friday fare

Just a few totally random things that I've been wanting to share.

In the category of FOOD


ready-to-serve brown Minute Rice.
oh my yum. one minute in the microwave and you've got hot, nutty (nutritious) no-butter/salt-needed lunch at your desk …

as the weather cools,  this is my new FAV food and the fact that I'm well stocked makes me incredibly happy.


I'm just loving how every year there is more and more PINK. Good causes take time to grow and it's just exciting to see the awareness and action growing around this amazingly good cause. click on the word "pink" to discover The Breast Cancer Store (rather cool)

And, finally. if you aren't getting this …


go here to get it for FREE. It's awesome — magically appears in  your mailbox with yummy seasonal recipes — the easy kind that your kids will actually eat (no offense Real Simple)

In the category of HOME

In order to help Kimberlee master the flow of our crazy home, I've been compiling "Nanny Notes" and have had to stare my OCD tendancies right in the face. When my brother visited this summer, he informed me that I am CRAZY (that normal people do NOT label their fridge) and since then I have been more aware of my idiosyncracies — but, I'll tell ya, when you have to teach someone else to do things just the way you want them done, it is an illuminating and somewhat frightful experience!

So … in an effort to poke a little fun at myself, I thought I'd share some of the goofy things I do to keep order in the house. Take what you want and by all means, share what you do …


Meet the "out-the-door" drawer (and yes, that is actually what I call it)
this is a drawer in my kitchen island (nearest the back door, where you can find anything you might need, as you head out the door.)There is a large array of personal toiletries such as chapstick, lotion, germ-killer, eye drops, etc. There is a small bin for "tools" like finger-nail clippers, small scissors, sewing kits, dental floss, a lighter,  pocket knife, etc .. and there are two additional bins for cough/throat drops and gum. In the back — Kleenex purse packs. My iphone covers, and two brushes go here too.

This little area is at the top of my stairs and sits opposite the phone nook (which I will reveal later.) Each person has a drawer, where you can put small items that you find lying around that would otherwise create clutter. The trick of course is to make sure these drawers get purged quite often — and they do. In the cupboards below you'll find school supplies ready to re-stock the homework table (also coming soon) and phone books etc… The basket sitting at the side, is where you drop things that need to be taken downstairs to my office. When, for example I have something I want to save in my School of Life file box (LOM term) I drop it here, so that I can grab the basket when I'm headed down. Please note that this basket is often very FULL before I empty it, but it is still a great clutter-buster. And finally …

my super-cool charging station from Pottery Barn.  I LOVE this thing.  Gone is the nasty, twisted and mixed up pile of cords and earphones (earphones go in the drawer) and everyone has a place to store/charge their phone/ipod. NOTE: this is how wierd I am. Only pens go in the little cup here. Pencils have to go on the homework table and trust me, I'm bugged when pencils get mixed in (see? how would you like to have to work for me? Oh well.)

In the category of STUFF  …



How CUTE are these little baby items at the dollar-section of Target?
I couldn't resist. Sent them to two new babies I know.

Also at Target, relatively new compact, afordable planners by Franklin Covey


here's mine, next to my adorable wallet (that Suzanne in Calgary gave me.) I LOVE it. I'm a huge planner fan. Loved the Memory Dock planner, which is sadly not continuing and since I've begun using an iphone, I've found I don't need a big, hefty planner anymore. I just need a page a day to jot down my family to-do list and a place to keep frequent shopper cards and coupons.

and speaking of STUFF. Stay-tuned for some absolutely essential and potentially FREE stuff coming your way very soon.

Happy Friday. Dad and two boys are headed out this afternoon on a scout camp out, so it will be quiet and hopefully productive evening for me!


  1. Thanks for sharing about the small brown rice “to go” bowls. Very cool. Don’t you just love that Pottery Barn charging station? I bought one for a friend after you had posted about it and now I’m thinking I need one for our family. Love your little tidbits you share about your great “finds”.

  2. Ohh, those brown rice packs look great. We get the Kraft magazine here in Canada, but it’s called “What’s Cooking”. WooHoo for clutter busters. Love the cell phone dock to hide the cords.

  3. 1. I am going to the store for some of that rice today – love it!
    2. I love all of the colorful things you’ve shared here.
    3. If I offer all-you-can-eat brownies and milk, would you please come to my house and help me organize it? I love the idea of organization, and I try (really, I do), but I sure could use your help!!! :o)
    4. Have a wonderful, quiet, restful, and productive evening!! :o)

  4. p.s. while you’re here, maybe you could help me decorate as well! :o)

  5. I love to hear about your organizing tips! You give me something to aspire to!! Please share more when you can. I would love to learn from you.

