soo cute! Since I am working on Ali’s “A Week in the Life” challenge, I should easily be able to play along with this too. Although with Cathy’s BPS class, I may be biting off more than I should!

  378. Well I’m sure I’m too late on the comments, but I’m going to participate – I’m sure I have a mini album around here somewhere :). I did something similar to this back in early 2005, it’s so fun to look back on. My kids were infant, 2 and 3 when I did it, so we have had MAJOR changes over the last 3½ years.

  379. Stephanie T says:

    Stacy….I love this concept…as well as the entire “big picture” concept. When I see a project like this, all I can think is, “Boy, I wish I had a book like that that my grandmother or mom had put together way back when.” What a treasure it would be. I WILL make this treasure for myself and posterity.

  380. Margaret C says:

    Ok no idea if I’m in this but !!! You might be interested to check out Shimelle Laine’s 25th project – it’s as cool as this !!

  381. neat idea. Thanks for sharing with us!

  382. This is a great idea! I’m doing the “This Week” project with Ali and even though it is only day three find myself more “present” in our days.

  383. This is something that even with my busy life I can handle. I’m going to do this for sure.

  384. Stephanie E. says:

    Great idea Stacy! Thanks for sharing!

  385. It’s so nice to stop and breathe, to be present and be thankful.

  386. Kim Anderson says:

    Love this idea! I tend to be future thinking…a great way to focus on the blessings of today.

  387. I’m IN. LOve this idea. You rock!!!!

  388. Denise Kashyap says:

    I think this is great….thanks for the inspiration!

  389. Not one of the fifty for sure, but THANKS Stacy, I need the extra kick to do this right now!

  390. love it. I have just the place to put all these photos, too! that ribbon is fabulous as well.
    THanks for inspiring us!
    ps. October is my favorite as well! I love the vibrant colors of fall against a grey, overcast day!

  391. michelle p. from wa says:

    thanks for sharing and helping me to celebrate all that is treasured to me!!

  392. What a great idea. I need to do more “in the moments of everyday life” scrapping. Thanks for the inspiration!

  393. what a great idea — My question is this. . . “how do you guys organize and print photos right now and if you don’t how do you motivate yourself to get them done and scrapped once the impulse has passed?”
    as I try to participate in all these excellent challanges it’s all about printing the photos right now and creating. I take the photos with good intentions but getting them printed to work with them right now seems to get lost.

  394. I love this idea! The album is adorable. Who doesn’t need a little reminder of all we have to be thankful for??
    Thanks for reminding us!

  395. Stacie Sato says:

    This is such a cool idea and I can’t wait to get started.

  396. Mishel Olsen says:

    What an awesome idea! I need to be reminded alot to stop and take in the moment. Thanks!

  397. Kris B. in Rochester, NY says:

    This is such an neat idea! I’ve loved doing the 30 Days project in HAVE MORE FUN and I was looking for something else…this sounds like the thing!

  398. What an awesome idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

  399. Very cool! I think I might have to try this :)

  400. Christina Moquin says:

    I love this idea. I stumbled over from Margie’s blog and love the explanation. My mom kept baby books on my sisters and I and every time I come across it, I stop and thumb though. Thanks for the great idea

  401. Thanks for the inspiration Stacy. I’m gonna take some photos today

  402. What an awesome idea! Love iT! I am on BOARD!

  403. Stacy,
    Thank you so much for such a great idea to literally stop and take the time to look at our lives. I was just thinking earlier today about how I need to get so many things completed at work today and then leave early to pick up my daughter and get to my son’s football game, then leave it early to get my daughter to her soccer practice, pick up my son after his game, etc. Meanwhile there are so many great times and memories occuring but it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our lives that we forget to appreciate all that is actually happening during this beautiful time of the year. Thanks so much for your never ending inspiration!

  404. Jennifer W. says:

    Great idea!

  405. Nicole Frick says:

    Hi Stacy! What an awesome idea. I often get overwhelmed with the “things” of life…what a great way to remember life’s blessings as well.

  406. April Young says:

    Just the words made me stop….what life was a year ago…and what it will be one year from now……”fleeting” is the most perfect word for it all. My life seems unscrapable at the momment…every area is heartbreak and chaos…but to stop and think however it turns out – there would be no record of our struggle and survival……thanks Stacy for making me take notice and remember “the present”

  407. Very cool!!!

  408. Great idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

  409. Anneliese Truame says:

    In my free time I am a women’s meditation teacher and meditation is all about being in the present–so I love how this project idea is a way my scrapping and meditation selves can come together!

  410. Kimberly S. says:

    I would LOVE one of these! What a great way to keep my family close to me! My parents live in CT, my sister lives in NJ and I live in PA. I miss them all terribly, so this is the perfect solution for me.
    Thanks for the fabulous idea!

