pretty, pretty Jenna and the flower girl

I'm long overdue on the "i do" report. Jenna and Deric were married on Friday, September 26th in the Spokane, Washington Temple and as far as I could tell, the day came off without a hitch. Jenna was nothing short of gorgeous and Deric is very easy on the eyes, so they made a lovely couple. The cool thing is of course the fact that they have a love built on friendship that has developed over years (first kiss was shared on the Jr. High bus) and that they were married in the temple with an eternal covenant that includes God as a partner and protector. They can look forward to a lifetime and beyond receiving promised blessings as they build an eternal family. Marriage is generally not celebrated much in our culture these days (at least not beyond the initial fanfare and expense) and I'm just really happy (and proud) of Jenna, for approaching this day with the respect it deserves.

I'll start with my MOST favorite ..

How special is this? This is one of my 'present' pictures and it reminds me of this wonderful girl, the time she spent with my family and the way she loved my daughter. We were so blessed to have her in our home.

This one for some reason is my favorite photo of Jenna and Deric together. I was of course on Addie duty and was not able to take very many photos, but I like the sense of them at the center of the wedding party, looking off — plus, hello … Jenna has a movie star profile!

Here comes the bride (and groom) — shutters were flying as Jenna and Deric stepped outside the temple. I had the opportunity of helping dress the bride (with her mother and two sisters in law) and it was such a special experience — especially for a mother of boys. I won't get to do this again for a long time, so I savored it!! 

Addie was adorable, from tip to toes (new shoes purchased that morning at Target!) As long as she
was able to roam and explore she was perfectly happy …

as a flower girl however, she was at best reluctant. I attempted many times to give her
the fresh flower pomander and coax her to carry it, but she was simply NOT interested.


Maybe she just wanted to carry this bouquet?

Not yet princess.

Congratulations Jenna (and Deric) … leave us a comment with an update, so we know you're safe and settled!

edited in response to a question/comment: information about the purpose of temples can be found here. for more specific questions and answers you can go here to chat with missionaries live.


  1. Wow Jenna looks exquisite. And Addie is adorable as always. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Beautiful photos!

  3. Addie is an absolute doll – and what a beautiful couple! I can only imagine how bittersweet the day was for you – feeling proud and motherly toward Jenna and yet losing your beloved nanny all in one fell swoop.

  4. I couldn’t decide who was more beautiful, Addie or Jenna!!! And both dresses were gorgeous!

  5. Love these photos Stacy – so sweet.

  6. I love those photos. They are a beautiful couple. What I love most is her dress. Oh, and Addie loved precious too!!

  7. Oh your Addie is just so gorgeous. You just want to pick her up, hug her while you are twirling around with joy. Thanks so much for sharing. Sorry to say when it come to edible cuteness dear Addie is my favourite Julian.

  8. What beautiful girls!!!! Awesome photographs too.

  9. Allison Barnes says:

    Such pretty girls!! Looks like it was a beautiful day.
    I know you will miss Jenna so much. She did an amazing job for you. Its hard to find a good fit.

  10. HEY!!!! Thanks for posting the pictures! I love them! Could you email me all the ones you have?
    We are doing great! hopefully about to move into our apartment! We actually live in Orange County in a town called Tustin. Its really pretty here. Lots of great shopping and lots to do. We haven’t been bored yet. I miss you guys terribly. I am jobless still and its driving me crazy. hahaha I never thought I would say that. Tell the family Hi and I can’t wait to see you all at Christmas! Love you guys tons! Give Addie some nose kisses for me!!!

  11. Beautiful photos. The girls are lovely. Looks like a lovely day!

  12. Gorgeous! Loved the bouquets and the girls were lovely.

  13. Congrats to Jenna, and Stacy, you did an awesome job on the photos. They are beautiful but then again the subjects were gorgeous!!! Knowing that God was a part of their day, I’m sure they will have a wonderful marriage. Bless them and bless you for being part of her special day.

  14. Karen Greenfield says:

    Dear Stacy–so what did the boys wear??? And you and Geoff??
    And is there a place where I could get some answers to purely curious but not trying to be invasive about the LDS wedding ceremony–like what is sealing? Why can’t nonLDS parents be inside for some of the ceremony? I have no wish to argue or debate just some interest. Thank you–Karen

  15. tammy Thomas says:

    thank you for sharing such special pictures, they are beautiful, seeing Jenna with Addie almost made me cry, I can only imagine how you must be feeling, I know you are only too happy for Jenna, but probably quite sad too. I hope you find another that can be a happy part of the family. happy memories

  16. wow there’s something about temple weddings that just ‘gets me’ everytime, there is nothing quite like the temple at the best of times!
    congratulations to the happy couple, i hope all their dreams and wishes come true.
    love your photos too, stacy, Addie is just ‘altogether too…adorable’!! ;)

  17. What a pretty couple! Loved the photo of Jenna and Addie best!

  18. Stephanie S., Woodbridge, VA says:

    Such beautiful pictures! I love the flowers. Your daughter looks so adorable. My daughter was in a wedding when she was 3 and a half and she was in LOVE with the groom. My favorite part of the day was when we got home after the reception and my daughter flopped down on the steps and said – Oh, I’m never going to get to wear my beautiful dress again! I told her – that is exactly how I felt on my wedding day!

  19. I think my dd wore the exact same dress, minus the beading at my brother’s wedding last friday! HOW FUN! so cute :)

  20. judy in carefree says:

    Addie is simply darling! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Stacy, I was invited by my daughter-in-law and her mother in to the bridg’s room prior to their temple marriage. It was a very special time (I crying as I type this) and I’m so grateful to her mother for her consideration of the groom’s mother. I pray that you’ll be as lucky as your sons marry. :)

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