  6. Thanks for sharing your tips on family organization–I am constantly striving to organize and make things easy for my family (and me) to clean up, find things and put things away. I love seeing how other families deal with the everyday items of life.

  7. I see a tip I’m stealing! Thanks!

  8. I always laughed about you labeling the fridge. I am soooo the opposite of you. But people like you make me want to follow you around kind of like a fly on wall to see what makes you tick and how I can incorporate some of your tips into my life. Thank goodness for your blog because that’s the only way I get too.
    And just think as you train the new girl, she will one day have a wonderfully organized house like you when she has a family. lol
    Keep sharing I love it!
    Oh and I love Brown rice so now I have to find them.

  9. You are not the only person who labels your refrigerator. :) It totally drives me crazy when one of the guys at my house puts something non-dairy on the dairy shelf. I am not organized in every aspect, but if I have worked out a system, you better follow it.
    Thanks for sharing your great ideas. I need to do a School of Life collection location.

  10. LOVE the “out the door” drawer – just need to find a space to create one! I think everyone has OCD tendencies to one degree or another and personally, I LIKE yours! I’ll be copying what I can and looking for an affordable version of the Pottery Barn charging station. I bought one before, but the charging plugs did not fit in the provided electric strip.

  11. So much wonderful stuff! And I just have to giggle at your OCD. . . I have a touch of it as well. Unfortunately my hubby is just the opposite, which makes for some interesting conversation topics around our house. For instance, when/IF he puts things in the dishwasher, I’m always rearranging them, to squeeze more in, and when he puts things back in the fridge, he just tosses it in . . . I usually go back and put everything in it’s rightful place. ;) So is it really such a BAD thing to be so organized? Personally, I don’t have a problem with it. (hee hee)

  12. I think I love you and I am ready to move in!!! I LOVE the organization – I knew I wasn’t the only one!!

  13. Hi Stacy,
    I am so happy to see that you are loving the wallet! I love the cute green FC planner – I love green these days!
    Take care,

  14. I used to want to be like you because you scrap so Fabulously. Now I KNOW I want to be like you because you know where everything goes. I love your Out the Door drawer.

  15. Thank you for welcoming me into your home and giving me a glimpse of your organised chaos. I LOVE that charging station… must see if I can’t get something similar here in SA… pity we don’t have Pottery Barn here!

  16. LOVE how you organize!!! PLEASE share more….I can use all the tips I can get. I’m a mom of 3 lil boys and love anything to help make things more tidy around the house. Thanks again!!

  17. Thanks for sharing all your fun stuff. I also am a devotee of the rice bowls. I keep them in my food basket at work. When I can’t make it out for lunch and haven’t brought anything it and a salmon cup are my go to…protein and something hot. Everyone makes fun of my food basket, but they come to me when they need a snack.
    I also love the Kraft Magazine, great, easy recipes.

  18. COOL Stacy. Nothing wrong with OCD ;)

  19. You GENIUS You!
    That out the door drawer is so brilliant! As for quirks, I wish mine existed in the realm of cleanliness like yours…but they don’t. (sigh.)
    Instead I delight in making things difficult in the realms of food (“Honey. You made the gravy touch my corn!”), tactile senses (“This blanket is creeping me out.”) and futile attempts to organize chaos (Must sort the skittles by color before I put them in my mouth).
    Your quirks are MUCH more useful.

  20. What!!! The Memory Dock planner is not continuing!!! Now what am I going to do?? OCD, I hear you. But most distressed about that.

  21. With that OCD, if you were a man, I’d marry you. I’m seriously so envious. We moved 2 years ago & I seriously can not get things organized in this house. Although that Kraft food & family is NOTHING I’d eat. Although I’m not that healthy of an eater, I don’t like to do a lot of processed foods, which they seem to use a lot or at least did several years ago when I received the pub.