  411. What a great idea. I’ve already started taking pictures!

  412. Heather S says:

    What a cool idea!

  413. This would be great to try, Thanks for your class it truly has been life altering for me.

  414. Alison Currie says:

    Missed the top 50 but I’m in for the challenge. Thanks Stacey!
    Alison C

  415. Great idea!!

  416. Maxine Hodges says:

    I’m snapping the camera today!!! What a great idea!

  417. Aimee Confer says:

    Since I am doing Ali’s a week in the life right now it fits in so perfectly….I am excited to have an album at home and another to keep with me! I love it!

  418. Christy Pair says:

    Great plan- I never do in the moment- and I know I need to!

  419. I love this idea! I think that sometimes as a mom scrapper, I get bogged down in doing all my kids’ school, firsts, birthdays, holidays . . . and though I love doing all that, this Present thing has inspired me. I’ve got 5 photos done already, halfway more to go and I can’t wait to see what I come up with!!! Love it!

  420. Great idea!!!

  421. I’d love an album from Bazzill, too!!!! :)

  422. I’d love an album from Bazzill, too! :)

  423. OOPS! Didn’t realize my comment posted at the top!
    Sorry!!!! I’m not trying to cheat, honest!

  424. Not sure if I made the 50 cut but I love this idea! Thanks!

  425. This is so cool Stacy! It’s like a constant reminder!

  426. I’m in and I’ll blog about it.

  427. I’m doing Ali E.’s week in the life project this week (you’d be so proud Stacy – even though my camera didn’t arrive in the mail till yesterday afternoon, I didn’t let that stop me – in fact I used an old Polaroid camera for the first day and a half). I also did your month-album project (from the Big Picture book) back in April of ’07 – and even though I still need to finish the cover page (!) it’s great to look through and see the changes…

  428. Elisabeth mc says:

    this sounds like a wonderful idea!!! thanks for the idea, I am going to do it…grabbing my camera!

  429. I am sitting here grading 89 essays from my 8th graders and am struck by how often they live in their moments! I have taught a long time but only today have their words resonated with me. The essay topic, My Self, was interpreted in 89 different ways and all of them are genuine, authentic, and deeply personal. It’s the kids who taught the lesson today!
    I’m lucky to have such good teachers…

  430. Stacy
    I love the idea of enjoying the present! Thanks for the chance to win something!! I will get started! Take Care! Angie

  431. Oh what a great project idea! Not sure if I’m in the first 50, but I’d love to do this! Thanks!

  432. This goes so well with ALi’s challenge this week! Thanks!

  433. Oh I love this idea…. ties in soooooo nicely with Ali’s challenge (which I’m doing too)… so might just combined the two. And if I’m in the 50 that is an added bonus. Miss you stax

  434. What a neat idea. I know my life is changing quickly and it would be nice to smell the roses for a few moments!!

  435. such a great idea! i love it.

  436. Debi Rule says:

    I have so enjoyed the “Have More Fun” class. Indeed, this past month’s project has been a real eye-opener for me. Thanks, Stacy.
    Would love this album to finish off the class with a bang!

  437. Alicia Johnson says:

    would love to win this book to hold some pics in my knitting bag.
    Alicia J

  438. I’m in as soon as my computer is fixed and I don’t have to post from this crazy laptop!

  439. missed the top 50 but I’m doing this!!!

  440. Fabulous idea. Love the thought of keeping a snapshot of life right now on me for the next year, and then reflecting on it a year from now. With our second baby due in January, I know our life will look much different by this time next year. Thanks for the great idea!

  441. Did I make it in the first 50 comments. I’d love one of those albums it looks like EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for… I’ve been wanting to do a mini album but haven’t found the right one yet. AWESOME – I hope I win.

  442. #50?

  443. What a FUN idea! I’ve loved being in your class, Stacy. Hopefully I’ll catch up with you again for next year’s LOM class. Eagerly awaiting sign-ups… Thanks!

  444. i don’t think i made it into the top 50 but i will be making this little book & i’ll put some pictures up on my blog :)

  445. I’m in and challenged! Thanks for all your inspiration to enjoy my life NOW!

  446. Judy Walker says:

    I missed the top 50 but I’m definitely doing this. I’m printing off your suggestions as I write this. What a fun interesting project. I hope to get my scrapping friends to join in this as well.

  447. I wish I could win 4 of these albums. I have 6 in my stash but was hoping to get more to give to my catechism class of 10 2nd grade kids for a Thanksgiving project – things I am grateful for.

  448. Very sweet idea!

  449. Heidi Grimshaw says:

    I would love to get one of the albums! It sounds like such a fun project.

