it’s Friday already?


I am packing up 3 boxes of Core'dinations cardstock to send to the following girls. Please email me and put CARDSTOCK WINNER in the subject line — and Thank YOU for ALL your sweet comments and birthday wishes for miss Kayce!

Beauty & BRAINS….Happy Birthday!!
;) Mart
Posted by: Mart | 17 October 2008 at 11:51 AM

Happy Birthday Kayce! I am taking my first BPS class and it's so easy to navigate around the site. And downloading the PDF files is a snap! Thanks for all your hard work to make our lives so colorful and fun :)
Posted by: Elizabeth | 17 October 2008 at 05:25 AM

Happy Birthday Kayce! Thanks for everything that you do for BPS. I love the classes and one of the biggest reasons is how user friendly everything is. Great job!
Hope your day is everything that you want it to be!
Alicia in Salem
Posted by: AliciaH in Salem | 16 October 2008 at 06:28 AM

I hosted a Lunch Bunch at my house. Lunch Bunch is where women from church come over and eat and talk. It was delightful. I got to dust. I really only dust when people come over. There is something very satisfying about dusting — everything looks so good after you dust. Hmmm. I also got to *almost* finish decorating for Halloween (I'm dragging it out this year for some reason) and mostly I got to meet some new friends and eat good food. My neighbor Debra (a chef in her former life) brought a big crockpot full of a chicken, lime, coconut soup (Thai recipe) and I opened a big bag of frozen Italian Wedding soup (Ok, Kimberlee helped) and made a pot of Minestrone. We had rolls from Costco and homemade bran muffins that I haven't made in years (but so yummy!) I also found adorable mini candy-apples in Family Fun magazine, while waiting at the Orthodontist …


We just set them up, so everyone could make one if they wanted to. You know how you always see cute ideas like this and say "I should do that." but you often don't … because you have to buy special stuff and they may not turn out to be as cute or easy as the picture? Well, we were the test kitchen today and they are definitely worth a trip to Michaels (for the lollipop sticks and small candy liners)

Didn't take a single photo. Oh well.

I did however get this photo from Diane. Diane came all the way from the San Francisco area to Apropos last Saturday (along with several other fun girls)  — what a treat to teach close to home!


Because it was close I thought I could get away with being casual and then when I was calling the roster the night before I learned Diane had flown up to meet me and I got pretty nervous. It was all good. I was able to bring bits and pieces of my "system" and that was fun. I just talked through stuff and answered questions. I really enjoyed the intimacy of a small group — I hope it was beneficial to everyone else too!


look at cutie Addie Maddie Moo (nickname seems to be sticking) on the bed this morning. I bought her a couple of really cute outfits in Cape Town and she was jumping around being silly.


I got my Simple Scrapbooks "simple scrapbook" back from Utah not long ago, so I sat and thumbed through it and relived all the emotion one more time …


I finished by adhering my final ed note to the inside back cover and the Sept/Oct cover to the back …


What an adventure life is. I had no idea that my official role at Simple would come to an end this year and yet my word for the year is renaissance and my focus has been on the constancy of change. Crazy isn't it! Here I sit mid October looking back and an entire chapter of my life has come and gone — and it was such a good, good chapter — It was just really weird to get the Nov/Dec issue and have it be a total surprise. It was actually really fun to just plop down and thumb through it page by page — the people and the message were very familiar and yet the actual layouts and articles and images and … brand new! Jennafer and Angie and Cathy and Wendy and the whole team are still rockin it!!!

I'm updating the 8×8 page frames on my kids' bedroom doors


warming up with some product from my Cocoa Daisy kit (now posted on their blog) and enjoying just making stuff for me.

WEEKEND Challenge:


We took the Webelos scouts out for 30 minutes on Wednesday afternoon and picked up 3 bags of garbage along the side of the road. Three bags! Yikes. The boys actually loved it and I am still floored to think that we could pick up that much that quickly. Yesterday as I was jogging I just kept seeing trash — and really, we live in a pretty clean community …

So, here's the challenge. Get out there this weekend. Go by yourself, with family members or a friend — whatever. Take an empty garbage bag and walk for just 15 to 30 minutes and clean up a street somewhere.

You'll be so glad you did!


  1. Allison Barnes says:

    Sounds fun! Wish I was there! A few weeks… : )

  2. Sounds like a nice day! If you have a good Minestrone recipe you should post it! I haven’t found one I like! :) Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend too!

  3. tammy Thomas says:

    those little apples look so cute and fun, I’m definitely going to do some of those.

  4. You lead such a busy life! Thanks for sharing so much of us with us.

  5. That picture of Addie is just adorable. LOVE your owl bracelet…where did you find that?
    Monica(BPS Student)

  6. oh my gosh, Stacy, I made those a few weeks ago and posted photos on my blog. Check it out:

  7. Hi Stacy!
    Where did you find those sheets in the background of the photo of Addie? I LOVE them!

  8. Addie is just the cutest — don’t you just wish you could freeze them in time sometimes?? I played with my 2 year old this evening and felt that way — just too cute. Something kind of ironic about getting a carmel apple recipe at the orthodontist, huh??

  9. Michelle Contarino says:

    Glad you said that about the mini apples..I have been planning to make them for my boys school Halloween party and was wondering if I was going to be able to do it!

  10. Addie Maddie Moo is SOOO adorable. My youngest is known as Missa Moo. Those apples are gonna happen in my house this weekend. YUM. Your Italian Wedding soup sounds yum too. I had my Girl Scout troop Adopt the neighborhood park. We get out there and pick up trash about four times a year. It is a GREAT feeling.

  11. Congratulations to the winners!
    The lunch bunch sounds like tons of fun and the soups sound delish!

  12. Hi Stacy, I just finished my present :D inspired by you! You can see it on my blog
    love, Judith

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