  22. From one borderline-OCD to another… I think we’re just smart, that’s all.
    Or we just know what works for us!
    And, my fridge isn’t labelled but pretty much everything else in the house is. :-)

  23. Margaret C says:

    Please come and do my house – and it’s not OCD, it’s Born Organised !! (just don’t do the acronym – not pleasant !! XX

  24. Jeannette P says:

    Stacy~ Just signed up for the Kraft magazine per recommendation of my friend last week. I’ve made a few dishes from the Kraft website & Yum! My kids & Dh enjoyed them as well.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your organization stuff. Keep sharing. Perhaps a little OCD but hey, it really helps keep things flowing nicely in a home & I’m all for it. Sure the pencil/pen thing might be a little extreme but know that you aren’t the only one like that. I have the closets organized by color, matching hangers, & short sleeve, long sleeve is seperated in my oldest daugther’s closet since she has so many. She even told some of my friends (when I wasn’t around) that her closet is like a rainbow & how its organized. They told me about it later & said they weren’t surprised about it all.
    I love seeing how other people with organizational tendencies make ‘stations’ in their homes. I am really happy that you shared a peek into your home so I can get some more ideas.
    Have you made pages about this stuff? I think you should if you haven’t b/c it tells a lot about a person’s personality.

  25. Jeannette P says:

    Oh, I forgot to add that I looked at some Pottery Barn stuff awhile ago when you got your charging station & I purchased the HUGE wall cabinet with chargeing station inside. Love it!!! I even got it on sale at the time. Thanks for sharing!! Couldn’t find a pic of it on their website to share. They may have discontinued it.

  26. Stacy, I just wanted you to know that you aren’t alone in being Crazy. We are just as organized and picky as you are and people tend to think we are too picky. But we like it. Everything has a place and everything in it’s place is our motto. I love your organizer by the stairs. I also like the out-the-door drawer. That gives me an idea. GRIN. Deb

  27. Tracy Dayett says:

    Yep I’ve got the OCD issue in my own home and all I can say is you rock! I so totally get the “no penicls in this cup” issue. Thanks for letting me know that I now have proof to show my family when I hear ” that is a bit extreme – other people don’t have a bin JUST for note pads” ha yes they do!!!!!!!

  28. The out the door drawer is awesome! I wish I was organized like you maybe some day since I picked up a few ideas from you.Please keep sharing. Thanks!

  29. The out the door drawer is awesome! I wish I was organized like you maybe some day since I picked up a few ideas from you.Please keep sharing. Thanks!

  30. Love the Kraft magazine. I made the taco bake that’s inside the front cover and it’s delicious! Served it with sour cream and extra salsa. Mmmmm Have to try those Brown & Wild Rice packs.

  31. jennifer lawton says:

    Oh,please keep sharing your organizational tips. I love to see how other people keep their chaotic lives organized and not so well, chaotic. :)

  32. Frankly, you just can’t trust people who don’t get your OCD effectiveness. How else can people find things if they don’t have a specific place they belong to. Hello? And I just love the cabinet for the boys random bits. Totally will be adapting that idea ASAP. Thanks for all the good ideas!

  33. Stacy:
    Thanks so much for sharing your tips. I don’t have children, but I believe my life is pretty full and I appreciate anything I can lift from someone else that will help make my life more organized. I so look forward to catching up with your blog a couple of times a week. Thanks again. You Go!

  34. Hey Stacy – We bought the pumpkin hat, socks and bib for Elias! The hat ended up being too small, but check out my blog to see his sweet little feet in the socks. -Jessica T.

  35. Alesa Larsen says:

    I love your out the dorr drawer, I wish I had somewhere to do that. I also love your drawers. That is exactly what I need in my house thanks for the idea.

  36. Anne Thurlow says:

    Is the planner really discontinuing? I used it for the first time this year and it has been great. Are they coming out with anything similar in its place?

  37. You are very organized and I admire that. Thanks for the tips and I will order that Kraft magazine.

  38. wish I had an organization system like this I might not feel so crazy at times LOL

  39. love the OUT the door drawer! i have one of these in my kitchen, BUT it is NOT quite as organized anymore. 2 years after living here, it needs to be re-done! i need to go buy some more stuff to replace what we used up! i want to see the school area! i am trying to set one up myself and it’s so hard to figure out what to do! i have it all on my butcher block table right now but we can never use the table!!! at least it’s organized.
    you are the queen of organized!

  40. Debbi Hyden says:

    Stacy, Where did you get the unit that sits in your corner with the drawers and where you keep the homework supplies? i could make use with something like that.. thanks!

  41. Stacy, you would feel right at home at my house, from the kleenex and mini hand lotions in the drawer by the door, to the alphabetized spice rack, to the basket on the stairs. I have been collecting photos of “how I do things,” such as a properly loaded dishwasher, and plan to make an “Everyday” album on Shutterfly.

  42. lynn whelan says:

    Ack (is that what I mean?), do you get the magazine in your snail mail or your email? Don’t see where to sign up for snail mail.

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