  450. I’d love the little album! I’m off to work on taking those pics! Awesome project!

  451. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide. I always feel more motivated when I visit your blog. This is a project I CAN accomplish NOW!

  452. Alex Dadio says:

    My father passed away a month ago and one of the biggest things that I realized was how fast life goes. Grab a hold of what is in fornt of you and hold on tight!

  453. Kristi in Texas (but from Oregon) says:

    Such a great idea! I love it! Happy October.

  454. Rebekah Judisch says:

    We coast through life and don’t take enough time to pay attention to those little things that are so important, this is a great idea that will help us keep those things close to our hearts!

  455. Stacy, you never cease to amaze me! I love your spirit, your energy, your creative inspirations and your quite nature. I wish I could give you a big squeeze, I love you bunches! thanks for sharing all of you, hugs, bren

  456. Thanks for ANOTHER great idea! You are truly an inspiration.
    Can’t wait to try this…
    Leslie from Delaware

  457. PS
    I love Jack Johnson too!
    I just came across a cute little room card you made from our DOTS daze! Remember when!

  458. Stacy!! Such a cool project (as always -genius!!)-hmm going to be interesting for me so far since I just moved yet again,in my temp. home living out of boxes and suitcases, in a 1 room with all my stuff(rest in storage thank goodness!) and 2 dogs. This will be fun- as soon as I get it blogged, i’ll let ya know! :)

  459. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m so going to do this!

  460. What a great idea. Love your book!

  461. Tess Davis says:

    I loved Have More Fun. I thoroughly participated, just not on the message boards, and I have found the September Project to be so unbelievably meaningful. Thank you. This little present is the perfect end to an extraordinary class. Thank you so much! Tess

  462. I love this idea. I think I would do some pictures of my kids and add in their height/weight and the things they are “loving” etc. So much fun to look back at in a year.

  463. I love the idea of looking revisiting it through the year and then making a page about the experience. The little book looks so fun and cute, too!

  464. What a wonderful idea!

  465. awesome! i think even i could handle this project!

  466. Wow- this is a great challenge. I have really been struggling with being happy- I have SO much to be thankful for and yet I struggle. My Present is a wonderful way to remind me visibly- daily what I have to make happiness in my life.

  467. What a wonderful idea. I am doing this *today*! Look forward to seeing this unfold, but mostly just excited to do something so fun, so doable, so interesting right now. Thanks, Stacy.
    Oh yeah, can I just tell you how much I want a brownie anytime I visit your blog?! :)

  468. I have to do this…..I’m not even into mini books but this is just an AMAZING idea!

  469. What an incredible idea… I’m sure I missed the boat, but can you tell me where to find one? Thanks! I love your blog…
    All the best!

  470. Love this idea :) Must try and find time to do it :))) *fingers crossed that I’ll be picked for a little album*

  471. Wow………this is awesome as always……thanks. Patty

  472. Looks like a fun project! Count me in…

  473. Carrianne B says:

    This is a great project! Short sweet meaningful and very very doable in one sitting!
    Thanks for sharing.

  474. Laurie Takens says:

    Love this mini album – it just reaffirms my love of everything “Stacy”!

  475. I read about this on Heidi Swapp’s blog and I’m in!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  476. Love the idea! I plan to work on my pictures and album this weekend. DH took the camera with him on his business trip this week. Thanks for all of your inspiration!!! I posted your challenge on my blog too!

  477. What a fantastic idea — I’m definitely in for this.

  478. Turtlelady~Sandy#1715 says:

    I need to look for thhis in the store if I don’t make the pick. This is just such an awesome idea.

  479. Lori Proctor says:

    Hi Stacy love your idea!
    . I love fall too it’s my favorite time of the year. I love your pictures from Africa they were beautiful.

  480. rebecca keppel says:

    I am definitely on board to do this. I think the message is so important. I have been pretty stressed out lately and keep trying to remind myself of how fortunate I am. Projects like this keep me grounded in the knowledge that my life is indeed pretty good!

  481. Erin Glee says:

    What a great project~very “do-able”!

  482. I know that my PRESENT will change in 2009. I am gonna collect photos taken before, during, and directly after Hurricane Ike to put in my album.

  483. I love this project Stacy!! Love it!

  484. I am totally doing this. Actually, I’m in the middle of Ali’s challenge, so this fits perfectly. And I’m going to blog about it tonight. What a fun little book to carry around for a year!

  485. Katie - Fiskateer #4052 says:

    I’m going to do this…..taking a moment each day to be grateful for all that I have been blessed with.

  486. Christina #4635 says:

    I am gathering up pictures to make an album like this. What a great idea.

  487. Stacy, I posted earlier, but just wanted to send you a big “Thank You!!” If it wasn’t for your LOM system, I’d probably have a ton of wet photos. After reading Photo Freedom, I converted my photos to your LOM system using the CH Photo Holders. Well, when water started leaking in the room above my scrap room during Hurricane Ike my photos were safe!!! I didn’t lose one scrapbooking item:-) Organization really does help, even when your not scrapbooking.
    Rita in Texas

  488. Cute idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  489. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing and encouraging and inspiring! I’m currently in the middle of about 18 projects (including Ali’s “Week in the Life” and Cathy’s BPS class and implementing the LOM system in my scrap room) but definitely need to do this one TODAY. :)

  490. Jean Marmo says:

    What an awesome idea! I love the thought of looking being reminded of our happinesses.

  491. What a great idea! A perfect reminder to enjoy every day!!

  492. Katherine says:

    Thanks for this idea Stacy. I am doing Ali’s project as well and already I can see that this is going to be special in years to come. Katherine, England x

  493. This is such a great idea – I can’t wait to go home and get started. First picture will be picking up my kids at school!

  494. What a fun idea! I’d expect no less from you! Thanks for a great 3 months, I had a fabulous time in your FUN class!

  495. What a fantastic idea! Thanks Stacy. My life has been totally out of wack this summer and I’ve kinda lost sight of ME so this will be a good thing for me to do.

  496. I’m in…sounds like fun!

  497. What an awesome idea! Will snap lots of pictures tomorrow. Cant wait to get started.

  498. Stacy – what an amazing challenge! I’m just itching to get out and take photos and make this project. Thanks for the challenge! Stacy W.

  499. This is so cool! Something to do this week-end – thanks Stacy!!

  500. I love this idea… I’m in!

  501. I’m in.

  502. I’m in. This whole project–staying in the moment and enjoy these little gifts of life given to us–and the mandate to “HAVE more FUN” has been the most glorious presents (little word play there). Thanks so much, Stacy and Scrapmates.

  503. I would love to do this, thank you!!

  504. Count me in – what a wonderful idea.

  505. Louise #3903 says:

    great ideal!! should do this every month!

  506. so IN for this Stacy, thanks for constantly inspiring me!

  507. Not sure if I am in the 50…but here goes!

  508. I’m looking for more mini album ideas for my next BPS class!

  509. Posted this on my blog-
    wanted to share with Stacy’s readers- send yourself an email reminder about the page you want to make in 2009 here

  510. What a great idea and such a great day to help us remember to have fun and be present. I have really enjoyed Have More Fun and will be looking foward to any new classes you have in the future.

  511. I want in. What a fun idea!

  512. Great idea! I take so few just because photos, usually I am more event focused. I like the idea of going around and just taking some random shots. Thanks for the suggestion!

  513. What a great challenge.

  514. What a great idea. I think this will be a terrific reminder for us to have fun and live in the present. I have really enjoyed your Have More Fun class and look forward to any classes you may have in the future!

  515. What a terrific idea to remind ourselves how awesome each day is and what blessings we can find in the everyday joy in life!

  516. Love this idea! I have already taken photos of “today” can’t wait to make this little album! Thanks for the inspiration! Tracy V

  517. I’ve looked at everyone’s blog that participated and I feel inspired to give this a try. I’m bookmarking you right this minute, and tomorrow is my “today”!

  518. this sounds like a lovely idea – you are always so inspiring! :)
    thanks for being you :)

  519. Teresa Wilkins says:

    What a great idea. I’ll start my pictures tomorrow. This will be a fun fall project.
    Thanks, Stacy
    Teresa Wilkins

  520. I would like to participate if I am one of the 50. Thanks!

  521. Jeannine B. says:

    I am excited to try this fun project! Thanks for the challenge! Today, of all days, I really need a “present to me”!

  522. Love this concept… what a treat for everyone in the family. Thanks for the motivation Stacy!

  523. Sounds fun! In fact, I have a great photo that I took on the way home from work today. A perfect rainbow, the full half-circle. I don’t see them very often and it took my breath away!

  524. Yes, Stacy I would like to compose a “Give Myself an Album”. I enjoyed 30 Days Hath September very much and am trying to finish my layouts up…did not get a chance to post any yet but am impressed how much of life the pages captured of daily living. Thanks for all you do.
    Blessing on you and your Family,

  525. This is such a great idea! Hope to start on this soonest.

  526. I saw this on MaryRuth’s blog. Love the idea of enjoying the moment. Thanks

  527. I’ve loved the class and plan to take pictures the next two days and make my ‘present’ this weekend. I look at my life differently – thanks so much for the class.

  528. Thanks for always sharing your ideas!

  529. Count me in. You’ve got the scrapping mojo flowing now :)

  530. Peggy #4129 says:

    This would be great….hope I made the cut….I have a lot going on right now and next year I will wonder how I managed to keep it all together…Thanks for sharing
    Peggy Meyers

  531. WOW! Love the idea.
    Your comments fill up too fast :(

  532. Wow! I am doing the one week in my life with Ali Edwards! This takes it a step further… love the idea!

  533. mary bartolotta says:

    I don’t know if I’m within the 50 but even if I’m not, I love the idea. Be thankful for today..
    thanks Stacy.

  534. This is so cute. I am up for the challenge. Count me in.

  535. What a great way to stop and smell the roses so to speak. :) Great idea! Thanks for the challenge.

  536. I SO needed this today! Thank-you! I’m totally doing it.

  537. What a great idea! Slowing down and taking notice is so important!!!
    I’m in…thanks for the idea! :)

  538. Hi, Great idea and I’d love a mini -album. Hope I get one. Thanks

  539. LOVE this idea…slowing down…taking notice…remembering a year from now…pure inspiration!
    I’m in!!! :) amy

  540. Karey-Ann Marble says:

    A new way to look at life. I always recap the year, why not the details of the now, so much is forgotten if you wait to long. I can hardly wait.

  541. I’m just about to send my Shutterfly order to print – what a great project to put them in!

  542. Love.Love.Love this idea and it would be a great wrap up to my 30 Days project. A little mini version to carry with me. This month has really taught me a lot about perspective. Thank you for the inspiration to complete this project.

  543. Sorry to double post, I realize that the email attached to my real post was my old one before we moved :-)

  544. I am definately going to take up this challenge! What a fabulous idea! Thanks heaps Stacy!

  545. Aubrey Raney-Avers says:

    Am I? What a great project!

  546. Mary Anne says:

    Sounds like a really fun project!! I’ll do it!!

  547. Just started scrapbooking and would love to do this. I’m getting bogged down in the drudgery of my job and think this would truly make me realize the important things in my life!

  548. I would love to do this. I’m fairly new to scrapbooking, but I’m loving how this hobby is making me look at life differently. I think this mini-album would be great!

  549. Oops, sorry…didn’t mean to post twice–and now three–times. The first time the session supposedly “timed out”…but my comment posted anyway. Just count the first “Amy L” comment! :)

  550. I love this idea- I made the small scrapbook you suggested in LOM and I get a smile every time I see it. I’d love to create an updated one to put in my other purse- plus my life is amazing right now so it would be a great reminder. I’m thinking there will be a lot of changes in the year ahead and I’d like to freeze time for a moment before everything changes.

  551. I love the idea of appreciating the here and now. It will help me concentrate on the good things in my life that tend to be swept under the “stress rug.”

  552. I think this would be pretty fun! What a great challenge to get the juices flowing! Thanks!

  553. This is a great project…I’m game!

  554. I got mine done! This is a great idea to do at the end of every month! It seriously took less than one hour to make. So cool. Thanks!

  555. I hope I make the cut too! This is a great idea!

  556. this is awesome, i’m celebrating my 1st yr wedding anniversary this month and so this would be so awesome to look back at. I’m in!

  557. Elizabeth Martin says:

    That sounds like a great idea! I’m in.

  558. Wow, I just happen to pull mine out the other day from your class two years ago. My life has really changed since then and is starting to change again. Will have to scrap about it. Thanks Stacy.

  559. Debbie Webster says:

    What an Awesome idea!
    I love it.
    Thank you for reminding us to live each day and remember who you are and why you are here.
    Debbie W

  560. This is a really neat idea. With 7 children, life runs at a fast pace and change is inevitable. I would love to do this with this little scrapbook. I LOVE sharing my family with others!

  561. I did this in April and I keep it in my purse. I love pulling it out to show someone, or just to look at it myself. I plan to make a layout next April, re-taking some of the photos to show change, and put the mini album on the layout – YOUR wonderful idea, of course. The mini albums are so easy to make yourself once you have a pattern, so I have been giving them away and encourageing friends to make one.

  562. Katherine says:

    What a wonderful idea- i accept the challenge & i promise to give myself the gift of being in the moment. Thanks- Kat

  563. I accept your challenge. I’ve been taking pictures all day for Week in My Life so I’m excited!

  564. This is great! Would love one of these!

  565. What a lovely lovely idea! I found your site after reading about your challenge on a friend’s blog.
    My plan is to take pictures up until Thanksgiving (we’re in Canada) and each Thanksgiving to take some time and look through previous years’ moments Thank you for the inspiration :)

  566. I’m on my journey to perpetual happiness right now, & this would be a great step in the right direction. Thank you so much for Big Picture Scrapbooking. Wanda

  567. Nicole Rowan says:

    I too love October – birth month for my first child, beautiful fall, Thanksgiving (in Canada), National OT Month (in Canada)… what a great way to stop and… crunch the leaves!

  568. I’m on my journey to perpetual happiness right now, & this would be a great step in the right direction. Thank you so much for Big Picture Scrapbooking. Wanda

  569. I really like this idea! A simple way to scrap things that mean something right now.

  570. What an awesome idea! I´ll definatly do this! THANKS!

  571. Miki Thompson says:

    What an awesome idea. I love the idea of a snapshot of now. It all goes by so fast.

  572. Thanks for another great idea! I love October too…

  573. Oooh. Stacy, this sounds SO super exciting!!! Count me in!!!!! Yay!!!!

  574. I actually made it in the first 50 comments? I SO want to do this. I haven’t scrapbooked in forever (LONG STORY). This is the perfect thing for some new goals I have set for myself. Thanks to Heidi Swapp, I found this post & blog! I won’t have it finished today, obviously. But it looks like a wonderful project for this weekend. Especially with a little Bazzil Basics minibook. That’s awsome & perfect to keep on my desk at work.

  575. very cute, love the simplicity and your handwriting!

  576. I’d Love one of these mini albums, we most often focus on others when we too are deserving of something handmade, beautiful and made with love.
    This is going to be a fun project!

  577. Kara Finley says:

    Love this idea!!! Time goes by too quickly sometimes!

  578. What a fun idea – to make this little album and then LOOK at it often by keeping it close at hand! I’m game.

  579. what a great idea! with all the stuff I’m juggling right now, this project fits right in!

  580. Maureen Woods says:

    Gosh I would love to make this book, my life seems to change so fast, I think i will make it 14 October day. My mums birthday.

  581. This is a great idea. Prefer this mini book to the LO I did at the convention. Thanks Stacy for your inspiration.

  582. I’d love to do this. What a great idea.

  583. Brian Kasstle-Lytthouse says:

    What a wonderful idea! I do so much scrapbooking/cardmaking for others! It is time to do one for me! Great idea!!

  584. Aspromised says:

    What fun! For once it can be all about ME! – thanks for reminding us to put ourselves in the pictures

  585. Stacy, this is the best challenge on our last of Have more fun :)

  586. i love this idea. those simple albums with just photo’s are often my favorite and make me smile on the worst of days. Thank you for the project!

  587. What a great idea. This is very inspiring to me since I’m trying to find myself right now. I am going to accept this challenge and it works out pretty well since I’m also doing the “A Week in my Life” challenge.
    Thanks for sharing.

  588. Ceci O Hurtado says:

    Hi Stacy, you have the power to move people in a good way!
    I love the Have FUN class I enjoyed the sept project and I am loving this challenge. Congratulation for all the positive energy you spread to all of us,

  589. What fun and I will definitely join in with this challenge.Now I just have to remember to take some photos :)

  590. Great Idea! Thanks bunches

  591. Sharon Mooney says:

    What a great idea! So simple to do. Thanks for the inspiration!

  592. Love you Stacy and your whole outlook on life and scrapbooking. Keep it up!

  593. I think this is a wonderful foolow up to HMF.

  594. Ohh, I think I actually made it into the first fifty comments. This is a great idea, and I plan to do it. My life seems not so great right now, so some of it may tell of the negative side so in a year I can see how much better my life is! My life will be better in a year than it is today, I am committed to that goal.

  595. This is such a wonderful idea! I neglect to scrap the everyday happenings in my life…

  596. I can’t wait to do this! I just finished your fun class. I can’t wait to have some thing I can take with me as a reminder. I will also make one for my husband who is deployed. Thanks for the great ideas!

  597. karen Hobbs says:

    I loved our last class and although I missed this post yesterday, I will do this soon! (My husband just retired from 27 years in the military on the 30th and I ‘ve had a hard time keeping up with the Sept. daily stuff! But I plan to just fudge a bit and combine Sept and Oct stuff!) Anyway, thanks for always being an inspiration!!!

  598. This is a really cool idea! I am motivated to do this!! Thanks for the great idea!

  599. love this idea…. hopefully i’ll be able to carve out some time to try it…. a day late! :)

  600. What a great way to stop time in our busy lives. I will enjoy creating one of my own.Mini-albums rock!

  601. Mary Ann Yost says:

    How inspiring….take a moment, breathe it in and smile! I can do this and love the idea of touching back to this through the year!

  602. Tina Madonia says:

    I actually took pictures throughout the day yesterday and plan to do the challenge. I have been wanting to do this for a while, but this was just what I needed to get going on it! It is amazing all that I do in a day without even thinking about it! (A little pat on the back for myself!) Thanks for the inspiration!

  603. What an excellent idea! I’m going to try it :)

  604. Jeannette says:

    I love this idea! Thank you so much!

  605. what a great idea!!

  606. What a cute idea! My friends and I enjoy getting together to scrapbook/make cards. This would be a great project for each of us busy women to take on. Thanks for the idea.

  607. awesome! i’m definitely going to do this!

  608. This is such an awesome idea! I’m going to grab my camera and start snapping away!

  609. I love this idea. I am going to make one for me and one for a friend in a very rough spot in life.

  610. I love this idea – I can’t wait to do this challenge!

  611. I hope I make it. I am looking forward to doing this project.

  612. What a great concept! I think I’m going to include a few pics of things in my life that I’d like to change or accomplish over the next year. The daily reminder of my goals will be helpful, and it will be fun scrapbooking the difference it made one year from now!

  613. This is a great challenge!

  614. WHat a great idea! I am going to get this done as soon as Ican.

  615. I am so all over this project. Ever since I came back from CE it is all about being grateful! I am doing Ali’s week, Kollette’s Good Book and now this…now wonder the laundry is piling up!

  616. I’m in! Saw this on CZ’s and Heidi Swapp’s blogs. I know I have one of those little books at home. It’ll be fun to use it finally! Thanks for the fabulous inspiration.

  617. Dana Weinberg says:

    This is where I’m at right now – being very reflective in my life, where I’ve been, where I’m going, but mostly where I am now. I love this idea and am definitely going to do it! I am a new fan of Big Picture Scrapbooking. I took my first class this summer and loved it! Now I have signed up for two more.

  618. thanks for taking the time to share this, who doesn’t need this reminder? Starting right now….

  619. Sounds like fun! Just found your blog so excited to see what else you have to say and do.

  620. jessica corbin says:

    wow, this is a fun idea. i have so much going on right now…a little girl on the way. a year from now will be very different from today!

  621. jessica corbin says:

    wow, this is a fun idea. i have so much going on right now…a little girl on the way. a year from now will be very different from today!

  622. Sounds like a good idea. I’m definitley going to give it a try!

  623. i’m in the midst of Ali’s week in the life but would love to pop this out too! i even have a slew of pics that i can put in and a blog to post it to! thanks Stacy!

  624. Love this idea so much…can’t wait to try it. We can’t wait for time to just pass us by, we need to capture the moments now.

  625. Laura Casey says:

    Sounds like a wonderful thing to do…to help realize just how blessed we all are. Thank you.

  626. I love that idea very much!!! I just have to be sure to understand every thing…not so complicated, and anyway I can find help… hugs from France!

  627. I’m in!

  628. I love this idea for so many reasons! To be able to be reminded daily of our own life’s blessings…live in the now…so many reasons! I’m definately all about this!

  629. Christa Hamilton says:

    Hey this is great! Something easy and doable!

  630. ALison Currie says:

    Hi – I’m not seeing all of the winners but just glad to be doing this! I’ve got it all ready and packed to do on my girl’s weekend – maybe I’ll get some others to do it too!
    Thanks again. Alison

  631. Bethanne C says:

    Sounds like a fabulous idea and a great way to remember all of your blessings throughout the year.

  632. thanks for the inspiration stacy!

  633. This is such a wonderful idea. Our lives change so much in the course of a year without us even realizing it.

  634. What a fab idea – I’m definitely doing this!! I NEED to do this right now!! Thanks!

  635. I LOVE this idea, Stacy. And you’re right, our lives do ebb and flow without us really noticing, unless we use this wonderful hobby of ours to purposefully do so!
    Thanks for the reminder and the fun idea. I’m on board!

  636. I’m going to do this too!

  637. What a fun idea! I think it’s imprortant to take note of the everyday, the ordinary things that we do each day, each week, each month and each year. And then, to compare them to the next year,a nd the next year, and the next year and so on. I think we’d be surprised by how things change, even in a short period of time. Thanks for the idea to reflect in this manner.

  638. stacey – i just love this idea, too. i am on board with ali’s challenge. and yours suits me just as well. this month is a BIG month of change for me. some huge – some not so huge changes. and i have been working on beng present. more. daily. being. so thanks, once again, for the little push. i told you when i met you in buffalo two years ago – i was going to work with you someday. and you told me “yes – you will”.. this is a start, right? :O)

  639. What a great idea! With baby #2 on the way things will be much different in a year.

  640. I’m in. I’m going to start mine today and see how it goes. I love Ali, May, and Stephanies take on this. You did a great job also. I feel a dare coming on at Debby’s Dare. Hmmmmm.

  641. I love this idea! To be able to reflect on what doesn’t seem like now is significant. Thank-you for the great idea.

  642. Donna Gregory says:

    Your blog is awesome just found it and I love your ideas

  643. This is a great idea. I’ll start mine today. It’s my birthday today, so that’ll make my present more special. Thank you so much for this idea!
    Love from Belgium

  644. I’m going to find the time to take this challenge. With three kids 5 and under and a husband going through chemotherapy, it’s been crazy at home. But it will be a good way to document what we are going through right now. And when we celebrate my husband being cancer free next year, it will be a great way to document the things that matter most in life.

  645. Karin Gilfoy says:

    What a fabulous pick-me-up for those crazy hectic days we all have! Thanks for another GREAT idea Stacy!!

  646. Would like to join this great idea, always taking lots of pictures!

  647. I am liking this idea, going to give it a try!

  648. Beverly LoPinto says:

    I just found your sight tonight, but I love your idea! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  649. susan mason says:

    I really love this idea, especially after just finishing up Present Moment Scrapbooking album in Stacy’s Have More Fun class

  650. susan mason says:

    Stacey I just finish your 30 Days hath September album – loved present moment scrapbooking. This Present idea sounds great can’t wait
    thanks susan

  651. This sounds like a fun idea I would like to try this.

  652. Heather Landry says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for the inspiration. =0)

  653. What a fantastic idea!!!!

  654. Jessica Fitzhenry says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, can’t wait to get started!

  655. Judy Johnson says:

    Sounds like a great idea! I know my life sometimes seems the same year after year, but I also know there are changes. It will be interesting to see just what changes and how much!

  656. Judy Johnson says:

    I think this is a great idea! I know that much of my life stays the same from year to year but I also know there are changes. It will be interesting to see just what those changes really are and the effect they have on my life.

  657. Judy Johnson says:

    I think this is a great idea! I know that much of my life stays the same from year to year but I also know there are changes. It will be interesting to see just what those changes really are and the effect they have on my life.

  658. What a great idea! I’m all for it. Sometimes life gets so crazy I don’t take time to savor the moments, this a great way to start.

  659. Mary Newman says:

    This sounds like a fun idea. I’m in!
    THANK YOU For Such great inspiration. I started paper scrapping back in 1996 and bought one of your first idea books on design. You have and still are such a great motivator of this wonderful hobby.

  660. Diana Cox says:

    what a GREAT idea! I would love to have a little mini album to carry around with me everywhere… hmmm now to figure out what to photograph!!!

  661. Diana Cox says:

    what a great idea! I would love to have a little album to carry around with me everywhere – just need to figure out what to photograph now! :)

  662. What a wonderful idea. The best things in life are free, and our blessings are all around us. What a great exercise in reminding ourselves what we have to be grateful for. Karen

  663. Dianne Ervin says:

    I love this idea, as a new senior citizen I realize how time flies and how my life is changing. This will bring me back a year to remind me what happened then. My day to day life is flying by and I need something to slow me down. I fill my life up with many things, I never stand still.

  664. Vickie Turcotte says:

    This will be very fun, Stacy! Count me in. You always come up with such wonderful ways to keep scrapping relevant and meaningful. Thanks for the inspiration.

  665. Cindy Van Sluys says:

    What a wonderful idea! I would love to join in too!

  666. This is a great idea and could not come at a better time for me with how stressed our lives have become and all the “what ifs” that rolling off my tongue these days. When I get like that I think it would be a great way to take a breather and really remember what is right and most important in my life right now. I am going to be taking pictures this week to put together my little album. Thank you so much for putting this idea out there and I am just so thankful to have come across it! I swear, I always get some of my best ideas from you!

  667. Love this idea … great way to document where I’m at right NOW! :D

  668. I’m the mom of a toddler and pregnant with the 2nd learning how to be a stay-at-home mom and scrapbook all over again. The big picture’s helping me enjoy my toddler as I think about scrapbooking about rocks and shapes and the moments she and i share. thank you.

  669. Thanks for the challenge! Here’s mine:

  670. What an AWESOME idea! I can’t wait to work on this!
    Thanks for the idea:)

  671. Jeri Blaufuss says:

    This idea is so now. We always seem to be in such rush and never to take time to think about me and everything around us. This is such a great idea. Thank you so much for thinking of it for us.

  672. My completed album is in amongst this rather long and photo filled post
    THANK YOU for the prompt to create

  673. What a great idea…kinda reminds you to stop and smell the roses…I want to do this…:)

  674. Hi, Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your

  675. This is so great I’ve been looking for a way to focus in on goodness and I think this meets that need. :) Can’t wait to make one!

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